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Live Commentary: South Africa vs. Pakistan - First Test, day one - as it happened

Sports Mole's live commentary of the first Test match between South Africa and Pakistan at Johannesburg as South Africa were bowled out for 253.

South Africa and Pakistan faced up on day on of the first Test in Johannesburg, with Graeme Smith winning the toss and choosing to bat.

It was a big day for Proteas captain Smith, who became the first man in history to captain in 100 Tests, but his opposite number Misbah ul-Haq stole the show.

Pakistan took vital wickets at key points throughout the day to not allow any South African batsmen to get fully in, Jacques Kallis top-scoring with 50.

Mohammed Hafeez wrapped up the lower order with 4-16, and Pakistan saw out a tricky final two overs of the day, ending on 6-0.

Read below how the action unfolded.

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of this first Test between South Africa and Pakistan.

We have the top team in the world against the fourth-best. South Africa are on a fantastic run of form in Tests, while Pakistan might well be a little rusty after more than six months without playing one.

Toss: Smith wins the toss and chooses to bat. I don't think that toss will be crucial, but it's always good to win it. It doesn't seem a perfect pitch to bat on and certainly Pakistan's spinners will like the look of some of the cracks.

I'll just bring you the teams.

SOUTH AFRICA: Smith, A. Petersen, Amla, Kallis, De Villiers, Du Plessis, Elgar, Philander, R. Peterson, Steyn, Morkel

PAKISTAN: Nasir Jamshed, Mohammed Hafeez, Azhar Ali, Younis Khan, Misbah, Asad Shafiq, Sarfraz Ahmed, Umar Gul, Ajmal, Junaid, Rahat Ali

It's a huge day for Proteas skipper Smith. It's his 32nd birthday firstly, but that pales in comparison to becoming the first player to captain 100 Test matches. It's only his 108th Test, too. Phenomenal and he's been such a huge part of this side for the last almost 11 years now.

Right on cue, here is our story on Smith. You just have to think he'll be influential in the next five days with what's going on.

A couple of very exciting players of Pakistan to keep an eye on. Junaid Khan is one of the up-and-coming seamers in world cricket and Nasir Jamshed has hit a lot of runs in recent one-day internationals.

South Africa's team is one of the most settled in world cricket, which would go some way to explain their recent dominance in Tests. Led by Dale Steyn, Morne Morkel and Vernon Philander they have the ever-solid Smith, Hashim Amla and Jacques Kallis at the top of the order.

Misbah ul-Haq typically diplomatic when asked whether there are any players to look out for in his side. He feels all of the youngsters can offer something to the cause. The players are out there; Umar Gul will open to Smith.

Gul immediately earns a swing and a miss from Smith from a wide one before his second delivery just misses the inside edge. Smith clips off his legs for a single to get off the mark and Gul finishes a good, swinging first over with three dot balls to Alviro Petersen.

It's the youngster Khan in from the golf course end and he too draws a play and miss from Smith with a teaser just outside the line. Smith dabbles through point for a single. Khan is getting swing both ways, which is a promising sign but Petersen comfortably leaves the rest of the over.

Smith is happy to pick up singles for now as he gets himself back off strike with another single midway through the over. Petersen sees out the last three and he has now faced nine balls for no run.

Khan is consistently hitting 85mph with his deliveries, and with it swinging Smith has a lot to think about at the other end. It's no wonder after the early couple of scares that he's happy to leave anything not hitting his stumps. Small appeal for LBW as one nips back in but it was high. Azhar Ali fields well at short leg to save a run and there's a louder appeal for one that looked a lot closer. Not out and no review, so it's a maiden.

Gul continues. A leg bye gets Petersen off strike as we see a replay of that LBW shout - very, very close. Smith is surprised by a good bouncer that he keeps down off his gloves then gets one of his own with a push to cover. Good running finally gets Petersen off the mark after 12 deliveries and good movement away sees Gul's ball just go by the outside edge.

Fantastic first ball swings away from the right-handed Petersen that just misses the shoulder of the bat. Another appeal for Junaid, this time against Petersen but it looks to be going high again and he once more beats the edge with a delicious outswinger. Very good over from Khan.

That's the first time South Africa have run two so far after Smith clips off his pads through square leg. Gul tightens and bowls on slightly down leg that Smith dispatches for the first boundary of the day. Expensive over from Gul but now Junaid will get another go at Petersen.

