Live Commentary: US Open women's final - Azarenka vs. Williams as it happened

Live Commentary: US Open women's final - Azarenka vs. Williams as it happened
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Sports Mole brings you live text commentary from day 14 of the US Open as world number one Victoria Azarenka takes on Serena Williams in the women's final.

Good afternoon and welcome to Sports Mole's live text commentary from day 14 of the US Open at Flushing Meadows, New York.

A chaotic Saturday saw only part of the intended schedule completed in the Big Apple as severe thunderstorms forced a premature end to the action.

Andy Murray was able to get through his semi-final against Tomas Berdych, but defending champion Novak Djokovic and David Ferrer were forced to evacuate the Arthur Ashe Stadium due to the threat of a tornado with the Spaniard leading 5-2 in the opening set.

The women's final between world number one Victoria Azarenka and three-time champion Serena Williams was also cancelled because of the weather.

So, first up today is the conclusion of the remaining men's semi-final before later tonight we get stuck into the women's final.

Please note that play is expected to start at around 4pm.

12.27amAnyway, that's all from us tonight. Thank you very much for your company this evening. We'll be back tomorrow for the men's final featuring defending champion Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray. That one starts at 9pm but you can follow all the build up with us right here. Thanks again for joining us and goodnight!

12.25amThe two women pose with their trophies. They gave us a truly wonderful final. Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray have a lot to live up to tomorrow.

12.24amSerena: "I honestly can't believe I won. I was preparing my runners-up speech. I'm shocked."

12.23amAzarenka: "At the moment it's tough but Serena deserves to win. I'm just honoured to be standing next to such a champion. I definitely gave it all today and stepping off of this court I'll have no regrets."

12.20amSerena has also become only the third woman to complete the Wimbledon/Olympic gold medal/US Open treble. The last two players to do that were Steffi Graf in 1988 and sister Venus in 2000.

12.19amThat was most definitely one of the best women's finals in recent years. Both players competed incredibly hard and both had moments of domination, but it's the American who comes out on top to win her 15th Grand Slam.

12.18amUnbelievable. Just unbelievable. Azarenka was serving for the match but Serena broke before breaking again to clinch her fourth title at Flushing Meadows.

12.17amGAME, SET AND MATCH! Azarenka 2-6 6-2 5-7 S Williams


12.15amAzarenka has the advantage but hits the net. Back to deuce!

12.14amSerena levels it at deuce. The Ashe crowd are hysterical now.

12.12amWhat a forehand from Serena, 30-30. That one flew down the line.

Azarenka 2-6 6-2 *5-6 S WilliamsSerena hammers another ace past the flailing Azarenka to hold. The world number one will now serve to stay in the match. Five minutes ago she was serving FOR the match. Breathtaking.

12.05amI think the general consensus is that this is one of the best women's finals for a long time. I'd have to agree. It's great to see some competition. The crowd on Ashe are loving it.

Azarenka 2-6 6-2 5-5* S WilliamsBREAK BACK! Would you believe it? Azarenka totally chokes and is broken again to level this set up.

12.01amHere we go! Hold onto your hats!

Azarenka 2-6 6-2 *5-4 S WilliamsSerena holds so Azarenka will now serve for the US Open title! Can she keep her nerve?

Azarenka 2-6 6-2 5-3* S WilliamsAzarenka saves a break back point before hitting a rare forehand winner to hold. She's just a game away now. Serena serving to stay in this final.

11.51pmIt's also worth saying that Azarenka has struck when it matters in this contest and has shown some fantastic determination as only she can. But it ain't over yet.

11.50pmSerena's already broken back once in this set but can she do it for a second time? She'll have to if she wants to win a fourth title here at Flushing Meadows.

Azarenka 2-6 6-2 *4-3 S WilliamsBREAK! Serena hits long and is broken to love! Azarenka is now just two games away from her second Grand Slam title.

11.48pmOh no. A dud Serena forehand hits the net and Azarenka has three break points. Huge moment in this contest.

Azarenka 2-6 6-2 3-3* S WilliamsJust as I say that Serena is getting back into it she's goes and has another nightmare of a game. Azarenka holds and it's 3-3.

11.42pmThat last ace was 125mph. Zing.

