Live Commentary: US Open day nine - as it happened

Live Commentary: US Open day nine - as it happened
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Sports Mole brings you live coverage from the US Open, where the likes of Novak Djokovic and Maria Sharapova will be in action.

Good afternoon and welcome to Sports Mole's live commentary from day nine of the US Open in New York.

We are really heading towards the business end of the tournament now, with the men competing for slots in the quarter-finals, while the world's best women are battling for semi-final places.

The likes of Maria Sharapova, Novak Djokovic and the retiring Andy Roddick will all be in action before the day is over.

As always we will have EVERYTHING covered right here.

3.01amSo, we haven't had much luck tonight but make sure you return to Sports Mole tomorrow. Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray are all scheduled to play if rain stays away long enough in New York. Goodnight everyone.

3.00amIt has been confirmed that Bartoli vs. Sharapova will be the first match on Arthur Ashe tomorrow followed by the completion of Roddick vs. Del Potro.

2.57amDavid Ferrer did complete his victory over Richard Gasquet tonight and the Spaniard will be happy to have secured his spot in the quarter-finals before the weather disrupted play for the third time.

2.55amThe schedule for tomorrow has yet to be announced but Maria Sharapova's match with Marion Bartoli will also need to be completed after being interrupted by rain earlier.

2.54amTipsarevic is currently leading Kohlschreiber 5-2 in the first set of their clash and Djokovic holds a 2-0 advantage over Wawrinka in the opening set of their contest.

2.52amI told you that the signs were not good for tonight and the USTA have confirmed my fears. Tonight's session has been officially cancelled due to the weather, with Roddick and Del Potro tied at 6-6 in the first set.

2.46amTomorrow's schedule has not been confirmed due to the rain of course but it looks like it will be packed full of matches. However, with more rain expected it's hard to believe that the tournament will get back to normal on Wednesday.

2.39amSorry to shower you with bad news (I'm really sorry about that pun too) but the rain is yet to stop so we're still waiting for the statement form the organisers.

2.32amIf the weather continues like this for the rest of the week, the tournament looks destined to finish on a Monday for the fourth successive year.

2.27amThe USTA have confirmed that they will release a statement regarding the possibility of more play tonight within the next 30 minutes.

2.20amThe forecast is currently suggesting that the rain is here to stay for possibly the next two hours. It remains unclear how long the organisers will wait before abandoning play for the day.

2.18amDel Potro has the class to beat anyone when he is at his best so Roddick needs to force the seventh seed to move around the court to disrupt his rhythm.

2.15amSo, what did we learn before the rain interrupted again? Roddick definitely started the better of the two players but Del Potro showed signs of his best form when he broke Roddick's serve. The American had a lot of joy at the net early on but his shot placement needs to be better if he is to trouble Del Potro.

2.08amThe rain is very heavy now and the players could be off for a while yet.

2.06amWhat a frustrating day at Flushing Meadows. I've considered making some awful puns about the rain to fill the time. I'll keep you posted.

2.01amAll three matches have now been interrupted due to the rain. Tipsarevic is leading Kohlschreiber 5-2 inside the grandstand and Djokovic has broken Wawrinka's serve early to lead 2-0.

1.58amThe news gets worse and the players are leaving the court now. Hopefully it's a passing shower and they will return soon. The first set is currently level at 6-6 with Del Potro leading the tie-breaker 1-0.

1.57amIt may only be a shower but there's a possibility of some heavy downpours soon. Roddick looks happy enough as he shares a smile with his entourage in the crowd.

1.55amBad news, the umpire comes down from his chair as the rain returns and he tells the players that it's not safe to continue. The shower starts to get heavier and this is not a good sign.

1.54amRoddick wins the first point of the tie-breaker on his own serve with a forehand winner.

1.54amDjokovic has started his match against Wawrinka in the Louis Armstrong Stadium.

1.53amDel Potro double faults but he quickly recovers to hold and the first set will be decided by a tie-breaker.

1.52amDel Potro shows his class by following a trademark powerful serve with a drop shot that Roddick doesn't attempt to return. The Argentine then lobs Roddick to extend his lead in the game.

1.49amRoddick holds and it's now 6-5 to the 30-year-old.

1.48amAn ace from Roddick saves the break point and he moves ahead with a well placed forehand winner.

1.47amIt's a break point for Del Potro as Roddick tries to force the issue with a wild forehand that flies long.

1.47amIt's a good reply from Del Potro as the big man moves well before punishing a short ball from Roddick to force deuce.

1.46amRoddick comes out on top in the biggest rally of the match so far. Both players trade forehands but the American delivers a perfect shot to move closer to holding a vital game.

