Live Commentary: Olympic athletics - day three as it happened

Live Commentary: Olympic athletics - day three as it happened
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Sports Mole brings you live coverage from day three of the athletics at the London Olympics, including the men's 100m final.

Good evening and welcome to Sports Mole's live coverage from day three of the athletics at the Olympic Games in London.

It's fair to say that last night's performance from Team GB will live long in the memory of sports fans up and down the country.

The likes of Adam Gemili, Dwain Chambers and Christine Ohuruogu will all be heading out tonight to try to make the next few hours equally as memorable.

However, they could all be overshadowed by the one of the biggest races at the Games - the men's 100m final.

Usain Bolt, Yohan Blake, Asafa Powell, Tyson Gay, Justin Gatlin and Ryan Bailey are all expected to compete for gold in that one.

In total, there are five medals up for grabs before 10pm and we'll have them ALL covered right here.

10.17pmThanks for joining Sports Mole for the action and be sure to join us for the remainder of the Olympic Games. Good night!

10.15pmThat's just about me for tonight. On an evening when Christine Ohuruogu claimed silver in the women's 400m - and THAT man Bolt claimed gold in the men's 100m final.

10.12pmPhew! What an evening at the 2012 Olympics. Does it get any better than this? Just an incredible atmopshere inside the Olympic stadium.

10.10pmResult: Erik Kynard, Robert Grabarz, Jesse Williams and Iva Ukhou are among the qualifiers from the men's high jump.

10.08pmResult: Krisztian Pars claims gold in the men's hammer throw with 80.59m. It's silver for Primoz Pars. Meanwhile, bronze for Koji Murofushi.

10.06pmMeanwhile, Christine Ohuruogu is just about to receive her silver medal. Brilliant effort from the Brit.

10.04pm"Usain is the fastest man in the world, he has motivated me. I have to give thanks to Usain for my silver medal," Blake adds.

10.04pm"Yea, I was happy. I was slightly worried about my start. I sat in the blocks a little bit... the crowd was wonderful," Bolt tells the BBC.

10.04pmSeven of the eight finalists ran under 10 seconds. Just incredible. What a final. Let's do it again!

10.02pmMeanwhile, Darren Campbell adds: "We said if he was anywhere near the field in the first 30m, who would be able to handle him? Those gigantic strides opened up and that was the Usain Bolt show. The greatest show on earth and Usain Bolt has arrived. If we were to be picky it was a terrible start but it doesn't matter, he just needed to be in striking distance. The guys opened up a metre on him but he was close enough, he stayed relaxed, used that stride and it was a fantastic run."

10pmHere's a word from Michael Johnson, former Olympic champion, on the BBC: "Bolt went into this race knowing that he was going to win gold. He was under a bit of pressure but his technique looked better than it has recently. It wasn't a great start but it didn't need to be. Bolt is the best there has ever been there is no doubt about it."

10pm"I gave it my best. I really tried to do it for my family but came up short," Gay tells the BBC.

9.58pmGood grief. Not the best of starts for Bolt, but my word did he finish. Just incredible. Where are the doubters now? He is just the greatest ever.

9.56pm1. Bolt, 2. Blake, 3. Gatlin, 4. Gay, 5. Bailey, 6. Martina, 7. Thompson, 8. Powell.

9.54pmTime of 9.75 for Blake, while Gatlin registered 9.79. It's a new Olympic record for Bolt. What an incredible race.

9.52pmOh my word. Time of 9.63 for Bolt as he takes the gold. It's silver for Yohan Blake. Bronze for Justin Gatlin.


9.50pmWonderful reception for Bolt. The biggest of the night. As expected. We are moments away.

9.48pmEvery single man in the final has run under 10 seconds this year. We are barely two minutes away. Oh my word.

9.46pmThe eight runners are preparing on the track. Three Americans, three Jamaicans in the final.

9.44pmLittle over five minutes until the main event. Bolt? Blake? Bolt? Blake? We will know in just over five minutes. 10 seconds. That's all it takes.

9.42pmMeanwhile, Krisztian Pars leads the men's hammer with 80.59m. Primoz Kozmus is in second with 78.97. Koji Murofushi is third with 78.71.

9.40pm"I was stunned... I was heartbroken to lose my title like that," Ohuruogu tells the BBC after her silver medal in the women's 400m final.

9.38pmOh my word. We are just about 10 minutes away from the men's 100m final. It cannot come soon enough!

9.36pmMeanwhile, Robert Grabarz has qualified for the next round in the men's high jump.

9.36pmResult: Ezekiel Kemboi claims the gold in the men's 3000m steeplechase. Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad claims silver. Meanwhile, Abel Kiprop Mutai claims bronze.

