Live Commentary: Anzhi Makhachkala 1-0 Liverpool - as it happened

Live Commentary: Anzhi 1-0 Liverpool - as it happened
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Sports Mole brings you live text commentary of Liverpool's Europa League Group A trip to Russian outfit Anzhi Makhachkala.

Liverpool travelled to Russia this evening knowing that a victory over Anzhi Makhachkala would put them in full control of Group A in their Europa League campaign.

While the Reds controlled the majority of the game and looked composed on the ball, a moment of brilliance from Anzhi striker Lacina Traore killed Liverpool's chances of victory.

Read how it all unfolded in our minute-by minute live commentary below.

16.29Hello all! Welcome to our live text coverage of tonight's Europa League encounter between Liverpool and Anzhi. The Reds can stretch their points total in Group A to nine if they secure a victory over their Russian opponents this evening.

16.35As I'm sure you're aware, Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers has taken a young squad, leaving the likes of Steven Gerrard and Luis Suarez at home. So let's take a look at the teams!

Anzhi: Georgi Gabulov; Logashov, Samba, Joao Carlos, Tagirbekov; Ahmedov, Jucilei, Zhirkov; Eto'o, Boussoufa, Traore

Liverpool: Jones; Wisdom, Carragher, Coates, Flanagan; Shelvey, Henderson, Coady, Downing, Cole; Morgan

16.38As you can see, Rodgers have given midfielder Joe Cole another chance to prove his worth. The former Chelsea star returned to the first-team set up against Swansea City in the Reds' League Cup defeat but was unable to make an impact. Young striker Adam Morgan has been given the responsibility to find the net up front for the away side.

16.39Meanwhile, Anzhi boss Guus Hiddink has opted for former Barcelona star Samuel Eto'o, who also captain's the side, up front. Towering striker Lacina Traore joins him up front.

16.41If you'd like a more comprehensive outline of the teams, then click here.

16.43So let's look ahead to tonight's match, which should kick off in around 15 minutes. Liverpool took a 1-0 win at Anfield two weeks ago, courtesy of a Stewart Downing goal. The winger starts again tonight and Rodgers will be hoping that he can cause some problems for the home side.

16.46Anzhi were rather sluggish on their trip to Merseyside but I would expect the Russian outfit to come out firing this evening. They're on home turf and they'll be determined to put right their previous defeat.

16.47While there is a lot of focus on Eto'o due to his wealthy wage packet and history at Barcelona and Inter Milan, the Reds will be keeping an eye on Traore, who is the club's leading goalscorer this season.

16.50An interesting fact for you as kick-off approaches - Liverpool have never lost a group stage fixture on the road. Rodgers will be hoping that he can repeat that fact after the 90 minutes!

16.52Liverpool have been struggling to find the net this season, with Luis Suarez being the only recognised striker in the first team. The Uruguayan has netted 10 goals for the Reds so far this season but he's not in the squad tonight so there's a lot of pressure on 18-year-old Morgan's shoulders.

16.54ITV4 have been speaking to Rodgers and he doesn't believe that he's taking a risk by opting for a young squad. He said: "The players have been brilliant for me throughout this competition. No players have let me down at all."

16.55Conor Coady, who is a 19-year-old local defender that's come through the ranks on Merseyside, makes his senior debut for the Reds tonight. He'll be playing alongside veteran Jamie Carragher, who captains the team in Gerrard's absence.

16.56Right, we're just minutes away now! The teams are emerging out of the tunnel and onto the pitch at the Stadion Lokomotiv.

16.59Another little random fact for you. It's Joe Cole's 31st birthday today. Could he celebrate it by getting a goal perhaps? We shall see!

17.00Here we go then, we're off! Liverpool have got us underway in Russia...

1 minThe Reds are playing three at the back with five in midfield so they'll be hoping to control the middle of the park, which they've started to do by spraying the ball about and getting some early possession.

2 minsShelvey tries to slide the ball to the left of the field to find Downing but his touch is too heavy and the ball drifts out of play.

2 minsFirst but of possession for the home side as they tried to build from the back with Jucilei and Samba.