1.44amTwo huge serves gives Roddick a lead but a venture into the net doesn't pay off as Del Potro delivers a backhand winner. 30-15.

1.43amThe complexion of this set has changed quickly and Roddick now looks the player under more pressure.

1.42amSuperb from Del Potro as he moves Roddick around the court before unleashing a fierce forehand winner. An ace gives him the game and it's now 5-5.

1.41amDel Potro has the momentum now and two big serves give him a 30-0 lead.

1.40amDel Potro breaks back Roddick looks to end a rally quickly but a big forehand has a little too much speed and it travels too long. The first set is back on serve.

1.39amDel Potro challenges a Roddick forehand and he's correct. The ball was clearly wrong and that's a poor error. Break point for the Argentine.

1.37amDel Potro tries to be more aggressive and the tactic pays off when Roddick's attempt at a high return lands a foot out of play.

1.36amRoddick edges closer to the first set with two big first serves that Del Potro has no reply to.

1.35amDel Potro holds and there is signs that he has started to find his rhythm but it could be too late in the first set. Roddick will serve for the opener.

1.34amWhat a rally! Del Potro defends brilliantly to stay in the exchange long enough to deliver a forehand to make it 30-30.

1.33amRoddick is treating the crowd to some glorious shots as a beautiful forehand hands him a lead in this vital game. Del Potro looks frustrated but it's not clear why. The American fans voice their anger at the seventh seed.

1.30amFerrer is through to the quarter-finals The Spaniard completes a comfortable victory over Richard Gasquet 7-5 7-6 6-4.

1.29amIt's an important hold and Roddick leads 5-2. Del Potro will now serve to stay in the first set.

1.28amSuperb from Roddick, the home crowd favourite takes advantage of a short ball by delivering a backhand towards the corner of the baseline for a winner.

1.26amDel Potro has break point when Roddick rushes a backhand and hits the net, big moment.

1.26amAnother big serve gives Roddick the lead but a mistimed drop shot hits the net and it's deuce.

1.24amThere looks to be a way back for Del Potro in this game as Roddick hits the ball out of play with a backhand down the line.

1.24amThe American looks on top form tonight. A big serve evades Del Potro and he follows it with a delicate drop shot that his opponent fails to reach.

1.22amRoddick breaks Del Potro picks the gap to the side of Roddick with a beautiful forehand to drag one break point back. However, the Argentine hits the net with a backhand to hand Roddick the first break of serve.

1.21amRoddick has two break points when a slice backhand clips the net and Del Potro struggles to make contact with the ball due to the deflection.

1.20amRoddick is very eager to play at the net tonight and he does so successfully again with a slice volley to edge ahead.

1.19amBoth players are serving superbly so far tonight and Del Potro starts another game with an ace. A poor shot from Del Potro levels the game.

1.16amBack on Arthur Ashe and Roddick breezes through another service game that includes three aces. A double fault is the only blemish for the American so far, 3-2.

1.15amJanko Tipsarevic and Philip Kohlschreiber have started their match inside the Grandstand.

1.13amDel Potro's loose forehand hits the net but he wins the game with a passing shot that evades Roddick as the American came into the net again. 2-2.

1.12amSuccess for Roddick at the net again as he sprints in to volley a winner before Del Potro extends his advantage with a big serve.

1.12amRoddick is trying to push too hard at the start of a new game and a point is yet to be scored against the serve. 30-0.

1.11amAlthough a break doesn't look likely yet, the first one for either could be crucial tonight.

1.09amRoddick is delayed due to some high winds causing havoc, it's very breezy in New York. The 30-year-old holds easily again as another venture into the net ends with him volleying a ball straight at Del Potro's chest. No apologies, game Roddick. 2-1.

1.07amRoddick starts a new game and he chooses to serve and volley. It's a good tactic, with Del Potro's attempted lob landing wide. Roddick moves to the net again and a well placed volley leaves his opponent helpless.

1.06amIt's another good hold, with Del Potro winning the game to love. 1-1.

1.05amDel Potro takes his first point of the contest when Roddick hits a forehand long and the Argentinian follows it with two huge serves.

1.04amIt's a great start for Roddick and the 30-year-old holds his serve without Del Potro scoring a point.

1.03amThe American starts in trademark fashion with two powerful serves that Del Potro can't keep in play.

1.02amRoddick will serve first in front of a disappointingly small crowd.

1.01amWe're very close to the start of play now and reports are suggesting that we could have two or three hours of dry weather.

