Live Commentary: Mikhail Youzhny vs. Andy Murray - as it happened

Live Commentary: Youzhny vs. Murray - as it happened
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Read how Andy Murray continued his Wimbledon march with a straight-sets victory over Mikhail Youzhny in the fourth round.

Andy Murray's route to the Wimbledon final has seemingly been made easier than he could have dreamed with the exits of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, and today he faced the highest-ranked player left in his half in Mikhail Youzhny, the 20th seed.

Second seed Murray didn't suffer a shock and continued his march at SW19 with a straight-sets victory over the Russian.

Read how the Scot reached the last eight with our live updates below.

3.33pmHave we all got our breath back from that last game? Next up on Centre is British number one Andy Murray.

3.34pmThe players have completed their warm-ups and it will be 20th seed Youzhny to serve first. Here we go...

3.34pmThe Russian wins the first point as Murray can't get his first serve in.

3.36pmYouzhny moves to 40-15 by coming out on top in a lengthy rally.

Youzhny 1-0* MurrayThe Russian does hold at the first time of asking as Murray's backhand slaps the tape but doesn't pop over the other side. Positive start for the 20th seed.

3.40pmYouzhny gets a bit of luck with a dead net cord and Murray's in a spot of bother on serve at 30-30.

3.41pmMurray produces a fine, angled forehand to move to 40-30 but we're now at deuce as the Scot hits way long.

3.42pmYouzhny saves another game point with a vicious up-the-line backhand winner. The weakest part of Murray's game is probably his second serve and that one there was very slow.

3.45pmYouzhny is yet to have a break point but Murray can't close out this game yet. The Russian has shown an array of fine shots so far.

Youzhny *1-1 MurrayThe Scot finally gets it done with his third ace of the game after four deuces.

3.48pmMurray's starting to find his range here as he dominates Youzhny with a string of backhands before the Russian is pushed too wide to get it back.

3.49pmTWO BREAK POINTS for Murray...

Youzhny 1-2* MurrayBREAK! Youzhny is the first to blink. Murray's return is short but the Russian's backhand approach is wide. He challenges more in hope than expectation and HawkEye confirms that it was wide.

3.51pmYouzhny has already called for the trainer. I don't think it's too serious as it just looks like he's sorting out some strapping on his left ankle.

3.54pmMurray has to hold his racket up in apology as his volley clips the tape on its way over. 30-15.

Youzhny *1-3 MurrayMurray backs up the break with another ace. Youzhny is doing very little to harm the second seed here.

Youzhny 2-3* MurrayYouzhny gets back into the swing of things by holding to 15, closing out the game with a forehand winner that wrongfooted Murray and found the sideline.

4pmOver on No. 1 Court, eighth seed Juan Martin del Potro has just taken the first set 6-4 against Andreas Seppi.

Youzhny *2-4 MurrayMurray makes a hash of an easy short forehand to bring it back to 30-30 but wins the next two to retain his single-break advantage in the first set.

4.07pmA naff drop shot from Youzhny and it's 30-30 on the Russian's serve. Can Murray move a double break ahead?

4.08pmBrilliant stuff from both men. Murray's return looped high into the SW19 sky and plonked right into the corner. Youzhny gets it back though before Murray takes control of the rally. He pushes Youzhny into the corner but he too spoons a deep lob that falls inside the baseline. Murray attacks the net a couple of strokes later and plops a volley onto the line. He has break point but can't take it, pushing his backhand pass wide.

Youzhny 3-4* MurrayYouzhny just about remains in this first set by holding serve with a fine backhand that lands just in.

Youzhny *3-5 MurrayYouzhny gets lucky with a net cord early on in the game but it doesn't affect Murray who holds to 15 with his seventh ACE of the match.

4.17pmYouzhny's looking very comfortable at 40-0 but Murray pulls it back to 40-30, saving the second game point with a beautiful backhand up the line.

Youzhny 4-5* MurrayThe Russian manages to hold on the third by putting away a short backhand. Murray looks back at where Youzhny's previous shot landed. I reckon he thinks it was out but didn't challenge. He'll now serve for the set.

4.20pmA fist pump from Youzhny as Murray tries to wrongfoot him with a volley but hits it straight back at him so he just swipes a backhand past the Scot.

4.22pmYouzhny goes for the jugular at 30-15 but his backhand is marginally out. The Russian stupidly challenges the call as he knows it's out. The HawkEye camera even has to zoom out to show the mark! Set points for Murray...

Youzhny 4-6 *0-0 MurraySET! Another missed groundstroke from Youzhny, this time a forehand, hands Murray the set in 49 minutes.

