Live Commentary: Australian Open day seven - as it happened

Live Commentary: Australian Open day seven - as it happened
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Sports Mole's coverage of day seven of the Australian Open, as the fourth round gets underway.

A marathon seventh day of Australian Open action saw the competition catch fire at the Fourth Round stage.

Novak Djokovic will take all the plaudits after coming through an epic five-set battle with Stanilas Wawrinka. The defending champion clinched the match 12-10 in the deciding set after more than five hours of punishing play at the Rod Laver Arena.

Elsewhere there were wins for David Ferrer, Maria Sharapova and an unfortunate retirement defeat for Janko Tipsarevic.

Look back on a memorable day of action at Melbourne Park with Sports Mole's live text commentary below.

12.02amHello all. Here comes the business end of the Australian Open, it's time for round four.

12.04amThere are some interesting looking ties today. The pick in the men's draw has to be eighth seed Janko Tipsarevic vs. 10th seed Nicolas Almagro. That's scheduled for around 3.30am UK time.

12.06amIn the women's singles we have the intriguing clash between fourth seed Agnieszka Radwanska and 13th seed Ana Ivanovic. That one'll be with us at around 8am.

12.09amMaria Sharapova is also in action. The second seed faces the unseeded Kirsten Flipkens, who is in the fourth round of a Grand Slam for the first time.

12.13amFirst up, though, will be Angelique Kerber. The German faces Ekaterina Makarova. That's due to start shortly.

12.15amA reminder, we'll also be bringing you swift reports of the action and the latest breaking news from the day's play.

12.18amI believe the match is underway, I'll be right to it once I get a picture! Not sure what the issue is here. I can tell you it's a game each between Makarova and Kerber.

12.20amMakarova has already managed to break the German and is 2-1 up on serve. An excellent start for the 19th seed.

Kerber *1-3 MakarovaA comfortable hold for Makarova to consolidate her break. An excellent start for her.

Kerber 2-3* MakarovaKerber finally gets some meaning on her serve. She holds comfortably this time, but previously was getting the runaround from Makarova.

12.30amKerber got herself to 0-30 but Makarova has recovered and it is now deuce.

Kerber *2-4 MakarovaAfter that, Makarova does indeed manage to hold to go 4-2 up. It was good to finally see some fight from the German.

12.35amMakarova again on the attack. She has a break point here...

Kerber 2-5* MakarovaBREAK! She saved that one, but another break point when the Russian's way and she's now 5-2 up and serving for the set.

Kerber *3-5 MakarovaBREAK! It took her to be 5-2 down to finally attack the Russian's serve, but Kerber has got one of the breaks back. Can she hold?

Kerber 4-5* MakarovaDespite doing her best to throw it away by losing the first two points, Kerber does hold and Makarova gets her second chance to serve for the set.

12.49amMakarova was up 40-15, but Kerber has fought back and it is now deuce. She won't give up this set easily after a slow start.

Kerber *5-5 MakarovaBREAK! And she breaks again! She's been brilliant from 5-2 down, makes you wonder why she couldn't have started like this. She seems favourite for the set now.

Kerber 5-6* MakarovaBREAK! Or maybe not.. Once again Kerber's serve fails her and Makarova breaks back. There have been as many breaks as holds in this one I reckon, no-one seems to want to go a set up.

12.55amShe goes up 30-0. Surely now?

12.58amHave you heard what Roger Federer has had to say about Lance Armstrong? No? Have a read here. He thinks it could damage sport as a whole.

Kerber *5-7 MakarovaSET! Well, she almost threw it away, but Makarova does indeed take a topsy-turvy opener. How will the German respond? She'd love an early break.

Kerber 5-7 1-0* MakarovaKerber holds the opening game. A good start.

Kerber 5-7 *1-1 MakarovaJust as the start of the last set, Kerber is not offering much resistance to the Makarova serve. She gets a return in but slices into the net when advancing, a really poor shot.

Kerber 5-7 2-1* MakarovaIt's a bit scrappy from both players and there aren't many rallies happening. Kerber holds to 30. Three holds of serve in a row, that seemed unlikely at the end of the last set.

1.15amKerber has saved four game points on advantage here. She wants this break.

Kerber 5-7 *2-2 MakarovaWe get to witness a couple of decent rallies, as well as a stunning forehand return from Kerber to force deuce. Kerber then pulls off a superbly disguised drop shot that stopped dead. There are a lot of unforced errors from both women, but Makarova finally finishes off the game with a good serve and volley. A big game in the scale of this match that.

Kerber 5-7 3-2* MakarovaStrong service game again for Kerber, who has got herself into this and will surely attack the Russian's serve once more?

1.25amFollowing this one we'll have David Ferrer up against Kai Nishikori. A timeout in this one, they're just about to get back underway.

1.27amGood start back from Makarova. A strong serve is followed with a strong forehand to set up the easy smash at the net.

Kerber 5-7 *3-3 MakarovaThe short break seems to have done the Russian good. She wins her serve without much resistance from the German.

Kerber 5-7 4-3* MakarovaStill going with serve this set. Both women winning points with power. There's not much room for breaks or rallies, in truth. There are flashes, though, and it's certainly high quality tennis.

1.37amOh what a fantastic rally! Kerber looks to have it won on a number of occasions, but Makarova defends magnificently before turning it in her favour, compounded by Kerber hitting the net with a volley. Superb stuff.

Kerber 5-7 *4-4 MakarovaAfter that drama, Makarova just manages to hold and we're still going with serve.

1.39amMakarova is now looking to dominate the court and put the powerful Kerber on the back foot.

Kerber 5-7 4-5* MakarovaBREAK! She does indeed dominate the Kerber serve, and gets the break at just about the best time in the set. This could be a scalp here.

1.43amKerber, by the way, is the only player in the top 10 without an appearance in a Grand Slam final. Looks likely for that to continue here.

1.44amMakarova is just never out of a rally. Kerber sees every shot come flying back to her before she eventually goes long.

Kerber 5-7 4-6 MakarovaGAME, SET AND MATCH! She wins in the perfect way, a huge ace right down the middle! What a performance from Makarova, she's knocked out the fifth seed and is the first singles player into the quarter-finals.

1.53amFerrer up next, remember. I hope that's as competitive as this one was. It's not Ferrer's strongest surface, of course, but I do love to watch him play.

1.56amThe Spaniard - seeded fourth - has dropped just one set so far this year. That was to Tim Smyczek in the second round. He won that one 6-0 7-5 4-6 6-3.

1.57amBefore that he beat Olivier Rochus and last time out defeated Marcos Baghdatis.

2amOn his way to the fourth round, Nishikori has beaten Victor Hanescu, Carlos Berlocq and Evgeny Donskoy on Friday.

2.01amYou'd have to fancy the Spaniard, but there's no doubt that the Japanese is a threat here.

2.03amThe warm ups are nearly over now. The players have returned to their seats. I'm very much looking forward to this one.

2.04amFerrer serving first. Here we go..

Ferrer 1-0* NishikoriNishikori earns an early break point, but Ferrer saves it in perfect fashion with an ace. He earns another with two points running at the net, but again an unreturnable serve saves it for the Spaniard. Ferrer finally holds with an ace. Fantastic opening game.

Ferrer *1-1 NishikoriMuch more comfortable from Nishikori. He wins the game with a good combination of powerful backhand and net play.

Ferrer 2-1* NishikoriNishikori is really strong with that cross-court backhand, and he takes the opening point with a textbook example. Unlike a Ferrer match, it is the Spaniard being run all around the court. Nishikori earns two break points with a backhand down the line but Ferrer saves twice, the first after a superb defensive rally from him. Ferrer finally takes the game, but both his serves so far have had break points against.

