Live Commentary: Ryder Cup - Day Two as it happened

Live Commentary: Ryder Cup - Day Two as it happened
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Live text coverage from Sports Mole of the afternoon fourballs on day two of the 39th Ryder Cup as America look to open up a big advantage ahead of Sunday's singles.

Good evening and welcome to Sports Mole's live text coverage of the final fourballs session at the 39th Ryder Cup at Medinah Country Club in Chicago.

America have a four-point lead following a dominant display in the morning foursomes and Europe need a big afternoon to not enter the singles in a near-unassailable position tomorrow.

Jose Maria Olazabal has mixed up some of the pairings in order to try and change the visitors' fortune. Will it be a better afternoon for Team Europe?

Follow all the action until the early hours with us below.

12.55amTomorrow's singles matches begin at 5.03pm. We'll be back with our commentary at around 4.15ish. We had a ridiculously fun time tonight and hope you did too. Now, go have a good night's sleep and we'll see you tomorrow. Until then, good night!

12.52amSo, America need just four and a half points from tomorrow's singles to regain the Ryder Cup. You'd have to say they're heavy favourites.

12.51amJust watching highlights of Poulter on these last few holes. Those putts he made were absolutely ridiculous!

12.48amClick here for Michael's report on that remarkable triumph.

12.46amPoulter thinks that Europe "have a chance" though.

12.45amDespite this late surge, the US are still heavy favourites going into tomorrow but Poulter says they have a chance.

12.44amPoulter and McIlroy are both in disbelief and that ending. Poulter tells Sky Sports that Seve(riano Ballesteros) is looking down on them. McIlroy says that all the credit has to go to Poulter and he's dead right.

12.43amPoulter's beloved Arsenal may have lost earlier today but he won't care a bit thanks to his remarkable putting this evening!



18th greenIf he makes it then it'll be three out of three at this year's event for Poulter. He's taking his time and just building the atmosphere more and more. I can't watch...

18th greenIn she goes and so it'll be Ian Poulter with yet another massive, massive putt. This to win...

18th greenDufner will go first though and he's got the shortest birdie putt of the lot...

18th greenGet it to the hole Rory! He doesn't give it a chance and it's gonna be down to Poulter yet again.

18th greenIt'll be McIlroy to go first from the front and this is to win the match remember...

12.37amClick here for Michael's report on that nail-biting win for Garcia and Donald.

12.36amGarcia tells Sky Sports that it was "amazing" to be part of that match today.

18th holeThe world number one has a bit too much check and it's just spun back to the fringe.

18th holeZach's next up and that's good also, not quite as close as Poults but solid. Dufner clips in the best of the lot and now it's down to McIlroy...

18th holeOh yes Poults! The Englishman's 8-iron is about six-seven feet away.

18th holeNo time to catch breath and we're back down the fairway for Poulter's approach. 156 yards...


18th greenI can't believe it! Stricker's poor Ryder Cup goes on as his effort lips out of the left edge! That's Tiger's third straight loss at this year's event.

18th greenHere he goes and it's...MISSED!

18th greenThe wise old head that is Stricker really hasn't had a good competition so far but that would all be forgotten if he holes this...

18th greenThis time he does take it and it doesn't go. Stricker with five feet to halve the match then...

18th greenGarcia lines it up and then comes away from the putt! He's not happy about something. Talk about building the tension! The American crowd aren't happy with him, shut up!

18th teeMcIlroy has banged a drive down 18 but let's get back to the green...

18th greenWoods misses and so it'll be Garcia next to try and make birdie. Stricker really shouldn't miss from where he is. First Donald will try and make his par but he can't do it.

18th greenBoth Woods and Stricker have birdie putts then, with Steve's the much easier of the two. Tiger couldn't though, could he?

12.24amWhat a fourballs session it's been! Three of the four matches have gone down the 18th!

17th greenZach now has to hole to stay in the match and the old reliable sends them down the 18th!

17th greenHere goes Poulter. Can he do it again? OF COURSE HE CAN! This guy is something else. A Ryder Cup ANIMAL!

18th holeTiger could've done much better there but Stricker is still in position A.

18th holeThe Spaniard hits it well but it's a tad left and that's a toughie for birdie.

18th holeHere goes Stricker and his 7-iron is a beaut! Just five-six feet for a birdie. Garcia has to come up with the goods!

17th greenLooks like Poulter is yet again going to have to make a key putt on 17 as I can't see Zach missing.

18th holeDonald found a bunker off the tee on 18 and he didn't get lucky with the lie. Garcia is in the fairway but will have to take on both Stricker and Woods with the approaches.

17th teePoulter is good off the tee but McIlroy is near the bunker on the left. Zach is inside Poulter's ball with a similarly good shot to Donald, with Dufner joining McIlroy on the left.

18th teeTiger is certainly roaring at the moment as he rips his 3-wood down the middle on 18.

12.14amThe two matches left out on course are:

Garcia/Donald 1 up after 17 Stricker/Woods

McIlroy/Poulter 1 up after 16 Dufner/Z Johnson

16th greenIt's now down to Dufner to hole his but he can't and Europe have a 1 up lead all of a sudden and it's mainly down to Poulter! What a man!

16th greenSorry, mistake from earlier! POULTER hadn't had a go at birdie and he's just made it!

17th greenThat was never in doubt so Donald and Garcia will go down the 18th 1 up. What drama! I love it!

17th greenCentre of the cup from Woods so now it's up to Donald to silence to ridiculous crowd on 17.

16th greenDufner has a chance to win the hole on 16 after McIlroy and Poulter both miss their birdie chances.

17th greenBoth Stricker and Garcia have missed their longer birdie putts but you'd expect Donald and Woods to convert.

12.03amThat's a remarkable stat: McIlroy breaks a streak of 49 holes with a deficit by levelling up against Dufner/Z Johnson.

17th teeLUUUUKE! What a shot from Donald! He outdoes Woods with a marvellous stroke to a few inches! Magic!

17th teeSergio isn't quite as good as Woods but he's got a very good chance of a birdie.

17th teeStricker's also on the green and there's ginormous pressure on Garcia and Donald now.

17th teeHere goes Woods on 17 and he's absolutely stiffed it to four feet! Remarkable.

16th holeAll four men are in the fairway on 16 and once again McIlroy is a good 20-30 yards further than everyone else, with Zach the furthest back yet again.

17th teeGarcia and Donald just 1 up with two to play.

16th greenWoods points at the cup as his ball drops for a birdie and they head to the 17th. Will there be a wet ball?

11.55pmClick here to read Michael's report on Dustin and Matt's narrow win.


