Live Commentary: India vs. Australia: First Test, day three - as it happened

Live Commentary: India vs. Australia: First Test, day three - as it happened
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Live commentary of the first Test as India continue their battle against Australia on day three in Chennai.

India started day three of the first Test against Australia looking to close in on the first innings total of 380 set by their opponents.

Despite losing Sachin Tendulkar (81) in the morning session, Virat Kohli reached three figures before being dismissed for 107.

However, the day belonged to MS Dhoni (206*), with the Indian skipper recording his maiden double century to lead the hosts to 515-8 at the close of play.

Read below to find out how India took control on day three in Chennai.

3.36amGood morning everyone, we've got a big day of Test cricket coming our way today. Today will be crucial in the context of this match and series, with both sides tussling for control in Chennai.

3.40amDespite recent suggestions of retirement, Sachin Tendulkar seemed to be back to his best yesterday and the whole of India will be desperate for their hero to reach three figures today.

3.46amPattinson bowled with a lot of pace as he took three wickets yesterday but he was used sparingly by Clarke. He has had fitness concerns previously but Australia cannot afford for him to suffer any injury and will need him at his best this morning.

3.51amWe're just under 10 minutes away from play. This first session could be vital. If Kohli and Tendulkar can bat on past lunch, India will be confident of posting a big total.

3.57amHere we go then, there's a big crowd expected today as the Indian supporters rush to see a potential Tendulkar century. The little master begins on 71 and is joined at the crease by Kohli, who currently has 50. The hosts trail by 198 runs.

IND 182-3It will be Pattinson who bowls the first over of the day.

IND 183-3Pattinson immediately finds a nice line, bringing the ball back into Kohli nicely. The right-hander is off the mark for the day with a push to third man for a single. A loud cheer comes when Tendulkar takes his guard but there's no runs on offer for the nation's hero just yet.

IND 188-3Siddle is thrown the ball by Clarke and is immediately taken for a single to fine leg by Kohli. Tendulkar shows superb technique in his defensive shots before taking advantage of a wayward delivery to flick the ball to the fine leg rope for four runs.

IND 190-3Kohli once again takes a single early in the over, nudging the ball to deep square leg. Tendulkar opens the face of his bat to guide a single to third man. Good over from Pattinson, steady start from everyone.

IND 191-3Tendulkar adds one to his total with a flick just beyond point. Siddle is very full to Kohli but the batsman is not tempted into any expansive drives and instead chooses to block out the remainder of the over.

IND 191-3Pattinson is trying his best to intimidate Tendulkar with some short deliveries but he's not getting much help from the pitch. Tendulkar does flirt with a wider delivery and is lucky not to edge the ball to Wade behind the stumps. Very good over from Pattinson, it's a maiden.

IND 191-3Kohli can't pick the gap on the off-side with a couple of well timed drives. Siddle finds a nice line throughout the over and it's a second maiden in a row.

IND 191-3Tendulkar decides against taking a quick single, with Warner lurking dangerously at point. Pattinson is again finding an extra yard of pace this morning but he can't beat Tendulkar's defence.

IND 191-3Cowan does superbly at square leg to block Kohli's shot early in Siddle's over. The bowler is then given an official warning by the umpire for running on the pitch during his follow through. Tendulkar remains watchful and is happy to leave the ball outside off stump.

IND 194-3Tendulkar scores the first run for 30 balls with a single to deep square leg. Kohli adds another run with a push just in front of point before Tendulkar lofts the ball into the air through third man for one more.

IND 195-3Lyon is on for his first bowl of the day after struggling to threaten on day two. Tendulkar begins the over with a sweep, collecting a single to deep square leg. Kohli is caused problems when the ball keeps low just outside off stump. Another delivery bounces sharply and deflects off the glove but, thankfully for Kohli, the ball drops short of the close fielders.

IND 196-3Clarke makes changes from both ends as Starc is introduced into the bowling attack. Tendulkar works the ball into a gap on the off-side before rushing a single. Starc is finding a good line to the right-handers and looks far more comfortable from over the wicket as opposed to the change of angle he adopted for most of the day yesterday. Good start from the seamer.

IND 196-4WICKET! Tendulkar (81) b Lyon

IND 196-4The crowd has gone completely silent in Chennai. Lyon gets one to spin sharply out of a foot hole before clipping Tendulkar's middle stump. No century for the little master and that's a massive wicket for the tourists. Dhoni is in next.