2.22amCan these two keep up the high quality tennis they've treated us to so far?

Ferrer *3-1 NishikoriBREAK! Federer gets into the Japanese's serve there, showing his textbook cross-court forehand. He earns a break point at deuce, but Nishikori saves it well. More follow in another fantastic game of tennis and Ferrer takes one to claim the break.

2.33amIt's harsh on Nishikori as he has started fantastically, but he's looking rattled now and is 40-0 down.

Ferrer 4-1* NishikoriNishikori pulls a couple of points back, but Ferrer holds to consolidate his break. That one wasn't as close as the previous games, can the Japanese get back into this set?

Ferrer *4-2 NishikoriNishikori recovers to go up 30-0, but again Ferrer is strong to level the game. The Japanese goes back to his tested serve and volley before being run ragged by Ferrer for deuce, who finished the point with a smash. After deuce, Nishikori takes the game in a very close one.

Ferrer 5-2* NishikoriNishikori looks tired out there. Ferrer is looking more and more comfortable on serve now and he needs just one more game to take this opening set.

2.48amThere's not the same zip about Nishikori at the moment. Is he letting the fact that he played well but fell behind get to him?

Ferrer *6-2 NishikoriSET! Wow, Ferrer breaks again comfortably and suddenly he's a set up. Nishikori started better, but Ferrer stayed true to his game and took the first set.

2.51amRight folks, this seems like a good place to have a quick break. Enjoy the company of Mr Penkman while I'm away.

2.53amThanks Matt, and good morning everybody. I take over at 15-15 on Ferrer's serve.

2.55amA superb return of serve from Nishikori brings up deuce. It had looked like a comfortable hold with Ferrer 40-15 up.

2.56amNishikori winces as he attempted to make a backhand. His knee is heavily bandaged, and he's seeking the shade at every opportunity.

2.57amA stunning cross-court pass brings up break point! Just a glimpse of his talent there.

2.59amFerrer turns it around as only he can, with some grinding play that forces Nishikori into the mistake. The Spaniard's forehand is called long, but he is successful with a challenge.

Ferrer 6-2 1-0* NishikoriFerrer eventually holds after coming into the net and whipping a forehand down the line. It was a poor drop shot from Nishikori and the fifth seed duly punished him.

3.03amFerrer passes Nishikori with a quite superb forehand to win the first point. He opened up his body nicely to allow himself the space to dispatch it. Another mistake from Nishikori and Ferrer is smelling blood at 0-30.

Ferrer 6-2 *2-0 NishikoriNishikori fires into the net twice more to gift Ferrer a break to love. The Spaniard move ahead.

Ferrer 6-2 3-0* NishikoriNishikori doesn't look interested. Ferrer is his usual dependable self, and consolidates the break with little fuss. The trainer is back on for the Japanese.

3.09amFerrer again threatening at 0-30, from two Nishikori errors. He has zero mobility at the moment, with his knee causing him great distress.

Ferrer 6-2 *4-0 NishikoriNishikori is broken again and looks to be crumbling. He'll want to avoid a bagel, but I'm not sure he can do it. How long is this going to last?

Ferrer 6-2 5-0* NishikoriAnother rapid game and the Spaniard moves to within one of taking a two-set lead.

3.16amThis set has slipped away from Nishikori at quite some pace. It's become 5-0 in the blink of an eye. The Japanese is clearly struggling with his knee complaint and, when you've got that sort of problem, the one player you don't want to face is David Ferrer.

Ferrer 6-2 *5-1 NishikoriHe gets on the board in this set though. It's a small victory, but at least it's not a whitewash.

3.17amHe has a chance now at 0-30...

3.18amA rare stray forehand from Ferrer brings up three break points for Nishikori.

3.19amBrilliant rally! After sizing each other up, Nishikori took the initiative, but it was an amazing pick up from Ferrer. Nishikori watched the volley onto his racquet, but the Spaniard was speedy across the court to slam the door shut.

Ferrer 6-2 6-1 NishikoriSET! Ferrer moves 2-0 ahead and this one looks to be going only one way.

3.21amRight, time to hand back over to Matt. Bye for now!

3.24amThanks Michael. Well, a whole set has passed in the time it's taken me to have a cup of tea. It's a shame that the opening two games set us up for a classic that hasn't quite materialised. Still, Nishikori hasn't lost yet.

3.25amHe has, however, just put a backhand wide that in the first set would have been a winner.

Ferrer 6-2 6-1 *1-0 NishikoriBREAK! Likewise, a forehand into the net. He's angry with himself, and he's beating himself as much as Ferrer is. A break at the first time of asking for Ferrer, and this won't last much longer.

3.28amNishikori is turning it on here. A fantastic forehand gives him thre break points...

3.29amA winner from Federer saves one and the Japanese puts a forehand into the net. One left.

Ferrer 6-2 6-1 1-1* NishikoriBREAK! He gets it! That's his first break of the match and it was really needed then for him to stay in this.

3.30amNow he's hitting winners! A booming forehand on the jump flashes past the Spaniard.

3.31amIt's 45 unforced errors from Nishikori to Ferrer's 17. That's why he's two sets down, frankly.

3.33amAlso he's won one of 12 break points to Ferrer's five from seven.

3.34amMake that five from eight. That's a superb save from Nishikori to bring it back to deuce. He looked behind in that point but turned it around with a big forehand.

Ferrer 6-2 6-1 *2-1 NishikoriBREAK! However, the Spaniard gets his sixth break. A really good response and he's so hard to beat, even not at his best like today.

3.39amPhenomenal forehand from Ferrer. It's far from the most powerful in the game, but the whip and accuracy makes it almost not worth chasing. Certainly Nishikori isn't bothering on some of them!

3.41amOh fantastic rally. Nishikori brings it back from 40-0 to deuce and just hits a powerful forehand long after a gruelling baseline rally.

Ferrer 6-2 6-1 3-1* NishikoriAn ace, right on cue, gives Ferrer a hard-earned game. He found the very edge of the line there and spun it away from Nishikori.

3.44amShot-for-shot in this game, we're level at 30-30.

Ferrer 6-2 6-1 *3-2 NishikoriIt goes to deuce and Nishikori takes it. That's only his fifth game of the match so far, but it keeps him in touch.

3.50amWhat a forehand from Ferrer. This time it does have power. He's forced wide from Nishikori's shot but powers it back down the line for a huge winner and 40-0.

3.51amAggressive stuff now from Nishikori in response. He comes back to the net and hits a volleyed winner - his best play has come at the net in this one.

3.52amA superbly struck head-height volley from deep levels it at 40-40, fantastic shot by the Japanese.

Ferrer 6-2 6-1 3-3* NishikoriBREAK! Nishikori fights back! A superb game of tennis from both men but it is the Japanese who takes it to level this set.

3.55amHe's really upped his game in the last few minutes. This time he runs very wide for a forehand winner that even Ferrer has no hope of reaching.

Ferrer 6-2 6-1 *3-4 NishikoriDespite a poor shot into the net following that lovely forehand, Nishikori holds to win his third consecutive game and take the lead in the set. It is still with serve, however.

3.57amIf Nishikori could show this level of play on a more consistent basis he could be a real threat. Ferrer will not want this to go into another set having been 3-1 up in this.

Ferrer 6-2 6-1 4-4* NishikoriThat's how to react! Federer powers through a service game that should slow Nishikori's momentum somewhat.

4.01amSuper net play again from Nishikori. This time he wrong-foots the Spaniard with a volley.

