Live Commentary: India vs. England - First Test, day two - as it happened

Live Commentary: India vs. England - First Test, day two - as it happened
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Live text commentary of the second day's play between India and England in Ahmedabad.

Welcome to day two of Sports Mole's coverage of the first Test between India and England in Ahmedabad.

Virender Sehwag's entertaining knock of 117 on day one punished England's slow start to the morning session.

The tourists rallied in the afternoon and Graeme Swann managed to pick up four wickets, including the key dismissal of Sehwag, to restrict India's progress before the close of play.

India will begin day two on 323-4 with Cheteshwar Pujara (98*) and Yuvraj Singh (34*) at the crease.

3.40amHello everyone, I think we're in for a very exciting day's play. India will want to pile on the runs and take this game away from England while the tourists will be targeting early wickets.

3.42amI'm not sure how much sleep Cheteshwara Pujara may have gotten last night. The 24-year-old was 98 not out overnight so he'll want those two runs as quickly as possible this morning.

3.45amPlenty of questions were asked of the England selection yesterday. Should Monty Panesar have been picked? Are three seamers needed on such a dry pitch? It's too late for Alastair Cook to change those decisions but Graeme Swann's display may have given us an answer to those queries.

3.47amSir Ian Botham on Twitter: "Another beautiful day here for day 2... England need early wickets or will be looking down the barrels !!!!"

3.49amSwann was England's only wicket taker on day one and passed the great Jim Laker on the country's all-time wickets list.

3.51amI think Swann will need to be on top form again today if England are to stay in this match. If India bat until tea, the hosts will be in a perfect position to take a 1-0 series lead.

3.54amAfter yesterday's disappointing attendance, it looks as though the stands will be better populated for this crucial day of Test cricket.

3.57amYuvraj Singh's innings could be vital for the hosts. He and MS Dhoni, who is in next, can score very quickly and can take the game away from England inside a session.

IND 323-4The Indian batsmen are out on the pitch and England look ready to begin. Remember, Pujara is on 98*. Swann will take the ball immediately.

IND 323-4Swann settles in immediately and thinks he has Singh lbw while sweeping but Tony Hill isn't interested. Good start from Swann, it's a maiden.

IND 323-4Stuart Broad will take the ball from the other end.

IND 328-4Pujara, on 98, misses out when he fails to connect with a wayward Broad delivery down leg side but he does move to within one run of a century with a nudge onto the leg side. Broad screams for lbw but I'm not sure why. The ball pitched outside leg stump and it's probably too high. Someone should tell the vice-captain the rules of cricket. Four leg byes are the result and it's five from the over.

IND 328-4Really good over from Swann to a slightly nervous looking Pujara. The Indian batsman is offered no room to find a single and he remains unbeaten. Second maiden over for Swann.

IND 330-4Century for Pujara Yuvraj really does love a pose. Never has anyone held a stance for so long following two defensive shots. The left-hander does take a single to mid-on to bring Pujara on strike and that's his century. A flick to fine leg brings up three figures for the 24-year-old. He was overshadowed by Sehwag yesterday but that is a very fine Test innings.

IND 345-4Pujara looks more relaxed after reaching his century as he lunges forward to drive Swann down the ground for four runs. Yuvraj, not to be outdone, takes a couple of steps down the track and launches a straight six. He's a very dangerous player for the hosts. Wow! Yuvraj then sweeps over mid-wicket and it's inches away from being another maximum. Good over for India.

IND 346-4Better over from Broad as he only allows a single for Pujara. India will be very happy with this morning's start. England need wickets very soon.

IND 350-4Good idea from India to attack Swann. If they can hit him out of the attack then they will be in complete control. The Indian duo can't pick the gaps in this over, though and four singles are scored.

IND 356-4Broad decides to try a short ball but that's easy picking for Yuvraj, who pulls for four runs through mid-wicket. The England seamer thinks he has his man lbw later in the over but Yuvraj is clearly outside the line of off stump when the ball strikes his pads.

IND 360-4Pujara almost offers Trott a chance but he edges the ball very quickly and earns four runs to add insult to injury for England. Biggest shout of the morning for lbw from England. Pujara refuses to play a shot and the England players think they have him. Tony Hill has a long think but shakes his head.