IND 199-4Dhoni is off the mark with a prod to mid-on for a single and Kohli then picks up two with a clip to deep square leg. Superb over from Lyon.

IND 203-4Dhoni pushes the ball through mid-wicket, bringing up 200 for India in the process. Kohli finds a gap at square leg to add another, moving him to 57. Two more runs come courtesy of a nudge into the deep on the leg-side by Dhoni. Four runs from Starc's over and the umpires decide it's time for a drinks break.

IND 206-4Lyon is looking full of confidence following the dismissal of Tendulkar and causes Kohli problems early in a new over. A single brings Dhoni on strike and the skipper takes a couple of steps down the pitch before whipping the ball through mid-wicket for two runs.

IND 207-4Starc almost catches Kohli's edge with a wider delivery which the batsman really shouldn't have been playing at. The seamer attempts to fire in a bouncer but the umpire signals a wide and that's the only blemish on an otherwise good over.

IND 216-4Dhoni pushes the ball towards extra cover, picking up a single early in Lyon's over. A shorter ball invites a big shot from Kohli and the right-hander doesn't miss out, heaving the ball over the leg-side for a big six. An inside edge has Cowan interested at short leg but he can't react quickly enough to remove Dhoni. Nine scored in the over.

IND 219-4Starc attempts a yorker but he's too full and Dhoni easily steers the ball past point for a couple of runs. An open faced shot through third man brings another run for the Indian skipper. Not much happening for Starc today.

IND 222-4Dhoni plays the slog sweep against Lyon but doesn't make great contact and only earns a single. Kohli uses the spin well to collect two runs to fine leg and it's three from the over.

IND 226-4Pattinson is back for a new spell but Dhoni has no problems pushing the pace bowler away for a single on the off-side. The Indian duo share four runs from the first three balls. Pattinson stays full to Dhoni but the skipper defends comfortably.

IND 237-4Kohli swings wildly early in Lyon's over but the ball drops short of the fielder in the deep and the batsman has a single for his troubles. Dhoni dances down the pitch before lofting the ball over mid-on superbly for four runs. Starc does brilliantly in the deep to prevent the Indian captain from reaching the boundary again with a paddle sweep. However, Starc can do nothing to prevent Dhoni from collecting four more with a sweep through mid-wicket. 11 runs are scored in Lyon's over.

IND 238-4Tidy over from Pattinson again, with just a single being scored by Kohli, who has now moved to 70.

IND 246-4Henriques is given his first bowl of the day following that disastrous over from Lyon. The all-rounder starts with a short and wide delivery, allowing Kohli to cut past point for four runs. A thick edge leaves Wade helpless and Kohli gratefully accepts the boundary. This partnership is now worth fifty and Australia's lead will be cut very quickly if this pair continue to bat for much longer.

IND 251-4Dhoni swings at a wider ball from Pattinson and is fortunate not to edge the ball to Wade. A push behind point brings a single before a genuine edge from Kohli races to the boundary rope for four. Pattinson is frustrated and Clarke must find a way to prevent the runs from flowing so easily.

IND 252-4Henriques only lasts for one over, with Lyon coming back into the attack. Dhoni picks up a single to deep mid-wicket and that's the only run scored in the over. Good comeback from Lyon. Clarke may want to think about giving Siddle a short spell before lunch.

IND 253-4You'll be delighted to know that Clarke has listened to my advice and brought Siddle on for a new spell. A thick edge allows Dhoni to get to the non-striker's end. It's a pretty non-eventful start to Siddle's spell.

IND 263-4Lyon serves up a juicy full toss and Dhoni gratefully accepts the gift, crunching the ball through extra cover for four. A paddle sweep allows the home skipper to walk a single before Kohli chips over mid-wicket for another run. Dhoni rocks back deep into his crease before cutting the ball through the off-side for four runs. Poor from Lyon and Australia seem to be waiting for the new ball, which is available in two overs.

IND 263-4Lunch: Dhoni is more than happy to block out an accurate over from Siddle and that's the end of the first session. Despite seeing Tendulkar sent back to the dressing room, India have performed well this morning and will fancy their chances of moving past Australia's first innings total.

