Live Commentary: Laura Robson vs. Marina Erakovic - as it happened

Live Commentary: Robson vs. Erakovic - as it happened
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Sports Mole brought you live coverage of Laura Robson's thrilling win over Marina Erakovic in the third round of the ladies' singles at Wimbledon.

Laura Robson is through to the fourth round at Wimbledon after an enthralling three-set victory over Marina Erakovic.

Erakovic dominated the opening 40 minutes of the match, coasting into a one set lead, before moving 4-2 up in the second.

However, at 5-3 down, Robson stunned her opponent by reeling off eight games in a row to take the match into a decider, and move 4-0 up in the third.

She dropped her serve to give Erakovic a bit of encouragement, but she hung on to claim a 1-6 7-5 6-3 triumph.

Read below to see how the action unfolded at Wimbledon.

1.55pmHello, and welcome to Sports Mole's coverage of the third round match between Laura Robson and Marina Erakovic at Wimbledon.

1.58pmIt's been 15 years since a British player got through to the fourth round of the ladies' singles at Wimbledon, but maybe today is the day where we can say that Laura Robson has made the last 16? I'm sure Marina Erakovic will have something to say about that, but the 19-year-old goes into this match as the favourite.

2.01pmThe two players have just made their way out on to court two. Many have said that this match should have been played on centre court, and I tend to agree. But it is what it is, and Robson will know that she can earn herself a spot on one of the main two courts on Monday if she can get past the New Zealander.

2.03pmMany of you will be familiar with Laura Robson, but what about her opponent? Marina Erakovic is the world number 71, and she has made the third round after beating 24th seed Peng Shuai. She has a game that suits the grass at Wimbledon, while she is a fine doubles player too, currently ranked number 25.

2.06pmThe two players are no strangers to one another either. Erakovic beat Robson in three sets at the AEGON Classic last year, while in March, Robson posted a tweet that she was enjoying a manicure with the 25-year-old.

2.06pmWe are all ready to go. It will be Erakovic to serve first.

Robson 0-1* ErakovicRobson looks to play positively from the start, and it earns her the first point of the match, but four consecutive errors gift the New Zealand player the opening game.

Robson *0-2 ErakovicBREAK! The 19-year-old talked about suffering with nerves at the start of her second round match, and they seem to be playing a part here. A double fault sees her fall 0-30 behind, but after she sends a winner down the line, she suffers a nasty slip. She is back up, but she faces two break points, which Erakovic takes at the first opportunity with a forehand return winner.

Robson 0-3* ErakovicThe errors from Robson aren't helping, but Erakovic has looked mightily impressive so far, especially on her forehand side. She eases to 40-0, before gifting Robson a point with a double fault. However, she responds with an ace to move three ahead inside 10 minutes.

Robson *1-3 ErakovicThe 19-year-old falls 0-15 behind, but she draws an encouraging response from the crowd with two points in a row, the second of which is a cross-court backhand winner. She brings up two game points when Erakovic nets a first serve, and the Brit is on the board when the New Zealander goes long from the baseline.

Robson 1-4* ErakovicErakovic is looking superb behind her serve, and she displays her power with a love-service hold. The world number 71's service games are flying by too fast right now, which is something that Robson will have to change or else she will quickly find herself a set behind.

Robson *1-5 ErakovicBREAK! That's much better from Robson, who keeps Erakovic on the run before planting a forehand winner into the corner. However, there are far too many mistakes in her game, and two unforced errors off her forehand hand Erakovic 15-30. The timing off the Brit's racquet is way off, and more mistakes hand her opponent the double break.

Robson 1-6* ErakovicSET! Some fine play from the baseline take Robson to 0-30, but Erakovic replies with ace. Robson should have two break points, but some stunning defensive work from the New Zealand player earns 30-30. This has been such a dominant performance from Erakovic, and two strong first serves bring up the first set inside 23 minutes.

Robson *1-6 1-0 ErakovicRobson has only won 25% of the points behind her second serve, but she opens the next set by improving that stat. The 19-year-old then displays her ability behind her first with two quick points, but Erakovic denies her the game by finding the baseline with a forehand. However, Robson gets her first bit of luck in the match when she hits the net cord and the ball drops over to give her the perfect morale booster as she attempts to get back into this match.

