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Live Commentary: England vs. New Zealand - Second Test - as it happened

Sports Mole's live text coverage of the second Test between England and New Zealand at Headingley.

New Zealand reached 297-8 on a rain-affected opening day of the second Test against England at Headingley.

James Anderson made history by becoming the first Englishman to reach 400 wickets as he reduced the tourists to 2-2, but the Black Caps responded by attacking for much of the day after long spells of the day were lost to rain.

Tom Latham (84) and debutant Luke Ronchi (88) both impressed with the bat before England hit back late in the day to expose the tail and leave the match in the balance.

Read below to find out how the action unfolded on an entertaining day in Yorkshire.

Good afternoon everyone! Whisper it very quietly, but the sun is shining in Yorkshire. After losing the first two hours of the day at Headingley due to rain, the covers are off and everyone is eager to get the second Test match underway. Alastair Cook and Brendon McCullum are heading out for the toss as England meet New Zealand once again.

ENGLAND WILL BOWL FIRST: It's an interesting call from Cook. Despite the rain around the area this morning, reports from the ground suggest that the pitch is dry. He's backing his bowlers to impress after McCullum called incorrectly.

If you missed any of the news this morning. Heavy rain meant that it was impossible to start at 11am, and the first ball is now scheduled to be delivered at 1.30pm. There will be extra time added later this evening as we look to play catch up.

ENGLAND: Cook, Lyth, Ballance, Bell, Root, Stokes, Buttler, Ali, Broad, Wood, Anderson

NEW ZEALAND: Latham, Guptill, Williamson, Taylor, McCullum, Watling, Ronchi, Craig, Southee, Henry, Boult

No surprises from England as they pick the same side that claimed a thrilling victory over the tourists at Lord's, but the Black Caps have been forced into a change. Corey Anderson was short of fitness in the first Test and he is replaced by Luke Ronchi, who will wear the gloves on his Test debut due to BJ Watling's own fitness issues.

It's been that kind of day at Headingley so far.

An England fan waits patiently in the rain on day one of the Second Test with New Zealand on May 29, 2015© Getty Images

Cook speaking to Sky Sports at the toss: "It wasn't an easy decision, but the Yorkshire boys tell me it gets flatter and flatter. The guys came in and did well so it's good to be unchanged. It was a fantastic Test match last time and we're going to try and get the same result."

McCullum wasn't too sure what to make of the pitch, either.

"I wasn't sure to be honest [what to do at the toss]. The beauty of us batting first is we get the opportunity to play from the front of the game," he said at the toss.

"We've got some hard work to do inside the first couple of sessions, but if we do it well, we'll create some opportunities for later in the match."

It's quite simple. After electing to bowl first England have to back up their skipper. It's the kind of decision Cook's critics have urged him to take, and it could pay off if they pick up three or four early wickets. There should be some encouragement for Jimmy Anderson and Stuart Broad early on.

Ben Stokes was the centre of attention last weekend as he delivered the goods with both bat and ball over five incredible days at the home of cricket. At his best the all-rounder can do anything. It was a great team performance but all eyes are on Stokes now. Will this be his summer?

Englands Ben Stokes celebrates reaching his century during play on the fourth day of the first cricket Test match between England and New Zealand at Lord's cricket ground in London on May 24, 2015© Getty Images

Bad news! We're six minutes away from the scheduled start, but guess what? Yeah, you've got it. The ground staff are running on with the covers. It doesn't look very heavy at all, so fingers crossed this shouldn't cause too many problems.

Good news now. The umpires don't seem to be too bothered about the few spots of rain. They're charging out to the middle to applause from the impatient crowd. I think we'll see cricket in a few moments. The covers are heading off again!

Here we go then. It's a familiar sight as Anderson waits with the new ball in hand. Tom Latham and Martin Guptill will open up for the tourists. It could be a fascinating first session. Anderson needs one more wicket for 400 in Test cricket.

It's a lovely start from Anderson as he takes one away from the bat of Guptill, who refuses to anything more than flirt with the ball. A thick outside edge is then stopped at gully. Guptill is fortunate to watch another outswinger just miss the edge of his bat. Anderson then nips one back, but he can't get the line right. Maiden.

Cook has a short-leg in place for the left-handed Latham, whose first job is to watch Broad send a couple across him. The third ball almost catches the outside edge when the opener lunges forward with a defensive stroke. Latham looks far from convincing playing across his front pad but he gets the scoring underway with a couple on the leg-side.

