Live Commentary: US Open - day three as it happened

Live Commentary: US Open - day three as it happened
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Live text coverage of the third day's play at the 2012 US Open, courtesy of Sports Mole.

Good afternoon and welcome to Sports Mole's live text coverage of the third day's play at the 2012 US Open.

On court at Flushing Meadows today are the likes of Andy Murray, Victoria Azarenka, Laura Robson and Maria Sharapova among others.

We'll keep you up to date with every twist and turn from New York below.


3.50amThank you for joining us for day three of the US Open. We hope that you enjoyed it as much as we did. Come back tomorrow why don't you?

3.49amThat was vintage Murray. A great performance sees him through to the third round, where he will face the winner of the all-Spanish clash beterrn Feliciano Lopez and Pablo Andujar.

3.45amGAME, SET AND MATCH! Murray 6-2 6-1 6-3 Dodig

Murray 6-2 6-1 *5-3 DodigMurray plays a drop shot with plenty of spin, but Dodig gets there and the Scot finds the net. Second match point...

Murray 6-2 6-1 *5-3 Dodig30-15. Nearly there...

Murray 6-2 6-1 *5-3 DodigAnd he holds to force Murray to serve it out.

Murray 6-2 6-1 5-2* DodigMurray took control of the point with a belting forehand and came into the net. However, Dodig produced the goods and passed Murray with a nice forehand of his own. 40-0.

Murray 6-2 6-1 *4-2 DodigDodig thumps a forehand into the net. Deuce.

Murray 6-2 6-1 *4-2 DodigDodig hits another super backhand before charging the net and hitting a half volley. Murray slams into the net. Break point.

Murray 6-2 6-1 *4-2 DodigA deep backhand from Dodig forced Murray to pitch up a half volley and the Croat dinks a delightful drop shot. Break point.

Murray 6-2 6-1 *4-2 DodigDodig's got it to 15-30.

Murray 6-2 6-1 *4-2 DodigDodig holds courtesy of a fantastic volley.

Murray 6-2 6-1 4-1* DodigAnother amazing forehand from Murray has Dodig beaten all ends up. 40-30.

Murray 6-2 6-1 4-1* DodigShock! Murray mishits a forehand! 40-15.

Murray 6-2 6-1 *3-1 DodigAnd a double fault gives Murray the break in the third.

Murray 6-2 6-1 2-1* DodigSpectacular forehand pass from the world number four! Dodig has no answer to that! Break point...

Murray 6-2 6-1 2-1* DodigMurray hits a passing shot into the net. Despite being two sets up and in control, he is still dismayed with himself. He's a perfectionist. 15-15.

Murray 6-2 6-1 *1-1 DodigToo good from Murray. A great inside-out forehand, a crisp volley and a powerful smash. 30-15.

3.13amIn other news, Dodig has put his hat back on. His brief experimentation obviously wasn't working for him. But when there's nothing you can do to stop the Murray bandwagon, you'll try anything!

Murray 6-2 6-1 1-0* DodigAnd he finishes with another ace.

Murray 6-2 6-1 *0-0 DodigNo. Murray gets to game point.

Murray 6-2 6-1 *0-0 DodigDodig is successful with a challenge off Murray's first serve and the Scot ends up double faulting. An opening for Dodig at 15-30?

Murray 6-2 6-1 *0-0 DodigMurray fails with a challenge off his first serve of the third set, before firing long in the ensuing point. 0-15.

3.06amSET! Murray 6-2 6-1 *0-0 Dodig

Murray 6-2 5-1* DodigMurray brings up set point with a forehand that, in honesty, Dodig showed to him.

Murray 6-2 5-1* DodigMore danger for Dodig on serve. Murray shows exactly why he is a feared returner of serve. 15-30.

3.03amMr Lendl is watching on in typical steely-faced fashion. The man is cold as ice, but it a good way...

Murray 6-2 *4-1 DodigHats off (as is literally now the case) to Dodig. That was a superb backhand to get it to 30-15.

Murray 6-2 *4-1 DodigAnother fantastic backhand down the line from Murray. 15-0.

Murray 6-2 *4-1 DodigBut a sizzling return gives him the double break.

Murray 6-2 3-1* DodigThe first one is saved as Murray fails with a challenge.

Murray 6-2 3-1* DodigTwo break points for the Scot...

Murray 6-2 3-1* DodigCat and mouse tennis. Murray comes into the net, tempts Dodig in, then lobs him, then hits a winning volley. 0-30 and danger for Dodig.

2.53amSo for the first time in this year's US Open, the day will come to a close on Arthur Ashe.

Murray 6-2 3-1* DodigMurray's serve gets him through.

Murray 6-2 *2-1 DodigMeanwhile, we're at deuce on Ashe...

2.50amGAME, SET AND MATCH! Melzer 6-4 3-6 5-7 7-5 4-6 Klahn The American follows his countryman Ryan Harrison into the next round after a five-set win over Jurgen Melzer.

Murray 6-2 *2-1 DodigDodig holds rather comfortably. A fact for you: the Croatian hails from the same area as fellow pro Marin Cilic. Medjugorje is proud of its two most famous sons, I'm sure.

Murray 6-2 *1-0 DodigDodig gets it to deuce. There's life in the old dog yet.

Murray 6-2 *1-0 DodigGreat play from Dodig. A booming deep forehand has Murray scrambling, before he comes into the net to smash home an overhead.

Murray 6-2 *1-0 DodigAnd he takes it. Murray is mixing his play up nicely, using a variety of different spin and angles.

Murray 6-2 0-0* DodigA double fault gives Murray the opportunity to break in the first game of the second set.

Murray 6-2 0-0* DodigMurray hauls Dodig back from 40-15 to deuce.

1.36amUPDATE: Klahn has edged in front in the final set against Melzer. He is now serving at 3-2.

Murray 6-2 0-0* DodigLovely volley from down low by Dodig. 30-15.

2.34amSky Sports News show Kim Clijsters leaving Flushing Meadows for the last time as a professional singles player. What a great champion she has been.

2.32amDodig has not really played that badly. Murray has just been faultless so far. He is timing the ball excellently and has wrapped the first set up in 37 minutes.

2.31amSET! Murray 6-2 0-0* Dodig

Murray *5-2 DodigThree set points.

2.29amUPDATE: It's on serve at 2-2 in the final set between Melzer and Klahn.

Murray *5-2 DodigBut he doesn't waste the second and will now serve for the first set after 32 minutes.

Murray 4-2* DodigMurray wastes the first by hitting into the net.

Murray 4-2* DodigAnother baseline rally ends with Murray attacking the net and dispatching a volley to bring up two break points.

Murray 4-2* DodigMurray is putting more pressure on the Croat's serve. 15-30.

