Live Commentary: David Ferrer vs. Alexandr Dolgopolov - as it happened

Live Commentary: Ferrer vs. Dolgopolov - as it happened
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Sports Mole's coverage of the third-round Wimbledon match between David Ferrer and Alexandr Dolgopolov that proves to be a thriller.

David Ferrer beat Alexandr Dolgopolov in five sets this evening to secure his place in the fourth round at Wimbledon.

The fourth seed made a strong start to the match but lost the first set in a tiebreak.

The Ukrainian took a 2-1 lead after the third set, but Ferrer was able to fight back in the final two sets to set up a fourth-round encounter with Ivan Dodig.

Read how all the action unfolded below:

4.50pmGood afternoon. Fourth seed David Ferrer will be heading out to court one for the second day in a row shortly to face Ukrainian Alexandr Dolgopolov in the third round at Wimbledon.

4.53pmThese two have played each other six times before, with Ferrer winning on five of those occasions. The Spaniard last played Dolgopolov in the final at Valencia last year, where he won in three sets.

4.55pmBoth players were in action in the second round just yesterday. Ferrer had a lengthy encounter on court one against Roberto Bautista Agut, winning in four sets, while the Ukrainian came through in straight sets against Santiago Giraldo of Colombia.

4.58pmThis will be Dolgopolov's first appearance in the third round at Wimbledon. In his three previous appearances he has exited in the second round twice, and lost his opening match once. If he can beat Ferrer, he will reach the fourth round of a Grand Slam for the first time in almost two years.

5pmThe players have just walked onto court and are having a warm-up before getting the match underway.

5.03pmDolgopolov has had a difficult year so far. He has slipped from a career-high ranking of 13 to 24. He is yet to reach the fourth round at any of the ATP world tour masters events, but has looked good in the early rounds at this tournament.

5.05pmRight then, the players are ready to get the match underway, with Ferrer serving first.

Ferrer 1-0* DolgopolovIt's a smooth start for Ferrer, as his first two serves are not returned, before Dolgopolov plays a careless attempt at a drop shot into the net. The Ukrainian keeps himself in the game with a superb cross court forehand, but a long forehand on the next point hands the fourth seed the opening game.

Ferrer *1-1 DolgopolovFerrer makes some solid returns, but Dolgopolov is able to attack with his forehand, and comfortably takes his opening service game.

Ferrer 2-1* DolgopolovDolgopolov defends well from the baseline, but a careless lob goes well long. Ferrer comes in to volley, but mis-hits the ball, but he takes the next point with a brilliant overhead smash. A big serve is returned long by the Ukrainian to give Ferrer the game.

Ferrer *3-1 DolgopolovBREAK! Ferrer takes the opening point when Dolgopolov misses his forehand, but the 26th seed catches his opponent out with a well-timed drop shot. However, two careless backhands from the Ukrainian bring up two break points for the fourth seed, and he takes the first of them with a stunning cross-court return, which lands on the outside edge of the sideline.

Ferrer 4-1* DolgopolovIt's a clinical service game for the Spaniard, as he forces his opponent to play shots from all around the court, but Dolgopolov doesn't have enough speed, making a series of errors. The Ukrainian looked lively in the opening couple of games, but Ferrer has quickly capitalised on a few mistakes by the Ukrainian.

Ferrer *4-2 DolgopolovFerrer seems to be able to do no wrong, as he clips the sideline with a brilliant forehand, forcing Dolgopolov to smash the ball into the net, bringing up three more break points for the fourth seed. A couple of big serves from the 26th seed pull it back to 40-30 before a wide forehand brings up deuce. Dolgopolov forces advantage for the third time, before firing a 127mph serve at his opponent, who fails to make the return. Dolgopolov did well to get himself through that game, after such a strong start by the Spaniard.

Ferrer 5-2* DolgopolovFerrer makes two double faults on his way to deuce, but a deep forehand from the Spaniard makes it difficult for Dolgopolov, and he hits the ball into the net. Ferrer wraps up the game with a long rally, which ends when the Ukrainian slices his forehand well long.