18th greenThat never looked in and it's another point for USA and they only need 4.5 pts to win the Ryder Cup!

18th greenDustin misses and now Colsaerts has a putt for a half. Come on Nicolas!

15th greenHere goes Dufner and it's a miss! Back to all square in the anchor match!

18th greenBack to the final hole and Dustin has a putt to win it, if he misses then Colsaerts can snatch a half.

15th greenMcIlroy's bunker shot is pretty good but Poulter's is brilliant and that's a conceded birdie. Dufner must hole...

16th holeWoods carves in a gem on 16 and America will probably get one back there.

15th holeDufner's 99-yard approach to 15 after laying up is pretty good but Poulter and McIlroy have chances from the bunker to get inside that.

18th holeLawrie gets a flyer out of the rough before Colsaerts comes within millimetres of holing his second!

18th holeKuchar's approach looks dead on it but he's underclubbed and that's 10 yards short.

16th teeBoth Stricker and Woods find the fairway, as does Donald, but Garcia is in the rough.

18th teeBoth Kuchar and Johnson are riding the crest of a wave and have found the fairway with their drives on 18. Colsaerts responds with a similarly good tee shot before Lawrie is just off line but still OK.


Rose/Molinari lost 5&4 Watson/Simpson

Colsaerts/Lawrie 1 down after 17 D Johnson/Kuchar

Donald/Garcia 2 up after 15 Stricker/Woods

McIlroy/Poulter 1 down after 14 Z Johnson/Dufner

15th teeMcIlroy and Poulter have found that popular bunker down the left before Zach Johnson plops his in the water! Dufner therefore has to lay up with his tee shot.

18th teeSo America are guaranteed half a point in that match as they head to the 18th 1 up.

17th greenThat's the biggest cheer of the event so far as DJ's ball creeps in the front corner.

17th greenAnd yes! HE'S GOT IT!

17th greenLawrie and Colsaerts have both gone so close to birdies but now it's down to Dustin to win the hole.

15th greenNo problem for Lukey and Europe are two ahead.

15th greenHere goes Tiger and he hasn't hit it! Donald will now have a putt for a 2 up lead.

14th greenPoulter once again finds the cup with a pressure putt to keep the deficit to 1 down with four to play.

15th greenGarcia made a good attempt at his birdie but it stopped just short before Stricker completely misjudged his. Down to Woods and Donald now...

14th holeHe almost holes it but that's no gimme and he'll have a four-footer for the half.

14th holeDufner guarantees a four on the par five and now Poulter has to get close.

17th greenThere's also four balls on the green at 17 as both Kuchar and Dustin find the target.

15th greenStricker has the easiest of the four but he also underhits and it'll be putting contest for a birdie on 15.

15th greenWoods bunker shot isn't as good as Donald's but he's still pretty close. Garcia misjudged his and he's short of the pin and has a tough downhiller.

17th teeColsaerts avoids the water with a solid shot on 17. Lawrie also finds the dancefloor and now there's so much pressure on Dustin J and Kuchar!

15th greenDonald's pitch from behind the bunker is a beaut!

17th teeWill Colsaerts be able to hold his nerve? Remember, he went in the drink earlier in the foursomes.

16th greenDustin Johnson and Kuchar are really struggling on 16 and Lawrie has two putts for the win and he's done enough! They head to the 17th ALL SQUARE!

15th teeGarcia joins his opponents in the sand and Donald is also left but just short of the trap.

15th teeBoth Americans are in the bunker and we know that it's a tough save from there because of the green that slopes to the water.

15th teeSo, the resurgent Woods and Stricker now go to the driveable par four 15th.

14th greenNo problem for Luuuuke so Europe remain 1 up.

14th greenTiger makes up and down for birdie on 14 and Donald must now hole for a half to keep Europe ahead.

16th holeKuchar is in the rough and has to try and find a line through the trees but he can't! The ball thwacks into trunk and rolls back past Kuchar behind him!

13th greenYes, yes, yes! McIlroy makes that birdie as one of the toilet flushes finally drops!

13th greenDufner's birdie try at 13 doesn't trouble the hole and now McIlroy will have a real chance to win this hole. Come on Rors!

16th teeDustin J and Colsaerts both rocket their drives down the middle and Lawrie does the same, just 40 yards further back!

16th teeIt's all going Kuchar's way as he hooks his drive into the trees but it pops out next to the fairway. He's got a horrible swing, has Kuch.

13th teeStunner from McIlroy on 13 and the world number one HAS to hole that!

15th greenYes sir! Solid stroke from the Scot and it remains 1 down for the Europeans.

15th greenKuchar's eagle try is superb, tracking the whole way before coming to a stop next to the hole. Lawrie now to halve...

13th teeThe last match reaches the long 13th and Dufner has just played a beauty to about 20 feet.

15th greenLawrie's sand save is much better and rolls up to about four feet from the pin. He has to make that.

15th greenColsaerts's bunker shot is long and it trickles out the back and down by the water. You have to say that's really disrespectful from the American fans, who cheer with glee and boom out "USA! USA! USA!" because of the Belgian's misjudgement. Very rude.

15th teeKuchar drives the green on 15 before both Europeans find the greenside bunker on the short par 4.

12th greenPoulter and McIlroy both miss their birdie tries and they're running out of time to turn this around now.

13th greenWoods does the business and taps in a stunning birdie and that third match is now just 1 up in Europe's favour.


Rose/Molinari lost 5&4 Watson/Simpson

Colsaerts/Lawrie 1 down after 14 D Johnson/Kuchar

Donald/Garcia 1 up after 13 Stricker/Woods

McIlroy/Poulter 2 down after 11 Z Johnson/Dufner

14th greenColsaerts's eagle try is right at the hole but it's a tad quick and somehow, somehow stays out! Europe's unbelievable bad luck continues!

14th greenOH MY GOD!

12th holeMcIlroy finally delivers a beautiful approach and Johnson and Dufner aren't sitting too pretty. Decent chance to get one back in the bottom match.

14th holeColsaerts has a chance to win the 14th as Johnson's eagle try doesn't get there.

13th teeDonald's is right over the pin but it's too long and he's off the back.

13th teeSergio finds the green but he's a long, long way away from Woods's ball next to the cup.

13th teeStricker and WOODS are on the charge as Tiger's tee shot at the long 13th comes within inches of being a hole in one!

10.37pmHere's Bubba and Webb speaking to Sky Sports and the latter says that "there's nothing like the Ryder Cup." Quite right.

12th greenStricker rolls it in from 10 feet and that's the third match back to 2 up for Europe.

11th greenPoulter has a putt to win the 11th but it's just too low and he and McIlroy have to find something soon.


