Live Commentary: India vs. England first Test - as it happened

Live Commentary: India vs. England first Test - as it happened
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Sports Mole brings you live text commentary of India vs. England as the first Test begins in Ahmedabad.

Welcome to Sports Mole's live text coverage of day one of the first test between India and England in Ahmedabad.

Alastair Cook begins his first tour as skipper following the retirement of Andrew Strauss in the summer as England bid to secure their first series victory in India for 27 years.

Despite underperforming in test cricket over the last couple of years, India have an intimidating record on home soil and will be looking to avenge the defeat they suffered on the reverse tour in the summer of 2011.

Play is due to begin at 4.00am.

3.36amGood morning everyone, the wait for this series is over with play less than 30 minutes away in Ahmedabad.

3.37amThe big news this morning is that India have won the toss and predictably, MS Dhoni has decided his side will bat on a very dry pitch.

3.38amNick Compton will make his Test debut at the top of the order for the tourists while Steven Finn's injury means Tim Bresnan completes the seam attack.

3.39amEngland: Cook, Compton, Trott, Pietersen, Bell, Patel, Prior, Bresnan, Broad, Swann, Anderson

3.42amWinning the toss on the subcontinent is vital but a Test is never won before a ball is bowled so Cook will be optimistic in the dressing room. For the hosts, Yuvraj Singh completes a marvelous comeback to earn a place in the Test side following his successful battle with cancer.

3.43amIndia: Sehwag, Gambhir, Pujara, Tendulkar, Kohli, Y Singh, Dhoni, Ashwin, Z Khan, Yadav, Ojha

3.45amKevin Pietersen's reintegration has dominated the headlines in the English press ahead of this series but India are believed to be struggling with dressing room morale too. Virender Sehwag is reportedly not Dhoni's number one fan but the hosts have moved quickly to dismiss the speculation in recent days.

3.47amIt's important that England fans do not take too much encouragement from their team's performances in the war-up matches. Those pitches were deliberately prepared to mirror English conditions while this track will be dry and slow, meaning the fast bowlers must work hard to find wickets.

3.51amEarly wickets are a vital for England this morning. They can't allow India's big players to settle, allowing the hosts to post a big total that could take the match away from Cook's men.

3.55amDespite his impressive Test record, Graeme Swann has at times played a smaller role when England's seamers have starred during past tours but the spinner's form will be crucial this winter. The battle between Swann and Ashwin could decide which side comes out on top in this series.

3.58amThe umpires are making their way out onto the field of play and are quickly followed by the players. Play is just moments away as Cook delivers his first team talk of a potentially fantastic Test series. Sehwag and Gambhir will open the batting for the hosts.

IND 0-0James Anderson will bowl the opening over of this first Test, game on!

IND 4-0Gambhir is off the mark from the first ball with a nudge onto the leg side. A push to cover earns a run for Sehwag before Bresnan prevents a Gambhir boundary at fine leg. The same batsman is close to dragging the ball onto his stumps with a mistimed cut, four from the over.

IND 4-0It will be Stuart Broad who shares the new ball with Anderson.

IND 6-0Good start from the Twenty20 captain as he pushes Sehwag back with two balls delivered back of a length. As expected, this pitch is very slow and Matt Prior will collect a lot of balls on the second bounce. Four more dot balls follow but Sehwag does get a couple with a let drive through the covers.

IND 6-0Remember, India are not fans of the reviews system so DRS will not be used during this series. Why teams are allowed a choice is beyond me but that debate is for another day.

IND 10-0Anderson continues at Gambhir. The left-hander looks a bit out of nick and that is a reflection of his form over the past two years. England do need to remove him early, though. Much better line from Anderson and he's so close to claiming a wicket when he finds the inside edge but the ball races away for the first boundary of the morning.

IND 11-0Wild swing from Sehwag at the beginning of a new Broad over but there's no edge and the batsmen rush a single when Prior fumbles the ball. Gambhir looks slightly more restrained at the crease as he fends off some short stuff from Broad before a superb piece of fielding from Pietersen at gully prevents a boundary.