Azarenka 2-6 6-2 *2-3 S WilliamsArthur Ashe Stadium erupts as an ace brings up the hold for Serena. It's been far from a vintage performance from the American, in fact it's been well below par at times, but she's back in this one now.

11.38pmBREAK BACK! It's back on serve! Serena whacks home a forehand volley and it's 2-2. This is turning into a cracking final!

11.36pmThis is another game that's going back and forth. A lob from Serena stumps Azarenka and we're back to deuce.

11.33pmAzarenka has two game points but squanders them both. Deuce.

11.33pmAzarenka has two game points but squanders them both. Deuce.

Azarenka 2-6 6-2 *2-1 S WilliamsBREAK! And she takes it! Serena looks deflated as she hits a backhand wide to concede the service break. What effect will that have on this final? Azarenka will be in firm control if she consolidates with a hold.

11.27pmA break point comes up for Azarenka...

11.24pmThe world number one has won all 12 of her three-set matches this year, while Serena has won six of her seven.

Azarenka 2-6 6-2 1-1* S WilliamsWonderful from Azarenka as she makes a rare wander to the net before putting away the volley to hold.

11.22pmThis game is going back and forth. It's at deuce for a third time after Azarenka slams home a forehand winner.

11.19pmThe American looked well off the pace in that second set but she's back in it now and has a break point.

Azarenka 2-6 6-2 *0-1 S WilliamsSerena was down 0-30 but she fights back to secure a huge hold. The last point comes from an ace. The crowd liked that.

11.13pmAnyway, there's no rest for the wicked, and the players are back up and ready to get this deciding set underway. It'll be Serena to serve.

11.12pmIncidentally, that's the first set that Serena has dropped at this year's tournament.

11.11pmPressure? What pressure? The world number one hits an ace before Serena makes the unforced error and it's one set all.

11.10pmSET! Azarenka 2-6 6-2 S Williams

11.09pmAzarenka hits two double faults in a row and it's 30-30. Is the pressure starting to show?

11.07pmAh, some celebrities in the crowd. We've got Tyra Banks, Anna Wintour, Kevin Spacey and one of those buffoons from LMFAO inside Ashe tonight.

Azarenka 2-6 *5-2 S WilliamsSerena hits two consecutive aces and holds to love. Azarenka will serve for the set.

Azarenka 2-6 5-1* S WilliamsFrom 0-30 Serena claws her way back to 30-30 in that game but Azarenka comes through to hold. She's just one game away from levelling this contest up.

10.59pmIf we do then it'll be the first US Open women's final since 1995 to go the distance. Steffi Graf beat Monica Seles that year.

Azarenka 2-6 *4-1 S WilliamsBut Azarenka has the break this time! She gets the advantage before Williams goes well long with a forehand. Are we heading for a third set!

10.57pmBoom! Serena saves it again, this time with an ace.

10.57pmBut then her forehand goes out! Another break point for Azarenka!

10.56pmSerena lets out a huge 'COME ON!' as Azarenka hits long for the second. Deuce.

10.55pmShe can't take the first one, however.

10.54pmOh dear. Another double fault from Serena brings up a couple of break points for Azarenka.

10.52pmAzarenka hits one of the shots of the match with a forehand on the stretch, 0-15.

Azarenka 2-6 3-1* S WilliamsSome great hitting from Azarenka sees the world number one get the hold. Plenty of the crowd cheer when she does - she's certainly gaining more support as this one goes on.

10.49pmNo she can't. Instead she fires a forehand into the net. The partisan crowd on Ashe groans.

10.48pmNow then. Azarenka hits a double fault and Serena has a break point. Can she take it?

Azarenka 2-6 *2-1 S WilliamsTha early break doesn't seemed to have affected Serena. She gets the hold thanks to an ace to stay on Azarenka's case. Pressure back on the Belarusian.

Azarenka 2-6 2-0* S WilliamsThat's huge for Azarenka. She holds to love and takes control of this second set, a set that she has to win.

Azarenka 2-6 *1-0 S WilliamsBREAK! Oh, the irony! Serena hits a double fault and Azarenka has an early break. Don't think anyone saw that coming.

10.35pmRight, here we go with the second set. It'll be Serena to serve.