14th greenNo. Another European ball loops round the hole and lips out and that's a ninth American point, 5&4.

14th greenThe Italian's effort from the fringe is bang on-line but stops just short of dropping in. Rose has to make it. I don't fancy he will.

14th greenMolinari also has a chance but neither is easy.

14th greenIt's on its way but just stops right of the hole. Rose needs to make his birdie to keep this alive.

14th holeBubba's eagle putt on 14 is for the match.

12th holeStricker is in close at the 12th and Garcia can't match him, pulling his into the rough on the left. Tough chip from there.

14th holeThe top match is on 14 and Bubba has found the small corner of the green where the pin is tucked away with his second shot. He's got a mid-ranger for eagle now.

13th greenLawrie stays strong though and the lead is still just 1 up

13th greenOh no! Colsaerts's attempt looks in all the way but it toilet flushes round the hole before popping out! So unlucky!

13th greenThe lanky American lags it up there and so one of the two European's has to go in.

13th greenColsaerts and Lawrie get out of the bunker but they're a long way from making par and Kuchar has a putt for birdie.


Rose/Molinari 4 down after 13 Watson/Simpson

Colsaerts/Lawrie 1 down after 12 D Johnson/Kuchar

Donald/Garcia 3 up after 11 Stricker/Woods

McIlroy/Poulter 2 down after 10 Z Johnson/Dufner

11th greenTiger has a short putt for the win but he's pulled it left so Donald and Garcia stay 3 up.

10th greenPoulter has to make his birdie putt on 10 and he does so. That could be massive.

12th greenBoth Kuchar and Lawrie can't make their birdies on 12 so that one is still 1 up to USA.

13th greenSIMPSON! My word this guy is on fire. He tickles his birdie putt down the hill and he knew it was in all the way. America now 4 up in the top match and almost guaranteed victory.

11th holeWoods seems to have finally found something as he stiffs his approach to 11 to within 10 feet.

12th greenLooks like Kuchar and Lawrie will battle for birdies on the 12th and Lawrie's in the easier position. Come on Paul.

10th holeAt the first par five on the back Poulter is just short of the green in two, with partner McIlroy in the greenside bunker. Dufner has just played his third to about 10 feet.

13th teeRose's wood just creeps onto the green before curling closer and closer to the pin. Decent.

13th teeThe top match reaches the long par 3 13th and Simpson just won't let up, arcing in a beauty to within 15 feet.

10th greenWoods has finally joined the party on the 10th with a birdie and Garcia can't match it and so the third match is back to 3 up in Europe's favour.

11th greenLawrie has the chance of a birdie after a great bunker shot on 11 but he misses the short putt! Europe have been unlucky with a lot of the mid to longer putts but you can't miss little tiddlers like that.

9.52pmSo Simpson just isn't missing with the short stick, or in his case the long stick. There's been talk this year of whether the belly putter should be looked at because of illegality. I think it's very dodgy and look at Simpson, Bradley and Kuchar, probably the three best putters so far in the tournament and they all use belly putters.


Rose/Molinari 3 down after 11 Watson/Simpson

Colsaerts/Lawrie 1 down after 11 D Johnson/Kuchar

Garcia/Donald 4 up after 9 Stricker/Woods

McIlroy/Poulter 2 down after 9 Z Johnson/Dufner

9.45pmTerribly sorry for the delay in coverage but we were struggling with some technical issues. We should be good now.

7th greenGarcia's second shot was long and he clattered into the grandstand. That means he's got a free drop so there's a slight delay.

7th greenWoods has made it up by the green in two on seven but his chip is average at best. Stopping about 25 feet short.

9th greenI thought Molinari and Simpson might just say "good, good" on the ninth but the Italian has made his three, forcing Simpson to putt out. The US Open champion is nerveless to ensure the top match stays 2 up in the States' favour at the turn.

8th greenLawrie's bunker shot is good enough for a concession which means Kuchar has a putt for the win and it's oh so close, just slipping by.

6th greenPoulter and McIlroy both have short putts for a half on six and the former makes no mistake to keep the score to 1 down.

9th holeSimpson finds a stunning draw around the trees that stops just inches from the cup but Molinari is equal to the task, clipping his wedge to the same distance.

6th greenMcIlroy and Poulter play their bunker shots out close enough and they get away with it as Dufner can't make birdie.

8th teeColsaerts and Lawrie are both in the greenside bunker while their opponents have come up just short of the green.


Rose/Molinari 2 down after 8 Watson/Simpson

Colsaerts/Lawrie all square with D Johnson/Kuchar

Donald/Garcia 2 up after 6 Stricker/Woods

McIlroy/Poulter 1 down after 5 Dufner/Z Johnson

7th greenKuchar's putt for a half on seven slips by and the second match is back all square thanks to Colsaerts excellent sand play.

6th holeNot good enough from McIlroy and Poulter as the pair both enter the greenside bunker.

8th greenRose was of course given his birdie but it's not good enough for the win as Simpson's putt just creeps in on the low edge.

6th holeZach's approach from a long way is past the hole but Dufner has put his within 15 feet. Poulter and McIlroy to go...

7th greenMagnificent bunker shot from Colsaerts on the par five and that's a nailed-on birdie.

8th teeAnything Simpson can do, Rose can do better! Justin's arcing shot stops just short of being a hole in one!

6th greenStricker in fact doesn't need to hole out as Woods makes his par. Europe still 2 up.

8th teeThe top match is at the 189-yard eighth and Simpson delivers a hammer blow of a tee shot by plopping it to about six feet.

6th greenDonald has putter in hand from the semi-rough and just wide! Stricker will have to knock his in now.

6th greenGarcia's putt is solid enough but it's no gimme.

6th greenNeither Woods or Stricker has guaranteed a par on six so Garcia and Donald will go for their birdies. Sergio is miles away and doesn't really have a chance while Luke is just off the green nearer the hole.

5th greenI thought Dufner was out of it on the fifth but he's just rattled in a long-range birdie. USA still 1 up in the bottom match.

7th greenRose and Molinari weren't back to one for long as Watson wins the hole with a birdie.

5th greenBoth McIlroy and Poulter have made birdies at the short par five. Can Zach J equal?

6th holeDonald and Garcia are both on the dancefloor but Woods can only find the fringe.

7th greenRose is in OK shape on the long par five but Watson has just played his bunker shot to within inches of the cup.

6th teeBoth Tiger and Stricker have found trouble off the tee, not carrying any momentum from the latter's eagle on the last.

7th holeSimpson, Bubba and Rose have all gone for the green and not made it while Molinari has layed up short and will have a wedge into the green.