Yet again he gets one past the edge of the right-hander. It's late, seam swing from the bowler and the batsman just hasn't had a handle on it so far. He gets off strike with a shot off his pads, however. Then Junaid gets one right through Smith's gate and past the stumps. It's really good stuff from Junaid but he's empty handed at the moment.

Bowling chance for Pakistan: Rahat Ali in for Gul. Two off his first ball from Petersen but Ali too is getting some swing, but his line is not right at the moment, Smith can leave anything wide.

It's still Junaid from the other end and he continues to bowl well. Yet another one just misses Peterson's outside edge. Surely one will catch it soon? They win two off the final ball with a clip to fine leg. A somewhat nervy start for South Africa, but they still have all 10 wickets intact.

Rahat goes again. Smith drives straight down the ground for four runs, before a misfield at short gully allows him two instead of just a single. He's motoring now and picks up a leg-side single for seven off the over. Petersen is still largely stuck at the crease and the final three balls are dots.

Junaid is thrown the ball again for his sixth over in the spell. Both batsmen are still struggling to get runs from him and that's the youngster's third over of the match - just four runs have come off his bowling. A fantastic start for him here, he just needs a wicket to cap it off.

Ali gets one just past the inside edge of Smith - more poor batting than good bowling that one. The bowler is testing the umpire with some wide ones here, but he gets away with it and there's just two from the over, one apiece for each opener. It's drinks.

It's a bit of a surprise that the Proteas haven't lost a wicket so far, there have been a number of close ones just missing the edge and a really good LBW shout. Junaid has been the pick of the bowlers and he looks an excellent prospect indeed.

Gul is replacing Junaid after the drinks break. Smith nicks a couple before the bowlers moves around the wicket and whips one just past Smith's edge. He was beaten all ends up there but again survives. They're still to settle, South Africa.

Ali is continuing and he gets a look at Petersen now. He's getting a good line to the right-hander from his natural angle, but only when he doesn't attempt an outswinger - too many of those are well wide and the umpire finally runs out of patience so signal one. The next ball Petersen gets his first four with a simple pull through mid-wicket. He goes the other side with a drive through extra cover for four more, but in truth that one could have been fielded short. It wasn't, and nine come from Ali's over.

Gul, who has bowled well, continues. An attempted yorker is dug out by Smith for two runs, who does get down well for a big leftie. Gul comes back over the wicket and the rest of the over is dot balls. Slow progress this morning for the Proteas, but they'll be pleased not to have lost any wickets while they are settling in.

It's not long until Khan returns and he immediately troubles Petersen with a couple that inch past the edge with late swing away. The batsman finally gets off strike with a single and Smith sees out the remainder. Great stuff from Junaid, but can he turn the pressure into a wicket?

It's still Gul from the other end. The batsmen exchange singles in what is a more comfortable over for them. Their scoring has been almost identical, Smith with 24 from 58 and Petersen 20 from 50 after another single off the last ball.

WICKET! Petersen (20) c Hafeez b Junaid

Junaid does indeed get his reward! Petersen this time gets undone with a straight one and finally caught an edge - a leading edge. It went straight into the hands of Mohammed Hafeez at third slip. Amla the new man in.

The change from Junaid to around the wicket has worked wonders, he's getting real zip and bounce now. Another superb over ends with a wicket-maiden. Five runs and one wicket off his eight overs, fantastic stuff.

WICKET! Smith (24) c Sarfraz b Gul

Well I never, suddenly Pakistan are on top! Smith tries to knock a full one leg side and clips it to Sarfraz behind the stumps. Both Pakistan opening bowlers are rewarded for their efforts and this one is their session at the moment.

Kallis, the new man in, gets underway after a few leaves with a good four off his pads to the square leg boundary. Even with those runs it's a big over from Gul to get the key wicket of Smith, who was looking like he might just stick around for his whole birthday.

Amla too gets his first runs, also with a boundary. He drives through the cover region with a texbook shot, then clips to leg to rotate the strike. Junaid responds with a superb line that just shades away from Kallis and somehow misses the edge.

Gul running in with confidence now after his wicket but Kallis remains steady, watching a couple before nudging a single to the leg side. Gul gets one right through Amla, again moving away off the seam and the batsman was well beaten. He survives, however, and just one comes from the over.

