Live Commentary: Burkina Faso 4-0 Ethiopia - as it happened

Live Commentary: Burkina Faso 4-0 Ethiopia - as it happened
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Sports Mole's live coverage of Burkina Faso's 4-0 thrashing of Ethiopia in the Africa Cup of Nations.

Burkina Faso recorded a convincing 4-0 win over Ethiopia to top Group C in the Africa Cup of Nations.

Alain Traore hit a brace, while Djakaridja Kone and Jonathan Pitroipa also made it on to the score sheet.

Three of the goals came after Burkina Faso's keeper, Abdoulaye Soulama, was sent off for handling the ball outside the penalty area.

Read how all the action unfolded below:

5.30pmGood evening, we're less than half an hour away from Burkina Faso's game against Ethiopia, in the increasingly close Group C.

5.31pmWe've not had the official team news yet, but Ethiopia coach Sewnet Bishaw will be forced to name a different goalkeeper, following Jemal Tassew's red card against Zambia on Monday.

5.33pmPaul Put, the Burkina Faso coach, has said that he will bring in Marseille's Charles Kabore, while Alain Traore, who scored in their 1-1 draw earlier this week is expected to start on the bench again.

5.35pmAhead of the game, Put told reporters: "We have a lot of respect for the Ethiopian team. Any team that can draw with Zambia after playing against them with only 10 men after 30 minutes, that says a lot.

"We must try to read the game at the start and see how we will play. We will not be open in the beginning."

5.37pmBishaw said: "The match against Zambia was our first experience after 31 years so, it was fantastic for our football.

"The players have shown their characters, and they have shown the rest of the world they can play football."

5.39pmRight, let's take a look at the lineups for the match...

5.42pmBURKINA FASO STARTING XI: Abdoulaye Soulama, Mohamed Koffi, Bakary Kone, Paul Koulibaly, Mady Panandetiguiri, Djakaridja Kone, Charles Kabore, Jonathan Pitroipa, Alain Traore, Wilfried Sanou, Aristide Bance.

5.43pmETHIOPIA STARTING XI: Zerihun Tadelle, Degu Debebe, Birhanu Bogale, Aynalem Hailu, Seyum Tesfaye, Asrat Megersa, Minyahile Teshome, Shimelese Bekele, Addis Hintsa, Adane Girma, Saladin Seid.

5.45pmThe big news for Burkina Faso is the inclusion of Alain Traore. The Lorient striker scored after coming off the bench on Monday, and Paul Put had indicated that he would use Traore in the same way for this game.

5.47pmEthiopia give a start to Zerihun Tadelle in goal, with Jemal Tassew suspended. Tadelle was brought on towards the end of the first half against Zambia following Tassew's red card. The reigning champions rarely tested the substitute keeper.

5.50pmSince the start of the tournament, there have been 13 matches, eight of which has ended in draws, with games so far in Group C ending in stalemate.

5.53pmAs in their match on Monday, Ethiopia have attracted a good amount of fans again. Reporters at the Mbombela Stadium have estimated that there are around 20,000 supporters in Ethiopian colours.

5.56pmThe players are out on the pitch ready for the national anthems ahead of kickoff.

6pmFormalities over, the players line up ready to get the game underway.

0 minThe first half gets underway.

2 minNot a fluent start from either side, neither team have kept possession for more than a couple of passes so far. The pitch in the Mbombela Stadium isn't in great condition, which won't help matters.

4 minCHANCE! Burkina Faso play their way in to the Ethiopia box, but the Ethiopians clear it and go on the counter. The balls fall to Shimelese Bekele, and his shot bounces back off the post.

6 minAlain Traore takes the ball towards the Ethiopia goal but is immediately dispossessed. Aristide Bance gets the ball inside the penalty area moments later, but again Ethiopia are ready and make the clearance.

8 minA close up on the pitch shows just how much sand is on the playing surface. Every time a player lifts his foot it brings a pile of sand with it. For from the ideal conditions for good football.

9 minCHANCE! Tadelle makes his first save of the game as Traore unleashes a shot from the edge of the box. It didn't look like the striker got the cleanest contact with the ball.

10 minINJURY! It looks like Ethiopia might be forced in to an early change. Adane Girma is brought down in the build up to Traore's shot, and he has to be helped off the pitch. Ethiopia are down to 10 men while a substitute warms up.

12 minSUBSTITUTION! Behailu Asefa comes on in place of Girma. It's a shame for Ethiopia, Girma made a big impact in their game against Zambia.

14 minTesfaye has a good run down the sideline for Ethiopia, but Panandetiguiri makes a challenge and puts the ball out. From the throw in, Burkina Faso get the ball, and are on the attack.

16 minCHANCE! The ball drops to Saladin Seid in the Burkina Faso box, but a defender is closing in on him and he rushes the shot, sending it well wide. He could have taken a bit longer, but seemed to panic a little. He'll be keen to get on the score sheet, after missing a penalty against Zambia earlier this week.