6th greenThat's a win for Europe on the sixth as Colsaerts and Lawrie make par, with Dustin J and Kuchar struggling. That match is back to 1 down.

5th holeMcIlroy's just got a 6-iron and he likes his approach, spinning his club, but he's a little long and just off the back.

5th holeDufner's ball is just ahead of Poulter and he's absolutely nailed it way off the back!

5th holePoulter also connects well and both he and Zach J have long eagle putts.

5th holeZach J is by far the shortest of this quartet but he's still reached the fifth in two thanks to a big swipe of his fairway wood.


Rose/Molinari 1 down after 6 Watson/Simpson

Colsaerts/Lawrie 2 down after 5 D Johnson/Kuchar

Donald/Garcia 2 up after 5 Stricker/Woods

McIlroy/Poulter 1 down after 4Z Johnson/Dufner

5th greenWoods's attempt drifts just right of the cup and so it'll be Stricker to win the hole and he's.....GOT IT! Back to 2 down for USA.

5th greenSergio's eagle try rolls four feet by and he and Donald have similar distances for birdie but Stricker and Woods have putts for eagle.

6th greenMolinari has a putt to bring things back all square but that's a horrible effort, nowhere relatively near from 10 feet.

4th greenBIRDIE for Poulter as his putt trickles down the hill and in! The bottom match is back to 1 down for Europe.

5th holeGarcia is on the green in two but he's a long way away and Stricker has just played a beauty to about 10 feet for eagle!

4th greenOh so close! Poulter and McIlroy will have putts for the win.

4th greenNo good and so Dufner will be thinking that he needs to hole this.

4th greenZach J is furthest away on four and he'll be the first to try to make birdie.

5th greenNo problems this time and that's another hole halved so USA remain 2 up there.

5th greenKuchar makes his birdie on five and so Colsaerts will have to convert from close in. The Belgian has been nowhere near as good on the short stuff today as he was yesterday. Come on Nicolas...

4th holeWonderful, wonderful from all four. They're all on the green with McIlroy the closest but expect birdies from both sides.

4th holeAll four men are in the fairway on four, with Zach J the furthest back and McIlroy the most advanced.

6th holeCan Simpson follow Molinari in close? The US Open champion is in the left rough and he's just short of the green. Could be worse.

6th holeCan Simpson follow Molinari in close? The US Open champion is in the left rough and he's just short of the green. Could be worse.

6th holeAhead to the sixth and on-form Molinari has just stiffed his approach to about six feet.

4th greenDonald doesn't need to putt as Garcia has holed his birdie from the front. Europe now 3 up in the third match.

4th greenWe're gonna have to wait for a while now as Woods is taking a drop to try and hole his third shot. That's a bit silly, that. Bit of gamesmanship.

4th greenStricker is on his own at four and he can't land the birdie so Donald and Garcia now have chances to go 3 up.

3rd greenThe world number one has had a look at Dufner's line but he pushes it too hard and that's another hole halved. USA still 2 up in the final match.

3rd greenDufner slides his birdie try left of the hole and now McIlroy has a chance to get one back.

5th greenMolinari lags his eagle putt right next to the hole before Simpson sinks his birdie to halve.

4th holeGarcia's in trouble but he finds a remarkable low punch to the front of the green. Donald follows that with an easy 9-iron to six feet before Stricker also goes close. Woods isn't bothering with this hole as he once again is struggling to stay straight.

5th holeThe top match has reached the fifth hole and Molinari has an eagle putt while Watson has put his third to within a few inches.

3rd holePoulter and Zach J have overshot with their fairway approaches before Dufner and McIlroy go side-by-side on the green with theirs.

4th greenThanks Michael. We're straight off to the fourth green where Kuchar found the cup from range to put the pressure on Colsaerts and the Belgian couldn't convert from eight feet! America now 2 up in that one.

7.39pmAnyway, that's enough from me for now, I shall hand you back over to Pascal.

2nd greenPoulter misses from close range! Dufner and Johnson go 2up

3rd greenDonald has a chance to win the hole and go 3up... but it breaks just too far to the left and drifts past the hole. It remains 2up to Europe

3rd greenStricker has a long putt now at the third, and he did not like it as soon as he struck it.

4th holeColsaerts strikes his second shot into the par four 4th around 15 foot past the flag, but gets a bit of bite and spins towards the hole. It's a makeable putt from there.

3rd holeGarcia has a similar shot. He is on the upslope so it's a tad easier... and he produces a bit of Spanish magic to get near the cup.

3rd holeTiger has a very difficult up and down to get on the green. The club face is fully open... and he skies it, without reaching the green. He looks woefully out of nick.

3rd holeWoods hits his second shot to the third green goes far too long. tiger is still not enjoying himself at this Ryder Cup.


Watson/Simpson 1 up through 3 Rose/Molinari

D Johnson/Kuchar 1 up through 3 Colsaerts/Lawrie

Garcia/Donald 2 up through 2 Woods/Furyk

Dufner/Z Johnson 1 up through 1 McIlroy/Poulter

1st greenZach Johnson rolls his birdie put right into the centre of the cup. They're one up.

1st holeMcIlroy chips out of the bunker nicely and leaves himself with a makeable putt for par.

2nd greenGarcia's putt to win the hole slides just past the hole. So close.

1st holeJohnson and Dufner both stiff their approaches within close range. McIlroy cannot follow suit and finds the bunker.

2nd greenWoods is chipping from the rough, but puts it quite a distance beyond the hole.

7.14pmThanks Pascal. Some bad news for European fans: Dufner and Johnson have gone 1up.

7.10pmNow that all four matches are underway I'm going to take half an hour to grab my dinner before the nitty-gritty of tonight. Michael's coming back to take over for a bit so don't worry, you're in safe hands.

1st teeIt's a strong pairing from Europe and they're taking on Zach Johnson and Jason Dufner, who have won two from two as a duo.

1st teeThe final match is about to get underway and Poulter will get us underway. The Englishman, who's won two out of two so far, hooks his drive into the crowd on the left. Poults is playing with world number one McIlroy and he absolutely rips it miles down there!

2nd greenColsaerts's birdie try lips out and so Kuchar and Dustin J go 1 up.

1st greenThe veteran's putt just slides low of the hole and Europe have an early 1 up lead in the third match.

1st greenGarcia's birdie has been conceded by Woods and Stricker so the latter has to make this putt from off the green.

2nd greenThat's in from Kuchar for birdie and Colsaerts must now hole for a half.

1st holeGARCIA! The Spaniard's approach to the first is just a few inches from the cup. Donald's also on the green with Stricker just off the back and Woods miles long with his wedge. Real shocker from the world number two.

