Live Commentary: Olympic tennis - day nine as it happened

Live Commentary: Olympic tennis - day nine as it happened
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Sports Mole brings you live text commentary from the final day of the Olympic tennis at Wimbledon.

Good morning and welcome to Sports Mole's live text commentary from the final day of the Olympic tennis at Wimbledon.

The good news is that Great Britain is guaranteed at least a couple of silver medals today as Andy Murray takes on Roger Federer in the men's singles final before teaming up with Laura Robson to compete in the mixed doubles final against Victoria Azarenka and Max Mirnyi of Belarus.

Meanwhile, it's another star-studded lineup with Novak Djokovic taking on Juan Martin del Potro in the men's bronze medal match and defending champions the Williams sisters facing the team of Andrea Hlavackova and Lucie Hradecka in the women's doubles final.

Please note that play is scheduled to start at 12pm.

8.57pmRight, that's it from us I'm afraid. Thank you very much for your company over these last nine days. It's been a quite incredible tournament and was capped brilliantly earlier today with Andy Murray's gold medal triumph. We'll be back with some more in-depth tennis coverage for the US Open which starts on August 27 so we hope that you can join us for that. In the meantime keep up to date with all of the goings on at the Olympics right here at Sports Mole. On behalf of myself and my colleague Pascal Lemesre, thank you, goodnight, and enjoy the rest of the Games!

8.54pmThere it is! The Germans make the error and it's Lisa Raymond and Mike Bryan who claim bronze in the mixed doubles.

8.53pmGAME, SET AND MATCH! Lisicki/Kas 3-6 6-4 4-10 Raymond/Bryan

8.51pmIt's not over yet though as Kas wins another point with a powerful smash.

8.50pmThey're just a point away now from bronze...

8.50pmIt's 7-2 now. Not a comeback, surely? The answer is no as Bryan converts another volley and it's 8-2.

8.49pmThe Americans take the next point but Kas runs in on the next to make it 7-1 to Raymond/Bryan.

8.48pmMake that 6-0! Incredible!

8.48pmThis is getting embarrassing for the Germans now as Mike Bryans volley put his team 5-0 in front.

8.47pmOh no. Lisicki double faults and it's 4-0.

8.46pmThey're storming it here, it's 3-0 now.

8.46pmAnd they've got the second as Kas fires long.

8.45pmThe Americans take the first point, 1-0.

8.44pmAnd we will have our champions tie-break! This is a great end to what has been a thrilling tournament.

8.43pmSET! Lisicki/Kas 3-6 6-4 Raymond/Bryan

Lisicki/Kas 3-6 5-4* Raymond/M BryanIt as easy for the Germans this time as they hold to love in about 30 seconds. It seems as if they want to get this over with as quick as possible.

Lisicki/Kas 3-6 *4-4 Raymond/M BryanSimple as you like for the Americans as they hold to love.

Lisicki/Kas 3-6 4-3* Raymond/M BryanSabine Lisicki has a wide smile on her face and so she should because her partner Kas just smashed a volley to give the a hold.

Lisicki/Kas 3-6 *3-3 Raymond/M BryanBang. A Mike Bryan ace now sees the Americans hold. Neither side giving anything away at the moment.

Lisicki/Kas 3-6 3-2* Raymond/M BryanWhoosh. An ace from Christopher Kas gives the Germans the hold. Are we going to have another exciting champions tie-break tonight?

Lisicki/Kas 3-6 2-2* Raymond/M BryanThey were 15-40 down again in that one but Raymond/Bryan pull through to level this one up at 2-2.

8.28pmKas/Lisicki bring up a break point...but they fail to convert.

Lisicki/Kas 3-6 2-1* Raymond/M BryanThat's a great hold from Lisicki. They were under pressure there, the German duo, but held firm to come through.

8.25pmSuperb. Bryan plants an absolutely exquisite lob into the corner and it's back to deuce following an unconverted game point for Lisicki/Kas

8.23pmYes they can! Lisicki moves in to volley and puts the ball between Raymond and Bryan.

8.22pmIt was 0-40 but the Germans have fought back to 30-40. Can they save the break point?

Lisicki/Kas 3-6 *1-1 Raymond/M BryanBack to the match and Mike Bryan efficiently holds serve. Kas has a plaster on his hand now.

8.16pmNow the players are joining in. Lovely stuff.


8.15pmKas may need some medical assistance here. He's cut his finger. Anyone got a plaster? He got it when he dived at the net for the last point.

Lisicki/Kas 3-6 1-0* Raymond/M BryanThat was a tough game but the Germans eventually hold.

8.10pmOoh, that was misjudged. Kas has the chance for the hold but whacks his forehand volley way long. Deuce.

8.08pmIt's Kas of Germany who will open the serving in this second set.

8.06pmSome mean serving from Mike Bryan gives the Americans the opening set 6-3 in just 29 minutes.

