Live Commentary: India vs. Australia - First Test, day four - as it happened

Live Commentary: India vs. Australia - First Test, day four - as it happened
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Live text coverage of day four of the first Test between India and Australia in Chennai.

India started day four of the first Test against Australia in a commanding position following MS Dhoni's heroics on Sunday.

Dhoni was eventually dismissed for 224 and India's innings came to an end shortly after, with 572 runs being put on the scoreboard by the hosts.

An innings defeat looked likely for Australia at 175-9 but Moises Henriques produced a brilliant counter attack to bat his side into a lead of 40 and force the game into a fifth day.

Read how the drama unfolded in Chennai below.

3.40amGood morning everyone. What a day of Test cricket we have in store today. Dhoni's innings yesterday was one of the best in recent history and the Indian captain has guided his side into a strong position in Chennai.

3.46amDhoni isn't finished yet, either. He'll resume his innings on 206, alongside Bhuvneshwar Kumar, who supported his skipper superbly yesterday with an unbeaten 16.

3.52amAustralia need to make sure they do not give away any more cheap runs this morning. Two quick wickets will be the target and then the tourists can start thinking about batting.

3.57amPlay is under five minutes away. Another impressive performance from India today could set up a victory but it could all depend on how much the pitch spins.

3.59amHere we go then. Dhoni and Kumar are ready to begin day four and it will be Lyon who begins proceedings with ball in his hand.

IND 520-8Dhoni continues his tactic from yesterday, picking the gap at square leg but choosing not to give the strike to Kumar. The first runs of the day come just a ball later when Dhoni reverse sweeps for four. Dhoni does find a single from the fifth delivery and Kumar defends the final ball to ensure the skipper keeps the strike.

IND 524-8Pattinson takes on the bowling duties from the opposite end to Lyon. Dhoni crunches two cover drives early in the over but picks out Starc in the field on both occasions. Pattinson has an appeal for lbw rejected but replays show that Dhoni was outside the line of off stump at the point of contact.Sloppy bowling from the seamer as delivers four byes down the leg-side to leave Wade with no chance behind the stumps.

IND 536-8Bad luck for Lyon as he catches Kumar's edge but the ball races past slip to give the tail-end batsman four runs. A nudge behind square on the leg-side allows the Indian duo to hurry a single. Dhoni decides it's time for some fireworks and clears the ropes for the first time today with a huge six over long-on. An easy single from the final ball means that Dhoni will keep the strike.

IND 537-8Dhoni thinks there is two runs available with a push to deep point but he can only claim a single, exposing Kumar. The right-handed batsman looks relaxed and easily defends the rest of Pattinson's over.

IND 542-8Dhoni skips down the pitch but doesn't make the contact he wants and can only pick out one of the fielders in the deep. Another lofted shot follows, with the ball dropping just short of Warner at long-off. A single is taken and Kumar is completely beaten by a sharp bouncing delivery but the luck is on India's side as the ball evades wade before racing to the rope for four byes.

IND 546-8Superb from Dhoni as he launches Pattinson over mid-off for a one-bounce boundary. The umpires decide that Dhoni has damaged the ball too much with his outrageous display of hitting and a new one is given to the Australians.

IND 546-9WICKET! Dhoni (224) c Wade b Pattinson

IND 546-9It's over, Dhoni finally departs after making the highest score by an Indian captain. Pattinson fires in a sharp bouncer, taking the edge and Wade takes a good catch behind the stumps. The bowler now has five wickets, that's a great effort by Pattinson.

IND 549-9Sharma is the new batsman and he survives the end of Pattinson's over. Kumar must take charge now and he looks good, taking three runs from Lyon's over.

IND 555-9Pattinson starts a new over with a bouncer but his efforts are not as successful, with a wide being given. The bowler fails to prevent Kumar from taking a signal from the fifth ball and the over ends on a poor note when Pattinson delivers four byes past the helpless Wade.

