Live Commentary: Stanislas Wawrinka vs. Novak Djokovic - as it happened

Relive our live text commentary from the quarter-finals of the Australian Open as Novak Djokovic was stunned by Stanislas Wawrinka.

Eighth-seed Stanislas Wawrinka stunned defending Australian Open champion Novak Djokovic in a five-set thriller on Rod Laver Arena.

Djokovic flew out of the blocks and took the first set 6-2, but after that Wawrinka battled back to take a 2-1 lead after the third.

When Djokovic won the fourth he was looking strong, but once more the Swiss player responded and managed the crucial break to claim the final set 9-7.

Read how the action unfolded with our live text commentary.

7.58amHello tennis fans! We are getting to the business end of the Australian Open with just seven men remaining in the draw. The second quarter final is between defending champion Novak Djokovic and Stanislas Wawrinka. This should be good.

8.01amThe last time they met here it was close. Very close. In a five-hour epic Djokovic edged out Stan in five sets, having come very close to defeat. It was the closest he came to losing on his route to his third successive Australian Open, but had just about enough in him. Here's hoping for another marathon.

8.04amWawrinka left everything on the court that day. He was physically shattered but won a huge amount of credit for his performance. That time it was the fourth round, but we're a step further this time and, importantly, both players are looking very sharp indeed.

8.08amIf you look at the head-to-heads between the players, there does appear to be only one winner, but of course that does not tell the whole story. Djokovic has won 15 of the 17 encounters between the two. Wawrinka has been something of a late bloomer in the sport and has improved since a lot of their meetings.

8.11amTheir last meeting was also a classic. Perhaps not on the same lines as the fourth round here last year, but at the US Open in 2013 they again went to five, with Djokovic coming from 2-1 down in sets to claim it. Interestingly, another five-setter is 9/1 at the moment - remember, though, that Djokovic has looked extremely impressive thus far.

8.14amSo far this tournament we have seen some hints of Boris Becker's influence in Novak's game so far, especially the fact that he has utilised the volley just a little bit more on the fast courts here. It has been his backhand, however, since his opening game, that has been so impressive. His real weapon.

8.18amJust a reminder that the winner of this match will take on Tomas Berdych in the semi-finals after his surprisingly comfortable win over David Ferrer earlier today. It is the first time Berdych has reached the semis in Melbourne.

8.21amA big ovation for Wawrinka and an even louder one for Djokovic as the players make their way out. That means they're warming up and we should get started at around 8.30am. You do feel that Stan will need to come out strongly and win the opener if he is to have a chance here.

8.24amThis, on paperm will be Novak's first big test. He has largely cruised through all four of his previous games, with the most comfortable of all being the last round against Fabio Fognini. He dropped just five games in the entire match, playing some brilliant tennis along the way.

8.27amHere we go then... Djokovic to serve first.

8.28amA strong start from the Serb, as Wawrinka is a little weak early on his backhand - 30-0.

Wawrinka *0-1 DjokovicJust what a doctor ordered for Novak there. He comes to the net on the final point to direct a volley on to the line, which Stan cannot get back over the net.

8.30amThat's better from the Swiss! A big ace right down the middle to get him going.

8.31amHe gets another big serve in a couple of points later, but with the chance a simple winner at the net somehow plants the ball into the top of it.

Wawrinka 1-1* DjokovicWawrinka responds with a comfortable hold of his own. Much more like it from him, and Djokovic would be a bit disappointed with his returning.

Wawrinka *1-2 DjokovicNovak manages his first ace at 30-30, and then forces the error on his next serve. There was a bit of resistance early on in the game from the Swiss, but not enough to really trouble Djokovic. Both men have served well so far.

8.38amExcellent wide serve and then backhand winner from the Swiss to start his next service game, then there's an excellent rally with the backhand of Waw really firing. In the end it's too much for Djokovic, who goes long. That rally will encourage the eighth seed.

Wawrinka 2-2* DjokovicAnd it is another comfortable service hold for Wawrinka. Can anyone get a look-in at a break yet? So far there hasn't been one.

8.42amAnother rally and this time it's Djokovic who wins. Wawrinka does well to stay in the point before somehow going long when it should have been in.

Wawrinka *2-3 DjokovicWawrinka was certainly in that game, but Djokovic was never really in any trouble so the balls are back with the Swiss.

8.48amFirst break points of the match here as Novak steps it up. He has two at 15-40...

