Live Commentary: England vs. West Indies - Third Test, Day Four

Live Commentary: England vs. West Indies - Third Test, Day Four
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Live commentary of day four of the third Test between England and the West Indies at Edgbaston.

Good morning and welcome to Sports Mole's live commentary of the fourth day of the third Test between England and the West Indies at Edgbaston.

The match finally got underway yesterday after two days were lost to rain and the tourists managed to reach stumps at 280-8 with Denesh Ramdin finishing the day on 60* joined at the crease by Ravi Rampaul on 2*.

Marlon Samuels hit a brilliant 76 before being dismissed by Tim Bresnan, the batsman just one of three victims for the Yorkshire bowler.

Graham Onions took three wickets on his return to the team and Steven Finn also managed to impress by taking two wickets on day three.

ENG 221-5Join me for the conclusion of the Test match tomorrow morning and thanks for following our commentary today. 'Mind the windows Tino!' and goodnight everyone.

ENG 221-5A great innings from Ramdin who was under pressure heading into this match but today belongs to Best. What an innings and what a character!

ENG 221-5Denesh Ramdin and Tino Best are the stars of the day, good knocks from Pietersen and Bell too for England who were in trouble.

ENG 221-5Close of playLast over of the day and bell immediately takes the single. Finn knows his job, a maiden over ends today's action with England finishing on 221-5.

ENG 220-5Bell helps himself to a single to give the strike to Finn. Samuels fires down a delivery that clocks 72mph but it's five more dot balls and Finn's been there for 15 balls now without scoring.

ENG 219-5Best is given a rest and that's probably him finished for the day. Sunil Narine is back now but he hasn't found much movement today. Bell rotates the strike but Finn is more than happy to block and it's just a single from the over.

ENG 218-5Samuels is changing his pace well now and manages to beat Finn's bat just outside off stump. Good defense from Finn to leave the over and just a single from it.

ENG 217-5Steven Finn comes in as night watchman, no trouble for the big man though as Best goes too wide. A lot of words for Finn from Best and he follows it up with a good delivery which is left well. Best is charging in now but a leg bye is given away and Bell ends the over with a single.

ENG 215-5WicketTino Best is back for a new spell at the Birmingham end and proceeds to bowl two no balls. Cracking delivery from Best is enough to get through Bairstow's defence and hit the stumps. It's Tino's day!

ENG 213-4Bairstow looking good now as he finds two runs through mid wicket. Good cricket from England here but the match is fizzling out now.

ENG 206-4Brilliant strike from Bell as he picks the gap to drive past extra cover for four runs. Rampaul's bringing it in to Bell here but he runs well to earn two for a push to mid wicket. Slightly flat from the Windies, six from the over.

ENG 200-4Still no sign of Best as Samuels continues his spell, he's bowled quite well and definitely gets some extra bounce. Bairstow looks comfortable against the spin and clips one to the mid wicket boundary to bring up 200 for England.

ENG 196-4Good running brings a single as Bell drives to mid off. More short balls aimed at Bairstow but Rampaul's not going to threaten him with those lines. Bell rejects a second run after a Bairstow nudge to mid wicket, two from the over.

ENG 194-4Easy single for Bell to starts Samuels' over but the spinner looks threatening against Bairstow. The Test rookie survives and it's just one from the over.

ENG 193-4Bell is happy to watch the ball outside off stump as Best continues tormenting the batsmen. There's a big lbw appeal but Bell has got an edge on that one. Rampaul spoils a maiden over by straying down leg side and Bell helps himself to a single.

ENG 192-4We're in for an interesting phase of play from now until the end of the day and Best will be desperate for a go at Bairstow. Samuels continues though and he is hit straight down the ground for four by Bairstow. That's a very good shot but no more runs come from the over.

ENG 188-4Rampaul continues and will he go short against Bairstow? Best is giving Bairstow some words of wisdom but the youngster is ignoring him. Sammy rearranges his field and Rampaul does go for a bouncer but the line is completely wrong. Nice shot from Bairstow for a single to finish the over.

ENG 187-4Jonny Bairstow comes to the crease and he'll have a point to prove to the selectors. Easy start though as Samuels bowls a full toss which Bairstow turns onto the leg side for a single. Samuels appeals for caught behind against Bell but the umpire remains unmoved.

