Live Commentary: Olympic diving - day 10 as it happened

Live Commentary: Olympic diving - day 10 as it happened
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Sports Mole brings you live text commentary from day ten of the Olympic diving.

Good evening and welcome to Sports Mole's live coverage of day 10 of the Olympic diving.

London's Aquatics Centre plays host to the preliminary stage of the men's 3m springboard this evening, and British hopefuls Chris Mears and Jack Laugher are in action.

Mears knows all about the threat the Chinese pose in this event, having watched Luo Yutong and Qin Kai win gold in the synchronised 3m platform.

Qin is competing again today and is expected to make it through to the semi-final, along with compatriot He Chiong.

9.38pmJoin us tomorrow morning for all the action from the semi-final.

9.36pmIt's been an absolute cracker here today! We've seen some stunning dives, some disastrous ones, and a home favourite go through!

9.43pmAt the end of the preliminaries, Ilya Zakharov of Russia takes first place on 507.65 points, followed by China's He Chong on 500.90. Qin could only manage 11th in the end!

9.32pmMears edges through by the narrowest of margins as Italy's Benedetti can only manage 73.10 on his final dive! He takes 18th by three points!

9.30pmDumais and Huerta book their places, pushing Mears down to 18th! This is agony for the Brit!

9.28pmQin seals his place in the semi-finals, but he has not been convincing! He earns 74.25 for his final dive and sits in ninth, but is likely to drop several places by the end of the round.

9.28pmMears still hold 15th, though, so it isn't all bad news for Team GB!

9.25pmLaugher botches his final dive. His knees buckle on launch and he crashes into the water the wrong way up. A score of zero for him!

9.23pmMears needed to pull something special out of the hat here. He spins like a catherine wheel before hitting the water with only minimal splash on his forward 4 1/2 somersault. The judges say 74.10, which MIGHT just be enough!

9.23pmKvasha is another qualifier, scoring 81.60 on his final dive.

9.22pmZakharov opts for a forward 4 1/2 somersault finish, and it pays off. He earns 91.20, and that will guarantee him the top spot!

9.20pmImbeau-Dulac pulls off one of the best dives of the evening. It was a wonderful forwards 3 1/2 somersault 3 twists, and it earned him 93.60. He should be into the semi-finals too.

9.18pmColwill of the United States makes the cut for the semi-final with a big finish. He nice reverse 3 1/2 somersault to finish, earning him an 80.50.

9.17pmPrygorov looks like he's done just enough, and with edge through with a 69.30 in the final round.

9.15pmHausding is definitely in the semi-final, earning 83.25 for a nice 2 1/2 somersault 2 1/2 twists.

9.14pmCastro has been very consistent today, and has taken a solid 76.50 for his final dive. He should be into the semi-finals with that, but it is incredibly tight.

9.11pmBracho of Venezuela falters, and there is a technical restart. Each judge deducts three points, and that's disastrous for him. He bows out with a score of 4.95! He's crestfallen!

9.09pmHe's final dive was a forward 2 1/2 somersault 3 twists. It might be enough to make first place his, earning a healthy 83.85. He is in pole position!

9.06pmWarren of Australia earns 64.60 for his final dive and is in the semi-final.

9.06pmThe big surprise of the afternoon is that Qin of China is down in 11th. What can he do on his final dive?

9.05pmAt the end of round five, He leads on 417.05 points, followed by Zakharov of Russia on 416.45. Chris Mears sits in 16th place and will edge through with a good finish. Laugher is out of it in 25th.

9.03pmQin surprisingly botches his forward 4 1/2 somersault. He lost his footing on launch, and although he recovered, the judges mark him down heavily with a 39.90! He's down in ninth!

8.59pmLaugher was in with a very slender chance at the semi-finals going into his fifth dive, and although it was one of his better ones, the judges only rated it at 71.75. He's more or less out of this.

8.57pmMears's fifth dive was of the utmost importance, and his inward 3 1/2 somersault was steady enough to earn him a 76.50. He's not dead and buried just yet, but a big finish is required if he wants to remain in the top 18.

8.55pmZakharov pulls off the world's most difficult dive - a forward 2 1/2 somersault 3 twists and the judges award him with 81.90 for his effort. He moves to second behind He.

8.52pmRosset of France is a true comeback kid. He's in eight after his fifth dive and will likely be in the semi-finals. He looked out of it after round two.

8.50pmHausding pulls off an excellent reverse 3 1/2 somersault to earn 89.25. That cements him into second place.

8.49pmCastro has been very consistent. He's in fifth for the time being, and should be able to book his place in the semi-final in the next round without too much trouble.

8.46pmBracho of Venezuela almost did a Feck there with a launch worthy of the blooper reel, but he somehow recovered. Only a 31.50 for him, though.

