Live Commentary: US Open day 13 - as it happened

Live Commentary: US Open day 13 - as it happened
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Sports Mole brings you live text commentary from the penultimate day of the US Open as the two men's semi-finals and the women's final take place at Flushing Meadows, New York.

Good afternoon and welcome to Sports Mole's live text commentary from the penultimate day of the US Open at Flushing Meadows, New York.

As the last Grand Slam of the year draws to a close, today sees the women's final between world number one Victoria Azarenka and three-time champion Serena Williams take place inside Arthur Ashe Stadium.

However, before that highly-anticipated contest we have the two semi-finals from the men's side of the draw.

First up is Andy Murray as he takes on the dangerous Tomas Berdych, while following that is defending champion Novak Djokovic versus fourth seed David Ferrer..

10.28pmWe hope that you've enjoyed our coverage from an eventful day 13 of the US Open (bad omens, anyone?). We hope to see you tomorrow for what should be a great day's tennis in New York. Until then, goodnight!

10.25pmWell, what a day this has been. We're leaving our live commentary for now but be sure to join us tomorrow as the second semi-final between Novak Djokovic and David Ferrer should reach its conclusion. Then, after that, we have the women's final which sees world number one Victoria Azarenka take on three-time champion Serena Williams.

10.21pmHowever, what this does is give Andy Murray a huge advantage for Monday's final. The Scot won his semi-final against Tomas Berdych earlier and now has an extra day of rest while Djokovic and Ferrer battle it out on Sunday.

10.19pmSo, for the fifth consecutive year, the US Open men's final will be played on a Monday.

10.18pmTournament organisers have also said that they gave no consideration to having both of the men's semi-finals on Arthur Ashe Stadium and Louis Armstrong Stadium simultaneously. They've got two perfectly good stadiums there and not to have used both of them today seems like a bad decision.

10.17pmOfficials have also said that the women's final will take place tomorrow at 4.30pm local time (9.30pm BST).

10.16pmWe've now got confirmation that play has been suspended for the day and this match will start again tomorrow at 11am local time (4pm BST).

10.14pmThe players are walking off court now but there's a real sense of confusion out on Arthur Ashe Stadium.

10.13pmWow. Huge news here. Officials have told the players that a tornado is coming and that they must evacuate the court.

Djokovic 2-5* FerrerIt's Ferrer's turn to hit the net this time and Djokovic has the hold. Out comes the referee...

Djokovic *1-5 FerrerDespite a flukey forehand winner from Djokovic, Ferrer goes on to hold and is one game away from taking his first set off the Serb at a Grand Slam.

Djokovic 1-4* FerrerBREAK! Now then. Djokovic fires long and surrenders his serve very easily for a second time. The defending champion isn't quite with it at the moment, while Ferrer is his usual frenetic self.

Djokovic *1-3 FerrerThe Serbian slams the ball into the net and Ferrer has another solid hold. This one has failed to light up Ashe so far, I must admit, but it's very early days.

Djokovic 1-2* FerrerDjokovic was 0-30 down but hits consistently from the baseline to hold and win his first game of the set.

Djokovic *0-2 FerrerThe Spaniard was facing a break point but comes back to hold impressively.

9.48pmDjokovic brings up a break point with a similar lob as Ferrer's but then finds the net. Deuce.

Djokovic 0-1* FerrerBREAK! The wind already playing with the Djokovic serve and Ferrer gets the break with a delightful lob that floats over the defending champion. Interesting start.

9.39pmIt'll be Djokovic to serve first and it's still blowing an absolute gale out on court as a towel starts flying around.

9.39pmIt'll be Djokovic to serve first and it's still blowing an absolute gale out on court as a towel starts flying around.

9.38pmDjokovic has won eight of 13 encounters with Ferrer since they first met in 2004.

9.37pmTwo of those were in his epic quarter-final against Janko Tipsarevic which was one of the matches of the tournament.

