Live Commentary: Bernard Tomic vs. Tomas Berdych - as it happened

Live Commentary: Tomic vs. Berdych - as it happened
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Sports Mole's coverage of the last-16 Wimbledon clash between Bernard Tomic and Tomas Berdych.

Tomas Berdych continued his Wimbledon campaign tonight with an intriguing fourth-round clash against Australian starlet Bernard Tomic.

The former finalist at SW19 came through a tense first-set tie breaker to edge ahead, but was pegged back by Tomic as he levelled the match soon after.

Berdych was tested throughout but eventually prevailed in four sets, showing immense power to hold off a spirited challenge from the impressive Tomic.

Look back at how Berdych booked a quarter-final clash with top seed Novak Djokovic by checking out Sports Mole's text coverage below.

5.43pmAfternoon Wimbledon fans! Thanks for joining as Sports Mole as our coverage from SW19 continues with probably the pick of the men's fourth-round ties, which pits former finalist Tomas Berdych against Bernard Tomic.

5.45pmBoth players are out on Court One and in the final stages of their pre-match routines. Today's clash promises to be a true test of young Australian upstart Tomic's credentials. The 20-year-old is one of the sport's brightest but will need to reach new heights this afternoon against Berdych, who has previous experience of success in these kind of tests at Wimbledon.

5.47pmHere we go then under clear skies on Court One, with Tomic to serve first. This really does promise to a fascinating clash pitting a seasoned campaigner against a young gun full of talent and potential.

Tomic 1-0* BerdychA confident start from the Australian number one to win three successive points on serve, finishing a strong hold by stepping inside to send a forehand down the line.

Tomic *1-1 BerdychAn aggressive move to the net from Berdych just catches his opponent off guard at the baseline, allowing but the same move from the Czech then results in a sloppy forehand sent well wide. The world number seed goes back to basics under pressure, firing a strong first serve up the middle to complete a worthy hold.

Tomic 2-1* BerdychA weighty baseline exchange shows both players have power, but Berydch definitely has a clear advantage if the two share a slugfest. Tomic has made an assured start though, conceding just one point in another relatively comfortable hold.

Tomic *2-2 BerdychThe seventh seed chops a precise ace down the line to help keep this first set firmly on serve. Berdych has shown aggression to chase short shots down in the early going, getting his reward with a second hold.

Tomic 3-2* BerdychYou can see from his early shot-making that Tomic is playing with supreme confidence. A wide kick-serve is quickly followed by a forehand pass up the line, helping the 20-year-old edge ahead as both players start to find their feet at the baseline in this first set.

Tomic *3-3 BerdychStill yet to see either player pose a threat against serve, with Berdych completing a quick hold to love with his second ace of the match.

6.04pmA superb exchange sees Berdych make the most of an early opening at the net, forcing a mistake from Tomic with a deft lob to the baseline. Tomic went for an extravagant shot between his legs on the return, with his cheeky effort just falling short.

6.06pmBREAK POINT! Just when he needs it Tomic comes up big on first serve, smashing successive aces across court at 30-40 down.

6.07pmBREAK POINT! Both players are really warming to the task now, with Tomic just failing to meet a drop shot at the net to end a fierce exchange that covered a range of angles across court. Berdych is handed his second break-point chance as a result but fails to seize the initiative, floating a slice short from close range.

Tomic 4-3* BerdychA nice show of resistance there from Tomic, relying on variety with a strong first serve to survive two break points. The Australian is now firmly established in this match against the world number six.

Tomic *4-4 BerdychAll too easy on serve in that game for Berdych, who holds to love for the second successive game thanks to clinical hitting at the baseline. Tomic is in fairness attacking his shots, but has so far failed to make any inroads on the seventh seed's serve.

6.15pmTomic just lets a couple of unforced errors creep in on second serve to level his latest service game at 30-30. Berydch is hitting with power consistently at the baseline and moved with an absolute pearler down the line, catching Tomic moving to the net too slowly.

Tomic 5-4* BerdychFrustration for the Czech as he spurns a small opening to break, with the 20-year-old taking advantage of a sloppy forehand shot to keep the first set on serve. Pressure on now for Berdych, who must serve to keep the opening set alive.