12.59amRemember, these two are both former champions. Roddick took the title in 2003 while Del Potro lifted the trophy in 2009 after a famous victory over Roger Federer.

12.54amThe players are out on court now with some rock music to encourage them. Neither player will need help in that department, this could be a thriller.

12.49amDel Potro will be the villain inside the Arthur Ashe Stadium tonight but the former champion is definitely the favourite to end Roddick's career. However, Roddick has played some brilliant tennis during this tournament and if this is his final match, he will be missed.

12.45amReports are suggesting that Roddick and Del Potro could be on court in around 15 minutes.

12.42amIf play does begin soon, we will be concentrating on Roddick vs. Del Potro but updates of Ferrer vs. Gasquet will be provided regularly.

12.39amThe official US Open website is reporting that the drying of courts is about to start, with the current batch of showers starting to disappear. Don't be surprised if play is stopped again later.

12.32amDavid Ferrer and Richard Gasquet are surely the biggest victims of this rain delay. They are still waiting to resume their match after being forced off on two occasions. Novak Djokovic's clash with Stanislas Wawrinka will follow that contest on Louis Armstrong.

12.28amEvery television channel that are broadcasting the US Open are choosing to show highlights from the tournament, I think that tells us how close we are to seeing play.

12.24amI hope I'm not the only person who is still struggling to understand the decision to suspend the match between Maria Sharapova and Marion Bartoli but choose to begin Roddick vs. Del Potro on the same court. Very strange choice from the USTA.

12.19amIt's a shame about the weather situation because Roddick's match against Del Potro was set up to be a classic. The atmosphere will surely be incredible with the American looking to delay his retirement for a bit longer.

12.15amApparently, there is a chance that areas in New York could be flooded tomorrow. There is still hope of play tonight but rain could well force the players off again later.

12.10amLiam has already mentioned the need for a roof at Flushing Meadows and it's hard to argue with him. These rain delays seem to disrupt the tournament every year and having looked at the forecast for the remainder of the week, we could be frustrated even more before we see the champions crowned.

12.04amHello everyone! It's my turn to provide you with witty and insightful analysis of..... rain! The Roddick vs. Del Potro match was scheduled to being at midnight but the showers continue to fall so we could be made to wait for a while longer.

12.00amRight, time for me to call it a night. I'll leave you in the capable hands of Callum Mulvihill. Hope he has more luck with the weather!

11.59pmJust a reminded that Andy Roddick's attempt to put off retirement for one more match against Juan Martin Del Potro is due to start at midnight UK time. A lengthy rain delay currently has its grubby mitts on any chance of play in the near future.

11.55pmIt looks like our feed has well and truly thrown in the towel, they've not resorted to showing Laura Robson's breakthrough win against Kim Clisters from last week. Desperate times and all that.

11.52pmIf Wimbledon can produce a modern retractable roof on centre court, and the Australian Open can begin work on a third roof, why not Flushing Meadows?

11.47pmWhich begs the question, between the USTA, sponsors and TV companies, can we not get a roof on one these show courts in the near future.

11.46pmMuch more of this downpour and we could head to third Monday at the US Open for the fourth successive year.

11.45pmAt this stage it's easy to let the mind wander to matches later in the week as the rain shows no sign of letting up at Flushing Meadows. Must fight the urge to unleash puns galore using that title.

11.44pmAdd that trio of matches to Andy Murray vs. Marian Cilic and Roger Federer and tomorrow looks full of genuine quality.

11.43pmAdd that to the postponed Sharapova vs. Bartoli match resuming and Wednesday looks a defining day in the women's draw.

11.40pmTwo quarter finals are due to get going tomorrow, with Ana Ivanovic facing Serena Williams and Sara Errani going up against Roberta Vinci in an all-Italian clash.

11.38pmAzarenka is the only woman to confirm her place in the semi-finals so far as her rivals all wait for the rain to subside.

11.36pmVictoria Azarenka had to be at her very best to edge defending champion Sam Stosur in a topsy-turvy battle earlier today. The world number one prevailed after a nail-biting tie-break decided the third and final set.

11.31pmThat may be because among the gloom and gloom of a rain-affected ninth day in New York, a silver lining was perhaps the best match of the tournament so far.

11.26pmStill managed to sidestep a reference to a certain singer (use that term loosely) from Barbados with that last post. Guess this rain delay has not drained me of optimism just yet.

11.24pmStill umbrella's aplenty around Flushing Meadows as fans lurk in the hope of play being resumed.

11.20pmJust to clarify, all other matches are still scheduled to play to a finish tonight once the weather improves. That includes David Ferrer's clash with Richard Gasquet.