8.05pmSET! Lisicki/Kas 3-6 Raymond/Bryan

Lisicki/Kas 3-5* Raymond/M BryanA wonderful backhand winner down the line gives her team the hold so Mike Bryan will now serve for this opening set.

Lisicki/Kas 5-2* Raymond/M BryanAnd there's the hold as Kas hits long. The Germans will serve to stay in this opening set.

Lisicki/Kas 5-2* Raymond/M BryanAnd there's the hold as Kas hits long. The Germans will serve to stay in this opening set.

7.58pmThey were facing two break points but the American pairing pull it back to deuce.

Lisicki/Kas 2-4* Raymond/M BryanBREAK! And they take it! Lisicki hits her shot into the net and gives out a weird squeal as she realises what she's done. First blood to Raymond/Bryan.

7.56pmThe Americans bring up a break point...

7.54pmThat's great from Mike Bryan. He celebrates a point by holding his fists up to the crowd, macho-style.

Lisicki/Kas 2-3* Raymond/M BryanThat's great from the Americans as they save three break points to hold.

7.49pmWow! Lisicki makes it 15-30 on the Americans serve with a wonderful lob.

Lisicki/Kas 2-2* Raymond/M BryanMore of the same from Kas as he dives in to win the point and give his team a hold of serve. They turned that around from 15-40.

7.47pmGreat play from Kas to save the second break point. He stretches out at the net to volley home.

7.45pmChance for the Americans now as they bring up two break points thanks to Lisicki's wayward lob.

Lisicki/Kas *1-2 Raymond/M BryanThey're racing through this, the Americans, as Raymond now holds to love. Have they got plans this evening or something?

Lisicki/Kas 1-1* Raymond/M BryanThat was equally fast from the Germans as Kas holds comfortably.

7.38pmWell, that was quick. The Americans hold to love in about 30 seconds.

7.36pmOkay then, it'll be Mike Bryan to serve to get this one started.

7.27pmRight, it looks like we'll be having our final match of the tournament shortly with Lisicki/Kas taking on Raymond/M Bryan in the bronze medal match of the mixed doubles.

7.20pmThe players go back into the locker room but not before Venus Williams thrusts her hips to the sound of 'USA! USA! USA!'

7.17pmAll three teams now do a lap of honour around Centre Court as the 'Chariots of Fire' theme plays out. Anyone else had that stuck in their heads for days now?

7.14pmVenus Williams has the biggest smile on her face. It's great to see after all of the health problems that she's been through.

7.13pmThe American national anthem plays and the sisters take the applause.

7.11pmAnd last but not least are the all-conquering Williams sisters. Venus' hair is absolutely crazy with red, white and blue braids flying about all over the place.

7.10pmHere are the silver medal winners Lucie Hradecka and Andrea Hlavackova of the Czech Republic. For some reason they're wearing wellington boots.

7.08pmFirst up are the Russian pairing of Nadia Petrova and Maria Kirilenko...

7.07pmHere they come, the gold, silver and bronze medal winners in the women's doubles.

7.01pmThe podium's been put out and it looks like we might have the medal ceremony for the women's doubles shortly.

6.55pmIncredibly, we have one more match to come this evening with the bronze medal match in the mixed doubles. Sabine Lisicki and Christopher Kas of Germany will be taking on Lisa Raymond and Mike Bryan of the USA.

6.53pmIt's worth remembering that Murray and Robson were given a wildcard entry into the tournament too. They didn't do too bad, eh?

6.50pmThere will undoubtedly be some so-called "experts" who will be disappointed that Murray and Robson only picked up a silver but they were playing the top seeds and pushed them right to the end and that's some achievement.

6.48pmScenes of unbirdles Belarusian joy on Centre Court as they wrap up the win. They were totally outplayed in the first set but came back fantastically.

6.46pmGAME, SET AND MATCH! Azarenka/Mirnyi 2-6 6-3 10-8 Robson/Murray

6.45pmIt's a great serve from Robson that forces Mirnyi to hit long. It's now 9-8 to the Belarusians.

6.45pmBut Murray comes in to save the day and win the next point with a volley.

6.44pmRobson's backhand is wide so the Belarusians have three match points.

6.43pmMurray's angry with himself as his forehand hits the net. The Brits are now 6-8 behind.

6.42pmRobson can't get Mirnyi's return back so the Belarusians lead 7-6.

6.41pmThe Murray serve brings his team back level, 6-6.

6.41pmOh, but the top seeds go back in front 6-5.

6.40pmIt's all square! Azarenka with the error this time.

6.40pmMurray's on hand to convert the forehand volley and the Brits now trail 4-5.

6.39pmIt's 5-3.

6.38pmOoh, but now the 18-year-old flings a backhand wide and the Belarusians go back in front.

6.37pmAnother Robson volley just about floats in and it's 3-3!

6.36pmMake that two! A great volley from Robson.

6.36pmBut there's one back thanks to Murray's ace!