4.28pmYouzhny looks on course for a simple hold at the start of the second but Murray saves three game points to bring it back to deuce.

Youzhny 4-6 1-0* MurrayThe Russian does manage to move ahead in the second as Murray misfires with a backhand and is visibly angry with himself. Easy now, Andy.

4.35pmMurray does the same as Youzhny in seeing a 40-0 lead go. Will the Brit do the same as the Russian and hold or can the underdog break?

4.36pmMurray has a fourth chance to hold but again it's not taken as his lob falls millimetres wide of the sideline.

Youzhny 4-6 *1-1 MurrayThe second seed gets it done at the fifth time of asking as Youzhny's return slaps the tape and looks like it might pop over but doesn't.

4.38pmYouzhny is playing so much better in this set. He's being much more aggressive and has just opened the third game with a lovely backhand winner.

Youzhny 4-6 1-2* MurrayBREAK! What a shot! Murray is looking to break at 30-40 and he makes it happen with an amazing pass. Youzhny was all over the Scot and approached his forehand but Murray somehow dug out a crosscourt pass and celebrated exuberantly.

4.47pmYouzhny has TWO BREAK-BACK POINTS...

Youzhny 4-6 *2-2 MurrayBREAK BACK! Murray saves the first with a forehand winner but dumps a backhand into the net on the second and we're back level in the set.

4.49pmBrilliant from Youzhny as he reads where Murray's going with both men at the net and loops a despairing backhand over the Scot and onto the baseline.

4.50pmAnd now Murray with a clever winner. He shaped as if to play the drop shot but then, at the last moment, stabbed it up the line.

Youzhny 4-6 3-2* MurrayYouzhny holds on, just. He came to the net at 40-30 and Murray's first backhand forced a tough volley from the Russian. He presented Murray with a simple passing opportunity but the Scot's backhand didn't even get over the net.

4.52pmYouzhny has definitely stepped it up in this set but Murray isn't happy with himself even though we're still on serve.

4.55pmDel Potro is now two sets to the good against Seppi over on No. 1 Court.

4.57pmMurray stops the point at 40-30 as he is convinced that Youzhny's backhand went long. HawkEye shows that it caught the faintest part of the line and now it's BREAK POINT Youzhny as Murray nets a backhand...

Youzhny 4-6 *4-2 MurrayBREAK! Goodness gracious me, Murray DOUBLE FAULTS on break point to gift Youzhny the advantage in set two.

4.59pmThat was Murray's first double of the game and now, incredibly, Youzhny also makes his first to begin the seventh game.

5pmAnd now Murray is looking threatening at 0-30 as he pulls off a stupendous backhand with Youzhny approaching the net.

Youzhny 4-6 5-2* MurrayYouzhny wins the next four points on the bounce and that's also four games in a row now for the Russian. He's really fired up and roars his delight as Murray's return drifts long at 40-30.

Youzhny 4-6 *5-3 MurrayMurray holds for the first time in three attempts, forcing Youzhny to hold serve and see out the set. Can he do it?

5.07pmNervy start to the game from Youzhny as his forehand goes halfway up the net.

5.08pmFantastic get from Murray from Youzhny 's drop volley moves him to 15-30 and now he has TWO BREAK-BACK POINTS as Youzhny misses.

5.10pmBoth are saved by the Russian!

Youzhny 4-6 5-4* MurrayBREAK BACK! Centre Court erupts as Murray grabs the break with a backhand winner. Youzhny will be so annoyed with himself, I wonder if he'll do this: (!)

Youzhny 4-6 *5-5 MurrayWe're back level in the second as Murray holds to 15. That game included the Scot's only ACE of the second set so far. He had seven in the opener.

5.18pmMurray's passing has been a little off today but his lobs have been pretty darn good. Another super forehand one gets him back to 15-15.

5.19pmAnd another! Murray brings Youzhny to the net at 40-15 and lobs him expertly again.

5.20pmYouzhny pulls a backhand wide and he is in big trouble now you have to feel.

5.21pmMurray has a break point but it's saved by Youzhny's forehand winner that just finds the corner. Murray's challenge is unsuccessful and the Scot is holding his side in apparent pain.

Youzhny 4-6 6-5* MurrayYouzhny just hangs on to his serve and it'll be Murray to serve to stay in the set again. He looks a little forlorn at his chair but I expect this to go to a tie-break.

Youzhny 4-6 6-6(*0-0) MurrayMurray holds to 15 and we're into a second-set tie-break.

