Live Commentary: Fernando Verdasco vs. Andy Murray - as it happened

Live Commentary: Verdasco vs. Murray - as it happened
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Read how Andy Murray came from two sets down to beat Fernando Verdasco and reach his fifth-straight Wimbledon semi-final.

Andy Murray was expected to continue his serene progress and reach the semi-finals at Wimbledon against unseeded Spaniard Fernando Verdasco this afternoon.

The Scot did manage to reach his fifth straight SW19 semi, but it was far from simple as he came from two sets down to win in five memorable sets.

Read how it all unfolded in our game-by-game updates below.

3.42pmAfternoon tennis fans! Have we all got our breath back after that extraordinary performance from Del Potro?

3.44pmVerdasco and Murray are already nearing the end of their warm-ups on Centre. The Scot is heavy favourite to set up a Polish semi-final against either Lukasz Kubot or Jerzy Janowicz.

3.46pmThat match is starting at pretty much the same time as this one, so what I'd advise you do is open this link in a new tab and join Liam Power for his updates on that one.

3.47pmMy namesake Pascal Maria announces that it will be Verdasco to serve first. Here we go...

3.48pmIt's an awful start for the Spaniard as he double faults on the first point. Not good.

Verdasco 1-0* MurrayThe Spaniard recovers from that though and holds to 30 with a second ace of the game.

3.52pmVerdasco with a good start on Murray's serve as he latches onto the Scot's serve and blasts a cross-court backhand that Murray can only get a frame to.

Verdasco *1-1 MurrayDespite that, Murray holds comfortably and we remain level on serve.

3.54pmThat's all three games where the server has lost the opening point as Verdasco misses wildly with a forehand.

3.55pmMurray then moves 0-30 ahead thanks to another forehand error from the Spaniard but we're now back at 30-30 as Murray fails to get back a pair of serves.

3.56pmBREAK POINT Murray...

3.56pmIt was another forehand error that presented the Scot with the chance, but Verdasco saves it with an unreturnable serve up the T.

Verdasco 2-1* MurrayVerdasco manages to hold on to his serve, just. During the change of ends Sir Alex Ferguson and now-former pupil Nemanja Vidic make their way back into the Royal Box.

Verdasco *2-2 MurrayMurray with his second ace of the match on the way to a love-hold. Verdasco is doing little to trouble the Brit's serve at the moment.

4.04pmWhat a point! Murray peppers the Verdasco backhand before he dips to the forehand and is forced way wide of the court. He manages to dig a slice up the line and into the corner but Verdasco is there to flick it back into play. Murray is there with a forehand but drags it into the net and you feel that Verdasco got away with that a little there.

Verdasco 3-2* MurrayVerdasco has already made seven unforced errors off his forehand but he ties up another service hold with a winner off that wing. It is by far his best stroke but also an inconsistent one.

4.09pmAfter five games this is the unforced error count: Verdasco 10-1 Murray. You feel that the Spaniard will have to limit that greatly if he's to have any chance of knocking out the second seed.

Verdasco *3-3 Murray"Game Murray," as the Scot puts away the easiest of volleys at the net. He's still yet to present Verdasco with a break-point opportunity in his three service games.

4.15pmOh dear! Murray balloons up a return and that should be an easy put-away for Verdasco but his drive-volley is wild and we're now at 30-30.

4.15pmMurray can't earn a break point as his return off the second serve barely makes it halfway up the net. Rare for one of the best returners in the game.

Verdasco 4-3* MurrayVerdasco follows that up with his third ACE of the match to hold serve.

4.18pmBullish start to the eighth game from Verdasco as he doesn't back off Murray's second serve, taking it on early with his backhand and hitting a winner.

4.19pmMore strong groundstrokes from Verdasco and it's tense times for the second seed at 0-30.

4.19pmThat's class from Murray. Two first serves that Verdasco can't get back in play.

4.21pmMurray has the chance to hold but we're at deuce as the Scot's limp forehand hits the net. Verdasco sniffing a break here.

Verdasco *4-4 MurrayGritty hold that from Murray. He levels the opener once more as Verdasco runs around his backhand but can't curl the forehand into play. Big game now for the Spaniard.