ENG 186-4Wicket Samuels gets some bounce with the first ball and follows it up brilliantly by finding Pietersen's edge with Sammy making no mistake at slip. Good knock from Pietersen but he departs for 78.

ENG 186-3Correction from earlier, play can be extended until 7:30pm tonight if light allows it.

ENG 186-3Rampaul's back on to replace Best and immediately strays down leg side. Much better from Rampaul as he revises his line to keep Bell defensive. Bell replies brilliantly as he cuts late through third man for four and they are the only runs from the over.

ENG 182-3Marlon Samuels comes into the attack and replaces Sunil Narine. Poor fielding gifts Pietersen a single and I think he'll target Samuels. Easy single for Bell and Pietersen does target Samuels by cutting him past point for four. He tries the shot again but finds the fielder on the boundary, a single for Bell follows and it's eight from the over.

ENG 174-3Best continues his spell but doesn't seem to be the threat he was earlier in the afternoon. Good yorker is followed up by a look directed at Bell from Best. Much better over, plenty of stares from Best and it's a maiden.

ENG 174-3Superb from Pietersen, he takes two steps down the pitch before launching Narine over mid on for a big six. Another boundary for Pietersen two balls later, as he punches one through mid wicket for four. Adrian Barath takes a painful one at short leg by Pietersen but is fine, 10 from the over.

ENG 164-3Easy runs available to England as Pietersen finds plenty of space on the leg side for a boundary. Bell can't connect with a wide one and almost drags onto the stumps. Best is bowling a nice length to Bell and it's just the one from the over.

ENG 163-3Narine will carry on his spell and Bell immediately gets off strike. Pietersen blocks two but then takes a step forward to drive past mid off for four more runs. A single from the final ball makes it six from the over.

ENG 157-3Best will continue from where he left off, with five balls remaining in his over. The pace still looks good from Best, he's been in the high 80's for the majority of the day. Bell nudges a single onto the leg side comfortably and that's the only run from the over.

ENG 156-3The umpires are back once again! They've signalled the players to return again and play will start soon.

ENG 156-3Eoin Morgan will probably return for the 50-over matches, he scored 116 in just 54 balls for Middlesex against Lancashire today. That innings included 11 sixes, astonishing from Morgan.

ENG 156-3Many people will point out that Prior did fail when he was given a chance opening a couple of years back but he's certainly improved since then.

ENG 156-3Prior can be similar to Pietersen in terms of the rate in which he scores runs, a spot as an opener could be a possibility for him.

ENG 156-3Tomorrow could be treated as practice for the one day series by England, Bairstow will be eager to impress and Prior may find himself back in the limited over side following Pietersen's retirement.

ENG 156-3The chances of a result in this match has all but vanished so it would be nice to see Bell and Pietersen put on a show for the remainder of this evening and possibly tomorrow.

ENG 156-3Many fans choosing to leave now and that's not surprising, play can continue until 7pm tonight.

ENG 156-3Ian Botham on Sky Sports: "If you don't play cricket in this light, you'll never play it."

ENG 156-3The crowd start a slow hand clap and you do sympathise with them. Two days of this match were lost to rain and to go off when it seems gloomy is harsh on the fans.

ENG 156-3Darren Sammy looks bemused with the decision as he shares some words with the umpires.

ENG 156-3Best starts his over with a delivery down the leg side and the umpires are discussing the light again. Very confusing decision as they agree to depart the field despite England clearly being comfortable with the light.

ENG 156-3Bell easily gets three runs to third man off Narine, this is a good partnership by these two and they've past 100 together. Runs are flowing now for England, five from the over.

ENG 151-3Fifties Tino Best returns to the attack but can't get his line right as he strays down leg side, small appeal from the bowler but not too much going for that. Bell clips a single and that's his half century, he's reached fifty quickly too (79balls). Pietersen joins Bell in reaching 50 by pushing two through mid wicket, even quicker to get to the milestone (59 balls). Best bowls a bouncer at Pietersen and KP goes for it but can only top edge it over the slips for four runs. Frustration for Best.

ENG 144-3The field is back for Pietersen and he's happy to take a single off Narine. The spinner strays down leg side and Bell helps himself to two runs, Narine is struggling to build pressure here. Good fielding at mid off restricts Bell to a single to end the over.

