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Live Commentary: World Cup - India vs. Ireland - as it happened

Take a look back at how India recorded a fifth successive victory in Pool B with an eight-wicket win over Ireland in Hamilton.

India continued their unbeaten run at the World Cup by recording an emphatic eight-wicket victory over Pool B rivals Ireland in Hamilton.

Ireland elected to bat first, and despite impressive contributions from William Porterfield (67) and Niall O'Brien (75), a collapse from 206-3 to 259 all out handed the control to the champions.

Rohit Sharma (64) took full advantage alongside Shikhar Dhawan, who scored his second century of the tournament with 100 from 85 balls, and it was left to Virat Kohli (44*) and Ajinkya Rahane (33*) to finish the job in the 37th over.

Read below to find out how the action unfolded at Seddon Park.

Hello everyone! The World Cup continues today as defending champions India look for their fifth successive game against Ireland, who will reach the quarter-finals by avoiding defeat in one of their final two games. Can Ireland cause a shock in this Pool B match?

Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised just how well Ireland have done so far. They're comfortable at these tournaments now, and have a brilliant chance to reach the last eight. In truth, they will likely need a win today or in their final Pool B game with Pakistan. Beating the champions would be a brilliant way to qualify for the quarter-finals.

It won't be easy for Will Porterfield's side, that's for sure. India were a side lacking in confidence heading into the tournament, and the performances in the tri-series suggested that they simply were not ready for this tournament. However, MS Dhoni's men have picked up four wins in a row and despite already being through to the last eight, India will want to continue their momentum today.

IRELAND WIN THE TOSS: Porterfield gets it right out in the middle at Seddon Park, and Ireland will bat first today.

TEAM NEWS: Ireland have made one change to their side as Stuart Thompson comes in for Andy McBrine to add a bit more depth to the batting order. MS Dhoni's team have no intention of taking their foot off the gas, and they are unchanged.

IRELAND: Porterfield, Stirling, Joyce, N. O'Brien, Balbirnie, Wilson, K. O'Brien, Mooney, Thompson, Cusack, Dockrell

INDIA: R. Sharma, Dhawan, Kohli, Rahane, Raina, Dhoni, Jadeja, Ashwin, Shami, M. Sharma, Yadav

Dhoni sounded understandably upbeat at the toss, telling former New Zealand bowler Simon Doull: "We were looking to bowl first and it gives us the opportunity to chase a score. We are playing with the same side and want to go on as we have been doing. We want to keep a settled team."

A key factor in this game could be how Ireland operate against the Indian spinners, especially Ravichandran Ashwin. Not many of these players will have seen Ashwin up close before, and he can be a difficult customer due to his changes of pace and extra bounce. If sides get on top of Ashwin, India's attack can look vulnerable, but Ireland can't afford to gift the spinner wickets early in his spell.

It should be a great pitch to bat on all day. There was a total of 616 runs scored when South Africa beat Zimbabwe here on February 15. Ireland have to be thinking about 300, and we know they have the talent to reach that score. It could be down to how they start. Ireland won't want to give India any extra confidence.

The national anthem have been played in Hamilton, so it's time for some cricket! Will Porterfield and Paul Stirling to open the batting. Umesh Yadav will bowl the first over.

Yadav is a touch too straight early in the over, but he forces Porterfield into a duck with a sharp bouncer. The Irish skipper gets off the mark when he swings wildly at a wider one to send a top edge over the slips for four. A leg-bye allows Porterfield to keep the strike.

Mohammed Shami settles on a very good length at the start of his opening spell, but there doesn't seem to be any movement in the air. Porterfield flicks a straighter one off his pads for one. The right-handed Stirling comes on strike and the change of target results in Shami sending a wide down the leg-side to get Dhoni scrambling. India appeal for caught behind when the seamer drifts onto the pads again, but the umpire only signals another wide. Stirling chase one outside off-stump and he's fortunate not to get an edge on the ball.

Six! It's a very short boundary one side of the wicket, and it suits the left-handed Porterfield as he punishes a half-tracker from Yadav by clearing the rope with a superb pull. Another fine shot follows with a cover drive straight out of the textbook for four. He steals the strike with a quick single to cover. Good start for Ireland. Porterfield 16* Stirling 0

Porterfield stays on the back foot to punch Shami into the covers for an easy run. Six! Stirling has had enough of being on zero and he decides to get off the mark by pulling over mid-wicket for six. Brilliant shot. He then rushes a single to make it eight off the over.

