Live Commentary: Ryder Cup Day One - as it happened

Live Commentary: Ryder Cup Day One - as it happened
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After a captivating morning of foursomes, Sports Mole covers the afternoon fourballs on the first day of the 39th Ryder Cup at Medinah Country Club, Chicago Illinois.

Hello and welcome to Sports Mole's live coverage of the 39th Ryder Cup Matches, taking place at Medinah Country Club in Chicago, Illinois.

After a captivating morning of foursomes action the contest is still evenly poised after two victories apiece for the USA and Europe.

The afternoon fourballs open with Webb Simpson and Bubba Watson taking on Paul Lawrie and Peter Hanson. A match where all four men have had the morning off.

This is followed by a juicy match-up between two winning pairs from this morning as Phil Mickelson and Keegan Bradley face the Northern Irish duo of Rory McIlroy and Graeme McDowell.

Third up are the unused pair of Dustin Johnson and Matt Kuchar against Justin Rose and Martin Kaymer before an off-form Tiger Woods again partners Steve Stricker against Nicolas Colsaerts and Lee Westwood.

Follow all the action with us below.

12.21pmThat brings to a close the first day of exhilarating Ryder Cup action. Colsaerts has been a shining light for the European team, who have escaped with a 3-1 defeat in the afternoon session. Join us again from 12.30pm tomorrow for day two. It's sure to be another cracker! Until then...

12.19pmRead the report on that dramatic fourballs match by clicking here.

12.18pmThat could be a pivotal match in the context of this Ryder Cup. As I said a moment ago, 5-3 reads much better than 5.5-2.5. That really could prove to be a huge moment.




12.15pmThis is huge. 5.5-2.5 reads so much differently than 5-3.

18th greenStricker will go first from the rough. He's on an upslope, with an awkward stance... but he produces a fantastic shot to get within inches. It's not enough to halve the hole, but Tiger can...

18th greenColsaerts can't find the bottom of the cup! It's all on Tiger now... if he can hole out, then that will be a hammer blow to the Europeans!

18th holeWestwood has a bump and run the the flag... it looks on line... but goes past the hole! Not a bad effort at all by Westy!

12.09pmColsaerts has more or less played Stricker and Woods by himself today. The Belgian has made eight birdies and an eagle during his round. That is a staggering round, and I'd be very surpsied if he isn't back out tomorrow morning.

18th holeWoods gets within Colsaerts, but is still left with a difficult putt. It's going to the wire, indeed!

18th holeStricker misses the green to the left, and lands in the rough just outside the bunker.

18th holeWestwood seemed to rush his swing slightly, turning the ball far over to the right.

18th holeColsaerts finds the green! Some work left to do, but he's there!

18th teeColsaerts finds the fairway, as does Westwood. However, Westwood's shot bounced off a tree and ended up in prime position. A bit of luck for the beleaguered Brit.



16th greenKuchar rolls in to win the match.

18th teeStricker is safely on the fairway.

17th greenHe wasn't going to miss another short one! Woods taps in, but Europe have at least a half point. Anything less than a point, however, and it will feel like a defeat.

17th greenIf Woods misses, it's Europe's point...

17th greenCOLSAERTS SINKS HIS BIRDIE PUTT! That's the way to ensure pressure isn't on Westwood! Some bottle from the Belgian, and that should be a half!

17th teeCometh the hour... Lee Westwood gives himself a chance with a great iron shot. It's Woods vs. Westwood on the 17th green. It's fraught with tension, and this is just the first day. Classic Ryder Cup.

17th teeColsaerts is using his 7 iron and just gets onto the green. This is dangerous for Europe, Westwood need to get it stone dead here or their lead will be blown.

17th teeTiger goes with an 8 iron... and stops it inches from the hole. That's simply unbelievable. A mesmeric shot from the world number two.

17th teeStricker's tee shot is in the drink! It's not been his best day, that's for sure!

16th greenWoods bends a tricky putt in at 16 to claw Europe back to one. Two holes left to play. It may be melodramatic to suggest that the fate of the Ryder Cup rests on this match but Europe simply have to take a point from this one.

15th greenCorrection: American are now 3 up with three to play. Dustin Johnson finds the bottom of the cup.

16th holeWestwood catches too much of his chip from the rough.

15th greenA timid putt from Rose sees the hole halved and a chance wasted for Europe.

16th holeStricker misses his long, breaking putt! If Colsaerts or Westwood can sink either of their efforts and Woods misses then that's job done!

15th greenKuchar misses his resulting putt. Johnson should tap in for a half. We'll come back to that...

16th holeColsaerts has a difficult shot from the rough. He does well to get it to within 15 foot.

15th holeKuchar's chip flies past the hole. Just a slight chance for Rose if he can pitch in.

15th holeJohnson conjures another super shot from the greenside trap, stopping it short and feeding it down to the hole.

16th holeTiger has finds the green with a good shot. He's a little unlucky as it runs on past the hole slightly.

16th holeWestwood falls short of the green, but Stricker finds the target!

16th holeColsaerts's second shot is not great. In fact, it's a bit of a stinker. He gets lucky as it cannoned off somebody in the crowd and into the rough instead of going into the trees.

16th teeWoods finds the fairway as well.

16th teeWestwood goes down the left side of the fairway. It's safely in the short grass.

15th teeRose's tee shot is in a great position for a nice wedge into the flag. Kuchar goes further, but leaves himself with an awkward uphill stance. Johnson finds the bunker to the left of the green.

15th teeKaymer has his driver out on the par four 15th tee. He cuts from left to right... much too far! It's wet!

14th greenRose taps in for a half.

15th greenTIGER MISSES FROM GIMME RANGE! Credit to Colsaerts for holing a tricky putt under pressure. Tiger buckled and Europe are back to 2 up with three holes left to play!

14th greenJohnson sinks his birdie putt! Great stuff, under a bit of pressure! Rose needs to rescue Europe.

15th greenColsaerts must hole this with Tiger ready to pounce. It's an uphill putt with a slight break, but his putter has been hot today... AND IT'S IN!

14th holerose stiffs his bunker shot to ensure an almost-certain half.

15th greenStricker has picked his ball up, conceding his challenge on this hole. Westwood is looking for a three to take the pressure off Colsaerts. There was too much break on the putt and he cannot convert. It;s down to Colsaerts...

14th holeJohnson can't replicate his terrific bunker shot of the last hole, and lands it a fair distance away.

15th holeStricker catches his pitch from the drop zone a bit thin and he is miles away from the cup.

14th holeKuchar is dead on for a birdie in the anchor match. America are already 3 up and are looking to go dormie 4!

15th holeCorrection: Westwood didn't quite go in the water. He was able to play it, although he got a bit wet. He's got it to the green and given himself a chance.

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15th hole... but Tiger responds in true Tiger fashion. He gets right inside Colsaerts's ball with a superb wedge, spinning it just enough to stop it dead on the dancefloor.

15th holeColsaerts puts the pressure ribght on Woods with a marvellous shot! It spun back towards the hole and said hello on its way past.

11.13pmI know what you're wondering... did Bubba Watson have fun today? Of course you are, but you shouldn't be. Bubba Watson always has fun. But read this anyway...

15th teeColsaerts is forced to lay up as well following Westwood's error.

15th teeWestwood is in the water!

15th teeTiger had the five wood out before Stricker took his shot out. After Stricker went in the drink, Woods got out his five iron and knocked it down the fairway. Confidence? Not very high...

15th teeStricker is in the water on 15!


11.09pmYes, that's it. Europe concede. MICKELSON/BRADLEY WIN 2&1 OVER MCILROY/MCDOWELL

17th teeWhatever McIlroy can do Mickelson can do better, it seems. Phil nocks his approach inches from the cup and that's game over.

