Live Commentary: Nigeria 1-1 Burkina Faso - as it happened

Live Commentary: Nigeria 1-1 Burkina Faso - as it happened
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Sports Mole brings you live text commentary of this evening's Africa Cup of Nation's clash between Nigeria and Burkina Faso from Group C.

Nigeria and Burkina Faso headed into tonight's Africa Cup of Nations Group C clash knowing that a victory would place the winning team at the top of the standings.

While the Super Eagles looked likely to snatch the top spot after going a goal to the good through Emmanuel Emenike, Burkina Faso launched a dramatic late comeback to snatch a point through a Alain Traore strike.

Read how all of the action unfolded in our minute-by-minute commentary below.

5.30pmHello all and welcome to Sports Mole's coverage of today's second Group C match at the Africa Cup of Nations. Here, we will be focusing on Nigeria vs. Burkina Faso, both of whom have the chance to top the group with three points.

5.32pmEarlier today, we witnessed Zambia, who are the 2012 winners, snatch a 1-1 draw with Ethiopia, so it's all up for grabs this evening!

5.34pmRight, let's get that all-important team news then shall we?

5.35pmNigeria starting XI: Enyeama; Yobo, Elderson, Ambrose, Oboabona; Ogude, Mikel, Igiebor, Musa; Emenike, Ideye

5.37pmBurkina Faso starting XI: Soulama; B. Kone, Koulibaly, Koffi, Panandetiguiri; D. Kone, Rouamba, Pitroipa, Dah; Dagano, Bance

5.30pmSo, as expected, former Everton defender Joseph Yobo leads out Nigeria and will set a new record of six AFCON finals appearances, while Chelsea duo John Obi Mikel and Victor Moses also get handed starting spots.

5.41pmIt was touch and go initially for Moses due to a recent knock that he suffered but he has been declared fit and ready to go! He tweeted earlier today: "massive game today can't wait to get going and determined to make our country proud thanks for all your support."

5.44pmIt's a big night for Nigeria as they failed to qualify for the finals last year, so they'll be hoping to make a big impression this evening in Stephen Keshi's new-look team.

5.45pmAs for Burkina Faso, they have struggled to get passed the group stages since 1998 so a victory this evening could put them in pole position following Zambia's draw with Ethiopia.

5.47pmTheir Belgian coach Paul Put said ahead of the clash: "We have to win this first match at all costs to give us confidence going forward. It is going to be tough but are ready to play Nigeria."

5.49pmBurkina Faso don't head into the clash on the back of a great record. The nation failed to score a single point during their 2012 campaign and they have gone 17 games without clinching a victory in the Cup of Nations.

5.50pmDespite their poor record, they have been boosted by the return of striker Alain Traore, who has recovered from a heel injury, but the forward has a spot on the bench this evening.

5.53pmAristide Bance has remained fit for the contest and if he ca link up well with Moumouni Dagano, the Stallions fans may have something to shout about!

5.56pmWe actually have a correction to make with regards to the team news for Nigeria! It appears that the original lineup that included Victor Moses was wrong, as the Chelsea man has dropped to the bench in place of Ideye Brown. Perhaps he's not quite recovered from that knock?

5.57pmWe're just minutes away from kick-off in Nelspruit.

0 minAnd we're off! Burkina Faso get us underway...

0 minBance tries to cause problems for Nigeria by launching the ball towards goal but no Burkina Faso teammates read his attack and Enyeama gathers with ease.

3 minNigeria get a free kick just outside the area but the lofting ball gets put out of play by Koffi and Burkina Faso can try to begin an attack from the defence.

4 minMikel picks up the ball in midfield and he passes swiftly to Ogude, but it's a poor pass into the penalty area and it gets cleared.

5 minBance launches the ball from midfield over the top towards Dagano but Koulibaly drifts in front of the forward just in time to prevent the striker taking a shot on goal.

6 minPanandetiguiri finds the ball out wide from Bance and he gets the cross in without any challenge from the Nigerian defence but nobody is there to latch onto it.

7 minA lovely pass from Obi Mikel goes right to the head of Ideye, who drives into the penalty area but he fails to control it and the keeper gathers. On replay, it looks as though Ideye handled it with his left arm. The ref missed that one!

8 minOgude's misplaced pass in midfield is cut out by Burkina Faso's Bance but his control fails him and gives the possession back to Nigeria.

9 minThe ball will be unable to run smoothly on this pitch. The grass isn't in the best condition and you feel that the players will have to control it instantly otherwise they will be in danger of losing the ball.