IND 558-9Kumar is happy to take a single midway through Lyon's over, handing the strike to Sharma. The next delivery keeps very low but Sharma's thick edge allows the Indian duo to rush through a single. Kumar then takes a couple of steps down the pitch to clip the ball past short mid-wicket for a single.

IND 559-9Siddle replaces Pattinson following the latter's disappointing over. Kumar nudges the ball of his pads for a single to deep square leg. Sharma then does well to keep out a couple of shorter balls from Siddle.

IND 564-9Brilliant batting from Kumar as he latches onto a fuller delivery from Lyon to earn four through extra cover. A single is then taken to square leg, leaving Sharma to survive the final few deliveries with relative ease.

IND 567-9Kumar rocks back to cut through the off-side, picking up two runs for his efforts. Siddle catches the inside edge but the ball deflects into the pads and not onto the stumps, thankfully for Kumar. Sharma takes his time to respond to a call for a single but a review from the third umpire proves he did make his ground before Warner's throw crashed into the stumps.

IND 571-9A push through mid-wicket allows Kumar to take a single at the start of Lyon's new over. Sharma doesn't look comfortable against off-spin but a thick edge allows the number 11 to get off strike and Kumar then adds another with a drive to long-on. Sharp spin to end the over from Lyon but it's another inside edge from Sharma that evades the close fielders.

IND 572-9Sharma prods the ball into the off-side and he is almost punished for some poor running but Cowan's throw at the stumps is wayward.

IND 572WICKET! Kumar (38) c Clarke b Siddle

IND 572Kumar is completely deceived by a slower ball from Siddle and offers a simple catch to Clarke at mid-off. India's innings finally comes to an end but what a display from the hosts. Kumar, Tendulkar and Kohli were all outstanding in different roles but it's Dhoni's performance which will be remembered for many years in Chennai.

5.05amIt's Australia's turn with the bat now. There's probably no chance of the tourists claiming a victory but they must bat well if they are to avoid defeat. A good start is vital but India's spinners will be dangerous on the deteriorating pitch.

AUS 0-0There's no time wasted in Chennai as the players quickly return to the field. Cowan and Watson are ready, Ashwin will open the bowling.

AUS 1-0Cowan is immediately off strike with a single to point but there are clear signs of turn and bounce. Watson defends well but Ashwin will be a big challenge throughout this spell.

AUS 1-0Dhoni decides to go with spin from both ends as Harbhajan is thrown the ball to begin his spell. For those of you who don't know, Warner is not opening batting as he is currently feeling unwell. Good start from Harbhajan as he finds some turn straight away but the line isn't quite right and Cowan leaves outside off stump. A catch is taken at slip by Sehwag and despite some big appeals, a replay proves there was no edge.

AUS 2-0Watson is off the mark with a quick single to mid-wicket. Ashwin then appeals for lbw but it looks to be too high. Superb over from Ashwin and these are very difficult times for Australia's openers.

AUS 2-0Australia currently trail their opponents by 190 runs. It may not seem much but this pitch has come alive this morning.

AUS 3-0Harbhajan strays onto the pads, allowing Watson to flick a single to fine leg. The spinner varies his pace very well throughout the over and Cowan has to be alert to dig out a fuller delivery.

AUS 6-0Watson again starts an over by taking a single to the deep on the leg-side. Cowan rocks back into his crease to nudge the ball off his pads for a single to square leg. One more single for Watson to mid-wicket. Cowan is fortunate not to edge a delivery that turns and bounces from Ashwin at the end of the over.

AUS 11-0Watson is doing his best to rotate the strike, which is vital when you have a left-handed and right-handed batsman at the crease. Cowan doesn't make great contact with a sweep shot but he still reaches the boundary rope for the first time innings. Five from Harbhajan's over.

AUS 12-0A push straight down the ground earns Watson a single. Cowan is distraught with himself when he almost departs with a leading edge landing just wide of Pujara at short leg.