Wawrinka 2-4* DjokovicBREAK! He doesn't need a second invitation. On second serve he gets on top of a point before Wawrinka puts a backhand long to concede the game without so much as a whimper.

Wawrinka *2-5 DjokovicThree games in a row now for Djokovic. He takes his latest service game to 30, but he was still on top throughout. This first set is heading to a conclusion and could be over within 30 minutes unless Wawrinka can hold here. The Swiss has looked far too casual for my liking.

8.56amMore like it from Wawrinka, who serves well before setting up the winner across court. However, he was 0-30 down in the game already.

8.56amAll of a sudden it's 40-30 with his second ace. Can he hold what would be an important game to stop the run of momentum?

8.57amIt's now advantage Djokovic after Waw nets a baseline smash from a defensive lob - you never fancied him to make it.

Wawrinka 2-6 0-0* DjokovicSET! Brilliant play from Novak to win that. Wawrinka got lucky with a net cord shot, but the Serb was in like a flash to dink it over the net and beyond the sprinting Swiss. It's a comprehensive first-set win and already this looks like it might be over quickly.

9.02amUnforced error number 17 from Wawrinka there as Djokovic goes 30-15 up on serve. That's not even close to good enough.

Wawrinka 2-6 *0-1 DjokovicGame number five in a row for the Serb and it's all a bit quiet inside Rod Laver Arena at the moment. The crowd were expecting a competitive match but it has been anything but to this point, unfortunately.

9.06amDjokovic is just playing too well. His shots are all hitting the target and in each rally it's only a matter of time until a Wawrinka error. It's 0-30, but then a big serve sees the Swiss claim one back.

Wawrinka 2-6 1-1* DjokovicFinally a bit of fight from Wawrinka! From 0-30 he takes the game without a deuce, with the final shot - a backhand down the line - his best of the encounter so far. He yells in celebration - that was big.

9.10amNow hold on a minute. Djoko nets and then loses a rally to go 0-30 down on serve...

9.10amNow three break points for Wawrinka. How quickly tennis can turn around.

9.11amWhat a brilliant effort to save a break point that is. A big forehand down the line sets him up for a volley that he just clips over the net. He follows that with a serve that is returned short and suddenly one break point remains...

Wawrinka 2-6 *1-2 DjokovicWhat a big hold for Djokovic! It was a real battle as the Swiss kept fighting back after Novak clawed his way back to deuce, but in the end he had enough in the tank. You can see from his reaction how important a hold that was.

9.18amGood serving for Wawrinka now, as he moves 40-15 ahead.

Wawrinka 2-6 2-2* DjokovicAnd sure enough, he manages to hold on. That's his most comfortable service game since early in the first set. He threw away three break points in Novak's last, so can he challenge again here?

Wawrinka 2-6 *2-3 DjokovicA defiant no, from Djokovic. The Serb holds to love and just as the last set we're staying with serve. It was at this point in the first, of course, that Djokovic managed his break.

9.24amBrilliant serve from Wawrinka at 15-30 down. He slams it wide and Djokovic can't even get close.

Wawrinka 2-6 3-3* DjokovicHe had to grind it out again, but the Swiss holds serve with another good response from being behind in the game. We're still level.

9.29amAnother break point for Wawrinka here. This time just the one...

Wawrinka 2-6 *4-3 DjokovicBREAK! Rally. Of. The. Match. A quite brilliant bit of play from both men, as they hit the ball full pelt from the baseline, but in the end it's Wawrinka with the all-or-nothing backhand that clips the line and wins the break. Maybe there are legs in this match yet!

9.35amIt's brilliant again and another rally in which Waw comes out on top. After 30 shots Djokovic nets a forehand for 30-30. The Swiss has had success with the tactic of targeting Novak's forehand.

Wawrinka 2-6 5-3* DjokovicWhat a time for your second double fault! At game point it is instead deuce. However, he responds with a great net point to finish with a reaction volley. Then an ace consolidates the break - this is the Wawrinka we have seen so far at the Australian Open.

Wawrinka 2-6 *5-4 DjokovicThat's the way to put the pressure back on his opponent from Djokovic. He takes his third hold to love - Waw just needs to hold for the set, but that's much easier said than done against a man who can return as well as Novak can.

9.43amLooking very good for Wawrinka now. A couple of really good serves have taken him to two set points.