10 minThe ball's hoofed up top to Ideye but Burkina Faso snatch possession and Pitroipa tries to find Dagano with an overhead kick but it goes beyond the forward.

11 minYobo survives pressure from Dagano and Nigeria go on the attack again...

12 minCHANCE! Musa bends the ball from the right-hand side into the penalty area with Ideye eyeing it but his run is too powerful and the shot goes flying over the bar. That's the first real chance of the game so far!

13 minAt the other end, the ball is lofted into the box and finds the head of Dagano but his effort fails to trouble the keeper.

14 minMikel is dominating the midfield for Nigeria so far and he launches the ball to Musa, who tries some trickery to get into the box but he fails to get passed the Burkina Faso defence.

16 minIgiebor fumes at Ideye for trying to head the ball into the back of the net from an Emenike cross when he was ready to shoot just behind him. The chance goes missing.

17 minYobo gets caught out in defence and Dagano latches onto it but he fails to make the most of it. Nigeria's defence fell asleep there and the Nigeria captain won't be pleased with that!

19 minBance tries a long-ball effort to Dagano, who gets nudged in the back by Ambrose and gives away a free kick just above the half-way line but the effort gets cleared by Ambrose.

20 minA high leg on Kone from Emenike gives Burkina Faso a free kick but on replay, both players just went for the free ball. The game's a bit stop-start so far and neither side have really found their rhythm as yet.

21 minPitroipa plays the free kick into the box but it's too high for his teammates and the keeper gathers.

22 minGOAL! Nigeria 1-0 Burkina Faso (Emenike)

22 minAnother long ball from Nigeria finds the feet of Ideye, who completes a lovely flick-on to Emenike, who drives towards the goal and just has to nudge the ball into the back of the net to take the lead for his nation.

25 minWhile neither side has particularly set the world alight, Nigeria have had the best chances and they've taken them, so you could argue that they're lead is deserved.

25 minAmbrose is just receiving some treatment after going down in his half after a challenge but he's on his feet now and looks like he'll be able to continue.

26 minBurkina Faso try to respond from building from the back. They try to copy their opponents with a long ball effort but Dagano commits a clear handball to give Nigeria back possession.

28 minBance wins back the ball and skips away from a challenge but his shot towards goal gets blocked by Yobo and gives Burkina Faso their first corner.

29 minIt's a low ball in, which is dealt with by Elderson and the advantage comes to nothing. There's some confusion with the ref and the linesman, who gives Burkina Faso a free kick just outside the box from a handball by Elderson.

31 minThe set piece comes to nothing and Burkina Faso are yet to cause a main threat to Nigeria's goal.

32 minNigeria knock the ball back between defenders and a long ball from the keeper is too ambitious and Burkina Faso regain possession.

32 minMikel wins it back and passes onto Ambrose, who drives towards the box. Ideye eventually finds the pass but Elderson manages to prevent his run and put the ball out for a throw-in.

33 minIdeye wasted the chance to go 2-0 up after finding space in the box and while he had plenty of time and options, the forward blasted it towards goal but it bobbled into the hands of Soulama.

34 minDown the other end, Burkina Faso get a free kick just outside of the area and it looks as though Dagano is going to take a shot on goal...

35 minDagano aims for the net but it drills into the wall and goes out for a corner.

35 minBurkins Faso claim for a handball in the penalty area on Igiebor but the ref waves it away.

36 minNigeria storm down the side in a counter attack and a whipping cross in from Musa tries to find the head of Ideye but the keeper times his run well and clears the ball.

37 minBOOKING! Ambrose gives away a silly foul on Bance, which earns the Nigerian a yellow card.

38 minMusa finds Ideye on the edge of the area and he drifts out wide and then passes back to Musa, who tries to toe-poke the ball into the back of the net but there's not enough power on it to cause the keeper any trouble.

39 minEmenike is flagged offside from another low long pass. You get the impression that Nigeria are the more likely to score the second goal of the clash.

40 minBurkina Faso's ball drifts towards the head of Dagano but Yobo times his run to knock the ball out for a throw-in.

42 minPanandetiguiri drives a low shot into the box but Ambrose comes to the rescue to dispel any trouble and allow Nigeria to knock the ball back and forth in the middle of the field.

42 minBurkina Faso counter through Koffi, who passes to Dah and gets put under pressure by Oboabona, who does enough to force Dah to foul the defender and give Nigeria a free kick.

44 minBurkina Faso get another free kick in a good area after Mikel nudged into the back of Dah.

44 minThe free kick floats into the box to find Kone but the opportunity is cut short by the whistle after two players were caught offside.