A wave of "ohh" is heard from the crowd as Kallis displays a dictionary definition of a straight drive for four. Sarfraz claims a high bouncer well above his head and Kallis gets himself back on strike with a single to the off side.

Still Gul and Kallis is content to leave the first few of each over. Just as he did in the last over, he bides his time before a splendid on drive brings up four. Saeed Ajmal is warming up, will we see him before lunch?

LUNCH: We will indeed see Ajmal, he replaces Junaid. He's got a superb bag of tricks the off-spinner - how will the batsmen pick that doosra? Amla up first, who works a two to the off side after waiting to see what way the ball will spin.

An intriguing first session of this Test match. The runs haven't flowed for South Africa, but they were steady until reaching 46 runs, where they lost both of their wickets so far. As it turns out, I give that session just about to Pakistan.

Here is Danielle Joynson's report of the first session. I'll leave you with that for lunch, but do join me in about 30 minutes for the second session.

Hello all, and welcome back. Not too long left of the lunch break now and it'll be an important first hour. Both sides could take control of the Test match with a good session here.

How well Ajmal can deceive Amla and Kallis could be key to this session. In the over before lunch, Amla dealt with the spinner well, but it'll be good viewing when he shows his full repertoire.

South Africa haven't been tested a lot against spin, with their most recent series wins being against England, New Zealand and Australia.

The players are back out. Ali will bowl first to Kallis.

Kallis nicks a single and Rahat gets a good inswinging bouncer to keep Amla on his toes. Just that one run from the first over back after lunch, who will bowl next?

It's the excellent Junaid back in, so just the one for Ajmal at the moment. Khan comes back round the wicket and catches Kallis out with an inswinger and it's millimetres away from an edge! Kallis responds with a cover drive for four.

Rahat continues with a second over in the spell and Amla nudges a single off his pads. Kallis goes after one that swings away from him and fortunately escapes with just a swing and a miss and recovers from it by working one run off his legs. Ali tries a bit of reverse swing that Amla manages to dig out for a single of his own. Three from the over.

Junaid continues around the wicket to Amla. He then comes over, picks up Amla's shot on his follow through and clatters the stumps - good aggression from the 23-year-old. Amla fights back with a with a twisting pull behind square for four and follows it up with a clip fine for another boundary. It could be time for Khan to come out of the attack.

Kallis starts the fresh over from Ali with a good cut through the gap between slips and gully. He follows that with an almost identical shot for another four. Good response from Ali, who whips in a couple of inswingers, but the Proteas are starting to tear up the Pakistan pace attack here.

It's time for spin as Ajmal comes into the attack. Amla dispatches a full one to the off side boundary for four but then almost gets undone by a bit of turn, just managing an edge on to his pads.

Pace from the other end with Rahat trusted with another over. Kallis is almost caught out by one that really nips back off the seam, but he survives. You sense the momentum is swinging South Africa's way as, despite a good over from Ali with just one from it, they are picking up runs quite quickly.

Ajmal continues and is looking to slow the pace down. Kallis nicks a single off his pads before Amla misses with a sweep - that's not how to play this off-spinner. Just the one from it, the introduction of Ajmal is, as expected, unsettling this two batsmen.

Ali goes again and seems to be having more success with spin at the other end. Kallis is rooted to his crease before smashing a straight drive back past Ali for four. With it comes his 13,000th Test run! Remarkable. There's more as he swivels to pull a shortish one leg side for four more.

Amla and Kallis exchange singles to start Ajmal's next over before Amla strikes a full one square of third man to the boundary, and picks up another single to get off strike. Kallis gets three with some quick running and that's 10 off Ajmal's over.

Gul comes in for Ali for his third spell and immediately gets a good line to Kallis, finishing with a maiden. The batsman won't play at those, though, so he will need to bowl some tempters as well. There's always such a mental battle with Kallis, he's as patient as they come but can also shift through the gears at a frightening pace.

An Ajmal over flashes by without much drama, barring a couple of singles for the batsmen. Kallis is edging towards his 50, he's got 44 from 66 balls.

Gul continues and Kallis notches one run to take him to 45. Amla looks for the cover boundary but mishits and it goes harmlessly to a fielder at mid-wicket. Just that one run and the rate has slowed in the last four or so overs.

FIFTY FOR KALLIS: Ajmal upping the pressure a little on Kallis, but offers up a full toss with his fourth delivery that the batsman duly dispatches to the cover boundary. Then a single brings up his 58th Test fifty. What a player.