10.33pmSerena clubs home another backhand winner and with it she takes this opening set 6-2. It's be scandalously easy for the fourth seed and Azarenka will need to do a lot more here to stop the American picking up her fourth US Open title. That took 34 minutes.

10.32pmSET! Azarenka 2-6 S Williams

10.31pmThree set points for Serena now...

10.29pmSerena's hit 13 winners so far, while Azarenka has hit 2.

Azarenka *2-5 S WilliamsThe three-time champion hits a couple of crisp winners and she has the hold. Azarenka seems to be sussing out the serve a bit more but that's only half the problem. Even if you keep the ball in play you have to deal with Serena's huge groundstrokes.

Azarenka 2-4* S WilliamsSerena should be making it deuce but instead she whacks a simple forehand well wide and Azarenka has the hold. She's just about hanging in there at the moment.

10.23pmAnother thunderous backhand winner from Serena and it's 30-30.

Azarenka *1-4 S WilliamsBut for all of the Belarusian's hard work, Serena bats home a forehand winner to seal the hold.

10.17pmAzarenka comes back from 0-40 to deuce now. She starting to battle harder from the baseline.

Azarenka 1-3* S WilliamsEncouraging cheers from the crowd as Azarenka holds for the first time and gets her first game on the board in this women's final.

10.10pmInterestingly, Serena will reamin fourth in the world rankings if she wins this one. Long way to go yet though.

Azarenka *0-3 S WilliamsA couple more aces help Serena to another simple hold. She can do no wrong at the moment.

Azarenka 0-2* S WilliamsBREAK! And there's the break! Azarenka hits a forehand long and Serena lands the first significant blow.

10.05pmWow. An outrageous lob brings up another break point for Serena.

10.04pmThe American fails to cope with a dynamic Azarenka forehand and it's deuce.

10.03pmSerena then squanders the second with a forehand into the net.

10.02pmShe saves the first with an unreturnable serve.

10.01pmAzarenka finds the net and suddenly Serena has three break points.

Azarenka *0-1 S WilliamsThe Serena serve is already looking good as her first ace of the match gives her a comfortable hold.

9.57pmHere we go then. The players are (finally) ready and Serena will open the serving.

9.53pmFor the record, Serena won the toss and chose to serve.

9.52pmArthur Ashe Stadium has filled nicely and there's quite an atmosphere inside the famous arena.

9.51pmThe players are just going through their knock-up now.

9.49pmShe's wearing a fairly loud leopard-print dress.

9.48pmAnd we have former Grand Slam champion Jennifer Capriati conducting the coin toss.

9.46pmSerena comes out first to a huge ovation before Azarenka follows to an slightly less loud cheer.

9.45pmHere they come!

9.42pmWe're informed that the two players are "just a moment " away from entering the arena.

9.35pmWe're now getting some aerial shots of the Big Apple and it looks a fine day out in the States. No worry of tornadoes tonight...

9.31pmTypically, the US Open is runnning behind schedule...

9.27pmI wonder how the players are feeling right now? I'm sure Azarenka is doing her usual dancing on the spot, listening to her headphones. Serena is most likely making sure her hair is under control. It's an incredible do.

9.19pmJust over 10 minutes to go!

9.16pmShe'll also become the first woman since Martina Hingis in 1997 to do the Aussie Open/US Open double in the same year.

9.13pmIf Azarenka does win tonight then she will mirror her achievements as a junior by winning the Aussie Open and the US Open in the same year (2005).

9.07pmSerena's has just blown away anyone that's dared cross her path these last few months and I get the feeling it'll be no different tonight. That said, some early Azarenka pressure could alter the whole tone of the contest. If she shows that she's not going to lie down like the rest then it could force Serena to change her strategy.

9.04pmI'm going to be painfully boring and say that Serena Williams is going to win. I think Victoria Azarenka will make a fight of it, but the American will come through in three sets.

9.02pmAnyway, time for me to stick my neck out and predict a winner...

8.56pmAzarenka's career is in its infancy by comparison and she'll be hoping to get her hands on a second Slam following her success at the Australian Open in January.

8.52pmOf course, Serena (I'm going for a first-name basis from here) is looking to win her 15th Grand Slam title this evening. I don't think I've seen a more devastating player in the modern era.