Murray 4-2* DodigGreat defensive play from Murray! He used his trademark lob defence twice and then nearly hit what would have been a big backhand winner down the line, but it just went wide. Close, but no cigar...

Murray 4-2* DodigAnd that's a rapid hold from the Scot. Dodig back on serve.

Murray *3-2 DodigQuickly followed by his second...

Murray *3-2 DodigMurray serves the first ace of the match. 30-0.

Murray *3-2 DodigDodig comfortably holds, ending with a big serve followed by a cross-court forehand winner.

Murray 3-1* DodigDodig hits a forehand winner on the line. Great shot.

Murray 3-1* DodigMurray holds.

Murray *2-1 DodigWow! Dodig attacks the second serve and hits a deep return, but Murray miraculously gets a half-volley up off the baseline. Dodig can't get his volley over the net. Deuce.

Murray *2-1 DodigMurray dumps a backhand into the net and Dodig now has a break-back point.

Murray *2-1 DodigMeanwhile, it's 30-30 in the fourth game of the first set.

2.12amSET! Melzer 6-4 3-6 5-7 7-5 Klahn Melzer forces a fifth and deciding set on court 17.

Murray *2-1 DodigYes he can. Murray breaks as Dodig overhits a forehand.

Murray 1-1* DodigBreak point Murray. Can he take this one?

Murray 1-1* DodigMurray moves to 15-30 with some nice attacking tennis. He comes into the net and smashes a volley past Dodig.

Murray 1-1* DodigMurray holds.

Murray *0-1 DodigMovie-style tennis! Dodig comes into the net and Murray tries to fire at the body but the Croat gets a racquet on it. Murray just about gets his volley over the net, with the help of the net cord, but Dodig clips an acute winner.

Murray *0-1 DodigTextbook double-handed backhand down the line from Murray. 15-0.

Murray *0-1 DodigMurray fires long and Dodig holds. He breathes a sigh of relief.

Murray 0-0* DodigMurray goes after the second serve and creates an opportunity to attack, but slams into the net.

Murray 0-0* DodigA big serve saves it and we're back at deuce.

Murray 0-0* DodigThere have been a few rallies already in this first game. Murray has break point.

Murray 0-0* DodigWe're at deuce.

Murray 0-0* DodigA sloppy error from Dodig. Murray just about gets the ball back in play and the Croatian misses a simple volley. When I say he misses it, I mean he misses it. It went right past him!

Murray 0-0* DodigDodig will serve first on Ashe. Here we go...

1.54amMurray has continued his consistent form of last year with two appearances in Grand Slam finals, while also winning gold at the Olympics. His first final at a Grand Slam event came at Flushing Meadows in 2008, when he was beaten by Roger Federer as a scrawny 21-year-old. Now he is a beefed-up 25-year-old.

1.48amGAME, SET AND MATCH! Becker 5-7 4-6 2-6 Harrison The American books a date with seventh seed Juan Martin Del Potro.

1.44amHe dispatched Japanese qualifier Hiroki Moriya 6-0 6-1 6-2 in the first round and confessed to being "very happy" at the prospect of facing the world number four.

1.39amDodig was beaten by the now-infamous Lukas Rosol at Wimbledon, before the Pole went on to knock out Rafael Nadal. He fell to Robin Haase at the French Open and to Federico Gil of Portugal in Melbourne.

1.37amSo Andy Murray is next up on Ashe. He faces Croatia's Ivan Dodig, who is competing in his first second-round encounter at a Grand Slam event this year.

1.33amRead all about Sharapova's one-sided victory. She goes on to face Mallory Burdette in the third round.

1.31amSET! Melzer 6-4 3-6 5-7 Klahn

1.30amGAME, SET AND MATCH! Sharapova 6-0 6-1 Dominguez Lino The Russian books her place in the next round after just 54 minutes on court.

Sharapova 6-0 *5-1 Dominguez LinoMatch point Sharapova.

Sharapova 6-0 *5-1 Dominguez LinoThere's the double break for the Russian and she will now serve for the match.

Sharapova 6-0 4-1* Dominguez LinoBreak point Sharapova.

1.25amUPDATE: Klahn has broken Melzer and will now serve for a 2-1 lead in the third set.

Sharapova 6-0 4-1* Dominguez LinoShe finds her serve when she needs to and consolidates the break of serve.

Sharapova 6-0 *3-1 Dominguez LinoSharapova serves two double faults in a row and we're at deuce.

Sharapova 6-0 *3-1 Dominguez LinoSharapova breaks to tighten her grip on this second-round contest.

Sharapova 6-0 2-1* Dominguez LinoWe're at deuce after both players have wasted points to win the game.

Sharapova 6-0 2-1* Dominguez LinoDominguez Lino really needs to be more accurate with her first serve, as Sharapova is destroying her tame second serves. Break point for the Russian.

1.11amUPDATE: Harrison has broken in the first game of the third set against Becker. The American leads by two sets.

Sharapova 6-0 2-1* Dominguez LinoMeanwhile, Sharapova holds again.

1.09amGAME, SET AND MATCH! Kohlscreiber 7-6[2] 4-6 7-6[4] 6-1 Llodra The German prevails in the battle of court 13.

Sharapova 6-0 *1-1 Dominguez LinoSharapova fires wide off a second serve and the Spaniard is on the board.

Sharapova 6-0 1-0* Dominguez LinoDominguez Lino tries a drop shot but finds Sharapova every bit as good on the approach as she is at the baseline.

Sharapova 6-0 1-0* Dominguez LinoSharapova holds in the first game of the second set. The Spaniard is struggling to cope with the power that's coming over the net.

1.02amMarion Bartoli will play Kristina Mladenovic in the next round after defeating Romina Oprandi

1.01amSET! Becker 5-7 4-6 *0-0 The American takes a two-set lead on Grandstand.

12.58amUPDATE: Kohlschreiber has gone a break up against Llodra in the fourth as he seeks to close out victory.

12.57amSET! Sharapova 6-0 *0-0 Dominguez Lino The way this first set has gone, it's pretty much the same story as last night's session. Djokovic and Williams were in scintillating form against opponents who just couldn't live with them.

12.53amGAME, SET AND MATCH! Bartoli 6-2 1-6 7-5 Oprandi

Sharapova 5-0* Dominguez LinoThe Russian holds and is now just one game away from whitewashing the first set.

Sharapova *4-0 Dominguez LinoAnd there's the double break and she is well in control of this second-round contest.

Sharapova *3-0 Dominguez LinoBack on Ashe and a fantastic overhead smash gives Sharapova two break points.

12.49amUPDATE: Klahn has just broken back and it's back on serve. Level at 1-1 in sets.

12.48amUPDATE: Oprandi is serving to stay in the third set at 5-6. Harrison is a break up at 4-2 in the second against Becker. Melzer is also a break up in the third against Klahn.

