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Live Commentary: Novak Djokovic vs. Andy Murray - as it happened

Read how Andy Murray ended Great Britain's 77-year wait for men's Wimbledon champion by defeating Novak Djokovic.
Live Commentary: Djokovic vs. Murray - as it happened
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After a tournament full of upsets, the world's top two players were still standing the men's Wimbledon final this afternoon.

The pressure was heaped on Andy Murray, taking on number one seed Novak Djokovic, in front of an expectant home crowd.

This year the Scot managed to deliver a straight-sets victory and end Great Britain's wait for Wimbledon champion.

Read how Murray did it in dramatic fashion to the end the 77-year wait for a British men's champion in our minute-by-minute updates below.

Despite all of the upsets at this year's tournament, here we are in the men's final with the top two seeds still standing. It's Novak Djokovic vs. Andy Murray and you couldn't be better placed than here on Sports Mole.

These two are undoubtedly the world's two best players at the moment. Yes, the greats of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are far from finished, but Djokovic and Murray have taken up the top-two rivalry in men's tennis.

Before Murray's withdrawal at last month's French Open, the pair had met in the previous two Grand Slam finals, with one win apiece. Djokovic overcame Murray for his fourth Australian Open in January while Murray was the better man back in New York at the US Open last September.

H2H: These two are the same age and have grown up on the Tour together. Djokovic broke into the top echelons of the game first but Murray is right up there with him now. They've met 18 times in total, with Djokovic leading the head-to-head 11-7. The last time they met was in Melbourne at the Aussie Open final where Djokovic came through by three sets to one.

Eighteen meetings but only one on grass between the pair. That was at last summer's Olympics in the semi-final when Murray, spurred on by the fervent home crowd, took out Djokovic in two straight sets.

HOW THEY GOT HERE: It's been perhaps the Wimbledon with the most upsets ever. Federer and Nadal went early in the men's, while Serena and Sharapova bit the dust in the women's. Djokovic and Murray haven't succumbed to the pressure though and this is who they've defeated to reach the final.

Djokovic: bt Mayer 3-0, bt Reynolds 3-0, bt Chardy 3-0, bt Haas 3-0, bt Berdych 3-0, bt Del Potro 3-2

Murray: bt Becker 3-0, bt Lu 3-0, bt Robredo 3-0, bt Youzhny 3-0, bt Verdasco 3-2, bt Janowicz 3-1

As you can see, Djokovic hadn't dropped a set until Friday's semi-final against Juan Martin del Potro. It was one of the greatest matches ever with twist and turns galore. Read our summary here.

WEATHER WATCH: We have had a few rain delays at this year's tournament but this weekend has seen a heatwave hit the UK. It's blisteringly hot in South West London with temperatures around the 30-degree mark. There'll be no need for the roof today.

Despite the expectant home crowd baying for Djokovic's blood, the Serb is the world number one and favourite with the bookies at about 8/11. A tweet from BBC Sport earlier presents some good omens for Mr Murray: "Virginia Wade won #Wimbledon in ‘77, a British man last won the singles title at Wimbledon 77 years ago and today’s date is 7/7." Spooky eh?

CELEB SPOT: As always on men's finals day, there's a host of famous faces in Centre Court's Royal Box. Wayne and Coleen Rooney are settled in their seats near to Victoria Beckham. There are also many big names from the political world with Scottish politician Alex Salmond, Labour leader Ed Miliband and Prime Minister David Cameron.

The two men are on their way down through the pristine corridors of Centre Court. They'll emerge to a huge roar in just a few moments.

PREDICTION! With Djoko and Muzza due to take to court in just a few seconds, it's time for my prediction. I'm going to side with Murray to win it in four or five sets. Don't prove me wrong, Andy.

Djokovic and Murray stride out not carrying anything in their toothpaste-white outfits. Behind them is Doug Dixon, who has worked at the All England Club for 40 years, with this his last year working at the Championships. It looks tough work for him as the bags are so big these days.

Djokovic wins the toss and elects to serve. A few photos later and we're now into the warm-up.

According to Wimbledon's chief groundsman, the temperature inside the cauldron of Centre Court is nearing 40 degrees celsius! These two are mighty fit, though, and should be able to handle the heat.

It's been labelled Murray Mount and Robson Ridge at the Championships, but for me the patch of grass outside No. 1 Court will always be Henman Hill. There's absolutely no room on there today as fans queued for hours on end to secure a spot to watch the big screen and soak up the expectant atmosphere.

