Live Commentary: Agnieszka Radwanska vs. Madison Keys - as it happened

Live Commentary: Radwanska vs. Keys - as it happened
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Re-live Sports Mole's coverage as Agnieszka Radwanska took on Madison Keys in the third round of Wimbledon and went through in three sets.

Fourth seed Agnieszka Radwanska battled her way to a three-set victory over American youngster Madison Keys in the third round of Wimbledon.

The first set remained with serve until Radwanska broke crucially at the death for a 7-5 win, but Keys responded superbly to take the second 6-4.

With the third set going with serve Radwanska latched on to a solitary break point in the sixth game and saw out the set to take the win.

Read how the action unfolded below.

2.37pmHello everyone and thanks for joining Sports Mole for this third round clash between Radwanska and Keys.

2.39pmThe players are out warming up for what should be an interesting encounter here. Last year's runner up Radwanska is continuing her push to go one step further, but in her way is the young and talented American Keys.

2.41pmThe Pole has looked very good so far. I'd go almost as far as saying unstoppable, but then she hasn't come up against a big name as yet. Keys should provide a tougher test than either Yvonne Meusburger or Mathilde Johansson.

2.43pmKeys, at just 18, has moved to 52 in the WTA rankings, and is fully capable of going much higher than that. She has a 25-14 record this season, which is steadily improving, and has not been beyond the third round of a Slam. Can she today?

2.44pmThe two have met once before, with Radwanska winning that encounter in straight sets. Here we go then, the world number four to serve.

Radwanska 1-0* KeysThe typical Radwanska accuracy begins right away, and the Pole moves quickly into a 40-0 lead, which she finishes off with a big serve that Keys can only return into the net. Solid start. Very solid.

2.47pmKeys wins her first point to bring us to 15-15 in her first service game, which is quickly followed by her second after a good serve.

Radwanska *1-1 KeysShe has a typically American style does Keys. Some big serves and big forehands help her to a very comfortable opening serve. She certainly doesn't look like an 18-year-old out there.

2.50pmThere aren't a great deal of solid servers in the women's game at the moment, but Radwanska holds more often than most. That said, a strong forehand winner from Keys - her third - drags her from 30-0 to 30-30.

Radwanska 2-1* KeysHowever, the Pole responds and wraps up her service game with a marvellous drop shot that Keys cannot dream of reaching.

2.53pmReally good work from Keys, who dominates a baseline points and finishes with a forehand that even the speedy Radwanska cannot get back over the net.

2.55pmAt 30-0 an unforced error allows Radwanska back in and the Pole then plants a fine cross-court backhand past the American. Keys goes long and Radwanska has her first break point...

2.56pmHowever she fluffs it by putting a backhand drop shot into the net. That looked a bit casual for me.

Radwanska *2-2 KeysSheer power from Keys to get the advantage with a clean backhand winner, but Aggie comes to the net to save it with a forehand. Then another sublime backhand from Keys, who found the angle from deep on the left to find the opposite line. She holds well with Radwanska netting. Good start to this match.

3pmKeys has her first look-in at the Radwanska serve here. She's up 15-30 but nets following a long baseline rally.

3.01pmAnother long rally and it's a quite unbelievable drop shot from the angle. She's behind the baseline but it's good enough that Keys isn't even close!

3.03pmSecond deuce here after an unlikely unforced error from the Pole, who hit long.

3.03pmKeys finds the angle with a fizzing backhand pass and has a break point...

3.04pmGood serve and volley save from Radwanska to save the break point, and she moves in again for a clean volley winner and advantage.

3.06pmFive deuces now and Radwanska knows she's in a match here. Keys nets, and it's game point again for the Pole - can she take this one?

3.07pmNope. Power hitting from Keys sets up a winner at the net as Radwanska lobbed to stay in the point.

Radwanska 3-2* KeysEventually Radwanska holds after seven deuces and 13 minutes. Much-needed drinks after that.

3.12pmAfter coming close a couple of times to a break there, how can the youngster respond? It seems to have had no effect on here, as at 15-30 down she plays a great net point and wins it with the smash.

Radwanska *3-3 KeysThis time Keys sees the Radwanska drop shot coming, and gets across to find the pass across the court. She finishes the match with her second ace down the T.

3.14pmDouble fault from Radwanska to open the next game, which is the first of the match.

3.15pmThere's another long rally and this time Keys is just wide going for the winner. Instead of 0-30 it's 15-15 - and that was fractions.

Radwanska 4-3* KeysA pretty comfortable serve for the Pole. We're still yet to see a break and indeed it was Radwanska on her previous serve that looked most likely to be broken.

Radwanska *4-4 KeysIt's another hold and again it's quite comfortable. As it stands we're heading into a breaker, but I suspect we might see a break in one of the next four games...

3.22pmIt doesn't look to be this one, though. Radwanska races 30-0 ahead and the crowd has gone a little flat just lately - the tennis isn't all that gripping since that long game a while ago.

3.23pmWhat a return! Radwanska looks to wrap up the game with a big serve out wide but Keys fires it right back past her.