SECOND-SET TIE-BREAKYouzhny 1-0* Murray

SECOND-SET TIE-BREAKYouzhny 1-1* Murray

SECOND-SET TIE-BREAKYouzhny *1-2 Murray. Big ACE from Murray and we're still on serve.

SECOND-SET TIE-BREAKYouzhny *2-2 Murray

SECOND-SET TIE-BREAKYouzhny 3-2* Murray

SECOND-SET TIE-BREAKYouzhny 4-2* Murray. The Scot DOUBLE FAULTS and Youzhny grabs the first mini-break.

SECOND-SET TIE-BREAKYouzhny *4-3 Murray

SECOND-SET TIE-BREAKYouzhny *5-3 Murray. What a time for the Russian's first ACE of the match.

SECOND-SET TIE-BREAKYouzhny 5-4* Murray. Sublime drop shot from Murray and we're level.

SECOND-SET TIE-BREAKYouzhny 5-5* Murray

SECOND-SET TIE-BREAKYouzhny *5-6 Murray. Three points in a row for the Scot and he's got SET POINT...

Youzhny 4-6 6-7[5] 0-0* MurraySET! Fantastic return winner seals the second for Murray!

5.36pmExactly two hours on the clock as Murray rifles the backhand crosscourt. He celebrates wildly and the crowd love it. Brief break in play now as the Scot goes for a bathroom break.

5.37pmManchester United's Rio Ferdinand on Twitter: "That return @andy_murray was colossal !! Take thaaaaaaaaat! 2-0 to muzza! Game set & match from here!"

5.38pmThe trainer comes on again for Youzhny and he appears to have a problem with his right shoulder.

5.41pmOn No. 1 Court Del Potro came through in straight sets against Seppi to reach his first Wimbledon quarter-final. Now on the second showcourt it's Bernard Tomic up against Tomas Berdych. Click here to follow Liam Power's updates on that one.

5.44pmAfter an extensive timeout, Youzhny is OK to start the third set and Murray immediately test him with a drop shot.

5.46pmBut it's Youzhny who now has a BREAK POINT at 30-40...

5.47pmSaved by Murray! Firing a forehand down the line that Youzhny barely gets a racket too.

5.49pmAnother chance for Youzhny as Murray basically stops playing but doesn't challenge a Youzhny return that was long.

5.50pmACE! Strong stuff from Muzza.

Youzhny 4-6 6-7[5] *0-1 MurrayFar from convincing that from Murray but he's ahead at the start of the third. Now we'll see how Youzhny's shoulder holds up when serving.

5.53pmHis serving seems OK but Murray now has a trio of break points...

Youzhny 4-6 6-7[5] 0-2* MurrayYouzhny hits long with a backhand on the first and that's the worst-possible start to the set for the Russian. Surely this one is virtually over.

Youzhny 4-6 6-7[5] *0-3 MurrayNo threat whatsoever from Youzhny on the Murray serve as the Russian wildly swipes a backhand return well out at 40-15.

5.58pmYouzhny reminds Murray that he's still there with a brutal forehand winner down the line to begin the fourth game of the third.

Youzhny 4-6 6-7[5] 1-3* MurrayLove hold for Youzhny and he's on the board in the third set.

6.01pmGreat point! The two trade several blows from the baseline before Youzhny changes the pace with a great drop shot. Murray reaches it but nudges his backhand just wide. 30-15.

Youzhny 4-6 6-7[5] *1-4 MurrayMuzza is now two games away from a place in the quarter-finals as he soaks up Youzhny pressure before the Russian hits out.

6.07pmMurray has two double-break points and they really are virtual match points...

6.07pmA comedy moment for the crowd as Youzhny is made to hit three straight smashes by Murray, just like in the warm-up. He comes out on top though and that's one saved.

Youzhny 4-6 6-7[5] 1-5* MurrayDOUBLE BREAK! The Russian slices into the net and Murray will now serve for the match.

6.10pmMurray should be feeling ever so comfortable at 5-1 but he's just double faulted to allow Youzhny ahead to 15-30.

6.11pmA BIG drive-volley followed by a flashing forehand winner up the line sees Murray move to match point...

Youzhny 4-6 6-7[5] 1-6 MurrayGAME, SET AND MATCH MURRAY!

6.12pmThe Scot goes for a rare serve-and-volley and it pays off as Youzhny pops up a limp return that the second seed swats away.

6.14pmNext up for Murray is a match against Spain's Fernando Verdasco on Wednesday.

6.15pmThat's all we've got time for here on SM but make sure you keep an eye out for our coverage of the final match on Centre Court today - Novak Djokovic vs. Tommy Haas. I'm expecting it to be a fitting way to end a great day at SW19. See you there shortly.

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