Live Commentary: Tommy Robredo vs. Andy Murray - as it happened

Live Commentary: Robredo vs. Murray - as it happened
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Read how Andy Murray advanced to the fourth round of Wimbledon with a straight-sets victory over veteran Spaniard Tommy Robredo.

Andy Murray knew that he would be able to complete his third-round Wimbledon match against Tommy Robredo today, despite the drizzly conditions in South-West London.

Second seed Murray took on veteran Spaniard Robredo under the Centre Court roof and reached the fourth round comfortably.

Read how the Scot kept up his record of not losing a set in this year's competition in our game-by-game updates below.

5.34pmEvening all. We've had two great matches on Centre already today. The first was played with the roof on, the second off and for this match between veteran Tommy Robredo and second seed Andy Murray the roof is now back on.

5.36pmMurray's presence at Wimbledon always creates an electric atmosphere and because it is raining the phrase 'raise the roof' is certainly relevant.

5.39pmH2H: Murray hasn't faced Robredo for over three years but the last time they met it was Robredo who came out on top in the Hopman Cup in Australia.

5.44pmWe're waiting for the air to equalise or something like that inside Centre Court. Murray and Robredo should be out shortly.

5.46pmAnd yes, here they come. Robredo hangs back to allow Murray all the applause from the crowd.

5.48pmMurray is of course heavy favourite for this one. The best he can be backed at is about 1/33 while if you fancy Robredo to cause an upset he's around 12/1.

5.51pmBoth men go into this game having not lost a set so far in the tournament.

5.55pmIt will be Robredo to serve first. Here we go...

5.55pmThe Spaniard begins with an ace down the middle.

5.56pmMurray's first point comes from a loose Robredo forehand. 30-15.

Robredo 1-0* MurrayA pleasant start for the Spaniard as he holds to 15. Not great from Murray but he's bound to improve those groundstrokes.

Robredo *1-1 MurrayMurray matches Robredo in holding to 15, winning the game after the longest rally of the match which ended with Robredo dumping a backhand into the net.

6.01pmThe next game begins with another lengthy exchange that again Murray comes out on top of, wearing Robredo down before the Spaniard hits long.

6.03pmMurray has a slight opening at 15-30 but his second-serve return is weak and short and Robredo puts away the forehand. Big point now at 30-30...

6.04pmRobredo takes it with another forehand to the same corner.

6.04pmBack to deuce as this time Robredo hits long with a forehand.

6.06pmBREAK POINT Murray as he works Robredo from side-to-side before the Spaniard hits out.

Robredo 1-2* MurrayBREAK! Fantastic work, especially off the forehand from Muzza. He's not going for too much here but just working Robredo so, so hard at the baseline.

6.10pmRobredo winds up a huge forehand return off Murray's second serve but slaps it just wide. 30-0.

Robredo *1-3 MurrayThe Scot backs up the break of serve with a love hold, getting the better of Robredo at the net after a drop shot to seal the game.

6.12pmEven though it's 30-0 in his favour, Robredo is hanging on here. Murray all over the points.

6.14pmRobredo's looking good at 40-0 but Murray pulls it back to deuce with three thumping returns that the Spaniard can't handle.

6.16pmWow! Murray's unleashes a backhand crosscourt and has a chance of a double break...

Robredo 1-4* MurrayDOUBLE BREAK! The Scot entices Robredo forward with a short slice and Robredo's forehand approach is long and surely that's the first set in the bag.

6.18pmBullish start from Robredo in the next, swiping an angry forehand winner up the line.

6.20pmAnd now it's 0-40 and three chances for Robredo to pull one of the breaks back...

6.21pmMurray saves the first.

Robredo *2-4 MurrayONE BREAK BACK! A limp drop shot on the second gifts the break to Robredo. Naff game that from Muzza.

6.23pmMurray almost pulls off an outrageous on-the-run pass but the ball floats long.

6.24pmSmashing down-the-line backhand from Murray and he has a point to regain the double-break advantage.

Robredo 2-5* MurrayDOUBLE BREAK! The Scot regains the double break by wearing down Robredo, whose forehand doesn't quite dip over as he tries to generate a bit too much angle on his in-to-out forehand.