AUS 12-0Harbhajan races through a maiden over, in which Watson defended on the back foot throughout. Good pressure from India but Australia's openers are batting with great determination.

AUS 16-0Cowan is beginning to settle at the crease and he's making sure to avoid driving at the sharp bouncing deliveries outside off stump. Ashwin ruins a good over by delivering a full toss to gift Cowan four runs through mid-wicket.

AUS 17-0Harbhajan delivers the ball a bit too short and Watson collects a single to square leg. Cowan is more than happy to leave the remainder of the over when the spinner goes to a fuller line outside off stump.

AUS 17-0Jadeja is into the attack in place of Ashwin. Great start from the all-rounder and he completely bamboozles Watson with a beauty that is agonisingly close to taking the outside edge. Maiden over from Jadeja.

AUS 18-0Harbhajan finds some dangerous bounce, catching the glove of Watson but the deflection sees the ball drop safely. just a single from the over.

AUS 18-0Jadeja has looked dangerous in his opening two overs and his variation in pace is worrying the batsmen. A straighter delivery almost fools Cowan but the left-hander pulls his bat away at the crucial time. It's another maiden from Jadeja.

AUS 28-0A straight delivery from Harbhajan turns sharply and Dhoni can't stop the ball racing away for four byes down the leg-side. A short ball is punished by Watson, who hits a huge six over mid-wicket. Sloppy over from Harbhajan, 10 scored.

AUS 30-0Cowan attempts to work the ball to fine leg and is lucky when the ball drops just short of Ashwin at leg gully. Jadeja is bowling with great rhythm and has an lbw decision rejected before seeing a deflection off Cowan's glove just evade Pujara at short leg.

AUS 34-0Ashwin is back on at the end where he took six of his seven wickets in the first innings. The spinner goes to full midway through the over and Watson takes advantage, skipping down the pitch to drive the ball for four runs straight down the ground.

AUS 34-1WICKET! Watson (17) c Sehwag b Ashwin

AUS 34-1Lunch: Huge wicket for India! Watson defends but the extra bounce causes him problems and the ball loops off the shoulder of the bat and into the grateful hands of Sehwag at slip. Ashwin makes the breakthrough from the final ball before lunch.

6.04amIt looked as though Australia had battled their way to lunch but that wicket changes the complexion of the innings. The tourists could be in for a long day. We're going to take a break during lunch, join us in around 35 minutes as India continue their search for victory.

6.37amWelcome back. India will have been the happier of the two sides over their cucumber sandwiches. Watson's dismissal before lunch could be crucial. We're just a couple of minute away from the resumption of play.

AUS 34-1Warner is the new batsman, despite not being able to bat earlier due to feeling slightly under the weather. Harbhajan has the ball in his hand and we're ready to go.

AUS 35-1Cowan will feel he's missed out after cutting a short ball straight to Pujara at point for only a single. Warner confidently block his first ball, good start to the session from Harbhajan.

AUS 36-1It's Ashwin who continues his spell following the break. Cowan takes a single to mid-wicket early in the over. Ashwin screams for lbw when he hits Warner on the pad and replays suggest it was pretty close, despite the shake of the head from the umpire. Tight over from Ashwin, just a single scored.

AUS 37-1Cowan once again takes a single at the start of the over. Warner, still on zero, drives well through the off-side but can only pick out the fielder at cover. Harbhajan pushes Warner onto the back foot with a couple of quicker deliveries but the left-handed batsman defends well.

AUS 38-1Ashwin strays onto the pads just enough to allow Cowan to sneak a single just behind square on the leg-side midway through the over. Warner middles a couple of shots but once again, he can;t find the gap and stays on zero.

AUS 39-1Big chance. Cowan prods at the ball outside off stump but Vijay can't react quickly enough to take what would have been a superb catch. There's an easy single taken by Cowan on the leg-side and that's the only run scored in the over.