Wawrinka 2-6 6-4 0-0* DjokovicSET! There it is! Djokovic nets a backhand, which means that he loses a set for the first time in the tournament. It did not look likely at the end of the first, but Wawrinka has fought back and we have a game on our hands now.

9.48amDjokovic has come back very focused here. His second ace moved him to 40-0, but he then puts a forehand wide.

Wawrinka 2-6 6-4 *0-1 DjokovicSmall fright for Djokovic as Wawrinka makes it 40-30, but he sees out the game to hold the opener for the third set running.

9.51amBrilliant ace from Wawrinka there - spinning away from the right hand of Djokovic into the corner.

Wawrinka 2-6 6-4 1-1* DjokovicHe holds with relative comfort. Since the end of the first set the Swiss has been very good behind his serve and Djokovic has had few look-ins.

9.55amIt's a serve and volley exhibition here from Djokovic, to the delight of Boris Becker in the stands. He wins two net points in a row - unheard of.

9.56amHowever, from the baseline he nets and then goes long, which means break point Wawrinka.

Wawrinka 2-6 6-4 *2-1 DjokovicBREAK! Game on here! Wawrinka lets Djokovic's shot go long and goes back to his chair a game to the good with a serve to come. If he can hold here Djokovic will really need every inch of his champion spirit. This is a huge game to come.

10.02amWe're at 30-30 in this fourth game. The next point could be very important... and it goes to the Swiss, who forces Djokovic into the error with a strong backhand.

10.03amAnother double at 40-30 after a break for Wawrinka, which brings up deuce.

Wawrinka 2-6 6-4 3-1* DjokovicWawrinka takes his seventh game from nine to go ahead in this third set. He has really stepped it up, but equally Djokovic's levelled has dropped a lot.

10.07amDjokovic is still not close to the top of his game. He can't deal with Wawrinka at the moment and the Swiss is coming out on top of every rally. There's another break point here!

Wawrinka 2-6 6-4 *4-1 DjokovicBREAK! It is a double break! Incredible. Djokovic is in real trouble here with his opponent really fired up and him berating himself. This set is gone but for a rapid turnaround from the three-time reigning champ.

10.12amThis is better, though. A big roar of celebration as he lands a forehand winner for 0-30.

10.14amBut Wawrinka fights back with the fastest ace of the match - just shy of 135mph. He's now one point away from the game.

Wawrinka 2-6 6-4 5-1* DjokovicGame nine of 11 for Wawrinka and another hold for the Swiss from 0-30 down. That must be the set now. Djokovic must regroup and know he's probably in this for five.

Wawrinka 2-6 6-4 *5-2 DjokovicJust as he did in the last set, Djokovic emphatically hands the pressure back to Wawrinka with a love service game. This time, though, the Swiss will have two bites at the cherry if he doesn't hold here.

10.18amHe's 30-0 up here. Djokovic is really not playing well - he dominated the first set, but has been far too casual since.

Wawrinka 2-6 6-4 6-2 0-0* DjokovicSET! Djokovic has to take this all the way now if he's to reach the semis. Wawrinka was excellent in that set and will of course need to keep up that level. I got the feeling that Djokovic was saving himself after the double break but should come out flying here. He needs to.

10.23amAt 30-0 down Wawrinka produces one of the shots of the day - a cross-court backhand tha had Djoko rooted.

Wawrinka 2-6 6-4 6-2 *0-1 DjokovicThat could be huge. Djokovic hangs on to start the fourth with a hold, but Wawrinka certainly had his chances.

Wawrinka 2-6 6-4 6-2 1-1* DjokovicA battling hold, but a hold nonetheless for Wawrinka. His serve is holding up at the moment.

Wawrinka 2-6 6-4 6-2 *1-2 DjokovicQuickly followed by a comfortable one of his own from Novak. So far in this set neither player has given much away on serve, but something will probably give at some point. Wawrinka's level does just seem to have dropped in the last few minutes.

10.36amDjokovic's returning has been so poor today. Another one on second serve goes long, when usually he would mop them up. Absolutely stunning defence from Djokovic to return a smash and the Swiss then volleys right on to the line for 40-15.

Wawrinka 2-6 6-4 6-2 2-2* DjokovicAt advantage, Novak plays a good lob but this time his volley goes into the net to gift the game to Wawrinka. A big hold.

Wawrinka 2-6 6-4 6-2 *2-3 DjokovicThe Serb is getting more and more on top of this at the moment. Successive love service games for him and suddenly it's Wawrinka's turn again. Can Novak get into another one of Waw's serves to break. One is long overdue, but the Swiss has been solid thus far.