Dhoni decides a change of approach is needed to combat Ireland's confident start as Mohit Sharma comes into the attack for an early bowl. Ireland's openers are alert once again to start the over with a quick single. Mohit bowls a very tight line, and it won't be easy for Porterfield or Stirling to free their arms. Another single is added behind square on the leg-side. Stirling finishes the over superbly by latching onto a slightly shorter ball to punch four to the cover rope.

Dhoni does well to stop the ball when Shami's bouncer is far too short to be called a legal delivery. I'm not sure if India's bowlers have got their plans quite right yet. If Ireland continue to look comfortable, Dhoni might be thinking about giving Ashwin ore Ravindra Jadeja an early bowl. Stirling reaches the rope again with a stunning drive through the cover. It wasn't a half volley from Shami, just a fine cricket shot. Six off the over.

Mohit comes around the wicket for a new over, and he finds a good length to Porterfield. The Ireland skipper looks in great touch, though, as he stands tall to split the two fielders on the off-side and earn four through extra cover. Mohit responds with a clever slower ball out of the back of the hand, and he's probably slightly unlucky to see it called a wide after appearing to catch the thigh pad. Porterfield throws his bat at a wider on, and he's close to sending an edge through to Dhoni. Another attacking shot follows, with only good work from Jadeja preventing Porterfield from collecting four with a cut over point.

No other side have made a better start with the bat against India in this tournament, and Ireland continue to look confident as Shami works his way through another over. Stirling targets the short boundary again with a back-foot cut over the covers for four. Porterfield 27 (29) Stirling 21* (19)

Shot! Stirling looks in great form as he lofts the ball over mid-off for four runs. Mohit responds to the attack by mixing his pace up nicely with a couple of well-disguised slower balls. Just the boundary off the over.

Jadeja is into the attack for the first time, and Porterfield immediately attempts a reverse sweep. No contact on this occasion, but the confidence is clear. It's a pretty good start from Jadeja as the spinner concedes just three runs from his opening over. Excellent powerplay for Ireland.

Spin from both ends now as Ashwin is introduced. Porterfield drops to one knee to sweep a single down to fine-leg. Ireland then almost gift India the first wicket with a risky call for two. Stirling is short of his ground at the non-striker's end, but Rohit Sharma's throw just misses the stumps. Nice changes of pace throughout the over as Ashwin races through his opening six balls.

Jadeja is bowling a little bit slower than he often does, and it looks like there's the slightest suggestion of spin on this pitch. A sweep for two is followed by a single on the off-side for Stirling. Porterfield comes down the pitch to earn a run to the fielder at long-on. Stirling adds another to keep the strike. Porterfield 34 Stirling 30*

Ashwin has the hands on his head when he finds some drift to beat the inside edge of Porterfield's bat. The spinner is giving the ball plenty of flight, and that's definitely the way to go as India look to invite a mistake from the Irish openers. Porterfield and Stirling are up for the challenge. Four singles off the over.

Ireland need to punish the bad balls from the spinners, and Porterfield obliges with a powerful cut for four runs at the start of Jadeja's over. The skipper then shuffles across the crease to nudge a single into the leg-side. Six! There's a catch in the crowd as Stirling rocks back to pull a poor delivery over the rope. Excellent shot from the right-hander. Ireland take 12 off the over.

Ashwin looks in a pretty decent rhythm, but Ireland's openers are silencing the fans of the men in blue with some excellent batting today. Only some fine fielding from Sharma in the deep prevents Stirling from sweeping for four.

WICKET! STIRLING (42) C RAHANE B ASHWIN: Oh dear. Stirling departs with a chip to Rahane, who must think it's pre-match catching practice as he collects at long-off to send the opener on his way. India really needed that breakthrough.

Ed Joyce is the new batsman, but he's at the non-striker's end as Suresh Raina becomes the sixth bowler to come into the attack. The spinner thinks he has trapped Porterfield lbw, but the appeal is swiftly rejected. A single to deep cover hands the strike to Joyce. He gets off the mark with a quick run past point.