It's raining again, but the umpires are not planning to go off just yet. Let's hope it doesn't get any worse.


400! The rain doesn't stop the fans celebrating a great achievement for Anderson, who takes his 400th wicket in Test cricket. It's the perfect delivery from the seamer as he takes the outside edge and Bell does the rest at second slip. Superb from England's leading wicket taker in the longest format.

RAIN STOPS PLAY: You've got to feel for Guptill. The umpires take the players off immediately after his dismissal and we've seen just 2.2 overs of cricket so far. Let's hope the players aren't off for long.

Anderson is just the 12th bowler to reach 400 wickets in Test cricket and only the eighth seamer to reach that mark. It really is a fantastic effort. I think Muttiah Muralitharan is pretty safe on 800 wickets for a while yet. Anderson would have to play until about 50 to get close to that.

You wouldn't want to be Martin Guptill right now. He won't believe his luck. The sun is back out and the covers are being removed once again so the players are heading back out. The early signs suggest Cook's decision was a good one. England need to keep the pressure on.

Anderson has the ball in his hand once again. Four balls remaining in the third over. Kane Williamson is the new batsman.

Anderson starts with the perfect line and length to Williamson, who watches the ball go past his outside edge. There' no fine-leg or mid-wicket. It's a very attacking field.


400 is quickly followed by 401. It doesn't matter too much where the fielders are when Anderson is bowling like this. Another outswinger, another outside edge and Buttler takes an easy catch to send Williamson back inside. That's the key wicket.

Ross Taylor arrives at the crease with two balls remaining in the third over. Anderson goes for the surprise option with a big inswinger, and Buttler does well to take the wayward delivery down the leg-side. Superb from Anderson. It's a double-wicket maiden.

James Anderson celebrates taking his 400th Test wicket for England during day one of the Second Test with New Zealand on May 29, 2015© Getty Images

Broad's line is off at the start of the fourth over, but he quickly adjusts to beat Latham's bat. Too straight a few moments later as New Zealand pick up four leg-byes off the thigh pad. It's a very slow outfield due to the rain we've had and Latham must settle for three when he flicks the ball into the leg-side. Seven off the over.

Anderson starts the over by pushing the ball across Latham, who drives through the covers for four. England shouldn't be too worried about that shot. They need the players to be playing shots at this stage. Shot! Anderson won't like this. He strays onto the hip and Latham finds the middle of the bat to earn four more. Anderson gets the line better late in the over but Latham picks up another run to keep the strike.

Latham continues to do a good job of putting away the boundary balls as he splits the two fielders on the leg-side to earn four runs. REVIEW! England are convinced Latham edges the ball through to Buttler and so is the umpire. Latham reviews. Are New Zealand three down?

DECISION OVERTURNED! Latham was very quick to use a review and it quickly becomes clear why. The sound was the ball hitting the thigh, rather than the inside edge and the opener stays at the crease. Latham picks up a single to keep the strike.

Anderson makes the decision to come round the wicket to the left-hander. He doesn't appear to carry as much threat from that angle and Latham remains sensible before helping himself to three runs with a sliced drive.

Cook makes his first change of the day as Mark Wood comes into the attack. It's a loose start from the Durham seamer as Latham cuts for four runs. Another powerful shot follows but Stokes stops the ball at point. It's raining again. Wood struggles to hit the right spot in his first over.

It's going to be one of those days. The umpires decide the rain is too heavy and call for the covers before quickly reversing the decision. That has pleased the crowd. I think we could be in for an extended delay sooner rather than later. All of this doesn't help the batsmen. Taylor, facing just his fourth ball, shuffles across the crease to clip a couple into the leg-side.

RAIN STOPS PLAY: It's too heavy now. Everyone hurries off the field and the covers are back on. It's frustrating to watch at the moment. Fingers crossed the players are back soon.

The umpires are talking to the ground staff at the moment. It appears to have stopped raining, but it is also getting very dark and the fear is that we could be in for an extended spell of poor weather now.

If you've missed any of the action it's been the Jimmy Anderson show. He removed both Martin Guptill and Kane Williamson for ducks to move past 400 wickets in Test cricket. Latham has battled his way to 26 not out, while Taylor is on 2*. New Zealand have reached 32-2 in 8.2 overs.