45+1 minYobo knocks the ball back to his keeper after coming under pressure by Dah. The defender made some early mistakes in this game but he seems more assured in his role as the first half nears its end.

45+2 minHALF-TIME: Nigeria 1-0 Burkina Faso

6.48pmSo, as it stands, Nigeria, who failed to make the finals last year, top Group C courtesy of their 1-0 lead over Burkina Faso. You'd have to argue that the Super Eagles deserve to be the winning side after the first 45 minutes due to their ability to take the chances they've created.

6.50pmWhile they haven't completely dominated the game, Mikel has looked comfortable in midfield when he's had the ball and Emenike, who netted the goal, and Ideye have linked up well in the final third.

6.51pmThe Stallions may be one goal down but they are far from out of this game. They've had some good spells of possession and while they have struggled to be clinical in front of goal, you feel that if Dagano gets into a good position, he could find an equaliser.

6.54pmIf Burkina Faso continue to struggle in front of goal, they could enlist the service of Traore, while Nigeria have Chelsea's Victor Moses on the bench for some extra firepower.

6.56pmLooking at the stats at half-time, Nigeria's 57% possession is not too far ahead from Burkina Faso's 43%, and Nigeria will have to be careful in the second half as they finished the first 45 committing 15 fouls!

6.58pmLet's have a little recap on the tournament so far then.

Ghana 2-2 Congo DR
Mali 1-0 Niger
South Africa 0-0 Cape Verde Islands
Angola 0-0 Morocco
Zambia 1-1 Ethiopia

7.01pmRight, the teams are heading back out to the pitch to begin the second half.

45 minSUBSTITUTION Burkina Faso make a change at half-time as Dah makes way for Sanou. And the Stallions get us underway!

45 minAn early chance for Nigeria to double their lead as Emineke lays the ball off to the oncoming Ideye, who shoots wide of the target.

46 minNigeria try to attack again through Elderson, who passes out wide to Emenike, but it's hit too long for the forward to latch on to.

47 minBurkina Faso get their first spell of possession and they try to build up from the back and get their feet back into this game as they search for an equaliser.

48 minSome pressure from Burkina Faso results in a pin-pointed cross from Rouamba, who finds Dagano, but once again his header goes wayward.

49 minSanou dinks the ball past the Nigerian defence and passes back to Rouamba, who tries a swinging shot but Enyeama drops to the floor to grab the ball and keep his net clear.

51 minPitroipa drives from midfield and passes the ball out to Sanou, who delivers a poor cross into the ball and it goes behind the line with no Burkina Faso player anywhere near it.

52 minBance struggles to get a shot on as he gets closed down by Ambrose and the forward loses the ball for the Stallions.

53 minDown the other round, Emenike tries to snatch a second goal but it was an ambitious long-range shot, which came to nothing.

54 minMikel slides the ball down to Ideye but a terrific run from keeper Soulama ensures that he gets to the ball before his opponent and keeps the scoreline at 1-0.

56 minNigeria are looking comfortable in midfield at the moment, especially Mikel, who passes the ball out wide to Emenike, who forces the ball out of play due to pressure from his opponents.

57 minSUBSTITUTION Goalscorer Emenike won't be able to get a second goal this evening and he makes way for Uche. Still no Moses...

58 minA long cross from Burkina Faso finds the head of Sanou, who gets the ball into midfield with Dagano, who passes back to Sanou in the box and he gets a shot on goal but the effort is blocked.

60 minNosa tries to thread the ball through to Ideye but it gets snuffed out and Nigeria win the ball back to start another attack.

61 minAt the other end, Samou gets pushed off the ball from Elderson, who in turn makes a swift pass to Nosa, who tries to storm through the middle but his run gets blocked.

61 minMISS! A great counter attack from Burkina Faso comes through Sanou, who finds Dagano on the left-hand corner of the penalty area. He finds space and tries to dribble the ball into the corner but it just glides past the post.

63 minNosa swerves and threads the ball through to Musa but Koffi gets a vital touch on the ball to give away a corner, which gets cleared by Kone.

64 minSUBSTITUTION Alain Traore makes his way onto the pitch as Bance's time comes to an end.

65 minMISS! Oh dear, what an absolute sitter for Nigeria! Uche finds the ball a metre or so from goal and he has time to compose himself over the ball before taking the shot but he rushes it and blasts it with his left foot and it goes wide. That was the perfect chance to take a two-goal lead.

67 minTraore finds Pitroipa on the left, who gets past two players to get into the box. He tries to pull the ball back for Dagano but it gets blocked and Nigeria can breathe.