WICKET! Kallis (50) c Shafiq b Gul

What a superb catch at deep mid-wicket from Shafiq. Gul opts for a shorter ball that Kallis tries to pull, but it bounces more than he expects and lofts it to mid-wicket. Shafiq has to dive for it and manages to cling on - that's the sort of fielding they need to win this one, and that is a big, big wicket!

AB de Villiers is the new man in after Gul broke that Amla/Kallis partnership that has served South Africa so well recently. Amla sees out the over, a wicket-maiden from Gul.

An over of blocks from De Villiers there as Ajmal continues. South Africa having to dig in here and Pakistan will be smelling blood, considering their second wicket followed the first immediately.

After a few deliveries just wide of off stump Gul goes a little fuller and Amla crashes it through covers for four. It wasn't an easy shot by any means, but it looked it. Five from the over with Amla getting the strike back with a single off the final ball.

Ajmal comes round the wicket to Amla, who is more than happy to play off the back food, picking up two through square leg. A single follows to give Ajmal another go at De Villiers. He picks up one with a slight mishit and Amla sees out the last couple of balls.

Junaid comes back at the other end, and De Villiers is staying defensive, seeing out anything wide and blocking those closer to his pads.

Big shout for LBW as De Villiers is caught back of his crease. Ajmal is around the wicket, which makes it a harder call but just about the correct one from the umpire. It's a very nervy start from the wicket-keeper, he has just one run from 17 balls.

WICKET! Amla (37) Azhar b Younus

Younus Khan starts a spell now, replacing Junaid who was in for just one over. He gets an immediate wicket with his second delivery, pitching one shortish and slightly wide - Amla territory. The batsman edges to slip where Azhar takes a good catch above his head.

Faf du Plessis comes in with South Africa in a potentially sticky situation. He booms a drive through extra cover for four, not a bad start at all. A single finishes the over - a huge one for Pakistan with the wicket of Amla.

Ajmal has a go at the new batsman, but he's well dealt with and Du Plessis runs a quick single with a flick off his pads. Slow ones, wrong-uns and that little pause at the top of his action all on display now from Ajmal, who looks confident.

Younus coming in with a real sense of urgency after his wicket. Du Plessis reluctant to attack, presumably because of how Amla got out, but he does nick a single off the final ball. Real pressure being created by Pakistan now, they want another before tea.

Junaid returns for Ajmal, who will presumably come back at the other end. Du Plessis leaves one that cuts back towards his stumps, but it was just wide enough to start with. Another maiden for Junaid, who continues to bowl with good discipline.

It's not Ajmal back in, Younus does continue. He almost finds a way through the Du Plessis gate with an inswinger that kept low, but the batsman survives. Just three runs in the last four overs now for the hosts, once again crucial wickets at a great time have stalled the runs.

Junaid forces De Villiers into a mistimed shot, finding a thick inside edge but it's safe off the pads. He has just two runs from 25 deliveries now as he continues to feel his way into the innings.

Ajmal returns to the attack. Nothing much from a quick over, except an early single from De Villers to get him on to three runs.

De Villiers is still way off with his timing. Junaid tosses a wide, full one but the batsman doesn't get a run from it instead of dispatching for four like it deserved. He finally gets a boundary off the final ball, with a much better timed drive.

Du Plessis takes a single to bring up South Africa's 150 and more importantly gets himself off strike to Ajmal. Just that one off the over, not long until tea now, possibly just one more over. Just 10 runs have come from the last eight overs.

TEA: Good running from both batsmen form Younus's next over. Du Plessis takes a couple more with a good clip to leg and follows that up with another two, this time to off. A final single from the last ball before tea, and these two survive, albeit edgily. That's tea and that's one very evenly poised Test match.

It looked as though South Africa could run away in that session with Kallis and Amla batting well for a 79 partnership. However, they both went in quick succession to leave us once more even at the end of the session.

I'll be back in around 20 minutes for the evening session. Join me again then.

Hello and welcome back to the evening session of this first Test. Pakistan will want at least a couple more wickets before the end of the day. They won't want South Africa to get past 300, certainly.

The players are back out and Rahat is there to open the bowling after tea.

Ali almost gets immediate succes with a bouncing, swinging one that edges past De Villers's bat. Three from the first over after tea, can these two batsmen push on in this very important session?