IND 15-0Anderson attempts a short ball but his line is slightly wrong and Sehwag easily pushes the ball to the fine leg boundary. The yorker seems to be a rarity in Test cricket but the delivery doesn't surprise Sehwag who blocks well. Four runs from the over.

IND 19-0Gambhir starts a new over with a flick to square leg for two runs. A short ball present s an opportunity for the opener to collect a couple more. Plenty of huffing and puffing from Broad but no breakthrough as yet for the tourists.

IND 31-0Super shot from Sehwag as he rocks onto the back foot to earn four runs behind square on the off side. Anderson has a quick moan about the ball before witnessing Sehwag produce an identical shot to earn four more runs. Another wider delivery gifts a third boundary to Sehwag, who will be thankful for these presents so early in his innings.

IND 36-0Change of angle for Broad as he comes round the wicket to begin a new over. It's a no ball and that's followed by a leg bye. A drive to cover brings two runs to Gambhir and it's five in total from the over. Could be time for a bowling change for England.

IND 37-0Cook does make a change and Tim Bresnan will get his first bowl of the day. His wicket to wicket style could suit these difficult conditions. Good start from the Yorkshire pace bowler too, with a single for Sehwag the only blemish to the over.

IND 42-0Sehwag does very well to take a single from Broad's attempted bouncer before the vice-captains fuller delivery from round the wicket is whipped away for four runs by Gambhir. These openers are looking more and more comfortable at the crease. Swann may be given an early spell soon.

IND 49-0Sehwag can make errors outside off stump and he nearly does with a wild drive that almost nicks Bresnan's delivery. However, the opener can also be brilliant in the same area and shows that with a cut to the third man boundary. Three more for Sehwag with a push past point.

IND 57-0India move to fifty when Sehwag nudges the ball to mid wicket, it's been a solid start for the hosts. Slightly wayward from broad throughout the over and a drive through extra cover from Sehwag means it's eight in total.

IND 61-0Bresnan continues as Cook packs the off side against Gambhir. A short ball allows the left-hander to bring out the pull shot though and he easily earns four runs. Bresnan does recover well but Gambhir is more than happy to leave the ball outside off stump. Time for a drinks break.

IND 61-0Plenty to ponder for captain Cook and he decides to give Swann a bowl. Can the spinner make crucial breakthrough?

IND 65-0Strange start for Swann as he delivers a full toss but Sehwag can only find a single. Better control against Gambhir and there's a little bit of turn as the opener slices a couple of runs to third man. One more for the left-hander and it's four from Swann's over. India scoring very well so far this morning.

IND 66-0Bresnan continues his spell of probing outside off but India look comfortable. Gambhir's single to cover spoils a solid over.

IND 68-0Swann begins a new over for England. Gambhir dances down the track on the second ball but he doesn't make great contact and the ball drops just short of the fielder at cover. Slice of luck for the Indian opener as he earns a single. Some sharp turn almost troubles Gambhir later on and it's a much better over from England's front-line spinner.

IND 77-0Bresnan offers some width to Sehwag and the fluent opener grasps the opportunity to collect four runs at third man. Runs are coming quickly for the hosts as another boundary is driven to cover by Sehwag. Nine come from the over, England desperately need a wicket.

IND 84-0Fifty for Sehwag Swann's back but these two are rotating the strike well as Sehwag moves closer to a half century. A push to point gives the right-hander his fifty from and his run-rate looks very healthy. Seven runs from the over.

IND 84-0Not too much to cheer about for England fans after 18 overs with Sehwag and Gambhir looking relaxed on 50 and 31 respectively.

IND 99-0Sehwag looks in superb form today as he drives Bresnan through the covers for yet another boundary before working the ball through mid-wicket for four more runs. It just gets better for India! A big lunge from Sehwag is followed by a huge hit into the stands for six runs, Bresnan needs to respond. No more boundaries in the over so Sehwag has to settle for 15 runs. I'm sure he's very disappointed.

IND 101-0Three figures are brought up for India when Sehwag takes a single at the beginning of Swann's over. The arm ball follows but Gambhir avoids any mistakes. A single for the left-hander completes the over and India are cruising.