Dhoni didn't get much encouragement from his seamers earlier on, so I'd expect to see a lot of spin in this innings. Ashwin finds a little bit of turn to send the ball past Joyce's edge. Joyce is eager to use his feet, but Ashwin changes the flight and pace well to keep it tight.

WICKET! JOYCE (2) B RAINA: It looks very different in Hamilton now. Joyce tries to cut one which is far too straight, and Raina gets one through to strike middle stump. That's a key wicket for India. Porterfield's role is crucial from here.

Niall O'Brien is the new batsman, and he can score very quickly if he's allowed to get in. He starts his knock with a single to deep cover. Raina completes a very successful over. India can't afford to allow the part-time spinner to make such a big impact.

Dhawan is in the game at leg-slip, but he can't make up the ground to catch O'Brien off the inside edge. "You beauty, Ashwin," Dhoni screams from behind the stumps as the spinner beats the bat with a lovely delivery. It's an excellent maiden from Ashwin.

The pressure is on Ireland now. India are breezing through overs with the spinners now and the run-rate has dropped from six to around 4.8 an over. Dhoni will be delighted with the slower bowlers. Raina keeps it tight once again.

Ashwin is bowling much slower today, but he's testing the Ireland batsmen with a quicker arm ball. At some stage, Ireland have to be more proactive against the spinner. O'Brien can do that if he gets in. Porterfield has gone into his shell since Stirling's departure. Just a single off the 21st over. Porterfield 46* O'Brien 2

O'Brien skips down the track on a couple of occasions in an attempt to put Raina off his length. A risky shot follows later in the over when a thick outside edge just beats Jadeja at short third-man to hand O'Brien four runs. Jadeja's fumble gifts another run to Ireland's number four.

Kohli rushes in from cover in an attempt to run out Porterfield, but a wayward throw gifts Ireland an extra run. Ashwin is showing spinners how it's done in ODI cricket. He's now got 1-16 from seven overs. Excellent work.

India are racing through their overs. That really does put even more pressure on the men in green. Raina is doing a fine job with his changes of pace. 50! Porterfield reaches his half-century from 65 balls. It's been a very good knock, but he must delivery a big score for his side today.

It looked like Kohli was going to get a bowl, but Ashwin has sent the part-timer away to continue his excellent spell. Ireland aren't sure how to attack as they collect just three off the over. If the game continues like this, Ireland will have to punish the seamers when they return.

Another change, another spinner. Rohit Sharma starts with a loose full-toss on the pads, but Porterfield can only collect two before nudging another single to deep square-leg. O'Brien wants to attack with a sweep, and Rohit is a little bit lucky not to be punished with a wide down the leg-side. He recovers well to limit Ireland to five runs.

O'Brien fancies attacking the spinners with a paddle-sweep, but he's forced to settle for one early in a new over from Raina. Porterfield lunges forward to rotate the strike again with a push through extra cover. Another paddle follows. Dhoni appeals for lbw, but it's all bat.

Dhoni won't mind if Ireland continue to settle for singles against Rohit's bowling. They can't afford to lose a wicket if they keep batting at this pace. Perhaps Porterfield is aiming for a big attack in the final 10-15 overs.

Shot! Porterfield relieves a bit of pressure by giving himself the room to loft four runs over cover. Raina responds by slowing the pace down, and the Ireland skipper looks uncomfortable sweeping. Just the boundary off the over.

Shots! O'Brien knows he can't allow Rohit to have it all his own way. A loft over mid-wicket for four is followed by another boundary through cover. Much, much better from Ireland. 50 partnership between these two.

Raina comes very close to sneaking a quicker one onto the stumps, but Portefield gets enough bat on ball to survive. Close! Porterfield comes skipping down the track, and Dhoni fails to punish a poor shot as he can't react to collect the ball for a stumping. Good stuff from Raina. Porterfield 67 O'Brien 28*

Dhoni shows some love for the seamers by bringing back Mohit, and Ireland's intentions are clear. O'Brien attacks outside off-stump to send a thick edge over point for a single.

