Live Commentary: David Ferrer vs. Martin Alund - as it happened

Live Commentary: Ferrer vs. Alund - as it happened
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Live coverage of the first-round match at Wimbledon between fourth seed David Ferrer and Argentina's Martin Alund.

David Ferrer survived a scare to beat Martin Alund 6-1 4-6 7-5 6-2 in the first round at Wimbledon today.

The fourth seed wrapped up the first set in just 28 minutes, but the Argentinian hit back in the second to level the match.

There was an injury scare as the Spaniard twice fell awkwardly behind the baseline, twisting his ankle, but he was able to continue and seal the match in four sets.

Read how all the action unfolded below.

4.31pmGood afternoon. Spain's David Ferrer will be getting his Wimbledon campaign underway shortly on centre court, where he takes on world number 101 Martin Alund.

4.33pmThe players have just come onto the court, where world number one Novak Djokovic has just beaten Florian Mayer in straight sets. In the seedings are right, Ferrer will be to semi-final opponent of the Serbian, but he'll have to get past Alund first.

4.36pmFerrer and Alund have never played each other before. In fact, Alund has only played one Grand Slam match in his career to date, losing in the opening round at this year's French Open. The Argentinian has tried to reach the main draw at Wimbledon twice before, but has lost in the first round of the qualifiers on each occasion.

4.39pmFerrer had his best ever run at Wimbledon in 2012, reaching the quarter-finals. Grass isn't his favourite surface, but the way to draw is, this could be his year to reach the semis.

4.40pmRight then, the warm-ups are over and the match is about the get underway, with Ferrer serving first.

Ferrer 1-0* AlundIt's a nervy start from Ferrer, but he manages to hold, having started the game with a double fault. Alund managed to secure a couple of points with an impressive backhand, but in the end Ferrer's pace around the court gave him the game.

Ferrer *2-0 AlundBREAK! Alund gets into a couple of baseline rallies with the fourth seed and comes off second best, giving Ferrer an early chance to take a break, but the Argentinian takes the game to deuce with a sliced backhand down the sideline. A powerful return from the Spaniard gives him advantage and another chance to break, and this time he takes it with a well-struck forehand.

Ferrer 3-0* AlundFerrer is not quite at his best on serve yet, but he's doing enough to comfortably hold. The fourth seed quickly takes a 40-15 lead, but a poor serve gives Alund a chance to attack. However, Ferrer finds a better serve next time around, helping him clinch the game.

Ferrer 4-1* AlundBREAK! Ferrer misses a couple of first serves, allowing Alund to utilise his impressive backhand and claim the opening two points, before a wide cross-court forehand from Ferrer gives his opponent three chances to get a break back. A delicate volley saves the first, but a stunning forehand down the sideline seals the game for the world number 101.

Ferrer *4-0 AlundBREAK! Alund tries a change of pace with a volley, but Ferrer is able to smash the ball back past him. However, the Argentinian sticks to his plan, and goes for the same shot next time around, this time pulling it off. At deuce, Ferrer gets advantage with a brilliant backhand volley at the net. Alund comes into the net while trying to save the break, but Ferrer spots the danger, and loops the ball high to the back of the court, giving him another break of serve.

Ferrer 4-1* AlundBREAK! Ferrer misses a couple of first serves, allowing Alund to utilise his impressive backhand and claim the opening two points, before a wide cross-court forehand from Ferrer gives his opponent three chances to get a break back. A delicate volley saves the first, but a stunning forehand down the sideline seals the game for the world number 101.

5.08pmSET! Ferrer 6-1 Alund

5.02pmThe 4-0 scoreline had seemed harsh on Alund. Ferrer has looked deadly on the return, but is yet to really get going during his own service games. Alund will need a strong service game next if he's to get back into this set.

Ferrer *5-1 AlundBREAK! Alund manages to force a couple of errors from Ferrer to keep himself in the game, but a sliced backhand into the net gives the French Open finalist another break point. A long forehand brings up deuce, but the Argentinian finds the net again, before firing a long backhand past his opponent to hand Ferrer the double break straight back, and now the fourth seed will serve for the opening set.

5.08pmSET! Ferrer 6-1 Alund

Ferrer 6-1 3-3* AlundFerrer is just reminding his opponent that he will have to work even harder if he wants to take the lead in this set, as the Spaniard sees his first three serves go unreturned, before sealing the game with a well-executed volley.

5.10pmThat was a pretty clinical final service game from Ferrer to claim the opening set in less than half an hour. The Spaniard certainly wasn't at it best in that set, but it's worrying for his opponent that he still managed to lose just the one game. Alund will need to step it up if he's to make a contest of this encounter.

Ferrer 6-1 *0-1 AlundThat will settle a few nerves for Alund, as he holds serve for the first time in this match, using his dangerous backhand yet again. That shot appears to be his biggest weapon.

Ferrer 6-1 1-1* AlundFerrer starts strongly, opening with a powerful ace, but is quickly pegged back to deuce by the Argentian, who is moving around the court with much more urgency in this second set. Ferrer takes advantage with a backhand slice before a mis-hit from the Argentinian goes well long to give Ferrer the game.