ENG 140-3Pietersen takes a simple run from the first ball and Sammy may be concerned by the simple nature of these runs. Bell tries to cut againt but can't guide it past gully. The gap is ppicked by Bell though as he drives past the fielder at cover to pick up four runs, the Warwickshire batsman is looking good here. More loose bowling from Rampaul as Bell guides another boundary through the slips and hits a third four in a row through mid wicket to end the over.

ENG 127-3Sunil Narine will partner Rampaul and he starts in much the same way as before the delay. Definitely has some variations but his length is incosistent, Bell takes advanatge of that to skip down the track to hit four through mid on.

ENG 123-3Ravi Rampaul start proceedings again and the England pair may have to play their way in again after that delay. However, Pietersen seems comfortable as he nudges one to square leg. The light doesn't seem to be troubling Ian Bell as he reacts quickly to a short ball and pulls it to the boundary for four. Bell looks good here as he waits for a Rampaul delivery and cuts it through third man for a second boundary of the over. A single ends the over, 10 from it.

ENG 113-3Sammy leads his men back out and the England duo follow them, strange stoppage with the light not looking much different.

ENG 113-3Umpires come back out and it looks like they're calling the players to follow them. It looks set for the action to begin again very soon.

ENG 113-3Darren Sammy did not seem happy with playing spin at both ends before the players were taken off the field. The game now looks like it could fizzle out as first expected but the West Indies still had a very slight chance of forcing a result.

ENG 113-3The umpires are now leaving the field, this decision seems to defeat the point of having floodlights at a cricket ground. Expect a lot of spin to be bowled if the players return.

ENG 113-3If you missed any of the West Indies batting performance, my fellow reporter Liam Apicella has rounded up the innings here.

ENG 113-3Really bad news for the small crowd at Edgbaston, they were treated to some brilliant entertainment by Tino Best this morning but are being made to wait now.

ENG 113-3The day shouldn't be finished really, the light will presumably be better soon as it's just cloudy around Edgbaston.

ENG 113-3It would be disappointing to see the day finish with so many overs left to play. Umpires still discussing the plan of action in the middle.

ENG 113-3Just one over after tea were possible which has definitely angered the crowd. Umpires have remained on the ground to take a reading of the light.

ENG 113-3The umpires are having a discussion, presumably about the light but they have gone back to their position. Sammy may have to bowl spin from both ends. Rampaul comes on to bowl but the umpires aren't having any of it and the players are taken off for bad light.

ENG 113-3Bell does get a single from the first ball and Pietersen does the same two balls later. Samuels looks eager to have some chat with the two England players but Bell ignores him and it's two from Samuels' first over.

ENG 111-3Marlon Samuels will start the session and a stump microphone records him saying: "Bell can't get me off the square." A lot of confidence for a part time bowler.

ENG 111-3The umpires are back out on the field and the players follow them shortly after.

ENG 111-3Bairstow struggled against the short ball in the second Test and Tino Best will know that. That could shape up to be a tough battle for the England youngster.

ENG 11-3England haven't had a day like this recently, Strauss' men looked sluggish in the field and with the bat early in the innings. Pietersen does look at his best though but it may be interesting if Bairstow is forced to bat this evening.

ENG 111-3The umpires have confirmed it is time for a tea break, England have recovered after an early wobble but will want Pietersen and Bell to remain at the crease. The West Indies are still on top.

ENG 111-3Beautiful shot from Pietersen as he whips a half volley to the leg side boundary for four runs. Pietersen repeats the shot but just gets two this time before smashing a cut shot in front of point for a second booundary of the over. narine hasn't settled yet and it's 10 from the over.

ENG 101-3Good pressure from Sammy as he continues bowling straight with Ramdin up at the stumps. Great delivery that could have bowled Pietersen just misses the stumps and goes for a bye. Very close for Sammy and it's just the single from the over

ENG 100-3It's 10 minutes until tea and Narine is set to continue. Bell struggles to find a gap in the field and Narine should have his first Test wicket but Barath can't take the catch at short leg. That's a stroke of luck for Bell.

ENG 100-3Pietersen is distracted by chat in the field and gives the West Indies fielders a fierce look. The 50 partnership comes up with a drive through extra cover from Pietersen and Sammy won't want these two to be together at the crease for long. The Windies skipper responds well at the end of the over as England reach three figures.

ENG 96-3Narine starts the over well but he once again loses his length and allows Bell to rock back to cut through the off side, earning three runs. Pietersen looks happy to take the singles off Narine as he pushes the ball to mid on.