4.02amWow. A baseline rally ends with a sublime drop shot from Nishikori. No player on the tour would have been quick enough to reach that before the second bounce; one of the best I've seen this tournament.

4.04amThis time Nishikori shows a powerful backhand followed by a thunderous forehand. We've seen just about every shot from him this game. However, Ferrer keeps fighting back and it's deuce.

Ferrer 6-2 6-1 *5-4 NishikoriBREAK! Nishikori gets the advantage with a perfect serve followed by a backhand winner, however he throws it away by hitting the net. Then we see one of the best points of the tournament so far; Ferrer races from the baseline to meet a drop shot before the Japanese nonchalantly dinks it past him for the point. A game that goes beyond the 10-minute mark finally ends with Ferrer taking a huge break.

4.11amNishikori's comeback in this set looks to be over. Ferrer just needs to hold now and he'll be the first man into the quarter-finals. What a time for a break.

4.13amThree match points...

Ferrer 6-2 6-1 6-4 NishikoriGAME, SET AND MATCH! There it is! Ferrer holds to love to pick up his 96th Grand Slam win. Nishikori was fantastic in spells, but Ferrer was strong throughout and is through in straight sets. Very professionally done.

4.18amModest, humble and well-spoken, Ferrer really is a top, top sportsman. There's nothing to dislike about him as a person or as a player.

4.20amTwo games scheduled for starts in the next 10-15 minutes, one from the men's and one from the women's draw.

4.23amFor the men it's one that I'm really looking forward to: Janko Tipsarevic vs. Nicolas Almagro. It's the eighth seed against the 10th. Both can be brilliant on their day but are also prone to implosions.

4.25amIt's a different type of prospect for the women's match. It's four-time Grand Slam winner Maria Sharapova vs. Kirsten Flipkens, who has never been in this round of any Slam.

4.27amHere is our match report of that Ferrer win to have a read of before we get to the Rod Laver Arena to see Sharapova against the Belgian Flipkens.

4.29amThe Russian has been phenomenal so far. Her first two matches here flashed by without dropping a game. She beat Olga Puchkova and Misaki Doi 6-0 6-0, before getting past Venus Williams, also in straight sets.

4.31amThis is the third Russian Flipkens has faced out of four rounds. She beat Nina Bratchikova and Valeria Savinykh, with 23rd seed Klara Zakopalova in between.

4.32amAlmagro and Tipsarevic are about to get underway over on Hisense. Presumably this one will be ending first.

4.33amThey're just about ready and Flipkens will serve first.

Sharapova *0-1 FlipkensThe first game of the match goes to deuce, with Sharapova immediately looking to attack the Belgian's serve. It's a long game, with neither player wanting to lose it, but eventually Flipkens takes the hold. That's only the fifth game Sharapova has lost so far this tournament.

4.40amIncidentally, both players are wearing yellow. I don't think there are many in this tournament who haven't gone for yellow this year. Coincidence? Probably. Does it really matter? No. Not until it makes them hard to distinguish, at least.

Sharapova 1-1* FlipkensRelatively comfortable hold for Sharapova there. She was 40-0 up in no time so no danger of a break.

4.45amFerrer has had his say on his win over Nishikori. Have a read of his comments here.

Sharapova *2-1 FlipkensBREAK! A double fault gives Sharapova two break points. She only needs the one, finishing off the game with a ferocious forehand. How will Flipkens respond to the early break?

4.48amA double fault from Sharapova has put Flipkens 0-30 up here.

4.49amMagnificent shoulder-high volley shows calmness under pressure from the Russian.

4.50amAnother double fault and break point Flipkens.

4.52amIncidentally, Almagro has come flying out of the blocks over on Hisense. He's 4-1 up with a break over Tipsarevic.

4.54amAdvantages being won and saved by both players here. It's a real battle as Flipkens looks to break right back.

4.57amThis game is now approaching 10 minutes and still no sign of a winner.

Sharapova 3-1* FlipkensEventually, 12 minutes after the game started Sharapova holds. That is despite three double faults from the Russian. It's 25 minutes overall and we've only played four games.

5.01amBREAKING NEWS: Gilles Simon, who was taken to hospital after his five-set win over Gael Monfils last night, has confirmed that he will be ok to face Andy Murray tomorrow. Here's the story.

Sharapova *4-1 FlipkensBREAK! Oh dear, Flipkens is in trouble. It's a double break for Sharapova after that last gruelling game.

5.05amTipsarevic, 5-2 down to Almagro in the first, has called on the trainer. His foot is being wrapped up for Christmas it looks.

Sharapova 5-1* FlipkensA couple of nervous moments for Sharapova but she does hold and now is one away from the opening set.

5.12amSET! Almagro 6-2 Tipsarevic

Sharapova *6-1 FlipkensSET! There's no such thing as an easy service game today for Flipkens. There's another long one on her serve and once more it goes to Sharapova, who breaks and takes the set with it.

5.18amSharapova wasn't as dominant as 6-1 suggests, but she certainly was the better player. So strong in all areas. It's a huge ask for Flipkens to take anything from this now.

5.21amAlmagro is a break and 3-0 up in the second set now. That strapping hasn't done much, Tipsarevic is fading fast.

Sharapova 6-1 1-0* FlipkensSharapova fires down an ace to take the opening game of the second set. This is a big service game for Flipkens; if she loses it this could be a whitewash. Even if she wins it could be a whitewash, mind.

5.23amShe hasn't started well. A poor shot into the net and it's 0-30.

Sharapova 6-1 *2-0 FlipkensBREAK! Some late resistance in that game from the Belgian after going 0-40 down, but a double fault hands Sharapova the break and there's only one result here.

5.26amExcellent point there. Sharapova forces Flipkens to the net with a drop shot before Sharapova goes just wide scooping out the return.

Sharapova 6-1 3-0* FlipkensAgain, no resistance on the Sharapova serve. The Russian is powering towards an easy win now. She's yet to be tested so far, could that go against her in the later rounds?

5.31amIt's 15-40 now and another double break looking likely.

Sharapova 6-1 *4-0 FlipkensBREAK! Indeed it is and she won it in some style with a running cross-court backhand. Flipkens had no hope of reaching that.

5.33amAn hour on the clock now and not long before it's over.

Sharapova 6-1 5-0* FlipkensSharapova holds again and is 5-0 up inside 20 minutes. Can Flipkens get her next service game to stop the bagel?

5.38amPhenomenal flick of the wrist from Sharapova on the forehand return to pull a point back to 30-15.

5.40amRETIREMENT: Tipsarevic cannot continue and retires at 5-1 down in the second set. So Almagro is through to the quarter-finals.

Sharapova 6-1 6-0 FlipkensGAME, SET AND MATCH! Sharapova needs only one match point to claim her fifth love set of the tournament. She finishes with an emphatic forehand down the line and, although she was the heavy favourite, she still made it look easy.

5.46amSo both courts have finished before expected and we'll need a new set of games.

5.47amThe next ones aren't scheduled for 15 minutes or so, but it can't hurt to remind you what we're expecting.

5.52amFirst, the report of that unfortunate retirement from Tipsarevic, which stopped a potentially (before it started) exciting match on Hisense. Have a read here.

5.57amSo who's on court next then? Up on Rod Laver we will have Li Na against Julia Goerges, which should be much closer than the one we've just seen.

6.01amNa is seeded six and has yet to drop a set in the tournament. On the way to this stage she has beaten Sesil Karatantcheva, Olga Govortsova and Sorana Cirstea.