Ferrer 6-1 *1-2 AlundAlund gifts Ferrer the opening point of the game with a long forehand, but a series of errors from the Spaniard allow Alund to edge ahead, and he holds serve again with another strong backhand. He's certainly looking a lot more competitive now than in the opening set.

Ferrer 6-1 2-2* AlundThis time around it's a much more comfortable game from Ferrer. The Spaniard made it difficult for his opponent to make his returns with a series of powerful deliveries, before a lacklustre slice into the net from Alund handed the fourth seed the game.

Ferrer 6-1 *2-3 AlundAlund manages to produce probably his strongest service game of the match so far, causing a couple of mistakes by Ferrer, while moving superbly behind the baseline. He seemed to lack a bit of power on serve in the opening set, but is producing much faster deliveries now.

Ferrer 6-1 3-3* AlundFerrer is just reminding his opponent that he will have to work even harder if he wants to take the lead in this set, as the Spaniard sees his first three serves go unreturned, before sealing the game with a well-executed volley.

Ferrer 6-1 *3-4 AlundFerrer takes a tumble during the opening point of the game. Initially he seems to be in quite a bit of pain but manages to shake it off quickly. However, he seems unwilling to test his ankle too much by moving around the court, giving Alund an easy hold.

Ferrer 6-1 4-4* AlundFerrer relies on a series of big serves to secure a hold. Alund didn't make the fourth seed move around too much so it's unknown whether the fall in the previous game is still causing him pain, but he's not called for the trainer so it can't be too bad.

Ferrer 6-1 *4-5 AlundFerrer shows his pace by rushing into the net to return a drop shot from the Argentinian, but Alund manages to get it back again. A curling backhand gives him a 40-0 lead, and he seals the game with his first ace of the match.

5.39pmSET! Ferrer 6-1 4-6 Alund

5.40pmFerrer gets the game underway with an ace, but follows it up with a double fault. He claims the next point with a solid forehand, but makes to more double faults to give Alund set point. He manages to get his first serve in while trying to save the game, but then sends his forehand wide to allow the Argentinian to level the match.

5.41pmAlund's response was just superb in that set. He could so easily have let his head drop after losing the opening 6-1 in 28 minutes, but he upped his game and dug in, while Ferrer lost his concentration.

Ferrer 6-1 4-6 *0-1 AlundThe duo share the opening four points before getting into a lengthy baseline rally. However, Ferrer tries to force his way to a break point, and smashes his forehand long to give Alund a 40-30 lead. The Argentinian seals the game with an ace.

Ferrer 6-1 4-6 1-1* AlundAt 30-30, Alund goes for a drop shot, with Ferrer behind the baseline, but the ball fails to clear the net, allowing the Spaniard to clinch the game on the next point.

5.49pmBoth players seem to be a bit below par at the moment. Ferrer's first serve percentage is dropping, while Alund failed to take his chances against the Spaniard's serve.

Ferrer 6-1 4-6 *1-2 AlundAlund has really been able to counter Ferrer's ability to return with some impressive serving. The Argentinian plays a couple of short balls, forcing Ferrer to come into the net, before finding another ace.

Ferrer 6-1 4-6 2-2* AlundFerrer starts well, getting his first serves in and managing to keep Alund at the back of the court. Alund manages to get a point back, but hits his forehand into the net on the next point.

Ferrer 6-1 4-6 *2-3 AlundFerrer fights back from 30-0 down to 30-30 with some strong shots from inside the baseline, but completely mid-reads Alund's serve. However, the Spaniard brings up deuce with a well-timed drop shot. Alung claims advantage by stretching Ferrer along the baseline, before firing down another ace.

Ferrer 6-1 4-6 3-3* AlundAlund makes Ferrer work hard to keep his serve, but he manages to do so, catching the Argentinian out with a big serve down the centre line, before a mis-hit from the world number 101 lands well outside the court.

Ferrer 6-1 4-6 *3-4 AlundA brilliant exchange of shots at the net sees Ferrer take a 30-15 lead when Alund slices the ball wide while diving to return a volley from the Spaniard. Alund tries a drop shot, but the ball lands just wide, giving Ferrer a chance to break, but the fourth seed manages the hit the net. At deuce, Ferrer slices the ball into the net, before a superb backhand down the sideline ensures a hold for Alund.

6.09pmIt's very difficult to call this match at the moment. After the first set, Ferrer was the clear favourite, but Alund's response has been impressive, and the third set is going much the way of the second. If the Argentinian can hold serve next time around, he could just find himself looking at a 2-1 lead.

Ferrer 6-1 4-6 4-4* AlundA couple of big serves are too much for Alund at the start of the game, while Ferrer gets a lucky bounce off the net chord to take a 40-0 lead, before sealing the match with a sliced backhand.