AUS 40-1Ashwin begins the over nicely but a potential maiden is ruined when a leg-bye allows Cowan to get off strike. Warner pushes the ball straight to cover and still can't find a way of scoring.

AUS 45-1Harbhajan delivers a superb ball that bounces sharply on Cowan but it hits the batsman on the chest and Vijay's catch at silly point does not result in a wicket. A brilliant sweep shot follows and Cowan has four runs to fine leg. Harbhajan seems to be struggling with his line from over the wicket and Dhoni may turn to Jadeja soon. A second sweeps shot brings Cowan a single and it's five from the over.

AUS 52-1Jadeja is back into the attack but it's to replace Ashwin, not Harbhajan. Cowan guides the spinner's first ball behind point for two runs before sweeping to deep square leg for a single. Warner is finally of the mark with a couple to deep cover, bringing up 50 for Australia. Jadeja delivers a beauty but it does too much and hits Warner in the shoulder, resulting in two leg byes.

AUS 54-1Cowan looks to sweep again but picks out Pujara at short fine leg. Dhoni whips the bails off but a replay proves that Cowan got back to his crease in time. Good work from Cowan as he nudges the ball into the leg-side for an easy single. Warner calls for a risky single but Dhoni's throw is wayward and the Australians survive.

AUS 55-1Jadeja is asking questions with every delivery he bowls. Warner takes a single with a thick edge to backward point. Plenty of chat around the bat being aimed at Cowan. The opener defends well though and it's just one run from the over.

AUS 56-1Ashwin is back into the attack, replacing Harbhajan. He goes very full to Warner but the left-hander can't place the ball past the bowler. There's some big bounce and Warner is struck on the glove but there's no short leg in place. Ashwin delivers another beauty just a ball later and Warner is left looking at the pitch in bemusement after playing and missing. One run from the over.

AUS 60-1Warner pushes into the off-side for a single early in Jadeja's over and Cowan quickly adds another with a thick inside edge to fine leg. There's some attacking intent from Warner but his lofted shot is slightly miscued and he only collects one run to deep square leg. Cowan adds one more to the total with a lofted sweep shot. Good batting from these two since lunch.

AUS 64-1Tendulkar is left to do the chasing when Cowan cuts behind point for two runs. The same batsman is completely deceived later in the over and is lucky not to send an edge through to Dhoni. Two singles are traded between the batsmen.

AUS 64-2WICKET! Cowan (32) lbw b Ashwin

AUS 64-2Cowan's hard work is undone when Ashwin gets one to straighten. There is some confusion what the decision is when Vijay takes a catch at silly point but umpire Dharmasena confirms he has given it out lbw.

AUS 65-2Phil Hughes is the new man at the crease and he's on strike following a single from Warner early in Jadeja's new over. The new arrival sweeps hard but can only shoulder the ball to Ashwin at leg gully. The Indians appeal bu the umpire shakes his head.

AUS 65-3WICKET! Hughes (0) c Sehwag b Jadeja

AUS 65-3The Indians weren't unhappy for long. Jadeja's delivery explodes off the pitch before hitting the glove of Hughes on its way to Sehwag at slip. Nothing Hughes could do about that but it's a big few minutes for the hosts.

AUS 65-3Clarke is the new batsman and he's got a big job on his hands. The skipper blocks the first ball easily but what an over that is from Jadeja.

AUS 66-3Ashwin continues his spell and it's a mistake from the bowlers as he fumbles the ball, allowing Warner to take a single. Clarke is happy to defend the remainder of the over.

AUS 66-3Jadeja catches the inside edge of Warner but a deflection off the pad sees the ball drop wide of Pujara at silly mid-off. Warner has no idea what the ball is doing outside his off stump and is lucky to survive another over. Time for a drinks break.