IND 102-0Broad is back to replace Bresnan as England search for a much needed wicket. No luck for the vice-captain though despite the over only allowing a single for India.

IND 103-0Bit of bounce at the start of Swann's new over but the ball evades Gambhir's edge. The 33-year-old is trying to drift the ball into the left-hander but Gambhir is passing the test so far. A leg bye blemishes the over.

IND 108-0Anderson hits the stumps when the batsmen hesitate before taking a single but Gambhir's safe. Broad does well throughout the over before straying wide to allow Sehwag to collect four runs past point.

IND 110-0Swann does find bounce again but Gambhir's is doing just enough to stay at the crease. Patience is a must for Cook's men.

IND 111-0Sehwag tries to send Broad's first delivery of a new over into the stands but there's no timing and the ball drops just short of Bresnan at mid-on. Amazing innings from the opener this morning and England haven't had an answer yet. Only a single from the over.

IND 112-0Swann has a rare go at Sehwag but a single to point brings Gambhir back on strike. Better over from the spinner, one run from it as lunch approaches.

IND 119-0Sehwag refuses to relieve any pressure on the England bowling attack as Samit Patel sees the ball smashed to the boundary rope at the beginning of his first spell. The spinner does recover but India are still able to earn seven runs. Probably one over left before lunch.

IND 120-0Swann offers a full toss to Sehwag but for once, the fluent batsman fails to find the boundary rope and only collects one run. Gambhir easily blocks the remaining balls and India make it to lunch with their openers still at the crease.

IND 120-0Lunch: It's a worrying first session of the match for England. Sehwag has completely dominated the bowlers and Gambhir has looked more than comfortable in a supporting role. The tourists need wickets and it's vital they find a way to slow down the run rate. India have certainly won the first session after crucially winning the toss.

IND 120-0We'll take a break during lunch but make sure to be back at around 6.35am when this contest continues.

IND 120-0Welcome back everyone. We're minutes away from the afternoon session in Ahemdabad. Gambhir will resume on 37 and he will be joined by Sehwag, who has smashed his way to 79*. Big session for both sides, Cook needs his bowlers to take quick wickets.

IND 120-0The players are back out on the pitch. England need an injection of fresh ideas because if India can post a first innings total of 500+, this match can be taken away from the tourists very quickly.

IND 120-0It will be Anderson who takes the ball first in this session.

IND 130-0A thick edge from Sehwag runs towards the third man boundary but Jonatahan Trott makes a good stop. Chance for Prior. Anderson finds Sehwag's edge down the leg side but Prior fails to take a difficult catch. That's the closest we've come to seeing a wicket today. The Indian duo rotate the strike well to collect six runs before Sehwag finds the third man boundary to earn 10 runs in the over.

IND 134-0Swann resumes his spell and is immediately greeted with a back-foot cut from Gambhir, who earns four runs for his trouble. It's a good responses though but Prior's glove-work lets him down again as he fails to stump an advancing Gambhir.

IND 134-1Wicket! Gambhir (45) bowled by Swann

IND 134-1Gambhir attempts another cut on the back foot but this time Swann penetrates the opener's defence and it's a vital breakthrough for England following those missed chances from Prior. Cheteshwar Pujara comes to the crease for the hosts and defends his first ball well.

IND 134-1Really good over from Swann and he deserved that wicket for the trouble he caused Gambhir.

IND 135-1Anderson hasn't looked his fluent best today but he continues to put in maximum effort. Sehwag takes an early single but Pujara looks eager to defend at this stage in his innings. It's his sixth Test match but he does have two treble centuries to his name in domestic cricket.

IND 138-1Pujara looks all shoulders with his shot-making as he gets off the mark with a clip to mid wicket. Plenty of fielders around the bat but no wicket for Swann, good over.

IND 139-1Better bowling from Anderson, who has pushed his lengths slightly fuller to the new batsman. Just a single for Pujara from the over. Much more encouraging after the break from England.

IND 146-1Sehwag moves into the nineties with a drive through the covers at the start of Swann's new over but I don't think the opener is the type to get too nervous. Another single and two runs for Pujara complete the over.