6.07amGoerges hasn't been quite so comfortable in reaching the fourth round. She defeated Vera Dushevina, Romina Oprandi and Zheng Jie. Only Oprandi was beaten in straight sets.

6.11amIn fact, I believe these two are to play on Hisense. Either way, it's up next.

6.12amCan the German go a step further than she's managed here before? She's in blue, which makes a change from yellow. Good on her.

6.15amIn her way stands Na. She reached the final here in 2011 and also won the French Open that year. So she definitely has the talent to go all the way, but it's still quite a long shot.

6.17amNa to serve first.

6.19amNa's right knee is strapped. Textbook serve action she has, the ball would come down with snow on it if it wasn't in Melbourne.

Na 0-1* GoergesBREAK! Some excellent ground strokes from Goerges, particularly from the forehand, and the German has an immediate break. That's just what she needed.

6.23amSome news on the order of play tomorrow. Murray's match against Simon will be last up on Hisense tomorrow. More on that story here.

6.24amThree break back points Na.

Na *1-1 GoergesBREAK! She needed just one of them and this time Na dominates the game to hit back immediately.

6.26amFifth seed Tomas Berdych is in action now. His match with South Africa's Kevin Anderson is underway on Rod Laver.

Na 2-1* GoergesMuch better from Na, and finally we have a hold of serve. A bizarre shot from Goerges goes long to wrap up the game for Na. She's played very strongly since falling behind.

6.29amNa controlling the points now, sending Goerges left to right with accurate forehands.

Na *3-1 GoergesBREAK! Na is fully in command now. She converts the first of two break points following a big backhand right into the corner that Goerges can only hit long.

Na 4-1* GoergesGoerges looking to attack the Na serve and gets some success on a couple of points. However it isn't enough and Na presses home the break with a solid hold.

6.35amBerdych, by the way, is serving with a break at 3-1. Good start for him.

6.36amStrong play from Goerges; she moves 40-0 up with a forehand advancing to the net.

Na *4-2 GoergesNa gets back into it with a couple of points, but it's a good hold from Georges - her first game since the opener.

6.40amShe's now 0-40 up in the next game.

6.41amFantastic backhand down the line from Na to save one.

Na 4-3* GoergesBREAK! But an even better return on the next serve from the German puts us back on serve. She's really stepped it up in the last two games. It's ebbing and flowing this one; good tennis.

6.44amOdd from Goerges there - a backhand hits the post of the net, terrible shot.

Na *4-4 GoergesStill playing well is Goerges, and she takes a relatively comfortable service game to level the set at 4-4. Finely poised, this.

6.48amGoerges again pulls off one of her bizarre shots that goes miles out of the court.

Na 5-4* GoergesNa offers Goerges the chance of a winner down the line, but she puts it into the tramlines. Na stops the rot and she too halts a run of three games by her opponent.

6.54amSolid serving from Goerges to go 40-0 up.

Na *5-5 GoergesAnd indeed the takes it to 15. This one looks likely to go into a tie breaker.

6.56amImportant ace from Na to move 30-15 ahead.

Na 6-5* GoergesReally accurate serving from the Chinese allows her to wrap up a simple service game without drama. The pressure is on the German to serve for a breaker.

6.58amGood start from the German, coming to the net to volley the winner.

Na *6-6 GoergesIn a pressure game she made it look easy. After 43 minutes there's no separating them and it'll be a tie break. The first for both women this week.

7.01amGoerges goes inches long with a lob. First blood Na.

7.02amStunning return right into the corner from Na, and she has the mini-break at 2-1.

7.04amGoerges wins the break back and we're well poised at 3-3. Could go either way here, although I'm tipping Na for her experience in these situations.

7.06amNa goes wide with a smash, that I don't think was required from Goerges's lob, and the German is up 5-3 on serve.

7.07am5-3 is now 5-5. Na digging in well.

7.09amAt set point, Goerges loses a fantastic point by hammering a half-volley into the net. She bottled that.. 6-6.

7.10amNow set point Na. You don't fancy her to lose this one from here.

Na 7-6[6]* GoergesSET! Goerges has only herself to blame there. She should have won it at 6-5, but instead she finds herself a set down.

7.15amHow can the German respond here? Na will come out looking for an early break and whether she gets it could go some way to deciding the outcome.

7.17amAs I suspected, Na gets two break points straight away.

Na 7-6[6] *1-0 GoergesBREAK! Oh dear. Goerges plays a semi-drop shot semi-slice and it ends in the net. Na breaks immediately and this could run away from the German now.

Na 7-6[6] 2-0* GoergesNa backs it up with an easy service game. It's important now that Goerges wins this game.

7.23amShe starts well to go up 30-0 but again finds the net with a simple volley. The errors are the difference in this one.

Na 7-6[6] *3-0 GoergesBREAK! From 30-0 it's another break for the Chinese. Goerges is making too many unforced errors and Na is able to cruise this one now. There's another gear if she needs it, you feel, but I doubt she will.

7.29amTwo break points for the German.

7.30amShe thinks she has the break but on review Na's winner was right on the line. A wide backhand follows and Goerges has let the Chinese back in this.

Na 7-6[6] 4-0* GoergesFrom having two break points, Georges gifts Na the hold and there's surely no way back now.

7.34amHuge screams of celebration for Goerge as she goes... 40-30 up.

Na 7-6[6] *4-1 GoergesThe German stops the flow of games going Na's way, but the damage must surely have been done. It would be a remarkable turnaround if she takes this set from here. She's certainly got the passion to do so, but she's not playing very well it has to be said.

7.38amFantastic ace from Na looks like it was out all the way but clips the line. Not much Goerges can do about that.

Na 7-6[6] 5-1* GoergesJust one point for Goerges in that game and Na is cruising. Can the German make her opponent serve for the match, or will Na break again?

7.42amWonderful from Na, who responds to a drop shot by somehow finding the angle for the pass.

Na 7-6[6] 6-1 GoergesGAME, SET AND MATCH! Na needs just the one match point as Georges nets to give her opponent the win. After her strong start Georges dropped off and was far too inconsistent to challenge today. It's Na who advances into the quarter-finals.

7.45amShe will move on to play the winner of Radwanska vs. Ivanovic. That will be an excellent quarter-final. In fact, that game itself should be decent.

7.46amSET! Anderson 3-6 2-6 Berdych

7.47amThe fifth-seeded Czech is looking odds-on to progress here. It's just a step too far for the South African.

7.48amAfter the Berdych game comes the evening session. Or morning session in the UK. What's this session, in that case?

7.51amAt around 8am will be that Radwanska vs. Ivanovic match. I reckon that one could be the match of the day. Radwanska hasn't been her usual error-free self and Ivanovic has improved as the tournament has gone on. There could be a surprise in that one.

7.56amFollowing that one will be the men's top seed Djokovic against Wawrinka. A couple of really interesting matches in prospect there.

7.58amBerdych is 2-1 and a break up in the final set. That's every set he has broken within the first three games. Efficient showing from the Czech.

8amThat's all from me for one day, folks. Enjoy the rest of the day with Liam Power to guide you through. Over to you, Liam.

8.01amThanks Matt, I join as Berdych is trying to save three break points, with Anderson looking to mount a comeback in the third set.

8.03amBREAK! Anderson claims the break back at the second time of asking. He is now level at 2-2 in the third as he looks to rally from two sets down. It's still a long way back for the big South African.

8.05amA big night session on the Rod Laver arena awaits us. Radwanska against Ivanovic is moments away and we will join that match as soon as it begins!

8.09amHere we go, its the fourth seed Radwanska against a rejuvenated Ivanovic approaching something like her best form. This promises to be a hard-fought clash if the Serb makes a fast start.