8.47pmIt's worth pointing out that play is due to start at 9.30pm for the women's final.

8.44pmIf Williams comes through this match tonight without losing a set then she will become the first person since, um, herself to win a Grand Slam without losing a set. She achieved that at Wimbledon in 2010 but has also done it at the US Open twice before - in 2002 and in 2008.

8.40pmSomewhat ominously for Azarenka, Serena Williams has yet to drop a set at this year's US Open. The world number one has dropped two so far, to Sam Stosur in the quarter-finals and Maria Sharapova in the semi-finals.

8.37pmThe last time that they faced off against each other was in the semi-finals of the Olympics when Williams brushed aside the Belarusian 6-1 6-2 on her way to winning the gold medal. It wasn't all doom and gloom for Azarenka though - she took the bronze after beating Maria Kirilenko.

8.35pmFirst up, a couple of stats for you. These two have met a previous 10 times on the tour with Serena Williams winning a staggering nine of those encounters.

8.30pmHowever, we're now turning our attention to this highly-anticipated women's final featuring world number one Victoria Azarenka and three-time winner Serena Williams.

8.29pmWe've already had the second men's semi-final today which saw defending champion Novak Djokovic beat David Ferrer in four sets. He will now face Andy Murray in Monday's final.

8.28pmHello there and welcome back to our live text commentary from day 14 of the US Open!

6.28pmAnyway, we will be back at around 8.30pm tonight when we will be starting our live text commentary of the women's final between Victoria Azarenka and Serena Williams. That one is due to start at 9.30pm but you can catch all the build up with us right here. Until then, goodbye!

6.26pmSo, there you have it. Djokovic is through to his third consecutive US Open final where he will face Andy Murray. You have to say that the weather played a huge factor in his semi-final with Ferrer. Were they forced to continue yesterday then the defending champion would most likely have found himself out of the tournament. However, he was allowed to re-group overnight and came out a different player today.

6.25pmOn his final with Andy Murray: "It's the final of a Grand Slam, there's no clear favourite."

6.24pmMore from Djokovic: "He handled the windy conditions much better than I did but I'm just really happy to get to another Grand Slam final."

6.22pmDjokovic: "It's definitely a huge relief to get through that match.

"[Ferrer's] a great competitor, I have a lot of respect for him."

6.20pmThere it is! Djokovic wins in four sets to reach his second Grand Slam final of the year.

6.19pmGAME, SET AND MATCH! Djokovic 2-6 6-1 6-4 6-2 Ferrer

Djokovic 2-6 6-1 6-4 *5-2 FerrerFerrer holds but his run at the US Open looks to be nearing its end as Djokovic will serve for a place in tomorrow's final against Andy Murray.

Djokovic 2-6 6-1 6-4 5-1* FerrerThese two have had some fantastic rallies today and yet another one is finally brought to a close when Ferrer hits the net with a backhand. Djokovic holds and is just one game away from the final.

6.10pmUPDATE: Britain's Liam Broady has lost the first set 6-2 in the junior boys' final to Canadian second seed Filip Peliwo. Can the 18-year-old get himself back into that one? We'll let you know if he does.

Djokovic 2-6 6-1 6-4 *4-1 FerrerThe crowd cheers as a sweet backhand winner from Ferrer gives the Spaniard his first hold of the set.

Djokovic 2-6 6-1 6-4 4-0* FerrerDjokovic holds again and is quickly closing in on his third Grand Slam final of the year.

Djokovic 2-6 6-1 6-4 *3-0 FerrerBREAK! A 37th unforced error from Ferrer gives Djokovic his second break of the set. This one isn't going to last too much longer.

6.00pmDjokovic has two break points but Ferrer digs in to save them both. Deuce.

Djokovic 2-6 6-1 6-4 2-0* FerrerToo good again from Djokovic. The defending champion puts away another sumptuous forehand winner to hold. There are few better shots in tennis than that.

Djokovic 2-6 6-1 6-4 *1-0 FerrerBREAK! Oh dear. This gets worse for Ferrer as Djokovic gets the instant break.

5.50pmFerrer to serve at the start of this fourth set...

5.49pmYou can never write off the Spaniard but it'll take something extra special for him to turn this one around.