Ferrer *5-3 DolgopolovDolgopolov serves well, but a couple of poor forehands from the Ukrainian gift Ferrer a set point. He saves it with some good play at the net before taking advantage with a brave second serve, before jumping high at the net to smash the ball past Ferrer. The fourth seed will now serve for the opening set.

Ferrer 5-4* DolgopolovBREAK! Ferrer seems to well on top and cruising to a one-set lead, but a double fault causes him to lose his focus. Dolgopolov brings up break point for the first time in the match, but the fourth seed is able to take the game to deuce. However, the Ukrainian makes some powerful forehands from behind the baseline to get the set back on serve.

Ferrer *5-5 DolgopolovIt's a brilliant service game from Dolgopolov, who gets plenty of pace on the ball, catching out Ferrer on the return. Dolgopolov had looked so out of his depth a few games ago, but he's right back in this now.

Ferrer 6-5* DolgopolovFerrer looks solid as he holds serve, with Dolgopolov finding the net with a couple of sloppy forehands. The Ukrainian will serve to take the first set to a tiebreak.

Ferrer 6-6 DolgopolovA couple of poor serves allow Ferrer to take a lead, but the Ukrainian makes a superb forehand winner down the sideline, before Ferrer finds the net to send the forehand to a tiebreak.

TIEBREAKFerrer 0-1* Dolgopolov

TIEBREAKFerrer 1-1* Dolgopolov

TIEBREAKFerrer *1-2 Dolgopolov

TIEBREAKFerrer *2-2 Dolgopolov

TIEBREAKFerrer 3-2* Dolgopolov

TIEBREAKFerrer 3-3* Dolgopolov

TIEBREAKFerrer *3-4 Dolgopolov

TIEBREAKFerrer *4-4 Dolgopolov

TIEBREAKFerrer 5-4* Dolgopolov

TIEBREAKFerrer 5-5* Dolgopolov

TIEBREAKFerrer *5-6 Dolgopolov. It's set point for Dolgopolov

TIEBREAKFerrer *6-6 Dolgopolov

TIEBREAKFerrer 6-7* Dolgopolov. It's another chance for Dolgopolov, this time on his own serve

5.53pmSET! Ferrer [6]6-7 Dolgopolov

5.55pmWhat a turnaround it's been for Dolgopolov. The Ukrainian faced a set point while 5-2 down, but kept his cool to fight back. There was nothing between the two players in the tiebreak, but Ferrer allowed himself to be frustrated by a late line call, while Dolgopolov maintained his composure. Ferrer fumes at the umpire at the chance of ends.

Ferrer [6]6-7 *0-1 DolgopolovA long forehand from Dolgopolov gives Ferrer two break points. The Ukrainian saves the first with a powerful serve, before a clumsy forehand from the Spaniard hits the net, bringing up deuce. Ferrer wastes three advantages, before Dolgopolov brings up advantage for himself with an ace, and seals the game with a brilliant forehand down the line. Ferrer has now converted just one of the 10 break points that he has brought up.

Ferrer [6]6-7 1-1* DolgopolovIt's a fairly straight forward service game for Ferrer, as Dolgopolov makes some errors while trying to get his returns in. Ferrer had looked quite frustrated at the start of this set, but he seems to have regained his composure.

Ferrer [6]6-7 *2-1 DolgopolovBREAK! Dolgopolov's serve is really causing problems for Ferrer, who is usually so strong on the return of serve. The Ukrainian gains a 40-15 lead, but Ferrer tenaciously brings it back to deuce, before a stunning backhand gives him break point. However, a wild forehand wastes the opportunity. Dolgopolov mis-hits a forehand to give the Spaniard another chance, and he takes it when the 26th seed blasts his forehand wide.

Ferrer [6]6-7 3-1* DolgopolovFerrer clinically consolidates the break, as Dolgopolov manages just one return, which the fourth seed quickly fires back with a solid forehand. Ferrer seems to have regained some of the momentum that helped to a set point in the eighth game of the first set.