6.03amIntriguing first session in Chennai and this partnership could decide what direction this match takes. We'll take a break during lunch but join me again in around 35 minutes as Australia look to halt India's progress.

6.36amWelcome back everyone. I'm sure most people would have liked to see Tendulkar reach his century this morning but the action has kept on coming today. Australia bowled very well in the early stages but India have responded well, with Kohli and Dhoni scoring at will in the last 30 minutes of the session.

IND 263-4The Indian duo are back out in the middle and we're ready to begin the second session. Clarke decides it's time for him to have a bowl.

IND 266-4Dhoni takes a single from the first ball and Kohli responds by nudging the ball to square leg for another run. Decent over from Clarke, with just the three singles being scored. The new ball is now available.

IND 266-4Siddle starts a new over but he's still bowling with the old ball, for now. The seamer keeps a very straight line, making sure that Dhoni can't afford to make a mistake. Good fielding from Warner prevents the Indian skipper from sneaking a single to point.

IND 270-4Clarke ruins a good start to the over by dropping his length, allowing Kohli to heave the ball over mid-wicket for four runs. Surely time for the new ball now.

IND 276-4The new ball is taken and Pattinson immediately starts a new spell with the shiny red cherry in hand. Dhoni looks comfortable against the harder ball and drives the ball in front of point for four runs. A leg bye brings Kohli on strike and the right-hander finds a gap on the leg-side to add a single of his own to the total. Kohli is just 11 runs away from a century.

IND 280-4Starc comes into the attack to share the new ball with Pattinson. The left-arm seamer starts the over well but Kohli takes advantage of a fraction of width to loft the ball over the slips for four runs. India looking comfortable against the new ball.

IND 285-4Dhoni edges closer to fifty with a single to deep square leg. Kohli guides a sweetly timed shot through mid-wicket for a boundary, moving to 97 in the process. He'll have to wait for three figures as Pattinson completes his over without conceding any more runs.

IND 297-4Probably the shot of the day from Dhoni as he stands tall to drive Starc's first ball through a gap on the off-side for four runs. Fifty for Dhoni a ball later as he steers a full toss past point for another boundary. Dhoni hits his third boundary of the over through point to pile the misery on Starc. That's the century partnership between this pair and what a superb display of batting they have put on today.

IND 303-4Kohli moves to 98 with a single to third man at the beginning of a new over from Pattinson. A nudge from Dhoni into the off-side brings his partner back on strike and Kohli reaches his CENTURY with a boundary behind square leg. Superb innings from Kohli and he is given the ovation he deserves from the Chennai crowd.

IND 315-4Brilliant from Dhoni! Henriques comes on for a new spell but he's immediately smashed over extra cover for a huge six. The Indian skipper storms down the pitch again two balls later, crunching four runs over the head of Starc at mid-on. A lofted shot over mid-wicket brings Dhoni two more runs. This new ball just hasn't worked for Australia. 52 runs have been scored in the nine overs since lunch.

IND 324-4Beautiful shot from Kohli as he waits for the ball to drift in towards his pads before stroking it past mid-on for four runs. A push square of the wicket on the off-side earns the centurion a single before a late cut shot from Dhoni races to the boundary rope. Nine runs from the over.

IND 324-5WICKET! Kohli (107) c Starc b Lyon

IND 324-5Lyon is brought back into the attack and the spinner immediately makes the breakthrough. Kohli wants to hit the ball into the stands but his slightly miscued shot finds Starc, who takes a good catch at mid-on. Fantastic innings from Kohli and he's batted his team into a very strong position.

IND 324-5Jadeja is the new batsman and he safely negotiates the rest of Lyon's over. Australia can't afford to relax now and they need a couple more quick wickets to take the momentum away from the hosts.

IND 331-5Siddle is back on for a new spell and Dhoni gets off strike immediately with a single. Jadeja misses out on a leg stump half-volley but it's a leg-bye for India. Dhoni drives superbly through extra cover for four runs before earning a single in the same area just a couple of balls later.

IND 338-5Lyon starts a new over with a full toss and Dhoni crunches the ball to the rope at cover, punishing a poor piece of bowling from the spinner. Seven runs are taken in the over and it's time for another drinks break.

IND 339-5Dhoni prods Siddle away for a single early in the over following a lengthy drinks break. Jadeja has started his innings watchfully and blocks out the remaining deliveries to stay on zero.