6.18pmThe first signs of pressure on Berdych's serve as he drifts a forehand slice wide to go 15-30 behind. A pair of strong volleys at the net get him level quickly though, with a move inside catching Tomic by surprise at the baseline.

Tomic *5-5 BerdychConfident stuff from Berdych under relative pressure, using a blistering first serve to evade trouble and win successive points. Tomic just failed to take control of that opportunity, leaving the first set still very much up for grabs.

Tomic 6-5* BerdychNo sign of a mistake from Tomic yet on serve, with the Australian stepping inside to resist powerful returns from Berdych on more than one occasion. The 20-year-old looks very much at home on Court One, forcing his opponent to serve for his place in the first set for a second time.

6.25pmA stroke of fortune for Tomic as Berdych is thrown by a net call, falling 15-30 behind on serve as a result. The seventh seed then takes advantage of a slack return from the youngster, forcing back at 30-30 with a powerful strike into the corner.

6.27pmSET POINT! What a chance this is for Tomic, with Berydch sending a stray backhand well wide of the baseline to fall 30-40 behind. The former finalist looks slightly frustrated and now needs to dig deep at break-point down.

Tomic *6-6 BerdychTIE BREAK! Under pressure Berdych shows his class, driving inside to take advantage of Tomic's stubborn resistance to leave the baseline. Little to choose between the two players as we head into a first-set tie breaker.

6.33pmClinical baseline tennis from Berdych sees him edge ahead at 3-1 in the breaker, with Tomic quick to respond with a fine first serve in the next point. The Australian then gets depth and pace behind a backhand slice, bringing the breaker level at 3-3 ahead of a change of ends.

6.35pmThree straight points for Tomic as he cracks a precise backhand off the line, moving 4-3 ahead. Berdych battles back once more though, finding his range at the baseline with an unstoppable effort deep in the corner. 4-4 in a tense tie-breaker.

6.37pmSET POINTS! A stray forehand return on second serve hands Berdych two set points! Pressure on now for the young Australian.

Tomic 6-7*(4) BerdychSET! Experience tells deep in the breaker, with Berdych getting power and placement behind a first serve when it mattered most. Tomic can take heart from a fiercely competitive show at the baseline, but perhaps a lack of aggression just cost him a first set that was well within reach.

Tomic 6-7(4) *0-1 BerdychA swift and comfortable hold from Berydch to start the second set, placing considerable pressure on Tomic to respond. That single set point for the Australian suddenly seems a long time ago, with the challenge for him to respond now considerable.

6.43pmTomic looks in trouble at 0-30 down on serve but responds strongly, mixing things up to favour a backhand slice in successive long rallies. Berdych just fails to keep a pair of powerful returns inside the line, allowing the Australian to move clear at 40-30.

Tomic 6-7(4) 1-1* BerdychA welcome hold from Tomic keeps the second set on serve early on. Berdych was clearly unhappy with a challenge that went against him, allowing the Australian to claim the hold with a rather fortunate ace that did appear long at first glance.

Tomic 6-7(4) *1-2 BerdychThe world number six is finding his groove at the baseline, crashing home three forehand winners in a service hold to love. All about consolidating on serve and hanging tough now for Tomic, but that is certainly easier said than done against the former finalist at SW19.

Tomic 6-7(4) 2-2* BerdychA loose second serve puts Tomic under pressure on serve, falling 15-30 behind. The Australian keeps his cool to respond in the next point, sending a low shot just over the net before building an important hold behind a wide first serve.

6.52pmBerdych truly does possess awesome power if given time at the baseline, smashing a venomous effort right off the chalk to move 30-15 ahead on serve. Tomic is making the Czech earn every point though, forcing an error in the next point with persistent play behind a slice forehand.

Tomic 6-7(4) *2-3 BerdychThe seventh seed just proves too strong on his forehand side yet again, crushing a winner deep towards the baseline for a ninth successive hold. At some point you have to feel that Tomic will get discouraged if he is unable to force a breakthrough, but no signs of him wilting just yet.