5.48pmThe defending champion closes out the set with ease and is now in front. Ferrer provided some resistance to break back in the middle of that set, but Djokovic ground out another break.

5.47pmSET! Djokovic 2-6 6-1 6-4 Ferrer

5.45pmDjokovic serving for the third set...

Djokovic 2-6 6-1 *5-4 FerrerThis time it's Ferrer who serves solidly to hold. And they're playing 'Good Day Sunshine' by the Beatles on Ashe.

Djokovic 2-6 6-1 5-3* FerrerBoom! A fizzing ace sees Djokovic hold to love. He's just one game away from this third set now.

Djokovic 2-6 6-1 *4-3 FerrerBREAK! That could be pivotal. Both players play cautiously from the baseline before Ferrer slams his forehand into the net to give Djokovic the break. Could that be the telling moment in this set?

5.36pmFerrer whacks a routine forehand wide and it's 30-30 on the Spaniard's serve.

Djokovic 2-6 6-1 3-3* FerrerSimple stuff from Djokovic there as he holds economically.

5.32pmUPDATE: The junior boys' final between Britain's Liam Broady and Canadian Filip Peliwo has just got underway. We'll keep you posted with how that one goes.

Djokovic 2-6 6-1 *2-3 FerrerEmphatic from Ferrer as he holds to love. The Spaniard is experiencing something of a resurgence now.

Djokovic 2-6 6-1 2-2* FerrerBREAK BACK! Wow. Ferrer is scurrying around like a deranged beaver out there and manages to get this one back on serve. A few uncharacteristic mistakes crept into Djokovic's game there too.

5.20pmI must admit that if Djokovic comes through this one (and it's looking likely) Andy Murray will have his work cut out in tomorrow's final. The defending champion has been awesome so far.

Djokovic 2-6 6-1 *2-1 FerrerIt takes some work but Ferrer eventually holds to get himself off the mark in this third set. He showed all of the tenacity that we're used to seeing from him there.

Djokovic 2-6 6-1 2-0* FerrerDjokovic's first serve is looking a lot slicker now. He holds with relative ease.

Djokovic 2-6 6-1 *1-0 FerrerBREAK! Bad news straight away for Ferrer as an error-strewn game gives Djokovic the instant break.

5.03pmFerrer will start the serving in this set...

5.02pmDjokovic levels this one by taking the second set comfortably 6-1. He was simply outstanding throughout that. Ferrer has his hands very full now.

5.01pmSET! Djokovic 2-6 6-1 Ferrer

4.57pmThe Serb gives himself a set point with a sensational backhand but can't convert it as he fires wide. Deuce.

4.55pmBut Djokovic saves it thanks to some sprawling work behind the baseline. Excellent stuff.

4.54pmNow then. Djokovic goes long with the backhand volley and Ferrer has a break point.

Djokovic 2-6 *5-1 FerrerSo, Ferrer eventually gets the hold but Djokovic will serve for the second set and parity in this match.

4.50pmIt's Ferrer's turn to get the lucky bounce over the net this time to make it 30-15.

Djokovic 2-6 5-0* FerrerStunning from Djokovic. He saves three break points before going on to hold. He's looking very good right now. Ferrer serving to stay in the set, but this one looks well beyond his reach.

4.46pmA wonderful backhand winner from the Serb makes it deuce. Great recovery.

4.45pmHe then pushes Ferrer right back past the baseline before the Spaniard finds the net, 30-40.

4.44pmDjokovic saves the first with a lucky bounce off and over the net.

4.43pmA nice whipped forehand suddenly brings up three break points for Ferrer.

Djokovic 2-6 *4-0 FerrerBREAK! The Spaniard is in real trouble now as he hits the net to hand Djokovic the break.

4.39pmSo far it's a reverse of what happened yesterday - Djokovic is in the ascendancy while Ferrer looks off.

Djokovic 2-6 3-0* FerrerDjokovic in control of this second set now thanks to another hold.

Djokovic 2-6 *2-0 FerrerBREAK! Ferrer hits long and Djokovic has the early break in this second set. He looks a totally different player today.

4.31pmIncredible defence from Djokovic. He counter-punches brilliantly and brings up three break points.