14ths greenWoods now has a putt from inside five foot to win the hole. This could be a pivotal moment... was it ever in doubt? Tiger steps up when the US really need it. It's back to 1 up in that match. Nail biting!

14th greenColsaerts has a tricky putt for a birdie. He can do this in the form he's been in... but not this time. It was on a similar line to Stricker's, but it didn't break enough this time.

17th teeMcIlroy sets up a great birdie opportunity at the 17th with a superb tee shot.

14th greenStricker send his putt towards the hole. He misreads the break and doesn't start it far enough to the right and misses.

14th greenWestwood's putt never looked in. His putter has let him down over his whole career, and it's been a similar story today.

15th holeBradley pitches out from the bunker expertly. Europe concede and it's now dormie 2 for the Americans. They're guaranteed at least a half.

14th greenWoods gives it a fair old rap, giving it a chance to reach the hole. However, it sails past the cup.

15th greenMcIlroy's putt drifts agonisingly wide of the hole.

13th green... but if Kaymer can hole this putt, then it will have been for nothing. He has around 15-20 feet... but he doesn't read the break and that's another chance gone.

13th holeDustin Johnson plays a shot-of-the-day contender from the bunker to leave himself with just inches for his par.

14th holeGreat shot by Colsaerts but he has a tricky putt for his up and down.

14th holeColsaerts shanks one far to the right. A rare mistep from the Belgian. Westwood also finds himself in a spot of trouble. This match is still very much in the balance.

14th holeWoods plays his second shot at the 14th from the rough and finds the green. He caught that ball right on the sweet spot! Good shot.

15th holeBradley turns his approach to the right of the green and into the bunker.

13th teeJohnson finds the sandtrap and could have a difficult next shot. Kuchar's tee finds the banking that leads down to the water... but stays up! Advantage Europe on the 13th!

13th teeKaymer finds the green on 13 to give himself a makeable putt for a birdie.


Watson/Simpson win 5&4 over Lawrie/Hanson.

Mickelson/Bradley 2 up through 15 McIlroy/McDowell

Westwood/Colsaerts 2 up through 13 Woods/Stricker.

D Johnson/Kuchar 2 up through 12 Rose/Kaymer.

12th greenRose sinks a monster putt that snaked across the green for a chance to win the 12th hole. Johnson's put goes wide and Europe pull a hole back! America remain 2 up in that match.

14th teeWoods stands over his ball, and is put off by the cameras. He asks the specatators to put them away before thwacking his tee shot long... but erratically. He'll play his next shot from the rough.

14th teeWestwood also finds the fairway. No problems for Stricker either.

14th teeColsaerts has just spanked another tee shot into next year. He has an arm like a tractor engine.

15th greenMcIlroy taps in for a half. He and McDowell go to the 15th 2 down and they need to win the next hole to avoid a dormie situation.

15th greenBradley sends his eagle putt towards the hole... it's trickling towards the hole... Bradley is off and running... but it slips past the hole! So close!

13th greenColsaerts now has a long downhill putt to win the hole... AND IT'S IN! Hands down, best European performance of the day. thwy go back to 2 up.

15th holeMcIlroy's chip - normally a strength of his game - is weak and never really had a chance of holing.

13th greenStricker swings one from right to left, but it's off target.

15th holeMickelson's pitch from the rough grips at just the right time and rolls to within inches of the cup.

13th holeWoods chips out nicely from the bunker to within a couple of feet.

13th teeColsaerts lands his tee shot right next to the hole, but it had a bit of power on it and skips on. Westwood finds the green, but is over to the right and will likely have a two-putt.

15th teeMickelson cuts his shot way left, much further than McDowell.

13th teeWoods finds the bunker on the front edge of the 13th green.

15th teeBradley goes one better than McIlroy and just about creeps onto the top shelf of the green. Superb shot.

13th teeStricker finds the centre of the green with his tee shot.

15th teeMcIlroy goes with the three wood and lands it just short of the green, in perfect position for a bump and run. McDowell steps up and goes more to the left, but still in a decent position.

14th greenBradley misses a putt! Mickelson had also missed his putt and that sees Europe claw a hole back. Can they build on this? US are still 2 up.

12th greenWestwood leaves his putt short and that's a half. Europe remain 1 up.

12th greenTiger helps Stricker line up his birdie putt on the 12th green.... it was never on line and breaks to the right. Birdie chance coming up for Westwood.

14th holeMickelson plays a superb shot from the bunker at the 14th, but he's still left with some work to do.

12th holeStricker hits a marvellous seven iron inside ten feet. A couple of great birdie opportunities for both sides.

11th holeKaymer is playing from the rough at the 11th and attempts a low draw, but finds the bunker on the front edge.

12th holeWestwood's second shot the the par four 12th is a good one. That leaves him with around 10 foot for a birdie.

14th holeBradley takes a three wood to his approach to the 14th and finds the green. It runs on a bit but stays on the fringe. McIlroy hits his approach to a similar distance.

10.14pm'Poults' has been speaking about Jose Maria Olazabal's decision not to put him in this afternoon's fourballs.

10th greenRose with a chance to win the 10th hole... and he pushes it wide! It's been a difficult afternoon for Rose following his performance alongside Ian Poulter in the morning. America remain three up in that match.

12th teeWestwood goes long and straight as well. Excellent tee shots from the Europeans.

12th teeWoods gives the ball a good crack off the tee but slices it way to the left. Colsaerts steps up and thumps it long and straight. What a performance this man has given.

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11th greenWoods finds the bottom of the cup with a tricky downhill putt to bring Colsaerts and Westood back to within one.


Watson/Simpson win 5&4 over Lawrie/Hanson.

Mickelson/Bradley 3 up through 12 McIlroy/McDowell

Westwood/Colsaerts 2 up through 10 Woods/Stricker.

D Johnson/Kuchar 3 up through 9 Rose/Kaymer.



9.57pmRead how Colsaerts and Westwood have navigated the front nine by clicking here. Meanwhille, clicking here will tell you all about the final match of the day between Dustin Johnson/Matt Kuchar and Justin Rose/Martin Kaymer.

9.54pmApologies for the interruption in our coverage, we have been having a few problems with the system. But they're all behind us now. Unfortunately, Europe's woes still continue. Although Nicolas Colsaerts has got he and Westwood 2 up over Tiger Woods and Steve Stricker in the third match. Hope.

6th greenKuchar holes and Rose cannot replicate, meaning that America are now three up in the anchor match. America are up in three matches and dominating the afternoon session.

11th greenLawrie reduces the deficit in the top match from 6 to five. It's still a lost cause.

9th greenBradley missed his eagle putt, but tidied up for a birdie and a half. America are 3 up in that match.

8th greenWestwood's putt at the 8th slides desperately past the hole. Stricker has the chance for birdie... but his too goes by on the right side of the hole.

10th holeMcIlroy shows a flash of brilliance with a bunker shots that spins right next to the hole. Stone dead. But Bradley has a good eagle putt.

10th holeBradley lands an excellent approach to the 10th short of the flag, but it runs on nicely to leave him with a very makeable putt.

8th holeStricker gets his ball inside Westwoods. Beauty of a shot. Woods goes down the right and just hangs onto the fringe of the green.

8th holeWestwood finds his range nicely, tucking a nice iron shot flag high on the green.

8th holeColsaerts's approach just catches the downslope on the 8th green and it runs on to the back shelf.

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7th greenStricker taps in to force Colsaerts to step up for a half. Pressure on the Belgian... but he holds his nerve to keep Europe level.


Watson/Simpson 6 up through 10 Lawrie/Hanson.

Mickelson/Bradley 3 up through 9 McIlroy/McDowell

Woods/Stricker all square through 6 Westwood/Colsaerts.

D Johnson/Kuchar 2 up through 6 Rose/Kaymer.