Ferrer [6]6-7 *3-2 DolgopolovFerrer is angry when he thinks he hears the net during a Dolgopolov serve, but the umpire says that serve was good, giving Dolgopolov a 40-15 lead. The 26th seed seals the game with an aggressive forehand on the next point.

Ferrer [6]6-7 4-2* DolgopolovFerrer is really in control on serve now, racing to a 40-0 lead before Dolgopolov carelessly smashes his forehand long. The Ukrainian has taken just one point against Ferrer's serve in the second set.

Ferrer [6]6-7 *4-3 DolgopolovFerrer goes on the attack as he tries to get a second break, but Dolgopolov ups the tempo on his serve to get back in the game. A 124mph serve clinches the game, with Ferrer only able to return the ball to the net.

Ferrer [6]6-7 5-3* DolgopolovFerrer makes another double fault, but challenges the line call, and hawkeye reveals that the ball was actually in. However, Dolgopolov wins the point anyway, blasting a forehand past his opponent. Two long returns from the 26th seed secure a hold for Ferrer.

Ferrer [6]6-7 *5-4 DolgopolovDolgopolov makes his first double fault of the match, but plays a couple of brilliant shots at the net, before Ferrer brings up deuce with a forehand to the baseline. He gets a set point, but an ace from the Ukrainian takes it back to deuce. Two long balls from the fourth seed see Dolgopolov take the game. This feels remarkably similar to the first set.

Ferrer [6]6-7 5-5* DolgopolovBREAK! Ferrer gets an unlucky hit off the net, which takes his forehand wide, before Dolgopolov finds a superb cross-court backhand. The Spaniard looks in control of a rally, but puts his backhand into the net. Ferrer loses his footing behind the line following a brilliant return from Dolgopolov, and fires the ball wide, bringing the set back on serve. What happened in the first set will definitely be playing on the Spaniards mind now!

Ferrer [6]6-7 *6-5 DolgopolovBREAK! Ferrer is clearly keen to avoid going to another tiebreak with the Ukrainian, making some aggressive returns to bring up two break points, but Dolgopolov saves the first with a solid volley. However, Ferrer lobs the ball past the 26th seed on the next point to seal the game, giving him another chance to serve for the set.

6.38pmFerrer has called the trainer onto the court for a foot problem. It looks like a nasty blister has formed under his big toe nail causing him quite a bit of pain. He's going to have the toe bandaged up.

6.41pmThere's a lot of padding and tape going on the offending toe. Meanwhile, Dolgopolov is standing behind the baseline trying to keep himself loose.

Ferrer [6]6-7 6-6 DolgopolovBREAK! Ferrer looks sluggish behind the baseline in the opening couple points, resulting in him smashing his forehand long. As he begins to loosen up again, he forces a couple of errors from Dolgopolov to level the game, but the Ukrainian finds a brilliant forehand winner to bring up break point, and sends the game to a tiebreak when the Spaniard smashes another shot long.

TIEBREAKFerrer *0-1 Dolgopolov

TIEBREAKFerrer *1-1 Dolgopolov

TIEBREAKFerrer 2-1* Dolgopolov

TIEBREAKFerrer 3-1* Dolgopolov

TIEBREAKFerrer *3-2 Dolgopolov

TIEBREAKFerrer *4-2 Dolgopolov

TIEBREAKFerrer 5-2* Dolgopolov

TIEBREAKFerrer 6-2* Dolgopolov. It's four set points for Ferrer.

6.51pmSET! Ferrer [6]6-7 7-6[2] Dolgopolov

6.52pmFerrer plays a blinder in the tiebreak to level the match, gaining a minibreak by winning the longest rally of the match with a brilliant volley, before finding some big serves to make things difficult for his opponent.

Ferrer [6]6-7 7-6[2] 0-1* DolgopolovBREAK! It's a sloppy start to the third set for Ferrer, as some poor ground strokes give Dolgopolov three break points. Ferrer saves the first with a brilliant shot at the net, before Dolgopolov hits the net. However, Ferrer mis-hits while coming into the net to give Dolgopolov the break at the start of the third set.