Today's umpire is Sweden's Mohamed Lahyani and he announces that it was in fact Murray who won the toss and opted to choose sides, not serve. It will be Djoko to serve first slightly into the sun.

Both men take to their chairs for the final time. Here we go.

"First set, Novak Djokovic to serve. Ready? Play."

Some way to start! It's a mammoth rally that's won by Murray as Djokovic doesn't quite deal with the spin of his slice and pushes a forehand wide. Just the 20 strokes, that one. If it continues like that then we could be here for a looooooooong time.

Murray returns deep off Djokovic's second serve and the Serb can't handle it. 0-30.

ANOTHER missed groundstroke from Djoko and it's THREE EARLY BREAK POINTS for Muzza...

Murray can't return Djokovic's first serve and that's one saved.

The second is saved as well as the Serb tentatively hits Murray's high lob back to the Scot but he can't prod it back over from way behind the baseline. One left...

It goes begging too as Murray plays a little too defensively. Back to deuce.

Djokovic holds thanks to five straight points after being 0-40 down. It's an encouraging start for Murray but let's not praise him too much. That is a big chance squandered. Yes, it's the opening game but he can't fail to capitalise on 0-40 advantages like that if he's going to win today.

Just 77mph behind Murray's second serve there but Djokovic still can't get his return in. The Serb will be looking to cash in on those weak serves throughout. 30-0.

Murray's first ACE brings up 40-0 before Djokovic wins his first point against serve with a lashed forehand crosscourt that Murray can't respond to.

Another ACE up the middle from Murray and that's game. Djokovic stares at the line but decides not to challenge. If he had then he would have been right as Hawk-Eye shows that it was just wide.

Djokovic attempts the first drop shot of the match. The ball looks like it's going to pop onto the line perfectly but it clips the tape and that pops it just out. 15-15.

Murray goes back behind Djokovic with a backhand and he has his fourth BREAK POINT of the match. Can he take it?

Nope. It's another giant, 25-stroke rally that Djokovic wins. The crowd thought that one of Djokovic's shots was out and clammered for the line judge to call it so. Umpire Lahyani tells them to keep quiet during points but I doubt they'll be able to.

Murray should have another break point as Djoko's drop volley is poor, but the Scot frames an easy forehand way long. Djokovic can't close out the game as he misses with that backhand up the line and we're back to deuce.


Saved by a Djoko serve but now Murray has another.

And again he can't take it, this time dumping a forehand into the net. That's SIX break points the Scot has been unable to convert. Come on lad!

Number seven...

BREAK! At last! Murray goes on the attack and pulls Djokovic wide with a crosscourt forehand before going back behind the Serb with a backhand.

We've played just three games and the clock is already at 20 minutes. We could be here for a while!

By the way, if you manually refresh this page now you'll be able to see a picture of Murray and Djokovic all smiles at the net before play.

Djokovic has put on his baseball cap for the next game because of the sunlight. He begins with some big hitting that Murray can't handle. 0-30.

Djokovic has stepped up the pace and he's now got THREE BREAK-BACK POINTS. I don't think he'll waste the opportunity in the same way Murray did in the opening game.

The first is saved as the Serb looks for a forehand up the line but pushes it just long.

BREAK BACK! Murray strikes a sweet backhand crosscourt but Djokovic is equal to it and Murray can't then get his next groundstroke over. Parity restored.

Djokovic will be praying for an easy service game now. On both of his previous ones Murray has been all over him.

He begins well with a wrongfooting backhand pass and then his first ACE. 30-0.

Djokovic moves to 40-0 but we're now back to 40-30 as Murray swats a clean forehand winner crosscourt after Djokovic failed to put away a simple volley on the point before.

Murray digs out a perfect defensive lob with Djokovic at the net. The Serb has to track back and loop a forehand back into play. Murray could start another rally but decides to go for the jugular. His forehand slaps the tape and does pop over onto Djokovic's side but it's just wide.

Impressive stuff from Murray as he starts with an ACE before three winners in a row, the first of which was an extremely tough overhead from right at the back of the court. The first love-hold of the match.

Brilliant stuff from Murray! He guesses right on Djokovic's smash and launches a backhand to the Serb before a lob that Djoko puts back into court, with Murray swiping a backhand winner to move 0-15 ahead.