10.45amThis is his chance perhaps. A couple of very positive points and he's 0-30 up...

10.47amA good fightback from Wawrinka, including ace number 10, gets him to 40-30 but then he goes long unforced and we're at deuce.

Wawrinka 2-6 6-4 6-2 3-3* DjokovicThat was the longest game of the match and another real test of Wawrinka's serve, but once more he's just about up to it. Djokovic just cannot get that break.

10.55amAgain, though, he's excellent on his own serve and quickly moves 40-15 up.

Wawrinka 2-6 6-4 6-2 *3-4 DjokovicBack to you Stan, once more. He puts a forehand well wide and will now serve again just a couple of minutes after the long game last time out. I have a feeling this might well be the one Djokovic manages to break.

10.59amOr maybe not. Djokovic winds up a forehand and puts it long for 30-0, before he returns into the net for 40-0...

11.01amWait a minute. It's deuce. Really bad shot selection by Wawrinka, who gifts a half-volley for Djoko to put away.

Wawrinka 2-6 6-4 6-2 3-5* DjokovicBREAK! Djokovic roars at the sky. He knows how big that was! He breaks at the right time and we're surely now going to five.

11.05amDjokovic goes narrowly long with a forehand but recovers brilliantly with a spinning ace down the middle. 30-30.

11.06amIt's now break point after Djokovic goes wide with a forehand having brilliantly set it up for the winner. That's so unlike him.

11.08amIts saved but Wawrinka gets another one with an absolutely booming forehand to force the error. The pressure is back on Djokovic but he bellows after another ace goes right down the middle. What a serve.

Wawrinka 2-6 6-4 6-2 3-6 *0-0 DjokovicSET! A look of pure focus from Djokovic as he takes the set with another ace. He really stepped up his serve in that game just as Wawrinka was battling back against him. The Swiss player will serve first in the new set for the first time in the match. What a set this could be.

Wawrinka 2-6 6-4 6-2 3-6 1-0* DjokovicThat's how to serve to begin a set! His first love service game, finished with a big ace, gets Wawrinka's nose in front in the fifth.

Wawrinka 2-6 6-4 6-2 3-6 *1-1 DjokovicGood start of his own from Djokovic, who moves 30-0 ahead after forcing a couple of errors. He holds and we remain level.

Wawrinka 2-6 6-4 6-2 3-6 1-2* DjokovicBREAK! That could be the turning point in the game and doesn't it mean a lot to him? He has really stepped up his game since losing that third set and I fully expect him to see it out now.

Wawrinka 2-6 6-4 6-2 3-6 *2-2 DjokovicBREAK! But of course there's another twist in the tale! It's a brilliant fightback from Wawrinka who quickly demolishes any ideas of this becoming routine for the second seed. We might yet have a long way to go in this.

11.29amBack comes Djokovic at 0-30, but an important point form Wawrinka, who came to the net this time, gets him on the board. Djokovic will think he should have put the pass away instead of netting.

11.32amWhat a rally at break point down! Wawrinka defends really well as Djokovic tries to force the issue, and as he goes for the flatter one he nets on the 32nd stroke of the rally.

Wawrinka 2-6 6-4 6-2 3-6 3-2* DjokovicAnother fantastic rally! Djokovic, at the net, keeps himself alive but is eventually passed as Wawrinka can go left or right of him. Then Wawrinka wraps it up. That's the first hold he's made after being a break point down. What a contest this is becoming.

Wawrinka 2-6 6-4 6-2 3-6 *3-3 DjokovicAbsolutely no problems on his own serve for Djokovic this time. Wawrinka tries a drop shot at 40-0 and hits the net, but in truth the damage had been done.

11.39amWawrinka is not fully committed to his net points. He tentatively approaches the net, which allows Djokovic to hit a very good backhand down the line - he had more space to aim at than he should have.

11.43amFrom 40-15 up, it's now deuce. Wawrinka is playing playing as confidently now as he was in set three and the start of four. That said, that's a brilliantly crafted point to send Djokovic right, then left and finally into the net.

11.45amit's astonishing defence from Novak, who looks out of the point twice before turning around the rally and forcing Wawrinka to net. Break point, too.

Wawrinka 2-6 6-4 6-2 3-6 4-3* DjokovicWaw turns it around with a couple of aces and after another rally he holds from break point down. Every point is getting very important here.