WICKET! PORTERFIELD (67) C YADAV B MOHIT: Ireland knew they had to attack the seamers, but they've lost a big wicket. Porterfield attempts to open up the leg-side before sending the ball to Yadav at mid-off with a leading edge. Good captaincy from Dhoni.

Andrew Balbirnie is the batsman and he gets the strike when O'Brien takes a single to deep cover. Solid defence on show from Ireland's number five.

Clever batting from O'Brien as he uses the paddle to great effect with four to the fine-leg boundary. Balbirnie then gets the strike, and he gets off the mark with a single to long-on. Shot! Dhoni isn't happy with the line from Raina as O'Brien collects four more with his second paddle shot.

Shot! Balbirnie plays the perfect drive to beat Rohit at cover after picking the slower ball from Mohit. O'Brien latches onto a shorter ball to reach the rope with a powerful pull shot. Much better from Ireland. These two will want to be positive.

The umpire decides to use his colleague upstairs when the stumps are hit, but O'Brien made the single pretty easily. Raina eases through his 10th and final over. 1-40 from the spinner. Great work.

It's time for the five-over batting powerplay. Dhoni responds by bringing Jadeja back into the attack. Ireland have got a lot of wickets in the bank and some powerful hitters to come, so 300 must still be the target. Jadeja refuses to let the attack begin off his over, though. Just two added to the total. O'Brien 46* Balbirnie 10

A lot of captains will use the fast bowlers in the powerplay, but Dhoni has trust in his spinners as Ashwin returns. India appeal for a catch at leg-slip when Balbirnie attempts the reverse sweep. No movement from the umpire, but Raina persuades Dhoni to review the decision. It wasn't a great call from the fielder. The ball struck Balbirnie on the elbow, and Raina is proved wrong. It looks set to be another excellent over, but O'Brien relieves some pressure by passing 50 with a superb shot over long-on for six.

Drop! Shami has had a nightmare. O'Brien goes for another big shot, but he picks out the fielder, who somehow manages to spill the ball over the mid-wicket boundary to gift the batsman six runs. The luck appears to be with Ireland now as Balbirnie top edges a sweep over Dhoni to pick up four. Another good over for Ireland.

Ireland have all the momentum now as Balbirnie sweeps Ashwin to the square-leg rope at the start of the over. A chip over the fielder at long-off brings him two more when Rahane tracks back well to stop the ball from reaching the boundary. Another sweep hands the strike to O'Brien, who hammers the ball through mid-wicket to keep the runs flowing. Ashwin and Dhoni want lbw when O'Brien gets in a muddle, but they can't review the decision.

WICKET! BALBIRNIE (24) C SHAMI B ASHWIN: India needed that. A frantic spell comes to an end as Balbirnie gets another top edge on a sweep to allow Shami to take a fine catch on the run at short fine-leg. Ashwin claims a vital wicket to finish off his 10th over. Ireland will surely keep attacking.

It's Kevin O'Brien, the man with the fastest century in World Cup history, who comes out to join his younger brother at the crease. We'll move to first names during this partnership! Shami is back for a new spell.

WICKET! K. O'BRIEN (1) C DHONI B SHAMI: Big wicket. The dangerous Kevin O'Brien makes just one run before getting an edge on the perfect delivery from Shami. O'Brien fails to move his feet and pays the price. It's an easy catch for Dhoni.

Shami hits the right length again, but Gary Wilson starts his knock with a brilliant stroke as he drives through the covers for four. 10 overs left in the innings.

Yadav is finally back after sloppy two overs at the start of the innings. O'Brien takes a single off the first ball, and Dhoni certainly won't mind that. Wilson shuffles across the crease to nudge a run to square-leg to get the set batsman back on strike. Six! It's obvious who the key man is from here. O'Brien hits his third six with a powerful strike over long-on. Ireland finish with 10 from the over. O'Brien 73 Wilson 6*

WICKET! WILSON (6) C RAHANE B JADEJA: The returning Jadeja strikes. Wilson can only get a top edge on the sweep, and Rahane takes a fine catch at short fine-leg. O'Brien has to bat for most of the closing stages to make sure Ireland get some vital runs.

Stuart Thompson is the new man for Ireland. Jadeja concedes just four runs from a very good over. Excellent bowling from the spinner.