9.34pmOne lap to go! Gari leads, while Mutai is also in the mix. The gap is opening.

9.32pmMutai has moved into the lead, while he is closely followed by Roba Gari. Two laps to go.

9.30pmCouple of Americans at the front of the pack in the steeplechase with Donald Cabral leading with four laps to go.

9.28pmMeanwhile, it's another huge throw from Krisztian Pars as he records 80.59 in the men's hammer.

9.26pmSteady opening in the steeplechase with Abel Kiprop Mutai currently leading the race.

9.24pmHere we go then. The men's 3000m steeplechase is underway.

9.22pmJust a reminder that we are less than 30 minutes away from tonight's main event. The 100m men's final.

9.20pmMeanwhile, Robert Grabaraz continues to lead the qualification standings in the men's high jump with 2.29m.

9.18pmKrisztian Pars continues to lead the men's hammer with a throw of 79.14m. Alexander Smith currently sits in 12th.

9.16pmMeanwhile, we have the men's 3000m steeplechase final to come in around 10 minutes.

9.14pmResult: Olga Rypakova wins the gold in the women's triple jump. Caterine Ibarguen takes silver. Olha Saladuha takes bronze.

9.12pmFantastic from Ohuruogu as she claims the silver for Great Britain in the women's 400m.

9.11pmSanya Richards-Ross takes the gold. Meanwhile, bronze goes to DeeDee Trotter.

9.10pmChristine Ohuruogu takes the silver for Great Britain!

9.08pmHere we go then. The women's 400m final is upon us. Christine Ohuruogu runs it for Great Britain.

9.06pmJust a reminder that the men's qualification for the high-jump is also taking place. Robert Grabarz has just jumped a 2.29 for Great Britain.

9.04pmMeanwhile, the BBC are showing shots of Bolt and Blake joking ahead of tonight's 100m final. So relaxed. Incredible.

9.02pm"The run was not good enough," Rooney tells the BBC. He looks a broken man. It's a sad sight as he thanks the fans.

9.02pmJust a reminder that we have the women's 400m final to come in just about 10 minutes.

9pmLuguelin Santos claims first spot, while Kevin Borlee finishes second. No place for Martyn Rooney as he finishes outside the top three.

8.58pmMeanwhile, the third heat of the men's 400m semi-final is upon us.

8.56pmYamile Aldama jumps a 14.48 in her final jump in the women's triple jump. It will not be enough. She is out of the Olympics without a medal.

8.54pmKrisztian Pars remains the man to catch in the men's hammer final, while Alexander Smith sits in 10th.

8.54pmMeanwhile, Olga Rypakova remains the leader in the women's triple jump, with Yamile Aldama in sixth.

8.52pmPressure on Martyn Rooney in heat three as Great Britain look to secure a runner in the final. Over to you Rooney!

8.51pmNo place for Nigel Levine as he finishes in sixth, while Pistorius came in eighth.

8.50pmKirani James secures first spot, while Chris Brown claims second spot.

8.48pmThe pride of South Africa Oscar Pistorius also takes part in heat two. We are moments away.

8.46pmNo place for Conrad Williams in the final as he finishes in last place. Over to Nigel Levine in heat two.

8.44pmMeanwhile, let's go out and about. The women's triple jump is led by Olga Rypakova. Meanwhile, Krisztian Pars leads the men's hammer with a throw of 79.14m.

8.42pmLalonde Gordon finishes first, while Demetrius Pinder claims second. The top two advance, along with the best two runners-up.

8.40pmHere we go then. The first of the men's 400m semi-final heats is upon us.

8.38pmThree British runners in the 400m with Conrad Williams in the first heat, Nigel Levine in the second, and Martyn Rooney in the third.

8.36pmJust a reminder that the semi-finals of the men's 400m will soon get underway.

8.34pmMeanwhile, the men's hammer final is currently led by Primoz Kozmus with a throw of 78.97m.

8.34pmMeanwhile, back to the women's triple jump and Olga Rypakova currently leads with 14.98m.

8.32pmMeanwhile, no place for Matthew Baddeley as he finishes in eighth place. Great Britain will not have a runner in the men's 1500m final.

8.30pmAbdalaati Iguider claims first spot in the second semi, while Silas Kiplagat, Nicholas Willis, Nixon Kiplimo Chepseba and Matthew Centrowitz also advance.

8.28pmBaddeley is 10th at the moment. He must make a move here.

8.26pmMuch quicker pace to this heat than the previous. Nixon Kiplimo runs a first lap of 56.03.

8.26pmBaddeley has just settled into the back of the pack in the early stages - out of trouble at the moment.