2nd teeColsaerts has just plonked his tee shot right next to the flag on two and it rolls about six feet past. Great shot.

1st holeThree of the four men playing the first are in the fairway, with Donald just out in the right rough.

2nd greenTo the second and Watson has just watched a putt slide by so that's another hole halved and the top two matches remain all square.

1st greenLawrie can't make a birdie and so the hole is halved in par fours.

1st teeNext up is Luke Donald and Sergio Garcia of Europe against the age-old pairing of Steve Stricker and Tiger Woods, who were left out of this morning's foursomes.

1st holeBack to the first and Lawrie was the only man in a strong position off the tee and he's taken advantage by clipping his approach to about six feet.

2nd teeSimpson and Watson both find the green but they roll several feet past the hole. Bubba's bounced just inches from the cup but has ended up quite a way past.

2nd teeThe first match is at the par 3 second and Molinari only just carries the water before Rose ensures he doesn't make the same mistake by finding the back of the green.

1st teeThese pairs look very evenly matched to me. They both have a long hitter (Colsaerts and Johnson) and a plodder (Lawrie and Kuchar).

1st teeNext up for Europe are Nicolas Colsaerts and Paul Lawrie against Dustin Johnson and Matt Kuchar.

1st greenHe does and they're all square after one.

1st greenRose has just made his par and now Simpson has to find the cup for a half.

1st holeThe first fourball match this afternoon sees Bubba Watson and Webb Simpson join forces for the third session in a row and they're up against Justin Rose, who has played in every session, and Francesco Molinari. They're up on the green on one.

6.34pmThank you, Michael. Sorry for the slight delay folks but we're ready and raring to go. Give us a quick manual refresh and you'll see a new picture and introduction above. Ta.

6.23pmSo it's been another America-centric session of golf at the Ryder Cup. Europe need to make things happen in these afternoon fourballs matches. To guide you through all the action is Pascal Lemesre.



18th greenSnedeker gives it a chance but drifts just past, but it doesn't matter - Europe concede.

18th greenTwo putts for the Americans will put some clear distance between themselves and their European counterparts heading into the fourballs.

18th greenMcIlroy from the fringe... and it slips just past the hole! So close!

18th holeHe doesn't like it... and rightly so. It's in the rough at the back of the green and McIlroy needs a miraculous chip in to square the match. I can't see it happening.

18th holeMcDowell needs to stiff this one dead on.

18th holeFuryk and his caddie, Fluff, are taking their time on this one. It's a big shot. He stands over it and digs his heels in. It sounds like a clean strike... and he finds the green!

18th holeIt's a decent lie though. A half point for Europe here could be seismic. Although, it seems all Jose Maria's men are doing is playing catch up.

18th holeFuryk needs a good swing on this one. He's in the bunker and some distance behind McIlroy's drive.

18th teeMcIlroy puts his drive down the fairway. Snedeker's drive strays to the right and finds the sandtrap.

17th greenMcIlroy strikes it... it looks like it's veering off line... and it does! Opportunity missed, agonising for Europe.

17th greenSnedeker's put drifts wide! McIlroy can win the hole!

17th teeFuryk gets it on the green but it's by no means an easy putt! They will go first as well...

17th teeMcDowell's tee shot is a great one. McIlroy has a chance with that, but what can Furyk do?



16th greenMcIlroy holes his putt to claw a hole back. That one is going to 17th with just one hole in it!

17th greenJohnson is taking his time lining this up. All he needs to do is get it close. From the fringe, he sends it on its way... what a putt! there was a massive break in it but he leaves it stone dead. Europe concede.

17th holeGarcia plays a delightful chip, but it's not going to be enough. American have two putts for a point.

16th holeMcDowell plays a lovely shot into the 16th green, leaving McIlroy inside 10 feet.

17th teeDufner finds the green! That should be enough...

17th teeColsaerts finds the water on 17! Disaster!

16th teeMcIlroy spanks his tee shot down the fairway. Steady drive.

16th greenGarcia is chipping from the fringe... IT'S IN! GAME ON!

16th greenJohnson lags a putt just short of the hole, giving Garcia the chance to snatch a hole back...

BREAKINGAfternoon pairings for fourballs:

Johnson/Kuchar vs. Colsaerts/Lawrie

Watson/Simpson vs. Rose/Molinari

Woods/Stricker vs. Garcia/Donald

Dufner/Johnson vs. McIlroy/Poulter

15th greenSnedeker holes and concedes Europe's putt. That's 2up to America with three left to play.

16th holeColsaerts plops his iron on the green, giving Garcia a good chance for a birdie!

15th greenMcDowell has a 15-20 footer with a left-to-right break... it goes wide.



18th greenRose stands over his putt, he needs to at least get this close... and he leave it dead on! Simpson needs to hole this!

15th greenColsaerts's putt goes agonisingly wide and America stay 1up.

18th holePoulter finds the green but is nowhere near the cup. It's safe, but if Simpson drains then it will be a hammer blow for Europe... unless Rose can also sink his.

18th holeWatson takes aim at the 18th flag and finishes within 10 feet. Another great shot from Bubba, who has given Simpson a chance.

14th greenFuryk drains his putt to halve the hole.

15th holeZach Johnson gets a little unlucky with his approach to the 15th. He pitched it to within a couple of yards, but got a bit of bite and spun away from the hole.

14th holeMcIlroy pitches from the greenside rough to lay up a certain birdie for McDowell. Superb shot!

18th teeRose goes left but only just misses the fairway. Poulter's second shot will be in the rough, but it's not too difficult.

18th teeSimpson cracks his tee shot down the dead centre of the green.

17th greenAnd Bubba holes his putt to take that match to the final hole.

14th greenJohnson holes a short putt for a half.

17th greenPoulter stands over a short putt... and dispatches it calmly!

14th greenAnd neither can Colsaerts. The Belgian was putting to win the hole.

17th greenRose can't hole his putt.

17th holeSimpson's putt strays just long.

14th holeZach Johnson duffs his short chip!

14th holeThanks Pascal. We rejoin the action as Sergio Garcia plants his ball in the centre of the green. Half-chance for a birdie.

5.13pmRight, it's back to Michael for the remainder of the foursomes. It's gonna be tense!

17th teeOh yes he does! The steely Englishman's 6-iron is right over the flag and rolls by to about 15 feet. Brilliant.

17th teeBubba has a 7-iron in hand and he plops it pin high about 25-30 feet left of the hole. So much pressure on Poults now but he loves it!

16th greenMISS! That was a nervous putt from Rose, nowhere near the hole. The lead is back to 1 up and now we head to the signature 17th! Poulter and Bubba with the pressure tee shot over water...