Sharapova 3-0* Dominguez LinoDominguez Lino's return is long and Sharapova holds.

Sharapova *2-0 Dominguez LinoBreak point for Dominguez Lino at 30-40.

12.43amSET! Kohlscreiber 7-6[2] 4-6 7-6[4] 0-0* Llodra

Sharapova *2-0 Dominguez LinoSharapova breaks at the first time of asking.

12.39amDominguez Lino rolls in a second serve and Sharapova attacks it with gusto. That's not good enough from the Spaniard.

12.38amSharapova holds to love in the first game of the match.

12.37amUPDATE: Kohlschreiber has forced a third-set tie break against Llodra.

12.36amSET! Melzer 6-4 3-6 Klahn

12.34amSo Maria Sharapova kicks off the night session. She is bidding for her second Grand Slam of 2012 at Flushing Meadows after her unexpected victory at Roland Garros.

12.31amYou can read our report on Stosur's victory by clicking here.

12.27amGAME, SET AND MATCH! Stosur 6-3 6-0 A comprehensive victory for the Australian, who will face Vavara Lepchenko in the next round.

12.23amOprandi has broken back against Bartoli. It's 3-3 in the third and level in sets.

12.22amSET! Becker 5-7 *0-0 Harrison and the American has taken the first set.

12.20amStosur is threatening to bagel Gallovits-Hall in the second set. It's 5-0 to the Aussie, who is closing in on victory.

12.18amBenjamin Becker served for the first set against Ryan Harrison over on Grandstand, but was broken. Now, it's the American who serves for a one-set lead.

12.17amBack on Armstrong, Gallovits-Hall has two break points, but Stosur saved both and has now held serve for a 4-0 lead.

12.14amHer compatriot Michael Llodra is also a break up in the third set of his match against Phillip Kohlscreiber.

12.13amBartoli has broken in the third set against Oprandi. It's 3-1 to the Frenchwoman on court 11.

12.11amStosur now has the double break and looks well on course for the third round.

12.07amSam Stosur has broken early in the second set and leads 2-0 on Gallovits-Hall's serve.

12.04amThank you Pascal and sorry to the Sports Mole readers, who have to make do with me now. Although, I have been described as a man with a face for live text commentary...

12.00amAnyway folks, that's me done for the night as we tick over into Thursday morning. As I stumble up to bed you'll be in the ever-capable hands of my colleague Michael Penkman. Enjoy!

11.59pmSET! Gallovits-Hall 3-6 *0-0 Stosur

11.56pmSET! Bartoli 6-2 1-6 *0-0 Oprandi Hmmm. Oprandi has just completely turned the tables on 11. Has 11th seed Bartoli picked up an injury?

11.54pmSET! Kohlschreiber 7-6[2] 4-6 *0-0 Llodra The Frenchman does hold and they're back level on Court 13.

11.53pmSET! Melzer 6-4 0-0* Klahn

11.52pmOn Louis Armstrong, defending champ Sam Stosur is up against Edina Gallovits-Hall of Romania. The Aussie is currently a break up in the first at 5-2.

11.51pmKohlschreiber took the first set on a tie-break against Llodra but now the Frenchman is serving for the second at 5-4.

11.50pmRight, enough of feeling good about young Robson's talent. Let's see what else is going on.

11.48pmShe adds that being the one to bring Clijsters's singles career to an end is "a bit of a bummer".

11.46pmRobson is now speaking to Sky Sports News and she says that after this interview she's off to the gym to stretch out and begin preparation for her next match.

11.45pmThe teenager will face Chinese ninth seed Li Na, who advanced earlier, in the third round.

11.44pmRobson is leaving the court on the phone to someone and now she's probably sending a tweet! The modern game eh?

11.41pmClijsters ends her career with four Grand Slam titles, three of which came here in New York. The other was last year's Australian Open.

11.40pmClick here for our report on the match.

11.39pmThis is arguably the win of Robson's career and she pays tribute to Clijsters in a post-match interview with ESPN.

11.36pmThe young Brit holds her head in her hands, she can't believe it. The pair embrace at the net and it's all smiles.

Robson 7-6[5] 7-6[5] ClijstersGAME, SET AND MATCH! She's done it! The 18-year-old sets up match point with a stunning forehand before winning it thanks to a long Clijsters return.

Robson 7-6[5] 6-6(5-5*) ClijstersHer professional career could be about to end but Clijsters is delivery some amazing defence to stay in this one. 5-5 in the breaker.

Robson 7-6[5] 6-6(*4-4) ClijstersRobson challenges a call but Clijsters's backhand was in and we're back on serve.

Robson 7-6[5] 6-6(*4-3) ClijstersRobson now has the mini-break as she grinds down Clijsters into submission. Two holds of serve here would see the Brit open up three match points.

11.31pmSET! Bartoli 6-2 0-0* Oprandi

Robson 7-6[5] 6-6(3-3*) ClijstersClijsters gained a mini-break at 3-2 but that's just been extinguished by some fabulous angles from Robson, she's some player.

Robson 7-6[5] 6-6(*1-2) ClijstersRobson sinks to her knees as she misses a simple backhand, still on serve in the breaker.

Robson 7-6[5] 6-6(*0-0) ClijstersClijsters somehow comes through (again!) and we're into another tie-break. The Arthur Ashe crowd are fully behind Kim.

11.25pmRobson has just missed out on two match points!

Robson 7-6[5] 6-5* ClijstersRobson saves the break point before holding on to again move within a game of the match.

11.19pmUnbelievable! Clijsters has a break point as Robson pings down a smash but the Belgian gets it back before Robson smashes the next one into the net!

Robson 7-6[5] *5-5 ClijstersClijsters lets out a big scream of "come on!" as she again holds on to her serve.

11.12pmIt's 30-30 and we're within two points of the end of Kim Clijster's career.

Robson 7-6[5] 5-4* ClijstersMiss Robson is within a game of the match, can Clijsters take this any further?

11.07pmGAME, SET AND MATCH! Del Potro 6-4 7-6[4] 6-4 Serra The Argentinian, who won bronze at London 2012, is through to the second round, where he'll face either Benjamin Becker or Ryan Harrison.

Robson 7-6[5] *4-4 ClijstersRobson is moving in for the kill but can't quite get the break as Clijsters holds on.

11.04pmWomen's 11th seed Marion Bartoli has also just begun her match against Romina Oprandi on Court 11. The Frenchwoman has an early break and leads 2-0.

11.02pmOver on 13, men's 19th seed Philipp Kohlschreiber has begun his match against France's Michael Llodra. They're at 5-5 in the first.

Robson 7-6[5] 4-3* ClijstersStrong hold from the Brit as Clijsters hits long with a forehand at 40-15.

Robson 7-6[5] *3-3 ClijstersClijsters is just about hanging on here as she holds because of Robson dumping a pair of forehands into the net.