Alastair Cook elected to bowl first at 1pm, and the signs suggest it was a good decision. The ball is doing a lot for Anderson, but they need to keep the pressure on when we do eventually see some more cricket.

As you can imagine, the sport's big names are all paying tribute to Anderson this afternoon. How many wickets will he have at the end of his career? Is 500 a possibility?

It's not looking good at Headingley at the moment. The rain isn't too heavy right now, but the clouds are very dark and there should be a lot more rain to come. It could be a long day.

As the frustration continues to take over, we'll take a quick break. Make yourself a cup of tea or two and I'll hopefully be back with good news soon. I'll leave you with one of England's greats celebrating another milestone.

I return with good news. The clouds have drifted away and the players are on their way back out. 65 overs left to be bowled today. Tea will be taken at 4.10pm. Anderson has four balls remaining in the ninth over. Let's play!

A stifled appeal from Anderson and the slips when the ball strikes the thigh. No chance of an lbw decision on that occasions. England know that's the way to get Taylor, who sees out the rest of the over safely.

Wood gets his line wrong and New Zealand collect four leg-byes off Latham's thigh. That's followed by one which is pushed too far wide of off-stump. The Durham seamer improves as the over progresses to send one past the outside edge. Latham 26 Taylor 2*

Cook wants Anderson to bowl as straight as possible, and a wayward ball allows Taylor to free his arms and cut for four. The response is good as an outswinger beats the edge. Anderson then nips one back but an inside edge saves Taylor any trouble. New Zealand's number four takes two off each of the final two balls.

Wood won't be very happy with his start today. It's short and wide again as Latham stands tall to send the ball to the point boundary. A fuller delivery catches a thick edge, but the ball races away with four more through the vacant gully region. Wood catches the edge again but the ball drops short of point. Latham moves to 38 when he flicks a straight ball off the pads for four more. It's raining again, but they're staying on at the moment.

Superb from Stokes at backward point as he dives to his left to stop a powerful cut from Taylor. It gets better from Taylor as he leans forward to drive through extra cover for four. Cook has taken a man out as a reaction to a couple of boundaries. There's four slips in, but they watch on when Taylor edges through gully for four. Anderson produces a beauty at the end of the over to take one past the edge. New Zealand are scoring very quickly.

Wood needs to be fuller in these conditions, but he isn't quite getting it right. Stokes is warming up and I wouldn't be surprised if we see a couple of bowling changes. Maiden, but Latham looks comfortable.

Shot! Excellent from Taylor as he hammers the returning Broad past point for four runs. He immediately asks for cover, but Cook needs his bowlers to find better areas. Taylor then swings and misses outside off-stump, before deciding against playing at a good one from Broad.


Taylor is smiling as he walks off. He can't believe what he's just done. It's a full ball nipping back from Broad and Taylor decides against playing a shot. A huge lbw appeal follows and Rod Tucker quickly raises the finger.

Brendon McCullum is the new batsman, but he's off strike as Wood continues his spell. There's a big appeal when Buttler takes a catch down the leg-side. The umpire shakes his head and England decide against a review. Off the thigh, proves the replay. Wood quickly settles on a much better line to Latham before delivering a wider one which the opener cuts to the rope.

SIX! Incredible. McCullum has just hit the first ball of his innings for six over cover. How can you do that? Broad is angered again when he quickly gets off strike with a single. Latham shuffles across the crease to pick up a run of his own before McCullum rotates the single again. A good over for New Zealand ends with another run.

After a week of comparisons to Flintoff and Botham, Ben Stokes is into the attack for the first time. The all-rounder is probably a touch too wide in his opening over but Latham struggles to put those deliveries away. Maiden.

McCullum miscues a cut shot but still manages to pick up a single on the off-side. Broad is left frustrated when he almost sneaks one through off the inside edge and his frustration is clear when Buttler's throw at the stumps sends the ball to the rope. Shot! McCullum latches onto a fuller ball to clip four through mid-wicket. A half-volley outside off-stump invites another attacking shot as McCullum drives his way to 17 from eight balls.

Latham takes a big risk with a loose shot outside off-stump, but a swing and a miss is followed by the single which takes him to 50. It's been a good start from the left-hander. McCullum won't have trouble remembering the magic delivery which Stokes produced on Monday at Lord's, but he keeps the latest attempt at an inswinger out to earn a run behind square.