9th greenMcDowell taps in at the 9th and cuts America's lead back down to 3 up

10th greenHanson converts his putt for a half... but remain six down to Watson and Simpson.

6th greenKuchar denies Europe the hole at the 6th. America still 2 up.

9th holeMcDowell stiffs one to within inches of the cup at the 9th! Brilliant shot!

6th greenRose sinks a birdie putt. Chance to snatch a hole back in that match. America lead 2 up.

7th holeStricker finds the rough on the front of the green, missing it to the right. Not a bad effort from the trees there.

10th holeHanson has a short pitch into the 10th, and leaves it short. That game is a write off for Europe. They remain six down with no sign of changing, if only to get worse.

6th holeJohnson plays his approach to the 6th flag from the bunker, and could hardly have placed it any better. That's surely a birdie.

7th teeStricker goes wide again and he's in a spot of bother. What can Tiger do? Well, I'll tell you... he plants it down the middle.

7th teeColsaerts has just absolutely blazed one 300+ yards. Unreal hitting. Westwood's drive hits a TV camera. Not ideal...

8th greenBradley sinks his long putt and McDowell now has one from a similar length for a half... and he can't! It slips past the hole and America go 4 up!

8.37pmClick here to read our report on Bubba Watson and Webb Simpson's systematic destruction of Paul Lawrie and Peter Hanson after nine holes.


Watson/Simpson 6 up through 9 Lawrie/Hanson.

Mickelson/Bradley 3 up through 7 McIlroy/McDowell

Woods/Stricker all square through 5 Westwood/Colsaerts.

D Johnson/Kuchar 2 up through 5 Rose/Kaymer.

8th holeMcDowell finds the green with his approach to the 8th flag.

9th greenSimpson misses a putt to go 7 up. Shocking.

5th greenRose misses his put on the 5th green, allowing Kuchar to tap in from five feet to go 2 up.

6th holeBoth Stricker and Woods found the trees from their tee shots and have had to pitch out short of the green. Another opening for Europe, but can they capitalise on this one?

6th holeWestwood lands his approach to the 6th safely on the green. Colsaerts finds the right side of the green, and the ball funnels down towards the hole. A good result for the Belgian!

7th greenAnd just when Europe sniffed an opening, McDowell fluffs his lines and rims the edge of the cup. America go back the three up.

7th greenMickelson denies Europe with a straight putt into the heart of the hole. Great nerve under pressure, but what else would you expect from Mickelson?

6th teeColsaerts and Westwood find the fairway on six, while Woods goes way off course.

7th holeBradley, again from the bunker. The ball doesn't quite grip on the green and leaves him with a tricky one. Europe have their tails up!

7th holeMcDowell now, also from a bunker. This time it's on the front edge of the green. He's played a magnificent shot! He stops it a few yards from the cup. Very nice.

7th holeMickelson chips out from the rough around the green, but he is by no means within easy range. Difficult putt coming up. McIlroy from the bunker... he's thinned it and it goes miles past the hole. Disappointing.

5th greenWoods holds his nerve and drops his putt from a similar distance to halve the hole.

8th green... and Watson taps in to go 6 up in the top match.

5th greenStricker sends his putt to the left. Woods needs to clean up for a half now...

5th greenColsaerts's putting has been sensational so far! He's sunk another one for a birdie, ensuring at least a half.

5th greenWoods has a monster himself for an eagle to win the hole. It goes right to left, it's tracking... tracking... just wide of the hole!

5th greenWestwood lags his monster putt inches short of the hole. Unlucky.

8th teeSpectacular tee shot from Watson! It's in gimme range.


Watson/Simpson 5 up through 7 Lawrie/Hanson.

Mickelson/Bradley 2 up through 6 McIlroy/McDowell

Woods/Stricker all square Westwood/Colsaerts.

D Johnson/Kuchar 1 up through 4 Rose/Kaymer.

4th greenKuchar drains a long putt to put he and D Johnson 1 up over Rose and Kaymer. Just as Europe drag one match back, another gets away. America are up in three matches now.

7th greenElsewhere, Watson sinks another putt to go five upp in the top match. It's a demolition from the two Major champions!

6th greenMickelson's putt slips by the hole! McIlroy and McDowell claw a hole back! Game on!

5th holeColsaerts's drive went the furthest. He's not happy with it! And rightly so, that's in the bunker!

5th holeHe does just as good! Front edge of the green. Tiger stands over his second shot, same distance as Stricker's. He takes a 6 iron to it and lands it in the heart of the green.

5th holeStricker's second into the par five 5th hole is safely onto the green. Westwood is up next, can he do any better?

6th greenIt wasn't a bad effort. He started it on a massive right to left but couldn't sink it. Mickelson or Bradley must hole difficult putts, though...

6th greenMcDowell is lining up a monster putt. This could alter the flow of this match if it drops.

6th holeBradley's shot was not too bad, but due to the lie and the club he needed to get on it, it skips on past the hole. McIlroy's chip is much better, finishing inches from the hole. An opening for Europe here...

6th holeMickelson gets under his bunker shot just a tad and it falls short of his mark. Bradley lines up from the greenside rough...

4th greenTiger's missed putt sees Colsaerts and Westwood level their match. Europe have grabbed a bit of a toe hole in this afternoon session now. Just...

6th holeMickelson's shot into the green from the rough takes an unfortunate hop and just lands in the bunker.

6th holeBradley does the same! The wind is swirling on the sixth hole.

6th holeMcIlroy has a rush of blood, and possibly was not helped by the wind. He struck his approach way past the green. It's going to be difficult from there.

4th greenColsaerts looks in fine form, holing a putt on the 4th green.

3rd greenJustin Rose sends his putt (to win) on the third just wide from around 20/25 foot. Good effort.


Watson/Simpson 4 up through 6 Lawrie/Hanson.

Mickelson/Bradley 3 up through 5 McIlroy/McDowell

Woods/Stricker 1 up through 3 Westwood/Colsaerts.

Rose/Kaymer all square D Johnson/Kuchar.

6th greenBubba Watson puts America 4 up in the top match. He and Webb Simpson are crushing Paul Lawrie and Peter Hanson.

5th greenMeanwhile, Mickelson sinks his putt for a half on the 5th hole.

4th holeTiger's second shot into the 4th is inside Westwood's. Colsaerts lobs one onto the green from the rough. Three balls on the green and putting for birdie.

4th holeStricker's second shot into the par four 4th hole finds the back bunker. Westwood's approach clings to the back of the green. Decent result.

5th greenMickelson now has an eagle putt to go 4 up. He can't find the bottom of the cup, though.

5th greenMcIlroy misreads the putt and not only comes up short, but drifting to the left. Poor effort.

5th holeMcDowell goes close with a fantastic high pitch! The Northern Irishman thought it was in for all the worldbut it drifted just past the hole! Rory is on the green...

5th holeIt's Mickelson's turn for a bit of luck. His approach hits the edge of the bunker and pops out onto the green.

2nd greenJohnson sinks his birdie to win the second hole. Back to all square.

5th holeMcIlroy gets a slice of luck! His shot into the fifth green skips out of the rough and onto the green. Still a lot of work to do!

3rd greenEuropean reprieve! Stricker misses his putt on the second, and America remain just one up.

5th holeMcDowell is badly out of nick today. His shot, with what looked like a hybrid, into the fifth was gone way left.

3rd greenWestwood's putt on the 2nd turns just too much and Stricker has a 12-footer to go 2 up!

3rd greenAgonising for Colsaerts! His put looked in all the way, before it circled the rim and looped out. So unlucky! Westwood up next.

2nd greenTiger's putt on the second green falls short of the cup. Stricker still to go, as are both Europeans.

5th greenSimpson stands over a birdie putt... and sinks it!. That's a half, as Paul Lawrie also birdied.