10.55pmBack to Arthur Ashe and Clijsters has just saved two Robson break points. We're at deuce.

10.53pmGAME, SET AND MATCH! Gulbis 3-6 4-6 6-4 7-5 6-3 Haas It's upsets galore at Flushing Meadows this evening! Tommy Haas, seeded 21, is the latest to go as Ernests Gulbis completes a five-set turnaround. The Latvian will play American Steve Johnson, who has just beaten Rajeev Ram in three.

Robson 7-6[5] 3-2* ClijstersClijsters nets a return and Robson is ahead in the set. This is the Belgian's final tournament as a professional and she looks to be going out with a whimper.

10.49pmAnd now it's Robson who double faults on game point. Back to deuce.

10.47pmVery impressive resolve from Robson as she saves two break points.

10.45pmGAME, SET AND MATCH! Robredo 6-1 7-5 6-3 Seppi Another upset as veteran Spaniard Robredo defeats 26th seed Seppi in three.

Robson 7-6[5] *2-2 ClijstersBREAK BACK! Well, well. You'd have thought that Clijsters's experience would mean that she wouldn't mimic Robson in double-faulting on break point. Nope, she does just that and we're back level in the second.

10.42pmRobson really does have some firepower! The teenager launches into a pair of forehands to deny Clijsters the hold and take us to deuce.

10.39pmGAME, SET AND MATCH! Gasquet 4-6 6-2 6-3 6-3 Montanes Good, solid comeback from the coiffeured Frenchman, who will face either Jurgen Melzer of Bradley Khlan in the second round.

Robson 7-6[5] 1-2* ClijstersBREAK! And there's the pants side of Laura Robson's game. She delivers two consecutive double faults to gift Clijsters the initiative in the second set.

10.37pmClijsters has a break point...

10.35pmThis is an unbelievable stat: No one has beaten Clijsters in a US Open singles match since Justine Henin in 2003! The Belgian's injury woes mean that every time she's come to New York since '03 she's won! Unbelievable.

Robson 7-6[5] *1-1 ClijstersNo she can't as Kim regains some composure with an easy hold.

Robson 7-6[5] 1-0* ClijstersThe Brit starts the third comfortably by holding to-15, can she gain an early break in the second?

10.29pmIf Robson wraps up the win here it will be one of the biggest victories of her career and a tame end to Grand Slam tennis for Clijsters.

Robson 7-6[5] *0-0 ClijstersSET! No sign of nerves from Robson as she sends down a first serve that Clijsters can only push long. 57 minutes that set took and surprisingly it's the 18-year-old who is ahead.

Robson 6-6(*6-4) ClijstersBack on Ashe and Robson turns around a mini-break by winning both points against the Clijsters serve with a pair of big returns before opening up set point.

10.25pmGAME, SET AND MATCH! Mladenovic 6-1 6-2 Pavlyuchenkova Bit of a shock there as the Frenchwoman ousts the 17th seed.

Robson 6-6(*2-3) ClijstersRobson moved 2-0 ahead but has been pegged back by Clijsters.

10.22pmSET! Del Potro 6-4 7-6[4] *0-0 Serra The Argentine comes through in the breaker and is now surely on his way to the second round.

Robson 6-6(0-0*) ClijstersRobson holds, just, and we're into a tie-break on Arthur Ashe. Can the Brit come through?

10.18pmStrange from Robson, who first double faults to hand Clijsters a third set point before producing an ace to bring us back to deuce.

10.15pmOver on Louis Armstrong Del Potro and Serra are in a second-set tie-break.

10.14pmBack on Arthur Ashe and Robson saved those two set points and we're at deuce.

10.13pmSET! Robredo 6-1 7-5 *0-0 Seppi Veteran Tommy's march goes on, can he close it out or will Seppi fight back?

10.10pmClijsters has two set points as Robson hits long.

Robson *5-6 ClijstersClijsters stops the rot and now Robson must hold to stay in the set.

10.07pmSET! Gulbis 3-6 4-6 6-4 7-5 *0-0 Haas They're into a decider following Gulbis's comeback.

Robson 5-5* ClijstersReally well done from young Laura as she comes back from 15-30 to hold serve and claim her third game in a row.

10.03pmSET! Gasquet 4-6 6-2 6-3 0-0* Montanes The Frenchman looks to have overcome that first-set wobble.

Robson *4-5 ClijstersBREAK BACK! Hello. Out of nowhere the Brit is back on level terms thanks to some deep hitting off both wings.

Robson 3-5* ClijstersRobson produces a second ace of the match on her way to holding. Clijsters will now serve for the set.

Robson *2-5 ClijstersRobson comes as close as 40-30 but Clijsters extinguishes any hope of a break with a classy cross-court forehand. The Belgian now within a game of the first set.

Robson 2-4* ClijstersMuch improved from Robson as she gets her second game on the board. Can she mount a comeback in this opener?

Robson *1-4 ClijstersThis is vintage Clijsters at the moment as she holds to-love.

Robson 1-3* ClijstersBREAK! It's been coming. Clijsters breaks thanks to some blockbuster groundstrokes that Robson can do little about.

Robson *1-2 ClijstersThey're heavy hitters these two and we're still on serve as Clijsters holds.

9.38pmGAME, SET AND MATCH! Li 6-4 6-4 Dellacqua The ninth seed is through and she'll play the winner of our feature match between Robson and Clijsters.

Robson 1-1* ClijstersRobson does well to hang on under serious pressure from Clijsters there.

9.35pmClijsters hits long with a forehand as she squanders the first break point of the match.

9.33pmWhat a cracking point already! Robson slaps a forehand that Clijsters somehow retrieves before booming one of her own that the Brit can't reach.

Robson *0-1 ClijstersPleasant start for the Belgian as she holds comfortably thanks to some first serves and Robson errors.

Robson 0-0* ClijstersKim won the toss and elected to serve. Here we go...

9.28pmSET! Gasquet 4-6 6-2 *0-0 Montanes

9.23pmGive us a quick manual refresh and you'll be able to see Laura in action.

9.21pmHere come Robson and Clijsters out onto (a rather empty) Arthur Ashe. Clijsters is the third Belgian in a row to feature on the main showcourt this afternoon following Flipkens and Malisse.

9.19pmSET! Robredo 6-1 *0-0 Seppi This could be a slight upset if Tommy continues to dominate 26th seed Seppi.

9.18pmThe pair both featured at the recent Olympic Games in London and coincidentally they both lost out in the singles to Maria Sharapova, who was overwhelmed in the final by Serena Williams.

9.17pmAnyway, looking ahead to the next match on Arthur Ashe, Clijsters is seeded 23 at this year's event and has never met young Robson.

9.15pmSET! Juan Martin del Potro 6-4 0-0* Florent Serra The seventh seed is on Louis Armstrong and has just taken the opener courtesy of a single break.