6.35pmIt's 3-0. The Brits needs to get off the mark and quickly.

6.35pmMurray's backhand hits the net so the top seeds are now 2-0 up.

6.34pmOh dear. Robson double faults and the Belarusians have a mini-break. They lead 1-0.

6.33pmSET! We will have a champions tie-break to decide this mixed doubles final. Azarenka and Mirnyi hold to take this one thei distance.

Azarenka/Mirnyi 2-6 *5-3 Robson/MurrayMurray and Mirnyi exchange blows from the back of the court before the Belarusian whacks his forehand long. The home pairing have the hold.

Azarenka/Mirnyi 2-6 5-2* Robson/MurrayMirnyi fires a volley at the net to seal the hold for the top seeds. Robson will serve to keep the Brits in the set.

Azarenka/Mirnyi 2-6 *4-2 Robson/MurrayThe Brits aren't giving this one up though. Murray holds thanks to an ace to keep himself and Robson in this set.

6.21pmFor those who don't know what that is, it's a first-to-10 points decider but you need at least a two-point gap between you and your opponents to win. They tend to be very tense indeed.

Azarenka/Mirnyi 2-6 4-1* Robson/MurrayBoom. Robson can't return Mirnyi's powerful serve and the Belarusians consolidate the break to go 4-1 in front. This looks like it's heading for a champions tie-break.

Azarenka/Mirnyi 2-6 *3-1 Robson/MurrayBREAK! And there it is! It's Murray's error and the Belarusians are now on top.

6.16pmOoh, now the Belarusians bring up a break point.

6.14pmIt's 30-0 to the Brits thanks to a brilliant sweeping forehand from Robson down the line.

Azarenka/Mirnyi 2-6 2-1* Robson/MurrayThe Belarusians are starting to find their feet now. Azarenka holds to love and they're back in front. Robson to serve.

Azarenka/Mirnyi 2-6 *1-1 Robson/MurrayMurray's serve is going to be key if the Brits claim gold and it's going okay for now with another hold. This looks to be a much tighter second set already.

Azarenka/Mirnyi 2-6 1-0* Robson/MurrayThat's a real statement of intent from the top seeds as Mirnyi holds emphatically with a thundering ace.

6.06pmMirnyi will serve to start this second set.

6.04pmSET! There are big question marks over Robson's serve but it looked okay to me there as the 18-year-old holds to give her team the first set 6-2.

Azarenka/Mirnyi 2-5* Robson/MurrayAzarenka keeps calm under pressure to hold. Robson will serve for the set.

6.00pmGood grief. Murray unleashes a savage forehand right from the back of the court that bypasses Mirnyi completely. It's 30-30.

Azarenka/Mirnyi 5-1* Robson/MurrayMurray whacks an unreturnable serve into Mirnyi and the Brits have another hold. Azarenka will serve to keep her team in this opening set.

Azarenka/Mirnyi 1-4* Robson/MurrayBut they're on the board now. Robson stalls over her backhand before putting the ball wide.

5.53pmThe top seeds are having toubling closing this game out. It's deuce as Robson volleys home.

Azarenka/Mirnyi *0-4 Robson/MurrayRobson gets her serve together and holds. Murray's like a ferret at the net but it's Robson who eventually gets the decisive point after some jousting with Azarenka.

Azarenka/Mirnyi 0-3* Robson/MurrayBREAK! The home pairing are on fire here as they get another break. Centre Court is chanting 'GB! GB! GB!'.

Azarenka/Mirnyi *0-2 Robson/MurrayThe Brits consolidate the break with a hold. Azarenka puts her lob long and that's that.

Azarenka/Mirnyi 0-1* Robson/MurrayBREAK! What an opening game! The Brits are unable to take their first break point but make no mistake with the second as Murray's return is not dealt with by Mirnyi.

5.33pmHello again! It'll be Max Mirnyi of Belarus to get this one underway...

5.31pmAnyhoo, it's time for coffee for me. I'm pretty much spent after our boy Andy's victory earlier. My esteemed colleague Jack Prescott will be taking over for the remainder of the day. Enjoy his company!

5.29pmRobson and Murray reached the gold-medal match by defeating Hradecka and Stepanek of the Czech Republic, Australia's Hewitt and Stosur and finally the Germans of Lisicki and Kas. All three were victories by way of 'super' tie-breaks, which are used instead of a third set.

5.27pmHere they come. It's a glorious evening at SW19 and we'll have a five-minute warm-up before we get underway.

5.25pmWe're still waiting for the arrival of the four pros on Centre. Maybe Murray's having a nice bath to calm himself down ahead of his second final of the day.

5.14pmClick here for Roger Federer's reaction to winning the silver medal or here for Murray's.

5.11pmOver on No. 1, the women's doubles bronze match is on serve in the second set, with the Americans Huber and Raymond a set ahead.

5.06pmMurray and Robson will enter the contest as underdogs but anything's possible at these Games! Right?