Robson 1-6 1-1* ErakovicRobson can't do anything about the first two points, but a wild forehand from her opponent gives her an opening to get into the game. However, the door is slammed firmly shut with an ace, before Robson puts too much fizz on a return.

Robson *1-6 2-1 ErakovicNow it's Erakovic's turn to hit the deck...what is it about court two?! There has been a vast improvement in Robson's serve in this set so far, and an ace inbetween two unreturnable serves keep the Brit ahead.

Robson 1-6 2-2* ErakovicThat's impeccable length from Erakovic, who finds the tramline with a forehand. The service barrage continues too, as she records her fifth ace to move to 40-0. Robson takes the next point with some aggressive hitting from inside the court, but an excellent second serve seals the game for Erakovic.

Robson *1-6 2-3 ErakovicBREAK! Robson benefits from a fortuitous net cord once more to get to 30-0, but Erakovic draws the Brit into the court before executing the passing shot. Robson nets to give Erakovic 30-30, but an ace on the line brings up game point. However, the left-hander then makes successive errors and it is break point for Erakovic, which she takes when Robson goes wide with a forehand.

Robson 1-6 2-4* ErakovicRobson needs to find some inspiration on Erakovic's serve, and she fires a return past the forehand of the New Zealander to earn 15-15. Now then, a stunning cross-court winner takes her to 15-30, before she takes advantage of a slip from her opponent to earn two break points. That's hugely impressive from Erakovic though, who saves both with an ace and a driven forehand winner. Another ace then takes her to game point, which she swiftly seals when Robson sends a return long.

Robson *1-6 3-4 ErakovicIt's imperative that Robson holds serve here. She begins positively, moving into a 30-15 advantage, before Erakovic narrowly misses the line with a forehand. The New Zealander rockets a return straight back at Robson, but the Brit replies with a one-two off her serve to take the game.

Robson 1-6 3-5* ErakovicThis is just too good from Erakovic. Firstly, she finds the line with a forehand, before she takes Robson out wide before converting the winner. The Brit then nets a return, and Erakovic moves one away from the fourth round with another ace. That game was pretty much perfection.

Robson *1-6 4-5 ErakovicAn ace gets Robson off to the perfect start, and that is improved when Erakovic nets. The world number 71 opts to halt play mid-point to challenge a call, which is incorrect, and it's two game points to Robson. She misses out with the first, but a serve out wide force Erakovic to serve for the match.

Robson 1-6 5-5* ErakovicBREAK! Robson shows plenty of aggression in taking the opening point with a return, but she goes wide with the next and it's 15-15. She shows more power to find the corner with a cross-court backhand to move two away from the break. Wow...Erakovic shanks a second serve and it's two break points! Robson tries to keep on the offensive, but she sends a forehand long, but she stuns her opponent with a forehand winner and she is back in this match! Now then...

Robson *1-6 6-5 ErakovicAfter Robson takes the first point, Erakovic is unlucky to fall victim to a poor call from the lines judge, but she still takes the replayed point. Where has this Laura Robson been? Two quick points, the second of which is an ace out wide, and she has two game points. The New Zealander saves the first, but Robson shows immense speed to chase down a drop shot to put away the winner.

Robson 1-6 7-5* ErakovicBREAK AND SET! All the focus is now on Erakovic. Will she hold her nerve? Two huge serves earn her the first two points, but Robson hits successive returns back at her opponent for 30-30. Huge point coming up. Erakovic double faults! SET POINT for Robson. Another double fault! UNBELIEVABLE! What a turnaround...

3.21pmThat was an incredible recovery from Robson. She was out of this game at 5-3 down in this set. The crowd are going nuts!

Robson *1-6 7-5 1-0 ErakovicRobson takes the first two points, the second of which is her fourth ace, but an impressive backhand volley keeps Erakovic in the game. However, she then makes a glaring error when attempting a drop shot, and Robson takes the game when her opponent can't handle her power from the baseline. This is the first time that Robson has been ahead in the match.

Robson 1-6 7-5 2-0* ErakovicBREAK! Erakovic needs to take a step back, and compose herself. She's under a barrage from Robson right now. She edges 30-0 ahead, but a forehand error and a double fault bring Robson back to 30-30. Erakovic's forehand has gone missing, and another goes long for break point to Robson. What a reply though, a super ace out wide and we are at deuce. She can't hold off Robson's power though, who forces Erakovic into two more mistakes, and she takes the initiative in the set.