8.11amIvanovic hasn't beaten Radwanska in more than five years. She will serve first looking to break that run.

8.13amInstantly the underdog is under pressure as Radwanska wins a break point at 30-40 in the opening game. Ivanovic responds with a fierce forehand winner to bring up deuce.

Ivanovic 0-1* RadwanskaBREAK! Radwanska keeps up the pressure and forces an error on the forehand side to break at the first possible opportunity. A dream start for the fourth seed.

Ivanovic *0-2 RadwanskaAn impressive hold to love puts Radwanska firmly in the driving seat early on. Important for Ivanovic to put a game on the board and try to establish herself in the match now.

Ivanovic 1-2* RadwanskaAnother short game but this time its Ivanovic who finds some form, mixing things up with a neat volley at the net to bring up a comfortable hold. A crucial confidence boost for the volatile Serb.

8.21amIvanovic has warmed to the task and starts Radwannska's third service game with an awesome forehand winner across court. She follows that up with a huge passing shot, but the Pole successfully challenges to level up at 15-15.

8.23amA baseline exchange sees Radwanska send a forehand wide to bring up break point. Ivanovic has chance to pass down the line but opts for a lob, which her opponent swats aside to level at deuce.

Ivanovic *1-3 RadwanskaRadwanska takes control and earns a hard-fought hold to maintain her early advantage in the first set. Chance missed there for Ivanovic, who has to take those openings to have a realistic chance of winning this match.

Ivanovic 2-3* RadwanskaThe 13th seed stays in touch with another routine hold, which once again featured a fine forehand winner. Ivanovic has always been an entertaining player capable of producing winners from the back of the court.

8.32amIvanovic goes aggressive and gets an early reward, putting some pressure on the Radwanska serve at 30-30.

Ivanovic *2-4 RadwanskaOnce again Radwanska weathers the storm and holds to keep her two-game advantage.

8.35amIvanovic makes a sloppy start to her next service game and with a pair of unforced errors is quickly 0-30 down.

Ivanovic 2-5* RadwanskaBREAK! At 15-40 down Ivanovic picks the worst time to produce a double fault with a stray ball toss. Radwanska gets the vital second break without breaking sweat and will serve for the first set.

8.38amAll too easy for Radwanska as she earns three set points.

Ivanovic *2-6 RadwanskaSET! A love service game wraps up the first set for the fourth seed in just 28 minutes.

8.41amIvanovic has to make a strong start to the second set otherwise this match could be over quickly. She wins the opening point with a stroke of luck at the net.

8.42amRadwanska is proving to be a horrible clash of styles for Ivanovic, keeping everything in play and forcing mistakes. The Pole has break point in the first game of the second set.

Ivanovic 2-6 0-1* RadwanskaBREAK! A stroll for Radwanska in that game to earn a break without having to get aggressive or force the play. Ivanovic is too erratic and unless she can stamp out these unforced errors her tournament will be over.

Ivanovic *2-6 0-2 RadwanskaAnother routine hold for Radwanska and her grip on this match just got tighter. Ivanovic is back on serve and has to hold to maintain any realistic hopes of a comeback.

8.48amThat's more like it from the Serb, taking her time to produce a big smash and build a 40-15 lead on serve.

Ivanovic 2-6 1-2* RadwanskaIvanovic finally gets on the scoreboard in the second set but still trails by an early break of serve.

8.51amRadwanska quickly builds a 30-0 advantage but finally her comes some pressure from Ivanovic. A huge forehand drive followed up by a passing winner on the second serve and we are level at 30-30.

8.53amIvanovic has break point but Radwanska puts her opponent off balance with a clever slice to force a mistake and hang on at deuce.

8.55amTwo more break-point chances come and go for the Serb but at least she is attacking the ball with far more intent and purpose.

Ivanovic *2-6 1-3 RadwanskaDespite having five chances to break Ivanovic still can't find a way to make it count as Radwanska survives to earn a vital hold and stay firmly in control of the second set.

9.00amIn patches Ivanovic shows all the potential to be a top player once again but she is unable to produce consistently. A fantastic return from Radwanska at a tight angle makes it 30-30 on the Serb's serve.

Ivanovic 2-6 2-3* RadwanskaA spirited display from Ivanovic to grind out that hold under pressure and stay alive in the match. She still trails by a set and a break and needs to dig deep and take a chance on Radwanska's serve.

9.02amA quick stat that tells you everything you need to know about this match. Ivanovic has made 25 unforced errors in this match to Radwanska's two. Quite staggering.

9.04amThe Pole is relentless is her pursuit of the ball and keeps every point alive. Ivanovic to try winners constantly but she does have her sixth break point of the match at 30-40, a chance she desperately needs to take.

9.05amRadwanska serves her fourth ace of the match to avoid the break. At deuce the pair produce the best point of match by some distance, exchanging lobs and smashes in a brilliant all-round display. Ivanovic gets the best of a quality point and has her seventh break point.

Ivanovic *2-6 2-4 RadwanskaAgain Ivanovic fails to convert her chances and Radwanska slips through the net to keep her two-game lead.

9.10amUPDATE! A quick update from the men's singles and Tomas Berdych has come through a marathon tie break in the third set to edge Kevin Anderson in straight sets 6-3 6-2 7-6(13)

Ivanovic 2-6 3-4* RadwanskaIvanovic keeps her fading hopes alive with an impressive hold, if only she had shown this attacking intent from the outset.

Ivanovic 2-6 3-5* RadwanskaAll too easy in that game for the fourth seed as she holds to love with minimal fuss. Radwanska is now one game away from a place in the quarter-finals.

9.17amServing to stay in the match Ivanovic makes a strong start, winning the first two points with, you guessed it, a couple of forehand winners.

Ivanovic 2-6 4-5* RadwanskaA gutsy effort from the Serb as she forced Radwanska to serve out the match at 5-4 in the second set. The Pole has looked unflappable at times and one more hold in that form and she is through to the last eight.

9.20amIvanovic crashes a forehand low into the net twice in a row and Radwanska has three match points.

Ivanovic 2-6 4-6 RadwanskaGAME SET AND MATCH! An ace brings up a hold to love and with it the match. Radwanska stayed solid and kept errors to a minimum and that was enough to overcome Ivanovic today.

9.26amRadwanska goes through to face Li Na in the quarter finals on Tuesday. Li has a good record against the Pole in what promises to be a close encounter.

9.28amThat completes one half of the quarter-final lineup in the women's singles. Maria Sharapova is the overwhelming favourite to make the final from the side of the draw, having dropped just five games in her first four matches.

9.31amIn a few moments we will turn out attention to the men's draw in tonight's featured match. Defending champion Novak Djokovic takes on Swiss veteran Stanislas Wawrinka.

9.34amDjokovic had this to say about his opponent earlier today: "Stan is a great player, he's been around for a long time. He's been overshadowed by Roger Federer a little bit but he's been in the top 20 for the last five years. He will be a tough opponent and hopefully it will be an entertaining match."

9.36amThe head-to-head record for this match doesn't make good reading for Wawrinka. He has beaten Djokovic just twice in 13 attempted and last overcame the Serb in 2006!

9.39amBoth players are nearly at the end of their pre-match routine, with Djokovic looking pretty pumped up for this one. The world number one always maintains an intense demeanor. This is a daunting task for Wawrinka this evening. You feel he has to win the first set to have any chance of causing a huge upset.

9.41amDjokovic is first to serve and gets things underway with an uncharacteristic loose forehand into the net.