16th greenWatson's perfect for pace but it's gone by to the left and now Rose has to make this for a half to go dormie 2.

16th greenIf he holes it then it could be game over but he's actually underdone it and Rose has a tough putt just to make par.

16th holeSimpson's flop is pretty good but races 15 feet by. Poulter has to get his chip close.

16th holeBoth Poulter and Watson messed up their seconds at 16 and Rose has just come up short with his chip. Simpson's in the bunker.

13th greenThe blondie can't make it though so the lead stays at 2 up.

13th greenMcIlroy's birdie try hasn't got enough on it so now Sneds will have a go for a 3 up lead.

13th teeThe final match has reached the long par three and Furyk's effort finds the heart of the green before McDowell's attempt is unlucky not to get over the ridge and snake towards the hole. Europe need something from the Northern Irishmen.

4.56pmThe Americans, apart from Bradley and Mickelson, haven't even played that well today. The red dominance is much more down to the lack of European birdies and numerous bogeys. Take the Colsaerts/Garcia pairing, they got back on level terms but have just gone double bogey, bogey. Not good enough.

16th teeRose's drive is a little right but he should be OK while Simpson has plonked his on the other side of the fairway.

13th greenColsaerts has a short putt for a half at 13 but he's missed it! America now 2 up in the bottom two matches.

12th greenSnedeker is human! His putt also trickles past the cup.

15th greenTo the par five 15th and Poulter's birdie try was short but Watson can't convert his either.

12th greenMcIlroy's birdie try slips by and now Snedeker will have a putt to go 3 up...


Poulter/Rose 2 up Watson/Simpson

Garcia/Colsaerts 1 down Dufner/Z Johnson

McIlroy/McDowell 2 down Furyk/Snedeker

12th greenThat's a great two putt from the Americans as Dufner converts with a real danger of going past the hole. USA now 1 up against Garcia/Colsaerts.

14th greenWatson makes his birdie on 14 to equal the European effort. They're still 2 down to Poulter and Rose.

12th greenColsaerts has flopped on the green from down by the water and now Zach has an awfully tricky putt. The green on the 12th slopes viciously towards the water and he does well to keep it on the short stuff.

11th greenFuryk holes from distance to give the US a 2 up lead in the final match. It's all going red again!

12th greenGarcia's spent ages over his third shot on 12. He knows the ball will run away towards the water and it's a fate he can't avoid.

11th holeIn the final match, McIlroy has outdone the Americans with his approach. Can the Northern Irishmen get back level in that one?

4.31pmThank you, Michael. Right, back to the action and Poulter's ranging wood has also found a bunker. So close to making the dancefloor.

4.29pmOK folks, it's time for me to grab something to eat. I shall leave you in the hands of Pascal Lemesre. You lucky, lucky people.

14th holeWatson has another right-to-left cutter from the rough. He finds the front edge bunker. Great shot.

12th holeJohnson has left Dufner in the fairway, and he finds the green. Still some distance from the hole.

12th teeGarcia slices his tee shot and it goes way right.


Poulter/Rose 2up through 13 Watson/Simpson

Mickelson/Bradley won 7&6 over Westwood/Donald

Dufner/Johnson all square through 11 Colsaerts/Garcia

Furyk/Snedeker 1up through 10 McIlroy/McDowell

14th teeSimpson pulls his drive left! Advantage Europe...

14th teeRose hits the fairway with his drive. Well played.

11th greenColsaerts sinks a birdie putt and that match is back to all sqaure!

13th greenSimpson holes a bogey putt for a half at 13. Europe lead 2up.

4.19pmThat's the join-highest win in Ryder Cup history.


12th greenDonald needs to hole to keep the match alive... and he misses. MICKELSON AND BRADLEY WIN 7&6

12th greenIt's hard to select which words to use in describing that putt. something along the lines of "weak" or "pitiful". It was a bit tricky, as there was a downhill break. But it never had a chance.

12th greenSo Westwood now has a long putt to reduce Europe's deficit in this match to 5 down.

13th holeSimpson is pitching out from the bunker... he catches it very thin and it balloons over to the other side and off the green. Awful shot.

12th holeOh... my... word... Mickelson finds the green, landing it on the top ledge. Slowly but surely, it started to gather momentum as it caught the downslope. It made its way to within inches of the cup. What a shot by Mickelson!

10th greenGarcia rolls in for a half at 10. He and Colsaerts are hanging on in there. It could still go either way, that one...

12th holeDonald finds the green safely at 12.

13th teePoulter finds the green with his tee shot, but with some work still to do. Watson finds the front edge bunker. A chance to put another hole between them and the Americans...

12th holeBradley has a difficult shot from the rough, and finds the bunker at 12. Europe have a chance to get a hole back, although it will only serve to make the score less emabrrassing. That match is over.


Poulter/Rose 2up through 12 Poulter/Rose

Mickelson/Bradley 6up through 11 Westwood/Donald

Dufner/Johnson 1up through 9 Colsaerts/Garcia

Furyk/Snedeker 1up through 9 McIlroy/McDowell

12th holePOULTER HOLES IT! Magnificent! A sloppy hole by both teams ends with Europe taking a 2up lead!

12th holeWatson pitches onto the green. Poulter has a putt from the fringe to win the hole, though...

9th greenMcIlroy taps in for a half. America remain 1up at the turn.

12th holeSimpson has a similar shot to Rose, if a little easier. I thought Watson had left it short of the green, but he hadn't. Simpson can't make the green and Europe now have the advantage on this hole!

9th greenMcDowell has a putt for the win... and the break takes it just past the hole.

12th holePoulter's shot did not go in the water, but Rose has a nasty pitch from the rough. He can't the shot he'd like off, but reaches the fringe of the green. If Europe can escape here it will be a big moment.

12th holeI say "all he had to do", but for a professional golfer...

12th holeOh no... Poulter misfires badly and it looks like he's in the water! That's a definite lapse in concentration, all he had to do was land it safely on the green.

12th holeWell, it's not on the green. It's come up short. Unlucky.

12th holeAs much as I'd love to see a fantastic shot, my obvious allegiance to Europe makes me want to see him shank it.

12th holeSimpson's tee shot has missed the fairway by a long way and Watson has a difficult one. If anybody can hit this shot though, it's Bubba. The shot to win The Masters, anyone?

3.54pmThere seems to have been an ever-so-slight slight shift in momentum. Europe now lead in one match, while America have two matches at just 1up. The other match is a write off, with Mickelson/Bradley 6up over Westwood/Donald.

7th greenMeanwhile, Snedeker misses a putt on the 7th green and McIlroy/McDowell are back to 1down!