WICKET! O'BRIEN (75) C YADAV B SHAMI: This is a big blow for Ireland. O'Brien shuffles across his crease to target the leg-side, but he can only flick Shami to the waiting Yadav at square-leg. It was an excellent knock. India are on top now, though.

Shami starts with a wide down the leg-side to John Mooney, who is then denied a single by some fine fielding from Jadeja at point.

WICKET! THOMPSON (2) RUN OUT (KOHLI): Mooney had been warned the ball before, but he makes another mistake with some awful calling. Thompson pays the price at the non-striker's end as Kohli hits the stumps from cover. Mooney owes his teammate an apology, but that's a fantastic piece of fielding.

George Dockrell is the new batsman, and he watches on as Mooney keeps out the rest of the over. Just the extra added to the total. India will want to wrap up this innings quickly.

Dockrell can't pick the changes of pace from Jadeja early in the over, but he leaves the spinner frustrated by clearing the rope with a big swing over long-on. It's the only runs scored in the over. Jadeja will take that at this stage.

Mooney gets off strike with a thick outside edge at the start of the over. Shami beats the outside edge when Dockrell flirts with the ball close to his off-stump, before making life uncomfortable for the batsman with a well-directed bouncer. Great bowling from Shami, who is relishing the responsibility of being the leader of this attack. One run from the over.

Poor start to the over from Yadav, who delivers a wide. It looks like another run out is on the way when the Irish duo hesitate over a second, but Dhoni is frustrate with the throw from the deep as Mooney dives in.

WICKET! DOCKRELL (6) C DHONI B YADAV: Ireland lose another wicket when Dockrell skips down the pitch before getting an outside edge on the ball to give Dhoni an easy catch. A good platform has not been used well enough by the men in green. 300 had to be the target.

Alex Cusack is the new batsman. He helps himself to a single with a flick off the hip. Mooney scores some welcome runs by picking the gap at point to earn four.

Cusack opens the face of the bat to find a single to third-man. Mooney is the man who can add some potentially vital runs late in the innings. Shami drifts down the leg-side to put another extra on the board. Mooney backs away in an attempt to open up the off-side, but a miscued shot sends the ball straight to the fielder at mid-off. Two singles are taken off the final couple of deliveries.

Mohit is back into the attack at the death. He starts with a slower ball which Cusack nudges into the leg-side for a single. Mooney backs away to earn a run on the off-side, before Raina stops a firm drive with some excellent fielding at cover. Ireland just need to use all the deliveries. 265-270 might keep them in the game. A wide helps India take six off the over.

Shami drifts one slightly too wide and Cusack attacks to collect four runs through third-man. A firm cut shot brings a single to the fielder at deep cover. Shami keeps Ireland to singles in the middle of the over.

WICKET! CUSACK (11) C YADAV B SHAMI: Ireland can't bat for 50 overs. Cusack looks to find the rope with a lofted shot to third-man, but Yadav is there to take the easiest of catches.

It was such an impressive star for Ireland thanks to Stirling and Porterfield, while Niall O'Brien played very well. However, India pulled it back brilliantly with their spinners and the wickets continued to fall at regular intervals. Ireland are short of a par score. They'll have to bowl excellently to stay in the game. India are firm favourites at the halfway stage.

INDIA NEED 260 TO WIN: We'll join the players in taking a break between innings, but make sure you return in around 25 minutes as India look to make it five wins in a row in Pool B. Can Ireland pull off a shock to secure a spot in the quarter-finals?

Welcome back everyone! India's bowlers delivered the goods once again to bowl out a team for the fifth successive game. That's usually enough to set up victory. Ireland will be cursing themselves for not reaching 300 after such a promising start.

India were 203-3 at one stage in their innings, but some fine bowling and a few poor shots prevented them from reaching a par score on what is an excellent pitch in Hamilton. Credit must go to India's spinners.

After the innings had ended, Ashwin, who took 2-38 from to overs, said: "It was more about pace and that is something I made a conscious effort with to slow it down and bowl my arm ball. I knew they would come at me because of the restrictions but my plan was to keep them coming and to bowl well."