3.26pmKeys pulls it back to deuce after forcing the error, and we've now had three of them. It's another long service game for Radwanska.

Radwanska 5-4* KeysThe Pole saves another break point on her way to a hold. She's not on top, however, and Keys looks most likely to break. However, if Radwanska manages it here then she takes the set.

Radwanska *5-5 KeysRadwanska really hasn't had a chance on the Keys serve so far and the American breezes through another game to level it.

Radwanska 6-5* KeysJust as I thought Radwanska's drop shots couldn't get any better, she finds the line from deep to move 40-30 ahead, and holds with Keys going long with a return. Now the pressure is on the American to serve to take us to a breaker.

3.36pmHorrible start to Keys's service game, as she slices a forehand well long under no pressure.

3.37pmShe then nets from the baseline with a backhand and the Pole is 15-30 up.

3.38pmRadwanska goes long and Keys's third ace moves her a point away from the tie-break...

3.40pmAt deuce the ball is called out from a Keys shot, but it's hit the inside of the line! The point is replayed and she then does go long for set point Radwanska. It's saved with a big serve down the middle that is returned into the net. However, she nets in turn for the second set point...

Radwanska 7-5 *0-0 KeysSET! There finally is the break, and it's following another atrocious line call. This time Keys's forehand was called in, but it was some way out - with it the Pole takes the set without the need for a breaker.

3.43pmThe telling stat from that set is unforced errors: four to 18 in favour of Radwanska. That's her game - accuracy, and in the end it just about told to give her the lead.

3.45pmKeys, at 0-15 up, goes for the backhand winner but is a fraction long. It doesn't look as though that late collapse has affected her too much.

3.46pmRadwanska is furious at what is only her fifth unforced error as she nets from the baseline with a forehand.

3.47pmAfter Keys skimmed the net cord Radwanska finds the back of the line with a slice, then finishes with a volley for 40-30. Good play.

3.47pmAt deuce Keys strikes a forehand return back to where it came from for a break point...

Radwanska 7-5 0-1* KeysBREAK! Brilliant! Radwanska moves in for the kill at the net after a backhand, but sees the ball fizz past her from the Keys forehand. A big break early in the second set for the American.

3.50pmKeys goes wide and then into the net to give Radwanska a slight look-in at 15-30.

3.50pmAnd now it's more than that. Great baseline play and there's nothing Keys can do but net for two break back points...

3.51pmOne is saved emphatically with a clean forehand winner...

Radwanska 7-5 *1-1 KeysBREAK! However she finds the net again and Radwanska breaks straight back in what could prove to be a telling match.

3.52pmRadwanska's backhand is close to the line, but it's in nonetheless and she's 40-0 up.

Radwanska 7-5 2-1* KeysOh dear. Keys sets up a point nicely for the chance to move 40-30 behind, but skews her forehand wide. That was probably Radwanska's most comfortable service game of the match so far.

3.56pmBig game here for Keys as Radwanska goes up 15-30, but she levels it with her fourth ace of the match.

3.58pmReally good point there. Radwanska comes to the net and just about does enough with a couple of volleys to force Keys's pass to go wide.

Radwanska 7-5 *2-2 KeysA good hold from Keys there, as she fights off a challenge from Radwanska to level the set again. Can she start to have a say against the Pole's serve?

4.01pmIt doesn't look like it, as Radwanska comfortably moves 30-0 ahead.

Radwanska 7-5 3-2* KeysKeys skews a return almost into the crowd and Radwanska wraps up her first hold to love with her first ace. She's looking in control at the moment, but could do with a break while she's on top.

4.04pmNow could be the time. Keys puts a backhand long and the Pole is up 0-30.

4.06pmAnother dreadful line call almost hands the break to Radwanska, but it's successfully challenged, and the second is saved with a pass. Then bam goes the third with a big ace!

Radwanska 7-5 *3-3 KeysVital hold for Keys! From 0-40 down it looked over, but she turned it up and is still clinging on in this set, and indeed the match. Can she build on the momentum that game would have provided?

4.09pmRadwanska is almost in trouble as Keys sets up a point to move 0-30 ahead, but misses the line and instead it's 15-15.

4.10pmGreat point. Both women are looking for the angle with dinked shots at the net, but Radwanska takes the killer blow with a winner into the space Keys had left. She then slices to the baseline, which Keys nets, to move a point away from the hold.

Radwanska 7-5 4-3* KeysAnother pretty comfortable hold for Radwanska. I expect she'll come at Keys's serve again here for what would be a crucial break.

Radwanska 7-5 *4-4 KeysA much, much better service game for Keys. She was on top from the start and forced the error from Radwanska to take it. Perhaps this one will go to a tie-break - the last set was the same, but the Pole took a late break.

4.16pmGood start from Keys, who passed the advancing Radwanska right down the forehand line. She then reaches a drop shot before smashing the winner after the attempted lob. 0-30...

4.16pmNow it's three break points at a brilliant time for Keys...

4.17pmKeys nets, which means one down.