5.02pmThey're up against the top seeds from Belarus, Victoria Azarenka, who won bronze in the women's singles, and Max Mirnyi.

5.01pmThe players are due on court in around 15 minutes time and it's certainly a tough ask for the British pair.

4.59pmRighty ho. The day is far from over for Murray and he'll now go for double gold!

4.49pmLiezel Huber and Lisa Raymond of the United States have just taken the first set 6-4 against Nadia Petrova and Maria Kirlenko of Russia.

4.47pmIn all the excitement I have to admit that I've slightly overlooked the women's doubles bronze medal match on No. 1.

4.45pmMurray will be back out on Centre in around 40 minutes time for his mixed doubles final with Robson.

4.42pmEven though this feels like a Wimbledon final, let's not forget it's another gold medal for Great Britain and we've strengthened our position as third in the medal table.

4.40pmHe's just wonderful. More Federer: "My preparation was perfect."

'I'm delighted for Andy to get his gold after the years that he's had.'

4.38pmHe's a top bloke this Federer. He says that he may have been a little emotionally drained today but that he's still delighted with silver.

4.37pmHere's Federer and he graciously admits that Murray was "much better".

4.36pmIs that Federer's last chance of gold gone? He'll be 34 when Rio 2016 comes around and surely too old?

4.35pmThis is beyond awkward now as they keep having to pose for the same photo at various points around the court. Just leave them alone.

4.34pmMy colleague Jack Prescott has just described them as like "wasps at a BBQ". Bang on!

4.33pmI said this yesterday but there's attendants, lovely though they look, that are leading the players round the court for photos with the world's media and they're awfully annoying. They keep tapping the trio to move them along. JUST LET THEM ENJOY THE MOMENT!

4.32pmMurray is thrown a union jack and now it's only Federer without a flag around his shoulders.

4.31pmFederer definitely had a quick peep at Murray's gold and I sensed a wee bit of jealousy!

4.30pmMurray lets out a wry smile and he's singing along to the national anthem, good on ya.

4.30pmMurray still looks a little in shock and can barely even register a smile as he steps up to the top of the podium to receive his medal. Now for 'God Save the Queen'.

4.29pmHe looks happy with his achievement and kisses the silver.

4.29pmFederer receives a huge hand from the crowd but he's missed out on Olympic gold - the only major title missing from his trophy cabinet.

4.28pmDel Potro certainly deserves that bronze and he's made up. Argentina's first medal of these Games.

4.27pmHere come the three medallists in their tracksuits. Del Potro will collect bronze, Federer silver and ANDY MURRAY GOLD!

4.26pmJohn McEnroe puts it nicely by saying that Djokovic won the Australian Open, Nadal won the French, Federer won Wimbledon and now Murray has won the Olympics. It's all up for grabs at the last Slam of the year, the US Open, later this month.

4.25pmMurray beat the top two players in the world, Federer and Djokovic, to win gold so it's not like he's had an easy ride.

4.24pmThere were 165 total points in this match and Murray won a staggering 97 of those, compared to Federer's 68. It was a domination from start to finish.

4.24pmI still can't believe how easy it was for Murray today.

4.22pmBarker is now interviewing Olympic silver medallist Tim Henman and Murray comes back to shake hands with Tim. Nice.

4.20pmDon't forget, the 25-year-old still has another gold medal to fight for straight after the gold-medal ceremony. He's in the mixed doubles final with Laura Robson.

4.19pmMurray adds that he had a chance at the start of the week of "going deep" in the tournament but that he didn't expect gold.

4.18pmMurray tells BBC Sport's Sue Barker that this is the "biggest win" of his life.

4.17pmWhat a way to make up for the crushing defeat on the very same turf just under a month ago. The Scot makes his way off to a standing ovation and there'll be a short pause before the medal ceremony.

4.16pmFederer trundles off court and this is surely one of his worst days on Centre Court. Judy Murray is in tears as Andy makes his way back down to the grass.

4.15pmHe's off up to his box though and he gives his girlfriend a big kiss before a hug for Mum and Dad. Lovely.

4.14pmMurray's reaction is a little subdued. He seems in shock.


4.13pmAn unreturnable serve is next and that's followed by... AN ACE. TWO GOLD-MEDAL POINTS!

4.13pmThe run is ended as Federer finds a return that the Scot can't get back.

4.11pmYou'd think Murray would be nervous but he produces a gutsy forehand bang on Federer's baseline. 17 points in a row on serve in this set.

Federer 2-6 1-6 4-5* MurrayFederer forces Murray to serve it out by holding to-love. Here we go...

Federer 2-6 1-6 *3-5 MurrayAND 16! The Scot calmly puts away a forehand at the net and the crowd go wild, chanting "Andy (clap, clap, clap) Andy.."


4.07pmThat's now 14 straight points on serve in this set. 14! 30-0.

4.06pmIs Murray going to choke? Is he going to bottle it? Aaah, who knows. He'll now look to hold and move within one of the gold.