AUS 78-3India are so close to taking another wicket following the break. Clarke tries to work the ball to fine leg and almost sends a catch to Kohli, who drops the ball at leg-slip. A couple of runs on the leg-side is followed by a huge six over mid-wicket from Clarke, superb batting from the visiting skipper. Another boundary follows as Clarke rocks back to pull a short ball for four.

AUS 79-3Warner attempts the slog-sweep at the start of Jadeja's over and is lucky when the ball drops short of Sharma in the deep on the leg-side. Clarke is completely beaten by a beauty at the end of the over.

AUS 81-3Two singles are traded early in the new Ashwin over. Warner has been at the crease for a while now and we could see his positive side surface soon.

AUS 85-3Clarke is almost in a bit of trouble when he cuts a ball that did not warrant that type of shot. The skipper survives again when he is the subject of an lbw appeal but Jadeja's delivery looked to be going past leg stump. Clarke ends the over by whipping the ball through mid-wicket for a boundary.

AUS 93-3Ashwin delivers a freebie for Warner, who sends a half-tracker to the rope at mid-wicket for a four. Warner completely miscues another pull shot later in the over and is lucky not to offer a catch to Ashwin. The left-handed batsman ends the over on a positive note, slog-sweeping over mid-wicket for four.

AUS 101-3Great batting from Clarke as he stands tall to drive the ball straight down the ground for four. There's a big appeal for lbw but Marais Erasmus shakes his head, suggesting the ball may have been missing leg-stump but replays prove that Clarke is a lucky, lucky boy. Four more runs for the Australian captain through mid-wicket and it's a frustrating over for Jadeja.

AUS 101-3Harbhajan is back for a new spell and he immediately looks a threat against Warner.

AUS 101-4WICKET! Warner (23) lbw b Harbhajan

AUS 101-4I said he was a threat and Harbhajan's introduction has done the trick in Chennai. It's tight but it looks like the ball would have gone on to hit off-stump. Warner shakes his head but he has to go. Wade is the new man at the crease and he blocks his first ball.

AUS 105-4Clarke times a back cut very well but Sharma does the fielding and restricts Australia to three runs. It's a good over again from Jadeja but Wade makes it four from the over with a rushed single from the final ball.

AUS 106-4A leading edge allows Wade to earn a single early in Harbhajan's over. Clarke does well to avoid danger when a wicked delivery bursts off the pitch before hitting him on the glove. Just one run from the over.

AUS 110-4Jadeja gets the ball to turn sharply out of the rough and Dhoni can do nothing to prevent the ball from racing away for four byes. Pujara is struck on the helmet at short leg by a powerful Wade sweep shot. Thank goodness for helmets.

AUS 118-4Clarke chips the ball into the air but it lands safely in front of long-on and he earns a single. A thick edge from Wade earns the tourists another run before Clarke rotates the strike again with a nudge to square leg. Wade makes it a very good over with a powerful sweep shot for four runs before stealing a single to keep the strike.

AUS 118-4Ashwin is back into the attack, replacing Jadeja. The taller bowler finds some extra bounce outside off stump but Wade deals with the threat well. Maiden for Ashwin on his return.

AUS 121-4Dhoni has no chance when a delivery from Harbhajan barely bounces before racing away for three byes.

AUS 121-5WICKET! Wade (8) b Harbhajan

AUS 121-5Harbhajan has his second wicket of the innings when Wade fails to make contact with an attempted sweep shot and can only watch his off stump take some punishment. Australia still trail by 71 runs.

AUS 121-5Henriques is the new batsman and there's certainly a lot of pressure on the all-rounder on his debut. He blocks his first delivery but the over belongs to Harbhajan.

AUS 123-5Clarke flicks a fuller delivery towards mid-wicket for a single, bringing Henriques on strike. The new batsman is off the mark with a push to long-on, two from Ashwin's over.

AUS 124-5Henriques calls for a single and is lucky to still be out in the middle when Jadeja misses the stumps by a matter of inches off his own bowling. Clarke defends well but the captain is desperate for support now.