9th greenDufner... and that's in the cup too! America still lead 1up!

9th greenColsaerts rolls in for a birdie! Dufner needs to hole for a half.

11th greenPoulter for a half... IN THE CUP! A big shout of "COME OOOON!" from Poulter! He loves this competition.

9th holeGarcia and Johnson both play great shots into the flag at 9. Makeable putts for Colsaerts and Dufner. America are still 1 up in that match.

11th greenWatson will go first. It's an uphill putt, with a slight break. It just about reaches the hole and drops! Pressure on Poulter now.

7th greenMcIlroy has a putt to win the hole... but lips out! It's desperately close from the Northern Irishman! He can't seem to get anything going.

11th holeIt's a quick swing from Simpson, but he does just as good as Rose, stiffing it to within a couple of feet. Slight bite on it, as well.

11th holeRose hits the second shot into the par four 11th pin high and wihin a couple of feet. Great shot! What can Simpson do?

10th holeWestwood out of the fairway bunker on the 10th... it's the same distance as Bradley got his to.

11th teePoulter sends his tee shot safely down the centre of the fairway. Watson plays a monstrous drive that leaves Simpson with a short iron into the green. Amazing.

10th holeBack down the fairway on the 10th now, where Bradley is preparing to his his second shot... it's on the green. What else did you expect? this team is on fire.

10th green... and he misses it! Poulter and Rose are back to 1up! CHARRRRRGE!

10th greenIt was a tricky left-to-right breaker for Poulter, that comes up just short. Simpson must find the cup...

10th greenWatson puts his putt well past the hole and it won't be wasy for Simpson to get back. Poulter can put blue on the board if he can hole this putt...

10th holeSimpson's pitch hangs onto the back of the green.

10th holeRose gets on the green but it's some distance from the cup.

8th teeJohnson hits his tee shot at the par three 8th just onto the green. Dufner will have some work left. Europe are struggling to make par, though.

9th greenBradley finds the bottom of the cup to put America 5up in that match.

10th holePoulter has a moderately difficult shot, as a tree is in his immediate vision. But it shouldn't be too difficult. He gets it back in play.

10th holeWatson hits the second shot to the right, but gets away with it due to his sheer length.

9th greenDonald has a 20-footer for a birdie to put pressure on Bradley... and almost sinks it!

6th green... but he holds his nerve for a half.

6th greenSo close from McIlroy! His long putt falls just short of the hole. Snedeker duffs his chip slightly and falls well short of the hole, leaving Furyk with a tricky one.

10th teeSimpson webs (sorry) his tee shot down the middle of the fairway.


Watson/Simpson all sqaure after 9 Poulter/Rose

Mickelson/Bradley 4up after 8 Westwood/Donald

Dufner/Johnson 1up after 6 Colsaerts/Garcia

Furyk/Snedeker 2up after 5 McIlroy/McDowell

9th greenPoulter, to get back to all sqaure... he's taking his time, and rightly so. It's a left-to-right breaker... BRILLIANT PUTT! It was downhill too, and Europe are back to all sqaure!

9th holeWatson plays a great shot out of the bunker to leave Simpson within a couple of feet. But Poulter will have a putt to win the hole...

8th greenMickelson holes his par putt to keep America 3up.

9th holeSuperb shot from Justin Rose at the 9th! Simpson can only find the front bunker and Europe have an opening.

8th greenDonald now has a long putt for a birdie. If he can drain it that could get things started... but it lags a couple of feet short.

6th greenJOYOUS NEWS FOR EUROPE! Garcia knocks his putt to within inches and that's enough to reduce his and Colsaerts's deficit to 1up against Dufner and Z Johnson.

5th greenSnedeker has the chance to win the hole... and sinks his putt. America go 2up!

8th tee... and he finds the right side of the green. Not bad.

8th teeMickelson hits a superb tee shot onto the green. Westwood is up next...

8th greenAmerica cannot take advantage as Watson's putt stays to the left.

8th greenRose stands over his 10-foot putt at the 8th. He pushes it wide. Europe are struggling on the greens, while America's putting is exemplerary.

3.04pmIt's been 35 minutes since Europe last won a hole. It's not going well, to say the least.

7th greenDonald holes, but Mickelson still has a putt to win the hole... never in doubt. America are 4up.

5th holeMcIlroy is going with a fairway wood at the 5th, but he's pulled it to the right. America have a bit of work to do also, so it's not a disaster.

7th greenBradley and Mickelson line up the putt. It's Bradley's shot, which is what the Americans would want, given how hot that club is for his at the moment. He stands over it, sends it... and just misses the hole! Unlucky!

7th holeDonald's second shot at the 7th isn't so good. Westwood will have a delicate shot from off the green to get near the flag.

8th teeRose lands safely on the green with his shot but it will have to be an amazing putt if Poulter is to hole it!

8th teeSimpson stands over his tee shot at the 8th. He's going with an iron... and finds the greenside trap!

7th holeMickelson finds the green with a spectacular shot at the 7th!

5th greenZach Johnson now to help America to a 3up lead... but he misses too! Another let off!

7th greenSimpson has a putt for the win... but pushes it wide!

4th greenMcDowell holes for a half.

7th holeRose's shot is exquisite... but it may not mean anything in the end.

7th holeOh dear... Poulter fluffs his shot at the 7th and that gives Rose a pitch from the bunker. Europe almost certain to concede another hole.

7th holeBubba Watson has a pitch from the greenside rough... and plays it delightfully. Simpson's putter is reliable.

2.49pmIt's all red on the board.


Watson/Simpson 1up after 6 Poulter/Rose

Mickelson/Bradley 3up after 6 Westwood/Donald

Dufner/Johnson 2up after 4 Colsaerts/Garcia

Furyk/Snedeker 1up after 3 McIlroy/McDowell

6th greenDonald lips out! American go 3up!

5th holeColsaerts sprays the second shot at the 5th to the right of the green.

6th greenMickelson lags it near to the cup. Smart shot.

6th holeWestwood opens the club face to almost horizontal level in the bunker and plays a good shot. Donald will have 10 foot left.

7th teeBubba Watson absolutely larraps the ball down the fairway. Simpson can reach this green in two now.

3rd greenMcIlroy taps in for a half at the third.

6th holeBradley finds the green but Mickelson will have a monster putt.

6th holeDonald finds the greenside hazard at the 6th. Westwood will have an awkward downhill stance to contend with, as well...

4th greenColasaerts hits the rim of the cup and that sees Dufner and Johnson 2up! Terrible from Europe...

3rd greenFuryk rolls a tough putt just wide and that shiuld be a half at the 3rd.