Federer 2-6 1-6 3-4* MurrayFederer shows the resolve of a champion by first executing a majestic half-volley after following in a serve before winning through one of the best rallies of the match.

4.03pmBack to deuce as Murray carelessly hits way long with a backhand.

4.02pmFed saves the first with a classic one-two, serve-forehand punch.

4.02pmIt's two double-break points for Murray and these a surely virtual gold-medal points, wouldn't you agree?

4.01pmFederer's just made two ugly unforced errors and it's 0-30 as Murray looks for a double break.

Federer 2-6 1-6 *2-4 Murray12 points in a row on serve in this set for Murray as his forehand pass is framed a tad but drops on the line. The slow-mo replay makes me think Federer should have challenged but he's ready to serve at 2-4.

3.56pmOh yes! Murray again enters a gruelling baseline exchange with the Swiss great and AGAIN it's the younger man who comes out on top with a rocket of a backhand that Federer just about gets a racket on. All Murray needs to do now is hold serve three times. Easy peasy.

3.55pmAnd now a break point for the Brit...

3.54pmThat's a top shot from Muzza. He's right on the back foot but finds a deep cross-court forehand that gives Federer no chance.

Federer 2-6 1-6 *2-2 MurrayThe Scot is showing no signs of letting up and that's eight straight points on serve in this set as he holds to-love. Who will crack first in this third and, potentially, final set?

Federer 2-6 1-6 2-1* MurrayFederer definitely looks to have composed himself a little and again holds with relative ease. A colleague of mine Barney Corkhill has just tweeted this: "If anyone can win it from here it's Federer... and if anyone can lose it from here it's Murray." Well said Sir.

Federer 2-6 1-6 *1-1 MurrayAnything you can do... Murray also holds without conceding a point.

Federer 2-6 1-6 1-0* MurrayThat's a better start to the third for Federer as he holds to-love with an ace.

3.43pmWe've just seen some more shots of Del Potro on his knees sobbing into his palms over on No. 1. The Games really do mean a lot for these global stars and that's Argentina's first medal of London 2012.

3.41pmGoodness me, I can't even think what odds you could have got on Murray taking the opening two sets with only the loss of three games!

3.40pmSet point Muzza...

3.39pmFederer runs round his backhand for a big forehand return but he hits long! He's missed that same shot on a number of occasions today, back to deuce.

3.39pmAnd now Murray is rolling on the hallowed turf but his on-the-run backhand misses. Break point RF.

3.38pmShot! Murray looks in trouble at 0-30 but he comes back and passes Federer again at the net to bring it back to 30-30.

Federer 2-6 1-5* MurrayBack on Centre, Federer holds with a drop shot to register his first game in around an hour of play. Murray to try and serve it out...

3.34pmThe giant Argentinian is absolutely delighted. He sinks to his knees and looks on the verge of tears. I've been surprised how much these Games have meant to the players but I'm made up for DelPo. He's come back from that crushing defeat to Federer in the semi-finals and defeated the world number two. Well done.

3.33pmGAME, SET AND MATCH! Del Potro 7-5 6-4 Djokovic

3.32pmDelPo is now serving for the bronze medal over on No. 1.

Federer 2-6 *0-5 Murray"Game Murray" as the Scot recovers from 15-30 to move within a game of the set. What on earth is going on here? There is still a long way to go, mind. It's a five-setter remember.

3.27pmFederer, of all people, double faults on the big point to gift Murray the double break. It's now around 50 minutes since the great man registered a change on his part of the scoreboard. Come on Rog, don't make it too easy for our boy.

Federer 2-6 0-4* MurrayDOUBLE BREAK! Excuse me? Did I hear you just right? Murray has now won eight games in a row.

3.25pmMurray is really taking it on with his backhand. Two bludgeoning blows, one up-the-line, one cross-court, set up break point. Federer saves with a first serve and we're at deuce.

3.22pmOh! Murray is denied the opening point because of an incorrect call from the line judge. They have to replay it but the Brit is not fazed and finds a stunning backhand pass across Federer. Fabulous.

Federer 2-6 *0-3 MurrayHow Murray has held there I never know. At deuce Federer approaches the Murray backhand and looks to have won the point but the Scot somehow finds a pass. Shot of the match. Federer then hits long on the next and Muzza has a three-game cushion.

3.18pmJust a quick note that over on No. 1, Del Potro broke early in the second set and is now two games from the bronze medal - they only play three sets in that one. Five though for the gold.

3.17pmRubbish! Murray's backhand barely reaches the net. Deuce AGAIN!

3.16pmThe Scot finds a first serve and Federer mishits the forehand high, wide and handsome. Come on Andy, serve it out lad.

3.16pmWill this game ever end? Federer nets with a forehand and we're again at deuce.

3.15pmFederer's forehand is too powerful for Murray and it's break point number six.