IND 149-1Another good over from Anderson as he manages to restrain Sehwag. However, two to extra cover see the entertainer move to 95 before a leg bye completes the coring in the over. Good pressure from England but Cook needs wickets.

IND 154-1Signs of turn are becoming much more frequent as Swann continues his over. Pujara has his first boundary with a cut through a vacant area on the off side and India take five from the over.

IND 156-1Bresnan returns following a disappointing spell this morning and he almost takes a wicket. Pujara attempts to turn the ball onto the leg side but proceeds to chip the ball into the air. Anderson sprints in but misjudges the flight and the ball flies over his head.

IND 158-1Swann continues to test Pujara's technique but the right-hander hands the strike to Sehwag. The spinner does superbly to restrict him to just one single as he moves ever closer to three figures.

IND 161-1Bresnan continues and it's a solid over from the Yorkshire seamer. Pujara calls for two quick singles and Sehwag responds well. Good over and Sehwag will begin the next one on 99.

IND 170-1Century for Sehwag He was never going to do it in singles! Sehwag reaches his 23rd Test century by blasting a four over mid wicket. Superb knock from the opener and Ahmedabad has just erupted. It's his first three-figure score in nearly two years. Nine runs come from Swann's over.

IND 170-1The 100 for Sehwag came from 90 balls. Incredible Test match knock!

IND 174-1Be warned, England. When Sehwag makes centuries, he usually makes big centuries. Bresnan continues but in truth, he hasn't threatened today. Four singles from the over.

IND 179-1Swann is given a rest as Patel returns to the attack. The Notts all-rounder doesn't get as much spin as his teammate. Singles are coming very easily to India now, five from the over.

IND 190-1Runs for Pujara, who looks as though he has a very nice technique. Pietersen puts in a dive at deep square leg but he can't prevent the ball reaching the rope. Bresnan attempts a yorker but the line is wayward and Pujara collects four more at mid-wicket. 11 runs from the over for India and it's time for a drinks break.

IND 192-1Patel continues following the brief break and almost finds Pujara's edge but there's enough bat there to keep the Indian safe Two singles from the over and this partnership is beginning to build.

IND 199-1Broad returns to the bowling attack and despite a good start, is greeted by a touch of class when Pujara guides the ball to the third man boundary. Seven runs in total come from the over.

IND 203-1Sehwag is in complete control as he pushes a single down the ground to bring up India's 200 with the hosts scoring at close to 4.5 runs an over. Patel looks like he may just be holding up an end for England, which begs the question, should Monty Panesar have played?

IND 209-1Classy shot from Pujara as he latches onto a bit of width from Broad to cut the ball past point. Good response from the vice-captain who delivers a well disguised slower ball. Six runs still come from the over as England's struggle to build pressure continues.

IND 214-1Good start to the over from Patel, who is beginning to find the slightest signs of movement. However, his good work is undone when he drops his length to allow Pujara to loft the ball to the square leg boundary. A single follows and it;s five runs from the over. Painful viewing for England fans.

IND 223-1Fifty for Pujara A couple of loose deliveries at the beginning of the over Broad over allows Pujara to reach his half century. Good knock from a classy player. Broad's over gets worse as he sends a ball down leg side which Pujara easily flicks away for four more runs.

IND 224-1Sehwag is having a quiet spell by his standards while Pujara has hit 36 runs from his last 27 balls. Better over from Patel but the Indian duo are cruising.

IND 224-2Wicket! Sehwag (117) bowled by Swann

IND 224-2Swann returns to the attack and has an instant impact by removing the centurion. The ball turns just enough to beat the sweeping Sehwag and crash into the stumps. Big wicket but Sehwag deserves the plaudits for that knock.

IND 225-2Just when England send Sehwag on his way, who replaces him? Sachin Tendulkar, who made his debut 23 years ago today. He has a great platform to build on as he joins Pujara. The little master gets off the mark immediately but it's a great over from Swann.

IND 230-2It's James Anderson who returns to the attack and it looks as though there may be signs of some reverse swing. Pujara is looking more than comfortable though as he finds the fine leg boundary with a delicate flick off his pads.