IND 360-4Jimmy Anderson comes into the attack for the first time this morning and begins round the wicket at Yuvraj. Solid maiden over from England's swing king but there's little movement this morning.

IND 360-4It feels like the next hour is very important for Cook. England need some fresh ideas with the hosts looking very comfortable. Good fielding from the skipper at short mid-wicket gives Swann a maiden over.

IND 361-4Anderson continues and he seems to be shaping the ball quite nicely. No drastic movement to worry Pujara, though. Just a single from the over.

IND 363-4Yuvraj looks an improved player on his return to the Test side. Swann is bowling a very testing line to the left-hander but Yuvraj has a couple of runs when he top edges a sweep behind square leg.

IND 363-4Anderson trying his hardest to find some reverse swing but there's no encouragement for the bowler this morning. Pujara has a swing at a wide one and misses by a long way. We haven't seen that too often in this match, it's a maiden over.

IND 365-4Swann, into his 40th over, is showing good patience this morning. Plenty of wear and tear on the pitch now, which will please the Indian bowlers. Two singles from the over.

IND 367-4Anderson has Pietersen fielding very close to the pitch at the bowler's end. In truth, the seamers just haven't threatened for the tourists. Two singles from the over and it's time for a drinks break.

IND 375-4Fifty for Yuvraj Samit Patel comes on to bowl after the break. Meanwhile, Tim Bresnan is yet to bowl today and has only bowled 10 overs in the match. Patel comes round the wicket to Yuvraj and from the third ball, the left-hander smashes four runs over the vacant mid-wicket area to bring up his half century. It's eight from the over when Pujara flicks the ball onto the leg side for three more runs.

IND 375-4Plenty of effort from Anderson but he's not getting any help from the ball today. Pujara looks to cut the ball behind square but Compton does well to keep the right-hander on strike. It's a maiden over.

IND 380-4Yuvraj can't pick the gap despite a juicy full toss being delivered by Patel. It's another poor ball from the Notts spinner when Pujara takes advantage of a half-tracker to earn four runs.

IND 382-4It's all a bit quiet in Ahmedbabad at the moment with England forced to go into defensive mode. India cruising though as they take two singles from the over. This partnership is now worth 99.

IND 383-4A hurried single behind point brings up the century partnership for these two, who have played superbly following Sehwag's antics yesterday. Better over from Patel with just the single coming from it.

IND 385-4Bresnan will bowl for the first time since 7.40am on Thursday. The Yorkshire pace bowler does have some taping on his elbow, where he has had problems before. It's a pretty good over, though, with Pujara taking just a couple of runs with a drive through extra cover.

IND 393-4Shot of the day from Yuvraj as he stands up tall to clear the boundary rope with a straight six off Patel. I don't think anyone would begrudge Yuvraj a century today, he's currently unbeaten on 62.

IND 396-4Pujara gives Yuvraj the strike but the left-hander gives it straight back when he rushes through a single following a fumble from Compton. Easy singles on offer, three from the over.

IND 398-4Yuvraj attempts to hit Patel in the stands again but he doesn't make great contact and only a single is possible to deep mid-wicket. A rare sight in this match as Patel beats Pujara's bat with a little bit of spin outside off stump. Bell then takes a very painful knock at silly point, three runs from the over.

IND 398-4Much better over from Bresnan as he begins to get Yuvraj driving outside the off stump but there's no movement to trouble the left-hander. It's a maiden and we're 15 minutes away from lunch.

IND 400-4Cook is keeping faith with Patel for the time being but the Indian duo look very comfortable against him. Pujara brings up the 400 with a couple to deep cover.

ENG 400-4It's time for a change and Kevin Pietersen will get a bowl. The Yuvraj/Pietersen rivalry is on and I just wonder whether the Indian will have a go now. He is defensive, for now and a small appeal for lbw is quickly rejected. Good start from Pietersen and it's a maiden over.

ENG 402-4Swann is back at the other end for a short spell before lunch and he attempts to bowl slightly wider to Pujara. Two easy singles from the over.

ENG 405-4Due to his height, Pietersen gets slightly more bounce so England may want to bring in a short leg. Yuvraj takes a single before Cook does bring in Bell to the aforementioned fielding position. There's two more singles and it's another solid over from Pietersen.