3rd holeWestwood finds the green with a good approach to the third.

2nd teeJohnson finds the fringe of the second green with an 8 iron.

4th greenNo problem for Mickelson, who sends it into the centre of the cup. America remain three up.

4th greenAnd he sends it past the hole! A glimmer of hope for Europe. Mickelson has three foot for a half.

4th greenHe starts it right and it comes back a bit too far and slips past the hole. Bradley now for a half...

4th greenMickelson stands over a putt to go 4 up. It's within his range - around 10 foot, there or thereabouts...


Watson/Simpson 3 up through 4 Lawrie/Hanson.

Mickelson/Bradley 3 up through 4 McIlroy/McDowell

Woods/Stricker 1 up through 2 Westwood/Colsaerts.

Rose/Kaymer 1 up through 1 D Johnson/Kuchar.

1st greenJustin Rose wins a hole for Europe! They're on the charge now! (ahem)

4th holeMcDowell thumps his recovery for the bunker off the green. I smell another hole to America...

2nd greenAnd Stricker knocks in. It was hoping against hope that he would miss that.

2nd greenColsaerts sinks a nice putt at the second hole, giving Europe a chance to get one back. But Stricker has a short one for a half...

4th holeMcDowell misses the green to the left on the 4th hole and ends up in the bunker. Mickelson strikes his approach to within five feet. Stunning. Simply stunning. America are blowing Europe away here...

2nd teeWestwood also finds the green on the second, but the way his putter has been performing it's by no means an easy one.

4th greenSimpson holes a great putt for a half of the 4th hole. Europe can't catch a break here, they're on the ropes!

2nd teeStricker creeps onto the green from the second tee and rolls towards the hole. That should be an easy putt, especially in the form america are in...

1st teeJohnson spanks it miles down the fairway. Spectacular display of driving.

1st teeHere is the ever-reliable Matt Kuchar to cries of "KUUUUUCH". He slices it to the right, however. Not so reliable there. Here comes Dutin Johnson...

1st teeRose and Kaymer find the fairway on the first hole.

1st greenWoods sinks his put. Red dominates the board.

1st greenColsaerts nearly sinks a 10-footer! Stricker and Woods now have the opportunity to take the lead in the third match. It's not looking good for Jose Maria's boys...

3rd greenBradley now stands over a birdie putt, and this would make it three up after three to the US. Right in the centre of the cup! Chants of "USA! USA! USA!" ring out around the course. what a start.

3rd greenIt lips out! There was just too much pace on the ball, and it flew out at it hit the back of the cup. Unfortunate!

3rd greenMcDowell has a long one for a birdie. This would be just the tonic for the shell-shocked Europeans...

1st holeTiger can't get inside Stricker's ball on the first green, but still it's a safe shot.

3rd holeMcIlroy is inches away from holing out from the greenside rough! So close!

1st holeStricker dials in an iron shot to a gettable distance. It's all happening for the Americans!

3rd holeBradley is weighing up his options from the greenside bunker at the third. He digs his heels in, gets under the ball nicely and pitches to within a foot of the cup. Genius.

4th holeThe Swede got a good chunk of that and it has flown past the green and into the rough around the fring. Not a bad result.

4th holePeter Hanson's tee shot has left him in a world of trouble. A tree is blocking his route to the green. What can he do?

1st teeWoods does make it four out of four. America are sitting pretty after three holes. They're 2 up in the top two matches.

1st teeStricker sends his down the middle. Three good shots, can Tiger make it four? It can't be any worse than his tee shot at the first earlier...

1st teeWestwood drives his tee shot true as well. Right down the centre of the fairway.

1st teeColsaerts stands over his first Ryder Cup tee ball. He whacks it down the fairway, flirting with the rough down the left, but it's long and good.

6.50pmThanks Pascal. Great work. So, the Americans have started like a house on fire. Europe need some blue on the board... desperately!

6.47pmRight, that's my live commentary stint done for the day! Michael will be guiding you through the rest of the evening fourballs. Enjoy his words of wisdom...

2nd greenMcDowell's putt slides by before Mickelson makes his to put Team USA 2 up in both games!

3rd greenI wasn't even looking where Bubba's ball had gone on two but he's just holed a monster to birdie! Hanson must convert now.

2nd greenBoth McIlroy and Bradley attempt to hole their chips on the second but they can't do it so it'll be down to Mickelson and McDowell to fight for the birdie 2.

3rd holeA hold ahead and Simpson and Hanson have both just stiffed their approaches to within 10 feet.

2nd teeMickelson's curling shot on two is perfect and stops about four feet short. McDowell does his best to quieten down the crowd with a similarly good shot.

6.41pmThe timings and order of the final two fourballs have recently been altered. Woods, Stricker, Westwood and Kaymer will still go out at 6.50pm but Dustin Johnson, Kuchar, Rose and Kaymer will wait until 7.05pm.

1st greenBradley has made his putt on the first and McDowell can't follow suit so the Americans have won every hole so far in the fourballs.

2nd greenSimpson makes his par and Europe have two four-footers for the half and they've missed both! USA are 2 up in the first match!

2nd greenOn the second and Hanson has played a stellar bunker shot to three feet after Watson hit his tee shot in the water!

1st teeOn the tee is McIlroy, McDowell, Bradley and Mickelson. The Europeans go left and right before the Americans both go much straighter so they're looking good.

1st greenSorry about the slight delay, just had to pop a new picture and title on the article. If you give us a quick manual refresh you'll have a new picture and info above. Back to the golf and the US have taken an early 1 up lead after Simpson birdied the first.


17th greenStricker's putt stops about four feet from the hole and now it's down to Rose and the Englishman's chip almost goes in! That's enough for the win, 2&1 to Poulter and Rose over Woods and Stricker.

1st teeBack at the first and Peter Hanson has begun the fourballs session with a lovely drive down the middle. His playing partner Paul Lawrie does exactly the same. Lovely!

17th greenStricker has to put his putt close to force the pressure on Rose's chip but it's a real toughie for the veteran from the back corner of this narrow green.

6.05pmAway from the golf briefly and Manchester City captain @VincentKompany has just tweeted this: "Watching my very first Ryder Cup here. Feels weird to cheer for a continent but here we go, Come on Europe!"

17th teePoulter strikes a solid ball to the back left and that's just fine. This one could be over very soon.

17th teePoulter will take the European shot and anywhere on the green should do nicely. Maybe a 6-iron for Ian?

17th teeCan Woods find something? He's first up and it plops down at the back right, a long way from the cup.

16th greenThe Arsenal fan watched his ball drop in the hole and then stood still just pumping his fists in celebration. Big putt that one and they now go to the intimidating 17th.

16th greenHe loves these occasions does Poults. He spends an age lining it up to heighten the atmosphere before finding the cup with a solid, solid stroke.

16th greenIt's a long old 30-footer for Stricker and he puts it to gimme range and so it'll be Poulter to try and halve the hole. If he makes it then the Europeans will be dormie 2 (that means they're 2 up with only 2 to play so can't lose).

16th greenIt's solid enough from Justin, leaving Poults with an eight-footer for par. Stricker now has a putt for the hole, mind.

16th holeSo the Americans are in position A on 16 in the heart of the green. Rose needs to stick this pitch close...

16th holeWoods has an iron in hand and finally puts a good swing on it. He's made it to the short stuff and the momentum continues to shift to the Reds.

16th holePoulter's second to 16 is short and right, it's really tough to reach this par 4 in two. Pressure now on Tiger...

5.49pmSo the ones who've missed out for the Americans in the fourballs are: Furyk, Snedeker, Dufner and Z Johnson. For Europe, Poulter, Molinari, Donald and Garcia get the axe.