4.25pmSuperb agility from both men at 15-15 but it's Murray who edges the game of cat and mouse and he's looking threatening at 15-30 now.

4.25pmSome response from Verdasco! Murray's great angle looks like it's going to open up two break points but Verdasco finds a forehand right onto the baseline that the Scot can't handle.

4.27pmVerdasco DOUBLE FAULTS to give Murray break point. It's well saved by the Spaniard though as he approaches the Murray backhand and he lobs out. Deuce.

Verdasco 5-4* MurrayBoth men have now held impressively under pressure as Verdasco clings on to move within a game of the set. Over to Murray to hold to stay in the set.

4.30pmMurray begins with an ace before Verdasco gets a dead net cord that the Scot can do nothing about. 15-15.

4.31pmUPDATE! Janowicz has just taken the first set 7-5 against fellow Pole Kubot in the other quarter-final on No. 1 Court.

4.32pmCentre Court breathes a small sigh of relief as Murray's forehand just lands on the baseline when Verdasco thought it was going out. That was to make it 30-30 but it's now SET POINT Verdasco as he finds a big winner...

Verdasco 6-4 *0-0 MurraySET! Murray DOUBLE FAULTS and that's the first set that the number two seed has lost at this year's Championships.

4.35pmThe second serve is the weakest part of Murray's game and Verdasco capitalised on it throughout the set. Total points won: Verdasco 33-32 Murray.

Verdasco 6-4 1-0* MurrayNo jitters from Verdasco at the start of the second as he holds to love, with Murray careless with a forehand to gift his opponent the game.

Verdasco 6-4 *1-1 MurrayMurray holds almost as easily as Verdasco and he'll now be looking to pressure the Spaniard's serve.

4.42pmIt's 30-30 and here's maybe an opportunity for Murray.

4.42pmBREAK POINT Murray...

Verdasco 6-4 1-2* MurrayBREAK! Verdasco hits out and that's the Scot's first snap of Verdasco's serve in the match. Just what the Centre Court crowd needed.

4.44pmClick here to see an image of Manchester United's Serbian defender Nemanja Vidic in the Royal Box.

4.46pmMurray's looking just fine to consolidate the break at 40-0 but then tries to fake a drop shot and hit it long but instead slaps the tape.

Verdasco 6-4 *1-3 MurrayNo matter though as the second seed holds serve on the next point.

4.48pmMurray's ready to pounce for a double break at 0-30 but Verdasco reminds him of his ferocious forehand with a whipped down-the-line winner.

Verdasco 6-4 2-3* MurrayImpressive from Verdasco as he steadies himself after losing the first two points of that game to hold to 30.

4.54pmUh oh! Verdasco has two break-back points as he gets back Murray's smash and the Scot misses the forehand volley.

Verdasco 6-4 *3-3 MurrayBREAK BACK! He takes the first as Murray rockets in a first serve but Verdasco gets it back and the Scot hits miles out with a forehand.

Verdasco 6-4 4-3* MurrayThree games in a row for Verdasco as he booms his sixth ace of the match to hold.

4.59pmWicked start to the next game from Verdasco as he bullets a forehand winner before Murray misses with a tame forehand. 0-30.

5.01pmANOTHER short ball from Murray is dumped into the net and Verdasco has two more break points...

Verdasco 6-4 *5-3 MurrayBREAK! What a killer blow! Murray serves to the Spaniard's backhand and his return slaps against the tape outside of the sideline but spins into the court and Murray can do absolutely nothing about that.

5.02pmVerdasco starts the next game with a double fault. He must be a bit nervous.

5.04pmAmazing scenes on Centre! Murray somehow stays in point and the crowd actually start cheering him on midway through. That's a little out of order but it spurs him on as he produces a magnificent pass to move to 0-30.

5.06pmVerdasco has just SAVED three break points! Mighty resolve from the Spaniard.

Verdasco 6-4 6-3 0-0* MurraySET! Murray decides to play a drop shot and gets it all wrong to present Verdasco with set point. He takes it as Murray hits long and it's a long way back for Britain's number one.

5.11pmIt's not getting any better for Murray as he begins the third set with a double fault before a loose forehand at 15-15 sees Verdasco looking at a glimmer of an early break.