AUS 124-5Henriques plays with soft hands outside off stump, avoiding a dangerous moment when Ashwin catches the edge. It's a maiden, should be time for one more over before tea.

AUS 128-5Clarke nudges the ball straight down the ground for a single at the start of Harbhajan's over. Henriques works the ball away nicely and without a fielder at deep fine leg, earns three runs.

AUS 128-5Tea: Superb session from India. The spinners have bowled with great control and look to be leading their side to victory. Australia still trail by 64 runs and will need something special from captain Clarke if they are to get out of trouble.

8.49amDhoni deserves credit for his captaincy today. Sometimes he can be a little slow with his bowling changes but his timing has been superb.

8.51amIndia will feel that the next wicket is the big one. Another dismissal will expose the tail and the hosts will then be able to sense victory.

8.53amIn fairness to Australia, some of the dismissals have been unavoidable but Wade will be distraught with the shot that ended his time at the crease. The tourists must be positive and have to put pressure on the bowling attack.

8.58amThe players are heading out of the dressing rooms and we're almost ready to continue. Clarke starts the session on 31 and is joined by Henriques, who has five runs to his name.

AUS 128-5Ashwin will begin the final session of the day with the ball in his hand. Big couple of hours coming up.

AUS 131-5Henriques starts the session with two to deep square leg and follows it with a single towards the same area.

AUS 131-6WICKET! Clarke (31) lbw b Ashwin

AUS 131-6Disastrous moment for Australia. India have a wicket in the first over after tea when the ball turns sharply and keeps low before hitting Clarke on the pad. Umpire Erasmus raises his finger and there's nothing Clarke can do. Huge moment from Ashwin.

AUS 131-6Siddle survives his first three balls but Australia face a battle just to make the Indians bat again.

AUS 131-6Harbhajan is selected to bowl from the opposite end and he wastes no time in sending down six accurate deliveries to complete a maiden. Chennai can smell victory.

AUS 131-6Siddle will be positive, I'm sure of that but he's happy to defend early in his innings. The new batsman is eager to stay back in his crease when defending but he must guard against the quicker delivery from Ashwin. It's a maiden over.

AUS 133-6Henriques takes a single at the beginning of Harbhajan's new over. There's stifled appeals for lbw but it's not given and Siddle takes the opportunity to run a sharp single but would have been gone had the throw been accurate from Kumar. It's all happening in Chennai. Kohli takes a good catch at leg slip but umpire Dharmasena believes there was only pad involved and Henriques survives.

AUS 135-6Jadeja comes into the attack to replace Ashwin and he's immediately back to the accurate bowling we saw before tea. A thick edge squirms past slip and Siddle has the first two runs of his innings to third man.

AUS 136-6Henriques is batting in a cap, like they used to in the old days. A single is collected to mid-wicket, bringing Siddle on strike. A drive follows and Siddle breathes a sigh of relief when a leading drops safely on the leg-side.

AUS 137-6Jadeja starts with a beauty, leaving Henriques hopelessly swinging at a ball that had already gone past his edge. The right-hander sneaks a single to square leg

AUS 137-7WICKET! Siddle (2) b Jadeja

AUS 137-7Siddle just hasn't looked comfortable at the crease and he departs after being bowled while trying to relieve pressure with a slog-sweep. Jadeja has another wicket and a victory for the hosts today looks inevitable at the moment.

AUS 138-7Pattinson is the new batsman and he defends his first ball before getting off the mark with a back cut for one run behind point. Superb over from Jadeja again.

AUS 142-7There's a frustrated smile on Harbhajan's face when Pattinson edges the ball wide of Kohli at second slip. Tendulkar does superbly at third man to restrict Australia to three runs, prompting huge cheers from the home crowd. Henriques adds a single through mid-wicket and Pattinson resorts to defensive mode to block out the remainder of the over.