6.58pmBREAK POINT! The dubious honour of a first double fault falls to Tomic, with a 40-0 lead for the Australian quickly taken away as Berdych forces back to deuce. A brutal return on second serve then earns the Czech break point, his third opportunity of the match on his opponent's serve.

Tomic 6-7(4) 3-3* BerdychSpirited stuff from Tomic to send away two break points, fighting hard and showing aggression at the net to end successive lengthy rallies.

Tomic 6-7(4) *3-4 BerdychA rare unforced error at the baseline from Berdych sends his latest service game to 30-30, but a fierce first serve soon eases the Czech back ahead. Tomic then fails to return a wide kick-serve inside the baseline, allowing the seventh seed to hold in another relatively comfortable service game.

7.04pmWe are still waiting for the first break of serve in this match, with the two players evenly matched in a meeting of power and guile. Berydch still looks the more likely though, enjoying success when he steps inside to force points at the net.

Tomic 6-7(4) 4-4* BerdychFrom 15-30 down Tomic shows strong character, rattling off three successive points to earn a hard-fought hold. Berdych has just been unable to force through those half-chances so far, keeping the second set firmly on serve.

7.10pmBREAK POINT! A superb shot deep at the baseline from Tomic crashes off the baseline, helping the young Aussie apply pressure on the Berdych serve at 30-30. Another strong shot on the backhand side has the Czech in trouble, earning Tomic a rare break point as the seventh seed's challenge is dismissed by Hawkeye.

7.12pmAwesome serving under pressure gets Berdych out of jail, with a 128mph serve falling well inside the line despite a hopeful Tomic challenge. Surprisingly though the Czech follows that up with his first double fault of the match, with another ace bailing the world number six out again on break point.

Tomic 6-7(4) *4-5 BerdychA strong succession of first serves see Berdych stave off three break points, with Tomic simply not afforded the chance to return on any of those three chances. That considerable power on serve has formed the basis of Berdych's game now for quite some time.

Tomic 6-7(4) 5-5* BerdychAnother confident hold from Tomic as the 20-year-old sends an ace down the middle at 40-30. You can see the Australian number one's confidence growing throughout this second set, but can he translate that to a tangible success on the scoreboard?

Tomic 6-7(4) *5-6 BerdychTomic eats up his final challenge as he questions a call on the sideline to no avail. That error in judgement is used to full effect by Berdych, who climbs ahead in the second set.

7.20pmWith the pressure on to serve for his place in the second set Tomic just starts to buckle, falling 0-30 behind as a short forehand is ruthlessly punished by Berdych at the net.

Tomic 6-7(4) 6-6* BerdychWhat a response from Tomic to that show of strain on serve, rattling off four quick points to send this second set to a tie breaker. The Aussie is now in double figures for aces, with Berdych once again unable to get over the finish line in his attempt to break serve.

7.26pmTomic sees his patience pay off at the baseline, earning a 3-1 lead thanks to slack shot inside by Berdych. The 20-year-old then reads a short drop shot and punishes that error to the full, gliding a glancing shot down the baseline. 4-2 Tomic in this tie breaker at the change of ends.

7.28pmSET POINTS! At 5-2 ahead Tomic just sends an ambitious backhand return long, with the two players exchanging words over the speed of play during the change of ends. An awesome forehand shot from the Aussie then catches his opponent on the wrong side of the court, handing the youngster three set points at 6-3.

Tomic *6-7(4) 7-6(5) BerdychSET! Two set points saved by Berdych with aggressive moves inside the baseline, but a forehand drive then flies long from the Czech to gift Tomic the second set at the third time of asking. We definitely have a match on our hands now, with the clash finely poised at a set apiece.

7.32pmTomic will serve to start the third set and needs to keep building momentum in this match, with a whole string of unforced errors just creeping into Berdych's game at the moment.

Tomic 6-7(4) 7-6(5) 1-0* BerdychA strong hold under pressure from Tomic to start the third set. Berdych is definitely feeling the pace on Court One and needs to respond quickly in his net service game, with the Czech star currently struggling to deal with the variety shown by his young opponent.

Tomic 6-7(4) 7-6(5) *1-1 BerdychJust what the doctor ordered for Berdych as the seventh seed claims a comfortable service game to love. We are still yet to see a break of serve in this match, which as we go into the third set is quite remarkable.