5.13pmVerdasco's way off court and all Murray has to do is plop a volley over the net but he's not able to and we're at deuce. This has hardly been an encouraging start to the set for Muzza.

Verdasco 6-4 6-3 *0-1 MurrayThe Scot does manage to hold though as Verdasco hits a forehand into the net.

5.15pmUPDATE: Over on No. 1 Court, Jerzy Janowicz is now two sets to the good against Lukasz Kubot.

5.16pmYes, Murray isn't playing anywhere near his best here but fair play to Verdasco. He has served immensely and that forehand of his is some weapon. A friend of mine just tweeted referring to the Spaniard as 'Forehando Verdasco'. Indeed.

5.18pmTWO BREAK POINTS for Murray as he finds a good lob and Verdasco's overhead is into the net.

Verdasco 6-4 6-3 0-2* MurrayBREAK! Centre Court erupts as Murray blasts back Verdasco's second serve and the Spaniard can't deal with it. Can he consolidate this break and serve out the remainder of the set. He couldn't in the second, remember.

5.20pmTweet from Murray's mixed doubles partner at the Olympics last year, Laura Robson: "#comeonandy"

5.21pmMurray quickly moves to 30-0 but Verdasco pegs him back to 30-30. Murray finds an ACE on a massive point and here's a chance to hold...

Verdasco 6-4 6-3 *0-3 MurrayHe takes it, just! A backhand from the number two seed lands right on the baseline but Verdasco's mishit shot just dips over the net. Murray hits to the Spaniard's backhand and his attempted pass almost makes it over but not quite.

5.27pmVerdasco looks like he's going to hold easily at 40-0 but we're back at deuce in double-quick fashion as Murray finds two clean winners before Verdasco volleys out.

5.27pmAnd now a double-break chance for the Scot as Verdasco double faults.

5.28pmSAVED thanks to a first serve out-wide.

Verdasco 6-4 6-3 1-3* MurrayThe Spaniard comes through another tough examination on serve by hitting a backhand winner at advantage. Can he now trouble Murray's service?

Verdasco 6-4 6-3 *1-4 MurrayMurray's sixth ACE of the match seals another hold of serve and he's now two games away from getting one set back here.

5.34pmIt must be so hard for Verdasco to play when almost every single one of the 15,000 or so inside Centre Court is rooting for your opponent.

5.36pmIt's 30-40 and a chance for Murray to move a double-break ahead in the third set...

Verdasco 6-4 6-3 1-5* MurrayHe's got it! Murray will now serve for the second set.

Verdasco 6-4 6-3 1-6 *0-0 MurraySET! The Scot serves it out and we will go to at least a fourth set. Both men trot off court for a bathroom break to go over their plans for the upcoming set.

Verdasco 6-4 6-3 1-6 1-0* MurrayVerdasco begins the third set with a hold of serve to ease the pressure on him after that battering in the third.

Verdasco 6-4 6-3 1-6 *1-1 MurrayWhat a huge, huge hold this could be for Murray. Verdasco has two break points in it but they're both saved thanks to first serves from the Scot. On game point, Murray's drop shot looks perfect but Verdasco flicks it crosscourt and Murray can only spoon it over for what should be an easy winner. However, he slices and Murray is there to hit a crosscourt pass that Verdasco doesn't make good contact with on the dive.

Verdasco 6-4 6-3 1-6 2-1* MurrayVerdasco with a much simpler hold to 15. His BIG serving has returned to him in this set and Murray hasn't looked like breaking yet. Oh how Murray would take an easy service game right now.

5.58pmUPDATE! It's all over on No. 1 Court as Jerzy Janowicz sees off fellow Pole Lukasz Kubot to set up a semi-final meeting with Novak Djokovic. Here's our report.

Verdasco 6-4 6-3 1-6 *2-2 MurrayI said that Murray would do anything for an easy hold and he gets one by holding to love.

6.01pmHere's what my colleague Liam Power is saying about Janowicz's post-victory reaction on No. 1 Court: "The 22-year-old can't hold back the tears as his momentous achievement kicks in. Kubot is waiting to walk off court with his Davis Cup teammate, quite a gesture from the veteran here." Janowicz is the first ever Polish man to reach a Slam semi by the way.

