Nov 8, 2013 at 1.25am UK at ​Mall of America Field
Washington Redskins
Minnesota Vikings
Garcon (1:17)
Peterson (5:11)
Reed (5:02), Paulsen (0:10)
Patterson (12:51)
Carlson (4:32), Peterson (0:57)

Live Commentary: Washington Redskins 27-34 Minnesota Vikings - as it happened

Sports Mole looks at how all the action from the NFL clash between the Minnesota Vikings and the Washington Redskins unfolded.

The Minnesota Vikings and the Washington Redskins met on Thursday Night Football in their NFL clash.

The Vikings were in desperate need of a win with their record at 1-7 going into week 10 while the Redskins were also needy of success following to continue their playoff push in the NFC East.

Leslie Frazier's side overturned a 10-point deficit at the break to run out 34-27 victors to secure their second win of the season and their first in the United States in the 2013 campaign.

Read how all the action unfolded in our commentary below.

1.03amGood morning and welcome to the live commentary of the NFL clash between the Minnesota Vikings and the Washington Redskins.

1.05amThe Vikings are in desperate need of a win in this game following three successive defeats that has left them 1-7 in their season.

1.08amThe quarterback situation in Minnesota has become muddled of late as Christian Ponder has regained his starting place after initially losing it to Matt Cassel and then Josh Freeman. However, decent performances in his side's last two games have done enough to give him some breathing space for now as the starter.

1.10amMinnesota's one win this season came at Wembley against the Pittsburgh Steelers, so they are yet to win in the United States this season along with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

1.11amLast season's MVP Adrian Peterson has struggled to find his form in this campaign. However, he still has over 700 rushing yards and seven touchdowns. He looked back to his best against the Dallas Cowboys last week despite his side's defeat as he ran for 140 yards and two touchdowns.

1.13amThe Vikings will need Peterson to find his form to score points on offense given the fact of their numerous injuries to his side's defense. Leslie Frazier's team need all the help they can get at the moment.

1.15amWashington have equally struggled this season but have managed to find some form in the last few weeks although quarterback Robert Griffin III does not looks the player he was last season before his knee injury.

1.16amRG3's accuracy has been off this year and he has looked a reluctant runner and you always fear the worst when he does tuck the ball and go for it. The Redskins must protect the quarterback to ensure they don't let him come to serious harm and ruin would could be a great and lengthy career in the NFL.

1.18amOne way they can do that is by continuing to hand the ball to their running backs as full back Darrel Young starred against the San Diego Chargers with a three touchdown game, to secure the win for his side. Meanwhile, second-year back Alfred Morris had 126 yards on the ground in the game along with a touchdown. They need to see a lot more of the ball to protect RG3 and allow him to become the quarterback he was last year and has the potential to become.

1.20amDefensively have been suspect against the pass this season as their secondary has been poor all year. Safety Brandon Meriweather has returned from suspension following his one-game ban for head-to-head hits but he will have to keep that under wraps to avoid further punishment as the Redskins have struggled without him as they ranked 28th against the pass in the NFL this year.

1.22amVIKINGS INACTIVES: Cook, Sanford, Asiata, Loadholt, Johnson, Rudolph, Evans.

1.24amREDSKINS INACTIVES: Grossman, Thompson, Jenkins, Gumbs, LeRibeus, Davis, Neild.

1.25amThe Vikings are without tight end Kyle Rudolph who fractured his foot last week in their defeat to the Cowboys along with offensive lineman Phil Loadholt who is also injured. The Vikings carry three active quarterbacks on their 46-man gameday roster this evening as Josh Freeman and Matt Cassel join Ponder.

Q1 15:00Forbath kicks off and keeps his kick short and it is caught by Webb and returned to the Minnesota 28, where Ponder will begin.

Q1 14:53Ponder gets his side moving immediately as he fires to his tight end Carlson off play-action and he gets 10 yard down the right-hand sideline before he loses his balance and steps out of bounds.