IND 410-4Yuvraj opens up his shoulders again to get hold of a short ball from Swann to earn four runs over mid-wicket. The left-hander then takes a single down the ground and it's lunch in Ahmedabad.

IND 410-4Lunch: It's been a great session for India with Pujara and Yuvraj reaching 100 and 50 respectively. The hosts have enjoyed complete domination this morning and the signs are worry for England. MS Dhoni will be eyeing a score of around 600, join us once again at around 6.35 to follow their progress.

IND 410-4Welcome back everyone, we're a couple of minutes away from the resumption of play in Ahmedabad. England have been dominated this morning and India's control of the match is unquestionable. Expect Yuvraj attempt to accelerate soon and with Dhoni in next, quick scoring looks likely.

IND 410-4The England players have reappeared and are quickly followed by Pujara and Yuvraj.

IND 410-4It will be Pietersen who continues with his part-time off spin after lunch.

IND 411-4Good start from Pietersen as Yuvraj takes just a single from the over but it's wickets that England desperately need in this session.

IND 411-4It's Patel who partners Pietersen and he immediately has Yuvraj playing and missing. Prior whips off the bails and asks for a stumping but the replay shows the left-hander is safe. Good work from Patel and it's a maiden over.

IND 413-4Pujara is off strike immediately at the start of Pietersen's over with a push to mid-off and Yuvraj rotates once again with an easy run to square leg. It's another decent over from Pietersen but with him and Patel bowling so much, surely Monty Panesar should have been selected.

IND 413-5Wicket! Yuvraj (74) caught Swann, bowled Patel

IND 413-5Yuvraj will be feeling sick following this dismissal. Patel begins a new over with a juicy full toss that should be sent into the stands but the left-hander proceeds to send the ball straight to Swann at long-on. No century for Yuvraj on his return to the side and Dhoni will be the new batsman.

IND 414-5India only take one run from the rest of Patel's over and finally, England have a breakthrough.

IND 417-5Pietersen comes out of the attack and it's Bresnan who is thrown the ball by Cook. A single from Pujara brings Dhoni on strike and the skipper defends well, before taking a one to cover. Three runs come from the over.

IND 423-5Awful start from Patel, who delivers a very short ball which allows Pujara to pick up four runs at square leg. Two more runs for the 24-year-old, who has moved to 143.

IND 425-5Bresnan, as always, will continue to plug away but he hasn't had much of an effect in this match. Two easy singles are the only runs in the over.

IND 430-5Despite that wicket, too many poor deliveries have been bowled by Patel. The Notts spinner is too short again and Pujara takes advantage to collect four runs through mid-wicket. Pujara then moves to 149 with a hurried single to point, time for some more of Swann.

IND 431-5150 for Pujara Standing ovation for Pujara when he brings up another milestone with a flick to fine leg. It's been a superb innings from the 24-year-old. Dhoni thinks about advancing down the pitch but Bresnan reads the Indian skipper's mind and it's a dot ball.

IND 434-5Pujara gets off strike at the start of Patel's over before Dhoni nearly offers a chance to Swann at long-on with a lofted shot that bounces safely and earns the captain two runs.

IND 439-5Beautiful shot from Pujara, who drives a full ball straight down the ground for four runs off Bresnan. The Yorkshire bowler attempts a short ball but Pujara does just enough to get a single at fine leg. Five from the over.

IND 441-5Still no Swann after lunch as Patel continues his spell. Pujara happy to take the singles at this stage of his innings and Dhoni is still trying to play his way in. Two runs from the over.

IND 441-5England needed a flurry of wickets but Dhoni is looking comfortable at the crease now. No runs from Bresnan's over, though.

IND 444-5Swann is introduced to the attack by Cook for the first time since lunch but starts with a low full toss, giving Pujara two runs.

IND 444-6Wicket! Dhoni (5) bowled Swann

IND 444-6Swann gets his fifth wicket on his return to the bowling attack. Dhoni drops to one knee in an attempt to play the sweep shot but can only drag the ball onto his stumps. Ashwin in next.

IND 444-6Ashwin survives the end of Swann's over but that's an excellent return for England's front-line spinner.

IND 445-6Bresnan begins a new over and will want to keep Pujara on strike to allow Swann to have a go at the new batsman. Pujara does get a single with a whip to mid-wicket and that's the only run in the over.