Ireland have to take wickets early in the innings. If they waste the two new balls, the run-chase will look very simple for India due to the depth in their batting lineup. Ireland will need to expose the middle order as soon as possible.

The Irish remain hopeful. It will take a special effort in the field and with the ball, but stranger things have happened at the World Cup.

Here we go then. India need 260 runs at a rate of 5.20 runs an over. The first 15 overs of this innings will be vital. Rohit and Dhawan open the batting for India. Mooney will bowl the first over.

There's almost an early mix-up, but Dhawan recovers to get back home at the non-striker's end. Mooney strays down the leg-side to concede an extra, before Rohit, the man with two double centuries in ODI cricket, gets off the mark with a superb cut for four runs. Steady start to the chase for India.

Another example of poor calling gets Dhawan in trouble, but he turns quickly to get home once again. Cusack is a touch too straight early in the over as Dhawan finds a single behind square on the leg-side. Neither of Ireland's opening bowlers are very quick, so they aren't the easiest to attack early in an innings. Rohit helps himself to a couple with a nudge through mid-wicket. Three off the over.

Mooney has found his headband between overs. Dhawan isn't impressed with the new look, and he latches onto a shorter ball to pull four through mid-wicket. The left-handed opener looks in nice touch as he keeps out some good deliveries from the seamer. Drop! Big chance for Ireland. Mooney comes around the wicket and Dhawan hits the ball straight back to the bowler, who can't hold on. It was struck powerfully, but Mooney knows he should have taken the catch. Dhawan could punish him.

Can Ireland remain confident after missing a chance? They need to make a breakthrough in this powerplay. There's no pressure on India early in the run-chase, but you wouldn't know it when Rohit swings wildly outside off-stump. Shot! That's better. It's nothing more than a push, but Rohit's timing is perfect as he collects four down the ground.

(TARGET 260) Dhawan shuffles across his crease to nudge a run into the leg-side. Rohit adds another single by skipping down the pitch to guide the ball past point. Mooney spoils a good over by sending down a half volley to allow Dhawan to drive through the covers for four.

Gary Wilson comes up the stumps for the start of Cusack's new over. Rohit's technique is pretty much perfect when he's playing well, and he gets to the non-striker's end with a push past the bowler. Dhawan is desperate to free his arms, but he's left frustrated when a couple of miscued drives find the fielders. Good over from Cusack.

Drop! Ireland are going to pay for these mistakes. Dhawan is given another life as Porterfield puts the ball down after making a fantastic effort to get his hands to a cut at point. It would have been a fine catch, but Ireland need those to stick. Rohit piles on the misery with a perfect drive through the covers for four runs. It doesn't get much better than that. Six! Sorry, maybe it does get better. Rohit clears the rope at long-off with another stunning shot.

It's painful to watch for the Ireland fans as Dhawan, who has now been dropped twice, hammers a cut past point before adding four more straight down the ground. The opener is more than happy to settle for two boundaries from the Cusack over. Rohit 23* Dhawan 19

Ireland make their first bowling change as Thompson comes into the attack. The off-side is packed, but Rohit picks up a single after his sliced drive is half-stopped at point. Six! Catching practice for the Indians in the crowd as Dhawan capitalises on a shorter ball to pull over the square-leg boundary. Dhawan latches onto another half-tracker to collect four more, this time through mid-wicket. The pressure is on Thompson, and he delivers a wide following two successive boundaries. Dhawan fancies his chances against this bowling, but he is left disappointed when he picks out the fielder at short mid-wicket with a miscued pull. Wilson can't stop the next wide and the ball races to the rope to hand India five more. 18 off the over.

(TARGET 260) Big test for George Dockrell as Ireland turn to spin for the first time. There's a slip and leg-slip in place for the final over of the powerplay. It's too full at the start of the over as Rohit drives two to deep cover. Six! Too full is followed by too short, and Rohit cashes in to launch the ball over mid-wicket for six runs. India's openers exchange singles in the middle of the over before Rohit adds one more off the final ball to keep the strike.

It's spin from both ends as Stirling comes into the attack. Rohit is quick to get off strike. Dhawan tries his luck with a reverse sweep, but he can't make contact as Stirling keeps it tight. Just one from the over.