9.10pmSET! Gulbis 3-6 4-6 6-4 *0-0 Haas It won't be too easy for Tommy as Gulbis pulls one back.

9.09pmThe next match on Arthur Ashe should be a real cracker as young Brit Laura Robson faces three-time NY champion Kim Clijsters, who is playing her last US Open.

Malisse 3-6 [5]6-7 7-5 [9]6-7 IsnerGAME, SET AND MATCH! Yep, Isner does what he does best by belting down a serve that Malisse can only net. The majority of that one was a little dull but it ended with plenty of entertainment. Isner will face Finland's Jarkko Nieminen in round two.

Malisse 3-6 [5]6-7 7-5 6-6(9-10*) IsnerIsner has a match point on his own serve as Malisse nets the simplest of backhand volleys. He's furious and is sure to pay the ultimate price.

Malisse 3-6 [5]6-7 7-5 6-6(*9-9) IsnerIsner creates another match point but Malisse again refuses to lie down thanks to a big forehand. The pair change ends again.

Malisse 3-6 [5]6-7 7-5 6-6(8-8*) IsnerAce number 20 for Isner ensures Malisse isn't celebrating, yet.

Malisse 3-6 [5]6-7 7-5 6-6(8-7*) IsnerWonderful, just wonderful from the Belgian, who goes for the jugular on the backhand side and it pays off. Second set point...

Malisse 3-6 [5]6-7 7-5 6-6(*7-7) IsnerDenied! Malisse is under serious pressure but produces a howitzer of a forehand.

Malisse 3-6 [5]6-7 7-5 6-6(*6-7) IsnerMatch point Isner as he thwacks a forehand winner.

Malisse 3-6 [5]6-7 7-5 6-6(*6-6) IsnerIsner holds firm with a big serve out-wide that Malisse can't get back. We're level in the breaker as the players change ends for a second time.

Malisse 3-6 [5]6-7 7-5 6-6(6-5*) IsnerCrash! Malisse slams a backhand up-the-line and now Isner is facing set point.

Malisse 3-6 [5]6-7 7-5 6-6(*4-5) IsnerBut he DOUBLE FAULTS! D'oh!

Malisse 3-6 [5]6-7 7-5 6-6(3-5*) IsnerIsner has taken control again and is now within two points of the second round.

Malisse 3-6 [5]6-7 7-5 6-6(2-2*) IsnerWhich he relinquishes straight away by slapping an easy forehand wide. Silly boy.

Malisse 3-6 [5]6-7 7-5 6-6(1-2*) IsnerFirst mini-break goes to Isner as he approaches the net and Malisse can only blast a forehand long. Advantage Isner.

8.53pmSET! Gasquet 4-6 *0-0 Montanes Pas bon from Gasquet as Montanes wraps up the first set.

Malisse 3-6 [5]6-7 7-5 6-6(0-0*) IsnerA tie-break will decide the fourth set then as Malisse holds to-love. This is Isner's 50TH tie-break of the year, doesn't he get bored?

Malisse 3-6 [5]6-7 7-5 *5-6 IsnerMalisse has a glimpse of a break at 30-30 but it's extinguished by Isner's massive service.

8.46pmSET! Li 6-4 0-0* Dellacqua The ninth seed from China looks well on her way to the third round.

Malisse 3-6 [5]6-7 7-5 5-5* IsnerLacklustre Isner shows no desire to grab the match by the scruff of the neck as Malisse holds to-love.

Malisse 3-6 [5]6-7 7-5 *4-5 IsnerIsner moves within a game of the match and Malisse must now serve to stay in the US Open.

Malisse 3-6 [5]6-7 7-5 4-4* IsnerBetter tennis from the pair on Arthur Ashe as Malisse fights back from 15-40 to hold serve with a super drop-volley.

8.38pmGAME, SET AND MATCH! Kamke 6-4 2-6 1-6 4-6 Hewitt It's a great win from the Aussie, who'll be delighted to continue his journey at perhaps his last US Open.

8.36pmGAME, SET AND MATCH! Youzhny 6-2 6-3 5-7 [6]6-7 [6]6-7 Muller What a comeback from Gilles Muller! The Luxemburger (great word!) wins the final three sets to complete a near-four and a half hour victory! He'll play Lleyton Hewitt, who's just won, in the second round.

Malisse 3-6 [5]6-7 7-5 *3-4 IsnerThe crowd on Arthur Ashe have been fairly stagnant but I can't blame them to be honest. The majority of matches involving Isner are borefests but that's the way he plays tennis and it's what has got him into the world's top 10.

8.32pmGAME, SET AND MATCH! Dimitrov 7-5 3-6 [4]6-7 2-6 Paire France's Benoit Paire moves into the second round where he'll meet either Philipp Kohlschreiber or fellow countryman Michael Llodra.

Malisse 3-6 [5]6-7 7-5 3-3* IsnerIsner moves ahead in the game but doesn't take advantage, soon sinking to 15-40 before Malisse holds.

8.29pmMen's 13th seed Richard Gasquet is in a spot of bother in the early stages of his first-round match on Court 11. The Frenchman is down an early break at 2-3 against Albert Montanes.

Malisse 3-6 [5]6-7 7-5 *2-3 IsnerThere's really not too much to say about any of these service games as Isner again holds serve comfortably.

8.26pmGAME, SET AND MATCH! Wickmayer [5]6-7 3-6 Parmentier Bit of a shock there as Pauline Parmentier knocks out the 25th seed Yanina Wickmayer to set up a third-round meeting with fifth seed Petra Kvitova.

Malisse 3-6 [5]6-7 7-5 2-2* IsnerIt's certainly nip-and-tuck on Arthur Ashe as Malisse again has little trouble holding onto his service.

8.24pmMuller holds and they're into a fifth-set tie-break over on Court 7.

Malisse 3-6 [5]6-7 7-5 *1-2 IsnerIsner continues to defy common sense by produce a blistering service game, can he deliver when returning for once?

8.22pmNo, the Luxemburger holds firm and they're at deuce on 7.

8.21pmYouzhny has match point at 6-5, 30-40 in the fifth against Muller. Can he take it?

8.20pmSET! Gulbis 3-6 4-6 *0-0 Haas The German veteran is looking good against the enigmatic Latvian over on 17.

Malisse 3-6 [5]6-7 7-5 1-1* IsnerNot so good when receiving is he? Malisse's serve is decent enough but on many occasions, such as the last point in that game, Isner is presented with an easy groundstroke but goes for too much.

Malisse 3-6 [5]6-7 7-5 *0-1 IsnerConfidence-boosting hold for Isner at the start of the fouth as he holds to-love.

8.16pmLleyton Hewitt is going great guns over on 13. The Aussie is now two sets and a break up against Kamke after losing the opener.