5.48pmHere's Daily Mirror journalist @OllieHolt22: "Back in media tent after following McIlroy and McDowell match. One of the best I've ever seen in Ryder Cup. Fantastic atmosphere.

"Crowd not as intimidating as some suggested it might be but got pretty loud when Europeans looked like they were folding."

5.46pmThe pick of those ties is the second where two winning pairs from the foursomes face off. Surprised to see both Tiger and Westwood given the nod in the final match.

5.44pmBREAKING: The pairings for this afternoon's fourballs have been released.

Bubba/Simpson vs. Lawrie/Hanson

Mickelson/Bradley vs. McIlroy/McDowell

D Johnson/Kuchar vs. Rose/Kaymer

Tiger/Stricker vs. Westwood/Colsaerts

15th greenStricker chips to within a couple of inches after Tiger's fortunate tee shot. Rose's second from further back wasn't great and now Poulter has a tough putt for a half from 20 feet. He misses and it's back to 2 up with three to play.

5.41pmDaily Telegraph journalist @_PaulHayward has just summed up Woods's play rather nicely on Twitter: "I swear he's trying to hit home runs rather than golf shots."

15th teeWoods is going for the green on 15 and he pulls towards the trees but gets a lucky break as he clips a tree top and bounces down towards the putting surface. Poulter has layed up, by the way.

5.36pmSo we have just one more match out on course and it's all-Europe with Poulter and Rose 3 up at the 15th.

16th greenHe makes it and it's another point for USA as Dufner and Z Johnson beat Westwood and Molinari 3&2.


16th greenWestwood misses another putt and now Dufner has a putt to win the match...

5.33pmMcIlroy describes the pro-USA atmosphere as "strange" but says you soon "get used to it". McDowell reveals that he and Rory will go back out together this afternoon.

5.32pmMcDowell tells Sky Sports that his job is "easy" as he has the best player in the world beside him. Awww.

14th greenNever in doubt! Poulter finds the hole and the Europeans are 3 up with four to play in the anchor match.

14th greenThe struggling world number two can't get going, he's missed and now Poults can restore the lead to 3 up.

14th greenBoth pairs have a putt for birdie but Poulter's for Europe is the much easier. Can Woods put the pressure on the fired-up Englishman?

18th greenIt's a 1 up victory for McDowell and McIlroy but credit to USA for fighting back so well there.

Current score: USA 1-1 Europe

18th greenThe Northern Irish duo size it up and here we go. HE'S MADE IT!

18th greenFuryk's putt will go up a ridge before snaking towards the cup and it's missed left! McDowell with a putt to win the match. No pressure GMac!

18th greenSo Furyk has a tricky putt for par and now McIlroy's third from the sand is very, very nice. He leaves McDowell with a four footer that will probably be for the match and Europe's first point.

14th holeWoods continues to put Stricker in difficult positions by carving his 5-wood down the right. Poulter doesn't hit a clean one either but it's straight and in the front bunker.

18th holeSo now Sneds. His third shot at the last is solid enough but Europe are still looking good to nick this.

18th holeBack to the last and Furyk has chipped out onto the fairway. Can McDowell put his second on the green? No is the answer as the older of the duo pulls it a little into a greenside bunker.

15th greenWestwood can't force the Americans to putt out and so the penultimate match is now 2 up in the US's favour.

15th holeDufner's decision to lay up was a good one with Westwood getting wet and Zach plonks his little wedge to about six feet. That match is soon to be 2 up then.

15th teeWestwood is going for the green on the short par 4 15th but that's out of the toe and slap bang in the lake!

13th greenWoods makes his par putt on 13 and Poulter can't replicate so the lead is back to 2 up.

18th teeThe pressure's on Snedeker and he buckles, pushing his drive miles right. McIlroy's in heading in the same direction but he gets a lucky bounce of a tree and it's back in the semi-rough.

5.11pmClick here for our report on Mickelson and Bradley's great performance to dispose of the previously-unbeaten Donald and Garcia.

17th greenMcIlroy's chip from the fringe on 17 stops within gimme range and so Snedeker has a putt to win it but he also falls short. The final match will go down the 18th.

14th greenBoth Westwood and Dufner can't convert their putts on 14 and so the third match will head to the 15th with the Americans still 1 up.

17th teeMcDowell's high draw is a bit pully and he's in the left rough. Momentum all with Furyk and Snedeker there.

13th teeWoods will surely be dropped for the afternoon fourballs at this rate. The world number two slices his tee shot on 13 and he's completely despondent.

17th teeFuryk's tee shot on 17 creeps over the front rough and settles nicely on the left side of the green.

13th teeHere's Poulter on the long par three 13th and he overshoots.

5.01pmJust seen a replay of Bradley holing that monster putt. After he made it his caddy swung the flag around his head. Not sure about that one to be honest. Very American.

16th greenMcDowell's par putt slips by and the top match is all square and they head to the daunting 17th.

12th greenWoods misses a short one on 12 before Poulter makes his to put the final match in Europe's favour 3 up.

15th greenThat's Donald and Garcia's first ever loss as a foursomes duo in Ryder Cup golf.

15th greenBradley sends his long putt in on 15 and out of nowhere the Americans have won the first point of the day, 4&3. USA 1-0 Europe

16th holeFuryk plays a gem into the 16th and that match could soon be back to all square! Great turnaround!

4.53pmMy esteemed colleague Mr Lemesre is back from his lunch and is ready to guide you through the final few holes of this first session. I'll be back this evening for the fourballs action.


McDowell/McIlroy 1 up after 15 Furyk/Snedeker

Garcia/Donald 3 down after 14 Mickelson/Bradley

Molinari/Westwood 1 down after 13 Dufner/Z Johnson

Poulter/Rose 2 up after 11 Woods/Stricker

14th greenOh dear, Garcia pushes his four-foot putt past the hole, meaning that the US now lead three up in that match. Their unbeaten run looks to be coming to an end.

13th holeMolinari hits a lovely shot from the greenside rough to leave Westwood inches from the hole.

15th greenSnedeker rolls his putt to within gimme range. It looks as though America will get back to one down, just a hole too late maybe?

15th holeMeanwhile, McIlroy has an awkward stance from the chip-out zone following McDowell's wayward tee shot. He doesn't leave it easy for his partner, but it was a difficult shot.

11th holePOULTER HOLES FROM THE BUNKER! What a delightful flop shot from the Englishman! Europe go back to 2 up! It hung onto the edge of the hole but finally dropped.

11th holeWoods cannot capitalise on Rose's mitake and only finds the front edge of the green.

13th holeWestwood just misses the bunker near the 13th green. Molinari should still have a difficult up and down though.

11th holeRose finds the bunker on the front edge of the green at 11. The impetus seems to be shifting towards the Americans now. It's a real rollercoaster!

13th teeDufner finds the green with a safe tee shot.

14th holeBradley, with what looks like a hybrid, lays up short of the green for Mickelson to loft a wedge into the 14th green.

12th greenWestwood knocks his putt into the heart of the hole at 12 for a half. American remain 1 up.

15th teeAs I say that, McDowell dumps his tee shot into the water at 15!

4.37pmMcDowell really held his nerve on that last green. That could seal victory for Europe in the top match.


McDowell/McIlroy 2 up after 14 Furyk/Snedeker

Garcia/Donald 2 down after 13 Mickelson/Bradley

Molinari/Westwood 1 down after 11 Dufner/Z Johnson

Poulter/Rose 1 up after 10 Woods/Stricker

10th greenWoods sinks his uphill four-footer for a half.

14th greenMcDowell rescues Europe with a superbly taken putt! Europe remain 2 up in the top match!

10th greenPoulter sinks his birdie putt at 10. Tiger has a nasty one for a half.

14th greenSnedeker is lining up his putt from the fringe. This is where his true strength is. Confident, reliable putter. But he cannot get it in the hole. McDowell has 15 feet for a half, though.