Lovely batting from Rohit as he plays the latest of cuts to earn a couple through third-man. It's a much better over from Dockrell, who almost sneaks one through the gate with a bit of drift. Another cut hands a single to Rohit and a mistake in the field then gifts a run to Dhawan.

Ireland are trying to pull India back with spinners in the same way the champions did in the first innings, but these two look very comfortable as they pick the gaps with apparent ease. Rohit makes it another successful over with a cut through point for four. Rohit 40 Dhawan 37*

Shot! Dhawan gets the strike early in the over and Dockrell is left scratching his head as the left-hander works a straight one to the fine-leg rope. He gets a stroke of luck moments later as a wild swing almost results in Dockrell hitting leg-stump. The end result is four byes as Wilson misses the ball down the leg-side. Another boundary follows when Dhawan rocks back to cut past backward point. India are cruising.

(TARGET 260) Rohit takes India to 100 with a push to long-on. Dhawan skips down the pitch to loft a single to the man at deep square-leg. Stirling does well to concede just four off the over, but he's struggling to cause any problems for the openers.

Cusack is back into the attack following his four-over opening spell. Dhawan opens the face of his bat to steer a single to deep cover, before a leg-bye hands the strike back to the left-hander. A pulled run moves him a step closer to his half-century. Rohit steals the strike off the final ball of the over.

50! Dhawan raises the bat to salute his fans after reaching the half-century from 54 balls with a single on the leg-side. He's been in excellent form and Ireland are paying the price for dropping him on two occasions. Six! Dhawan is feeling good out in the middle as he advances down the track to launch Stirling over mid-wicket. A clever fine sweep follows to add four more to the score. Brilliant batting. India take 14 off the over.

Odd shot following the drinks break. Dhawan attempts to scoop the ball over Wilson, but he can only strike the wicketkeeper on the helmet. A more conventional shot into the off-side brings the left-hander a single. Rohit adds a run with a nudge off the hip. Cusack hasn't managed to get the ball to do anything for him, but he's bowled pretty well. Four from the over.

50! That's how you reach a half-century. Rohit reaches the milestone from 49 balls with a stunning shot for six over extra cover. Both of these openers are looking in tremendous form. India just keep getting stronger in this tournament. Nine from Stirling's over.

Dockrell is back into the attack after conceding 24 off his first three overs. Sharma gets one on his pads and flicks the ball away for a couple before pushing a single to cover. Six! Dhawan goes again to clear the rope with a powerful stroke over mid-wicket. A single follows to backward point to make it 10 from the over.

Kevin O'Brien is introduced to the attack, but he's the latest Irishman to be left frustrated. Dhawan shuffles across his crease and without appearing to put too much into the shot, he manages to clear the rope with a simple pull off the hip. Two more added after the boundary from the first ball. Rohit 60* (59) Dhawan 78 (67)

Great work from Niall O'Brien in the deep to stop the ball creeping over the rope when Dhawan steps away to open up the off-side. India just haven't allowed Dockrell to settle. Dhawan tees off once again to launch six more runs over long-on. A cut to deep cover allows the left-hander to keep the strike.

It's exhibition stuff from Dhawan as he drops to one knee to sweep four through fine-leg, before picking out the fielder in the deep with a pull shot. This is now India's highest ever opening partnership at the World Cup. Dhawan is left with a smile on his face when he fails with an attempt to paddle-sweep Kevin O'Brien. Shot! Dhawan is moving around on the crease and O'Brien has now answer as the batsman powers four more through mid-wicket. Rohit 62* Dhawan 96

Rohit looks like he's in the nets as he calmly drives the returning Thompson into the covers for a couple.

WICKET! ROHIT (64) B THOMPSON: Ireland finally make a breakthrough as Rohit chops onto his own stumps attempting to run the ball down to third-man. A fine knock comes to an end. Ireland's reward? Virat Kohli walks out to the middle.

What does Kohli have in store for us? A couple of firm shots find fielders either side of the wicket at the start of his innings and he's happy to let Thompson finish the over with three dot balls.

Dhawan panics when he almost follows Rohit's example by chopping one onto the stumps, but the ball bounces to safety. He beats the fielder at short mid-wicket to pick up a single. Kohli is forced into some defensive strokes by some tight bowling by O'Brien, who keeps India's number three from getting off the mark.