ENG 92-3Best is still grinning in the field and who can blame him? He'll remember today for the rest of his life.

ENG 92-3Sammy is accurate to Bell and offers little room around the off stump with just a single coming from the over.

ENG 91-3Narine showing some nice variations but nothing too drastic as yet. These two batsman prove their pace as Bell sneaks a single from a simple push. Vintage Pietersen as he takes a big step forward to power a drive to the cover boundary and it's seven from the over.

ENG 84-3Sammy gives awaya couple of runs by straying down leg side which Bell takes advantage of. Bell starting to look settled at his home ground as he drives through cover for a single. Good running for a single from Pietersen after a nudge to the fielder at point and a mistake in the field from the final ball means it's five from the over.

ENG 79-3The floodlights are on at Edgbaston, no rain predicted but it does look gloomy.

ENG 79-3Enough about doppelgangers, Bell moves into double figures with a drive through mid on that reaches the boundary. Narine gets his length all wrong as Bell picks out the sweeper on the leg side boundary with a pull shot. Good reply from Narine as two dot balls end the over.

ENG 74-3Former England captain Michael Vaughan on Twitter: "Loving Narines hair do.... Needs some colour though then he will be like Adam Ant...." The spinner looks more like Barcelona's Dani Alves in my opinion!

ENG 74-3Sammy fancies adding to his wicket and brings himself on to replace Best. Pietersen using his feet against the slower pace and whips a shot through mid on in trademark fashion for three. Ramdin comes up to the stumps for one ball but Sammy is too wide to trouble Bell. A nudge to fine leg gives Bell a run and it's four from the over.

ENG 70-3Narine getting some bounce here but Pietersen remains equal to it by pushing for two runs. Easy single is taken to bring Bell on strike and he's happy to block out the over.

ENG 67-3A lot of effort being shown by Best as he charges in for a new over. Sammy will presumably use Best in short spells today in an attempt to keep his pace high. Loose ball from Best as Bell hits a full toss through cover for his first boundary and it's four from the over.

ENG 63-3Pietersen doesn't seem to hit a ball that evades Ramdin but he's given the four runs. Nice length from Narine and Pietersen will be wary of short leg, that position is definitely in play. Signs of movement for Narine but he drops it too short with the final ball and Pietersen takes full advantage with a boundary just in front of square on the leg side.

ENG 55-3Best goes very full to Pietersen but he can't find a passage to the stumps. Fast pace again and Pietersen earns two with a clip through mid wicket. Sharp bouncer to Bell but Best looking more dangerous with the full delivery.

ENG 52-3Sunil Narine is about to begin his first spell in Test cricket. There has been a lot of talk about the spinner after his performances in the IPl. It's a good start from Narine as he looks to be getting some turn and Bell is forced to use his feet well. Slightly short and Bell latches on to get off strike, Pietersen will be a good test for Narine. A push to mid on brings Pietersen a run but a good start from Narine.

ENG 50-3Best looked like he was going for a shirt off celebration there before quickly changing his mind, probably a wise decision.

ENG 50-3Best's day is getting better and he looks in full flow with the first delivery at new batsman Ian Bell. Good defence from Bell but the Windies are in top form today. Bell then tucks one away to fine leg to get off the mark.

ENG 49-3Wicket Best gets the big wicket of Strauss as the England skipper edges one to first slip and Darren Bravo holds on. England in big trouble now.

ENG 49-2Best comes back into the attack now and his pace is still looking sharp.

ENG 49-2Rampaul blocks a Pietersen shot off his own bowling but KP looks in good form early in his innings. A nice line being bowled by Rampaul here and it's a maiden.

ENG 49-2Great shot from Pietersen as he frees his shoulders to smash one to the extra cover boundary before pushing the ball into the leg side for a single. Good shot but no runs for Strauss as he picks out mid on with a drive.

ENG 44-2Pietersen scrambles a leg bye after being hit in the side by Rampaul and Strauss remains watchful outside off stump. Two runs come from the final ball as Strauss clips one through square leg.

ENG 41-2The umpires are taking a light reading but don't call for the players to leave the field.

ENG 41-2Kevin Pietersen comes to the crease with work needing to be done, Trott won't be happy with that dismissal. Pietersen nudges one onto the leg side to get off the mark but Sammy straightens up to Strauss and it's a great over for the captain.