You can't help but enjoy watching McCullum, who takes another risk but earns four with a thick edge through third-man. A nudge to mid-on hands the strike to Latham, who looks in very good form as he blocks out. There's mid-wicket in place for Latham, but that could be a good position for McCullum if the seamers get the line right.

Stokes delivers a juicy half-volley to McCullum, who accepts the gift to reach the boundary again. The visiting captain moves to 27 from 14 balls. Close! Stokes hits the shoulder of the bat, but Root can only get fingertips while taking off at gully. Latham breathes a huge sigh of relief. McCullum attacks again and gets an inside edge on the ball to earn a run. This game is going to move very quickly.

The returning Wood is greeted by two powerful straight drives, with the second beating the sub fielder at mid-off to bring two runs. A nudge into the leg-side hands the strike to Latham, who continues to look comfortable at the crease. Latham 51 McCullum 31*

Stokes attempts to surprise McCullum, but he reacts to the bouncer quickly enough to earn four runs behind square on the leg-side. The Black Caps skipper settles for one more off the over.

TEA: Close! Wood nearly strikes with a bouncer when McCullum gets a glove on a short ball which just evades the diving Buttler. Four more runs to the skipper. Another sharp bounce follows and McCullum elects to let the ball hit him in the arm. Aggressive stuff from Wood.

McCullum and Latham have already put on 55 for the fourth wicket. McCullum (42*) has raced along since starting his innings with a six and Latham is looking in very good form, too. Despite the rain, the match is moving along very quickly on day one. The players are off for a 20-minute break.

It's going to be a long evening session at Headingley today, and the signs suggests that there will be plenty of action. Cook will have a lot to think about if McCullum keeps attacking. Another wicket shortly after the break will give the hosts a big boost.

New Zealand, racing along at close to five an over, are back out in the middle with Latham and McCullum. It might be the first day but this could be a vital session in this match. Stokes to start the session with the ball.


You live by the sword and you die by the sword, too. McCullum starts the session by delivering a simple catch to Wood, who can't believe his luck at mid-off. It's a tame dismissal, but Stokes and England don't care on bit!

Watling, who won't keep in this match due to injury, is more than happy to let Stokes complete a wicket maiden. England are in charge once again after that wicket. It's a great start to the session for the hosts.

Woods gets his line wrong but Ali is at fine-leg to stop Latham from reaching the rope. England will want to be bowling at Watling, who gets off the mark with a single behind square. Latham's timing is perfect when he beats mid-on to earn four.

Stokes concedes just one run off his latest over. He's finding a lot of movement with this ball and that wicket will certainly give him an extra boost. I wouldn't be surprised if he picks up another quickly.

Wood just hasn't got it right today as Watling punishes a wider delivery to earn four. Cook wants to keep his fielders in attacking areas, but another short and wide ball allows Watling to cut for four again. Wood hits back with a beauty to beat the outside edge. He follows two good balls by drifting down the leg-side to concede four more. He could be off.

If you followed the Lord's Test closely, you may have noticed Stokes doesn't mind throwing down a yorker. It's a tactic which isn't used enough in Test cricket, but Watling does well to keep a full one out. One off the over. Latham 57* Watling 14

Slightly surprisingly, Wood continues and he nips one past Latham's outside edge. The opener then takes a single on the leg-side.


Hats off to Cook for keeping him on, and credit to Wood for delivering a beauty. It's the perfect ball as Wood knocks back off stump to send Watling back inside. England are in complete control now.

Close! Ronchi enjoys a huge slice of luck as he edges his first ball in Test cricket over the slips. Wood is so close to taking another wicket, but he'll surely get another go.

Stokes is a touch too quick for Latham, who takes one on the hip before giving the strike to his new partner. Ronchi finds a gap on the off-side for a single. Stokes is the only one who has managed to keep it tight from his end today.

Wood produces another ripper, but the noise is bat against pad as Ronchi breathes a sigh of relief. New Zealand do well to earn two on the off-side, before Ronchi miscues a pull past mid-on to pick up four more.

Stokes gets one wrong for the first time after tea and Latham drives the full-toss through the covers for four runs. The opener has looked in great form, and most importantly, punished every bad delivery. Stokes then comes round the wicket to beat the bat with a lovely delivery.

Excellent from the tourists as Ronchi picks the gap on the off-side and collects three. The returning Anderson comes round the wicket to the left-handed Latham, who defends well before finishing the over with four straight down the ground.