IND 447-6Swann gets some big turn outside off stump but Pujara has the quality to collect two runs through cover. Pujara remains watchful and it's two from the over. Time for a drinks break.

IND 447-6After an extended drinks break, we are ready to continue. It would be interesting to know what Dhoni thinks his side need in this first innings.

IND 449-6It's Patel who once again comes into the attack in place of Bresnan and he starts well but Ashwin is no mug with the willow in his hands. Ashwin takes a single before Pujara clips the ball dangerously close to Bell at short leg. Two runs from the over.

IND 450-6Swann continues to bowl a very accurate line to both batsmen but India do reach 450 when Pujara nudges the ball to Pietersen at mid-on.

IND 451-6Patel decides to bowl from over the wicket towards Pujara and he does find the centurion's edge with one that turns and bounces but that's safe. Ashwin slightly more conservative with his approach but he has got some big shots in his locker.

IND 453-6Pujara looks for a big shot but he picks out the man in the deep on the off-side and gets a single. Ashwin happy to hand the strike back to his partner, two from Swann's over.

IND 455-6Brilliant fielding from Cook at short cover at the beginning of Patel's new over to stop an Ashwin boundary. The tactic of bowling over the wicket looks slightly negative against these two right-handers, two from the over.

IND 460-6Swann appeals for lbw against Pujara but he's definitely outside the line of off-stump there. Pujara has a single at square-leg and Ashwin, who has looked slightly scratchy, has his first boundary with a well timed sweep.

IND 465-6Poor delivery from Patel and Pujara has been in long enough to launch the ball onto the leg-side for four runs. One more Pujara single comes at the end of the over with an easy stroke to cover.

IND 467-6Great footwork on show from Pujara, who rocks back to get two runs past point. It would have been three had it not been for Ashwin's lethargic running.

IND 469-6Stuart Broad is back into the attack, he certainly hasn't had his best game so far but Cook has rotated his bowlers well. The vice-captain starts with another ridiculous appeal for lbw. It's amazing how often Broad asks when the ball is clearly going past leg stump. Broad's pace has been well down throughout this game and Prior decides to come up to the stumps. A fumble from Patel allows Pujara to collect two runs past point.

IND 472-6It's a testament to Swann that he remains this accurate after so many overs despite seeming to get more turn yesterday. Three singles come from the over.

IND 481-6Broad continues and Patel makes up for his earlier mistake by superbly stopping a boundary at deep cover. There's no stopping Ashwin picking up runs with a late cut backward of point from a wider Broad delivery. Good over for India.

IND 487-6Swann begins his 50th over of the match and Pujara gets immediately off strike with a push to long-on. Change of angle for Swann as he moves round the wicket but it's not successful as Pujara picks up four runs with a pull to the square leg boundary. Six runs from the over and Pujara is only 13 runs away from a double hundred.

IND 493-6Prior is still at the stumps for Broad's new over but Pujara can get off strike with a leg-bye. Even Broad has decided to go round the wicket to Ashwin but India's number eight easily picks up a single on the leg side. This pair rotate the strike very well and score six runs in the over.

IND 498-6Pietersen is back to give Swann a rest from bowling. He starts with a poor short ball but Pujara can only earn a single at deep cover and that's the fifty partnership. Clever play from Ashwin to pick up a couple of runs by guiding the ball to third man. England have run out of ideas in Ahmedabad.

IND 502-6Patel replaces Broad and a shorter ball allows Pujara to collect a couple of runs to bring up the 500 for India. Ashwin plays a drive in the air but Cook can only get fingers to the ball. That's a big chance for the skipper and he hasn't done very well. Four runs from the over.

IND 502-6Tea: England picked up two wickets in that session but it's another solid session for the hosts. Pujara is closing in on his double hundred and Ashwin looks settled at the crease. India may well bat for a while yet.

IND 502-6Cook will be thoroughly disappointed with that dropped catch just before the tea break. If they could have sent Ashwin packing, the final session would have begun with renewed hope. India look odds-on to reach 600 at this current time.

IND 502-6The big question is, will India think of declaring this evening? England are doing a good job of keeping down the run-rate so the hosts may just keep batting.

IND 502-6Couple of minutes until the final session of the day begins. Dhoni may tell his batsmen to kick on once Pujara reaches 200.