Radwanska 7-5 4-5* KeysBREAK! This time Keys breaks late in the set! It was poor from Radwanska, who netted at 15-40 down, but a really good response from the American. Last time Radwanska broke right back and she'll have to again now or we're going to a decider.

4.19pmSo far, so good for Keys. She's got too much power right now and moves 30-0 up.

4.20pmACE! A 119mph ace moves her one away.

4.21pmRadwanska won't go down without a fight. A couple of rally wins sees her save two set points...

Radwanska 7-5 4-6 *0-0 KeysSET! There's nothing the Pole can do against serves like that, though. It's another ace to end the set and it's gone to a decider. Who will come out on top? It could be a big upset here.

4.23pmKeys won 75% of her first serve points as well as two of three break points. Those two areas are where that set was won. If she keeps that serving up, she could be too much for the fourth seed here.

4.24pmRadwanska is a bit slow deciding to come to the net, and Keys punishes her with a forehand winner to win the first point of the third set.

4.24pmThe American is on top of Radwanska's drop shots now. She saw that one coming and smashed down the forehand for 0-30.

4.24pmA good return forces Radwanska to net, and there's three early break points for Keys!

4.25pmThe Pole saves the first with too much accuracy and Keys nets trying to force the issue.

4.26pmExactly the same to save the second from Radwanska and then Keys goes wide unforced to bring us to deuce.

Radwanska 7-5 4-6 1-0* KeysAt advantage Radwanska - twice - Keys gets the better of two rallies to finish with big forehand winners. That's 25 overall of those for the American. However, Radwanska finishes with an ace and a really tough service hold. That could be crucial.

4.36pmThis time it's Radwanska's turn to battle on her opponent's serve. At deuce, a double fault gives the Pole an opportunity with her third break point of the game, but Keys saves it with a dominant point and forehand winner.

Radwanska 7-5 4-6 *1-1 KeysA really important hold for the American. She's looking tired, but saved break point after break point there to hold. Five saved in one game, but she hangs on. I'm not sure this one will ever end - we've seen so many deuces.

Radwanska 7-5 4-6 2-1* KeysAfter the length of that last game, that one just breezed by. Radwanska was in control - at least at times - but there was a couple of really nice shots from Keys too.

4.46pmGood one-two from Keys to recover from an early 0-15 deficit.

Radwanska 7-5 4-6 *2-2 KeysA breezy hold from Keys there, which will be encouraging for her after her last one.

4.49pmIt's 30-30 following Keys's 58th winner. A huge amount and it's actually a little surprising she hasn't had more breaks.

Radwanska 7-5 4-6 3-2* KeysLovely volley to hold from Radwanska. Keys went for the big pass but Radwanska got racquet on it to softly put it back out of reach of the American.

4.52pmKeys goes wide with an attempted forehand winner with the first point. Can Radwanska capitalise?

4.53pmA really poor backhand, from what looked like a very tired shot, puts Radwanska 0-30 up.

4.53pmAce number 11 for Keys gets her back in the game and a big one-two to follow levels it up.

4.54pmKeys nets and the fourth seed has a break point...

Radwanska 7-5 4-6 *4-2 KeysBREAK! She takes it! Last year's beaten finalist stays in a defensive point and Keys, going again for the big winner, finds the sidelines and is broken. Potentially that's a crucial break.

4.56pmStaggeringly fortuitous shot from Keys to level at 15-15. She hammers into the net from close range put it drops just the other side.

Radwanska 7-5 4-6 5-2* KeysShe's pretty much cruising now. A comfortable service hold from her and she's one game away from a place in the second week of Wimbledon. It has NOT been easy, however.

4.59pmShe could end this on a break here. She covers the ground brilliantly to move 0-30 up.

5pmBrilliant from Radwanska! She defends a couple of big shots to finally find the angle for a shot that Keys cannot return. Three match points...

5.01pmOne is saved with an ace...

5.01pmThe second with a big serve and forehand winner...

5.02pmBoom! Just like that all three are gone. It's another huge serve and Keys somehow brings us back to deuce. There's nothing the Pole could have done there. However, Keys goes long and it's match point again...

5.02pmNope! An ace right down the middle saves another. She's not going to give up.

Radwanska 7-5 4-6 *5-3 KeysShe doesn't understand what pressure is here. Two further aces follow and four match points are saved - Radwanska must serve this out.

5.04pmKeys is taking it to Radwanska! This time she gets to the net to win a few volleys before Radwanska eventually goes wide.

5.05pmThat's really good from the second seed. She gets to the net and finds the very corner with a volley.

5.05pmTwo more match points Radwanska...

Radwanska 7-5 4-6 6-3 KeysGAME, SET AND MATCH RADWANSKA!

5.06pmWell that was a real battle! But she's through and into week two. What a performance from Keys, who could go a long way in the game!

5.07pmThat's all from this one. I'll be back shortly with Li Na's match, but from this one - goodbye.

Agnieszka Radwanska celebrates a win at Wimbledon on June 28, 2013
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