Stokes dives to his right in an attempt to take a return catch, but he's left lying on the pitch as Ronchi earns four down the ground. The debutant then punishes a wide half-volley by driving over cover to reach the rope again. Stokes refuses to learn his lesson as Ronchi drives for four more. Latham 67* Ronchi 26

Anderson calms things down a bit by delivering an over which brings just one run for the tourists. It could be time for some spin.

Moeen Ali is into the attack for the first time, and he's clearly looking to drift the ball into Latham's pads after removing the opener in that fashion last week. It's a quick over and a maiden.

Close! Ronchi looks like he might just attack anything outside off-stump, and Cook's decision to go back to just two slips costs him as an edge goes through the gap. Anderson doesn't look happy, but he seemed to play a big part in moving the fielders out. Time for a drinks break.

We've still got 26 overs left and just under two hours to use. Ali continues and the two Kiwis look comfortable trading singles early in the over. Buttler is forced to chase one which drifts down the leg-side but he can't prevent four byes. Ali just can't settle on a good length as Ronchi drags four behind square to bring up the 50 partnership. Latham 70* Ronchi 37

Anderson sticks with the angle from round the wicket to Latham, who isn't interested in attacking when the seamer drifts wide of the off-stump. It's a maiden. England will want to put the pressure back on.

Ronchi has made his name in limited-overs cricket and he shows how dangerous he can be by lofting Ali down the ground for six runs. There's a huge appeal from the hosts a few moments later when Latham appears to miss a fuller ball. REVIEW! Cook uses a review. Latham is looking at the bottom of his bat and the first replay shows a big deflection. Good decision from the umpire. It remains not out.

Anderson produces one of his trademark deliveries to angle one in before taking the ball away from Latham's outside edge. It's another very good over from the leader of this attack, but Latham looks determined to reach three figures today.

Close! Half chance. It's a tough one for Broad, who isn't sure whether to dive forward when Ronchi drives towards mid-off. He can only get fingers on a ball which slips underneath him and races to the rope. 50! Ronchi goes to his half-century in style as he drops to one knee to slog-sweep over mid-wicket for six. He reaches the milestone from just 37 balls. Not bad on your debut.

Latham can sense that Ronchi is the man to punish these bowlers in the evening session and he's more than happy to play a supporting role as he nudges a single into a gap early in Anderson's over. New Zealand continue to score quickly. England will fancy their chances of dismissing the tourists tonight if they can take another wicket quickly.

It's Latham who decides to take a risk now as he charges down the pitch, before missing with the big shot. The ball hits his thigh and reaches Ballance, who can't collect cleanly to go for the run out. Ali is slightly too leg-side with his line, but it's a maiden.

Broad starts a new spell with a poor delivery outside off-stump and Ronchi drives comfortably for four runs. Another boundary follows when Ronchi attacks a bouncer and gets a top edge over Buttler. Broad concedes eight on his return to the attack. England need a wicket.

REVIEW! Ali can't believe his luck. It looks like an easy lbw decision, but the umpire disagrees. A review follows and hawkeye suggests that the impact was umpire's call. Latham breathes a huge sigh of relief. Most umpires would have given that out. Two off the over.

England clearly fancy their chances with the short ball against Ronchi, who ducks one before gloving a ball just beyond the diving Buttler. Broad bowls one bouncer too many and is punished with a no ball. The frustration is clear for Broad and his teammates as Ronchi finishes the over with four over the covers. He's now level with Latham. Latham 72* Ronchi 72

There's a leg-slip in place, but Latham doesn't mind sweeping. He doesn't look comfortable missing the delivery down the leg-side, though. Drops! It's all going on. Wood drops the ball at square-leg off Latham and he should have done much better. It happens again when Ballance fails to hang on at leg-slip. Ali must be furious.

Ronchi pulls powerfully to Lyth, who does well to restrict him to a single with good fielding in the deep. Latham has been uncomfortable for a few minutes but he gains some confidence by driving through the covers for four runs. Drop! It's starting to get sloppy from England. Broad catches the edge but Cook can't hang on to his left at first slip. It should have been taken, but the captain probably though Bell may have gone for it at second slip.

There's a big lbw appeal early in the over from Ali but the umpire quickly shakes his head. Another mistake allows Latham to pick up two through mid-on and bring up the century partnership. England have had a poor few minutes. They must get back on track soon.

Ronchi miscues another hook shot but the ball lands safely to give him a single. There's a brief stoppage when Cook comes out of the slips after appearing to hurt his thumb dropping that catch a couple of overs ago. Latham opens the face of the bat to steer four runs past gully. Time for a drinks break.