Djokovic 2-6 1-0* FerrerDjokovic was making Ferrer work hard in that game. The Spaniard came up with some answers but the Serb gets the hold.

4.27pmThat was the first set that Ferrer has ever taken off Djokovic at a Grand Slam and the first that the defending champion has lost at Flushing Meadows this year.

4.25pmIt'll be Djokovic to open the serving in this second set.

4.24pmAn ideal start for Ferrer as the Spaniard holds to take the opening set 6-2.

4.23pmSET! Djokovic 2-6 Ferrer

4.21pmSecond point of the match and we already have a wonderful rally. Ferrer eventually puts it away with a smash. We didn't have too much of that yesterday.

4.20pmOkay the, it'll be Ferrer to serve for the chance to take this set. He leads 5-2 from yesterday.

4.16pmThe two men are just going through their knock up. There's a slight wind about but nothing compared to yesterday.

4.12pmFerrer's out first to a lively reception before Djokovic gets the slightly louder cheers when he emerges from the tunnel.

4.10pmHere they come!

4.07pmAs mentioned, it's a glorious day in New York. Such a stark contrast to the howling storms of yesterday.

4.04pmLooks like we're just waiting for Djokovic and Ferrer to enter the grand arena of Arthur Ashe Stadium...

3.58pmBroady will have his hands full against Peliwo though - the 18-year-old has reached the final of all four junior Grand Slams this year, winning Wimbledon.

3.53pmWhile on the subject of Murray it's also worth mentioning that there's British interest in the junior boys' singles final today at Flushing Meadows as our very own Liam Broady takes on Canadian Filip Peliwo. We'll be keeping a keen eye on that one across the course of the day.

3.49pmInterestingly, Lendl won his first Grand Slam at the fifth attempt while Murray will be looking for his first major in what will be his fifth final tomorrow...

3.43pmIf Djokovic does reach the final, it'll be his third consecutive at Flushing Meadows. Impressive, but Murray's coach Ivan Lendl holds the record with a whopping EIGHT between 1982-89. He won three of those with his bludgeoning, hard-hitting style of tennis.

3.40pmBut I think whoever comes through this semi-final will be defeated by Andy Murray in tomorrow's final. It's the Scot's year. Isn't it?

3.38pmIt's hard to see Ferrer giving up this first set with a 5-2 lead, but I reckon that Djokovic will come back hard in the calmer conditions and take it in four.

3.36pmEnough of the stats - who have you got down to win this one?

3.34pmThe last time that they squared off against each other was in the group stages of last year's ATP World Tour Finals in London. Ferrer won that one 6-3 6-1.

3.32pmOverall they've faced each other 13 times, with Djokovic coming out on top on eight of those occasions.

3.29pmThey've met in a previous three Slams - once at the US Open in 2007 and twice at the Australian Open in 2008 and 2012.

3.25pmHowever, tournament organisers soon lurched on court to advise the players to leave due to an incoming tornado. While Djokovic must have been secretly relieved, Ferrer looked none to happy at the decision as he was closing in on the opening set. Understandable really - he's never taken a set off the world number two at a Grand Slam before.

3.23pmThe pair had to deal with some truly awful conditions yesterday as strong winds swirled around Ashe. Djokovic was clearly struggling with the situation but Ferrer used it very much to his advantage as he broke the Serb twice to establish a 5-2 lead.

3.21pmAnyway, before that, let's look ahead to the second men's semi-final between Novak Djokovic and David Ferrer...

3.18pmYou can read our preview of the women's final between Azarenka and Serena here.

3.16pmFollowing the conclusion of that one we'll then be treated to the womens final between world number one Victoria Azarenka and three-time champion Serena Williams. However, that one won't start before 9.30pm our time.

3.13pmWhat yesterday's bad weather means is that we'll have the US Open men's final played on Monday for the fifth year in a row, but to determine who will face Andy Murray in that one, the second semi-final between defending champion Novak Djokovic and fourth seed David Ferrer is up first on Arthur Ashe Stadium.

3.10pmI'm happy to report that the weather forecast in the Big Apple is far better today following some ferocious thunderstorms yesterday.

3.08pmHello there and a warm Sports MMole welcome to day 14 of the US Open from Flushing Meadows, New York!

Andy Murray
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