8.43pmHe's first dive of the penultimate round was a flawlessly-executed forward 4 1/2 somersault. It's an incredibly difficult dive, and he nails it for a score of 91.20. He takes the top spot now.

8.40pmQin leads at the end of round four, with Zakharov in second and He in third. It's looking more positive for Mears. He's in 16th and will go through has things stand. Laugher is down in 25th.

8.38pmDumais of the US and Huerta remain in contention with a respective 78.20 and 75.25 for their fourth dives.

8.37pmQin pulls off a solid inward 3 1/2 somersault to earn 86.70 and knock Zakharov off the top spot.

8.33pmLaugher had a mountain to climb going into his fourth dive, and he still has it all to do. He can only manage 63.55 for his forward 3 1/2 somersault.

8.31pmChris Mears needed to raise him game on this one, and his forward 2 1/2 somersault 2 twists puts him back in contention for the top 18 with a score of 81.60!

8.30pmKvasha with a reverse 3 1/2 somersault. He remains consistent with a 78.75. He's in a good position!

8.28pmZakharov remains consistent. Even with a poor takeoff, his execution is execellent, earning him 81.60 and putting him back on top.

8.28pmRosset with a magnificent reverse 3 1/2 somersault. The judges score him 87.50, and he is right back in it after a setback in round two

8.25pmHe remains on top. Patrick Hausding of Germany is in second now.

8.24pmPrygorov with a very poor takeoff, but he does well do recover. He could have dropped out there, but nicks 63.00 and remains in it.

8.23pmCastro of Brazil looks like he'll sneak through, taking 67.50 for his fourth dive. Yeoh of Malaysia looks in good stead too, taking 79.20 for his.

8.21pmFeck has pulled out of the competition. He picked up an injury when he botched his second dive. It's been a fecking bad day for him.

8.18pmHe's fourth dive is an inward 3 1/2 somersault. It's of a high standard, but he throws up too much splash. That's worth 78.20. He goes top for the time being, but he looks far from unmoveable.

8.16pmAt the end of round three, the impeccable Zakharov leads on 252.95, followed by Qin of China. The Britons are struggling here, with Mears in 21st and Laugher in 26th. They have it all to do if they want to make the last 18.

8.13pmHuerta of Mexico snatches 87.20 for his forward 4 1/2 somersault. It has a high degree of difficulty, so it's worth a good points haul when done right like that. He takes third.

8.11pmTroy Dumais is looking really good for the semi-finals. He's just take 75.20 for his third dive, moving into fifth.

8.10pmA reverse 3 1/2 from Qin. He does a far better job of it than Laugher, pulling in an 89.25 to take second place behind Zakharov!

8.08pmLaugher with a reverse 3 1/2 somersault, and his poor launch sees him penalised with a 57.75. He doesn't have much to laugh about down there in 20th.

8.07pmMears is in 16th place now.

8.06pmMears performs the same move as the Ukrainian. He's a tad short of vertical as he enters the water and is penalised with a 64.35. Boos from the crowd.

8.04pmKvasha of the Ukraine is nailing his dives. He takes 79.20 for his reverse 2 1/2 somersault 1 1/2 twists. He takes third for the time being.

8.04pmKvasha of the Ukraine is nailing his dives. He takes 79.20 for his reverse 2 1/2 somersault 1 1/2 twists. He takes third for the time being.

8.03pmZakharov with a reverse 3 1/2 somersault. He falters slightly on launch, but the judges don't seem to notice, awarding 82.25. He's back on top ahead of He.

8.01pmColwill of the US takes third with a 79.80 for his third dive. Rosset of France could be back in it after earning 85.50 for his.

8.00pmPrygorov's back 2 1/2 somersault is businesslike, netting him 67.50. He moves into second behind He.

7.58pmCastro nets 76.50 for his third dive. He's in contention for the semis.

7.55pmFeck may be out of it after that disastrous second dive, but he's just put in a half decent forward 2 1/2 somersault 2 twists to earn 66.30. We're pretty sure he just wants to go home.

7.55pmKuznetsov botches his third dive and only nets 45.50 points! He's going to shoot down the rankings!

7.52pmHe performs a reverse 3 1/2 somersault. He's been consistent without being sublime, earning 85.75 for his third dive.

7.52pmWarren's first dive is worth 89.30. That puts him back in contention for qualification.

7.51pmZakharov of Russia leads after round two with a score of 170.70. The Chinese occupy sixth and seventh, and Team GB's Mears and Laugher are in with a shot at the semi-final in 15th and 18th respectively.

7.49pmHuerta of Mexico builds on that superb first dive with an 81.60 for his second. He takes second behind Zakharov.

7.46pmQin with a forward 2 1/2 somersault 2 1/2 twist. It's a fine dive, but not quite up to the standard of the Eastern Europeans. He takes 85.00 and moves into fifth.