10th greenStricker puts his putt well past the hole and Woods has some work left to do at 10.

14th holeMcIlroy puts too much mustard on his bunker shot from the greenside trap. This should be a hole to the Americans...

10th holeRose hits a solid third shot into the par five 10th, leaving Poulter around eight feet.

13th greenMickelson has a tricky left to right from around 10 feet... and he makes it to go 2 up!

14th holeMcDowell's second shot into the par five 14th strays the right, leaving McIlroy with a difficult up and down.

14th holeFuryk thumps a wood onto the back edge of the 14th green. Great chance for the Americans to card a goos score on the 14th.

11th greenJohnson taps in for a half. The Americans remain 1 up in that match.

10th holeWoods dials an iron into the green to leave Stricker with a nice putt for a birdie.

4.22pmThank you Pascal, enjoy your lunch. Hello everybody. Well, what a start eh? It's ebbing and flowing. Provisional scores are currently 2-2... but we all know that can change in an instant.

4.20pmRighty ho, I'm off for a spot of lunch but in the meantime I'll leave you in the capable hands of Michael Penkman. Michael...

12th greenDonald misses and America are now 1 up in the second match! There's now two games in Europe's favour, two in America's. Tasty.

13th greenRight in the middle from Furyk and the Northern Irish lead is back to 2 up.

13th greenMcDowell's par putt lips out and Furyk will have a putt to get a hole back.

12th holeDonald has put Garcia in a treacherous position down by the water but the Spaniard's flop shot is quality and stops about four feet from the cup.

9th greenWoods has given Stricker a short chance of a half and the wise veteran makes no mistake. Poulter and Rose are 1 up at the turn.

13th greenSnedeker's bunker shot is decent on 13 and McIlroy responds with a chip that drops to the same distance of around five feet.

10th greenWestwood again misses a putt, he's really struggling to get his distance right today. The US have a lead in a match for the first time in a while!

13th teeThe top match has reached the picturesque 13th. It's a 245-yard par three - that's a long one - and McDowell goes in the rough long before Furyk comes up short in the bunker.

12th teeMickelson pushes his drive a little right before Garcia plants his down the middle.

10th greenBoth pairs on the opening par five on the back have 10-foot birdie chances. Can Westwood make a putt?

12th greenMcIlroy's eight-footer on 12 slips by to the left. Every putt he's missed has been on the left side today.

12th greenMcIlroy's eight-footer on 12 slips by to the left. Every putt he's missed has been on the left side today.

8th greenRose misses his putt for the win. The final European pair should really be much further ahead in the final match, they still lead 1 up.

12th greenSnedeker's effort on 12 hasn't got the speed and McIlroy has a putt for a 4 up lead.

8th holePoulter's bunker shot on the par three is OK but Woods DUFFS his chip. This has to be one of the all-time bad Ryder Cup performances?

12th holeIn the top match Furyk's approach is at the front but he's outdone by the brilliant McDowell.

11th holeGarcia is about 25 feet short on 11 as Mickelson puts his about the same distance the other side of the hole.

3.57pmBeen eventful hasn't it? So Europe have certainly been the dominant force since an early American charge. However, the Blues are only up in two, with the others all square. My score prediction for the end of this session is 2.5-1.5 in the Europeans' favour.

7th greenStricker taps in for a birdie and the lead is cut to 1 up in the anchor match.

11th greenSnedeker's brilliant putting can't save the US in the top match and McIlroy/McDowell are now 3 up!

9th greenOh my god! Dufner's putt for the win on nine slows up as it reaches the hole. Will it go in? Will it? YES! The little white ball drops and that means they're turning all square in the third match.

11th greenRors holes his tricky par putt on 11 and now Sneds must do the same.

7th holeMuch better from Tiger as he stiffs his approach to a few inches. Looks like that'll be a shot back then.

10th greenBradley holes his birdie putt and now Donald must convert to halve.

7th holeOh dear Poults! The Englishman's third to seven is fatted! Can Woods finally provide a decent approach?

10th holeMickelson's bunker shot is pretty average by his standards and Europe perhaps have the advantage there.

9th greenWestwood's putt on nine isn't that close and Dufner will have a putt for the win to level it up at the turn.

10th holeMickelson has a simple bunker shot for his third on 10 as Garcia puts his third to within five feet! Shot!

7th holeGoodness me! Woods has once again put Stricker in a tough position off the tee. It doesn't matter quite as much as it's nearly impossible to reach this one in two. Both pairs are in the fairway with a short pitch in.

11th holeUrgh! That's ugly from Snedeker as he pulls his approach to 11. McIlroy can't do much better and he's in the sand.


McDowell/McIlroy 2 up after 10 Furyk/Snedeker

Garcia/Donald all square after 9 Mickelson/Bradley

Molinari/Westwood 1 up after eight Dufner/Z Johnson

Poulter/Rose 2 up after six Woods/Stricker

8th greenAt the par three eighth Zach makes no mistake from a couple of feet and the third match will head to the ninth with Molinari/Westwood still 1 up.

6th greenWoods's putt for a half on six slides by to the right and now Poulter and Rose are also 2 up! Europe up in three, all square in one.

10th greenFuryk's chip at 10 isn't good enough and with the Northern Irishmen in prime position the hole is conceded. Europe 2 up for the first time in a match.

6th holeHere's Stricker from the bunker on six and the veteran has put it to about six feet. Rose with a putt to win it.

9th greenIn it goes from Bradley and they're back all square in the second match.

9th greenYou feel Donald has to make this as Bradley has a close one for birdie. The world number three has lipped out again! That's the second time today.

6th holePoults gives Rose a chance of birdie with Stricker having to play from the sandtrap.

10th holeMcIlroy's third from the bunker on the par five is OK but Snedeker has overhit his out the back.

6th holeDear oh dear Tiger! The world number two's approach to six has been pushed right into the sand.

9th holeTo the ninth and Garcia is in prime position to get it close and the Spaniard delivers a decent wedge to within 10 feet. He's outdone by Mickelson though, who goes to about four feet.

3.29pmThe leads are all only 1 up mind so don't get too excited/despondent!

7th greenMolinari's putter is hot today! The Italian converts on seven and Europe are back ahead in the third match. The visitors are once again leading in all four matches!

3.26pmClick here for our report on the opening nine of McIlroy/McDowell vs. Furyk/Snedeker. Clever, aren't we?

8th greenMickelson knocks his in and so does Garcia so that match is also 1 up in Europe's favour as they head to the ninth.

5th greenWoods makes his putt but he really needs to sort himself out. Europe 1 up in the final match.

8th greenBradley's attempted chip-in slides by and both pairs have a four-footer for par.

5th greenRose can't make it and so Woods will have to hole his three-footer for a half.

8th greenDonald's putt on eight has decent pace but his line is a little off.

5th holeBack to the fifth and the two pairs have really messed up this short, very birdieable par five. Stricker's putt slides by and so Rose will have a putt for the win.

9th greenBirdie for McDowell on nine and the Northern Irish duo have reclaimed their 1-up lead for the start of the back nine.

5th holePoulter's tough chip from near the bunker is good but just falls short of the ridge, rolling back to about 20 feet. Woods from the bunker and that's really, really bad. What is going on with Tiger?!

5th holePoulter's tough chip from near the bunker is good but just falls short of the ridge, rolling back to about 20 feet. Woods from the bunker and that's really, really bad. What is going on with Tiger?!

9th holeMcIlroy's approach to nine is excellent as Snedeker nudges his over the green.

8th teeMickelson's response pitches right near the hole and doesn't hold up. He's just off the back of the green.

8th teeGarcia on the par three eighth and the Spaniard's 7-iron is a bit short.

5th holeStricker's hooked effort over the trees is good and he's found the greenside bunker on the right. Not bad.