Djokovic hits wide with a forehand before shooting long with an easy backhand and it's THREE BREAK POINTS for Murray.

Surely Murray can't throw away a 0-40 lead again?

BREAK! He doesn't! Djokovic's kicking second serve out wide is a good one, but Murray gets it back in play and Djokovic can't do the same with his backhand.

The stats are so in Murray's favour at the moment. Look at this:

Winners: Djokovic 3-11 Murray
Unforced errors: Djokovic 13-4 Murray

He doesn't begin well in the next service game though, delivering a first DOUBLE FAULT of the match.

And another! It's 0-30 Djokovic. Last time Murray broke he allowed Djokovic back in straight away and it looks like he's going to do that again.

Murray follows that up with a forehand winner but Djokovic's depth is too good on the next and he has TWO BREAK-BACK POINTS...

Murray saves the first and then there's an awful bit of confusion and some awful umpiring from Lahyani. He correctly says that Djokovic's shot is long but doesn't stop the point and the pair continue before Murray volleys away. Djokovic isn't happy because he thought the point was stopped but his shot was out so the right man won the point.

Djoko then with a poor forehand and Murray has the chance to hold.

He can't do so as Djokovic is forced to smash a second time and does put it away.

Both men go hammer and tong in a 26-stroke rally that Djokovic comes out on top of as Murray hits long. Another BREAK-BACK POINT for NoDjo.

Big forehand from Murray followed by a simple put-away volley saves it. That's gutsy from the Scot.

I'm still thinking about that ludicrous umpiring from Lahyani as Djokovic successfully challenges an ace from Murray.

Djoko then hits long and shows a first sign of frustration. Murray with a game point.

Murray attacks the Djokovic forehand and the Serb's shot on the slide doesn't make it over. That's a huge hold from Murray, he's soaked in sweat but is now one game away from the opening set.

Murray is fortunate on the opening point as his pass flicks up off the tape and past Djokovic for a winner. Djoko then double faults and he's 0-30 down.

We're back to 30-30 now as Murray plonks a forehand onto the baseline but Djokovic is extremely lucky as his forehand has all the pace taken off it and Murray can only frame it over. He still has a chance to win the point though but prods a volley wide.

Djoko serves and volleys at 40-30, missing the backhand volley and then slipping over to bring it back to deuce.

Murray will feel that he had the chance to earn a set point in that game. He couldn't though and Djokovic puts away a backhand winner to force the Scot to serve it out. Massive game coming up.

Murray needs his first serve to work in this game and he gets one to start that Djoko loops back, with Murray booming a big forehand that the Serb can't handle. 15-0.

And now 30-0 thanks to an ACE.

THREE SET POINTS for Murray as Djokovic frames a return.

SET! Four first serves get the job done for Murray. Again Djokovic hooks his return wide at 40-0 and that's the set.

It's not often you can say that a 10-game set takes one hour. It was a real tough slog for both men but Djokovic simply wasn't good enough on serve there.

Some stats from the opening set:

Total points won: Djokovic 30-40 Murray
Winners: Djokovic 6-17 Murray
Unforced errors: Djokovic 17-6 Murray

That makes good reading for Muzza! He's just won the opening point of the second set too.

Four straight points from Djoko after that though and he holds to start the second. On the final point Murray pinged a forehand crosscourt that was called out. The Scot looks up at the umpire to ask how close it was, deciding not to challenge. He should have done though as Hawk-Eye shows that it clipped the paint.

A blocked return goes long for Djokovic but then he again gets the better of Murray in an extended rally, getting some luck off the tape that upsets Murray's balance so he pokes a flat forehand long.

Murray's sixth ACE moves him to 30-15. Djoko has one, by the way.

A careless forehand from Djokovic gives Murray two game points. The Serb is angry with himself and swats away the next second serve to make up for that limp forehand on the last.

Brilliant depth and then touch from Djokovic. He forces Murray back and then delivers a perfect slice to the corner and we're back at deuce.

"Correction!" snaps Lahyani as Murray's serve is called out. It was in fact long but Djoko didn't challenge.

Murray has another first serve then and he delivers it definitely inside the box this time before Djokovic pushes a forehand long to gift Murray a tough hold.

Murray looks threatening at 15-30 but Djokovic moves to game point thanks to a perfect deep approach and then his second ACE.

Three points in a row for Djokovic as he deals well with Murray's deep lob, smashing deep to the Scot's backhand that can't put it back in play.