Q1 13:09Ponder makes a bad decision as he tries to throw deep to Jennings on second down and 14 after taking a sack on first down. His throw is picked off by Meriweather as the receiver isn't aware of where the ball is and the safety makes the catch and returns it to the Washington 49, where RG3 will begin.

Q1 11:42The Redskins get a first down as RG3 fires over the middle to Hankerson on a crossing route on third down and three and he gets five yards before he's brought down at the Vikings' 36.

Q1 10:26Morris gets the handoff on second down as Helu found nine yards on a screen pass on first. He gets five tough yards to get the first and finds eight more after bouncing off a couple of tackles before being pushed out of bounds at the Vikings' 14.

Q1 9:10The Redskins get a penalty to move them to the one-yard line as on third down and four, RG3 throws the ball to the back of the endzone on a fade route looking for Garcon but Rhodes made contact with the receiver before the ball was there to give up the foul.

Q1 8:18The Vikings make a stand on the goalline as they keep the Redskins out of the endzone as RG3's pass to Paulsen on third and goal bounces off his hands and falls incomplete. After Morris was stacked up on first and RG3 had to get rid of the ball in a hurry on second. Forbath will now attempt an 18-yard field goal.


Q1 8:14Forbath knocks the kick through the posts and the Redskins lead.

Q1 8:10Fortbath knocks the kickoff short again and AJ Jefferson gets his hands on the ball and returns it to the Vikings' 35 where Ponder will begin again.

Q1 6:50Ponder moves the chains for his side after Peterson can't find any yardage on first and second as he fires to Simpson for a 15-yard completion on an out route.

Q1 6:11The Vikings are moving again as Ponder throws deep down the right-hand sideline to Carlson on a go route and the tight end Carlson who goes above the cornerback to make the catch for 19 more yards and you can another 15 to that as the Redskins are penalised for roughing the passer. That moves them to the Redskins' 18.


Q1 5:18The Vikings take the lead in the game as Peterson finds a tiny hole in the line and he takes full advantage as he bursts through the middle and then cuts the ball outside and powers to the endzone for an 18-yard score.

Q1 5:10Walsh's kick is returned to the 21 by Paul where RG3 will begin.

Q1 3:40The Redskins move the chains as RG3 finds his tight end Reed on third down and four on a curl route after Paulsen picked up six on a reception on second.

Q1 3:06Washington are moving now as RG3 fakes the handoff to Morris and then throws deep downfield to Hankerson a deep dig route for 29 yards to move his side to the Minnesota 38.

Q1 1:56Morris rips off another huge run for his side as he finds space over the left-hand side of the line and he breaks a couple of tackles to find 25 yards to move his side to the Minnesota nine.


Q1 1:22The Redskins go into the endzone as RG3 fakes the handoff to Morris and fires the ball to Garcon on a flanker screen and the receiver does the rest as he powers into the endzone for the nine-yard score.

Q1 1:12Another short kick and Gerhart gathers the ball and takes it to the Vikings' 25.

Q1 0:53The Vikings move the chains as they're handed five yards on first down by a neutral zone infraction by the Redskins, then Ponder fires the ball out to Smith on curl route for six yards to get the next set of downs.

Q1 0:00Peterson finds 21 yards on two plays to move the chains for his side again as he reels off a 16-yard run on second after getting five on a reception on first. He did a great move to get free on a draw play over the right-hand side of the line to get extra yardage on the second play. Good stuff from the MVP.

Q1 0:00END OF FIRST QUARTER: Washington Redskins 10-7 Minnesota Vikings

Q2 14:30Ponder throws deeps to Patterson and he gets 20 yards to move his side to the redzone with a crossing pattern over the middle of the field and the quarterback picked him out for a short gain which the receiver turned into a bigger gain.

Q2 14:06Ponder goes on the outside this time as throws a back-shoulder throw the Jennings who catches the ball for 10-yard to earn his side another set of down at the Redskins' 11 before he's pushed out of bounds.

Q2 13:20The Vikings get a break as the Redskins are flagged for unnecessary roughness penalty on linebacker Riley for a late hit on Peterson moving Minnesota to the two-yard line.