ENG 40-2Wicket Sammy gets Trott to drag on to his stumps as he tries to cut a ball which was too straight. Big wicket for the Windies.

ENG 40-1Rampaul continues but can't tempt Strauss into a false shot, the opener then crashes a drive to the ropes for four runs.

ENG 36-1Darren Sammy brings himself into the attack and immediately begins to probe outside off stump. Trott can't pick a gap until the sixth where he whips a shot through mid wicket for four

ENG 32-1Trott rocks back nicely to hit a four through point from the second ball. The Warwickshire batsman does get himself into trouble as he gloves one down leg side but Ramdin can't get near it and it's seven from the over.

ENG 25-1Best starting to cause problems now, Trott can only glove a short ball to square leg. England need to settle quickly, six from the over.

ENG 19-1Good accuracy from Rampaul here with Strauss sneaking the only run of the over. Rampaul definitely getting more shape than Best.

ENG 18-1Replays show a good delivery from Rampaul for the wicket of Cook but the England opener will be disappointed with his head placement.

ENG 18-1Jonathan Trott joins Strauss at the crease after Cook's dismissal. England's captain tucks a single onto the leg side and Trott watches his first delivery. Trott's very deep in his crease but Best is too wide to trouble him. First runs for Trott as he drives straight down the ground for four.

ENG 13-1Wicket Rampaul brings one back at Cook and the umpire agrees with the West Indies by giving Cook out. England review the decision but hawkeye confirms the decision. Cook's goes for four.

ENG 13-0Cook plays a nice drive for three before three leg byes are given as Rampaul strays off line. Nice reply from Rampaul as he has Cook searching for the ball.

ENG 7-0Good pace from Best here and he's finding a bit of extra bounce with the new ball. Ramdin takes the ball at head height on more than one occasion in the over. A bit of excitement from Best as a noise is made down leg side but it looks to have hit Strauss' pad and doesn't carry to Ramdin either. Painful moment for Strauss as Best clocks 92mph with a full toss that strikes the skipper on the arm, Strauss didn't pick up the flight there. Maiden over from Best.

ENG 7-0Ravi Rampaul will take the new ball with Best and he begins well, offering Strauss little space outside off stump with the first delivery. It's a good over from Rampaul, with just the one run coming from it.

ENG 6-0Best starts with a no ball but gets it right the next go with a delivery that Strauss looks uncomfortable against. Strauss edges one just wide of third slip and is able to run three. Cook is off the mark straight away with a push into the off side and it's nice running again as Strauss sneaks a single. Good stop in the gully to end the over.

ENG 0-0Strauss and Cook are nearly ready to begin and Best is given the new ball to start the innings, his confidence will be high.

13:58Best's world record 95 beat the previous record of 75, which was made by India's Zaheer Khan.

13:56Andrew Strauss and Alastair Cook will want to start well for England, it's important they end this series on a high with South Africa coming up later this summer.

13:53The players are nearly ready to begin the afternoon session, remember that 98 overs are scheduled for today. Let's hope we are treated to some more brilliant cricket.

WI 426West Indies started the day on 280-8 but Ramdin's class and that innings from Best really has changed the complexion of this match. Wonderful morning of cricket and that's lunch, join us in around 30 minutes for the afternoon session.

WI 426More of Flintoff on Twitter: "Nnnoooooooooo TIno ! He went for the windows to reach his 100 ! Well played sir , great entertainment take a bow."

WI 426We've been treated to some great entertainment this morning and I think everyone in the ground would have loved to see Best reach three figures but it was a superb effort from the record breaking number 11.

WI 426 all outWicket Best is out! He's so close to a famous century but a slower ball from Onions is hit straight into the air and Strauss make no mistake. Despair from the West Indies dressing room but great knock from Best.

WI 426-9Best takes a chance by chipping into the offside but he's only five away froma century now. A very close call there, Best wanted a single but Ramdin rightly sent him back.

WI 424-9Best edges closer to three figures with a rushed single against Trott. Ramdin looks determined not to leave Best stranded but almost gives Trott a catching opportunity. Trott appeals for lbw but it looks hopeful and it is turned down by the umpire.

WI 423-9At the risk of cursing him, this really has been a special innings from Tino Best and he's played some very good cricket shots.