Djokovic with a good start as he looks to break Murray's serve, plopping a return right onto the baseline that Murray can't half-volley back.

Fabulous stuff from Murray! Djokovic pulls off a deep defensive lob but it doesn't trouble the Scot as he turns and fires a forehand right onto the sideline.

On the long rallies it's been Djokovic who always attacks the ball and he does so again before putting away the volley. 15-30.

Such good hitting from both men but yet again it's Djokovic who wins through a tough rally and he now has TWO BREAK POINTS...

BREAK! Murray with a tentative first serve but he's in the ascendency before netting an in-to-out forehand to hand his opponent the first break of the second set.

Murray begins the next game with a bullish backhand return that even Mr Bendy can't return.

And now it's 15-30 to the Scot as Djokovic slips right over mid-rally. No sign of an injury which is good.

Murray misses with a simple backhand return and then Djokovic pulls off a stunning stop volley to move to game point. Can he consolidate the break?

Yep. A good first serve out wide is sliced into the net from Murray and Djokovic clenches his fist in celebration. That's a big hold from the world number one.

Murray had been struggling on serve from the end opposite to the Royal Box and he's put a cap on now to try and deal with the sunlight. Both men sporting them now.

Djokovic opens with a lucky forehand that dribbles over the net cord before two missed forehands allows Murray ahead.

A reassuring hold to 15 from Muzza. I'd keep the cap on if I were you! Can he now trouble Djoko's serve and break back?

It's a nervy start from the Serb as he double faults with the new balls.

Murray's defensive forehand lands right on the baseline and then he attacks with a backhand and Djokovic can't float it into play. 0-30.

Poor return from Murray allows Djokovic to get on the board in this game.

TWO BREAK-BACK POINTS for Murray as he gets ever so lucky with a forehand pass that clips the net, making it impossible for Djokovic at the net.

The first is gone as Djokovic's backhand finds the line and Murray produces a nothing reply.

Great defence from Murray but then a backhand barely gets halfway up the net. He's played poorly on break points today. Back to deuce.

Slap! Murray prevents Djokovic holding with a flashy backhand return winner. Why doesn't he do that more often?

A third break point of the game for Murray now as he responds to Djokovic's angled forehand with a rocket of his own.

BREAK BACK! Double fault!! Djokovic delivers those so rarely but that's already his third of the match.

That just typifies the world number one's serving today. He's looked far from comfortable all afternoon and if Murray had been more clinical on break points then it wouldn't be this close.

Djoko is up to 25 unforced errors with Murray only just into double figures on 10.

Murray moves to 30-0 as Djokovic's volley swerves just wide. Murray curled home a lovely pass anyway so the Serb decides not to challenge.

We're back to 30-30 now though as Djokovic's slice is perfectly onto the baseline and Murray fires way long with a loopy forehand. Massive point.

Again Djokovic chips a backhand deep and Murray can't get his lob deep enough so it's BREAK POINT DJOKO...

ACE! Djokovic challenges and it looks like the mark is out but it just caught the line. How important could that be?

Djokovic is now out of challenges as well.

Murray's first serve earns him the chance to hold but he can't take it as Djokovic blocks back a monstrous serve before the Scot slices into the net.


Well saved! A one-two-three punch from Murray sees off Djokovic. He has to hold here!

He does! A bold drop shot at deuce earned him game point and this time he comes through with a serve right on the line that Djokovic can't get back.

Djokovic moves to 40-0 on serve with a superb diving volley after it looked like Murray had dug out a pass up the line.

That's Djokovic's first hold to love and a good way to recover after losing his serve last time out. Can Murray now hold to prevent Djokovic snatching the set?

Brilliant depth from the Serb to begin the game. Murray can't handle it. 0-15.

Murray is a little fortunate on the next as his approach is weak but Djokovic nets the pass. It's now 30-15 as the Scot bangs down a 131mph ACE.

Tense times at 30-30 as Djokovic attacks and Murray's high lob bounces just wide.

Djokovic carves Murray's first serve into the net before he then hits long from a second serve to make it easy for Murray to hold.

One of Djokovic's least favourite shots is the overhead, but he puts one away to start the game before Murray responds with a precise backhand pass that the Serb can't get a decent racket on. 15-15.

Djokovic is out of challenges and he's fuming that Murray's ball isn't called out. However, Hawk-Eye shows that it was in so he needs to keep schtum. 15-30.