11.17pmSharapova will be just about the only person in New York happy for play to be suspended, she was struggling immensely against the gutsy Frenchwoman and now has 24 hours to plan a counter.

11.14pmJust a reminder that Bartoli had zoomed into a 4-0 lead in the first set against the defending champion before rain interfered with her progress.

11.11pmA weather update from Flushing Meadows now, and it doesn't make for pleasant reading. The tournament organisers have made the decision to postpone Maria Sharapova's match with Marion Bartoli until Wednesday.

11.09pmThe answer is Feliciano Lopez, with an 83% success rate on six challenges.

11.07pmAccording to @usopen the review system has been used 663 times in the last eight days. Which player has had the best challenge record?

11.03pmAs we wait for the rain to subside lets get stat happy, courtesy of the US Open twitter. Ready?

10.58pmHis Davis Cup teammate Janko Tipsarevic is also left to play the waiting game as he looks forward to a last 16 clash with Philipp Kohlschreiber.

10.52pmNovak Djokovic is also left in purgatory by the conditions. He is due to play Stanislas Wawrinka later tonight. At what time and on what court is anyone's guess at this point.

10.48pmThe biggest concern for fans in New York will be disruption to the preparations of Andy Roddick. The home favourite is due to play Juan Martin Del Potro later tonight as he aims to delay retirement for another match.

10.44pmToday has been an uphill struggle thanks to the conditions. Rain continues to stop and start and leave us in tennis limbo.

10.39pmIf you're joining us here at Sports Mole for live coverage of the US Open on day nine, we are in the midst of a lengthy rail delay. Be sure to keep checking back as we will bring you news of a return to action as soon as we get it.

10.34pmBartoli was so pumped up in the early going this rain delay could hurt her chances. Tough to maintain composure in these conditions. Just ask Tim Henman.

10.33pmMaria Sharapova needs to use this break to get back in the groove. A horrible start on Arthur Ashe sees her trail Marian Bartoli 4-0.

10.28pmRain has played havoc with the schedule for tonight's matches. Novak Djokovic, Andy Roddick, Janko Tipsarevic and Juan Martin Del Potro are all due on court before the night is out. Looks doubtful right now.

10.23pmNumber one seed Victoria Azarenka knocked out defending champion Sam Stosur in dramatic fashion, edging a tie-break in the third set to book her place in the final four.

10.21pmFrustratingly just one match has been completed today at Flushing Meadows, but it was a contender for game of the tournament.

10.17pmOver on Louis Armstrong play was halted by rain at a crucial time in the third set of David Ferrer's match against Richard Gasquet. Ferrer leads 4-3 in the third and has two sets in the bank.

10.13pmBartoli had amassed a 4-0 lead in the first set against Sharapova and looked in ominous form. A real escape for the Russian thanks to rain for the second time in this tournament.

10.10pmThe dark clouds loom large and we look set for a stop-start day at Flushing Meadows.

10.04pmPlay has officially been suspended and they pair trudge off in contrasting moods. That's the third delay of the day, unlucky for Bartoli.

10.02pmSharapova is lucky the rain has fallen, Bartoli looked in great form and was smashing winners all across Arthur Ashe to race into a 4-0 first-set lead.

10.01pmOh no, just as things were getting interesting the rain is back and its quite heavy. The players are being held on court but it doesn't look good.

10.00pmChance for Sharapova to work her way back into the match as she goes 15-30 ahead on the Frenchwoman's serve.

9.58pmA double fault from Sharapova hands Bartoli a second break and a 4-0 lead in the first set. Horrible start from the third seed.

9.56pmBreak point Bartoli once again after a brilliant dart to the net forces Sharapova to make a mistake.

9.55pmBartoli keeps her chances in this game alive with a superb return. Back to deuce.

9.54pmA wide serve does the trick, advantage Sharapova.

9.53pmSharapova uses the benefit of a successful challenge to bounce back to deuce.

9.52pmThree break points for Bartoli and a huge chance to make it 4-0.

9.50pmSharapova is back on serve as she looks to get on the board in the first set. A trip to the net doesn't pay dividends and its quickly 0-30.

9.49pmNot literally of course, but you get the picture. Sluggish opening from the former champion.

9.48pmA double fault can't halt Bartoli's superb start to the match. She leads 3-0 in the first set and Sharapova is yet to join us on Arthur Ashe.

9.47pmBartoli shows no sign of letting up on serve as she thunders down the first ace of the match.

9.46pmA poor unforced error from the Russian hands Bartoli the early break. What a start.

9.45pmSharapova cranks up the pace and the noise to stave off the first break-point chance.

