Live Commentary: David Ferrer vs. Roberto Bautista Agut - as it happened

Live Commentary: Ferrer vs. Bautista Agut - as it happened
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Live coverage of fourth seed David Ferrer's second-round match against fellow Spaniard Roberto Bautista Agut.

David Ferrer has beaten fellow Spaniard Roberto Bautista Agut in four sets to progress to the third round at Wimbledon.

The fourth seed made a strong start, but was pegged back in the second set, before tiredness began to affect his opponent.

The world number five will be back in action tomorrow, when he'll face Alexandr Dolgopolov in round three.

Read how all the action unfolded below:

1.30pmGood afternoon. After a rather frustrating morning at SW19, there's finally some good news; it's stopped raining! It was announced a few minutes ago that players should be heading to the outside courts at 1.35pm.

1.33pmBoth of these players have had to be patient. They were originally scheduled to be third on court yesterday, but the rain started early evening, resulting in the covers being brought out on Court One. It was the same story this morning, but the covers are now off, the grass has been inspected and the players are just coming onto the court now.

1.36pmAnother match that got delayed yesterday was Laura Robson's second-round encounter with Mariana Duque-Marino. That match got underway under the roof on Centre Court a short time ago, and you can also follow live updates from there this afternoon.

1.40pmBautista Agut reached a career-high ranking of 51 earlier this year. This will be his third consecutive appearance in the second round of a Grand Slam, but he has never reached round three at any of the four majors.

1.44pmFerrer had a tricky first round, beating Argentina's Martin Alund in four sets, while his opponent came through in straight sets against Teymuraz Gabashvili of Russia.

1.48pmUnfortunately it has started to drizzle again while the players were taking part in their warm-ups. The umpire has had a feel of the grass and is deciding whether or not to get the match underway.

1.50pmThere's a huge cheer from the crowd as the ball boy holding an umbrella over Ferrer loses control and the umbrella turns inside out. The umpire is keen to get the match underway, but Bautista Agut appears to want to wait.

1.52pmFerrer is up and out of his seat, he wants to get going ASAP. However, the umpire announces to the crowd that they will wait five minutes to see if conditions improve. The rain is very fine, there aren't too many hoods or umbrella's up in the crowd.

1.53pmGood news, we are going to get some action. Ferrer is serving first in the first set.

1.55pmWell, Ferrer claims the opening point with a brilliant volley at the net, but Bautista Agut loses his footing, and neither player is happy to continue. The drizzle has stopped, so the players are going to remain on court and wait for it to dry out.

1.57pmBautista Agut isn't the only one to have had a slip. Grigor Dimitrov is on Court Three in the fifth set and has taken a fall to give his opponent match point, and he's now refusing to continue. It's difficult for umpires around Wimbledon at the moment.

1.58pmThe court has been ruled safe to play, so Ferrer will continue his opening service game.

Ferrer 1-0* Bautista AgutThe players looks a lot more confident on their feet now, and Ferrer comfortably claims the opening game of the match, as his opponent struggles to get his returns in.

Ferrer *2-0 Bautista AgutBREAK! There's definitely no worries about moisture on the court now, as both players get into some fast-paced rallies from the baseline. At 30-30, Bautista Agut serves the first ace of the match, but chips the ball into the net on the next point to bring up deuce. A clumsy backhand from the 25-year-old goes well long, giving Ferrer a chance for an early break, and he takes it when the world number 60 makes the same mistake again on the next point. It's been a composed start from the fourth seed.

Ferrer 2-1* Bautista AgutBREAK! Ferrer tries a drop shot, but Bautista Agut manages to make the return, and just finds the baseline. A cross-court forehand from Ferrer strays wide, giving the world number 60 the change to get the break back, but Ferrer patiently builds a rally before firing a backhand winner past his opponent. Bautista Agut gets another break point, and this time he takes it with Ferrer pushing his forehand just wide.

Ferrer *2-2 Bautista AgutFerrer is clearly livid at having lost his early break, and is immediately on the attack, making some superb returns to force a 40-15 lead. He tries too hard with an attempted forehand, blasting the ball long, before Bautista Agut makes a brilliant drop shot to take the game to deuce. The 25-year-old digs deep to force advantage, and seals the game with a well-executed volley. He's recovered well from a shaky start to this match.

Ferrer 3-2* Bautista AgutBautista Agut fights back from 40-0 down to get himself back into the game with some strong shots from the back of the court. He looks for a forehand winner down the sideline, but the ball fails to clear the net.