Djokovic 1-0* WawrinkaEncouraging early signs for Wawrinka as he forces the Serb to deuce with a thunderous backhand winner. Djokovic responds with three aces to hold serve in the opening game.

9.45amWawrinka makes a positive start on serve but Djokovic is already chasing down loose shots to make the score 30-30.

Djokovic *1-1 WawrinkaThe Swiss underdog takes a forehand early with enough power to close out his first hold of the match.

9.48amDjokovic finds himself 15-40 down on serve as Wawrinka's backhand blisters across court. That shot is one of the best in the men's game, a truly potent weapon.

Djokovic 1-2* WawrinkaBREAK! Djokovic sends a forehand long and Wawrinka has a surprise early breakthrough. The 15th seed had been rewarded for a fine start and leads 2-1 in the first set.

Djokovic *1-3 WawrinkaA quick hold for Wawrinka as he takes charge in the first set. He then shows power and touch at the net to read a drop shot and go 0-15 up on the Serb's serve.

9.56amDjokovic is under pressure on serve again at 30-40 and loses a challenge to try and reverse the decision. Break point to Wawrinka.

Djokovic 1-4* WawrinkaA super exchange has both players racing across court but Wawrinka keeps his cool to thunder home a backhand winner and collect a double break. This is very impressive stuff from the Swiss underdog and we have a real match on our hands here.

10.00amImportant for Wawrinka to make this stick and right now he is not missing a single shot. His imperious form continues with a clean backhand down the line.

Djokovic *1-5 WawrinkaA hold to love for Wawrinka and Novak looks stunned. He must now serve to stay in the first set.

10.04amStan 'The Man' keeps the pressure on with a superb slice to the net and against serve he has a set point.

Djokovic 1-6* WawrinkaSET! Wawrinka has just wrapped up the first set in under 30 minutes with a third successive break. Djokovic can't quite believe and the defending champion faces an uphill battle to respond in this match.

10.09amWawrinka opens up the second set and hammers a huge serve down the middle. Djokovic responds with a well-placed return to go 15-30 ahead.

Djokovic *1-6 1-0BREAK! The world number one responds to collect his first break point of the match and start the second set with timely breakthrough.

10.13amWawrinka shows no signs of folding after that break as he races into a 0-30 lead on Novak's serve with some nice variety at the net.

Djokovic 1-6 1-1* WawrinkaBREAK! An instant reply from Wawrinka, who has now won six out of nine games in this match and broken the Djokovic serve four times. Quite incredible!

10.17amWawrinka finds himself 15-30 down but battles back with that trusty backhand to lead 40-30 on serve.

Djokovic *1-6 1-2 WawrinkaDjokovic applies pressure but Wawrinka mixes things up to earn the first hold of the second set.

10.24amNo sign of this superb run of form slowing up for the 27-year-old as he scuds a backhand down the line. Djokovic had to answer to that and trails 15-30 on serve.

Djokovic 1-6 1-3* WawrinkaBREAK! Another break duly dispatched for Wawrinka with a powerful backhand across court. The consistency with which the Swiss veteran is finding the line is just remarkable.

10.29amWawrinka is now up a break in the second set and right now this performance is almost reminiscent of Lukas Rosol's win against Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon last year.

Djokovic *1-6 1-4 WawrinkaA routine hold and with less than hour played Wawrinka is a set and 4-1 ahead. Djokovic will need a huge turnaround to keep his title defence alive.

10.34amDjokovic is fighting hard but at the moment there is no let up from his opponent.

Djokovic 1-6 2-4* WawrinkaNovak stops the rot to win just his third game of the match.

10.37amThe first sign of tension from Wawrinka as he hits a pair of tame shots into the net to go 0-30 down on serve. Important for the Swiss player to keep his cool at this stage.

10.39amSome fine serving brings Stan back into the game at deuce but Djokovic cranks up the pressure with a fearsome passing drive to earn a vital break point.

Djokovic *1-6 2-5 WawrinkaGreat composure from Wawrinka to hang on and hold under intense pressure. Djokovic must now serve to stay in the second set.

Djokovic 1-6 3-5* WawrinkaAn easy hold to love for Djokovic and all the pressure now falls on his opponent. Wawrinka to serve for a two-set advantage against the world number one.

10.46amAnother backhand missile earns Wawrinka a 30-0 lead but Djokovic claws his way back to level at 30-30. A pivotal moment in the match coming up here.

Djokovic *1-6 4-5 WawrinkaBREAK! Wawrinka sends one crashing off the net and Djokovic has the crucial break back to stay in the set. A bitter blow for Stan who must recover quickly from that setback.

10.52amDjokovic is returning to form and races into a 40-15 lead. Wawrinka is missing shots than just ten minutes ago would have sailed in as winners.

Djokovic 1-6 5-5* WawrinkaThe defending champ holds quickly and once again the spotlight falls on Wawrinka, can he stay strong and close out this second set?

10.56amDjokovic shows some resolute defending and forces a mistake from Wawrinka on his normally deadly backhand to go 15-30 ahead.

10.58amA big return earns Djokovic two break points and a chance to take charge of the second set.

11.00amWawrinka survives and fights back to deuce.

Djokovic *1-6 6-5 WawrinkaBREAK! Novak finally gets the vital break at the third time of asking and will now serve for the second set. A big moment in the match as Stan runs out of steam on serve.

Djokovic 1-6 7-5 *WawrinkaA huge effort on serve brings Djokovic level at a set apiece. After a shocking start the defending champion has rode the storm and is now favourite to win this in four sets.

11.08amA big chance missed for Wawrinka at a break up in the second set. The 15th seed just could not maintain that scintillating early form but is still level and will begin on serve in the third set.

11.09amStan starts the third with an ace as a challenge goes his way but some hesitation at the net brings Djokovic level at 30-30.

Djokovic *1-6 7-5 1-0 WawrinkaBREAK! A wonderful defensive effort earn Djokovic the break of serve and sixth successive game. The pendulum has swung in the Serb's favour and he lets out a huge roar of approval after winning that game.

11.15amNovak follows by racing into a 4-0 lead but Wawrinka shows determination to bring the game level at deuce.

Djokovic 1-6 7-6 1-1* WawrinkaBREAK! The 15th seed is not out of this one just yet. Djokovic gets sloppy on serve and his Swiss opponent takes full advantage to break straight back in a strange start to the third set.

11.21amWawrinka is under pressure again on serve but uses a strong first serve to recover and build a 40-30 advantage.

Djokovic *1-6 7-6 1-2 WawrinkaAnother strong effort from Wawrinka sees him take the lead in the third set. Djokovic is pressing in ominous form but for his Swiss opponent is keeping him at bay.

11.25amWawrinka reminds us of his first-set form with a punishing backhand winner, which draws applause from his opponent.

11.27amAnother awesome backhand gets Wawrinka at deuce but a quality volley puts Djokovic ahead.

Djokovic 1-6 7-5 2-2* WawrinkaDjokovic forces his opponent to dry a deep lob, which flots high and wide to give the Serb a hard-fought hold.

11.31amWawrinka builds a 4-0 lead but faces a frenzied Djokovic fightback to hold serve as the Serb wins two points.

Djokovic *1-6 7-5 2-3 WawrinkaDjokovic sends a forehand pass wide and Stan survives on serve to maintain his chances in the third set.

Djokovic 1-6 7-5 3-3* WawrinkaA comfortable hold for the world number one restores parity in the third set. New balls are due in the next game as the match settles into a steady pace for the first time.

11.38amWawrinka soon has the new ball flying across court but after going 30-0 up he misses a forehand volley and soon finds himself level at 30-30.