AUS 149-7The impressive Jadeja is taken off but Dhoni may just be switching what end the spinner bowls from. Ashwin takes over and is immediately pushed for a single by Henriques. Pattinson drives well and beats mid-on to collect four runs. A flatter delivery follows but Pattinson adjusts well to pick up two more runs to deep cover.

AUS 150-7It is Harbhajan, not Jadeja, who continues his spell. Henriques continues to deal in singles and gets off strike with a nudge to mid-on. Pattinson is struck on the pads but the ball would have missed leg stump and the appeal for lbw is quickly dismissed. One run from Harbhajan's over.

AUS 153-7Henriques does well to guide the ball past Sehwag at slip, earning two runs to third man. Another run comes with a nudge to cover before Ashwin beats Pattinson's outside edge with a delivery that just holds its line.

AUS 154-7Henriques defends well before pushing the ball onto the off-side for a single. An lbw appeal is rejected, with the ball appearing to have pitched outside leg stump before hitting Pattinson on the pad.

AUS 155-7Ashwin causes Henriques a couple of problems early in the over but the right-handed batsman gets to the non-striker's end with a flick onto the leg-side. Pattinson is completely beaten by a beauty but Ashwin can't quite find the edge.

AUS 161-7Jadeja's spell on the sidelines doesn't last long as he returns to the attack. Henriques rocks back to cut the ball for three runs to deep cover. Pattinson works the ball away for a single and Henriques earns two more to third man. These two are showing some good resistance.

AUS 161-8WICKET! Pattinson (11) c Sehwag b Ashwin

AUS 161-8OK, I'll take responsibility for this wicket. The resistance is ended at the beginning of a new Ashwin over as Pattinson edges one to Sehwag, who reacts well to take a good catch at slip. Australia still trail by 31 runs.

AUS 169-8Starc is the new arrival and despite being pretty capable with the bat, he'll find things tough out there. He starts his scoring with a boundary, whipping the ball through mid-wicket for four runs. Starc decides attack is the best form of defence, reaching the rope for the second time with a chip over mid-wicket.

AUS 170-8Henriques thinks about taking a single early in Jadeja's over but decides to face the music by himself. A couple of defensive strokes are followed by a push to mid-on and Henriques collects the run this time.

AUS 175-8Ashwin sends down a rare poor delivery and Henriques takes advantage by pulling powerfully to the rope for four. Henriques does superbly to keep out one that keeps very low before punching the ball straight for a single.

AUS 175-9WICKET! Starc (8) c Tendulkar b Ashwin

AUS 175-9Ashwin has five wickets in an innings for the second time in the match. Starc was eager to be positive but he departs after lofting the ball straight into the air, allowing Tendulkar to take a simple catch. The players take a drinks break but victory is coming quickly for India.

AUS 175-9The match almost comes to an end when Ashwin strikes Henriques on the pads but umpire Erasmus shakes his head. It looks a good decision and Australia survive, for now.

AUS 175-9Australia trail by 17 runs and India won't want to have to go through the routine of batting again. Jadeja can't claim the wicket that the hosts need, with new batsman Lyon blocking out a maiden.

AUS 179-9Lovely batting from Henriques as he rocks back to cut the ball into the vacant gap at third man for four. The same batsman fails to find a single, which means Lyon will be on strike at the start of the next over.

AUS 183-9Harbhajan replaces Jadeja as Dhoni goes in search of victory. Lyon looks to have a pretty decent technique and four runs straight down the ground is certainly not what you'd expect from a number 11 but that's how the over ends.

AUS 187-9Jadeja swaps ends to replace Ashwin and persists with a fuller line to Henriques. The right-hander skips down the track later in the over and manages to loft the ball just over the head of Kumar for four runs. Australia trail by five.