3.14pmNope. Murray goes blow-for-blow with the Swiss great and comes out on top as he steps in and finds a forehand that Fed can't return. Deuce six, I think.

3.13pmAnd now a fifth break point for Federer as the home favourite can't get his forehand over. Surely RF will convert?

3.12pmMurray now squanders his chance to close out the game by needlessly hitting long off the backhand wing.

3.10pmFederer wants this break back and he's got a fourth chance after bulleting a forehand that Murray can do little about. Muz responds though with a body serve that he can only block long. Back to deuce.

3.09pmSaved as the Scot digs up the courage to plonk a forehand in the far corner.

3.08pmThe crowd are getting too excited every time Murray looks to have won a point. This time Federer gets to his volley and whips away a winner. Third break point...

3.07pmWowee. Murray is forced to approach and his forehand volley is reached by the Swiss who swipes a backhand right at the Scot, who somehow manages to get a racket on it and bring us back to deuce.

3.06pmThe first is saved as Murray goes big on the second serve and finds the service line before powering a backhand that Fed can't put back in.

3.05pmUgly forehand from Murray and Federer has two points for an immediate break back. 15-40.

3.03pmBelieve it or not, the Brit tracks down a Fed drop shot and his whipped forehand flies off the tape past the helpless Swiss. Advantage GB in the second.

Federer 2-6 0-2* MurrayBREAK! Murray's definitely prayed this morning!

3.02pmMaybe luck is on Murray's side? He gets another free point off the tape and it's 0-40.

3.01pmAnd now the world number one mishits a backhand and Murray has a glimpse of a break at 0-30.

3.00pmWhoops. Fed has just missed the sitter of all sitters by smashing into the net. Think Ronnie Rosenthal but worse.

Federer 2-6 *0-1 MurrayFederer begins the second with a cracking return onto Murray's baseline but it doesn't kickstart anything much as Murray takes the next four to hold. Solid start from the 25-year-old.

2.58pmOver on No. 1, DelPo and NoDjo are on serve in the second at 1-1, although the Serbian had to save a pair of early break points.

2.57pmBen Ainslie tells BBC Sport that having a partizan crowd really did help him win gold. Murray seems to be taking similar inspiration from a noisy Centre Court.

2.55pmThat'll do. Federer bangs down another first serve, Murray floats back a return and Federer comes in. The Scot is more than ready though and he finds a backhand pass up-the-line and that's the set in just 38 minutes.

2.54pmThat's a wonder return off the first serve from Murray and he has a set point...

2.53pmAnd now Federer misses a simple forehand volley that he'd usually put away with his eyes closed. 15-30.

2.53pmBig slice of luck for Andy as the ball pops over the net to make it impossible for Fed.

Federer *2-5 MurrayTwo BIG aces from the Scot and he's now three ahead and within one of the set.

2.49pmMuz moves ahead 40-30 but again he pushes a backhand long and we're at deuce.

2.48pmA pants backhand from Murray and he's in a spot of bother at 30-30...

2.46pmThat's the loudest cheer of the match as Murray goes for the jugular on the backhand side and Federer can only net.

2.44pmDel Potro takes the opener in the bronze medal match by saving two break-back points before converting his third set point!

2.44pmSET! Del Potro 7-5 Djokovic

2.43pmIt's a big serve from Fed though and he drive volleys Murray's return before the Scot nets with the passing attempt. Back to deuce.

2.42pmMurray has a break point after coming out on top in the last couple of baseline exchanges.

2.41pmDel Potro is really struggling to close out the set over on No. 1. I'll let you know if he does or if Djokovic breaks back to send it into a tie-break.

2.39pm"Come on" says Federer as he recovers from 0-30 to bring us back to 30-30. Still a sniff of a break for Muzza here...

2.38pmAway from the tennis briefly, BEN AINSLIE HAS JUST WON GOLD IN THE FINN SAILING TO BECOME THE GREATEST EVER OLYMPIC SAILOR! Well done Ben and here's our report.

Federer *2-3 MurrayAnother Murray hold as the Scot finds a big serve to close it out at 40-30.

Federer 2-2* MurrayMurray goes for the backhand winner but finds the net and then Federer comes up with a big serve and we're back level.

2.31pmMeanwhile, back on Centre Murray is denied a break as Federer aces his way out of trouble. Deuce.

2.30pmBREAK! And yes, Del Potro breaks the Djokovic serve and will now serve for the opener at 6-5. I didn't really see that coming considering Djokovic went 19 points in a row without losing one on serve!

2.29pmOver on No. 1, it's still on serve between DelPo and NoDjo but the Argentine does have a break point at 5-5.

Federer *1-2 MurrayThank you, Jack and I sure am looking forward to this. Just as I enter the hotseat Murray has a much calmer game than the opening one with a hold to-15.

2.26pmRight, that's all from me for now. A boy's got to have his lunch. Anyway I'll now be handing you over to the ever-capable Pascal Lemesre who will guide you through what should be a wonderful match.