WI 423-9Onions comes back on to replace Finn and Best guides one to fine leg off the second ball to move to 90. Ramdin pushes hard to give his partner the strike and Best gives it straight back with a push into the off side. Prior makes a mistake behind the stumps and the batsman sneak a run before Best moves to 92. Best looking very good here.

WI 418-9This partnership has all but destroyed chances of an England win, a very good performance from the tourists.

418-9Trott almost gets Best as he slices a shot just short of Jonny Bairstow at deep cover. Ramdin is happy to defend against Trott.

WI 416-9Finn continues to bowl short at Best but he plays it well for a single. Finn looks drained as Ramdin easily gets off strike and Best then cuts over point for four. Best tries the same shot but almost feathers an edge to Prior. Six from the over.

WI 410-9Time for Jonathan Trott to have a bowl, Strauss will be hoping that Trott can do what the three seamers haven't. Easy single for Ramdin but a good delivery surprises Best by beating his bat. A fumble at gully gives Best the chance to get off strike and Ramdin blocks the remaining three balls.

WI 408-9Better line from Finn but he doesn't look threatening as Ramdin sneaks a single. Best is treated to some short deliveries but he's left those well this morning

WI 407-9Best has reportedly just told Ramdin: "Play for me now."

WI 407-9Best hits a hige six straight over Bresnan's head, what a strike that was and he's 18 short of three figures now. Bresnan goes short but Best isn't interested in playing.

WI 401-9Shades of Hussain pointing at his number years ago after a ton from ramdin. Best reaches the highest score ever scored by a number 11 in Test cricket with a cut over gully, superb from the tourists this morning.

WI 395-9Andrew Flintoff on Twitter: "Amazing ramdin must have had that in his pocket for years ! Wouldn't want to be him when Viv finds him !"

WI 395-9Ramdin looking much calmer after reaching three figures and he pushes a single to mid wicket. Can Best reach 100? He's on 70 now and has been very entertaining. The frustration is clear on Finn's face as an easy single is taken by Best, two from the over.

WI 393-9Ramdin pulled a piece of paper out after reaching his century and the message looked to be aimed at Sir Vivian Richards. That's a brave move from him but great knock nonetheless.

WI 393-9Ramdin reaches his century The wicketkeeper looks nervous as he lobs one just short of mid on but Ramdin only has to wait for two more balls as he lips one to square leg to reach three figures, superb effort from him. Best decides it's time to attack as he launches Bresnan for four over mid wicket and has a few words with the bowler too.

WI 388-9Ramdin moves onto 98 with a single through mid wicket and Best gives the strike back to his partner with a leg bye. Ramdin plays a nice shot straight down the ground but the stumps restrict him to one run.

WI 385-9Better from Bresnan as he finds a good line outside off stump but fails to find the edge.

WI 383-9Swann's replaced by Finn, who struggled with his line earlier this morning despite taking Rampaul's wicket. Two singles for the pair with England looking flat in the field. Good shot from Ramdin as he moves into the nineties, he ends the over on 95 thanks to another boundary with Finn looking wayward.

WI 373-9Best starting to look like a top order batsman as he drives to mid on for a single, Bresnan can't help but smile at Best's stance. Ramdin has done well this morning and moves on to 86. Bresnan goes short to Best but it's well left.

WI 371-9Singles are coming easy from Swann's bowling and these two have done brilliantly so far. Best defends well before pushing one straight past Swann. Four from the over.

WI 366-9Ramdin offers words of advice to Best and an appeal from Bresnan is ignored after a leg bye to fine leg. Bresnan tries a yorker but it's kept out, England are struggling for ideas this morning. Three from the over.

WI 363-9Ramdin cuts Swann late for three runs and Swann will want Best's wicket now. Best looks good though as he pushes a single into the off side and runs are coming easy as a bye is given away down leg side. Best takes two from the penultimate ball before clipping a single to fine leg and that over is worth eight runs.

WI 352-9The players will now take a drinks break.

WI 355-9More extravagant swings from Tino but can't find the contact on this occasion. He takes a single from Bresnan and so does Ramdin as this partnership moves to 72.

WI 352-9Ramdin looking relaxed against Swann as he picks up a single. Best attempts a big shot but can't find any contact, not far away from the stumps. A few words of encouragement for himself as Best blocks out the over.