4th greenGarcia tries a chip to win the hole, but it was not the best effort and comes up well short.

5th greenPressure is now on Westwood to hole for a half... and he does!

5th greenMickelson rolls his putt in at the 5th.

6th holePoulter's second shot at the 6th was from the rough and his hybrid shot veered off to the right of the green, leaving rose with a difficult rescue shot.

5th holeIt's not the best shot, but it was difficult for Bradley. The greens are very quick this week. Mickelson has a tough one left.

5th holeThis should be a difficult shot, but the form Keegan Bradley is in you wouldn't put it past him to hole it.

5th holeDonald comes up trumps with a beauty of an approach into the 5th green! There's a chance here for Europe, as Mickelson went long with his fairway metal.

2nd greenThat was a complete misread from Furyk. He pulled it way over to the left. That's a half and a let off for Europe.

2nd greenMcDowell leaves his putt out to the right! Furyk will have another putt to win a hole!

5th greenSimpson taps in for a 1up lead in the top match. America are now up in all four and red dominates the board. It was a similar story yesterday morning, only in Europe's favour.

2nd teeMcIlroy plays a great shot into the second green. It's a makeable one for McDowell.

2nd teeSnedeker plays an unbelievable tee shot! That should be a gimme for Furyk.

5th greenAmerica have two putts for the hole at the 5th. Watson putts it to within a foot. It's not looking good for Europe.

1st greenFuryk drains his putt! America are up in three matches and Poulter and Rose have work to do on the 5th hole... a bit of deja vu? Keep faith, it can change in an instant.

5th holePoulter's iron shot comes up short of the green. that was a weak effort and it leaves that pairing in a spot of bother.

4th greenDonald rolls in his putt for a half. Mickelson and Bradley remain 2 up.

1st greenMcDowell cannot hole his birdie putt and Furyk has the chance to put America 1 up!

4th greenMickelson misses his putt at the 4th green by milimetres!

5th holeSimpson hits a fantastic shot onto the 5th green! That's an eagle chance for Bubba!

1st hole... but Snedeker gets inside McIlroy's ball! It's looking like another good start for the Americans!

1st holeMcIlroy has given McDowell a chance with a superb shot into the 1st green.


Poulter/Rose all square after 4 Watson/Simpson

Mickelson/Bradley 2 up after 3 Westwood/Donald

Dufner/Johnson 1 up after 2 Colsaerts/Garcia

2.11pmSorry for the delay, we have been having a few problems...

3rd holeRose finds the green but it will be a fantastic putt if Poulter can hole it.

1st teeAnother good drive from Dufner. Both in prime position on the fairway.

1st teeIt's a beauty! Similar position to Bubba Watson's tee shot at the same hole yesterday.

1st teeColsaerts is stepping up to his first tee shot. Go long!

2nd teeDonald does what Westwood couldn't and finds the green. He was three off the tee though, and America have two putts to a 1 up lead.

2nd teeWestwood finds the water with his tee shot at the second! That should put America 2 up. Oh dear...

3rd teeWatson finds the fairway at the par four third.

2nd teeMickelson has the range! He's found the second green.

3rd teePoulter likes his tee shot... and why wouldn't he? Right down the middle!

2nd greenSimpson lips out! Europe remain 1 up in the top match!

2nd greenAnd Rose misses his! Simpson has the chance to draw the US level...

1st greenDonald misses his putt! America go one up!

2nd holeWatson chips it to a decent distance for Simpson.

1st holeMickelson stiffs it inches from the 1st hole. Tremendous shot.

2nd holePoulter pitches out from the bunker but leaves Rose with a nasty downhill putt.

1st holeWestwood gives donald a chance with a superb iron shot inot the first green.

2nd teeSimpson finds the rough but comes up short of the trap. Should be a delicate little chip from there.

2nd teeRose finds the back bunker on the par three 2nd hole.

1st teeBradley gives it a thwack and it goes miles, but misses the fairway to the left. With the rough being quite short, it's not the most difficult shot for Mickelson.

1st teeDonald finds the middle of the fairway.

1st teeNext up on the first tee is Lee Westwood and Luke Donald against Keegan Bradley and Phil Mickelson. Donald is first up.

1.34pmThere's a message written in the sky. It reads: "Do it for Seve - Go Europe" - class.

1st greenPoulter rolls it in! Europe go 1 up after one hole!

1st greenRose and Poulter are lining up the putt. It's within five with very little break.

1st greenWatson stands over his putt, sends it on its way... but doesn;t read the break right and it goes past the hole. Simpson still has work left. Here comes Poulter...

1st holeSimpson also finds the green but Watson will have a tough one.

1st holeRose has hit a fantastic shot to leave Poulter with a makeable one for a birdie.

1st teeWatson is enjoying the noise from the crowd! He just misses the bunker that Poulter landed in and he's in the rough. Both Rose and Simpson should have a shot to the green though...

1st tee... but he finds the bunker! Not quite the same result as Watson yesterday!

1st teeFirst on the tee today is Ian Poulter. He's geeing the crowd up Bubba Watson-style! "Ole! Ole Ole Ole!"

1.16pmThere is a raucous atmosphere, as you would expect with the day the US had yesterday. Poulter and Rose need to silence this crowd early. I think they can.

1.15pmThe players are making their way to the first tee. Five minutes until tee off.

1.10pmI've been a fan of Webb Simpson since he first really shot to prominence on the PGA Tour last year. His game is very solid, yet he can pull a shot out the bag. Teamed with Bubba Watson, who plays some outrageous shots, it's going to be a tough task for Poulter and Rose.

1.08pmFirst on the tee are Ian Poulter and Justin Rose, rekindling their partnership from yesterday morning. It came as a bit of a shock for European fans to see Poulter sit the afternoon out yesterday. No doubt he will be raring to go. They're up against Bubba Watson and Webb Simpson, who played some amazing golf yesterday to dispatch Peter Hanson and Paul Lawrie.

1.05pmNicolas Colsaerts was unreal yesterday, going 10-under for his round. That has to be the bester performance from a rookie. And he did it on the first day. He's back out today with Sergio Garcia. they take on Jason Dufner and Zach Johnson, who triumphed over Lee Westwood and Francesco Molinari in yesterday morning's foursomes.

12.59pmIt could prove to be a momentum shift should Europe come out on top this morning.

12.57pmWelcome to day two! It's a monumental day in the context of the 39th Ryder Cup. There's no doubt that the last point Europe won last night, thanks mainly to Nicolas Colsaerts, was a big moment. How big? Well, if Europe can get the better of this morning session then it could prove to be pivotal.

Tiger Woods
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