7.40pmBREAK POINT! Tomic blasts right back at 15-30 down, smashing an ace out wide. Berdych keeps pressing though and gets his reward, driving a deep forehand into the corner to earn two break-point chances he badly needs to take.

Tomic 6-7(4) 7-6(5) 1-2* BerdychBREAK! The young Aussie finally loses concentration on serve, rushing a second serve at break point down. Berdych sees it coming all the way and takes full advantage, earning the first break from either player to ease ahead in the third set.

Tomic 6-7(4) 7-6(5) *2-2 BerdychBREAK! A quite incredible capitulation from Berdych allows Tomic to break right back at the start of the third set. With his service game finely poised at 30-30 the Czech gets too aggressive on serve, sending successive double faults wide to bring the match level once more.

Tomic 6-7(4) 7-6(5) 3-2* BerdychBoth players are showing clear signs of fatigue now but Tomic is the first to respond, fighting back from 15-30 down on serve. A precise first serve is followed up by a superb slice that creeps just over the net, edging the Aussie back ahead with successive games claimed in the third set.

7.50pmBerdych starts his latest service game with a sloppy error at the baseline, crashing a double-handed backhand short of the net. Tomic triumphs again in the next point, moving 0-30 ahead after his slice proved too strong in a lengthy baseline exchange.

7.52pmA swing volley at the net contains far too much power from Berdych, flying well past the baseline to gift Tomic two break-point chances. The first of those opportunities quickly disappears thoug as the Czech bludgeons a forehand deep into the corner and just inside the baseline.

Tomic 6-7(4) 7-6(5) *3-3 BerdychUnder considerable pressure the seventh seed responds magnificently, crashing forehand winners into both corners in successive points. A quite superb exchange of slices just falls the Czech's way at game point, with Tomic sending a drop-shot attempt short with his opponent tiring at the baseline.

7.58pmBREAK POINT! Berdych just forces a pair of untimely errors from his opponent to earn a 30-40 lead, but yet again Tomic finds a strong first serve at break-point down.

8.01pmBoth players spurn chances to take this pivotal game, with Tomic meeting a volley in plenty of time but somehow firing well past the baseline. Berdych seizes upon that chance to get a third break point but yet again fails to make it count, unable to handle a fierce first serve from the young Aussie.

Tomic 6-7(4) 7-6(5) 3-4* BerdychBREAK! Finally Berdych takes the break as his raw power proves too much for Tomic at the baseline. Surely now the Czech must look to consolidate that hard work by easing cleat in this third set.

Tomic 6-7(4) 7-6(5) *3-5 BerdychAfter a frenetic period in the match Berydch finds some stability on serve, holding to love with a series of well-executed baseline strikes. Tomic is far from out of this match but must now serve to keep the third set alive.

8.07pmSET POINTS! A first double fault puts Tomic in huge trouble on serve, with a wide serve in the next point easily read by Berdych. The Czech star now has three set points on his opponent's serve, but lets them all slip through his grasp after failing to return a pair of precise second serves.

Tomic 6-7(4) 7-6(5) 4-5* BerdychMake that four set points saved by Tomic as he somehow checks back to meet a slice return at the net. Superb stuff from the young Aussie just as he appears to be feeling the heat on serve, staying alive in the third set with a strong show of resistance.

8.12pmBerdych must serve out this third set and starts confidently, measuring a forehand deep off the baseline. Tomic refuses to go quietly though, exposing his opponent's shaky overhead smash to reduce the deficit at 30-15.

Tomic 6-7(4) 7-6(5) *4-6 BerdychAt the fifth time of asking Berdych takes a keenly-contested third set, driving a superb forehand blast off the sideline when it mattered most. The seventh seed now leads by two sets to one and must now be considered favourite to prevail, but expect a spirited response from Tomic on serve when the fourth set gets underway.

8.17pmAbsolutely imperative for Tomic to start this fourth set by holding serve, but a quick unforced error puts him behind at 0-15. That mistake is cancelled out by an unreturned serve, with a cheap slice from Berdych easing his opponent ahead at 30-15.