Ferrer 6-1 4-6 *4-5 AlundFerrer mis-hits in the opening point and lets out a big shout of frustration, but it seems to focus him as he claims the next two points with some brilliant footwork around the court. Alund levels the game with a fantastic forehand smash. At deuce, the pair get into a rally, but Ferrer wins the point when the Argentinian hits the net, but he saves the break point with a brave forehand deep in the court, followed by a backhand volley. He wraps up the game with a forehand on the sideline.

6.16pmServing while 5-4 down in the second set, Ferrer made three double faults to help Alund take the set. He'll be keen to avoid a repeat of that this time around.

Ferrer 6-1 4-6 5-5* AlundAlund takes the opening point when Ferrer forces his forehand just long, but the Argentinian makes a couple of mistakes to give his opponent the lead, before hitting two shots into the net, allowing Ferrer to keep the third set with serve.

Ferrer 6-1 4-6 *6-5 AlundBREAK! Ferrer gets the game underway with a stunning drop volley, but slices his backhand into the net on the next point. Alund gets a big serve in, but smashes the ball into the net. A wild mis-hit from the Spaniard tests the catching skills of the spectators, before a long shot from Alund gives Ferrer a chance to break, and he takes it with a brilliant backhand volley to the back of the court, and now he has the chance to serve for a 2-1 lead.

6.25pmSET! Ferrer 6-1 4-6 7-5 Alund

6.26pmAlund plays a couple of weary shots to help Ferrer to a 40-0 lead, before the Spaniard spots the world number 101 out of position, and smashes his backhand into an open court to secure the third set, giving him a 2-1 lead.

6.27pmDropping a set helped Alund up his game earlier in this match. It will be interesting to see how he responds this time around.

Ferrer 6-1 4-6 7-5 *0-1 AlundAlund makes a superb start to the fourth set, comfortably holding serve and sealing the game with an ace. It doesn't look like losing the third set has affected the Argentinian too much.

Ferrer 6-1 4-6 7-5 1-1* AlundFerrer has blown hot and cold on serve throughout this match but that was certainly one of his better games. Alund misses his first two returns before smashes the ball into the net, while the fourth seed completed the game with an ace.

Ferrer 6-1 4-6 7-5 *2-1 AlundBREAK! A clumsy shot into the net from Alund puts Ferrer in a strong position before a double fault from the Argentinian leaves the Spaniard with three break points. Alund works hard behind the baseline to keep himself in the point, but he loses his footing out wide, and Ferrer pounces with a forehand to the opposite side of the court. Alund, who isn't used to playing five-set matches, is starting to look pretty tired.

Ferrer 6-1 4-6 7-5 3-1* AlundFerrer looks in complete control now as he quickly claims a 40-0 lead with some accurate serving, before leaping high to smash a volley past his opponent. The light won't be helping Alund, half of his side of the court is still in the sun, while the other half is in shade.

6.37pmFerrer has taken another fall and immediately signals to the umpire to call the trainer. It looks like he's twisted his right ankle.

6.39pmWell he's carrying on for now, but doesn't seem to be moving as well as he had been.

Ferrer 6-1 4-6 7-5 *4-1 AlundBREAK! Twisted ankle or not, Ferrer is still dominating this set. He makes some superb returns to stretch his opponent, before wrapping up the game with a brilliant forehand.

6.41pmAt the change of ends, Ferrer is still rubbing his ankle, and complains the the umpire about how slippy the grass is behind the baseline. The Wimbledon courts are known to get rather dewy in the evenings, which could be what has caught the fourth seed out here.

Ferrer 6-1 4-6 7-5 5-1* AlundFerrer is obviously keen to avoid moving as much as possible so goes for power on his serve. It's a sound tactic as he quickly finds himself 40-0 up, with Alund struggling to get his returns in, but a double fault from the Spaniard gives his opponent hope. The Argentinian gets back to 40-3- with a brilliant backhand, but an ace leaves Ferrer just one game from the second round.

Ferrer 6-1 4-6 7-5 *5-2 AlundKnowing that he's two breaks up, Ferrer takes it easy, clearly still in quite a bit of pain. Alund gets two aces on his way to a comfortable hold, but Ferrer will now serve for the match.

6.48pmA mistake from Alund gives Ferrer two match points.

6.49pmGAME, SET & MATCH! Ferrer 6-1 4-6 7-5 6-2 Alund

6.50pmWell it wasn't as comfortable as the opening set suggested it would be, but David Ferrer is safely into the second round, finishing the match with an ace.

6.51pmFerrer's priority now will surely be getting his ankle seen to. He fell awkwardly on it a couple of times during the encounter, and really seemed unwilling to test it towards the end of the fourth set.

6.53pmAlund showed great determination to get himself back into the tie after losing the first set 6-1, in what was only his second Grand Slam match. However, just by reaching the main draw at Wimbledon, the Argentinian should climb back into the top 100.

6.55pmNext up for Ferrer, it's another Spaniard. The fourth seed will face Roberto Bautista Agut, who is currently ranked 60th in the world. That's all from this match, but stick around for reports and reaction to today's Wimbledon matches, and join us again tomorrow for live coverage of all the key clashes. Until then, good bye.

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