7.43pmLaugher pulls off a reverse 2 1/2 somersault 1 1/2 twist. His takeoff is uneven but he recovers to take 70.96. That will leave him near the foot unfortunately.

7.41pmMears goes with a reverse 2 1/2 somersault for his second dive. Great execution and aerial work for a 72.00 from the judges. That will keep him in contention for the semi-final.

7.40pmKvasha of Ukraine nails his forward 4 1/2 somersault. It's a very difficult dive and he pulled it off in style for a 91.20. That puts him in second.

7.40pmZakharov keeps up the pressure on the Chinese, earning 84.00 for his back 3 1/2 somersault! He remains at the business end of the table.

7.40pmZakharov keeps up the pressure on the Chinese, earning 84.00 for his back 3 1/2 somersault! He remains at the business end of the table.

7.37pmRosset of France goes for a inward 3 1/2 somersault for his second dive. It was nowhere near as good as his first. A 42.50 dents his chances of making the semi-finals.

7.36pmPrygorov, another one to watch, with a forward 4 1/2 somersault. Great control, but a poor take-off. He earns 83.60 for the difficulty, though, and goes top.

7.33pmCastro remains in contention with a 74.40 for his forward 3 1/2 somersault.

7.31pmDisaster for Feck of Germany! He slips on take-off and comes crashing down into the water likes a stone. Zero points for him! We're just glad he's okay.

7.30pmKuznetsov with a back 3 1/2 somersault worth 77.00. That puts him in second place. He's definitely one to watch.

7.29pmHe's forward 2 1/2 somersault is enough to recover from a below-par opening dive. He rakes in 88.40 for that, putting him in an early lead.

7.28pmCely shows off his power with a strong inward 3 /12 somersault. 68.00 to him for throwing up too much splash.

7.26pmWarren gets round two under way with a forward 3 1/2 somersault. His timing is off, earning 72.85.

7.25pmHuerta and Zakharov share the lead at the end of round one. Mears is joint-19th with four other divers. Laugher is in joint-24.

7.24pmHuerta of Mexico digs deep with a stunning forward 2 1/2 somersault 2 twists. That places him joint top.

7.23pmDumais of the US performs an excellent opening dive for 83.70. That takes him up to third!

7.21pmQin of China starts his campaign with a safe back 2 1/2 somersault. It's worth 76.50, ranking him in joint fifth.

7.18pmLaugher goes for an inward 2 1/2 somersault. Too much splash on entry, but his execution was decent. That scores him 66.00.

7.16pmMears steps up, gets a big cheer. He performs a back 2 1/2 somersault with expert precision! A superb start for the Team GB hopeful. He bags a 67.50. Slightly harsh from the judges there!

7.16pmKvasha of Ukraine maintains the high standards of Eastern Europe. He nails his inward 3 1/2 somersault to jump up to fifth on 76.50.

7.13pmAn inward 3 1/2 somersault from Zakharov and the Eastern Europeans are in stellar from. He leads the pack now on 86.70!

7.12pmMatthieu Rosset of France with a sublime back 2 1/2 somersault 1 twist to open his campaign! That's put him top on 84.15!

7.11pmHe is in joint-third with Castro of Brazil.

7.10pmEvgeny Kuznetsov was currently setting the standard with an 81.60 for his first dive, but the Ukraine's Oleksiy Prygorov has just gone level with him at the top for his inward 3 1/2 somersault.

7.07pmCastro of Brazil twists beautifully before he enters the water, earning a 73.50 to move into a strong position at this early stage.

7.05pmFeck of Germany pulls off a back 2 1/2 somersault, but isn't vertical enough entering the water. Earns a 67.50.

7.03pmArroyo of Mexico falters on his opening dive and is penalised with a 61.05.

7.02pmHe of China goes for a back 2 1/2 somersault. It's effortless, and he sets the bar high with a 73.50. That's the one to beat!

7.01pmThe muscular Cely of France goes for an inward 2 1/2 somersault. He dives smoothly for such a hefty guy, taking a 67.50.

7.00pmA back 2 1/2 somersault from Warren kicks us off. Too much spalsh for the judges liking. Earns him 63.00.

6.57pmThe divers are poolside now. Ethan Warren of Australia is down to dive first. Mears is scheduled to go 20th, and Laugher is up 22nd.

6.56pmChina also won gold in the women's edition of this event. You can read all about that one here.

6.50pmQin has already picked up a gold medal in the synchronised version of this event, in which Mears was also in action. You can read about how that played out here.

6.48pmAs always, the Chinese are the ones to watch. They've been close to invincible in this event so far. Yutong Lou and Qin Kai represent them tonight.

6.47pm29 divers will take to the board this evening, and the best 18 will progress to the semi-finals. Let's hope Team GB's Mears and Laugher will be among them!

6.45pmGood evening and welcome to our live coverage of the preliminary phase of the men's 3m springboard.

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