9.44pmTwo break points for Bartoli as she drives a backhand winner down the line.

9.43pm0-30 on Sharapova's serve and an early sniff of a break for the 11th seed.

9.42pmBartoli gets aggresive on Sharapova's serve and wins the first point of the game with a fierce forehand at the net.

9.41pmA hold to love to open things for Bartoli. That is sure to settle the Frenchwoman's nerves.

9.40pmSharapova steams a wayward forehand into the net in the opening. If that anger on the ball was due to the rain delay, you are instantly forgiven.

9.37pmMarion Bartoli will serve to get us underway on Arthur Ashe. Joy unconfined.

9.35pmJust to keep you updated, there has been a change to the schedule after the successive rain delays. Novak Djokovic's match with Stanislas Wawrinka has been moved over to the Louis Armstrong Stadium.

9.31pmI can see Sharapova making her way back to Arthur Ashe, expect play to resume in the next ten minutes.

9.26pmThe court looks pretty dry to me after some furious work from the clean-up crew. Let's get this show on the road please.

9.22pmNearly there now guys, thanks for staying with Sports Mole's coverage of the US Open. When play resumes we will guide you through a night session featuring Maria Sharapova, Novak Djokovic, Andy Roddick and Juan Martin Del Porto.

9.16pmA silver lining of rain delays at Flushing Meadows is the chance to see the ridiculously outdated method used to dry the courts. Towel boys and huge mops are the order of the day. Soak up that moisture guys, Sharapova is waiting.

Weather UpdateWe have some good news tennis fans, the rain has finally stopped at the US Open. Organisers hope to get play back on court in the next 20 minutes. About time too

9.09pmOn celebrity watch at Flushing Meadows, our very own Pippa Middleton is taking in the tennis. Well, at least she will when the weather improves. Get a roof put on one of the show courts one of these years please New York.

9.06pmThe Spaniard took the first set 7-5 before Gasquet leveled it up by winning a tie-break in the second. The European duo were on serve at 2-2 in the third set when rain ruined things.

9.01pmDavid Ferrer and Richard Gasquet will be more annoyed with play being suspended, as they were just getting going in the third set of their fourth round clash.

8.59pmMaria Sharapova and Marion Bartoli has just arrived on the Arthur Ashe to warm up when the heavens opened for the second rain delay of the day.

8.56pmJust a reminder if you are joining us in the last few minutes that play in New York has been suspended due to rain. Play is expected to resume at some point in the next hour. Fingers crossed.

8.53pmMurray and Federer remain on course to meet for the third time this summer, with the pair winning one final each. Federer prevailed at Wimbledon, with Murray exacting revenge in the Olympic Games back at SW19 just three weeks later.

8.51pmIn Murray's side of the draw another quarter-final was confirmed yesterday. Top seed Roger Federer will take on Thomas Berdych after earning a walkover due to Mardy Fish's withdrawal with health issues.

8.49pmMurray produced a dominant straight-sets victory to book his place in the last eight, where he will play Marian Cilic.

8.45pmOur live feed has opted to show last night's match between Andy Murray and Milos Raonic while we wait for the rain to stop. If you didn't catch it late last night take a look, Murray was in awesome form.

8.42pmUnfortunately have to report that weather forecasters are expecting a rain delay of around an hour. Be sure to stick with us for the latest news on when play will resume.

8.38pmAh the delay could get lengthy from Flushing Meadows as the rain is back with a vengeance. Bad news.

8.36pmFellow Serb Janko Tipsarevic is also due on the Louis Armstrong against Philipp Kohlschreiber, who ended John Isner's challenge late Sunday night.

8.34pmNovak Djokovic is also in action later tonight as he takes on Swiss Grand Slam mainstay Stanislas Wawrinka.

8.32pmRoddick has been on an emotional rollercoaster since announcing his retirement from tennis immediately following the US Open. Roared on by a home crowd he will hope to keep the momentum going against the huge Argentine.

8.29pmLater tonight, weather permitting, Andy Roddick aims to delay his retirement by another match when he clashes with 2009 US Open winner Juan Martin Del Potro.

8.27pmOver on Louis Armstrong a finely poised battle in the men's single stands at a set apiece between David Ferrer and Richard Gasquet.

8.24pmIn arguably the best match of the tournament so far earlier today defending champion Sam Stosur lost narrowly to Victoria Azarenka. The World number one triumphed 6-1 4-6 7-6 after a dramatic third set tie-break.

8.20pmAs the delay continues let's bring our loyal readers up to speed with today's events in New York.