68 minTraore tries again by receiving the ball just outside of the penalty area by Dagano but he gets pulled down and wins a free kick.

69 minSUBSTITUTION Nigeria make another change as Ogude comes off for Onazi.

70 minWhat a poor free kick from Traore! It was a good opportunity for Burkina Faso to snatch an equaliser but his shot goes straight into the wall and his follow-up fires over the bar.

71 minWell, it's certainly been an open contest so far and there's still just the one goal in it.

72 minBOOKING! Nigeria's Nosa gets cautioned after catching Rouamba with his studs after they both lunged in to grab the ball.

73 minRED CARD! Oh dear! Nigeria will have to defend their one-goal lead for the next 16 minutes with 10 men after Ambrose gets a second yellow card for putting his arm across 8 Koulibaly. Seems slightly harsh after watching the replay.

75 minThis should be a big incentive for Burkina Faso now as they have an extra man on the field while the try to search for an equaliser.

76 minSUBSTITUTION Nigeria have been forced to bring a right-back on after Ambrose's dismissal and Ideye is the man to make way and Omeruo enters the field.

78 minNigeria have dropped back slightly after going down to 10 men and Burkina Faso try to force through an attack with Koffi, who launches the ball into the box but it's headed clear.

79 minDagano tries to pull the ball back into the box from the wide area of the final third but it gets snuffed out and Nigeria regain possession.

80 minCHANCE! A diagonal ball finds Uche on the left and he runs inside to take a shot but it's off target and Burkina Faso survive.

81 minSUBSTITUTION Adbou Traore enters the pitch for Burkina Faso for the last 10 mins and Rouamba makes way.

82 minOoooh! A risky chest pass from Panandetiguiri to the goalkeeper only just comes off after pressure from Musa. That was close for Burkina Faso!

84 minMusa gets rightfully flagged offside but you get the feeling that despite being down to 10 men, they look the likeliest to score.

85 minSanou passes to Pitroipa on the outside of the area and the midfielder leaves it behind but nobody is there to latch onto it.

86 minNigeria get to break and the pass finds Musa in the penalty area and as he drives towards goal, Soulama commits a well-timed run to knock the ball out of danger.

87 minCHANCE! Oh dear, Mikel could have done a lot better than that! The Chelsea man has some lovely link-up play with Uche in the final third. Uche pulls the ball back for the midfielder to take a shot, which he does but it flies high over the bar.

88 minAt the other end, Sanou launches a cross into the box but it's safely headed away by Oboabona and once again Burkina Faso fail to capitalise on their chances.

89 minKoffi goes for goal from just outside the area but it goes well wide and fails to trouble the keeper.

90+1 minSanou has been getting plenty of the ball since coming on in the second half and while he's been able to get his crosses into the box, the Nigerian defence have been handling the trouble.

90+2 minNigeria have one more attempt to double their lead through Onzai on the left, who finds Musa in the centre but Kone clears the ball away.

90+4 minGOAL! Nigeria 1-1 Burkina Faso (Traore)

90+4 minWell, well, well! They finally got their vital equaliser! Pitroipa storms down the right-hand side of the area and lays the ball off for Alain Traore behind him, who fires into the back of the net and gets Burkina Faso on the scoresheet!

90+4 minFULL-TIME: Nigeria 1-1 Burkina Faso

7.54pmWho saw that coming?! In the last five minutes or so, Nigeria looked set to take the first three points of Group C with a slender one-goal lead but it wasn't to be. In the dying minutes Alain Traore managed to clinch an equaliser for the Stallions.

7.56pmThis leaves the table with Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Zambia all on one point apiece. So it's all square after the first round of matches in Group C, which makes the next fixtures that much more crucial.

7.57pmThe Nigerian players look deflated after the final whistle because they thought they had it in the bag, and quite frankly, so did I! Despite going down to 10 men, Nigeria continued to attack but persistence from Burkina Faso ensured that they picked up a point from their efforts.

7.58pmSanou made all the difference for the Stallions when he came on in the second half and it was from him that the majority of attacks came through, but it was Traore who became the saviour again for Burkina Faso.

8pmNext up in Group C, Nigeria will take on Zambia this Friday, while Burkina Faso go head to head with tournament holders Zambia shortly after.

8.03pmIf you'd like a more comprehensive view, then have a read of our full-time report here. We hope you enjoyed our live coverage and remember to tune into Sports Mole tomorrow for coverage of Group D clashes - Ivory Coast vs. Togo and Tunisia vs. Algeria. Enjoy!

Victor Moses celebrates scoring for Chelsea
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