17 minEthiopia are awarded a free kick after Bakary Kone commits a foul. The ambitious strike from around 45 yards is deflected for a corner, but Burkina Faso get it away.

19 minThe sides have been sharing possession evenly so far, but it's Ethiopia who look the most dangerous on the ball. Burkina Faso have been strong at getting the ball away from their opponents, but haven't looked that sharp heading towards goal.

20 minDjakaridja Kone concedes a free kick, which Debebe takes short. Ethiopia look to cross the ball towards goal, but they have two players offside.

21 minOFFSIDE! Wilfried Sanou gets the ball in the penalty box and beats the keeper with a brilliant finish, but he just crept offside and the flag goes up to disallow the goal.

23 minThat was the best attacking move of the game so far for Burkina Faso, and it triggers an immediate response from Ethiopia, who charge up the pitch, but Megersa puts the ball wide.

25 minSanou goes out wide and crosses superbly to Pitroipa, but he's being closely marked, and the defender forces him in to a mistake, scuffing the ball high.

27 minPitroipa is on the attack again, but the sandy pitch catches him out, and he loses the ball to Ethiopia. This has been a strong spell from Burkina Faso.

30 minMegersa concedes a free kick for a badly time tackle on Kabore just outside the penalty box. Traore steps up to take the kick, but it goes straight in to the wall.

32 minThe ball is crossed to Bance, but the ball is high. The striker climbs in an attempt to volley the ball in to the net, but he fails to make contact. Djakaridja Kone gets a chance a few moments later form the edge of the box, but the ball climbs from the moment it leaves his boot, ending up well high of the crossbar.

34 minGOAL! Burkina Faso 1-0 Ethiopia (Traore)

34 minThe ball is pulled back to Bance just inside the penalty area. He strikes it well but Debebe is on the line to make the block. Burkina Faso keep possession, and quickly get it back to Traore, who cooly slots the ball in for his second goal of the tournament.

36 minBurkina Faso are looking really strong at the minute. They'd been threatening for quite some time before Traore's goal, but that seems to have lifted them further, while Ethiopia's early confidence seems to have deserted then

38 minBurkina Faso win free kick near the corner flag. Kabore curls it in towards goal, but Bakary Kone can't climb high enough to make the header.

39 minTraore lines up a 30-yard free kick, but it looks like he couldn't decide whether to go for goal or set up a teammate. He ends up doing neither, firing the ball in to the crowd.

41 minPitroipa displays some impressive footwork skills on the edge of the box, but he can't follow it up with a good cross, giving Ethiopia an early clearance.

44 minSUBSTITUTION! Megersa goes off for Yared Zinabu. He runs off the pitch, but is given treatment as soon as he's on the bench. That's two changes Ethiopia have been forced in to during the opening 45 minutes

45+2 minSanou breaks in to the area for Burkina Faso, but Ethiopia close him down and force a mistake, resulting in a goal kick for Ethiopia. They use the kick to launch a counter attack, immediately closing on the Burkina Faso goal, but Bekele's finish flies wide.

45+2 minHALF-TIME: Burkina Faso 1-0 Ethiopia

6.49pmEthiopia had the better start to the game, but it was Burkina Faso who made the most of their chances to take a 1-0 lead in to the break.

6.50pmWilfried Sanou could have broken the deadlock for Burkina Faso, but he fell foul of an offside trap by Ethiopia, and his strike, which was executed perfectly, was disallowed.

6.52pmEthiopia will be hoping to avoid further injuries. They're already been forced into two changes, and will may need to use their final change to get back in this game.

6.52pmBekele had the best chance of the half for Ethiopia, being denied by the post inside the opening two minutes.

6.55pmBoth sides struggled with the pitch conditions at time, but Burkina Faso adapted well as the match went on.

6.58pmThere were no bookings in the opening half, but Ethiopia began to let a few reckless challenges fly towards the end of the period.

7.01pmThe players are back out for the second half.

45 minBurkina Faso kick off the second 45 minutes.

46 minBoth sides return unchanged. Ethiopia will most likely save their one remaining change until deep in to the second half.

48 minBurkina Faso have continued their momentum from the first half, Wilfried Sanou winning a free kick out wide around 20 yards out, but Ethiopia clear the ball.

50 minCHANCE! Djakaridja Kone brings down Bekele just outside the Burkina Faso area. Seid lines up the free kick, but it's a comfortable save for Soulama in the Burkina Faso goal

52 minEthiopia are having their best spell of possession since early in the first half. The ball falls to Soulama, who goes to fire the ball away from the Burkina Faso goal, but he scuffs the sandy pitch, almost getting dispossessed by Bekele.

54 minTraore gets the ball on the edge of the box for Burkina Faso, and passes to Bance. However, the Bundesliga striker doesn't control the ball well, and Ethiopia make a clearance.

55 minBOOKING! After several clumsy challenges from both sides, Jonathan Pitroipa becomes the first name in the referees book after catching an opponent's ankle.