IND 344-5Once again it is Dhoni who takes an early single in Lyon's over. Jadeja gets off the mark in style, taking a couple of steps down the pitch to whip a full toss through mid-wicket for four.

IND 347-5Siddle seems to be finding some very gentle swing back into Dhoni in the over but the Indian captain is still untroubled. A pull shot earns the skipper a run and Jadeja finds a single on the off-side with a gentle push. Dhoni calls for a risky single before abandoning the run, Jadeja looks in trouble but Hughes fails to pick up the ball cleanly and India manage to cruise the run.

IND 349-5Lyon catches Dhoni's edge but the ball drops well short of Warner at point. A push down the ground brings Jadeja on strike and the all-rounder manages to work the ball past short leg for a single from the final ball.

IND 349-5Pattinson is back for a new spell, replacing Siddle. It's a good return for the pace bowler and he thinks he has a wicket when Dhoni is struck on the pads but replays prove there was an inside edge involved. Good decision from umpire Dharmasena

IND 354-5Lyon can't prevent Dhoni from bringing up the 350 with a single to third man. Jadeja is starting to settle at the crease and he shows his class with a cut shot for four in front of point.

IND 356-5Dhoni is moving closer to a century and scores his 92nd run with a flick to fine leg. Jadeja adds another with a similar shot midway through the over. India looking comfortable since the Kohli dismissal, giving Clarke plenty to ponder.

IND 362-5Starc is back into the attack and he thinks he has Jadeja trapped lbw. The umpire disagrees and signals runs after the ball races away to the boundary rope. The left-arm seamer finds some extra bounce later in the over but Jadeja reacts well to guide the ball to third man for a single. Dhoni steals the strike from the final delivery by prodding the ball to extra cover.

IND 362-5Pattinson pleads with Dharmasena to give Dhoni out lbw but once again the umpire rejects the appeals. It's a good over and Dhoni has to settle for blocking a maiden.

IND 364-5The Indian pair run superbly for a couple of leg-byes at the beginning of Starc's new over. Starc struggles with his line throughout the over, forcing Wade into some good work down the leg-side.

IND 365-5Dhoni moves onto 94 with a nudge past point. Jadeja calls for a single midway through the over but Cowan does well at mid-wicket to keep the left-hander at the crease.

IND 365-6WICKET! Jadeja (16) b Pattinson

IND 365-6Pattinson finds the slightest hint of reverse swing and Jadeja misjudges the line, leaving the ball before being clean bowled. Ashwin in next for the hosts.

IND 368-6Starc strays onto the pads again and Dhoni manages to find the gap on the leg-side to claim another single. Ashwin attempts the same shot but picks out the fielder at mid-wicket. Starc's bad luck continues as Ashwin edges the ball short of Clarke at slip, picking up two runs.

IND 371-6Tea: Dhoni takes a single at the start of Pattinson's new over but the skipper is back on strike when Ashwin nudges a run to square leg. One more single follows for Dhoni, who ends the session on 97.

8.43amDhoni may have his critics but he's proved his worth to this team during that session. The captain is three short of a fantastic century as he heads in for a cup of tea.

8.45amAustralia improved towards the end of that session but in fairness, bowling doesn't look too much fun on that pitch in Chennai. India only trail by nine and the tourists should be bracing themselves for a Dhoni onslaught with the tail.

8.51amThe tourists may feel that if they get one more wicket, then the tail could be dismissed quickly. Mind you, Dhoni might have other ideas.

8.56amSo, with a few minutes left until the final session begins, what can we expect? Dhoni will want three figures and then we may say him go into one-day mode.

IND 371-6Dhoni and Ashwin have left the dressing room and are ready for the last session of the day. Lyon will begin the session with ball in hand.

IND 372-6A prod to cover earns Dhoni a single and he's only two away from three figures now.

IND 372-7WICKET! Ashwin (3) b Lyon

IND 372-7Lyon makes the breakthrough immediately after tea. Ashwin fails to move his feet and drags the ball onto his own stumps.

IND 372-7Harbhajan is the new batsman and he manages to survive the final two balls in the over. There's words between Wade and Harbhajan between overs but the two are quickly separated.

IND 378-7CENTURY for Dhoni as he dances down the pitch to heave the ball into the air on the leg-side for four runs. Superb innings from the Indian skipper and he fully deserves the applause from his teammates. Two more singles follow and India now trail by just a couple of runs.