8.24pmThe second semi-final of the men's 1500m will soon get underway with Andrew Baddeley carrying the flag for Great Britain.

8.22pmMeanwhile, Aldama jumps a distance of 14.39m in the triple jump to move into sixth.

8.20pmTaoufik Makhloufi takes first, while he will be joined by Asbel Kiprop, Mekonnen Gebremedhin, Leonel Manzano and Henrik Ingebrigtsen.

8.18pmAsbel Kiprop leads the pack with a first lap of 1.03. The pace is quickening now.

8.16pmRoss Murray currently sits third as the runners pass the 400m mark.

8.14pmRight, next up we have the semi-finals of the men's 1500m. Two heats to come.

8.14pmIt is still Bolt for me, although my colleague Liam Apicella assures me that it's Blake's to lose.

8.12pmWhat did we make of the semi-final heats of the 100m? Is it between Blake and Bolt? Or will Gatlin sneak in to take it?

8.10pmMeanwhile, here's a word from Darren Campbell, double olympic medallist, on the BBC: "It was his first Olympic Games, he has been in the sport for about a year. The good thing is because he has been in football he is trained to do what he is told. All successfull sports people are quick learners. For him to make it into the semi-finals was great. What I like about Adam is that he never crumbles. He showed that in the trials and he showed that here," he said of Adam Gemili.

8.08pmMeanwhile, the stadium erupts as Mo Farah is presented with his gold medal for the men's 10,000m. Fantastic.

8.06pmMen's 100m final lineup confirmed: Justin Gatlin, Churandy Martina, Asafa Powell, Usain Bolt, Ryan Bailey, Richard Thompson, Yohan Blake, Tyson Gay.

8.04pm"I have been working really hard. I ran and my start wasn't really there. I am happy with 10.06," Gemili tells the BBC.

8.04pmAsafa Powell and Richard Thompson also make the final as the best two third-placed runners.

8.02pmTyson Gay claims second, while Adam Gemili just misses out with a time of 10.06 in third.

8.02pmYohan Blake wins the third semi-final with a time of 9.85.

8pmBack to the women's triple jump for a moment - Hanna Knyazyeva leads with a jump of 14.56m.

7.58pmNext up in heat three we have that man Yohan Blake, alongside Adam Gemili and Tyson Gay.

7.56pm"It was worth it. Money cannot buy this atmosphere," Chambers tells the BBC.

7.55pmUsian Bolt and Ryan Bailey join Justin Gatlin and Churandy Martina in the final.

7.54pmRyan Bailey also makes it through in second place with a time of 9.96. Fourth for Dwain Chambers - his Olympics is over.

7.53pmBolt finishes first with a time of 9.87!

7.50pmHeat two is now upon us. Usain Bolt, Dwain Chambers and Ryan Bailey to name but a few.

7.49pmJustin Gatlin, Churandy Martina advance from heat one in the men's semi-final.

7.48pmBack to the women's triple jump final for a moment - Olga Rypakova leads with 14.54m.

7.47pmDasaolu, who finishes seventh, tells the BBC: "I thought I was going to run faster. I went slower than in my heat."

7.46pmSecond place goes to Churandy Martina with 9.91. Third for Powell with 9.94.

7.46pmGatlin takes first with a fantastic burst of speed. 9.82 for the American.

7.44pmWhat about James Dasaolu? Season best of 10.13 seconds for the Brit. Can he do it?

7.44pmHuge cheer for Powell as he is announced. His season best is 9.85 seconds. Can he beat that this evening?

7.44pmHere we go then. Heat one is upon us. Asafe Powell, Justin Gatlin, James Dasaolu. They are all there.

7.42pmThe two fastest from each semi-final will make the final, while the two best-runners up will complete the eight strong final.

7.40pmWe are around five minutes away from the semi-finals of the men's 100m. Just a reminder that there are three heats. Bolt is in heat two, while Blake is in heat three alongside Tyson Gay.

7.38pmThe women's triple jump final is underway. We will keep you updated with the latest developments.

7.36pm"Obviously I thought I couldn't hold back. The main thing was to qualify," Shakes-Drayton tells the BBC.

7.35pmReally nice stuff from Shakes-Drayton as the Londoner joins fellow Brit Eilidh Child in the next round.

7.33pmFantastic race from Shakes-Drayton as she claims first in heat five with a time of 54.62. Meanwhile, she is joined by Melanie Walker, Hanna Yaroshchuk and Hayat Lambarki.

7.31pmJust a reminder that the final of the women's triple jump will soon get underway. Yamile Aldama holds the British interest in that one.

7.31pmJust the singular heat to come in the women's 400m hurles, with British hope Perri Shakes-Drayton taking part.