Ajmal comes in from the other end and after a few nervy shots from Du Plessis one bounces right up into his helmet after clipping his glove. Ouch. Its a maiden with that the only drama of the over - just as well they're wearing helmets out there in the middle.

Slow progress after tea as is so often the case. The left-handed Ali gets another one to nip right past De Villers's bat - it was shaping to swing inwards but ended up going straight. Two comes from the last ball of the over, good running.

An Ajmal over flashes by with Du Plessis notching a single off the final ball. No real hint of a wicket since tea, or a boundary for that matter.

Marvellous shot from Du Plessis who strikes square for four. In truth, it was a poor delivery but it still had to be dispatched. Huge appeal for caught behind as Ali flashes one past the edge but Du Plessis survives a lengthy review - there was nothing on hotspot and not much of a noise. A good over of cricket.

The batsmen trade singles in Ajmal's new over, before De Villers turns to his favoured off-side the drive a four square. He's looking more comfortable now after a very slow start.

An early double for Du Plessis off Ali's next over, and he rotates the strike with a single. De Villiers almost gets in a mess with a defensive shot coming off the inside edge and just going past the stumps, but he survives with those three runs off the over.

These two batsman are good friends and good runners between the wickets. Currently they are keeping the score ticking over with singles. Another three come from Ajmal's next over. Which way is the next hour and a half going to go?

Ali fields well to stop a drive from Du Plessis get back past him. The number six has snuck on to 28 runs with another easy single flicked off his pads. That was the only run from the over. The run rate has been below three all day.

Gul comes into the attack and Du Plessis notches an early single. De Villiers gets another two to get him above 20. You feel if theese two can sneak to 200 South Africa will be in control. Fifteen overs until the new ball is available.

Ajmal back in after a change of ends. This pair are dealing with the spinner well, flicking leg or off for ones or twos to rotate the strike and keep the scoreboard ticking. They've done well after shaky starts and are now settled - 53 is the partnership.

Ajmal fields well at mid-on to save a four and Du Plessis has to settle for a single. Classic De Villers off the penultimate ball of the over, getting down on one knee and half-volleying through extra cover for four and he gets back on strike with a prod to leg.

De Villiers almost undoes his good work, paddling to leg but it bounced off Sarfraz's pads and back on to the stumps. Biggest appear of the day from Pakistan from a clip down leg side that Sarfraz carches, but there's no bat and Pakistan lose both reviews. Ultimately, no runs and no wickets from the over.

Du Plessis clips to leg side for an early couple of Gul's next over but the remainder goes by with solid defence and good leaves. It doesn't look likely that this pair of bowlers will get a breakthrough just yet.

Nevertheless, Ajmal continues to De Villiers, who times a good shot into a gap through the covers to collect three. He's not getting a lot out of this pitch, the off-spinner, and he's bowling as well as you might expect for a pitch without much turn.

WICKET! De Villiers (31) c Sarfraz b Hafeez

It's another immediate response from a Misbah bowling change. De Villiers doesn't commit to the shot enough and edges behind to Sarfraz. That could change this match once again. Dean Elgar in.

Two leg byes off the left-handed Elgar's pads bring up the South Africa 200. Just those two off an excellent Hafeez over. Once again Pakistan's part-time bowlers come to their aid. Another wicket now and Pakistan will be on top.

Ajmal has a solid start to his over, but then plops one up full for Du Plessis to get off strike. Elgar gets off the mark with a couple through mid-wicket. Not timed, but the first runs don't matter, as long as they come. That's drinks.

New ball in seven overs, Hafeez continues for now. Sarfraz is all of a sudden very vocal behind the stumps, as Hafeez gets a shade of turn from the pitch. Du Plessis gets a single with a very unconvincing sweep into the gap just short of fine leg.

Du Plessis gets off strike quickly so Elgar will face almost an over of Ajmal spin. He hits a nice shot through mid-wicket for four - not perfectly timed but good enough against the spin. He gets off strike with a single and Du Plessis survives a mini-appeal for a catch at short leg. It didn't hit the bat, though.

Hafeez comes around the wicket to Elgar, who is playing the spin effectively so far. They run well after Elgar looks to be stuck in his crease to again rotate and another single comes off the last ball.

It's still Ajmal for his 22nd over, and it flashes by without a run. The rate is staying low, this session has been just 2.57.