IND 379-7Harbhajan decides it's time to sweep but he can only strike Hughes in the shin at short leg. A similar shot follows later in the over and umpire Dharmasena is forced to take evasive action to avoid being Harbhajan's next victim. Just a single from Lyon's over.

IND 382-7A thick edge from Harbhajan earns him a single and makes the scores level in the process. Dhoni nudges his side into the lead with two runs past point. Good over from Sidle

IND 395-7Lyon looks bemused as Harbhajan slog-sweeps the ball over mid-wicket for a huge six early in a new over. The spinner responds by firing in a flatter delivery but Harbhajan is able to loft the ball to fine leg for a single. Dhoni then punches the ball straight back past Lyon for four before ending the over by scoring two runs to deep cover.

IND 397-7Siddle continues but he can't stop Harbhajan from getting off strike from the first ball of a new over. Dhoni is left angered by Harbhajan's delayed reaction to a call for a single. Two runs from the over.

IND 403-7Much better start to the over from Lyon as he adjusts his length well to force Dhoni into defensive shots. However, the spinner's good work is ruined when the Indian captain skips down the pitch to launch a massive six over mid-wicket.

IND 403-7Clarke brings himself into the attack for a new spell. It's a good over from the visiting skipper as he races through his deliveries to complete a maiden.

IND 404-7Henriques replaces Lyon with the ball and sends down two bouncers early in his over. Dhoni is more than comfortable avoiding the danger and gets off strike with a push behind point.

IND 405-7A mistake from Cowan at cover allows the Indian duo to hurry a single, ruining what should have been a second successive maiden for Clarke.

IND 405-8WICKET! Harbhajan (11) b Henriques

IND 405-8Harbhajan swings wildly at a length delivery and is bowled by Henriques, who has his first Test wicket.

IND 406-8Kumar is the new batsman and he manages to survive the over, just. A prod into the air goes into Cowan's hands but he can't hold on. In truth, it's a chance that should be taken. Memorable moment for Henriques.

IND 406-8Clarke speeds through another over and it's a maiden, with Dhoni deciding against attacking his opposite number.

IND 406-8Henriques looks full of confidence and bowls with nice rhythm throughout his over. Kumar defends nicely, it's a maiden.

IND 409-8Clarke is bowling with good control in this spell. Dhoni smashes the ball straight at the bowler, who deflects the ball to mid-on. The Indian duo share three singles but it's another good over from the Australian skipper.

IND 413-8Henriques delivers a sharp bouncer but he gets his line wrong and Dhoni helps himself to four runs behind square on the leg-side. Good response from the seamer, delivering five dot balls following the boundary.

IND 414-8Clarke brings Lyon back into the attack but the spinner seems to have lost some of his threat in this session. Kumar works the ball through square leg for an easy single and that's the only run in the over.

IND 414-8Kumar has very good technique in defence and certainly doesn't look like a tail-end batsman. Henrqiues completes a fine maiden over but there's not too much in the pitch for the seamer.

IND 423-8Dhoni decides it's time to put his foot down as he skips down the pitch to smash Lyon's first ball high into the air and over the ropes for six runs. The captain then punches the ball to the fielder at long-on for a single before some good running allows the Indian pair to add two byes to their total.

IND 430-8Starc is back for a new spell and he forces Wade into a dive down the leg-side to prevent four byes being gifted to the hosts. A mistimed shot from Dhoni races into the gap on the leg-side, giving the skipper three runs. Starc comes round the wicket but can't find the right line to threaten Kumar's stumps. The over ends with four leg byes racing past the helpless hands of Wade.

IND 437-8Much better from Lyon as he quickens his pace to keep Dhoni pinned to the crease in the early part of the over. Starc puts in a dive at fine leg to prevent a boundary, restricting Dhoni to two runs. Once again Lyon fails to finish off a good over as Dhoni lofts four runs down the ground, despite the best efforts of Siddle.

IND 438-8Dhoni whips the ball off his pads early in Starc's over to earn a single to square leg. Kumar once again shows off his defensive strokes, blocking out the remainder of the over.