Ferrer *3-3 Bautista AgutFerrer comes into the net to attack, but Bautista Agut manages to get himself into position to make the return. The fourth seed goes for another volley, but hits the ball into the net. Bautista Agut tries to seal the game with a sliced backhand, but the ball goes just wide. He then makes the first double fault of the match, but lands his forehand right on the sideline to secure the game.

Ferrer 4-3* Bautista AgutFerrer open with an ace, before Bautista Agut smashes the ball into the net on the second point of the game. However, the younger of the two Spaniards levels the game with a series a stunning backhands. At deuce, Ferrer makes a tricky cross-court backhand shot to give himself advantage, before a long effort from Bautista Agut gives him the game.

Ferrer *5-3 Bautista AgutBREAK! Ferrer slips at the start of the game, but recovers well, placing a two-handed backhand on the sideline. A long forehand from Bautista Agut hands the fourth seed a break point, but a poor return from Ferrer finds the net. However, the world number five gets another chance, and takes it with a superb forehand to the baseline, and he now has the chance to serve for the opening set.

2.39pmSET! Ferrer 6-3 Bautista Agut

2.41pmBautista Agut manages to save two set points to keep himself in the game, including one with a stunning forehand from well behind the baseline to pick out the back corner of the court. However, Ferrer's class ultimately came through, allowing him to clinch the opening set.

Ferrer 6-3 *0-1 Bautista AgutBautista Agut makes a strong start to the second set, as he finds some big serves to keep Ferrer off the scoreboard.

Ferrer 6-3 1-1* Bautista AgutFerrer whips a pacy forehand past his opponent, causing Bautista Agut to trip at the net. The fourth seed players some punchy shots from the back of the court to round off a comfortable hold of serve.

Ferrer 6-3 *1-2 Bautista AgutThe pair get into a long rally, exchanging shots from the baseline, but Bautista Agut goes for a drop shot, forcing Ferrer to rush into the net, and the 25-year-old wins the point with a smash into the open court. At deuce, Ferrer brings up a break point with a lob to the back of the court, but Bautista Agut manages to save. The world number 60 wins advantage when Ferrer's forehand creeps wide, and Bautista Agut holds serve when Ferrer forces the ball wide again.

2.57pmAt the change of ends, the trainer briefly comes onto the court to check on Bautista Agut's leg, as he picked up a graze when he slipped at the net earlier in the match. However, the 25-year-old says that he doesn't need any treatment, which is good to hear.

Ferrer 6-3 2-2* Bautista AgutBautista Agut fights hard to take the game to deuce, but Ferrer wins advantage in an intense rally. Bautista Agut tries to take the game back to deuce, but his forehand hits the net, giving Ferrer the hold.

Ferrer 6-3 *2-3 Bautista AgutIt's a clinical service game from Bautista Agut, as Ferrer misses a couple of early returns, before the 25-year-old seals the game with a forehand winner. Unfortunately, the umbrellas are going up around the court.

Ferrer 6-3 3-3* Bautista AgutBautista Agut comes into the net, so Ferrer goes for a lob but sends the ball long. The fourth seed takes a 40-30 lead with a well-timed overhead smash from close in at the net, before Bautista Agut pulls his shot wide. There's been little between the two players in the opening six games of this set.

Ferrer 6-3 *3-4 Bautista AgutBautista Agut seems to be in control of the game, taking a 40-0 lead. However, Ferrer claims a couple of points back by coming into the net, making some stunning volleys. The 25-year-old clinches the game though, deceiving the fourth seed with a drop shot.

3.18pmElsewhere at Wimbledon, Laura Robson breezed into the second round with a straight-sets win over Mariana Duque Marino. The next match on centre court will be 15th seed Nicolas Almagro against Jerzy Janowicz of Polan.

Ferrer 6-3 3-5* Bautista AgutBREAK! Bautista Agut really goes after the Ferrer serve, and brings up a break point, but the fourth seed is able to save it with a big serve, forcing his opponent to smash his return into the net. However, the 25-year-old gets another break point, and the pressure gets to Ferrer, who makes a double fault to hand Bautista Agut the break.

3.21pmThe winner of this match will play Alexandr Dolgopolov in round three, after the 26th seed beat Santiago Giraldo on straight sets.

3.24pmSET! Ferrer 6-3 3-6 Bautista Agut

3.25pmBautista Agut seems to have got stronger as the match as gone on, and he's rewarded by clinching the second set. Ferrer managed to save a break point with a brilliant forehand winner, but a big serve at the end of the set forced a mistake from the fourth seed to hand the world number 60 the set.

3.26pmIn the opening set, it looked like Ferrer had enough in the tank to just lift his game when he needed to make the breaks and seal the set, but the 31-year-old just seemed to drop off a little towards the end of the second, with his first serve percentage dipping. He'll be hoping for a strong start to the third set.