IND 502-6Pietersen will bowl the first over of the session.

IND 506-6An Ashwin single brings Pujara on strike and he's four short of 200. The patient batsman picks up two runs with a cut into the vacant point area. Pietersen does brilliantly to stop Pujara driving down the ground but the number three then picks up a single on the leg side.

IND 507-6200 for Pujara Anderson begins a new spell but that doesn't stop Pujara reaching his double century with a push onto the off-side from the third ball. Fantastic innings from Pujara in only his sixth Test match. He's played at his own pace and England have had no answer for his quality over these two days.

IND 510-7Pietersen begins a new delivery from round the wicket but these two are happy to deal in singles.

IND 510-7Wicket! Ashwin (23) c Prior b Pietersen

IND 510-7Pietersen will bowl better deliveries but his wider ball catches Ashwin's edge and Prior takes a good catch. Useful innings from India's spinner, Zaheer Khan next in.

IND 510-7Good start at Khan from Pietersen as he gets the tail-end batsman lunging at the ball but there's no edge this time.

IND 512-7I don't think Pujara will change his pace, he's very much like Rahul Dravid in that sense. Anderson is beginning to get a little bit of movement in to Khan but he's dealing with the threat well. Two runs from the over.

IND 519-7Pietersen begins a new over with a gift for Zaheer in the form of a half-tracker. Four runs to the veteran bowler but he can't do the same with a similar delivery next ball and instead rotates the strike. Seven runs for India in the over.

IND 519-8Wicket! Khan (7) c Trott b Anderson

IND 519-8Anderson finally has a smile on his face as he becomes the first England seamer to take a wicket in the match when Khan edges a full ball to Trott, who takes a good catch at gully.

IND 519-8Pragyan Ojha is the new batsman for India and he does well to keep out Anderson with the ball beginning to reverse swing.

IND 520-8Swann is back into the attack and Cook must sense that the innings should be wrapped up soon. Pujara takes a single to bring Ojha on strike but for now, there's no way through his defence.

IND 521-8Pujara will be keen to dominate the strike as Anderson begins a new over. No runs on offer for the double centurion until he picks up a single from the final ball to keep the strike.

IND 521-8India declare: Pujara won't keep the strike because India have declared on 521-8. England will be batting very soon and that's a positive move from the hosts. MS Dhoni will fancy picking up some wickets this evening to improve the possibility of forcing a victory.

IND 521-8Pujara will certainly get the plaudits for that fantastic innings of 206 not out.

IND 521-8Alastair Cook and new boy Nick Compton will have to negotiate 18 overs before the end of play.

IND 521-8England will need to reach 322 if they are to avoid the follow-on, that will be the first target.

ENG 0-0Cook and Compton are back out with the Indian team closely following behind. This is a big test for Compton on his debut but he does have a reputation of batting for long periods and his form for Somerset has been superb in the past year. India will begin with spin and Ashwin will open the bowling.

ENG 8-0Cook is offered a gift from Ashwin first ball with the skipper being allowed to cut a short ball to the rope for four runs. Plenty of turn for Ashwin in the over but Cook is equal to the threat and he has four more with a bottom edge that evades Dhoni behind the stumps.

ENG 13-0Predictably, Compton must face Zaheer Khan for the first ball of his Test career and he looks comfortable against the experienced seamer. A pull shot would have given him four runs had it not been for some good fielding from Kohli at short mid-wicket. Khan has an appeal for lbw rejected and a warning for an over-zealous shout. More runs for Cook when he pulls the ball off his hip for another boundary.

ENG 14-0Compton has his first look at Ashwin and quickly hands the strike to his skipper with an easy single. First really good delivery from Ashwin in this innings as he gets one to leave Cook past the outside edge.

ENG 14-0Zaheer begins a new over and he's met with some textbook defensive shots from Compton. First maiden over of the innings.

ENG 18-0A defensive shot causes the ball to squirm away onto the off-side and Cook gets two runs for his trouble. Nice comeback from Ashwin, who strikes Cook's pads via the inside edge. The skipper gets a single and Compton does the same, four from the over.

ENG 19-0Zaheer is very accurate against right-handers but Compton does manage to pick the gap to find a single. Good over from Zaheer, just a single from it.