11.50amThat was a big point. Wawrinka goes 0-15 up and then looks on top of a rally, but nets for 15-15.

Wawrinka 2-6 6-4 6-2 3-6 *4-4 DjokovicA couple of limp returns from Wawrinka make the difference in a close game. He has to return better if he wants to break - and one of them needs to or this set could go on.

11.53amVery, very good serving from Wawrinka who brings up 40-0 with his 16th ace.

Wawrinka 2-6 6-4 6-2 3-6 5-4* DjokovicNow would be the time to break if Stan is to do it. From this point on Djokovic will be serving to stay in the match - unless he breaks at 5-5, of course.

11.56amDjokovic isn't shying away though. He catches out Wawrinka with a hard second serve right into the corner that takes him by surprise.

Wawrinka 2-6 6-4 6-2 3-6 *5-5 DjokovicAce seven brings up 40-0, which quickly becomes 5-5. A huge service game coming up for Stan now.

12.01pmWonderful rally! Djokovic initially takes the initiative with a sweeping backhand just over the net, but his second attempt at the same shot goes wide for 40-15.

12.03pmOut of nowhere, here comes the rain! Unbelievable, what timing! The players are coming off and the covers on. For now they are on their benches as the organisers have a discussion - will it stop or will the roof need closing?

12.05pmNope. No covers, just the famous towelling down of the court. It shouldn't be too long until we get back underway then. That's a relief.

Wawrinka 2-6 6-4 6-2 3-6 6-5* DjokovicThere's enough time for Wawrinka to serve out his game before another short delay. They're back, though, Djokovic serving to stay in the Open.

Wawrinka 2-6 6-4 6-2 3-6 *6-6 DjokovicNo problems at all from Djokovic upon the resumption as he holds to love. Nine of those for him in the match, yet we're completely level in it.

12.11pmGreat start to his next service game, with a big wide serve followed up with a volley. His next serve cannot be returned, which means 30-0.

12.14pmAnother long rally ends the way of the Swiss, as Djokovic goes way long for game point to Waw.

Wawrinka 2-6 6-4 6-2 3-6 7-6* DjokovicA challenge from Djokovic is frivolous, and he's back on serve to stay in the match. There wasn't much of a threat to Wawrinka's serve there.

12.18pmAt 15-0 Wawrinka gives Djokovic the runaround then gets half a chance for 15-30, but puts his shot just wide and instead it's 30-15.

Wawrinka 2-6 6-4 6-2 3-6 *7-7 DjokovicLovely way to win the game for Djokovic, as he wrong-foots Wawrinka who slips trying to get back to it. He's up and is fine to once more serve to go slightly in front.

12.21pmBrilliant play from Wawrinka, who hits a big second serve of his own to set up the forehand winner and 40-0.

Wawrinka 2-6 6-4 6-2 3-6 8-7* DjokovicThe Swiss player laps up the appreciation from the crowd as he holds - increasingly comfortably - once more. Pressure back on Djokovic, which is usually when he plays his best stuff. Certainly in this match, at least.

12.26pmSuddenly something of a chance for Stan, as he claws it to 30-30 on the Djokovic serve.

Wawrinka 2-6 6-4 6-2 3-6 *9-7 DjokovicGAME, SET AND MATCH WAWRINKA!

12.29pmWhat an upset on Rod Laver! The three-time champion is out after missing a volley and Stan has come down from a set down to win! Amazing!

12.32pmA few words from the victor, who is rightly lapping up the applause:

"It was really tough, but this year I cam back and was playing really well. He's an amazing champion and never gave up but I'm really, really, really happy.

"It was hard to believe I could do it in five sets. But I was feeling great on the court and had to remember not to give up and in the end I managed it.

"I was playing my best game, and when Novak is at his best he is better than me for sure. I tried to be aggressive and stick to my game and it worked."

12.35pmThanks for joining me for what has been the biggest shock of the men's draw so far. Wawrinka of course is an excellent player, but still had to play out of his skin against a slightly under-par Djokovic. He takes on Berdych next. Tomorrow Roger Federer takes on Andy Murray as well as Rafael Nadal against Grigor Dimitrov. We'll be back with more action then, but for now it's goodbye.

Czech Republic's Tomas Berdych celebrates after victory in his men's singles match against Spain's David Ferrer on day nine at the 2014 Australian Open tennis tournament in Melbourne on January 21, 2014
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