6.02pmFine pair of serves out-wide on both sides from Verdasco at 15-30 to prevent Murray earning two break points and moving to a game point of his own.

Verdasco 6-4 6-3 1-6 3-2* MurrayAnother first serve from the Spaniard and Murray can't get it over the net. The tension is building inside Centre.

6.05pmImposing start for Verdasco as he looks to earn a crucial break, hitting a clean backhand winner off one of Murray's timid second serves.

6.06pmACE from Murray at 0-30! Another one of those please, Andy.

6.07pm30-40 and BREAK POINT Verdasco...

6.08pmThe Spaniard hits long on the return and we're at deuce.

Verdasco 6-4 6-3 1-6 *3-3 MurrayAnother immense hold from the Scot. He is really is hanging on by the skin of his teeth here! Verdasco had another break point but it was saved by a gutsy ACE - his 11th of the contest. Can Murray now worry the Spaniard on his serve?

6.12pmBrilliant defence from Murray and it's 0-30 to the second seed. Dangerous times for Verdasco.

6.15pmVerdasco's pulled it back though and he swats away Murray's weak forehand slice to move to 40-30.

6.15pmThe Spaniard hits just long with a down-the-line forehand and it's deuce.

6.16pmMurray gets the better of Verdasco at the net and he has a BREAK POINT...

Verdasco 6-4 6-3 1-6 3-4* MurrayBREAK! Murray floats a couple of Verdasco's forehands back to the baseline before the Spaniard pushes a little too hard and hits long.

Verdasco 6-4 6-3 1-6 *3-5 MurrayPerfect way to back up the break as Murray holds to love. He's now one game away from taking us into a deciding fifth set.

6.22pmIf Murray can break again here then he'll have the advantage of serving first in the fifth. Verdasco has started well though and is 30-0 ahead.

6.23pmMurray responds with a forehand slap on the run that Verdasco can't handle at the net.

Verdasco 6-4 6-3 1-6 4-5* MurrayVerdasco does hold, forcing Murray to serve the set out and send us into a decider. Can he do it?

6.26pmEncouraging start to the game as Murray challenges an out call on his first serve and HawkEye shows that it did graze the service line.

Verdasco 6-4 6-3 1-6 4-6 *0-0 MurraySET! We're going to a fifth set!

6.30pmOf course, Murray is the overwhelming favourite to come through in this decider as he has all the momentum. However, Verdasco is no mug and if he can make his serve and forehand tick again then Murray could be in trouble. Here we go!

6.31pmGood start for the Spaniard as he whips a lovely forehand into the corner. He follows this with a rash one though - his 35th unforced error of the match. Murray has 29.

Verdasco 6-4 6-3 1-6 4-6 1-0* MurrayVerdasco holds serve to start the set. Murray sent up a tough high ball at 40-30 but Verdasco dealt well with it by putting away the drive-volley.

6.33pmTotal points won after the fourth set? Verdasco 106-117 Murray.

6.34pmMurray wins the first point on his serve in the fifth with a flailing dive at the net. One for the cameras!

6.35pmI've commentated on loads of matches at this year's Championships and this is the first one that's gone all the way to five. There hasn't been many go the distance at all this year.

Verdasco 6-4 6-3 1-6 4-6 *1-1 MurrayNo sign of nerves on Murray's serve as the British number one holds to 15.

6.38pmA tentative rally from both men at 15-0. Verdasco wins it as Murray miscues a backhand and it barely reaches the net.

Verdasco 6-4 6-3 1-6 4-6 2-1* MurrayVerdasco continues to show his mettle by holding to 15, sealing the game with an ACE out-wide that sends up a puff of white paint to show that it was in.

6.41pmIffy start to the next game from Murray as he seems to make a last-minute decision to play a drop shot and then fluffs the volley presented to him by Verdasco.

Verdasco 6-4 6-3 1-6 4-6 *2-2 MurrayHe recovers from that poor first point by winning the next four on the trot to hold to 15. Who will blink first in this decider?

6.46pmMurray is angry with himself on the first point of the next game as his backhand down the line just drops wide. Verdasco then moves 30-0 ahead by setting up the point beautifully with some deep slices before hitting one of his least favourite shots and showing Murray how to hit a backhand winner up the line.