7.29pmVery strong performance for the 22-year-old as she finishes with a time of 54.31. She really is one to look out for in the latter stages.

7.27pmNew personal best for Georganne Moline as she finishes first. Meanwhile, Nickiesha Wilson, Irina Davydova and Elodie Ouedraogo join her in the semi-finals.

7.25pmIt's a red for Karadere! She will take no further part in the Olympics. She looks devastated - as you would be.

7.24pmFalse start from Nagihan Karadere in heat four. She went so early!

7.22pmJust about 21 minutes until the semi-finals of the men's 100m. Meanwhile, heat four in the women's hurdles is upon us.

7.20pmJust an update from the men's high jump with the current height at 2.16. However, Brit Robert Grabarz is yet to jump.

7.18pmExtremely impressive from Demus as she storms into the semi-finals. She was miles too strong for that group.

7.16pmHeat three of the women's 400m hurdles sees Lashinda Demus win it with ease, while she is joined by Hanna Titimets, Vera Barbosa and Elena Churakova.

7.13pmJust a reminder that qualification for the men's high jump is also underway.

7.12pmMeanwhile, heat three in the hurdles is upon us...

7.11pmThe BBC have just shown some shots of Blake ahead of the 100m semi-finals. He just looks so relaxed - like he is down the park with his mates.

7.10pmNo place in the next round for Lauren Boden, while Noraseela Mohd Khalid finished in ninth spot.

7.08pmHeat two sees Natalya Antyukh, Kaliese Spencer, Muizat Ajoke Odumosu and Anna Jesien book their spot in the semi-finals. Really impressive run from Antyukh.

7.07pmHeat two will soon get underway with Lauren Boden and Kaliese Spencer among the runners.

7.05pmChild tells the BBC: "I sort of panicked... I am just relieved to be in the semi-finals."

7.03pmIt's a time of 56.14 for British hope Child as she books her spot in the next round.

7.01pmHeat one of the women's hurdles has just taken place with Zuzana Hejnova, T'Erea Brown, Eilidh Child and Sarah-Lynn Wells taking the top four places.

6.58pmFormer United States sprinter Michael Johnson tells the BBC that he fancies Bolt to secure gold this evening. However, he has insisted that the current champion's semi-final heat is the toughest.

6.56pmSo, we are just about five minutes away from round one in the women's 400m hurdles. It looks wonderful inside the Olympic Stadium this evening.

6.54pmLooking back to earlier for a moment. It was Tiki Gelana of Ethopia who claimed the gold in the women's marathon. Meanwhile, Priscah Jeptoo of Kenya took silver and Tatyana Petrova Arkhipova took bronze.

6.52pmMoving away from Athletics for a moment - and it's silver for Andy Murray and Laura Robson in the tennis as they are defeated by Victoria Azarenka and Max Mirnyi in the mixed doubles.

6.50pmMy heart says Bolt. But in Olympic competition you just never know. If Bolt is at his best, he wins every single race he runs. But is he at his best? He cannot afford to be slow out of the blocks this evening.

6.48pmLast up this evening at 9.50pm is THAT race. The men's 100m final. We do not know the line up as of yet, but surely it will be as thought. Our very own Liam Apicella previews his thoughts on the final here.

6.46pmThe final of men's 3000m steeplechase takes place at 9.25pm, with Kenyan Brimin Kiprop Kipruto the man to beat.

6.44pmChristine Ohuruogo carries the British interest in the women's 400m final at 9.10pm. However, she will surely have to run a personal best to claim a medal.

6.42pmThe semi-finals of the men's 400m will take place at 8.40pm - with Conrad Williams, Nigel Levine and Martyn Rooney the three British athletes in the running.

6.40pmThe final of the men's hammer throw is next up at 8.20pm, with Alexander Smith among the 12 athletes that will compete.

6.38pmNext up is the semi-finals of the men's 1500m at 8.15pm, with the British interest coming from Ross Murray and Andrew Baddeley.

6.36pmThe semi-finals of the men's 100m will get underway at 7.45pm. Great Britain has one athlete in each of the three heats, but all three will almost certainly have to run personal bests to advance. Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake should also advance - although it may be close. Not.

6.34pmThe final of the women's triple jump will begin at 7.35pm - with 39-year-old Yamile Aldama representing Great Britain.

6.34pmMeanwhile, qualification for the men's high jump will begin at 7.05pm - although there is not a Team GB member in sight.

6.32pmFirst up we have the first round of the women's 400m hurdles - which will get underway in just about 30 minutes time.

6.30pmHello all! What an evening we have ahead of us. The Olympics are reaching their latter stages, but not before what could be a record-breaking evening in London.

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