9.37pmDefending champion Djokovic is yet to drop a set at this year's US Open, while Ferrer has dropped three on his way to the semi-finals.

9.36pmHowever, you just get the feeling that it won't be concluded today. Some more storms are expected in New York but let's hope that they steer clear of Flushing Meadows.

9.35pmThe two men are out there already going through what is likely to be a quick warm-up. US Open organisers will want this one over with swiftly if they are to have both the men's and women's finals tomorrow.

9.33pmSo, looking ahead ot Novak Djokovic's semi-final with David Ferrer...

9.31pmAlso, that victory means that the Scot will overtake Rafael Nadal as the world's number three when the new rankings are released on Monday.

9.29pmHello again! Typical Murray there making it difficult. Still, it's great news for British tennis to see him in a fifth Grand Slam final.

9.27pmTalking of those two, they are almost ready to go on the Arthur Ashe Stadium. For that, Mr Jack Prescott will be expertly guiding through. For Murray's sake, let's hope it is a five-set bruising encounter! Not sure it will be though. Either way, enjoy.

9.26pmYou have to give Berdych credit for the way that he performed during that fourth set, but he ultimately left himself with far too much to do. Is this going to be Murray's year? Novak Djokovic or David Ferrer await...

9.24pmGAME SET AND MATCH! Murray has done it! He's won the breaker 9-7 and he is in to the second US Open final of his career.


FOURTH SET TIE-BREAKAn ace from Berdych keeps this breaker going at seven points each.


FOURTH SET TIE-BREAK*Murray 6-6 Berdych

FOURTH SET TIE-BREAK*Murray 5-6 Berdych

FOURTH SET TIE-BREAKMurray 5-5 Berdych*

FOURTH SET TIE-BREAKMurray 4-5 Berdych*

FOURTH SET TIE-BREAK*Murray 3-5 Berdych

FOURTH SET TIE-BREAK*Murray 2-5 Berdych

FOURTH SET TIE-BREAKMurray 2-4 Berdych*

FOURTH SET TIE-BREAKMurray 1-4 Berdych*

FOURTH SET TIE-BREAK*Murray 1-3 Berdych

FOURTH SET TIE-BREAK*Murray 0-3 Berdych

FOURTH SET TIE-BREAKMurray 0-2 Berdych*

FOURTH SET TIE-BREAKMurray 0-1 Berdych*

Murray 5-7 6-2 6-1 6-6 BerdychThe answer is an emphatic yet! He ends the game with an ace. It's now or never for Berdych. Breaker time...

Murray 5-7 6-2 6-1 6-5* BerdychThe perfect hold by Murray, doing so to love. Again he is just one game away from the final. Can Berdych keep up his recent revival and force a breaker? We're about to find out...

Murray 5-7 6-2 6-1 *5-5 BerdychBerdych holds. Five each. Really do not know what way this set is going to go now.

Murray 5-7 6-2 6-1 5-4* BerdychMassive hold from Murray, particularly when you consider he was serving into wind. It's now Berdych's turn to deal with the conditions. Murray just a game away from the final.

Murray 5-7 6-2 6-1 *4-4 BerdychWhat an earth has happened to Berdych? He's regained his power and movement in the last few games. Four each and a big game coming up.

Murray 5-7 6-2 6-1 4-3* BerdychBetter from Murray. The Scot serves out to 15 to bring himself to within two games of the final.

Murray 5-7 6-2 6-1 *3-3 BerdychBig momentum swing. Berdych holds to love. We now have a game on her hands.

Murray 5-7 6-2 6-1 3-2* BerdychBREAK! Well, well, well. I honestly did not see that coming! Berdych breaks back and all of a sudden looks interested again. He's given himself a US Open lifeline. Murray, as you can imagine, is not best pleased.

8.37pmAnother one saved as Berdych again fires wide. One to go.

8.36pmOne down as Berdych can only send Murray's drop shot into the tram-line. Two left.