6.27pmSurely Murray isn't going to falter on serve again here? He starts with an out-of-sorts forehand that's nowhere near dropping in.

6.29pmAt 30-15, Murray appears to think that Robredo's slice wasn't going over and is surprised when it clips the tape and does. His feet aren't set and he tamely puts it in the net.

6.29pmSet point now for the Scot as Robredo attacks and Murray's floater down the line just drops in the corner. Lovely.

Robredo 2-6 *0-0 MurraySET! A big cheer goes up as Murray gets a first serve in down the middle and Robredo can't get a clean racket on it.

6.33pmThat first set took 35 minutes and I'd expect the next two to go similarly unless Robredo seriously ups his game. Murray isn't playing brilliantly, either.

6.35pmA wrong-footing forehand gives Murray a BREAK POINT already in the second set.

Robredo 2-6 0-1* MurrayBREAK! Fabulous from the number two seed. Robredo attacks the Murray backhand and it's a bad move as the Scot picks a crosscourt pass with ease.

Robredo 2-6 *0-2 MurrayIt's oh so easy for Murray at the moment as he holds to love with a couple of lovely winners off both wings.

Robredo 2-6 1-2* MurrayRobredo's second ace moves him to 40-15 and he gets on the board in the second set as Murray smacks a win-or-bust return out.

6.42pmHe didn't want Robredo ahead for long! Murray also moves on to two aces with a boomer up the middle to start the game.

Robredo 2-6 *1-3 MurrayIt's a second-consecutive love hold for Murray as he wraps it up with another ACE.

6.44pmNice body serve from Robredo moves him to 30-0 and it doesn't look like Murray will be moving a double break up in this set quite yet.

6.45pmI'm eating my words! Murray back to 30-30.

6.46pmAnd now BREAK POINT for the number two seed as he pulls off a trademark up-the-line backhand.

6.46pmRobredo saves it thanks to some great angle on his forehands.

6.49pmRobredo can't close out the game with a pair of chances and we're back to deuce.

6.49pmA third chance for the Spaniard is swiped away by Murray's forehand return winner as this game ticks past six minutes.

6.50pmBad, bad miss from Murray. He had most of the court to aim at with a short backhand but pulled it into the net.

Robredo 2-6 2-3* MurrayRobredo comes through in strange circumstances. He guessed right from Murray's short forehand and smacked one straight at the Scot, who decided to let it go but the ball fell inside the baseline.

6.52pmUPDATE!Here's the latest update from @Wimbledon on Twitter: "Weather update: Rain continues but officials are expecting a break in weather that may allow further play on outside courts at #Wimbledon."

Robredo 2-6 *2-4 MurrayMurray doesn't look in any danger on serve as he holds to 15 with two more aces, taking his match total to five.

6.57pmRobredo has Murray on the run but that's what the Scot loves and he pulls off another fine backhand pass to bring it back to 30-30.

Robredo 2-6 3-4* MurrayRobredo wins the next two points to hold serve again, he's just about keeping Murray honest here.

7pmTommy begins the next game well, approaching the Murray backhand and putting away a tough smash.

7.03pmIt looks like Murray is going to hold with ease at 40-15 but Robredo pulls it back to deuce. Pressure on the Scot here...

Robredo 2-6 *3-5 MurrayHe passes the test, angling a forehand that Robredo goes for broke off but can only find the net. Murray now one game from a two-set lead.

7.05pmPoor start to the ninth game of the second from Robredo as he pulls a drive-volley into the net.

7.05pmMurray with his 10th backhand winner and he's now 0-30 up and two points away from the set.

7.07pmFantastic point from both men. For once it's Robredo who wins the baseline battle and he now has a point to hold serve.

7.07pmHe can't take it though and we're at deuce.

Robredo 2-6 4-5* MurrayThe Spaniard manages to hold at the second time of asking, finding a rare big serve that Murray can only frame into the crowd.

7.09pmThat's very impressive! Murray has won every single point in this second set after he's got a first serve in.

7.10pmWouldn't you know it?! The minute I say that stat, Murray loses a point after a first serve. I should have kept quiet.

7.11pmMurray with a loose forehand and he's in a spot of bother at 30-30 here.

7.12pmRobredo with an equally-poor backhand and it's SET POINT Murray...

7.12pmNot taken as Murray mishits a forehand that flies wildly out.