IND 448-8Lyon's sloppy spell comes to an end as Pattinson is reintroduced by Clarke but the seamer's luck is no different as Dhoni crunches the ball into the air for four runs over extra cover. This is now Dhoni's highest ever score in Test cricket. A bouncer follows but Dhoni avoids the danger and manages to earn two leg byes for his team's total. Dhoni finishes the over by driving through extra cover for four more and that brings up his 150. Sublime innings from India's leader.

IND 450-8Siddle replaces Starc, with just 25 minutes left until the close of play. A thick edge from Kumar spoils a maiden, allowing the tail-end batsman to collect a couple to square lef.

IND 453-8Dhoni heaves the ball onto the leg-side but decides against taking a single at the start of Pattinson's new over. Two runs are scored with a late cut past Warner at backward point. Good cricket from Dhoni as he finds a single from the final ball to steal the strike.

IND 458-8Wow, Australia just want the day to be finished. Dhoni drills the ball to Warner at long-on but the fielder makes a mistake and the skipper has four runs. Henriques does well in the deep to restrict Dhoni to a single following a leg-side heave.

IND 465-8Pattinson starts his over with a good yorker that Dhoni is forced to dig out from close to his toes. Two runs are taken with a nudge to square leg and there is some poor fielding in the deep when Starc fumbles a Dhoni pull shot, resulting in a boundary. Dhoni ends the over by successfully hurrying a single to keep the strike.India are cruising towards stumps.

IND 478-8Vintage Dhoni as he sends the ball flying over the rope at mid-wicket, much to the displeasure of Lyon. The spinner's mood is made worse just a couple of deliveries later as Dhoni decides it's time to go straight, smashing a six over long-off.

IND 479-8Warner is coming on to bowl his part-time leg-spin as we approach the close of play. Dhoni isn't too interested in the negative tactics and kicks a couple of balls away outside leg stump. An open faced shot allows Dhoni to take a single, meaning that he'll once again be on strike at the start of the new over.

IND 484-8Dhoni shows his elegant side with a late cut for a couple of runs through third man. A thick edge allows the skipper to run two more with ease. Dhoni then takes a single, bringing Kumar on strike and he once again defends well.

IND 495-8This really is a superb example of how to bat with the tail as Dhoni knocks the ball to long-on, collecting two runs. There's another boundary for the skipper as he pulls powerfully through mid-wicket, moving to 193 in the process. Kumar is once again given the strike with a couple of deliveries remaining and he opens his stance to cut Warner behind point for four.

IND 498-8Good running from this pair as they rush Starc in the deep to collect two runs at the start of Lyon's new over. Dhoni takes a single through third man, trusting Kumar to survive the final three balls and of course, he does.

IND 505-8Warner continues and Dhoni decides to take a single from the first delivery. Kumar is looking very relaxed at the crease and brings up 500 with a nudge through mid-wicket. One more single is taken and Wade has a stumping appeal sent upstairs to the third umpire. Kumar is lucky and just managed to ground his feet before the bails were taken off. Four is scored from the final ball courtesy of a powerful pull shot from Kumar.

IND 508-8Double century for Dhoni! What a moment in Chennai. Dhoni pushes the ball away for a single to reach 200 and the crowd go crazy. Everyone is applauding the Indian skipper and rightly so. This is one of the best Test innings you will see in a long, long time. Three runs from the over.

IND 512-8Henriques is back for one more short spell before stumps. Dhoni twice has chances to take singles but he refuses both times. Henriques can't avoid the Dhoni treatment as the double centurion stands tall to drill the ball straight down the ground for four.

IND 514-8Lyon is worked away nicely for a single by Kumar midway through the over. Dhoni adds another run with a chip into the leg-side and there will be just one more over today.

IND 515-8Close of play: Dhoni plays the final over as if he was batting with his mates in the nets, scoring just one single. That's it for the day in Chennai. Australia will be disappointed but what a day for the hosts.

11.34amWe could talk about plenty of things today but there's just one man who deserves all the attention. MS Dhoni has produced one of the great Test innings in India, ending the day unbeaten on 206 from 243 balls. Kumar has performed admirably for his 16 and the duo will resume their partnership tomorrow.

11.36amCan Australia stage a fightback tomorrow? How many more runs can Dhoni score? India may have taken charge today but there is plenty more to come in this game and you can join me for once again tomorrow morning at 3.30am. Goodbye everyone.

Australian captain Michael Clarke celebrates after scoring a century against Sri Lanka on December 27, 2012
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