8.18pmMercifully the rain has stopped quickly, the signs are positive for quick return to action.

8.17pmWhile we wait for play to resume our live feed is beaming shots of Andy Murray beginning his practice session for the day. He is due to face Marian Cilic in a tasty looking quarter-final clash.

8.13pmHopefully this shower will only cause a minor disruption to play. Sports Mole will be sure to let you know as soon as we have an update.

8.11pmAh, what a shame. A heavy shower comes out of nowhere and play is suspended before it even starts. Boooooo!!!!!

8.10pmBartoli is through to the last eight in New York for the first time and the fleet-footed Frenchwoman can approach this match with nothing to lose.

8.08pmSharapova has been in imperious form in the first four rounds and will start as heavy favourite against Bartoli.

8.07pmWith Ferrer and Gasquet still on serve early in the third set, its nearly time to head back over to Arthur Ashe for our women's quarter-final tie.

8.01pmWhile we wait for Maria and Marion a quick update from the men's battle on Louis Armstrong. David Ferrer and Richard Gasquet are currently locked at a set apiece after the Frenchman drew level with success in a tie-break.

7.58pmThat is going to be a tough act to follow on the Arthur Ashe, with Maria Sharapova against Marion Bartoli due on court next.

7.56pmThat was hands down the finest exhibition of tennis I've seen at Flushing Meadows so far this year. The brutal baseline play of Azarenka just doing enough against the tenacious, dogged display from Stosur.

Game, Set and Match AzarenkaAn excellent match ends when Stosur sends a forehand wide. That was a high-class encounter that forced the World number one to be at her very best. Stosur fought bravely to mount a comeback and can be proud of her performance.

Match PointAzarenka says ice cool at the net under pressure to re-take the lead, and with it her first match point.

7.52pmHuge smash from Stosur on serve and she draws level in the tie-break at 5-5.

7.51pmAwful double fault from Azarenka lets Stosur back in at 5-4. That second serve was a good five yards wide. Incredible scenes.

7.50pmAzarenka chooses to leave a forehand return, and its a wise decision to give the Pole a 5-3 advantage.

7.49pm4-3 Stosur and the comeback is on once again after a forehand drive.

7.48pmStosur keeps fighting back and she gets to a baseline return to make the score 4-2 at the change of ends.

7.47pmAzarenka heads 4-0 up and what a time to find form in this deciding tie-break.

7.46pmAnother unforced error from the Aussie and its 3-0.

2-0 AzarenkaStosur drives a forehand wide and hands Azarenka the first mini-break.

1-0 AzarenkaThe top seed serves first and gets an easy point.

7.44pmAzarenka drives her return long and that means one thing. It's tie-break time, winner take all.

7.43pmThe Aussie goes to the well one more time to drive a massive forehand winner across the court. 40-15

7.41pmStosur is forced to serve to stay in the match for the second time and wins the first point after a bruising baseline battle.

7.40pmAzarenka digs deep and wins her most important game of the tournament so far to go 6-5 up.

7.39pmAn unbelievable serve under pressure from Azarenka to get her first ace. Deuce

7.38pmStosur turns up the intensity with a huge smash to get break point.

7.37pmAzarenka steps things up with a first serve at just the right time to draw level at 30-30. Fine margins will be the difference now.

7.35pmJust a reminder that Stosur has never beaten Azarenka before. What a time this would be to break that duck for the defending US Open champion.

7.34pmAzarenka is annoyed with the umpire over a let call and allows Stosur wrap up the vital hold with four successive points. The Aussie looks confident at 5-5 in the third and final set.

7.33pmStosur starts strongly and deals with a powerful return to go 30-15 ahead.

7.30pmAzarenka responds well and rattles off three successive points to get the crucial hold on the two-hour mark. Stosur will need to serve to stay in this match.

7.28pmAnother excellent baseline slugfest goes with the returning player. Stosur chases down a forehand to steal a superb point. 15-15

7.26pmThe Aussie finds a timely ace and with that we are locked at 4-4 in the final set. Genuine test of Azarenka's credentials to come here on serve.

7.25pmA smash drifts long for the Pole and that makes it game point Stosur.

7.24pmAzarenka looks primed to respond on return once more. A finely poised game at 30-30.

7.23pmNow its Stosur's turn to try and earn the first hold in a long time in this crazy match.

7.22pmSimply faultless returning from Stosur and she earns the fourth successive break in this match with a delicate forehand winner. A quite excellent third set is far from over after that.

7.21pmAdvantage Stosur as she finds a timely forehand winner on return.

7.20pmAzarenka averts disaster with a serve and volley. Back to deuce.