5th holeThis final match is falling behind the rest because of the extended delays mainly due to the waywardness of Woods off the tee. Stricker is so far off-line, can he put it back in play?

7th greenOver on the seventh and Garcia has a 12-footer for the win but it's just slid by! Still 1 up.

5th holeWoods has put his tee shot way off-line as Rose's second ends up just short of the greenside bunker. Still advantage Europe there as Stricker is way out in the trees.

6th greenMiss from Lee and the third match is back to all square.

6th greenDufner's par putt is good and so Westwood will have to convert from three feet for the half.

8th greenNo mistake from Snedeker and the top match is back even.

6th greenMolinari has an easier putt than Zach on six and the Italian's try doesn't find the hole and both pairs will need to see in their pars.

8th greenMcIlroy's par putt misses left and Sneds will now have a putt to win the hole and bring the top match back to all square.

6th greenThat's a misread and he's got about four feet left to go.

6th greenTo six and Dufner has put Zach at the front of the green. He has the same putt that Garcia was faced with moments ago.

8th holeFirst time at the 208-yard par three and McIlroy has put McDowell in the bunker and GMac's effort comes up 10 feet short. Furyk is on the other side of the green and he's way inside the Northern Irish ball.

4th greenStricker can't match the Englishman and Europe are now WINNING ALL FOUR MATCHES BY 1 UP!

4th greenROSE holes his long-ranger on four and now Stricker must do the same from a similar distance.


McDowell/McIlroy 1 up after 7 Snedeker/Furyk

Garcia/Donald 1 up after 6 Mickelson/Bradley

Westwood/Molinari 1 up after 5 Dufner/Z Johnson

Poulter/Rose all square Woods/Stricker

7th greenSnedeker has a short putt for a half and the best putter on Tour makes it. GMac and Rors still 1 up there.

7th greenMcIlroy makes his birdie and that's four birdies in a row for the Northern Irish boys!

4th holeStricker's drive is just right of the fairway and Woods's approach is front right on the green. 6/10.

6th greenBradley's par putt was woeful and Donald shows him how it's done so that's a quick turnaround in the second match. Europe 1 up after being behind early on.

7th holeFuryk outdoes McDowell on the seventh with an approach right next to the pin.

5th greenZach rolls in his birdie as at the seventh McIlroy puts his approach to within six feet. Shot!

6th greenGarcia's putt is nearly as bad as Mickelson's so Bradley and Donald both have toughies for par.

5th greenMolinari sinks his birdie putt on five so that's likely to be a half.

6th greenMickelson's putt has to go up and over a ridge and 'Lefty's' effort is way short. Naff.

5th holeDufner's pitch at five is a gem, stopping dead about four feet from the cup. Westwood is in the greenside bunker but the world number four shows resolve in flopping to about eight feet.

3rd greenRose's putt for the half doesn't go in and the final match is back at all square.

6th holeDonald's approach has a good line but he's a little short. Bradley's response is pin-high but a little right. Tough putt for Mickelson.

3rd greenWoods's birdie putt slides just by.

5th holeHis effort with the hybrid is way short though and Dufner will have a tough shot over the bunker.

5th teeDufner bangs his drive down the middle on five and Zach will have a decent chance of getting to the green in two.

3rd holeRose puts his second in the greenside bunker after Poulter's wayward tee shot. Stricker with a much simpler approach and his 9-iron is bang on target!

6th greenSnedeker's bunker shot is pretty close but McIlroy will now have a putt for the win. Was it ever in doubt? Rors was never missing! EUROPE ARE NOW UP IN THREE, ALL SQUARE IN ONE

5th greenMickelson's putt slides by so Donald and Garcia are back level.

4th greenDufner missed his par putt on five and Westwood has made his! Europe 1 up in that one too now!

5th greenDonald's eagle putt clips the edge of the hole! How did that stay out?! Mickelson now has a 15-footer for a half.

6th holeFuryk has missed the green on six and McDowell almost holes his second! EUROPE ARE ON THE CHARGE!

5th holeBradley's chip isn't good as he doesn't get it to the top level. Europe looking good to get back on level terms there.

3rd teeThe world number two isn't going with driver this time. His iron is much more solid, straight down the middle.

3rd teePoulter shouts "fore left!" on the third as he drags his tee shot. Can Tiger deliver a straight drive?

4th greenMolinari has a putt to win the hole on four and the Italian has completely misjudged that and he's left Westwood a horror putt down the hill. Nasty.

2.35pmSo, Europe up in one, USA up in 1 and two matches all square.

2nd greenStricker's bogey putt misses the cup so Europe go 1 up in the final match.

5th holeGarcia's second on the par five just gets to the green so Donald will have an eagle putt.

2nd greenPoults hasn't got it quite close enough for the gimme.

2nd holeTiger has a chip from the drop zone and he puts it close-ish while Rose has plonked his tee shot behind the flag so Europe have two putts for the hole.

5th greenBoth pairs birdie the short fifth and they're still all square in the top match.

2nd teeStricker on the second and he's IN THE WATER!

5th teeMcIlroy's tee shot on the short par five is in the sand while Snedeker has pushed into the rough.

4th greenGreat, firm putt so Mickelson and Bradley are still 1 up.

4th greenDonald has a putt for par and he makes it! Bradley must now make his five-footer for a half.

1st holePoulter's putt rolls its way to the hole but he's overdone it left. Rose has to see it in and he does just that. All square after one in the final match.

3rd greenMolinari makes the short putt and they're still all square.

1st holeWoods's chip is close but Poulter will have a putt for the win.

4th holeGarcia's bunker shot isn't as close as Mickelson's over on four.

3rd holeWestwood's bunker shot is delicious but Molinari will have to see that in.

4th holeBradley's approach to four was way short but Mickelson gets it close.

3rd holeDufner's chip on three is a beaut so Westwood will need to put his bunker shot close.

1st holeThe Englishman eases his wedge in and Poulter has a 10-footer for birdie.

1st holeThe wise old veteran has managed to dig it out, somehow, and the Americans' ball is 10 yards short of the green. Rose needs to put it close now.

1st holeStricker has managed to take a drop on the first and he's a club length behind a big fir tree. He's gonna try a low punch under a host of branches.

3rd holeThe Italian had no chance of getting near the flag and he's in fact put it in the bunker. That was probably the safest play in all honesty.

3rd holeWestwood has hooked his tee shot on three and Molinari has a really tough pitch. Anywhere on the green will be good.

4th holeSnedeker can't match McIlroy with a chip-in and we're back all square in the first match.

3rd holeDufner has put Zach in the fairway and the quick-swinger has overdone it. He's out the back.

4th holeThe 23-year-old is some player! Sneds must now hole for a half.

4th holeMcDowell has pushed McIlroy long on the fourth but the young star HOLES HIS CHIP for a birdie three!

1st holeMy word! Woods has lived up to his name as his ball is deep in the trees! Poulter must be loving this!

2nd greenDufner makes the birdie on two and we're back all square in the third game.

2.10pmQuick recap!

McDowell/McIlroy 1 down after 3 to Furyk/Snedeker

Donald/Garcia 1 down after 2 to Mickelson/Bradley

Westwood/Molinari 1 up after 1 to Z Johnson/Dufner

Poulter/Rose A/S with Woods/Stricker on the first

2nd teeZach bounces back from that missed putt on one with a beautiful shot to the second!

1st teeHere comes Tiger! The world number two can be wayward off the tee and yes that's way left!

1st teeCrowd favourite 'Poults' is first up and he thwacks his drive down the fairway. He's up for this!

1st teeWe're moments away from the fourth and final match on the 1st. Poulter/Rose vs. Woods/Stricker.

2nd teeMolinari's just gets to the green and Europe have a ball on the dancefloor on the second for the first time.