7.13pmFabulous return winner from Robredo and it's now BREAK-BACK POINT for the Spaniard...

7.14pmHUGE in-to-out forehand from Murray saves it. Back to deuce.

7.14pmSecond set point for Muzza...

Robredo 2-6 4-6 *0-0 MurraySET! Yep. After a prolonged rally Robredo pushes a backhand just long and that's the second set for the home favourite.

7.16pmThree quarters of an hour that set took. Almost a wobbly moment at the end there, but overall Murray was again dominant.

7.18pmConfident start to the third from Robredo as he emphatically puts away two smashes.

Robredo 2-6 4-6 1-0* MurrayRobredo manages to hold in the first game of the set, something he couldn't do in the second.

Robredo 2-6 4-6 *1-1 MurrayRobredo with one flash of brilliance but that's all as Murray holds to 15 and will now look to snap the Spaniard's serve for a fifth time this evening.

7.24pmExcellent serving from Robredo, even a serve-and-volley that progresses him to 40-0.

Robredo 2-6 4-6 2-1* MurrayRobredo's best hold of the match as Murray goes for the jugular with that trademark down-the-line backhand but misses long.

Robredo 2-6 4-6 *2-2 MurrayNo threat from Robredo on the Murray serve right now. I'm expecting Murray to break in either this game or the next, mark my words.

7.31pmInch-perfect return to the baseline from Murray and he's 0-15 up in this game.

7.32pmPoor slice from Robredo and it's 30-30. Tense times.

Robredo 2-6 4-6 3-2* MurrayThe Spaniard shows his mettle though and Murray won't be breaking quite yet.

7.36pmWhoosh! What a return from Robredo. He smacks one up the line and that's 30-15.

Robredo 2-6 4-6 *3-3 MurrayIt can't inspire the Spaniard to a break though as Murray finds two big serves to level the set once more.

Robredo 2-6 4-6 4-3* MurrayAaah well, my prediction of Murray breaking was so wrong. Robredo holds impressively to love, sealing the game with a perfectly-placed ACE on the T.

Robredo 2-6 4-6 *4-4 MurrayThe two are trading simple holds of serve at the moment. Murray does it to 15. In one point there Robredo got an absolutely awful bounce off the grass but there's nothing you can do about it. Poor luck.

7.44pmRobredo serves the first double fault of the entire match to bring it to 15-15.

7.45pmA mighty crosscourt forehand then booming serve see the Spaniard out of trouble and to 40-15.

Robredo 2-6 4-6 5-4* Murray"Vamos!" yells the Spaniard as he finds another ACE to move within a game of the set. Murray will now serve to stay in it.

Robredo 2-6 4-6 *5-5 MurrayMurray doesn't even give Robredo a look-in, holding easily to love.

7.50pmExcellent point to the start the 11th game of the third set. Murray comes to the net and tries to wrongfoot Robredo but volleys straight at him and the Spaniard's vicious pass is right on the line. Murray challenges but it did scrape the paint.

7.51pmA bit of danger at 15-30 for Robredo but he finds an ACE out-wide. Super stuff.

7.52pmBREAK POINT Murray as his volley drifts into the corner. So close!

Robredo 2-6 4-6 5-6* MurrayBREAK! That's what separates the top players from the rest. Murray breaks at a crucial stage as Robredo nets and the second seed will now serve for the match.

7.54pmFortunate start to the game as Murray's approach flicks up off the tape and lands Robredo's side of the net. The Spaniard does well to get there but can't flick it in. An ace follows and he's two points away...


Robredo 2-6 4-6 5-7 MurrayGAME, SET AND MATCH MURRAY!

7.56pmThat'll do for Muzza. Robredo saved the first with a wonderful forehand pass but he can't stave it off on the second, netting with a backhand.

7.57pmTwo hours and two minutes that took Murray. A solid performance from the number two seed, no more than that.

7.58pmMurray will be back on Monday when he'll face either Victor Troicki or Mikhail Youzhny for a place in the quarter-finals.

8pmThanks for joining Sports Mole for this game and all of today's Wimbledon coverage. Be sure to stick around on site throughout the evening for plenty of reaction from SW19. Our live coverage will be back tomorrow from around midday. See you then.

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