55 minSUBSTITUTION! Ethiopia have made their third and final change early on in the second half. Getaneh Kebede replaced Bekele. Ethiopia will now be keeping their fingers crossed that no-one picks up an injury.

57 minEthiopia look to get Kebele on the ball early, but the pass to the striker has too much pace, and rolls straight through to Soulama. Ethiopia are beginning to look threatening again.

59 minThere's a bit of uncertainly here, as Soulama appears to come out of his area to take a catch.

60 minRED CARD! After pleas from both sides, and Soulama's best innocent face, the referee reaches for his back pocket, and sends the Burkina Faso keeper off for a deliberate hand ball.

62 minDaouda Diakite has started warming up for Burkina Faso. He'll be facing a free kick from the edge of the box immediately.

64 minSUBSTITUTION! Wilfried Sanou is the player sacraficed in order to bring on the substitute keeper. He'll be a big loss for Burkina Faso, he's been one of their more creative players so far.

65 minSUBSTITUTION! Bance also goes off, Florent Rouamba taking his place. The midfielder had already been warming up before the sending off.

66 minDiakite's first action is a good save from a Seid free kick from the edge of the area. Ethiopia now have 25 minutes plus a good chunk of stoppage time to make their one-man advantage count.

68 minNow Burkina Faso face an injury scare, as Charles Kabore collides with Addis Hintsa mid-air. The game is delayed again while the team's physio takes a look at the player.

70 minKabore is back up and seems to be moving alright. Burkina Faso do still have one substitution available to them.

71 minAsefa attempts to curl a cross in towards the Burkina Faso goal but Diakite comes out to take the ball and sets his side back on the counter attack.

73 minBOOKING! Seyum Tesfaye is shown a yellow card after tangling with Kabore. Traore takes the resulting free kick, but it's well off target.

74 minGOAL! Burkina Faso 2-0 Ethiopia (Traore)

75 minThe largely Ethiopian crowd is stunned as Alain Traore hits the ball sensationally from the edge of the penalty area, doubling 10-man Burkina Faso's advantage. Both of his goals have been brilliant.

77 minEthiopia are pressing up the pitch, but Burkina Faso have plenty of players behind the ball. With a two-goal cushion, they'll probably be happy to defend for the rest of this game.

79 minGOAL! Burkina Faso 3-0 Ethiopia (Kone)

79 minBurkina Faso take the ball away from Ethiopia, and Pitroipa gets the ball on the counter attack. Tadelle comes forward to close on the midfielder, but he crosses to Djakaridja Kone, who calmly slides the ball in to an open net.

81 minSomehow, since losing their keeper Burkina Faso have been all over Ethiopia. You'd have forgiven them for sitting back and protecting their lead, but they've tripled it since going down to 10 men. Ethiopia look shell-shocked.

83 minCHANCE! Seid looks to reduce Ethiopia's defecit, but Diakite is ready for the effort, and manages to keep the ball out of the net.

85 minSTREAKER! A man wearing nothing but a thong runs on to the pitch and into the Burkina Faso goal. Stewards rush on the pitch to clear the intruder, who manages to fall over while in the net.

86 minPlay resumes, and Ethiopia are back on the attack. There was around a five minute delay after the sending off, and a minute or two to clear the uninvited guest, so there should be a lengthy stoppage period. If Ethiopia scored now, they wouldn't be out of it.

89 minEthiopia are linking up well as they press towards the Burkina Faso goal, but Burkina Faso are back on numbers and take the ball away. On the counter, it drops to Traore again. The Lyon striker is on a hat-trick, but his shot lacks conviction, and bobbles to Tadelle.

90 minThere are going to be seven minutes of stoppage time.

90+2 minKabore is brought down on the edge of the area. Traore immediately grabs the ball, looking for his hat-trick.

90+3 minSAVE! Tadelle does well to parry Traore's free kick. The ball comes out to Pitroipa, but he fails to control it, and Ethiopia clear the ball.

90+4 minSUBSTITUTION! Burkina Faso make their last change, taking off their captain, Kabore, who has been on the receiving end of some heavy challenges. Wilfred Balima replaces him.

90+5 minGOAL! Burkina Faso 4-0 Ethiopia (Pitroipa)

90+6 minIt's an immediate impact from Balima. He gets the ball on the counter attack and makes a speedy run down the wing, crossing to Pitroipa on the edge of the box. Pitroipa has looked threatening all game, and he fires the ball past Tadelle.

90+7 minFULL-TIME: Burkina Faso 4-0 Ethiopia

7.56pmEthiopia look exhausted as the referee blows for full time. To look at the players, you wouldn't guess it was Burkina Faso that played most of the second half missing a player.

7.57pmThat's the first time a Group C game has not finished in a draw, and leaves Burkina Faso in a strong position to make it past the group stages.

7.59pmThat's all from the Africa Cup of Nations today. Join us again tomorrow for more from the tournament. Thanks for joining us this evening, good bye.

Zambia's Chisamba Lungu is challenged by Ethiopia's Adane Girma during their teams match at the African Cup of Nations on January 21, 2013
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