3rd greenFuryk nudges his putt left and that's a chance gone begging for the opening American pair to go 2 up.

1st greenZach misses his putt on the 1st and Westwood and Molinari are 1 up!

3rd greenMcDowell's putt is just short of pace and Furyk will have a putt to go 2 up.

1st greenWestwood's putt is just wide on the first and America now have a putt for a half on one.

3rd holeMcIlroy's also in the fairway and his wedge is pretty good. Not as close as Snedeker but decent.

3rd holeTo the third and Snedeker has a fairway approach that he stiffs to about five feet!

2nd greenBradley now has a chance to win the hole and he sinks it! US now up in the opening two matches after successes on the second.

2nd greenGarcia didn't do Donald any favours but the world number three delivers a stellar shot and leaves the Spaniard with the same putt McIlroy missed a moment ago.

1st holeThe Italian is on a slight downslope but he's not daunted, easing a wedge to within 10 feet. Europe looking good in the third match.

1st holeHere's Zach out of the bunker then and the stoney-faced American plops it 10 yards short. Can Molinari put it close?

2nd teeMickelson feels no pressure and plants his iron to within 15 feet. Advantage USA then.

2nd teeAfter that long wait Garcia is next up on the second tee and he's caught it a little fat and left partner Donald with an awful lie in the bunker!

2nd greenSnedeker with a chance to win the hole and he's done it! America 1 up in the opener.

2nd greenMcIlroy has a putt for a par three and he's nudged it wide!

1st teePopular chubby American Dufner can't follow suit and he's in the sand!

1st teeWestwood will kick off proceedings in the third match and the Forest fan booms a drive straight down the middle!

2nd greenThe Northern Irishman isn't awarded a drop and he chips to about five feet. Not great.

2nd greenThis is a very strange sight. Four grown men just staring at a small hole in the ground!

2nd greenThe delay on two was because of an issue with where McDowell could drop the ball as he ended up near a sprinkler.

1st teeThe third match sees Dufner and Zach Johnson (there's another Johnson in Dustin) up against Westwood and Molinari.

The 1stBradley's effort on one just trickles past and that's another half in four.

The 2ndThere's a bit of a delay on the second green as we wait for McIlroy to chip.

The 1stDonald puts his putt next to the hole and now Bradley will have a putt to win it on one.

The 2ndFuryk, donned in a beanie, nudges his long-range putt to a pin-high distance of around four feet. 5/10. No gimme.

The 2ndFuryk will putt first on two even though McDowell is off the green.

The 1stBad misjudgement from the American there.

The 1stGarcia's second is average, finding the left of the green. Mickelson has a little wedge and he's just short!

The 2ndLast week's winner on the PGA Tour underclubs slightly and is on the front right of the green. Again, not much to separate the balls there. Europe closer but America on the green.

The 2ndTo the second and McIlroy pushes his tee shot on the par three into the fringe on the right. What can 'Sneds' do?

The 1stThe 2011 US PGA champion has walloped it way down the fairway. Garcia and Mickelson will now try and get it close.

The 1stThe Englishman has a beautfiul swing and he pushes it a little right but it gets a fortunate bounce and we're in the fairway! Bradley will take the first American shot in this match...

The 1stBack to the tee and the next match is about to get underway. Donald receives a huge "LUUUUUUKE" which has become synonymous with the world number three. Here he goes...

The 1stHe can't make it and that's the hole halved in four.

The 1stWonderfully delicate chip from McDowell and America concede the putt. Furyk will now have a putt for the opening hole.

1.31pmIn five minutes' time there's a real treat as Mickelson and Bradley face Donald and Garcia.

The 1stSnedeker gets it on the green but he's gone a little long and there's not much in it to be honest.

The 1stAlmost brilliant from Rors but in a way he's lucky not to have dropped back into the bunker. Can Snedeker get inside that ball? The blonde bombshell has an extremely bare lie in the trampled grass down the left.

The 1stThe world number one has a heavily-lofted club in hand and he's got it just right of the green.

1.27pmThe pin at the opening hole is right at the front. There's nothing directly guarding the flag but there are bunkers left and right. You can't get a big flyer out of the rough as you'll be wet if you go long. McIlroy will be first to try and get to the green.

1.24pmYou'd have to say that both those drives were pretty pants but who cares! This is match play, all you have to do is play what's in front of you, not an entire field. That's just another reason that makes the Ryder Cup so special in the game of golf.

1.23pmBoth McIlroy and Snedeker should have a shot to the green though. God I love the Ryder Cup! Tingling with excitement, I am.

The 1stFuryk's done the same! Both balls are separated by a couple of yards in the trees on the left!

The 1stMcDowell is way down the left! What can Furyk produce?

1.21pmRemember foursomes is an alternate-shot format. McIlroy will play the second.

1.20pm"Your attention please!" says the official starter. McDowell will take the first tee shot.

1.19pmSnedeker and Furyk are sporting an all-navy outfit with red caps.

1.18pmBoth men have wry smiles stretched across their face as the crowd chant "USA! USA!" The European's respond with a chorus of "Ole! Ole! Ole! Ole!" Love it!

1.17pmEurope are dressed in lime pastel green tops, black trousers. Here come the Northern Irishmen - McIlroy and McDowell.

1.12pmPrediction time! Right, I'm going for a McIlroy/McDowell win in the opener and I think there'll be another European point in the next with Donald and Garcia. The final two games will go America's way though. So I'm being awfully balanced and predicting a 2-2 scoreline after the foursomes.

1.07pmThe final hole is a 450-yard par 4 that requires accuracy off the tee. Just 13 minutes until the off!

1.06pmSixteen is a par 4 that climbs uphill to an elevated green. Next, the hole of the course in my opinion. The 17th is a downhill par 3 that will see plenty of splashes!

1.03pmThe 14th is a very birdieable par 5 and that's followed by the only par 4 under 400 yards on the course, the 15th.

1.01pmNext up is the gorgeous 13th. A long, 245-yard par 3 to an elevated green that is protected by both water and bunkers. Anywhere on the dancefloor is good here.

1.00pmTwelve is a beautiful looking par 4. Don't go right with your approach because you'll be wet!

12.59pmThe back nine begins with a 578-yard par 5 and is followed by a huge dog-leg left par 4. The 11th has the smallest green on the course so accurate iron play is needed.

12.57pmEight is perhaps the simplest par 3 on the course and we may see a few birdies here. The front nine ends with a blind tee shot on a left dog-leg par 4. Expect the players who can draw the ball to do well here, ie McIlroy, Woods!

12.56pmThe seventh is the longest par 5 on the course at around 617 yards and only the likes of Watson, Johnson and Colsaerts have a chance of reaching this in two.

12.55pmSix is a 500-yard plus par 4 that dog-legs right just a tad. Plenty of bunkers guarding the green.

12.54pmThe fourth is a long, 463 par 4 but there's not too much danger. Five is the first par 5 and it's definitely reachable in two. Avoid the bunkers on the right though.

12.52pmNext up, the third is a slightly uphill par 4 that dog-legs to the left slightly.

12.51pmNext up a tough par 3 that is 180ish yards of water and a bit of green at the end! Expect some wet balls here if there's any early nerves!

12.50pmThe opening hole is a 433-yard narrow par 4. The green is well protected by bunkers at the front and water at the back.

12.49pmAs this is the first day of our coverage, let's give you a hole-by-hole rundown of the Medinah course...

12.47pmEurope's opening pairing, McIlroy and McDowell, are out on the practice ground and they look extremely relaxed.

12.46pmThat's 7.20am local time and the players have been arriving at the club and practicing in near darkness this morning. Spooky.

12.45pmHere we go then! Just 35 minutes separates us from the opening match at Medinah!

Rory Mcilroy
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