Murray 5-7 6-2 6-1 *3-1 BerdychAnd after all of that, Berdych battles back to hold! Murray now serving to open up a three-game margin again.

8.32pmBut again Murray fails to make the most of opportunity as he finds the net.


8.31pmAnd after a long rally Berdych saves the second. Deuce.

8.29pmThe first one ends up in the net from Murray. One remaining.


Murray 5-7 6-2 6-1 3-0* BerdychIt's another simple service game for Murray, who is now just three games away from the final. I'm sure he hasn't, but Berdych looks like he has given up.

Murray 5-7 6-2 6-1 *2-0 BerdychAt last Murray gets the break as Berdych hits wide. The Scot now has one foot in the final.


8.21pmBut again Murray can't take it. He finds the net on this occasion.


8.19pmAlmost from Murray, whose forehand swipe from the back of the court goes just wide. Deuce again.


8.18pmAnd some positive work from Berdych saves the second one. Deuce.

8.17pmMurray nets the first one...


Murray 5-7 6-2 6-1 1-0* BerdychIt wasn't pretty, but Murray gets the hold. Important for Berdych that he now follows suit.

Murray 5-7 6-2 6-1 *0-0 BerdychSET! Finally! At the fifth time of asking Murray takes the third set. He's in complete control at the moment. Berdych needs something extraordinary to happen, and quick.


8.05pmNet from Murray! This is turning into a very long game.


8.03pmBut it's just wide from Murray. That was close! Deuce.


8.01pmAgain Berdych survives. This time Murray strikes the ball into the net. Deuce.


7.59pmBut Berdych lives to fight another day. Deuce.


Murray 5-7 6-2 5-1* BerdychIt all looks a little too easy for Murray at this moment in time as he holds for 5-1. Meanwhile, Berdych is really struggling when he is made to come to the net.

Murray 5-7 6-2 *4-1 BerdychBerdych on the board in the fifth game. It shouldn't be enough to get him back in this set though.

Murray 5-7 6-2 4-0* BerdychIf Berdych were a boxer he'd be on the ropes right now. Murray serves out to love for a 4-0 lead.

Murray 5-7 6-2 *3-0 BerdychBREAK! Fantastic stuff from Murray. Simply fantastic. A string of slice shots leave Berdych stretching and the Czech eventually hits wide. Murray's now a double break up.


Murray 5-7 6-2 2-0* BerdychIt's a hold to love for Murray, who is yet to drop a point in this third set.

Murray 5-7 6-2 *1-0 BerdychBREAK! And Murray only needs one of them as Berdych hits long. It was a game full of unforced errors from Berdych. He seems to have lost all the tempo that he had during the first set of this match.


Murray 5-7 6-2 0-0* BerdychSET! And we are all square! That's a lot better from Murray, who produced a more attacking performance during that set.

7.27pmHe wastes one with a shot into the net. One left...


7.24pmThere's a delay in play as the wind blows over Murray's chair and kit onto the court! It really is ridiculous conditions to be playing tennis in! Luckily both players and the umpire see the funny side.

Murray 5-7 *5-2 BerdychBerdych is still alive in this set...just! Murray now serving to level up the scores at one set apiece.

Murray 5-7 5-1* BerdychMurray looked in big trouble for a moment a 0-30 down. However, he battles back to win four points in succession for a 5-1 advantage.

Murray 5-7 *4-1 BerdychBREAK! Massive for Murray. He goes 4-1 in front as Berdych's shot hits the top of the net before spinning out. He should wrap up the second set shortly.


7.08pmWhat a response from Berdych! The world number seven powers down an ace to bring up deuce.


Murray 5-7 3-1* BerdychMurray deals with the wind better than Berdych to open up a 3-1 lead. It really is a lottery out there at the moment as a result of the gales.

Murray 5-7 *2-1 BerdychBerdych gets himself on the board in this set. Murray still holds the advantage though thanks to that break.

Murray 5-7 2-0* BerdychPerfect from Murray who serves to love. Berdych has struggled to regain the foot speed that he possessed during the first set.