Tomic 6-7(4) 7-6(5) 4-6 1-0* BerdychThe 20-year-old makes an encouraging start to a set he must win, going back to basics on a precise first serve. Tomic sometimes frustrates as he meanders through points, but has immense talent when his game is in full flow.

Tomic 6-7(4) 7-6(5) 4-6 *1-1 BerdychBrute force on first serve sees Berdych win three successive points, with a rare double fault quickly inviting Tomic back into a service game that looked fairly routine. The seventh seed responds quickly though, slamming a second serve down the line to keep the fourth set on serve in the early going.

8.22pmBREAK POINT! Tomic quickly comes under pressure once more on serve, responding with a timely ace to draw level at 30-30. A poor forehand pass falls short in the next point from Tomic gives his opponent break point without having to get aggressive. Time to dig deep now for the youngster.

Tomic 6-7(4) 7-6(5) 4-6 1-2* BerdychBREAK! Another blistering forehand drive gets the job done for Berdych, with the Czech's persistent pressure finally telling from deep. Tomic has just been found wanting under intense pressure in the last 15 minutes and now has it all to do at a set and a break behind.

Tomic 6-7(4) 7-6(5) 4-6 *1-3 BerdychThis is quite a show of strength from Berdych in the fourth set, slamming three successive winners out of reach. Tomic is able to show some resistance at 40-0 down with a clever slice down the line, but an ace down the middle soon has the Czech ahead with clear daylight in the fourth set.

Tomic 6-7(4) 7-6(5) 4-6 2-3* BerdychThe Aussie is not quite finished on Court One, slamming a 17th ace down the middle to get a hold he desperately needed. All about minimising mistakes now for the 20-year-old as he looks for a route back from a break down in the fourth set.

8.33pmTomic shows he still has plenty left in the tank with a quite magnificent backhand winner, generating power that sends the ball flying towards the baseline despite being off balance at the baseline. Berdych responds strongly though, crushing an ace past his opponent to edge ahead at 40-30 on serve.

Tomic 6-7(4) 7-6(5) 4-6 *2-4 BerdychMore superb serving sees Berdych restore his two-game serve, sending forceful kick-serve wide to catch Tomic off guard. The seventh seed just needs to keep his concentration now and earn two more service games to claim a hard-fought win.

Tomic 6-7(4) 7-6(5) 4-6 3-4* BerdychThe 20-year-old stays within a single break after keeping things simple with a strong showing on serve. Berdych looked content to take his foot off the pedal in that one, saving his energy for service games at this stage.

Tomic 6-7(4) 7-6(5) 4-6 *3-5 BerdychJust no way to put pressure on the Berdych serve for Tomic, with the world number six earning a welcome hold to love. Tomic must now serve to stay in the match as the light just starts to fade a touch on Court One.

Tomic 6-7(4) 7-6(5) 4-6 4-5* BerdychA final show of resistance perhaps on serve from Tomic, who closes out a comfortable hold with a deft drop shot that has the Court One crowd purring in admiration. Berdych will now serve for the match, can the youngster go for broke and put a dent in the Czech's quite formidable first serve.

8.45pmMATCH POINT! Tomic just sends a forehand long under little pressure to gift Berdych a pair of match points at 40-15.

Tomic 6-7(4) 7-6(5) 4-6 4-6 BerdychGAME SET AND MATCH! In the end power edges guile as Berdych comes through a stern examination of his credentials in four sets. Tomic proved that he belongs at this level in a spirited display, but just could not live with his opponent after three hard-fought hours of play.

8.50pmBerdych will now go through to face Novak Djokovic in the quarter-finals on Wednesday, but will need a rest after being forced to dig very deep this evening. All credit to Tomic, a promising talent who you feel will feature many more times in the second week of Wimbledon.

8.53pmThat match brings an end to a marathon Monday at SW19, which saw engaging contests on both sides of the draw. Thanks for your time and be sure to stick with Sports Mole for comprehensive coverage from Wimbledon all week long. Goodnight!

Czech Republic's Tomas Berdych celebrates defeating South Africa's Kevin Anderson during the Wimbledon Championships on June 29, 2013
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