Robson *1-6 7-5 3-0 ErakovicUh Oh. It was going too well, wasn't it? Robson goes marginally wide with a backhand, before making an error off the baseline. A double fault then hands Erakovic three break points, but the first is saved with a forehand winner. The second is saved when Erakovic goes millimetres wide with a return, and incredibly, the third is saved when Erakovic stops play to dispute a first serve, and it's called in. What a point! Robson is in inspired form now. Erakovic looks in charge of the point before Robson chases down a drop shot to force the error, and she holds serve when Erakovic goes long off a return. Massive hold. Massive, massive hold...

Robson 1-6 7-5 4-0* ErakovicBREAK! Erakovic begins with a double fault, which she follows up with a forehand error. Missed opportunity for Robson, who can't put away a forehand to bring up three break points, but some superb net play brings up two of them. Unbelievable...just, unbelievable. Erakovic double faults once more, and Robson has the double break.

Robson *1-6 7-5 4-1 ErakovicBREAK! The pair trade mistakes for 15-15, but Erakovic shows some raw power with a forehand winner. She follows that by going close with a cross-court backhand, but a huge, HUGE forehand from the baseline brings up break point. She has taken the shackles off, but she can't convert her opportunity, and it's deuce. Robson is struggling to get over the line in this one, and a wild forehand give her opponent a second break point, but the Brit steps in to save it once again. However, she can't save another, and Erakovic recovers one of the breaks. This isn't over.

Robson 1-6 7-5 4-2* ErakovicThat was Erakovic's first game in nine, and the confidence looks back as she dominates Robson from the back of the court for 30-0. The New Zealand player moves to game point, but another slip from the 25-year-old allow Robson to remain in the game. It doesn't matter though, as she powers another ace past the Brit. Important game coming up...

Robson *1-6 7-5 5-2 ErakovicRobson needs to respond here, and she starts well with an ace down the middle. She looks in charge of the next point, but Erakovic finds the line with a backhand. The Brit looks nervous and she makes the error for 30-30, but a fine topspin forehand proves to be a winner and she has game point. Can she take it? The answer is YES, with Erakovic going wide from the back of the court. Just one game away...

Robson 1-6 7-5 5-3* ErakovicIntelligent play from Robson, who wrong-foots her opponent on the opening point, who then double faults once more and the Brit is two points away from the fourth round. That's a fine response from the New Zealander, who puts away a neat volley at the net, which is followed up with her 12th ace for 30-30. It's MATCH POINT to Robson after a return just clears the net, but she can't convert off a solid serve from Erakovic. So close from the 19-year-old, who misses the tramline by an inch, and Erakovic saves the match with a serve out wide.

Robson *1-6 7-5 6-3 ErakovicIt's a poor start from Robson, who nets from the baseline, and she can't handle with a backhand slice from Erakovic, who has 0-30. Robson hits back back with a fast first serve, before a stunning forehand on the run forces Erakovic to frame a volley. It's another MATCH POINT for Robson, who finds the line with a second. Can she do it? YES SHE CAN! What a winner!

4.04pmLadies and gentleman, take a breath. Laura Robson, take a bow. That was an incredible match, which made for an incredible occasion, which was created by an incredible fightback from a player we forget who is just 19 years of age. Stunning!

4.05pmReaction from Laura coming up...

4.07pmThe 19-year-old tells BBC Sport: "I was getting my butt kicked. I was really struggling with her serve, so I just tried to work as hard as possible and stick with it until she got nervous, and that's what happened."

4.08pmThe left-hander added: "The crowd were amazing. Honestly, it was totally amazing out there today, and I am so, so happy to be through. I couldn't of done it without them."

4.11pmYou get the feeling that match was a career-changer. She was completely out of the match at one stage. All of the credit has to go to Robson, but she was certainly helped out a little by Erakovic, who got extremely tight for such an experienced player.

4.12pmThat's all from Sports Mole for this match. Robson will be back in action on Monday, when she will play either Alison Riske or Kaia Kanepi for a place in the quarter-finals. Goodbye for now.

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Great Britain's Laura Robson celebrates winning the first set against Russia's Maria Kirilenko on June 25, 2013
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