Ferrer 6-3 3-6 1-0* Bautista AgutIt's a composed start by the fourth seed as he puts the disappointment of dropping the second set behind him. Some strong serving makes it difficult for Bautista Agut on the return, and he hands Ferrer an easy hold by forcing his forehand well wide.

Ferrer 6-3 3-6 *2-0 Bautista AgutBREAK! Ferrer makes a magnificent return against a Bautista Agut volley to bring up break point. The fourth seed attacks in a rally, forcing a mistake from his compatriot, as Bautista Agut smashes the ball into the net to give Ferrer a break at the start of the third set.

Ferrer 6-3 3-6 2-1* Bautista AgutBREAK! Ferrer seems to lose all the accuracy on his serve, allowing Bautista Agut to attack on the return, forcing three unforced errors from the fourth seed. With two break points, the 25-year-old makes a brilliant return to the back of the court, and Ferrer blasts the ball into the net.

Ferrer 6-3 3-6 *3-1 Bautista AgutBREAK! Neither player seem to be able to build any sort of momentum on serve and that's given a very topsy tervy start to this third set. Ferrer manages to dictate play from the baseline, making his opponent sprint along the baseline. The extra work tires Bautista Agut out and he struggles to make what should have been a simple forehand, helping Ferrer to edge a break ahead again.

Ferrer 6-3 3-6 4-1* Bautista AgutThat's more like it from Ferrer. He seemed stretched during his last service game, but looks in complete control this time around to consolidate the break.

Ferrer 6-3 3-6 *4-2 Bautista AgutBautista Agut holds serve for the first time in the third set, finding some big first serves to make matters difficult for his opponent, before coming into the net yet again to seal the game with a superb volley.

Ferrer 6-3 3-6 5-2* Bautista AgutFerrer gets off to a good start with a forehand winner down the sideline, but has to wait to be awarded the point when Bautista Agut challenges. The hawkeye review fails to display on the on-court screen, meaning the umpire has to put in a phone call to find out whether the ball was good, much to the amusement of the crowd. Despite the delay, Ferrer keeps his cool to clinically wrap up the game, with Bautista Agut starting to look a little weary, having spent almost two hours on court.

Ferrer 6-3 3-6 *5-3 Bautista AgutBautista Agut may be looking tired while moving around the court, but he's still got a strong serve, just clipping the line the service box twice to make Ferrer stretch to try to get the return in. It's a comfortably hold in the end for the world number 60, but Ferrer will now serve for the set.

Ferrer 6-3 3-6 5-4* Bautista AgutBREAK! Ferrer can't see out the third set, letting the occasion get the better of him. He misses three first serves to give Bautista Agut easy returns, helping his bring up two break points. A stunning ace helps the fourth seed save the first, but he smashes his forehand long on the following point. Bautista Agut is right back in this match.

Ferrer 6-3 3-6 *5-5 Bautista AgutFerrer claims the opening two points of the game, but his volley attempts clips the net while trying to bring up break point. Bautista Agut levels the game on the next point with a more fortunate contact on the net chord, before clinching the game with two impressive aces. The 25-year-old may be looking tired, but he certainly hasn't given up.

Ferrer 6-3 3-6 6-5* Bautista AgutBautista Agut is really trying hard, but he puts too much on a forehand down the sideline, and it creeps a fraction wide. Ferrer misses the baseline when his opponent gets another lucky bounce of the net, before smashing the ball well wide to bring up deuce, but two errors from the world number 60 give Ferrer the game.

Ferrer 6-3 3-6 6-6 Bautista AgutFerrer is well on top at the start of the game, with Bautista Agut really struggling to keep up with the fourth seed in rallies. However, a couple of mistakes from Ferrer take the game to deuce. A big serve gives him advantage, and a wild forehand from the fourth seed ensures that the set goes into a tiebreak.

TIEBREAKFerrer 1-0* Bautista Agut

TIEBREAKFerrer 1-1* Bautista Agut

TIEBREAKFerrer *2-1 Bautista Agut

TIEBREAKFerrer *2-2 Bautista Agut

TIEBREAKFerrer 3-2* Bautista Agut

TIEBREAKFerrer 3-3* Bautista Agut

TIEBREAKFerrer *3-4 Bautista Agut

TIEBREAKFerrer *4-4 Bautista Agut

TIEBREAKFerrer 5-4* Bautista Agut

TIEBREAKFerrer 6-4* Bautista Agut. It's two set points for Ferrer

4.12pmSET! Ferrer 6-3 3-6 7-6[4] Bautista Agut

4.14pmFerrer gets an early minibreak when Bautista Agut misses a volley, but he soon gets himself back on level terms with an aggressive backhand winner. However, more mistakes help Ferrer edge ahead. Facing two set points, Bautista Agut scuffs his shot into the net, and wearily heads back to his chair after losing the third set.