ENG 21-0Compton seems eager to get across his stumps when facing Ashwin and that could be a good tactic, for now. However, if it spins more the fielders around the bat will come into play. Good running from the England duo as they rush a couple from the final ball.

ENG 21-0Zaheer comes in with increased pace at Cook but the skipper looks more than comfortable at the moment. Maiden over, there's 10 overs left in the day.

ENG 22-0Ojha will come on to replace Ashwin. He won't get as much spin as his teammate but he can be very dangerous. It's a nice start from Ojha, who bowls slightly slower than orthodox left-arm spinners. Compton takes one single from the over.

ENG 22-0Zaheer will continue for at least another over and he decides to come round the wicket. Compton leaves the first ball which excites the Indians but that's good judgement. These two look determined to remain at the crease until the close of play. It's another maiden for Zaheer.

ENG 23-0Cook faces Ojha for the first time today and takes a single immediately with a nudge onto the leg-side. Dhoni asks about a stumping when the ball beats Compton's outside edge but the umpire isn't interested. Very good over from Ojha, just a single from it.

ENG 25-0It will be sin from both ends as Ashwin comes back on to replace Zaheer. The off-spinner strays onto Cook's pads and gifts him a single. Some big turn outside off has Ashwin appealing for lbw and caught but there's a shake of the head from the umpire. Two runs from the over.

ENG 26-0Big turn for Ojha but there's not touch on glove or bat from Compton, good signs for India though. Excellent defence being shown by Compton on the back foot and he sneaks a single from the final ball.

ENG 26-1Wicket! Compton (9) b Ashwin

ENG 26-1Compton had looked solid on debut but Ashwin gets the ball to do just enough to find its way between bat and pad before crashing into middle stump. Big wicket for India!

ENG 29-1It's no surprise to see James Anderson walk out to take his role as nightwatchman for the final stages of the day's play and he's immediately off the mark with two runs through the leg-side. Big appeal from Ashwin for lbw but the ball turned too much and it looks like it may have been a very good decision from Aleem Dar.

ENG 29-1That wicket was Ashwin's 50th in Test cricket and he's the quickest Indian to reach that milestone, with it taking only 9 matches.

ENG 29-1It's Ojha's turn to have a bowl at Anderson and an inside edge almost brings a second wicket but Gautam Gambhir can't take the catch at short leg.

ENG 29-2Wicket! Anderson (2) c Gambhir b Ojha

ENG 29-2Gambhir gets a second chance to take a catch at short leg and this time he is successful after Ojha once again finds Anderson's inside edge. Jonathan Trott walks out to the pitch and England cannot afford to lose anymore wickets and he survives the over.

ENG 30-2Cook hands the strike to his teammate at the beginning of the new over and Ashwin immediately appeals for lbw but that wasn't going to be given with Trott getting his leg outside the line of off-stump.

ENG 30-3Wicket! Trott (0) c Pujara b Ashwin

ENG 31-3India don't need to appeal this time! Trott fails to get far enough forward and the ball catches his inside edge to allow Pujara to take a good catch at silly mid-off. It's turning into a nightmare for England but this is superb bowling from India. Kevin Pietersen is the new batsman and he's immediately off the mark with a hurried single.

ENG 40-3Very clever from Dhoni. As soon as Pietersen comes to the crease, Yuvraj is thrown the ball. Pietersen famously called the Indian all-rounder a "pie chucker" a few years back. Well, that was a pie from Yuvraj. His first ball barely bounces and Pietersen heaves it away for four runs through mid-wicket. Another poor ball later in the over allows Cook to find the boundary rope through cover, poor start from Yuvraj.

ENG 41-3Ashwin begins the final over and Pietersen takes a big step forward but just gets a leg-bye on the off-side. Cook does well to defend the final five balls and that's the end of a difficult day for the tourists.

ENG 41-3Close of play: It's been a tremendous day for India in Ahmedabad. Pajara's magnificent double century allowed Dhoni to declare and three wickets in the final session have seen India move into a commanding position.

ENG 41-3Cook and the returning Pietersen must build a big partnership tomorrow if the tourists are to delay India's progress. England need 322 to avoid the follow-on.

ENG 41-3Join me once again tomorrow morning to see if England can find a way back into this match on day three.

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