This really is a stunning innings from Ronchi, who moves into the eighties with another huge slog-sweep over the mid-wicket boundary. He reaches the rope with another powerful stroke through point. Ronchi is refusing to sit back against Ali. 13 off the over.

Broad comes round the wicket to target Ronchi with some short stuff. The debutant looks uncomfortable on a couple of occasions, but he's refusing to go into his shell. A pull to fine-leg brings him a single.


England needed that. Latham has played well but looked very uncomfortable in the last 30 minutes. It's an easy catch for Root, who takes over from Cook in first slip and gathers the ball off the outside edge.

Ronchi starts the 56th over with a single to hand the strike to Mark Craig, who has replaced Latham in the middle. The new batsman keeps out the next five balls. Ali needs to be a touch fuller.

Broad stays round the wicket to Ronchi, who shrugs off some hopeful appeals for caught behind when the ball strikes his shoulder.


Madness from Ronchi, who falls into the trap by pulling Broad straight to Anderson at fine-leg. It's a poor end to what has been a fantastic innings on debut. 88 off 70 balls.

Broad sticks with the same tactic to Tim Southee, who gets off the mark with a thick outside edge down to third-man for a single. England might be batting tonight if they can keep the pressure on. Four runs and a wicket off the over.

By all accounts Craig isn't a bad batsman, and the umpire helps him out by quickly dismissing an optimistic lbw appeal from Ali. England's spinner gets his line wrong again to give Craig the opportunity to flick the ball through mid-wicket for four. A quick single follows as Anderson just misses with a throw at the stumps.

Excellent timing on show as Craig drives straight down the ground for four runs. England could bowl New Zealand out tonight, but after being 2-2 and batting on a pitch which offers something for the bowlers, the tourists might be happy if they can get a score somewhere close to 300. Craig plays a late drive at the end of the over to earn three more past point.

Stokes is back into the attack and he's lucky to see a poor opening ball cut straight to Ali at point. Craig looks solid defending against the quicker bowler. Broad and Southee are having a few words at the other end. Is it all friendly? The former does superbly well to stop a firm drive at wide mid-off. Maiden.

After reading that last tweet it won't surprise you to know that Southee is usually only interested in attacking as he swings wildly outside off-stump.


It was inevitable. Southee feels like he has to take on the bouncer from the returning Wood and he can only pick out Lyth, who gets his feet in the right place to take the catch just inside the rope. Less than five overs remain in the day.

Matt Henry is the new batsman and he gets the strike when Craig pushes a single into the off-side. Wood goes wide of the crease to the new man but Henry responds well to hammer four past point.

Stokes gets one to hold its line and Craig is happy to watch the ball miss his outside edge. A stifled appeal follows when the ball hits the pad but it's clear it would have missed leg-stump. Henry gets the strike thanks to a leg-bye but he ducks the bouncer at the end of the over.

Craig looks slightly surprised by the extra pace of Wood, who is in much better rhythm than he was earlier as he breezes through a maiden over to edge us closer to stumps.

Wild from Henry, who earns four when a mistimed pull sends the ball over the slips. The contact is much better a couple of balls later when New Zealand's number 10 pulls through mid-wicket for another boundary. Stokes, searching for the yorker, then sends down a full-toss. 10 off the over. Six balls remaining.

CLOSE OF PLAY: Close! Wood starts the final over with a good bouncer and Craig is fortunate to glove the ball just short of the fielder at short-leg. He follows it with a fuller delivery which just beats the outside edge. It's an excellent finish from Wood, but Craig survives. Craig 16 Henry 14

Despite the rain, England and New Zealand have treated us to another entertaining day of Test cricket. England bowled well in spells but they often struggled to handle the attack which arrived from the tourists, who are just short of 300 after 65 overs. It's set for another exciting match at Headingley over the next four days.

On a day when both bowlers and batsmen have impressed, the headlines will be dominated by James Anderson after he became the first Englishman to take 400 Test wickets by removing Martin Guptill earlier in the day. Thanks for joining us on the opening day. Goodbye.

James Anderson celebrates taking his 400th Test wicket for England during day one of the Second Test with New Zealand on May 29, 2015© Getty Images

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An assortment of England teammates celebrate as they take firm control on day five of the First Test with New Zealand on May 25, 2015
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