Murray 5-7 *1-0 BerdychBREAK! Momentum swings back Murray's way as Berdych fires long. He must hold his next service game to give himself the advantage here.

6.49pmThe first one goes wide with the aid of the wind. Two left...


6.46pmI'd go as far as saying that Murray must win this upcoming set if he is to have any chance of advancing through to the final. Big set of tennis ahead.

Murray 5-7 0-0* BerdychSET! Simply too good from Berdych. His return of Murray's serve had the Scot back-peddling and the Czech then returned to power a forehand winner down the line.

6.42pmBerdych can only find the net. One down, one to go...


Murray *5-6 BerdychA routine service game from Berdych ensures himself at least a tie-break. Could it get even better on Murray's serve?

Murray 5-5* BerdychThat could be a defining game in this match. Murray battles back from 0-30 down to level up at five each. Berdych made at least two unforced errors there that he may be left to rue.

Murray *4-5 BerdychA powerful smash from Berdych leaves Murray now serving to stay in the set. Pressure for the Brit.

Murray 4-4* BerdychIt's another long game but it is also another hold! Some smart net play helped Murray on his way. Four all.

Murray *3-4 BerdychMurray makes him work hard but Berdych eventually holds for a 4-3 lead. Murray seems to be slicing the ball a little too often at the moment.

6.13pmAs promised, more on the postponement of the women's final until tomorrow.

Murray 3-3* BerdychA powerful forehand from Murray levels up the score at three games each.

6.05pmBREAKING NEWS: The women's final has been postponed until tomorrow. More to follow.

Murray *2-3 BerdychGood stuff from Berdych, who serves to love for a 3-2 lead.

5.57pmMurray has come out for the fifth game without the infamous hat!

Murray 2-2* BerdychBREAK! A lob from Murray goes long and Berdych is now level at two each. He's not happy though over the hat incident that forced the point (which he had won) to be replayed.

5.54pmCONTROVERSY! Murray's hat comes off in the wind and the umpire halts play. Berdych is extremely unhappy and the players are having a heated verbal exchange.

Murray *2-1 BerdychBREAK! Got him! After a 12-minute game the first break goes the way of Murray as Berdych hits wide.


5.46pmA superb cross-court forehand from Berdych saves the second break point. Stunning shot!


5.39pmBut a cute drop shot from Berdych takes the game deuce.


Murray 1-1* BerdychBit of cat and mouse tennis from Murray sees him level up proceedings at one game apiece. That wind is playing havoc with this match at the moment.

Murray *0-1 BerdychImpressive early hold from Berdych. He's dealt with the wind really well.

5.25pmIt will be Berdych to get this semi-final underway...

5.23pmBerdych appears to be struggling with his serve during the warm-up. Every time he has tossed the ball into the air, it has been caught by the wind.

5.20pmIt looks very windy inside Arthur Ashe Stadium today, which should aid the adaptable Murray. Also a disappointing number of fans are in attendance at the moment.

5.17pmAnd here the come Murray and Berdych to begin their warm-ups.

5.16pm"I slept fine last night and I needed it. [Berdych] is a top, top player and he can play very well in the big matches," Murray tells Sky Sports News.

5.15pmJust seen footage of Berdych limbering up in the car park! Not sure why he was working out there, but he looked extremely focused nonetheless.

5.03pmDue to the courts taking a little longer to dry than anticipated, Murray vs. Berdych will get underway 15 minutes later at 5.30pm. Let's hope that is the final delay we get tonight!

4.57pmStill nothing regarding Murray's match being moved onto Armstrong. With the encounter due to start shortly, it may have just been speculation.

4.46pmAnd with that, I'm also hearing that play is due to get underway at 5.15pm. So fingers crossed we will see Murray and Berdych take the the court in 30 minutes!

4.44pmHurrah! From US Open's Twitter: "The weather is subsiding; we will begin to dry the courts and match play will commence. Follow updates on."