Djokovic* 1-6 7-5 3-4 WawrinkaDjokovic gets aggressive but its not enough to force a break and the third set rumbles on towards a tie break.

Djokovic 1-6 7-5 4-4* WawrinkaIn no time at all Djokovic draws level with a worryingly easy hold. Wawrinka needs to apply more pressure if he is to turn the match back in his favour.

11.43amA bad start to Wawrinka's next service game sees him slip 0-30 behind. Huge chance for Djokovic to make the breakthrough here.

Djokovic *1-6 7-5 5-4 WawrinkaBREAK! A big return does enough to unbalance Wawrinka and hand Djokovic the crucial break. He will now serve for the third set and the overall lead.

Djokovic 1-6 7-5 6-4* WawrinkaSET! The world number one wastes no time in earning two set points and wins an exchange at the net to take the third set in some style. A determined fightback puts Djokovic 2-1 up in sets and within sight of the quarter-finals.

11.54amHard to see Wawrinka coming back at this stage, his only hope is to throw caution to the wind in an effort to try and recapture his first-set form.

Djokovic *1-6 7-5 6-4 0-1 WawrinkaA positive start to the fourth set from Wawrinka, showing heart to grind out a tough hold.

11.58amDjokovic looks in ominous form at this stage on serve but Wawrinka is giving it everything, forcing the Serb wide to go 40-30 behind.

12.01pmWawrinka comes within inches of claiming a break after a superb rally. Djokovic produces a minor miracle to keep a fierce forehand in play and force the game back to deuce.

Djokovic 1-6 7-5 6-4 1-1* WawrinkaInevitably Djokovic fights back to claim an important hold. Wawrinka showed he still has the stomach for a fight in that game and the crowd clearly appreciate his efforts.

Djokovic *1-6 7-5 6-4 1-2 WawrinkaNice display on serve for Wawrinka to get the backhand working once again for a relatively straightforward hold.

12.08pmWawrinka goes on the attack and picks up a quick 15-30 lead on the Djokovic serve with a strong forehand winner. Small chance to apply pressure here for the 15th seed.

12.11pmThe assault continues and Wawrinka earns a break point. Djokovic rallies to draw level at deuce with an impressive pass down the line.

Djokovic 1-6 7-5 6-4 2-2 Wawrinka*Djokovic survives a break point to keep the fourth set on serve. A chance missed for his Swiss opponent who is keeping this match competitive with a spirited effort.

12.14pmWawrinka cannons a 132mph serve up the middle for a huge ace and a 40-15 advantage.

Djokovic *1-6 7-5 6-4 3-2 WawrinkaMore backhand artistry from Wawrinka nudges him ahead in this crucial fourth set. He has looked the more likely to claim a break but he may yet regret not taking an earlier chance at 30-40 in front.

Djokovic 1-6 7-5 6-4 3-3 Wawrinka*A love game brings Djokovic level in dominant fashion. Who will break first in a fourth set which has looked even throughout?

12.22pmWawrinka survives a nervy challenge to take a 40-30 lead after Djokovic fired an erratic forehand well wide of the baseline.

Djokovic *1-6 7-5 6-4 3-4 WawrinkaMore resolute play from Wawrinka keeps him on serve in the fourth and within two games of the set. Djokovic needs to keep plugging away and hope to force an advantage when it counts.

12.27pmWawrinka produces a sublime backhand down the line to keep Djokovic under pressure on serve at 40-30.

Djokovic 1-6 7-5 6-4 4-4 Wawrinka*Djokovic is forced to work hard as Wawrinka sends another stunning winner off the baseline to take the game to deuce. He holds firm with a counter punch to level up.

12.33pmSome of the groundstrokes Wawrinka has produced today have been nothing short of exceptional. Another two backhand winners on serve quickly put the Swiss tour veteran 30-0 ahead.

Djokovic *1-6 7-5 6-4 4-5 WawrinkaDjokovic fight back to 40-30 but his cheeky attempt at a drop shot misses the net and Wawrinka goes within a game of clinching the fourth set.

12.38pmWawrinka is getting some treatment on his leg in the interval, probably just a massage but as he near a fifth set a grueling match is starting to take its toll. Djokovic is next to serve and needs a hold to keep the fourth alive.

12.40pmWawrinka slams a forehand off the KIA logo at the net, reducing the sign to a mere IA. Not the best advert for a car but good publicity I guess.

Djokovic 1-6 7-5 6-4 5-5* WawrinkaExtra game required in the fourth as we march towards a tie breaker.

Djokovic *1-6 7-5 6-4 5-6 WawrinkaWawrinka wins an amazing rally to take a 40-0 lead before showing pace to reach a drop shot and wrap up a game to love. Impressive stuff once again from the Swiss talent.

12.47pmThe pressure falls back on Djokovic again as he's forced to serve to stay in the set for a second time.

Djokovic 1-6 7-5 6-4 6-6* WawrinkaAnother hold to love sends us straight into a fourth-set tie break.

12.50pmWawrinka drops another huge bomb down the line to take a quick 2-0 advantage in the tie break. His lead becomes 3-0 soon after when Djokovic sends a forehand long under little pressure.

12.52pmMore success for Wawrinka and he is now 4-2 ahead at the change of ends. Big chance here for a fifth set and with the standard of play so high in this match the crowd want more!

12.54pmA huge point goes Wawrinka's way as Djokovic slips to give his opponent a 5-3 lead.

12.55pmDjokovic sprays a forehand aimlessly wide and Wawrinka has three set points.

12.56pmTwo impressive points keep Djokovic alive but he is still set point down at 5-6 in this tense tie break.

Djokovic *1-6 7-5 6-4 6-7(5) WawrinkaSET! A phenomenal match takes another twist as Wawrinka smashes a huge forehand down the line and past a floored Djokovic. The Swiss talent has held off an onslaught to level the match at two sets apiece and now a quarter-final place is up for grabs.

1.01pmA one-set shootout for a place in the last eight now. Djokovic is on serve and must put the disappointment of the fourth set tie break behind him quickly.

1.02pmWawrinka is on fire and has two break points to take control of the fifth set.

Djokovic 1-6 7-5 6-4 6-6(5) 0-1* WawrinkaA big shot brings up the early break and Wawrinka looks strong and capable of finishing the job at the Rod Laver Arena.

1.07pmStan 'The Man' looks strong despite having earlier treatment on his leg and leads 30-15 on serve.

1.09pmDjokovic earns a break point but despite some excellent baseline defence Wawrinka gets to deuce with a huge forehand smash.

1.11pmBoth players spurn chances to win a close game, which is now back at deuce for the third time.

Djokovic *1-6 7-5 6-4 6-7(5) 1-1 WawrinkaBREAK! A break straight back from the world number one, who has Wawrinka scrambling with a huge forehand to bring the scores level in the deciding set.

1.17pmBoth players are tightening up as Wawrinka earns two more break points and a chance to back in front against the top seed.

Djokovic *1-6 7-5 6-4 6-6(5) 2-1 WawrinkaDjokovic shows why he is a champion, responding to save from 15-40 with a massive smash.

1.21pmWawrinka thunders a 131mph serve down the line for his 14th ace and a 40-0 lead.

Djokovic *1-6 7-5 6-4 6-6(5) 2-2 WawrinkaAll square again in the fifth set as Wawrinka holds to love in impressive fashion.

Djokovic 1-6 7-5 6-4 6-6(5) 3-2* WawrinkaDjokovic responds with a comfortable hold of his own to edge ahead. Both players are visibly tiring and we have reached a stage where one mistake could be curtains.