Ferrer [6]6-7 7-6[2] *0-2 DolgopolovDolgopolov serves superbly at the start of the game, getting impressive pace on the ball. Ferrer fights back, forcing a couple of errors from the Ukrainian, but he comfortably holds with another powerful serve, which Ferrer returns well long.

Ferrer [6]6-7 7-6[2] 1-2* DolgopolovFerrer makes a good start before making his fifth double fault of the match. However, the Spaniard is able to hold, as a serve out wide causes Dolgopolov to slice the ball into the net.

Ferrer [6]6-7 7-6[2] *1-3 DolgopolovDolgopolov picks out the sideline with a superb forehand, but Ferrer is able to make the return. A long forehand from Ferrer allows the 26th seed to edge ahead though, and he clinches the game with an ace.

Ferrer [6]6-7 7-6[2] 1-4* DolgopolovBREAK! Dolgopolov is fully in control in this third set, making some brilliant returns, while Ferrer looks uncharacteristically slow behind the baseline. The Ukrainian gets a 40-0 lead before Ferrer makes another double fault.

Ferrer [6]6-7 7-6[2] *1-5 DolgopolovDolgopolov makes some add shot choices at the start of the game, handing Ferrer a 30-0 lead. However, the fourth seed fires a return well long before Dolgopolov makes another ace. His power is too much for Ferrer though, and he takes another game when the Spaniard smashes the ball wide.

Ferrer [6]6-7 7-6[2] 2-5* DolgopolovFerrer finally manages to string together a convincing service game together in this set, testing the extreme edges of the court with some brave deliveries to comfortably hold, but Dolgopolov now has a chance to serve for the third set.

7.15pmSET! Ferrer [6]6-7 7-6[2] 2-6 Dolgopolov

7.17pmDolgopolov smashes two aces past Ferrer on the way to an impressive hold the clinch a 2-1 lead. It does look like the Ukrainian is starting to suffer from cramp, as he sends a bottle of water up to his dad in the supporters box to add some salt to it, but there was nothing wrong with his performance in the third set.

7.18pmFerrer is known as one of the most determined players on the tour, but it will be interesting to see whether he has enough in the tank to get himself back into the match.

Ferrer [6]6-7 7-6[2] 2-6 1-0* DolgopolovDolgopolov plays some sloppy returns to give Ferrer an easy hold at the start of the fourth set.

Ferrer [6]6-7 7-6[2] 2-6 *1-1 DolgopolovA bit of the potency from Dolgopolov's serve seem to be missing in his first service game of the fourth set, but his accuracy is good, and causes some mistakes from Ferrer to secure a hold for the 26th seed.

Ferrer [6]6-7 7-6[2] 2-6 2-1* DolgopolovFerrer looks strong from the back of the court, but slices the ball into the net, taking the game to 30-30. A bad challenge from Dolgopolov gives Ferrer a lead but the Ukrainian forces the fourth seed to fire the ball wide, having played some acrobatic shots at the net. However, Dolgopolov misses the baseline twice to give Ferrer the game.

Ferrer [6]6-7 7-6[2] 2-6 *3-1 DolgopolovBREAK! Ferrer is stretched behind the baseline, and Dolgopolov comes in for a volley, but his completed mis-judges it and fires it long, bringing up two break points for Ferrer. His first attempt to convert goes wide, but Dolgopolov misses the target on the next point to give Ferrer the break.

Ferrer [6]6-7 7-6[2] 2-6 4-1* DolgopolovAt 30-30, Dolgopolov puts plenty of spin on his return, but it floats just long. He makes the same mistake on the next point but calls for a hawkeye review, however it's a fraction long, allowing Ferrer to consolidate his break.

Ferrer [6]6-7 7-6[2] 2-6 *5-1 DolgopolovBREAK! Ferrer comes out on top from a superb exchange at the net. A poor drop shot attempt from the Ukrainian brings up deuce, but he forces advantage with a big serve. Ferrer takes is back to deuce with a brilliant cross-court backhand, just picking out the sideline. A solid return next time around gives Ferrer a break point, but Dolgopolov risks it on second serve, catching his opponent out. Ferrer gets another chance to break though, and gets it when his opponent blasts the ball into the net. Ferrer will serve to take the match to a fifth and final set.