8.12pmGAME, SET AND MATCH! 4-6 4-6 5-7 Mayer Mayer of Argentina goes through in straight sets to the second round where he'll face either Spanish veteran Tommy Robredo or Italian 26th seed Andreas Seppi.

Malisse 3-6 [5]6-7 7-5 0-0* IsnerSET! No resistance whatsover from Isner as he produces nothing against the Malisse serve. Into a fourth set we go.

8.10pmGAME, SET AND MATCH! Cornet 4-6 3-6 Kvitova The 2011 Wimbledon champion is safely through to the third round where she'll meet either Wickmayer or Parmentier.

Malisse 3-6 [5]6-7 *6-5 IsnerBREAK! That's not like Isner at all! The American slumps to 0-40 before producing a rare double fault at 15-40! Malisse will now serve for the set.

8.06pmGAME, SET AND MATCH! Kukushkin 0-6 2-6 (ret.) Nieminen The winner of our feature match will face Jarkko Nieminen after his opponent Mikhail Kukushkin retired.

Malisse 3-6 [5]6-7 5-5* IsnerNo sign of nerves from Malisse as he puts his tantrums aside to hold serve and level up the third.

Malisse 3-6 [5]6-7 *4-5 IsnerWhat's this then? Malisse is sarcastically conducting the crowd's boos after he contested a call. His petulence does little good though as Isner holds to-love. The American, after looking down-and-out in this set, is now within one game of the match.

8.00pmSET! Cornet 4-6 Kvitova The women's fifth seed is looking good for a place in round three.

Malisse 3-6 [5]6-7 4-4* IsnerBREAK BACK! Isner earns two break-back points thanks to a big forehand and he takes the second to restore parity in the third set.

Malisse 3-6 [5]6-7 *4-3 IsnerDespite being a break down, Isner won't let Malisse get away too easily and holds to move within a game of the Belgian.

7.57pmThank you, Liam. I'll let you guys decide whether I'm actually re-energised or not. Anyway, enough waffle, back to the tennis.

7.56pmAnd with that, I'll hand you back to a re-energised Pascal. Enjoy the upcoming matches!

7.55pmGAME, SET AND MATCH: Tipsarevic 4-6 3-6 6-2 6-3 6-2 Rufin Excellent recovery from the Serbian number two. However, it is a loss that may haunt Rufin for a long time.

Malisse 3-6 6-7 4-2* IsnerMalisse is refusing to give this one up. He holds for a fourth time. Looking like this is heading for at least four sets.

7.52pmSET! Kukushkin 0-6 2-6 0-0* Nieminen

7.48pmSET! Youzhny 6-2 6-3 5-7 6-7 2-2* Muller: Really good game between these two which is going the distance.

Malisse 3-6 6-7 *3-2 IsnerHowever, he has having no problems on his serve currently. It's now 3-2 in favour of Malisse, who has that all important break.

Malisse 3-6 6-7 3-1* IsnerIt's a third easy service game for Malisse. Isner really seems to be struggling to make inroads at the moment. He needs to find a break soon or this set will pass him by.

Malisse 3-6 6-7 *2-1 IsnerMeanwhile, Isner gets himself on the board in set three with a love-service game.

7.41pmSET! Wickmayer 6-7 0-0* Parmentier

Malisse 3-6 6-7 2-0* IsnerMalisse ensure that his early break counts for something by holding on to his serve.

7.39pm SET! Gulbis 3-6 *0-0 Haas: The veteran German goes one set in front.

Malisse 3-6 6-7 *1-0 IsnerBREAK! That might have perked him up though! Isner double faults at 15-40 to give Malisse the break at the start of the third set.

7.32pmThe two players have returned to the court but Malisse is still chattering away to himself. He needs to refocus, and quick!

7.31pmAnd Malisse is not a happy boy! He is letting the umpire know exactly what he feels about the performance of the man in the chair and his line judges. "You guys mess up and I get punished," he says.

7.29pmSET! It's a nightmare for Malisse, who breaks a string to give Isner the second set 7-5 on a tie-breaker. It's a long way back for the Belgian now.

Malisse 3-6 6-6(*5-6) IsnerA devastating second serve from Isner brings up set point! Most players would be happy if that had been their first serve!

Malisse 3-6 6-6(*5-5) IsnerWhat a cross-court forehand from the big-serving Isner! Five each.

Malisse 3-6 6-6(*5-4) IsnerDOUBLE FAULT! What a shocking time for Malisse to produce one of those! Isner now serving.

Malisse 3-6 6-6(*5-3) IsnerStraight into the action where Isner appears to be running out of time in the breaker, trailing as he does 5-3.

7.24pmThanks Pascal and evening everyone!

7.22pmAnyway folks, I'm off to fill my belly but in the meantime you'll be in the more-than-capable hands of Liam Apicella. Liam...

Malisse 3-6 6-6(*0-0) IsnerAnother love-hold for the big American and we're into a tie-break on Arthur Ashe.

7.19pmSET! Kamke 6-4 2-6 0-0* Hewitt Much better from the Aussie as he breaks the German's serve twice to level the match over on Court 13.

Malisse 3-6 6-5* IsnerIsner wins many of his matches with a tie-break or two and he'll have to win the second that way as Malisse again moves ahead.

7.17pmSET! Kubot 4-6 4-6 *0-0 Mayer

Malisse 3-6 *5-5 IsnerServing for the set? You wouldn't know it as Isner continues to pelt down those humungous first serves. We're at 5-5 and it's the first time we've had 10 games in a set on Arthur Ashe at this year's tournament. Surprising.

7.13pmSET! Grigor Dimitrov 7-5 3-6 Benoit Paire

Malisse 3-6 5-4* IsnerBlimey, those two games didn't last long. Isner now has to serve to stay in the set.

Malisse 3-6 4-3* IsnerStill no sign of a break as Malisse holds to-love yet again. He's only lost three points on serve in this set, the Belgian.

7.05pmSET! Tipsarevic 4-6 3-6 6-2 6-3 Rufin The eighth seed has levelled the match in double-quick time and they're into a deciding fifth set over on Grandstand.

7.04pmSET! Baker 6-3 6-4 Hajek

Malisse 3-6 *3-3 IsnerMalisse produces arguably the shot of the match with a running forehand pass but it's in vain as he hits the next return long.

Malisse 3-6 3-2* IsnerThese boys don't like giving the crowd much to cheer about as Malisse easily holds to-love.

6.58pmGAME, SET AND MATCH! Zemlja 7-5 7-6[3] 7-5 Mello The Slovenian marches on to face Stebe in the next round.

Malisse 3-6 *2-2 IsnerThe pair produce easily the best rally of the match as Malisse swats a forehand winner to end a lengthy exchange. The Belgian can't earn a break point though, with Isner producing a deep forehand to hold.