7.19pmStosur keeps a long baseline rally alive several times and Azarenka makes an awful mistake with a lazy drop shot. Break point to the Aussie.

7.18pmAzarenka can't take the chance and Stosur is rewarded for some quality returning. Deuce.

7.17pmStosur gets aggresive and forces Azarenka to up her game. The Pole duly replies with a glorious lob to get the game point.

7.16pmAn unforced error at the net from the top seed lets Stosur back in yet again at 30-30 on serve.

7.14pmAzarenka is back on serve as she looks for the vital hold.

7.13pmThe Aussie tries a slice that falls well wide of the baseline. We now have three breaks in a row and Azarenka leads 4-2 in the decider.

7.12pmStosur picks a horrible moment to serve her first double fault of the match. Three break points for Azarenka.

7.11pmTime for Stosur to try and earn the hold and draw level in the third set. She starts poorly and is punished at the net to go 0-30 down.

7.10pmJust when Azarenka looked to have made the vital breakthrough she tightens up on serve and all her hard work is undone. This is a high quality match, possibly the best of the women's tournament so far.

7.08pmThe Aussie punishes a poor second serve with a crushing forehand return. An instant break back for the defending champion and the match is back in the balance.

7.07pmStosur fires straight back to earn a break point of her own instantly.

7.05pmA relentless effort from the world number one and she has the break. 3-1 now to the Pole in the deciding set, which is tough on Stosur.

7.03pmAzarenka moves in and poor second and delivers the perfect punishment with a forehand winner. Stosur sends a forehand long and give away a break point.

7.02pmStosur is on the backfoot on serve and needs to step things up yet again. 30-30

7.01pmThe pace has dropped notably in the third set and one break may mean the difference between a semi-final spot and a plain trip home. Pressure on.

Final set. 2-1 AzarenkaStosur forces her way into the game at 40-30 but can't get the break. More brute force at the baseline from Azarenka to get the hold.

6.55pmAzarenka game may be slightly one dimensional but her sheer power is so tough to match. 30-0 on serve for the top seed.

6.53pmStosur is forced to deuce by some resolute baseline play from Azarenka. The Aussie digs deep to get an important early hold in this third set.

6.49pmStosur's turn to serve, and she starts well with a superb backhand winner.

6.48pmThe top seed's raw power gets the job done on serve to calm her nerves. 1-0 Azarenka in the deciding set.

6.47pmAzarenka is first to serve in the third set as she looks to recapture the dominant form she showed in the early going.

6.46pmA quick update from the Louis Armstrong where David Ferrer has just taken the first set 7-5 against Richard Gasquet.

6.45pmShe claims the second set 6-4 and the defending champion is back to one set apiece. All to play for Arthur Ashe.

Second set StosurStosur drives a big serve up the middle of the court, which Azarenka can only send long.

6.43pmThe Aussie gets lucky with a bounce at the net to earn two set points.

6.42pmStosur mixes things and gets aggresive at the net to make the score 30-30.

6.41pmPressure on for Stosur to seal the deal after an encouraging second-set fightback. She buckles after a marathon baseline slugfest to go 15-30 down.

6.38pmThat makes the score 5-4 and Stosur will serve to claim the second set.

6.37pmThe top seed goes back to basics and drives a forehand down the line to end a long rally and wrap up the service game.

6.36pmAzarenka is now 5-3 down and serving to stay in the second set.

6.35pmStosur gets the hold and is now withing one game of taking this quarter-final into a third and final set.

6.33pmAnother superb forehand winner from Stosur curls away from Azarenka's grasp. The defending champion is warming to the task.

6.32pmStosur needs to consolidate her efforts now on serve to press home the advantage. She leads 4-3 in the second set.

Stosur BreakAn awesome forehand from Stosur earns the crucial break at the third time of asking. We have a match on our hands thanks to a spirited effort from the Aussie

6.30pmThe top seed saves the first chance with a super volley at the net and follows that up to make it 30-40.

6.29pmStosur forces an error on the forehand and earns three break points.

6.28pmAzarenka makes a poor start to her next service game, and gives away a double fault to go 0-30 down. Pressure on the Pole.

6.26pmA superb forehand pass from Stosur wraps up the game and makes it 3-3 in the second set. Stosur is far from finished in this match.

6.25pmIt's the Aussie's turn to serve, huge pressure on her ability to hold now.

6.24pmStosur has a real fight on her hands to get back in this match. The defending champion needs to stay strong in this second set or it will be curtains.

6.22pmEvening guys. I arrive just in time to see Azarenka complete a dominant hold and go 3-2 up in the second set.