4 minsA slightly cautious start from Anzhi, which is surprising considering most tipped the Russians to pile on the pressure early. Neither side have had an effort on goal in these first few minutes.

4 minsAnd just as I said that Tagirbekov has a chance at goal after a surging from the left but his shot goes straight into the hands of Brad Jones.

6 minsA lofting ball is hit towards Traore but it's hit too far and gives Jones enough time to come out from his goal to gather.

7 minsJones was needed once again to come to Liverpool's aid as a ball for Traore is heavily hit once again and bobbles into the keeper's hands.

8 minsLiverpool take possession and move in towards goal with some smooth two-touch play between Shelvey and Downing but a shot at goal goes missing.

9 minsHenderson gives possession back to the home side after fouling Joao Carlos in the final third.

10 minsCole is flagged offside as the Reds try a long pass from the right side of midfield.

11 minsDowning was calling for the ball as he opened up on the left but Morgan failed to get the pass in and gives away the ball to Jucilei.

12 minsNeither side have made a serious effort on goal and the majority of play is happening in that busy midfield. Liverpool look composed on the ball when they have it but they have been guilty of giving the ball away casually.

14 minsZhirkov makes a surging run from the left but he slips while under pressure by Flanagan. The former Chelsea man stays down and the referee stops play. Turns out he was fine all along...

15 minsAnzhi are keeping the ball in their own half and are trying to build from the back but their cautious approach doesn't seem to be doing them any favours as they're finding it difficult to break down Liverpool's midfield.

16 minsThe home side launch a long ball up to Traore and he moves into the corner and tries to turn his opponent but the ball bubbles out.

17 minsLiverpool try the long ball this time. Henderson thumps one up towards Morgan, who times his run well but Samba reads it and clears any danger.

19 minsDowning finds a lot of space on the left but his cross into the box is picked out easily by Samba. Both sides have been sloppy in their passes on occasion.

21 minsThe Reds retain possession once again and they seem to be doing their job as they look a lot more comfortable in midfield than their Russian opponents, but the likes of Cole and Morgan are yet to cause a threat.

22 minsCHANCE! Morgan plays in Henderson in the six-yard box and the former Sunderland man is onside but instead of going for goal he pulls back the ball for the cross but it goes straight to Samba.

24 minsSamba resorts to the long ball once more through the centre of the pitch but it is unable to find anyone in yellow up front.

25 minsLiverpool are definitely doing their job by staying compact in midfield.

26 minsBoussoufa storms past the Liverpool defence into the box put he overruns the ball and Jones manages to gather.

27 minsAt the other end, Shelvey moves out wide to the left and launches a cross into the box but Anzhi keeper Gabulov snatches the ball before it finds Cole.

29 minsSUB An early substitution for the home side as Ahmedov makes way for Carcela-Gonzalez.

30 minsSome pressure from the home side as Eto'o plays in Traore in the six-yard box but Traore's shot is poor and it lofts over the bar for a goal kick.

31 minsEto'o is trying to make a nuisance of himself but his final touch has let him down on a number of occasions.

32 minsLiverpool win possession once again and Wisdom starts an attack from the back into the midfield but they have to force the ball back to defence due to pressure from the home side.

33 minsThe away side lose the ball and Anzhi start an attack from Eto'o who tries some trickery in the box but Carragher manages to clear.

34 minsSAVE! Jones makes a fantastic leap to stop Anzhi from going in front. Zhirkov snatches the ball from Wisdom and crosses into the box to find Eto'o, who fires from point blank range but his goal is denied by the Australian shot-stopper.

37 minsA spell of pressure from the home side but Liverpool try to respond with a long ball from youngster Coady, who almost finds Flanagan in the box but the keeper manages to scramble and get the ball to prevent a shot on goal.

39 minsThere seems to be a little tussle going on between Samba and Cole during this first half but the Anzhi defender is winning every time. Cole hits the deck after he's muscled out by the former Blackburn centre-back.

40 minsShelvey fires the ball into the box to find the head of Henderson but Samba blocks the midfielder from getting a goal-bound shot.