2.24pmFederer gets off the mark with a fairly simple hold of serve.

2.22pmIt's great stuff from Murray as he saves two break points to hold. That could have been a worrying start but instead it's a good one.

2.21pmAnd he saves the second with some patient play from the baseline.

2.20pmFederer suddenly brings up two break points but Murray saves the first.

2.18pmIt's Murray to start on serve in this one. Remember that this is a best-of-five sets match so we could be here some time...

2.16pmMurray got here with an impressive 7-5 7-5 win over Djokovic in the semi-finals. Federer's route to the final was more laboured, with the Swiss coming out a 19-17 winner in the final set of his gruelling contest with Juan Martin del Potro.

2.14pmUPDATE: They've started up again on Court 1, with Juan Martin del Potro serving at 3-4 against Novak Djokovic in their bronze medal match.

2.13pmAs mentioned earlier, Murray is looking to become the first British male to win gold in this event since 1908. Meanwhile Federer can become only the fifth player in history to claim the Career Golden Slam - winning all four Slams and an Olympic singles gold. The fourth player to do it was Serena Williams yesterday as she beat Maria Sharapova, who was also going for the honour, in the women's singles final.

2.08pmHere come the players. Federer is out first and gets a huge reception but the crowd goes absolutely bonkers at the emergence of Murray. They'll be right behind him today.

2.05pmThe open roof will certainly improve Andy Murray's chances in this one. His Wimbledon final against Roger Federer unravelled when they closed the roof on Centre Court but hopefully it can stay open today.

2.04pmRight, I got my calculations a bit wrong there. It doesn't look like we'll be having the medal ceremony for the women's doubles just yet and that's because we haven't had the bronze medal match, which is coming up later. We'll be going straight into the men's final.

2.03pmThe ballboys and ballgirls are now doing a very energised lap of honour around Centre Court. Oh, to be 15 again.

2pmOoh, and now the roof is opening to let in some of that glorious sunshine. That means Djokovic and Del Potro will hopefully resume their bronze medal match soon.

1.53pmThere's plenty of milling about now on Centre Court as groundstaff prepare for the medal ceremony. The USA flag blew away yesterday during Serena's singles presentation but I'm sure they would have superglued it to the post today.

1.51pmIt's been a sensational tournament for the Americans with this triumph following on from Serena's singles gold and the Bryan brothers' men's doubles gold. Who said American tennis was on a downward curve?

1.50pmA chorus of USA! USA! USA! rings out around the arena.

1.49pmThey've done it! Venus whacks home a volley at the net and the Williams sisters become the first doubles team to win three gold medals. They did it in Sydney 2000, Beijing 2008 and now here on Wimbledon's famous Centre Court. What an achievement.

1.47pmGAME, SET AND MATCH! Williams/Williams 6-4 6-4 Hlavackova/Hradecka

1.46pmWow! A huge rally between Serena and Hlavackova ends when Hradecka intervenes to convert the volley. Deuce!

1.44pmThey have two match points!

1.43pmThe Czechs take the first point but Serena fires in another ace to make it 15-15.

Williams/Williams 6-4 *0-1 Hlavackova/HradeckaHlavackova holds so Serena will serve for the gold medal. They're on the verge of history.

Williams/Williams 6-4 5-3* Hlavackova/HradeckaThe Americans hold and are now just one game away from gold.

Williams/Williams 6-4 *4-3 Hlavackova/HradeckaThe Czechs again hang in there to hold but it was mighty close for a moment. They're still alive for now.

Williams/Williams 6-4 4-2* Hlavackova/HradeckaSerena's serving is set to 'devastate' as she hits two aces on the way to holding and consolidating the previous break. The siblings lead 4-2 now.

Williams/Williams 6-4 *3-2 Hlavackova/HradeckaBREAK! There it is! Serena lurks at the net and emphatically puts home her volley. The gold is in sight for the Williams sisters.

13.25pmJust as I say that the Williams sisters bring up three break points. Typical.

Williams/Williams 6-4 2-2* Hlavackova/HradeckaWhoosh. Venus slams an ace right past Hradecka to bring the Americans level. Both teams refusing to give anything away here.

Williams/Williams 6-4 *1-2 Hlavackova/HradeckaAndrea Hlavackova putting in some mean serves now as the Czechs move back in front with a hold.

Williams/Williams 6-4 1-1* Hlavackova/HradeckaThat was a close call for the Williams sisters but the just about hold. This could be a very interesting set indeed as the Czechs are fighting hard out there.

1.15pmBut they can't take it.

1.14pmThey bring up the break point now though thanks to Hradecka's smart volley.

1.14pmHradecka has the chance the bring up two break points but instead hits her forehand long to make it 30-30.

Williams/Williams 6-4 *0-1 Hlavackova/HradeckaThe Czechs started strongly with a solid hold of serve.

1.08pmHlavackova to open to serve in this second set.