Q2 13:00The Vikings regain the lead as Ponder fakes to Peterson and on the bootleg he runs across the field and throws to Patterson in the endzone for the two-yard score who goes above Wilson to bring the ball in for the touchdown.

Q2 13:00Walsh kicks the ball out of the endzone and RG3 will begin at the 20.

Q2 11:33RG3 does well to stay in the pocket to get another set of downs for his side on third down as he fires to Reed over the middle for 15 yards while taking a hit from Robison. A good tough throw from Griffin there.

Q2 9:34The Redskins move the chains again all on the ground as Morris rips off eight yards on first down and then comes back with a yard on second. On third he goes through the left-hand side of the line for a three-yard pickup.

Q2 8:44Poor tackling from the Vikings allows the Redskins to find a first down and a whole lot more as he finds 32 yards on a screen pass from RG3 and he moves his side to the Minnesota 20.

Q2 7:33Morris goes up the middle and find another nine yards after taking a delayed handoff from RG3 moving his side inside the 10 and into a good scoring position.


Q2 5:02The Redskins punch the ball into the endzone to get back their lead despite being moved back to the 10 on third down due to a penalty. RG3 shows his class as he manages to throw off the linebacker with a pump fake to create space for Reed to get behind him on a slant route and he throws under pressure of his back foot with velocity to ensure the tight end gets in for the 10-yard score.

Q2 4:57Forbath kicks to Patterson for the first time and he gets 24 yards on his return to move his side to their own 23, where Ponder will start.

Q2 4:07Our first three and out of the game as two Ponder passes on second and third aimed for Patterson then Simpson fall incomplete. Locke is brought out to punt and Morgan initially drops it but he gathers and is then tackled at his own 20.

Q2 3:13The Redskins move the chains with a couple of runs on first and second, Morris gets seven on first through the middle of the line and then RG3 keeps the ball himself to get the remaining three on second with a run to the right-hand side.

Q2 2:36Washington move the chains again as RG3 fakes the handoff and fires to Garcon on a post route on play-action for 17 yards to move them to midfield.

Q2 1:12The Redskins keep moving the chains and it's another throw on third down to keep a drive alive as Garcon works over the middle and Griffin picks him out with a solid throw to move his side to the 33.

Q2 1:04RG3 keeps the ball in the air and finds a first down immediately again as he fires to Reed on a screen pass and he gets 12 yards to move his side inside the redzone.

Q2 0:24The Redskins move the eight as Griffin continues to move the ball through the air as find Moss for the first time down the seam with a 13-yard gain.

Q2 0:15RG3 backs his side up five yards with a delay of game penalty but he gets it all back and a lot more with run through the middle of the line and to the goalline before he's stopped at the one by a tackle from Greenway. Third down and goal coming up.


Q2 0:10Washington get into the endzone again as RG3 fakes the handoff to Morris and has Paulsen wide open in the endzone and he finds him with a simple pass for the one-yard score. That was far too easy for Griffin there.

Q2 0:04Forbath kicks the ball short and Patterson gathers and he can only take the ball to the 24.

Q2 0:00Ponder takes a knee to end the half.

Q2 0:00HALF-TIME: Washington Redskins 24-14 Minnesota Vikings

2.52amThe Redskins offense has been electric in the first half as they are yet to punt and have put scoring drives together on every series they've had to gain a 14-point lead at the break.

2.54amIt's hard to tell, whether RG3 has been that great or the Vikings defense has been that bad but I think it's mix of both but that last touchdown was handed to him on a plate. The Redskins have taken the opportunities given to them and fully deserve their lead. This could get out of hand in the second half.

2.55amYou can definitely see why the Vikings are 1-7. Their defense has been awful for the majority of the game bar that one goalline stand in the first quarter but apart from that it's been dreadful. Their offense isn't much better as Ponder threw a terrible interception to start the game but they have put 14 points on the board so there's hope there for them.