The first is saved thanks to a big serve and smash from Djoko. Can Murray convert?

BREAK! The Scot directs Djokovic's serve into play and he then dumps a high forehand into the net. That's a huge moment in this match as Murray will now serve for a two-set lead.

Djokovic needs to regain his cool here after that tantrum in the last game. He doesn't begin well as he goes for a backhand winner but pulls it wide. Remember, he has no challenges left.

BIG serve out wide from Murray is unreturned by Djokovic. 30-0. Two more points.

Dear oh dear Djoko! He fires way long with a return and it's THREE SET POINTS...

SET! Murray's ninth ACE seals the set. The world number two is now just one set away from becoming the first British man in 77 years to win Wimbledon.

Murray won six of the last seven games to take that set after being 4-1 down.

Here's some updated stats:

Total points won: Djokovic 67-80 Murray
Winners: Djokovic 17-28 Murray
Unforced errors: Djokovic 29-7 Murray

Both players head off court for a bathroom break to cool themselves down. It's still scorching inside Centre Court but Djokovic needs to calm it mentally as well.

Here's a tweet from American journalist Bill Simmons that sums up what will happen in the next few hours: "We're either headed for one of Great Britain's greatest sports moments or one of Great Britain's biggest sports heartbreaks (with no in-between)."

Poor start to the third for Djokovic. First Murray entices him forward with a short slice that Djokovic nets before he is careless with a backhand down the line. 0-30.

Djokovic pulls it back to 30-30 but it's now BREAK POINT MURRAY as the Scot tracks down a drop shot and flicks a forehand down the line that Djokovic can't react to quick enough.

BREAK! Djokovic's backhand slice is called in, but Murray challenges and he's right too! That's now seven of the last eight games that the Scot has won.

Yes, Djokovic is clearly reeling here but if there's one man in world tennis who could salvage this it is the world number one. Do not think of this match as over yet.

Here's an encouraging stat for Murray fans: He has won the last 76 games he's played when going two sets ahead.

A love-hold for Murray is simply the perfect way to back up that early break. Four more games will win him Wimbledon.

If Djokovic is going to mount a comeback, it doesn't look like it's going to happen anytime soon. It's eight points in a row for Murray as Djoko opens with a double fault before a poor volley allows Murray to pass with a backhand.

We're back to 30-30 now though as Murray's forehand pass slaps into the net before Djokovic calmly puts away a backhand.

Three winners in a row see Djokovic come through that game after being 0-30 behind. Will that inspire him to break Murray back?

Another encouraging stat for Murray, courtesy of @ITF_Tennis on Twitter: "With Murray 2-0 ahead, @DjokerNole looking to become the 1st man to recover from 0-2 down in a #Wimbledon final since Henri Cochet in 1927."

Not a good start to his service game for Murray. First he stops the point to incorrectly challenge Djokovic's shot before shooting way long with a backhand. Djokovic recovered from 0-30 in the last, can Murray match that?

He finds two first serves, neither of which Djoko can return and we're back to 30-30.

Djokovic wins through the first epic rally in quite a while and he's got BREAK-BACK POINT...

BREAK! What a shocker from Muzza! He did so well to take control of the point but then missed a volley with half of the court to aim at.

Supreme skill from Djokovic to pull off a drop-shot winner with Murray threatening at 0-15.

Djoko then finds just his third ACE of the match to edge 30-15 ahead.

Four quick points from the world number one see him hold to 15 and take the lead in the third set for the first time. It's still on serve though so Murray fans need not panic.

It's now crucial for Murray to put an end to this mini Djokovic revival and hold serve. He doesn't start brilliantly as Djokovic plays another drop shot (he's played a few recently) and Murray can't get his reply over.

Six points on the trot for Djoko as Murray wildly hits long with an easy forehand. 0-30.

Nice backhand pass from Murray stops the rot but he dumps the next backhand into the net and Djokovic has TWO BREAK POINTS...

BREAK! It's four games in a row for Djokovic as Murray is again careless with a groundstroke. What a turnaround on Centre Court.

I'm almost certain that Djokovic's surge has happened since he took his cap off.

Murray's on the prowl at 0-30 but then nets a backhand volley that would have earned him three break-back points. He's still ahead in this game though, come on lad.

Composed stuff from Murray at the net and he's got TWO BREAK-BACK POINTS...