Verdasco 6-4 6-3 1-6 4-6 3-2* MurrayThe unseeded Spaniard goes on to hold serve to love. This match is just too hard to call. Remember, no tie-breaks in the fifth set so we could be here for a long while yet.

Verdasco 6-4 6-3 1-6 4-6 *3-3 MurrayMurray matches Verdasco in holding to love and the tip-toe nature of this deciding fifth set continues.

Verdasco 6-4 6-3 1-6 4-6 4-3* MurrayVerdasco with a confidence-boosting hold. Murray was ahead at 15-30 but the Spaniard found some colossal serves to ensure that the Scot didn't make it any more than a sniff of a break.

6.56pmAggressive start to the game from Verdasco as he takes on Murray's second serve, with Murray unable to handle the forceful return. 0-15.

6.57pmAnd now Murray lashes a forehand out and this is dangerous territory at 0-30.

6.58pmJust 77mph Murray's second serve was at 15-30 but he wins the point as Verdasco mishits a backhand and it goes long. It's so tense!

Verdasco 6-4 6-3 1-6 4-6 *4-4 MurrayCould that sway the momentum in Murray's favour? He wins four on the bounce after being 0-30 down and it's over to Verdasco. Still no breaks in the final set.

7pmMurray gestures angrily to himself as he fails to return Verdasco's serve after winning the opening point of the game. 15-15.

7.01pmHeroic defence from Murray on the next point but Verdasco doesn't buckle.

Verdasco 6-4 6-3 1-6 4-6 5-4* MurrayMurray is now one game away from going out of Wimbledon as Verdasco rockets down a serve at 40-15 that Murray frames high into the sky and out.

7.03pmWill the pressure of the situation get to Murray, or will he show a champion's resolve and continue the fight? Huge game.

Verdasco 6-4 6-3 1-6 4-6 *5-5 MurrayIt's the latter of the two below as Murray holds to love, sealing the game with a big forehand up the line that Verdasco can't slice back over.

7.07pmMurray is furious with himself for missing a second-serve return but then Verdasco double faults and it's 15-15.

7.08pmNow 15-30 as Murray's revs up the groundstrokes and Verdasco's backhand can't handle it.

7.09pmExcellent second serve to the body from Verdasco and Murray can't get a decent racket on it, with Verdasco finishing off the point.

7.10pmBREAK POINT Murray. The Scot wins a mammoth point...

Verdasco 6-4 6-3 1-6 4-6 5-6* MurrayBREAK! He's got it! Verdasco's serve is the first to be broken and Murray will serve for the match.

7.12pmMurray didn't hold back on that last point and fair play to him. Many would have done anything not to make an error but the second seed went for his shots and was rewarded when Verdasco hit out.

7.13pmCentre Court is now roaring his every successful point. 15-0.

7.13pmA crosscourt backhand unbalances Verdasco and he hits out. 30-0. Two more points.

7.14pmACE! 40-0 and three match points...

Verdasco 6-4 6-3 1-6 4-6 5-7 MurrayGAME, SET AND MATCH MURRAY!

7.15pmVerdasco challenges the call but he knows that it's out and has a giggle as both players wait to embrace at the net.

7.16pmYou have to congratulate Fernando Verdasco. No-one had given him any hope today after an average year on tour.

7.18pmThree and a half hours exactly that one took. Next up for Murray is young Pole Jerzy Janowicz on Friday.

7.19pmMurray tells BBC Sport that Verdasco is a "very, very, very good player" and that he played tennis today similar to the standard he was achieving a few years ago. Quite right.

7.21pmWhen asked if Murray will receive a hairdryer treatment from coach Ivan Lendl, Murray says that he doesn't deserve one because of the way he fought out there today.

7.22pmIt's a fifth-straight Wimbledon semi-final for Murray. An achievement that should not be overlooked.

7.24pmThat's all we've got time for here on Sports Mole. Thanks for joining us for that roller-coaster ride. If you're only just joining us and want a shorter summary of the match, then our report is here. We'll be back tomorrow for ladies' semi-final day. See you then.

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