Q3 15:00Walsh kicks the ball out of the endzone so RG3 will begin at the 20.

Q3 14:03Morris gets the chains moving for his side immediately as on second down as runs over the left-hand side of the line and finds a hole and races through it to pick up 14 yards.

Q3 12:47Grffin gets the first down for his side as he bravely stays in the pocket and throws downfield for Hankerson who makes the grab to move the chains for 12-yards on an out route on third and five.

Q3 10:53Despite taking a huge sack on second down and being in a third and 15 situation the Redskins gets the first down as Griffin fires over the middle of the field for Garcon and he gets 30 yards to move his side to the Minnesota 22, as he went around the field and got behind blocks of his fellow wideouts.

Q3 9:27The Redskins drive stalls on third down as Griffin can't find an open receiver for once as everyone is covered downfield and he is forced to throw the ball away. Forbath will come on to attempt a 40-yard field goal.


Q3 9:23Forbath makes no mistake firing his kick through the posts to make it a 13-point game.

Q3 9:18Forbath kicks short again and Gerhart gathers and takes the ball back to the 26 where Ponder will begin.

Q3 7:55The Vikings get moving as Ponder fires to Wright on third down and five and he hauls in the catch on a hitch route for a first down to move the chains, after Carlson got five on second.

Q3 6:46Another big gain for the Vikings as after a nine-yard run from Peterson on first, Ponder goes to play-action to Carlson on a post route for 17 yards to move his side to the Washington 39.

Q3 4:59A hitch route from Jennings is enough for the first down again as the receiver sits down in the zone and Ponder fires to him for a five-yard completion, giving the Vikings another set of downs.


Q3 4:32The Vikings get themselves back into the game as Ponder goes on play-action again as he fools the Redskins defense bringing them up the line of scrimmage and he fires over the top of them to Carlson, who gets into the endzone beating two tackles from the safeties to get the 28-yard touchdown.

Q3 4:27Paul returns the kickoff from Walsh to the 28.

Q3 3:01The first three and out of the game from the Redskins as Griffin's pass to Garcon on third down falls incomplete and Rocca is forced to punt. He gets away with an attempted pass as his effort falls incomplete but a penalty gives him a chance to actually punt and when he does it's collected by Sherels and taken to the Minnesota 44.

Q3 2:57Add another 15 yards to that as Young commits a personal foul penalty on the punt moving the Vikings to the 43 of the Redskins.

Q3 1:58Ponder does well on third down and 12 as he escapes the pocket and throws on the run and finds Wright who is uncovered on the right-hand sideline for 28 yards to move his side to the Redskins' 15. A good throw under pressure.

Q3 1:12Ponder does well again as he scrambles down the left and runs all the way to the one-yard line and he dives for the endzone. It's signalled a touchdown but it won't stand as the quarterback is short of the goalline. The worse news for the Vikings is that Ponder looks to be in pain after taking a hit to the arm and is forced off, he's replaced by Matt Cassel.


Q3 0:57The change in quarterback doesn't matter as Cassel hands the ball off the Peterson on the one-yard line and he rushes to his right getting behind a block to go in for the score.

Q3 0:57Walsh kicks the ball out of the endzone so RG3 will begin at the 20.

Q3 0:00The quarter ends as the Redskins have a second down and two at their own 28 as Griffin fired to Garcon for 18 yards on first and 20 after a holding penalty cost them 10 yards.

Q3 0:00END OF THIRD QUARTER: Washington Redskins 27-28 Minnesota Vikings

Q4 14:44The Redskins move the chains as RG3 hands the ball off to Morris and he powers through the middle of the line for a four-yard gain.

Q4 12:32SACKS! The Redskins' drive comes to an end as the Vikings bring RG3 down on back-to-back plays as Williams and Griffen get to him for a combined loss of 20 yards. Rocca's punt doesn't go far as it rolls out of bounds at the 50.

Q4 11:46Cassel moves the chains with his first throw of the net and it's a big one on third and nine and he loops a throw to Simpson between the corner and the safety for a 25 yard gain to move his side to the Redskins' 24.