42 minsA clumsy foul by Joao Carlos on Cole gives Liverpool a free kick just outside the area.

42 minsDowning takes the free kick. It's hit low but manages to find the head of Cole, who tries a neat little flick-on towards goal but it goes wide and out for a goal kick.

43 minsShelvey knocks the ball out wide to Downing, who is an acres of space once again but the play comes to nothing and is knocked out for a throw.

45+1 minsGOAL! Anzhi 1-0 Liverpool (Traore) Ten seconds from the end of the first half and Liverpool are handed a massive blow courtesy of a piece of brilliance from Traore, who receives the ball from outside the area, flicks the ball behind him and over the head of Coates. The Ivory Coast international reconnects with the ball to loft it over Jones and find the back of the net.

45+1 minsHALF-TIME: Anzhi 1-0 Liverpool

17.51That was a cruel blow to the Reds, who enter the half-time break with a one-goal deficit. Liverpool's young side overall should have been the happier team of the two as they managed to stay composed and control the midfield well. All of their hard work is undone in the dying seconds of the first-half courtesy of a piece of individual brilliance from Traore.

17.53Anzhi had one spell of pressure in the first half but as a whole they have been fairly cautious and rarely penetrated Liverpool's back four.

17.54Looking at the replay of the goal, Coates made the mistake of trying to launch a challenge on Traore, which gave him space to dink the ball over the head of the Uruguayan and take on Jones.

17.56Jones probably should have stayed on his line to try and get the save as opposed to coming out from his goal. As a forward, I'm sure Traore's instinct was to loft the ball over the keeper's head. He did that and he's taken his side 1-0 up with 45 minutes left to go.

17.57It'll be interesting to see how the two sides come out in the second half. Anzhi will be buoyed by their lead so they could come out firing but the Reds are likely to keep to their game and try to push men forward.

17.59If you'd like a more comprehensive round-up of the first half as opposed to my ramblings, then read our half-time report here. Make sure you return for the second half!

45 minsAnd we're back! Anzhi gets us underway in the second half...

46 minsShelvey wins the ball in the middle of the pitch and good vision from the former Charlton star manages to find Cole, but he's just offside.

47 minsTraore gets the ball in the box but starts to slip as he receives it and tries to call for support but the ball is picked up by the Reds. Anzhi are trying to get themselves on the frontfoot in these early stages.

49 minsCoady pulls back Traore to give away a free kick on the half-way line. No complaints from the youngster, who is playing deep midfield.

50 minsEto'o plays the ball to Zhirkov in midfield, who storms into the box but this time Wisdom gets the better of him and clears the danger.

51 minsCHANCE! Good build up play from Cole and Morgan. Cole does a quick one-two with the youngster, who snatches the ball and fires into the side netting on the near post.

52 minsAnd at the other end Eto'o is causing some problems to Liverpool's defence but once again he struggles to get his final touch right. Shelvey manages to scoop up the ball and grab possession for the Reds.

53 minsNice movement from Flanagan and Morgan but the striker's chance goes missing after the ball is snuffed out by Anzhi's defence.

54 minsFlanagan loses the ball in a tussle with Eto'o and pulls back his shirt to give away a free kick in Anzhi's half.

57 minsCHANCE! Eto'o tries to curl the ball into the far post from outside the area after some quick build-up play from Zhirkov and Traore.

58 minsA lovely turn by Traore plays in Carcela in the box but Carragher is able to prevent the player from finding a way through.

59 minsCHANCE! Traore takes a brilliant touch to nutmeg Henderson to shoot at goal but it spears just wide of the post.

60 minsCoates manages to muscle out Traore, who finds the ball once again in the box. The lumbering forward is causing some trouble here!

61 minsSUB Liverpool duo Coady and Morgan make way for Suso and Pacheco.

62 minsA lovely turn from substitute Suso plays in Cole but he loses his composure with his first touch and gives the ball away.

63 minsTagirbekov launches a powerful cross into the box and the ball falls in front of keeper Jones but it's too quick for Traore to latch on to.

64 minsYELLOW CARD! Flanagan is cautioned on his European debut for appearing to elbow Zhirkov while jumping for a header.