Dhawan is made to wait a bit longer for his century as he picks out a couple of fielders, but Kohli is finally off the mark with a single on the off-side. Decent over from Thompson.

100! What an innings. Dhawan reaches his second century of the tournament by pushing his 84th ball into the leg-side for a single. It's been another superb knock to watch from the left-handed opener, who has taken full advantage after being dropped twice. He's won the game for his side today. Five off O'Brien's over.

Six! Kohli starts with three from 13 balls before breaking the shackles by hammering Thompson over long-on for a maximum. A push into the off-side brings a single.

WICKET! DHAWAN (100) C PORTERFIELD B THOMPSON: A wonderful innings comes to an end as Dhawan gets a leading edge on the ball while targeting mid-wicket again. It's a stunning catch from Porterfield on the run at cover. The ball was up in the air for a long time, but he held his nerve.

Kohli takes a single to leave Ajinkya Rahane with one ball at the end of the over, who leaves the ball alone outside off-stump.

Kohli and Rahane find singles at the start of the over as the latter gets off the mark. A risky run is called by Kohli to point, but Rahane reacts well to put the dive in. The throw was off target anyway. India pick up five off the over.

(TARGET 260) Shot! Thompson can't do much about the latest boundary as Kohli drives past mid-on for four runs. A back-foot punch into the off-side brings two before a push to long-off allows him to rotate the strike. Rahane fails to pick the gap with a couple of powerful drives. India need 57 more runs.

Great work from Thompson on the boundary to prevent Kohli from collecting four runs with a lovely cut shot midway through O'Brien's over. A skip down the pitch is followed by a drive for one. Shot! Classy batting from Rahane as he pushes the ball back past the bowler for four.

Kohli continues to be positive with his foot movement as he advances to find a single through mid-wicket. A thick edge hands a run to Rahane, before Kohli opens the face of the bat to beat the fielder at point and rotate the strike again. Shot! There's no stopping Rahane's cut as he latches onto a bit of width to pick up four. India take eight from the over.

Mooney strays slightly to deliver a wide at the start of a new over. Rahane is forced to reach to connect with a drive, but he makes the right contact to earn four through the covers. Mooney is furious with himself when he sends down another wide. Shot! It just gets better as Rahane plays the perfect cover drive for another boundary.

India decide it's time to take the batting powerplay, and Porterfield responds by bringing back Cusack. Kohli starts the over with a push down the ground for one, before Rahane quickly hands the strike back to his partners. There's two fielders up in the circle behind point, and Cusack gets his line wrong to allow Kohli to cut for four. Kohli nudges the ball back past the bowler to keep the strike.

Ireland have nothing to lose at this stage, so Porterfield decides to review when Mooney's lbw appeal is rejected. It was a decent shout, but Rahane was hit above the knee and the technology suggests the ball would have only clipped the top of the stumps. India collect six off the over to move within 18 of their target.

Good keeping from Wilson to collect the ball when Cusack drifts one down the leg-side. Kohli hands the strike to Rahane, who opens the face of the bat to beat the fielder at short third-man and pick up four runs. Shot! Kohli punishes some width with a powerful cut to the rope. He steals the strike with a single off the final ball. Just six more needed.

INDIA WIN BY EIGHT WICKETS! Ouch. The returning Kevin O'Brien takes a painful blow to the hand attempting to stop Kohli's firm straight drive. Rahane adds another single with a push to deep extra cover. Kohli finishes the job! A stunning cover drive confirms an emphatic win for the defending champions, who make it five victories in a row.

India just continue to dominate their rivals. Another comfortable win is secured thanks to some excellent performances from Dhawan, Rohit and the bowlers. Ireland have battled well, but they just didn't score enough runs today. They must now turn their attention to their final Pool B game with Pakistan as they look for the win which will hand them a place in the last eight.

Kohli (44*) and Rahane (33*) finish the job, but the result has been beyond doubt for a long time. That's all from our live coverage of this match. Thanks for joining me!

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India's Rohit Sharma embraces teammate Virat Kohli after their win during the 2015 Cricket World Cup Pool B match between the UAE and India in Perth on February 28, 2015
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