Ferrer 6-3 3-6 7-6[4] *0-1 Bautista AgutAt 15-15, Ferrer tries to lob the ball beyond Bautisto Agut, but the 25-year-old manages to reach high to smash the ball back and clinch the point. A long forehand from Ferrer hands his opponent the game.

Ferrer 6-3 3-6 7-6[4] 1-1* Bautista AgutFerrer brings up 40-0 with an ace, but Bautista Agut keeps the game alive, slicing a volley past his opponent. However, the world number 60 hits his backhand into the net on the next point, ensuring a relatively straight-forward hold for the fourth seed.

Ferrer 6-3 3-6 7-6[4] *1-2 Bautista AgutBautista Agut plays a good drop shot, but Ferrer slips and loses his footing as he tries to reach the ball and make the return. The world number 60 holds up his hand in apology, but he doesn't actually look that sorry! Bautista Agut clinches the game with a delicate volley from close into the net.

4.25pmThe trainer comes onto the court again, but doesn't actually treat either of the two players.

Ferrer 6-3 3-6 7-6[4] 2-2* Bautista AgutFerrer produces one of his strongest service games of the match, sending another ace past his opponent. Bautista Agut is really struggling with his movement now.

Ferrer 6-3 3-6 7-6[4] *2-3 Bautista AgutBautista Agut falls behind the baseline, helping Ferrer to claim the opening two points of the game. A vicious backhand from the fourth seed hits the net, before a big serve from the world number 60 levels the game. Ferrer attempts to bring the game to deuce, but fires his forehand long.

4.33pmThe trainer is back on court with a doctor at the request of Bautista Agut. It's not clear what part of him the medic is being asked to treat, but the courtside mic picks up that the 25-year-old is complaining of pain. The doctor has given the Spaniard some tablets to help him out.

Ferrer 6-3 3-6 7-6[4] 3-3* Bautista AgutAgain, it's fairly comfortably for the fourth seed. Ferrer play a brilliant backhand volley to the sideline, before a poor return to the net from Bautista Agut ensures that the world number fie holds serve.

Ferrer 6-3 3-6 7-6[4] *3-4 Bautista AgutWhatever tablets the doctor gave Bautista Agut, they've done the trick! The 25-year-old is moving around the court with much more ease, and wraps up a straight-forward service game with a volley.

Ferrer 6-3 3-6 7-6[4] 4-4* Bautista AgutA lapse of concentration from Bautista Agut hands Ferrer the game, as he makes a poor return to the net. The fourth seed still looks extremely comfortably on serve, with his opponent not looking like securing a break any time soon.

Ferrer 6-3 3-6 7-6[4] *4-5 Bautista AgutBautista Agut races to a 40-15 lead, but a superb return from Ferrer keeps him in the game. The fourth seed has the chance to take the game to deuce, just needing to make a simple forehand into an open court, but he mis-judges the shot and the ball fails to clear the net.

Ferrer 6-3 3-6 7-6[4] 5-5* Bautista AgutFerrer attacks from the baseline at the start of the game, before delivering a couple of fast serves. Bautista Agut digs deep to get a couple of points on the board, but he then hits the ball into the net to hand the game to Ferrer. Could we be heading to another tiebreak?

Ferrer 6-3 3-6 7-6[4] *6-5 Bautista AgutBREAK! Ferrer comes in from the baseline to punch a backhand past his opponent, before a tired-looking forehand from Bautista Agut brings up two break points for the fourth seed. The world number 60 finds the net again, and Ferrer will serve for the match next.

4.53pmA volley brings up two match points for Ferrer.

4.54pmGAME, SET & MATCH! Ferrer 6-3 3-6 7-6 7-5 Bautista Agut

4.55pmWell that wasn't the most clinical match that David Ferrer has ever played but he looked well in control in the final set against an opponent that managed to dig in while suffering from tiredness.

4.56pmFerrer will need a quick recovery from this match, which took just under three hours. He'll be back tomorrow for his third-round encounter with Alexandr Dolgopolov.

5pmWell that's all from this match, but stick around for coverage of the next match on court one, featuring former champion Petra Kvitova (as long as the rain stays away), or join centre court where Nicolas Almagro is two sets down against Jerzy Janowicz. Thanks for joining me this afternoon, good bye.

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David Ferrer returns the ball to Fernando Verdasco during the Rome Masters on May 15, 2013
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