6.17pmRight, the ever capable Liam Power will guide you through the remainder of this match and beyond. Enjoy.

Azarenka 6-1 2-1* StosurWow, that was quick. Azarenka serves out convincingly to go 2-1 in front. You feel Stosur has to hold this one or it could be all over.

Azarenka 6-1 *1-1 StosurBREAK! Well that didn't last long! Stosur looked to be in command at 40-15 in front, but Azarenka fought back to level up the score. A big opportunity squandered by Stosur.

Azarenka 6-1 0-1* StosurBREAK! Well, well. She may have been thrashed during the opening set, but Stosur is a break up early in the second. A sign of tension from Azarenka perhaps?

5.59pmSET! And just as I say that she is broken and as a result loses the set 6-1. It's a long way back for the defending champion now.

Azarenka 5-1* StosurWell it's a hold for Azarenka, but she was made to work hard by Stosur, who has improved dramatically. It may be too late to save this set, but it bodes well for the next one.

5.53pmUNDERWAY: Gasquet and Ferrer begin their round four encounter on the Armstrong Court.

Azarenka *4-1 StosurFinally Stosur gets a game on the board. She may still be two breaks behind, but it's a start at least.

Azarenka 4-0* StosurWell that was pretty easy for world number one Azarenka. Stosur is playing too many shots down the middle of the court at the moment.

5.40pmRight, here we go. Finally! Azarenka serving for a 4-0 lead in the opening set.

5.33pmAnyway, enough of the negative chat. Azarenka and Stosur are back on Ashe and are about to begin their warm-ups for a second time.

5.32pmHate to be the profit of doom but it does seem a little grey above New York today. It looks that we could be in store for a heavily disrupted today. Let's hope I'm wrong.

5.19pmMOPPING UPDATE: Mopping stopped! At last! Play should be back underway in around 10 minutes. Fingers crossed.

5.17pmWe've just seen footage of Richard Gasquet, who will take on David Ferrer shortly, warming up in the car park with a football. As you do.

5.12pmMOPPING UPDATE: Still mopping!

5.10pmHave to say the one match I'm looking forward to is Del Potro against Roddick. Both are fantastic players to watch and with Roddick having announced his impending retirement, the crowd are sure to get behind their man.

5.03pmWhen play is possible, we'll be focusing on the Azarenka vs. Stosur encounter. There's already a lot of work for defending champ Stosur to do. She's 3-0 down in the opener, having been broke twice.

4.58pmWe've just been informed that no play will be possible for another 30 minutes or so, despite the rain having stopped. I'm not going to mention covers...

4.56pmWEATHER UPDATE: Hurrah! It has stopped raining and the mops are out and doing their business. They wouldn't have to if a cover was used, but I'll stop moaning about that now!

4.55pmThe biggest match is the quarter-final between Maria Sharapova and Marion Bartoli. Sharapova is enjoying her best run at Flushing Meadows since she won the tournament back in 2006.

4.50pmLet's not forget the women's draw though. Some of the biggest names in the game are set to feature following the conclusion of Azarenka vs. Stosur.

4.49pmFinally, the game of the night! Former US Open champions Juan Martin Del Potro and Andy Roddick will meet. With the latter retiring at the end of the tournament, it promises to be rather loud inside the Arthur Ashe Stadium!

4.47pmThen defending champ Novak Djokovic will look to get past Stanislas Wawrinka.

4.45pmThe men's fourth round is due to be completed. First up is Richard Gasquet vs. David Ferrer, before Janko Tipsarevic and Philipp Kohlschreiber do battle.

4.43pmWell, while we wait, let's take a look at what we will be hopefully seeing this evening...

4.37pmOne thing that I find slightly confusing is the fact that they don't cover the courts at Flushing Meadows when the rain comes down. The reason being that it looks "unsightly" - no really! All of which means that when the rain stops, the courts have to be mopped dry.

4.36pmHere's an update from the US Open's official website: "The current weather forecast calls for rain showers on and off throughout the day. The forecast does call for possible periods of clearing, so today?s day session will go forward as scheduled. We will provide regular updates throughout the day. Please check for the latest information."

4.31pmOne player that will be delighted to see the rain is Samantha Stosur. The defending champ has already started against world number one Victoria Azarenka and was 3-0 down in the opening set (including two breaks) when they rain come down.

4.28pmBut hang on a minute! It's raining. Hard! Oh dear.

4.26pmAfternoon everyone. What an exciting day of tennis we have ahead of us. Don't believe me? Check out of the order of play and judge for yourselves.

Andy Roddick
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