AUS 189-9Harbhajan is too wide at the beginning of the over and Lyon uses the width to chip the ball past mid-on for two runs. A flatter delivery strikes Lyon on the pad but there's no chance of lbw, with the ball clearly going on to miss leg stump. The tourists need just three more to make India bat again.

AUS 190-9Henriques blocks early in the over but takes a single to point to bring Lyon on strike. Two defensive strokes follow and the wait goes on for India.

AUS 195-9Good over from Harbhajan. Henriques miscues a sweep shot and is lucky not glove the ball to a close fielder. Harbhajan sends down a doosra and Henriques is relieved to see the ball hit the thigh pad, rather than the edge. A single is followed by four byes and that means India will have to bat again.

AUS 200-9Henriques continues to impress, cutting Jadeja for four runs behind point. He takes a couple of steps down the pitch but decides to block. Jadeja catches the edge but the ball goes quickly past Sehwag, who had no chance at slip.

AUS 200-9Harbhajan finds a nice length to force Henriques back for most of the over but a couple of prods evade Vijay at short leg. Maiden over from the spinner.

AUS 200-9Dhoni decides it's time for a change and Sharma comes on to bowl the first over of pace in the innings. Lyon doesn't panic and defends the maiden easily, with a Sehwag dive at mid-wicket getting one of the biggest cheers of the day.

AUS 207-9Superb batting from Henriques as he reaches his second half-century of the match with a big six straight down the ground. The all-rounder will be one of the few players to leave Chennai with some credit. Seven runs come from the Harbhajan over.

AUS 208-9Sharma continues but there isn't anything in the surface for the seamer and I'm not sure how long this tactic will last. Great work from Henriques as he sneaks a single from the final ball to steal the strike.

AUS 211-9Jadeja is back for a new spell as India continue to search for the tenth wickets. Henriques cuts the ball past point for two runs before punching the ball down the ground for a single. Lyon is completely beaten on the outside edge by a beauty but he survives the over.

AUS 216-9The pace experiment comes to an end as Dhoni gives Ashwin the chance to claim his 13th wicket of the game. However, a short ball is meat and drink to Henriques at this point and his powerful pull shot beats Harbhajan in the deep on its way to the rope. A single brings Lyon on strike and the number 11 survives a big shout for lbw. Replays prove it was close but Lyon may have just got outside the line of off stump. Another appeal comes at the end of the over but Mr Erasmus shakes his head again. Poor decision it seems, with a replay proving it was a good shout from the Indians.

AUS 221-9India decide to take the second new ball, which has just become available. Henriques latches onto another short ball, scoring four through square leg. Lyon survives the remainder of the over following a single from Henriques.

AUS 229-9Pujara moves slowly while running in protective pads in the deep, allowing Henriques to collect two runs early in Ashwin's over. The fifty partnership is brought up in the most spectacular of fashions as Henriques heaves the ball over mid-wicket for a massive six.

AUS 231-9Despite his best efforts, Lyon can't find a single early in the over. However, he does pick up two from the final ball with a push into a big space on the leg-side.

AUS 232-9Sharma is back into the attack again and this will be the last over of the day. Australia, against all odds, have managed to take this game into a fifth day. Henriques cuts the ball away to deep point but decides against taking a single. A run is scored to long-on later in the over, leaving Lyon to defend the final three balls. Lyon does survive and that's it for the day in Chennai.

11.06amClose of play: The brilliance of Henriques on debut means that this game will go to a fifth day. Lyon is there on eight but it's Henriques who has impressed the most with 75 runs to his name. However, there's no doubt about it, the day belongs to India.

11.07amAshwin has been brilliant again, picking up 5-90 but he's been well supported by Jadeja and Harbhajan. Dhoni will be disappointed that his side have to come back tomorrow but an Indian victory is surely an inevitable end result.

11.09amAll of that means that our coverage will roll on to a fifth day. Join me again at around 5.30am tomorrow as this game reaches its conclusion. Goodbye everyone.

MS Dhoni
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