65 minsPacheco loses the ball after coming under pressure from yellow shirts. Neither side have found a rhythm as yet but Anzhi are looking a lot more threatening when they get in front of goal.

66 minsSuso tries to seek out Cole with a long cross from the left but Logashov senses the danger and clears with ease.

67 minsSuso flies at the Anzhi defence but heads into trouble when a host of yellow shorts close him down.

68 minsThe referee has a word with Shelvey after he catches Traore and gives away a free kick. The 20-year-old responds by literally lifting the Ivorian off the floor...

71 minsEto'o snatches the ball but his pass is over-hit and he fails to find Traore. Liverpool will be hoping to find an attack in order to get on level terms. While the Reds have played some attractive football, they are still lacking that threat in the final third.

72 minsLiverpool lose the ball once again but manage to retain it after Boussoufa fluffs his shot.

73 minsFlanagan launches a cross into the box straight to the feet of Pacheco but the Spaniard is fairly tackled instantly.

74 minsCarragher tries to keep the attack going by crossing the ball back into the box following a surging run from the left but it comes to nothing. You don't usually see the 34-year-old there!

75 minsCHANCE! A perfect ball from Tagirbekov to the head of Traore, who heads the ball straight into the hands of Jones.

76 minsCHANCE! A minute later we have a chance down the other end of the field. Suso gets an open shot at goal and the keeper palms the ball away but Cole shoots from the rebound but it comes to nothing.

78 minsCHANCE! It's all happening now! Traore should have put the match to bed after launching from midfield to take a well-placed shot at goal but it goes just wide of the post.

79 minsSUBS Liverpool make their final substitution by taking off Cole and bringing Assaidi on. Meanwhile, goalscorer Traore has made way for Smolov.

81 minsLiverpool have just under 10 minutes to find an equaliser. They're still dominating midfield but they need to get Pacheco and Suso into the game if they're going to find the net.

82 minsA short corner is played in by Suso but it's headed out, which allows Anzhi to break with four against four. Jucilei gets the ball in a good area in the box but he takes too long to get his shot away and Liverpool's defenders clear.

84 minsWisdom wins a one-on-one battle with Eto'o and fortunately for the Liverpool defender, he's able to muscle the forward out and play the ball back to Jones.

85 minsAssaidi wins a free kick just outside the box after he was brought down by Tagirberkov. Shelvey looks poised to take it...

86 mins...and it's an awful kick from the midfielder. The chance goes missing as he hits wide off the mark.

87 minsYELLOW CARD! Shelvey's booked for a lunging challenge. He looks to have over-run the ball and clatters Carcela in the process.

89 minsLiverpool are dominating the ball in the final minutes. Flanagan gets the ball on the right side of the box. The full-back manages to draw the ball back to find Henderson, who fires it high and wide.

90+1 minsThe fourth official indicates three minutes of stoppage time.

90+1 minsShelvey clears from an Anzhi attack, which allows Suso to latch on to the ball and run at the defenders but the run comes to nothing as the ball is knocked out for a throw.

90+2 minsSUB Carcela comes off for Lahiyalov as the Russian side try to run the clock down.

90+3 minsFULL TIME: Anzhi 1-0 Liverpool

18.53You would have to argue that Liverpool will probably feel a little hard-done by after that result. Rodgers's young guns performed well and controlled the majority of the game but once again they are lacking in that vital final third.

18.55Anzhi were cautious in the first half and they didn't particularly trouble the away side until an individual piece of magic from Lacina Traore, who nabbed the only goal of the match.

18.57The Russian outfit came out in the second half more assured and pressed higher up the pitch to prevent Liverpool from getting on the scoresheet.

18.58So, what does this do to the group? Anzhi have leapfrogged Liverpool to the top of Group A with seven points, while the Reds sit in the second qualifying spot with six.

18.59Udinese and Young Boys are still playing and the Swiss side are currently 1-0 up, which would put Young Boys up to fourth, with Udinese dropping to the bottom.

19.01Well, I hope you enjoyed that! Thanks for joining us and if you want a re-cap of the events in tonight's match then read our match report here.

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