Elgar spins and hits a somewhat scrappy four to mid-wicket. Some good running from Hafeez's over and eight come from it. That's by far the most expensive since tea.

A leg bye gets Du Plessis off strike before Ajmal gets one right through the defences of Elgar, but there was too much turn in the end. Elgar follows up with a huge six! Down on his knee, he middles it right over deep mid-wicket. He goes off side now, and on the ground, for four more with a really well-timed square cut. This pair are looking to add some quick runs before the new ball.

WICKET! Du Plessis (41) b Junaid

What a bizarre wicket! Junaid comes back in for an over before the new ball to warm up, and Du Plessis plays a forward defensive shot, before seeing the ball go in the air and spin back on to his stumps! That's a huge wicket before the new ball and another bowling change pays dividends for Misbah. Robin Peterson in now, Pakistan are into the tail.

No further action in the over and it's a wicket-maiden for Khan. He's been excellent all day and deserved that stroke of luck for the wicket. Part luck and part poor concentration from Du Plessis, who lost sight of where the ball went after playing the shot.

Elgar gets a single from Hafeez's next over and the bowler almost catches out Peterson with a quicker one, but it wasn't going to hit the stumps. New ball due, I expect they'll take it.

They haven't, in fact, and Junaid continues over the wicket. Sarfraz can't gather one down leg side to the left-handed Elgar and South Africa collect four byes. Elgar pulls nicely but picks out a fielder at forward square leg for just a single and Junaid follows up with a good yorker.

WICKET! Peterson (0) b Hafeez

Hafeez continues his spin, without the new ball. However, after two balls of the over they do take it. Odd decision I think, but after Elgar takes a single Peterson decides to leave a shortish one and it clips the top of off. I won't question Misbah again, I promise.

Vernon Philander is the new batsman, with Gul handed the new cherry. Edgar defends the first four deliveries well then flicks a single to get Philander on strike for the first time. He leaves and just the one run comes from the over.

WICKET! Elgar (27) c Sarfraz b Hafeez

Oh dear, that's South Africa's last proper batsman gone. He dabbled at one down the leg side and clipped to Sarfraz, who did well to take the catch on his blindside. Dale Steyn in.

WICKET! Philander (1) run out (Shafiq)

Oh dear, what a horrific mix-up. Steyn gets off strike with a single but Philander sends him back up the other end with one of his own. They then run one and they wants to come back for a second, but it was never on and Philander is gone after Sharfraz whips off the bails from Shafiq's throw. Pakistan could bat today.

Four runs for Steyn, who swipes at a shortish one and edges over the slips to the boundary. Then six! He meant that one, a thwack down the ground with a big, straight stance. Fantastic shot from Steyn, and he also defends well from straight bowling from Gul. The over ends with an edge but it bounces safe, before Sarfraz can wrap his gloves around it.

WICKET! Morkel (0) b Hafeez

Well, what an end to that session for Pakistan. It was Hafeez instead of Ajmal who rattled through the lower order, dispatching Morkel through the gate to end the hosts' innings.

Hafeez ends with 4-16. Just waiting to see if Pakistan will come out to face or if that's the end of the day. I think they'll face two or three.

It will be two overs Pakistan will face when the innings is turned around in a few minutes. A very, very tricky couple of overs - will we see a night watchman?

I reckon 253 is slightly under par, but we won't really know until we see how the Pakistan batting order deals with Steyn, Morkel, Philander et al.

Philander opens to Hafeez. Nasir Jamshed is at the other end, so two big overs for the openers to deal with.

Two short ones fly past Hafeez's bat, but he gets well behind a couple of straighter ones. He survives the over with a couple of runs to the leg side and a four to the same area, that's more than he could have hoped for in testing circumstances.

STUMPS: The debutant Jamshed faces a baptism of fire, up against none other than Dale Steyn. A solid block starts the over and some good leaves make clear Jamshed's mentality for this over: he just wants to survive. He does and with that maiden comes the end of a brilliant day of Test cricket.

Pakistan will be delighted with that opening day and I give the day to them. Tomorrow will be a huge test. If they can get close to South Africa's total with wickets in hand then they're in with a chance.

Thanks for joining me today. Callum Mulvihill will be taking you through the action tomorrow for what will hopefully be an equally enthralling day of cricket. Goodbye.

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