1.06pmThat wasn't straightforward for the Williams sisters because the Czechs fought back hard there, but some ferocious serving from Venus sees the Americans get their noses in front.

1.05pmSET! Williams/Williams 6-4 Hlavackova/Hradecka

1.04pmUPDATE: The rain is back so off go Djokovic and Del Potro in their bronze medal match. It was on serve with the Serb was leading 3-2.

1.03pmThe Williams sisters have two set points but fail to take either of them. the Czechs aren't giving this one up easily. Deuce.

Williams/Williams *5-4 Hlavackova/HradeckaThe Czechs do hold with great efficiency so Venus Williams will serve for the first set.

Williams/Williams 5-3* Hlavackova/HradeckaHradecka should do better there but instead she hits her volley into the net. That point would have made it deuce but the error gives the Americans another hold. Hradecka will now serve to keep her team in this opening set.

Williams/Williams *4-3 Hlavackova/HradeckaThat's impressive from the Czechs. They were under a lot of pressure there but get the hold. The American could smell blood there but didn't take their chances.

12.46pmVenus is in the right place at the right time to volley home. Advantage Williamses on the Czech serve.

12.42pmUPDATE: We're underway in the bronze medal match between Novak Djokovic and Juan Martin del Potro. We'll have updates for you as and when.

Williams/Williams 4-2* Hlavackova/HradeckaHlavakcova and Hradecka could have got themselves level in this one but instead Venus holds her nerve to serve her team out of trouble.

12.40pmThe answer is an emphatic 'no' as Serena plants a volley into the body of Hradecka.

12.39pmNow then, the Czechs bring up a break point thanks to a Venus error. Can they take it?

Williams/Williams *3-2 Hlavackova/HradeckaAndrea Hlavackova does well to hold serve and keep her team on the tails of the Americans.

12.34pmThe good news is that the rain has ceased so Novak Djokovic and Juan Martin del Potro will soon be battling for Olympic bronze on Court 1.

Williams/Williams 3-1* Hlavackova/HradeckaBang, have some of that. Venus secures the hold for her team with a vicious volley at the net. You wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of that.

12.31pmHlavackova hits a lovely forehand to make it 15-30 on the Williams serve.

Williams/Williams *2-1 Hlavackova/HradeckaThe Czechs finally hold to get themselves off the mark.

12.26pmOh dear. Serena and Hlavackova are enjoying a baseline rally but Hradecka comes out of nowhere to volley...and hits the net. Advantage Williamses.

12.23pmThe Czechs have a chance to hold here but squander a 40-15 lead and it's deuce.

Williams/Williams 2-0* Hlavackova/HradeckaA fairly routine hold for the Williams sisters there as Lucie Hradecka's forehand crashes into the net.

Williams/Williams *1-0 Hlavackova/HradeckaBREAK! And just like that we have our first break. Venus' forehand is too much for Andrea Hlavackova and the Americans land the first blow. Ominous.

12.14pmHere we go the, it'll be the Czechs to get us underway.

12.13pmThe Williams sisters, who are used to breaking all sorts of records, are bidding to become the first team to win three Olympic doubles golds. Staggering.

12.10pmNow to put on my bad news hat - it's raining at Wimbledon. Novak Djokovic and Juan Martin del Potro were due to be out on Court 1 to contest their bronze medal match but that won't be happening for now. However, thanks to that wonderful roof on Centre Court, we will be able to follow the women's doubles final between Andrea Hlavackova and Lucie Hradecka of the Czech Republic and the Williams sisters of the USA.

12.06pmHere's an interesting fact for you. If Great Britain wins both tennis finals today, we'll go top of the all-time Olympic medal table for the sport. We have 40 medals compared to the USA's 32, but our cousins across the Atlantic are currently number one by virtue of their 17 golds to our 15. However, by levelling them on golds we'll go above them thanks to our larger haul of silvers and bronzes.

12.01pmIf you're interested, the last winners of the mixed doubles was the American team of Hazel Wightman and Richard Williams in Paris.

11.58amHe and Laura Robson also have the chance to be crowned the first mixed doubles champions at the Olympics since 1924. The event has made a comeback this year and it's fair to say that it's been a welcome return. We've had some brilliantly tense matches.

11.52amAndy Murray can become the first British man since 1908 to win the men's singles at the Olympics. There was both an outdoor and indoor tournament back then, the Josiah Ritchie and Arhtur Gore taking the golds in each event. The host city that year? London.

11.48amWith only six matches to be played today it's a sparse looking order of play, but you can check it out here.

11.47amMurray's men's singles final against Roger Federer is due on Centre Court at around 2pm, while he will have to come back out again soon after to compete in the mixed doubles final with Laura Robson against Victoria Azarenka and Max Mirnyi of Belarus.

11.45amHello there! What a day we have in store for British tennis today with a couple of silver medals guaranteed at least thanks to the exploits of Andy Murray and Laura Robson.

Victoria Azarenka
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