Malisse 3-6 2-1* IsnerNo sign of a break from either man at the moment as Malisse holds on to his serve.

Malisse 3-6 *1-1 IsnerEvery time you watch Isner it's amazing how quickly he rattles through his service games. Another one comes and goes and we're at 1-1 in the second.

6.50pmSET! Kristyna Pliskova 4-6 Mandy Minella

Malisse 3-6 1-0* IsnerMalisse begins the second in encouraging fashion by holding to-30. There was some fortune there though as he won one point courtesy of a kind net cord.

6.47pmGAME, SET AND MATCH! Lepchenko 6-2 6-2 Rodionova The home favourite and 31st seed is through to the third round where she'll face either defending champion Sam Stosur or Edina Gallovits-Hall from Romania.

6.46pmGAME, SET AND MATCH! Stebe 6-4 6-4 3-6 6-2 Troicki And yes, Troicki is out in the first round. Stebe will be delighted with that and he'll play either Zemlja or Mello in the next.

6.44pmMeanwhile, 29th seed Troicki is on the verge of exiting over on Court 6 as Stebe is 5-2 up in the fourth and already leads 2-1 in sets.

Malisse 3-6 *0-0 IsnerSET! The Belgian finds a top backhand at 40-15 down but can't get back the American's serve on the next as Isner takes the opener in 33 minutes.

6.41pmAs we join the match Isner is serving for the first set at 5-3 and is 30-15 up.

6.41pmIf you manually refresh this page you'll be able to see a picture of Mr Isner.

6.39pmWe're switching our attentions to the men's first-round match on Arthur Ashe, however, where Belgium's Xavier Malisse takes on big-serving American and ninth seed John Isner.

6.38pmNext up on Louis Armstrong is the women's fifth seed Petra Kvitova. She's up against France's Alize Cornet in the second round.

6.34pmSET! Kamke 6-4 0-0* Hewitt Not the ideal start to the tournament for Lleyton.

6.34pmAlthough we only caught the final set of that match, Ferrer produced some vintage gutsy play but did have to hang on at certain points. Never write off the Spaniard, mind.

Anderson 4-6 2-6 6-7[3] FerrerGAME, SET AND MATCH! The fourth seed has made it over the first hurdle. Ferrer seals the tie-break 7-3 despite a brief flurry of superb volleying from Anderson. The Spaniard will face Dutchman Igor Sijsling in the second round.

Anderson 4-6 2-6 6-6(1-5*) FerrerThe pair change ends for the first time and Ferrer has reeled off five points in a row to close within two of the match and a place in the second round.

Anderson 4-6 2-6 6-6(*1-3) FerrerFerrer makes the first mini-break as Anderson hits a forehand wide. 1-3.

6.26pmSET! Youzhny 6-2 6-3 5-7 0-0* Muller

Anderson 4-6 2-6 6-6(*0-0) FerrerEasier hold this time from the Spaniard and we're into a third-set breaker.

Anderson 4-6 2-6 6-5* FerrerAnderson keeps his cool after missing out on those three set points to force Ferrer into taking us into a tie-break.

6.20pmSET! Lukasz Kubot 4-6 *0-0 Leonardo Mayer

6.20pmSET! Brian Baker 6-3 0-0* Jan Hajek

6.18pmGAME, SET AND MATCH! Wozniak 3-6 6-4 2-6 Safarova The Czech 15th seed is through to the third round where she'll face Nadia Petrova.

6.17pmSET! Tipsarevic 4-6 3-6 6-2 *0-0 Rufin Yep, the Serbians are on the comeback trail as Tipsarevic pulls a set back against Rufin.

Anderson 4-6 2-6 *5-5 FerrerOh dear Kevin, oh dear. The underdog is presented with three break-and-set points but he can't take them before Ferrer holds with a delicate drop shot.

6.14pmWe're going to stick on Louis Armstrong where Ferrer is in trouble at 0-30 and serving to stay in the set.

6.13pmThe second match of the day on Arthur Ashe is just beginning as Xavier Malisse and home favourite John Isner do battle.

6.12pmSET! Stebe 6-4 6-4 3-6 *0-0 Troicki Looks like Troicki, like his fellow countryman Tipsarevic, is mounting a fightback.

Anderson 4-6 2-6 5-4* FerrerAnderson forces Ferrer to serve to stay in the set thanks to a cross-court forehand at advantage.

6.07pmSET! Varvara Lepchenko 6-2 *0-0 Anastasia Rodionova

Anderson 4-6 2-6 *4-4 FerrerFerrer mimics Anderson in recovering from 0-30 to hold on to his serve. Into the crucial part of the set we go.

6.05pmSET! Zemlja 7-5 7-6[3] 0-0* Mello

6.04pmLooks like Tipsarevic is beginning his fightback as he leads 4-1 in the third set against Rufin.

Anderson 4-6 2-6 4-3* FerrerBlimey, when Anderson's serve is hot it's pretty much unreturnable. The South African is 6'8" and he uses all of his height to slap down the ball.

Anderson 4-6 2-6 *3-3 FerrerNot really, no. The South African tries to come to the net in a bid to upset Ferrer but the wily Spaniard picks him off with ease.

Anderson 4-6 2-6 3-2* FerrerAnderson is just about holding on here as he recovers from 0-30 down to maintain his slight advantage in the third set. Can he threaten Ferrer's serve at all?

5.54pmGAME, SET AND MATCH! Sijsling 7-5 6-3 6-4 Gimeno-Traver The Dutchman looks like he'll be up against Ferrer in the next round.

Anderson 4-6 2-6 *2-2 FerrerFerrer's coming to the net with regularity and it's working for the pesky Spaniard as he holds to-15.

5.49pmWe now have 10 men's matches going on and just two women's!

5.48pmJust getting underway on Court 13 is the match between Germany's Tobias Kamke and Aussie veteran Lleyton Hewitt. I'll try and keep you updated as and when I get a chance.

Anderson 4-6 2-6 2-1* FerrerReal dogged hold that from Anderson as he saves a break point before booming down some first serves to move ahead in the third.

5.45pmSET! Tipsarevic 4-6 3-6 *0-0 Rufin Deary me, Janko's having a shocker. The eighth seed led 3-1 in that second set only to lose five on the bounce to the Frenchman.

Anderson 4-6 2-6 *1-1 FerrerJust about solid enough from Ferrer as he holds firm on service despite some blistering forehands from his opponent.

5.42pmSET! Wozniak 3-6 6-4 0-0* Safarova

5.40pmSET! Stebe 6-4 6-4 0-0* Troicki The Serbian 29th seed will need to do it in five is he is to progress as Stebe takes the second set.

5.38pmFerrer is seeded fourth at this year's tournament because of Rafael Nadal's absence.

Anderson 4-6 2-6 1-0* FerrerNice, easy love-hold from Anderson to begin the third set. The giant South African faces a mighty task to get back into this one.