1.27pmDjokovic comes up with something special, stretching to meet a forehand pass and diverting past a stunned Wawrinka to make it 30-30.

1.31pmWawrinka is cramping up but still has enough to earn advantage with a big first serve.

Djokovic *1-6 7-5 6-4 6-6(5) 3-3 WawrinkaStan holds and both players have now won 154 points, it could not be more even on Rod Laver. Djokovic is back on serve and under instant pressure.

Djokovic 1-6 7-5 6-4 6-6(5) 4-3* WawrinkaAnother hold to love for Djokovic who stayed strong to win a series of exchanges at the baseline. He now leads 4-3 and forces the pressure back on the 15th seed.

1.35pmA big ask here for Wawrinka but he has looked comfortable on serve so far in this fifth set. Djokovic is slipping and sliding to keep the ball in at the baseline and makes the score 15-15.

1.37pmGood pressure here from Djokovic at 30-30 but Wawrinka comes up with a huge first serve to take a slender advantage.

1.38pmWawrinka misses a forehand and the score is deadlocked at deuce.

1.40pmDjokovic is gifted a break point by Wawrinka's first double fault of the match but blows the chance with a poor forehand into the net. Back to deuce.

Djokovic *1-6 7-5 6-4 6-6(5) 4-4 WawrinkaWawrinka fights back to hold for the third consecutive service game, nerves of steel under pressure from both players.

1.44pmA huge chance for Wawrinka as Novak sends a volley wide and the Swiss underdog has two break points at a vital time in the match.

1.45pmDjokovic survives as Wawrinka goes for broke and sends an attempted backhand winner into the net. Deuce!

1.47pmWawrinka has a third chance to break but once again fails to drive a winner down the line.

1.50pmTwo more break points go begging for Wawrinka and with his best chance to date a forehand floats inches wide of the baseline.

Djokovic 1-6 7-5 6-4 6-6(5) 5-4* WawrinkaDjokovic somehow finds the resolve to hold and Wawrinka must now recover to serve for his place in the match.

1.53pmA tight backhand from Djokovic gifts Wawrinka a 30-0 love lead, he is two points away from keeping the match alive.

Djokovic *1-6 7-5 6-4 6-6(5) 5-5 WawrinkaYet another stunning backhand winner from Wawrinka makes it 5-5 in fifth. This fantastic match could still go either way.

1.56pmDjokovic makes a strong start back on serve, winning three points with relative ease thanks to a powerful first serve.

Djokovic 1-6 7-5 6-4 6-6(5) 6-5* WawrinkaThe easiest hold in quite some time for Djokovic puts huge pressure on Wawrinka. Just a reminder than in the fifth set you must win by two clear games to claim the match.

1.59pmWith precision Wawrinka sends an ace down the line to start the game in superb style.

Djokovic *1-6 7-5 6-4 6-6(5) 6-6 WawrinkaAnother easy service game and that makes it 6-6 in the decider. Nerves of steel required at this stage to decide who will advance to the quarter-finals.

2.01pmOnce again Wawrinka is struggling to put any pressure on the defending champion's serve.

Djokovic 1-6 7-5 6-4 6-6(5) 7-6* WawrinkaAdded pressure now for Wawrinka, every time he serves it will be to stay in the match. He has stayed calm and composed up to this point, how will he fare at crunch time?

2.04pmA huge forehand across court from Djokovic and a fine start to this game for the Serb. 0-15!

2.05pmWawrinka finds a way to respond and has a 40-15 lead thanks to some impressive forehand form.

Djokovic *1-6 7-5 6-4 6-6(5) 7-7 WawrinkaAnd this epic rumbles on into the 15th game of the fifth set with no end in sight. Can you pick a winner?

2.08pmDjokovic races into a 40-15 advantage of his own with some superb strokes at the baseline.

Djokovic 1-6 7-5 6-4 6-6(5) 8-7* WawrinkaWawrinka fails to apply any pressure and also can't earn any rest. Straight back on serve and under the spotlight for the gutsy Swiss challenger.

2.11pmNo sign of Wawrinka breaking just yet, but he has sent a wayward backhand into the net to make the score 30-15.

Djokovic *1-6 7-5 6-4 6-6(5)8-8 WawrinkaOver to you Djokovic, a brilliant hold of serve from Wawrinka to stay in the match at the fourth time of asking.

2.15pmSigns of cramp again from Wawrinka as Djokovic gets an ace to kick off his service game.

Djokovic 1-6 7-5 6-4 6-6(5) 9-8* WawrinkaDjokovic maintains his run of simple holds and takes a 9-8 lead in this marathon deciding set. Wawrinka looks the more tried of the two and will need another rousing comeback to stay alive.

Djokovic* 1-6 7-5 6-4 6-6(5) 9-9 WawrinkaA comfortable hold for Wawrinka this time thanks to a masterclass in serving under extreme pressure. The names Isner and Mahut spring to mind right now!

Djokovic 1-6 7-5 6-4 6-6(5) 10-9* WawrinkaNovak keeps the steady line of flawless holds ticking along with a game to love. Wawrinka is forced to serve to stay alive in the match for the fifth time.

2.22pmBoth players have slowed to a pace which means that if maintained we could be here for a long time to come yet.

Djokovic *1-6 7-5 6-4 6-6(5) 10-10 WawrinkaMake that three love service games in a row and we have reached 10-10 in the final set.

2.28pmA sniff of a breakthrough for Wawrinka on the Djokovic serve as he wins the opening point.

2.29pmDjokovic swats aside my claims of a half-chance with a big backhand down the line. Normal service resumed at 40-15.

Djokovic 1-6 7-5 6-4 6-6(5) 11-10* WawrinkaNovak survives the most minor of scares to go 11-10 ahead and keep the final set on serve.

2.33pmDjokovic pulls up with a touch of cramp but soon rallies to force the first deuce in what feels like a lifetime. Pressure on Wawrinka.

2.34pmMATCH POINT! Novak finds extra strength from somewhere to chase down a short ball and drive a forehand down the line.

2.35pmAn absolute rocket from Wawrinka gets him out of trouble with an ace clocked at 124mph.

2.36pmMATCH POINT! More baseline heroics from Djokovic to earn his second match point.

2.37pmAnother stunning reply form Wawrinka, who looks in real danger deep in the court before crashing a forehand winner down the baseline.

2.39pmA ridiculous forehand winner from Wawrinka, who suddenly looks fresh as he earns an advantage.

2.41pmMATCH POINT! Spoke too soon. Djokovic just will not quit as he looks finish the job. Match point number three.

2.42pmGAME SET AND MATCH An incredible match point sees Djokovic show unbelievable powers of recovery to keep the ball alive before caressing a forehand pass over Wawrinka to claim the match. WOW!

Djokovic 1-6 7-5 6-4 6-6(5) 12-10 WawrinkaA genuine epic is finally settled after five hours and two minutes. Djokovic was given the fright of his life by Wawrinka, who produced the best performance of his career to date and is unlucky to leave the court a beaten man today.

2.45pmDjokovic knows just how epic that match was and rips his shirt off Hulk Hogan style much to the delight of a packed Rod Laver Arena.

2.46pmWhatever the defending champion has left will go through to a quarter-final against Tomas Berdych on Tuesday night. The top seed is still alive and kicking after an almighty scare.

2.48pmThat just about does it for Sports Mole's live text commentary of a marathon seventh day of the Australian Open. Thanks for joining me, see you again soon!

Spain's David Ferrer stretches for a return shot during his second round match with Tim Smyczek at the Australian Open tennis championship on January 16, 2013
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