IND 231-2Ouch! Tendulkar drops down to one leg and sweeps the ball straight at Ian Bell, who is very close in on the leg side. Painful, to say the least. Swann only allows a single to be scored in the over.

IND 237-2Vintage Tendulkar as he cuts the ball past two fielders on the off side to earn four runs. Good response from Anderson to only allow two more runs in the over.

IND 242-2Swann begins a new over and watches Pujara dance down the track before driving the ball through the covers for four. Beautiful shot and one single follows to make it five from the over.

IND 246-2Anderson beginning to find a bit of movement back in at Pujara but the number three has looked solid throughout this innings. A loose delivery catches the eye of Pujara and it's four more for the 24-year-old, who moves to 68.

IND 250-2Tendulkar looks at his brilliant best as he sweeps in the air over mid wicket to bring up India's 250 with a boundary.

IND 250-3Wicket! Tendulkar (13) bowled Swann, caught Patel

IND 250-3Sachin, I'm sorry. The curse strikes when the record-breaking batsman plays an anything but brilliant shot straight to Patel at deep mid-wicket. It's a third wicket for England and Swann.

IND 250-3Virat Kohli is the new batsman, a player who has starred for India in all formats over the last couple of years.

IND 250-3Anderson does a good job of supporting Swann by keeping Kohli on zero before tea.

IND 250-3Tea: Big session for England and they will be encouraged by the dismissals of Sehwag and Gambhir. India still have the slight edge but the tourists are back in it now.

IND 250-3Plenty of cricket to be played over the coming days but if England can expose the tail today, then they will consider it a solid start to the series.

IND 250-3I've got to agree with the critics this morning by suggesting that Monty Panesar should have been selected. Not sure if there's a need for three seamers in this England squad.

IND 250-3The players are back and Swann will bowl the first over of the evening session. Big phase of play coming up.

IND 250-3Great start from Swann as he offers Pujara no room to be begin the session with a maiden.

IND 250-3You won;t find many better techniques in world cricket than Kohli's and he shows us his defensive skill to keep out Anderson's variation of deliveries. Another maiden over for England.

IND 251-3India off the mark in the session when Pujara nudges one to Pietersen at mid-on. Kohli can't get Swann away though and remains on zero.

IND 252-3Pujara gives the strike immediately to Kohli at the start of a new Anderson over. The Lancashire pace bowler has been very accurate with his use of reverse swing so far and he once again prevent Kohli from getting off the mark.

IND 253-3Swann has changed his pace very well since the tea break and it's keeping this duo honest so far. A single for Pujara is the only run from the over. Good pressure from England and it's this sort of pressure that will bring wickets.

IND 253-3Despite the pressure, Pujara continues to look solid as he keeps out another testing Anderson over that ends as a maiden. India won't be concerned with this quiet spell just yet.

IND 253-3Few shouts around the bat when Kohli almost offers a chance to Bell but it drops safely. Plenty of encouragement for spinners now, with Swann getting some bounce. It's another maiden and Kohli has now faced 27 deliveries without scoring.

IND 258-3Broad comes on to give Anderson a rest and Pujara ends the run drought with a single to cover. Finally, Kohli is off the mark and he does it in style with a straight drive for four runs. Five from the over.

IND 264-3Moment of confusion when Swann finds Kohli's edge but Trott juggles the ball before claiming that he has taken the catch. The umpires refer to a replay but the ball clearly landed on the ground. It's poor fielding from Trott and in truth, it seems strange that he appealed too. India pile on the misery by adding six runs in the over.

IND 269-3Broad continues and is sent straight to the square leg boundary by Kohli. If he continues playing shots like that, the dropped catch from Trott could be huge. Five runs from the over.

IND 272-3Pujara has been very impressive since his arrival at the crease and plays a lovely drive for a couple of runs to cover. Three from the over.

IND 274-3Kohli nicks the ball slightly when he attempts to leave the ball but it drops in front of Prior. The umpire didn't notice the edge and awards a leg bye, Broad hasn't been at his best today. Much better from the Twenty20 skipper this over though, two runs from it.