Anderson 4-6 2-6 *0-0 FerrerSET! And just as we join the action the fourth seed has taken the second set 6-2.

5.32pmWe're now switching our main focus to the Louis Armstrong court, where David Ferrer is up against Kevin Anderson...

5.31pmGAME, SET AND MATCH! Rybarikova 3-6 1-6 Jie Azarenka didn't have to wait long to find out her opponent in the third round as 28th seed Jie overcomes Rybarikova of Slovakia.

5.29pmIf you've only just got in from work or you're just joining us, you're probably thinking I'd like a match report on Azarenka's victory. Am I right? Well, here it is anyway.

5.27pmGAME, SET AND MATCH! Burdette 6-2 6-4 Hradecka The unseeded American is likely to face Maria Sharapova in round three if the Russian overcomes Lourdes Dominguez Lino.

5.26pmShe'll take on either Rybarikova or Jie in the third round.

Azarenka 6-2 6-2 FlipkensGAME, SET AND MATCH! That'll do just fine for Azarenka, who seals the win with an unreturnable second serve into the body of Flipkens.

5.25pmSET! Youzhny 6-2 6-3 0-0* Muller

5.23pmOver on Armstrong Ferrer has a break in the second set and leads 4-2, while on Granstand Tipsarevic has also broken to lead 3-1 in the second. Ferrer won his first set but Tipsarevic did not.

5.22pmSET! Sisjling 7-5 6-3 0-0* Gimeno-Traver

Azarenka 6-2 *5-2 FlipkensDOUBLE BREAK! Flipkens is exiting the US Open in a limp fashion as she surrenders her serve for a fourth time in the match. Vicky will now serve for the match.

5.20pmOne thing I will say about Azarenka is that she seems awfully fired up considering the lack of a crowd/atmosphere inside Arthur Ashe.

5.17pmSET! Grega Zemlja 7-5 *0-0 Ricardo Mello

Azarenka 6-2 4-2* FlipkensThis is very much like the first set where Aza was held for the first four games before streaking away. The number one seed holds serve again thanks to a well-judged backhand slice. Two games from the win and a place in round three.

5.14pmGAME, SET AND MATCH! Petrov 6-1 6-1 Halep The Russian 19th seed will next face either Wozniak or Safarova.

Azarenka 6-2 *3-2 FlipkensBREAK! Out of nowhere Azarenka breaks. The second set had started evenly but the world number one was presented with too many second serves by Flipkens there. Candy ---> Baby.

Azarenka 6-2 2-2* FlipkensGutsy hold from the number one seed as she fights off a break point before clinching the game with first a sublime backhand pass before a delicate drop shot.

5.04pmSET! Tipsarevic 4-6 0-0* Rufin Hello hello. The Serbians aren't doing too well as Tipsarevic joins Troicki in losing the opening set!

Azarenka 6-2 *1-2 FlipkensGood again from Flipkens, who seems to be wanting to get into net a lot more and moves ahead in the second thanks to some positive play.

5.00pmSET! Alexsandra Wozniak 3-6 0-0* Lucie Safarova

4.58pmSET! Cedrik-Marcel Stebe 6-4 0-0* Victor Troicki Bad start for the men's 29th seed from Serbia as he is ousted in the first set by Germany's Stebe.

4.57pmSET! Magdalena Rybarikova 3-6 0-0* Jie Zheng

4.56pmSET! Anderson 4-6 *0-0 Ferrer The Spaniard makes it count on his third set point to gain the early initiative.

Azarenka 6-2 1-1* FlipkensNo danger of the Belgian breaking Vicky's serve as the Belarusian holds to-love.

Azarenka 6-2 *0-1 FlipkensEncouraging start to the second for Flipkens, who produces her first ace of the match on her way to holding.

4.52pmBack to Armstrong quickly and Ferrer is about to serve for the first set at 5-4. Can the Spaniard see it out?

4.50pmSET! Igor Sijsling 7-5 *0-0 Daniel Gimeno-Traver

Azarenka 6-2 0-0* FlipkensSET! Azarenka's backhand is in the zone and she slaps one towards the baseline that Flipkens can't get back to grab the set. Just 27 minutes that took.

4.45pmSET! Nadia Petrova 6-1 *0-0 Simona Halep

Azarenka *5-2 FlipkensDOUBLE BREAK! Azarenka wastes two break points at 15-40 but converts the third and she'll now serve for the first set.

4.42pmSET! Mikhail Youzhny 6-2 *0-0 Gilles Muller

Azarenka 4-2* FlipkensFlipkens isn't showing much resistance against the Azarenka serve as the Belarusian holds to-love to regain her two-game lead.

4.40pmBREAK! Ferrer has made the breakthrough on Armstrong and now leads Anderson 4-2 in the first set.

Azarenka *3-2 FlipkensMuch better from Flipkens as she holds to-15 with some more first serves that Vicky can't get back.

4.36pmSET! Mallory Burdette 6-2 0-0* Lucie Hradecka

Azarenka 3-1* FlipkensAza saves a break point at 30-40 before holding off some solid grounstrokes from Flipkens to consolidate the break.

4.33pmWeather wise, it's a beautiful morning in NY but still rather gusty.

4.32pmThere's four further matches in both the men's and women's singles and we'll keep you posted every time a set is won in every match.

4.29pmBack to our tour of the courts and on Grandstand the men's eighth seed Janko Tipsarevic of Serbia is up against Guillaume Rufin of France. On serve in the early stages there.

Azarenka *2-1 FlipkensBREAK! After her encouraging start, Flipkens has just gifted Vicky the break by double-faulting at 15-40. Not good.

4.27pmOver on the second showcourt, Louis Armstrong, men's fourth seed David Ferrer is up against South Africa's Kevin Anderson in a first-round match. It's currently on serve, with Ferrer serving at 1-2.

4.27pmOk, let's have a look who else is currently smashing a small green ball around...

Azarenka 1-1* FlipkensNo problems for the number one seed, who holds to-love thanks to some big forehands.

Azarenka *0-1 FlipkensUnderdog Flipkens produces some impressive tennis to hold in the opener.

4.21pmAnd the Belgian has just played a standout point, passing Azarenka with a backhand on-the-run. 15-15 in the opening game.

4.21pmFlipkens will serve first on the main showcourt, Arthur Ashe.

4.20pmNew York is five hours behind us here in the UK so they're currently playing at twenty past 11.

4.19pmThe Belarusian is up against Kirsten Flipkens of Belgium in the second round.

4.18pmWe're just waiting for action to start on the main Arthur Ashe court, where women's world number one Victoria Azarenka is kicking off proceedings shortly.

4.12pmAfternoon all! The day's play at Flushing Meadows is already underway on some of the outside courts.

Andy Murray
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