4.36pmStill no confirmation as to whether or not Murray's match has been moved. His quarter-final against Marin Cilic was on Armstrong. For those that didn't catch that match, here's our report.

4.26pmThe rumour mill is currently in full flow! Speculation is suggesting that tournament organisers may decide to move Murray vs. Berdych onto the Armstrong Court. Such a switch may hamper Murray, who has seemed to struggle to adapt to the different pace out there. Will keep you updated.

4.22pmSpeaking of the final, Azarenka has admitted that she is likely to employ some tactics for the encounter. Find out here reasoning here.

4.14pmWell, that's a bit of a kick in the teeth - I was looking forward to some early tennis! Oh well. While we wait, why not read Jack Prescott's preview of tonight's women's final between Serena Williams and Victoria Azarenka.

4.09pmMore US Open Twitter: "Forecast indicates severe weather & rain until noon followed by clearing skies. We will then dry courts & begin play." FYI, 12pm is New York will be 5pm in Britain.

4.07pmWell, 4pm has been and gone and as yet no tennis! Sky Sports don't look to be holding out much hope for play any time soon. They've put their programme back to 4.30pm from 4pm.

3.59pmMore from the US Open's Twitter: "In an effort to complete today?s day session, we plan to begin play as soon as courts are dried." What did we all do before the days of Twitter?!

3.51pmThis just in from former British tennis player and now Sky Sports News pundit Greg Rusedski on Twitter: "Absolute rain storm in NYC. Matches delayed for a while"

3.48pmWEATHER UPDATE: It's potentially not good. Reports are claiming that there is a possibility of a tornado hitting New York in the coming minutes. Will keep you posted!

3.43pmTheir last meeting went the way of Berdych at this year's Monte Carlo Masters. Murray claimed the opening set on a breaker, only for Berdych to respond with a quickfire 6-2 6-3 to win the match.

3.38pmBerdych also has a more than respectable record against Murray. The pair have met on four occasions on hard courts, resulting in two wins apiece.

3.37pmStanding in his way is world number seven Tomas Berdych. The Czech should be full confidence having knocked out world number one Roger Federer last time out.

3.35pmWhen play does get underway, we'll be focusing on Andy Murray's bid to reach his second US Open final.

3.30pmI'm afraid that it is looking unlikely that we will get off to that scheduled 4pm start. As Jack told you earlier, it's raining in NY. Here is confirmation on the US Open's Twitter feed: "It is raining. In an effort to complete today's day session, we plan to begin play as close to 11am ET as possible"

3.29pmThanks Jack and good afternoon all. Have to say I'm really looking forward to today's action - just hoping that the weather will allow us to see a decent amount of play!

3.26pmAnyway, no sooner have I started before I'm off. I'll now hand you over to to the insightful Liam Apicella who will keep an eye on all the goings on in New York for you. Let's hope the weather clears up! Enjoy!

3.22pmWhat this could all mean is that we'll have a Monday men's final for a fifth year in a row at Flushing Meadows.

3.20pmTo put a positive spin on that weather, it could mean that the storms will pass quicker having arrived earlier. That's how it works, isn't it?

3.16pmHowever, the bad news first. Murray's match with Berdych has been brought forward an hour for a 4pm start due to predicted thunderstorms in New York. Well, it looks like that bad weather has hit earlier than expected. From all accounts and various images on Twitter it's chucking it down in the Big Apple.

3.14pmThen, when those two matches have been completed, we'll have the women's final between world number on Victoria Azarenka and three-time champion Serena Williams.

3.13pmFirst up is Andy Murray taking on Tomas Berdych before defending Novak Djokovic takes to the court to face David Ferrer.

3.12pmThere are three cracking matches in store in the Big Apple today as the two men's semi-finals and the women's final all take place on Arthur Ashe Stadium.

3.08pmGood afternoon and a big Sports Mole welcome from the penultimate day of the US Open at Flushing Meadows, New York!

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