IND 276-3Swann has been fantastic for England today and is doing well to keep Pujara quiet. The number three turns the ball behind square for a couple of runs to spoil a very good over.

IND 277-3Patel is back to replace Broad, who has left the field for now. Big appeal from the Notts spinner when he hits Pujara's pads on the last ball but that's always sliding past leg stump. Just a single from the over.

IND 281-3Four runs for Kohli as he sends a Swann full toss to the mid-on boundary. Kohli defends Swann well and it's just the four runs from the over. England need a wicket.

IND 281-3Very nice maiden over from Patel but the threat is beginning to fade for England. New ball is available in six overs but I'm not sure if England will take that.

IND 282-3Kohli rushes a single from the final ball of Swann's over. Pietersen hits the stump with the throw but the Indian batsman is safe. Time for a drinks break.

IND 283-3Patel continues after the break and it's more of the same from England spinners as he produces an over that allows just one run.

IND 283-4Wicket! Kohli (19) bowled Swann

IND 283-4Swann's superb day continues as he gets a ball to turn and bounce, beating Kohli's defence and hitting middle stump. Superb piece of bowling and that's his fourth wicket of the day.

IND 283-4Yuvraj Singh is the new batsman. He's back into the Test side for the first time since beating cancer It's a very special moment for him and he survives the end of Swann's over.

IND 285-4Patel has shown good control while Swann has attacked at the other end. A signal for each batsman are the only runs from the over.

IND 288-4Big appeal from Swann but the ball was going down leg side and Yuvraj is safe. Swann has another ask when the ball strikes a leaving Yuvraj on the pads, once again it's missing the timber. The Indian batsman does connect with the ball eventually to bring Pujara on strike, who collects a couple of runs at cover.

IND 293-4Patel starts the over well but then drops his length and Yuvraj guides the ball through the off side for four runs before getting off strike with an easy strike.

IND 295-4The new ball is available but Swann continues with the old one and almost gets through Yuvraj's defence with a delivery that keeps low. One more wicket would definitely change the complexion of this match heading into the second day.

IND 296-4Cook continues with spin at both ends as Patel once again keeps it tight to only concede one run. Signs of uneven bounce starting to appear.

IND 298-4Pujara has been quiet this session and he only earns one run for a powerful sweep to deep square leg. Swann varying his pace brilliantly today, two runs from the over.

IND 303-4A nudge for three to fine leg from Yuvraj brings up India's 300 but it looked at one point that we would see that score much sooner. Couple more for the batsman and it's five from the over.

IND 303-4Swann continuing to probe away at Yuvraj's outside off stump but the left-hander's defence looks solid. Maiden over.

IND 303-4Still spin for England at both ends but Pujara is determined to finish the day unbeaten. The 24-year-old is currently on 88.

IND 303-4Slight delay in the game while a member of the ground staff comes on to do some repairs to the bowlers' run-ups.

IND 305-4Swann is given a deserved rest as Cook takes the new ball and immediately throws it to Broad. Hopeful appeals from Broad when he hits Yuvraj's pads but the umpire isn't interested. Pujara almost edges the ball to Prior before pulling his bat away, interesting phase of play here. Two runs from the over.

IND 308-5Anderson will take the new ball with Broad but allows Pujara to get off strike with a flick to fine leg. Three more runs follow and Anderson looked more dangerous with the older ball.

IND 315-4Broad is so close to removing when he finds Yuvraj's inside edge but the pads save the returning batsman. A beautiful straight drive follows to earn Yuvraj four runs. Seven from the over when Compton's attempted run out goes for an extra single.

IND 315-4One more over left in the day.

IND 323-4The final over begins with Pujara finding the boundary with an edge to fine leg. Anderson responds well but Pujara moves to 98 from the final ball with a four to cover drive.

IND 323-4Close of play: India have definitely edged the first day in Ahmedabad thanks to a brilliant century from Sehwag. Pujara will have to wait to reach three figures following an impressive 98*. England have had their chances and were carried by the fantastic Swann, who ends the day with four wickets.

IND 323-4That's all from us today but be sure to join us again tomorrow as India look to move into an even more commanding position. Can England respond? We'll find out tomorrow.

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