7.41pmSET! Ferrer [6]6-7 7-6[2] 2-6 6-1 Dolgopolov

7.43pmThis match is just crazy! Just when you think Ferrer is struggling with foot pain and making sloppy errors on serve, he raises his game, completely outclassing his opponent to quickly get the match back on level terms.

7.43pmThe trainer is back on court, this time to treat Dolgopolov for a blister on the side of his foot.

7.45pmFerrer had been a bit hit and miss since the middle of the first set, but was practically flawless in the fourth set. Dolgopolov will really have to dig deep if he's to remain competitive in the fifth set.

7.46pmDolgopolov has got his trainers back on after the application of a couple of plasters. Here we go with the deciding set.

Ferrer [6]6-7 7-6[2] 2-6 6-1 *0-1 DolgopolovWell Dolgopolov makes a strong start, finding some fast serves to race to a 40-0 lead before rounding the game off with an ace. Aside from a couple of games in the fourth set, Dolgopolov's serving really has been superb this evening.

Ferrer [6]6-7 7-6[2] 2-6 6-1 1-1* DolgopolovFerrer makes a pair of solid forehand winner, but then serves another double fault. However, a couple of poor returns from Dolgopolov help Ferrer seal the game.

Ferrer [6]6-7 7-6[2] 2-6 6-1 *1-2 DolgopolovFerrer is on the attack, blasting a cross court forehand past his opponent at the start of the game, but the Ukrainian keeps the pace up on his serve to secure another hold.

Ferrer [6]6-7 7-6[2] 2-6 6-1 2-2* DolgopolovFerrer is looking to get in from the back of the court more, but Dolgopolov does the same, delicately placing the ball past his opponent. The Spaniard goes for a drop shot, but it drops before it reaches the net, and a superb forehand down the sideline from Dolgopolov leaves the fourth seed facing break point. Dolgopolov tries too hard on the return to bring up deuce, before Ferrer claims advantage with an ace. The fourth seed gets the hold when his opponent slices the ball into the net. It's been a pretty cagey start to this deciding set.

Ferrer [6]6-7 7-6[2] 2-6 6-1 *3-2 DolgopolovBREAK! Ferrer really goes for it, coming well inside the baseline to take the returns, forcing Dolgopolov to stay at the back of the court. The Ukrainian hands the fourth seed the game when he smashes his forehand well long.

Ferrer [6]6-7 7-6[2] 2-6 6-1 4-2* DolgopolovDolgopolov does well with his returns, taking the game to 30-30, while a double fault helps Dolgopolov bring up deuce. Ferrer manages to secure a hold with two aces to consolidate the break.

Ferrer [6]6-7 7-6[2] 2-6 6-1 *5-2 DolgopolovBREAK! A couple of brilliant serves secure the opening couple of points for Dolgopolov, but a series of clumsy shots, including a backhand smash into the net, to give Ferrer a chance for another break, but he forces deuce with an ace. Dolgopolov twice challenges when his serve is called wide, and wins both decisions, much to the delight of the crowd. Both had chances to seal the game with several advantages, but it was Ferrer who eventually clinched the lengthy game, with Dolgopolov forcing his forehand just long.

8.17pmDespite being two breaks down, Dolgopolov still seems to be thoroughly enjoying himself, celebrating and laughing as he wins his challenges. However, Ferrer is now serving for the match.

8.18pmGAME, SET & MATCH! [6]6-7 7-6[2] 2-6 6-1 6-2 Dolgopolov

8.19pmFerrer emphatically clinches the match, with a dominant service game, securing his spot in the fourth round in five sets over three hours and 12 minutes.

8.20pmIt was a thoroughly entertaining match, and the crowd show their appreciation to both players, giving the duo a standing ovation as they head off court.

8.24pmWell that's all from this match, but stick around for full reaction to all of today's encounters. Thanks for joining me this evening, good bye.

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