Q4 9:57The Vikings' drive stalls as Cassel can't find an open receiver on third down this time as he's forced to throw the ball away. Walsh comes onto the field for the field goal attempt from 39 yards.


Q4 9:54Walsh knocks his kick through the posts and the Vikings now lead by four points.

Q4 9:49Paul returns Walsh's kickoff to the Redskins' 24.

Q4 8:23SACK! Williams gets to RG3 for the third time of the night to bring him down for an 11-yard loss on third down and four. Rocca's punt is collected by Sherels and returned to the Vikings' 38 with a 14-yard return.

Q4 7:12Peterson shows his class with a great exploit of power running as he bulldozes his way through a couple of tackles to get the first down for 14 yards. A great run through the middle of the line.

Q4 5:24Peterson does enough to get the first down again as he peels off a four-yard run and then one-yard to move the chains after he got a break on first and Gerhart got six on the ground.

Q4 4:45Cassel uses play-action to get the first down as he fakes the handoff to Peterson and fires a dart down the middle of the field to Carlson on a crossing route for a 17-yard gain to move his side to the Redskins' 24.

Q4 3:40The Vikings can't move further down the field as Peterson get stopped on first and second and on third they go conservative with a passing play with a short slant route to Simpson for three yards, that leaves Walsh with a 40-yard field goal.


Q4 3:36Walsh fires his kick through the posts and makes it a seven-point game.

Q4 3:36Walsh kicks the ball out of the endzone so RG3 will start at the 20.

Q4 3:00RG3 moves the chains as he fires to Hankerson on a hitch route. The Redskins need a touchdown on this drive to get back into the game as they've used up all their timeouts.

Q4 2:48Morris gets the first down this time as he gets the ball on the handoff and runs over the left-hand side of the line and he manages to get 10 yards before he's knocked out of bounds.

Q4 2:00Two minute warning and the Redskins will have a crucial fourth down play to keep themselves in the game as Young is stopped short on third and one after Helu and Griffin found nine yards on first and second.

Q4 1:55Griffin gets the first down as he fakes the handoff inside to Morris and runs round the right-hand side of the line himself for a 12-yard run to move his side to the Vikings' 39.

Q4 1:21RG3 keeps the chains moving as he fires to Helu over the middle of the field for eight yards after he handed the ball off to the back on first and he got seven yards.

Q4 1:12RG3 has time in the pocket and he does well to fire over the middle and Reed collects the ball on a post route to move his side to the eight-yard line with a 17-yard reception.

Q4 0:38Oh boy with the clock running the Vikings take a timeout and give the Redskins a chance to organise their offense on second goal. Not the wisest of moves.

Q4 0:35Reed drops the ball on second and goal in the endzone under pressure from Henderson. Third and goal now!

Q4 0:32RG3 gets the ball out of his hands quickly and fires to Garcon but he can't bring the ball in for the catch. It will be fourth and goal with the game on the line. Can the Redskins do it?


Q4 0:28RG3 tries to throw a fade to Moss in the endzone but he can't come up with the catch and the pass falls incomplete which will hand the Vikings their second win of the season.

Q4 0:00Cassel takes a knee to end the game.

Q4 0:00FULL-TIME: Washington Redskins 27-34 Minnesota Vikings

4.33amThe Vikings make a goalline stand to win just their second game of the season and their first in the United States of their 2013 campaign to move to 2-7 in their season.

4.35amThe Redskins really shot themselves in the foot here and that could put their playoff hopes in real jeopardy as they fall to 3-6 after leading at half time by 10 points. They scored just three points after the break and struggled to get going as RG3 was sacked on numerous occasion to kill their attacking momentum. This will be a very hard loss for them to take.

4.36amThanks for joining our commentary this evening. We'll be back with all the action from the NFL on Sunday. Until then, goodbye.

Robert Griffin III #10 of the Washington Redskins runs the ball against the Seattle Seahawks during the NFC Wild Card Playoff Game at FedExField on January 6, 2013
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