Djoko saves the first with a one-two serve-forehand punch. One left for Murray. He needs it!

BREAK BACK! Murray steps into a forehand and Djokovic's pass down the line flies long. We're back level in the third!

Just as two A-listers in Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler are spotted in the crowd, Murray plays a Hollywood forehand that brings it back to 15-15.

Loose forehand from Djokovic at 30-30 and Murray has a chance to come through another tough examination on serve.

SHOT! Murray shows supreme agility to change direction and reach Djokovic's drop shot before curling a forehand onto the baseline. That could be huge!

Murray latches on to Djokovic's serve and rifles back a forehand that the Serb can't handle. 0-15.

Djoko doesn't let that faze him, delivering an ACE!

INCREDIBLE couple of points from Murray and he's got TWO BREAK POINTS...

BREAK! Djokovic nets and now Andy Murray will serve for the Wimbledon title.

The crowd are worked up into a fever, chanting "Murray! Murray! Murray!" What huge pressure there is now on the Scot! Will Djokovic roll over or does he still believe he can do this? Here we go.

One down as Djokovic fires long with a win-or-bust backhand.

Two down, two to go. This time Djokovic goes for the drop shot but Murray is alive and puts away a forehand.

One more point as Djokovic hits long!

Fair play to Djokovic. He saves it with some gutsy play at the net. TWO CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS LEFT.

And now a return winner from Djoko. One left..

Murray hits long! That's three championship points gone.

Oh dear! Murray fluffs a forehand and it's BREAK-BACK POINT DJOKOVIC!

Murray finds a first serve when he needs it and we're back to deuce. This is crazy!

Unbelievable! Djokovic picks up a half-volley and it pops over the tape for another BREAK POINT...

SAVED! What a point! Murray's length was exceptional and somehow he puts away a forehand. I can't describe just how nerve-wracking this must be.

Incredible from Djokovic. He gets to Murray's drop shot and flicks a winner crosscourt. A third break point for the Serb.

Saved again by Murray! A big forehand to the corner followed by a backhand volley. This is just ridiculous.

Brilliant from Murray! He's got another CHAMPIONSHIP POINT after some amazing defence!




Both men embrace at the net before Murray walks out and doesn't really know what to do in front of a jubilant Centre Court. What an incredible final game to finish as well. Fit for a tournament that has been full of twists and turns, right to the death!

Murray's now making his way up to the Centre Court box where all his family are waiting. This has become customary now. It's classy to see Andy's mum Judy congratulated by the parents of Djokovic.

BBC Sport's Sue Barker takes to the court and announces who will make the presentation. We're just minutes away from Murray receiving the famous trophy.

Umpire Mohamed Lahyani receives his medal first but it wasn't his best match. That moment when he called out but allowed the point to continue was just plain wrong.

Djokovic receives his runner-up plate and gets a huge roar from the crowd. They're just waiting for Murray now.

Murray's name is called and he limbers up to receive the majestic gold trophy, lifting it up for the crowd before cradling it close to his chest.

Djokovic will be the first to speak. He admits that he threw everything at Murray but it wasn't enough. He then graciously congratulates Murray and his team.

Here comes Murray...

Murray says that it feels "slightly different" to last year when he lost to Federer. Just a bit, Andy!

Barker says that it was tortuous to watch that final game and Andy says: "Imagine what it was like playing it!"

Murray says that this victory is especially for Ivan (Lendl) his coach. He describes his coach as "patient" because he is not the easiest person to work with.

When asked if he remembers what happened on the final point, Murray says that he has no idea.

"I have no idea how long that last game went on for."

Murray is now pleasing the countless photographers by holding the trophy aloft and trying his best to manufacture a smile. Those complaining about the Scot's dour demeanour simply need to recognise that that is his personality.

Djokovic is now making his way off court but he doesn't trudge off sombrely, stopping to sign the customary autographs at the corner.

Murray, meanwhile, is still out there and there's a gasp from the crowd as he finally takes to his seat after a lap of honour and the lid of the trophy falls off. Don't worry, he hasn't broken it.

He's now making his way back inside and that's that on Centre Court on what has been a phenomenal day again at the All England Club. The best Championships ever? Surely right up there.

Anyway, that's us all done here on Sports Mole. Thanks for joining us today and throughout the tournament. It's been fun, hasn't it? If you're only just joining us then either relive it all below or read our match report here. Goodbye!

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