WI 351-9England look flat today and they wouldn't have envisioned this. Ramdin finds an easy two on the leg side and defends well before taking a single from the fifth ball. No conservative shots from Best though as he launches one over cover for four runs.

WI 344-9Best looking overjoyed after reaching 50, only the second West Indies number 11 to reach the milestone. Swann probes outside off stump, two from the over.

WI 342-950Best has raced to 45 as Bresnan comes on with Ramdin happy to give the strike to his partner. Bresnan is Best's next victim as he heaves a four through mid wicket. Best is one away from a half century now and he gets it with a quick single. Well played Tino Best.

WI 336-9Graeme Swann is brought into the attack and he is tucked into the leg side by Ramdin after two balls for a single. Swann will try to tempt Best now but he's met by two good shots as the tail ender rocks back to smash a four through the covers before repeating the trick a ball later.

WI 327-9England's poor fielding in the match continues as Pietersen puts down a catch offered by Ramdin to gully, a quick chance but he'll be disappointed with that. Finn bowls straight but Ramdin sneaks a single, angering Strauss. Good short ball to finish, one run from the over.

WI 326-9Great shot from Best as he lobs Onions over cover for four more runs, England are being hurt by this innings and Best heaps on more misery, this time reaching the boundary over extra cover. Good over for the tourists.

WI 317-9Ramdin happy to take a single and give the strike to Best but it's a wild swing outside off stump without an edge. Finn strays down leg side and Best could have aused a run out there but Ramdin gets home safely.

WI 316-9Best has moved to 28 and that's a career best for him.

WI 316-9Onions continues and nearly gets Best with the second ballas he edges it through a gap in the slips. Strauss looking disappointed as Best edges a second boundary through the slips, Onions will want more slips here. A slip is added but Best defends the rest of the over.

WI 306-9Ramdin looks happy to take things easy this morning as he nudges two into the leg side. Great comeback from Finn as he gets one to almost cut Ramdin in half before dropping his length to worry the wicketkeeper. England's lengths are incosistent this morning and Ramdin takes another easy single.

WI 304-9Best playing well here as he drives past cover for four. Onions finds the edge but the ball drops short of Pietersen, England already looking frustrated by Best. Two short balls follow but it doesn't tempt Best, four from the over.

WI 300-9Great effort from Darren Sammy's side to get to 300, it didn't look likely at one point yesterday.

WI 300-9Finn will want more expansive shots from Best and he does it but it's not the result he wanted as the ball soars past his head for four. The same shot two balls later over extra cover and Best will certainly provide some entertainment here. A push throught the leg side moves the West indies to 300.

WI 291-9England have Best on strike here as Onions begins his first over of the day. The eccentric Best immediately tries to smash the ball out of the ground but is nowhere near connecting. The number 11 finds two runs through square leg before adding two more past Bairstow at gully. Best looks eager to keep the strike as he takes a single off the last ball.

WI 283-9Tino Best is the next man and he's off the mark with a simple clip onto the leg side. Finn is then guided to fine leg for a single by Ramdin before Best sneaks one to gully.

WI 283-9Wicket Rampaul's gone straight away, Finn finds the edge and Matt Prior takes a simple catch behind the stumps. Great start for England.

WI 283-8Finn goes full straight away and Ramdin plays it nicely down the ground for three. Rampaul is on strike and immediately has trouble leaving the ball.

WI 280-8Steven Finn will start proceedings today.

10:59The sun is definitely shining and the players are now out on the field.

11:55The weather forecast looks good for today and no interruptions are expected but tomorrow is not so promising at Edgbaston.

10:53England's batsman won't want to give their wickets away today, they'll be determined to carry some good Test form into the series with South Africa.

10:48A win for either side remains unlikel but if England are to force a result, then it is imperative that they bat positively.

10:45We will probably have our first look at Sunil Narine in Test cricket today. It should be interesting to see if the 'mystery spinner' can cause England some problems.

10:41The story of yesterday will surely be Graham Onions' return to Test cricket, a fantastic effort after so long on the sidelines.

10:38England's pace bowlers impresssed yesterday but all three will want to take the final two wickets today to give Andy Flower and Andrew Strauss a selection hedache.

10:36Denesh Ramdin will want to frustrate the hosts for a bit longer today and possibly reach three figures for the first time this series.

10:35Good morning, this could be a very interesting day of Test cricket with England eager to wrap up the West Indies as quick as possible this morning.

Graham Onions
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