Live Commentary: The Ashes: First Test, day four - as it happened

Live Commentary: The Ashes: First Test, day four - as it happened
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Relive the fourth day of the first Ashes Test as Australia ended needing 137 runs to win against England with four wickets left.

In another topsy-turvy day of Ashes Test cricket, Australia ended day four at Trent Bridge on 174-6, still 137 runs short of claiming victory.

England put on another 40 runs in the morning session to set Australia 311 to win, and in response the visitors moved on to 84-0.

However, Shane Watson was dismissed followed by Ed Cowan just before tea and England managed another four wickets in the evening session to again take control in the match.

Read how the action unfolded with our live text commentary below.

10.31amGood morning cricket fans! This thrilling Ashes Test continues with day four in a little under half an hour. England will resume on 326-6, which is a lead of 261.

10.35amYesterday, as with the previous two, had pretty much everything you can hope for in Test cricket. England early on were in a little bit of trouble, with Cook and Pietersen dismissed to leave them effectively 66-4. However, they recovered and now have what could be a match-winning lead - with plenty of time left, too.

10.40amWhen Matt Prior was dismissed yesterday, England were 218-6. With the tail - as strong as theirs is - looming there was more than a little worry for England. However, that was to be just the start of an excellent partnership between Stuart Broad and Ian Bell, which was over 100 by the end of the day. Bell's innings, in particular, was one of real grit and experience and will be fully deserving of a ton should he make it early in the first session.

10.44amNot only was there good batting yesterday, but there was also quite frankly one of the worst umpiring decisions you'll see from Aleem Dar. Broad almost middled the ball off Brad Haddin and to Michael Clarke, but the finger did not go up.

10.47amShould Broad have walked? It is cricket after all, but then again the umpire is the one making the decisions. After Ashton Agar looked to be out stumped and Jonathan Trott's dismissal on review for what looked to be an edge on to his pads, maybe there was some justice in the decision?

10.53amThere has been plenty of reaction to the Broad incident. Many papers have been quite critical of him, but he has had plenty of support. Dominic Cork said that he was right not to walk, and Kevin Pietersen said that it is entirely up to the umpire.

10.57amFrom the Aussie camp, Peter Siddle refused to blame Dar for his mistake. Either way, Broad didn't walk and he is now making his way out with Bell to the tune of Jerusalem.

10.59amIt'll be Mitchell Starc to bowl to Bell first up, and we're ready to play!

ENG 335-6Absolutely terrible first ball from Starc. One of the worst you'll see. It comes out the side of his hand for a wide, a beamer and a four. A couple of balls later another one is slightly wide, but this one Bell guides through the slips for four of his own - that's his 99. What will be encouraging - more for Jimmy Anderson, really - is that there is a fair bit of swing early on. Bell nicks to leg but cannot get the single he needs.

ENG 339-6FIFTY FOR BROAD: James Pattinson comes in from the other end. Broad's important innings continues, but there's a huge slice of luck. He gets a mammoth edge that dissects Watson and Clarke at first and second slip. They both leave it for each other and it's past them for four.

ENG 341-6CENTURY FOR BELL: A misfield gives Bell his 100th run and it's an absolutely superb innings - up there with his best ever. It's century 18 for him and he has really ground it out from what was a difficult position to come in to bat. One more single comes from the over, for Broad. That 100 should bring Bell's average at home against Australia up a bit now.

ENG 344-6Broad brings up two runs with a late cut, which is timed much better than his streaky four a couple of overs ago. He then flicks down to long leg for another one. England now lead by 279 - they should easily surpass the 300.

ENG 345-6A good over from Starc, who finds a much better length until the final ball that turns into a full toss. Bell cannot capitalise, however, and just the one run comes from the over from Broad.

ENG 348-6Broad punches down the ground nicely. It was full from Pattinson, but the left-hander pokes it away for three runs. Bell has been watchful since reaching his ton and sees out the remainder of the over for no further damage to the scoreboard.

ENG 355-6Starc's erratice start has seen him replaced already, with Peter Siddle coming in. An odd shot from Broad who swipes a kind of cut - it goes in the air but there's no-one square to take the catch. Not that it would have mattered, Siddle had overstepped. Broad follows up with a good shot just wide of the stumps on the leg side and it races to the boundary.

ENG 356-7WICKET! Broad (65) c Haddin b Pattinson

ENG 356-7Pattinson carries on and he goes for his 100th run with Bell clipping off his pads to square leg, but shortly follows that up with his second wicket. He gets one right in the uncertain area of the batsman and Broad swings at it; it finds the edge and Haddin takes the diving catch to his left.

ENG 356-7So Broad's crucial innings comes to an end. It's the first time since 2011 that he's managed 20 in both innings of a Test. Quite incredible, that. Graeme Swann survives his first ball.

ENG 356-7Siddle finds a bit of inswing, but Bell remains solid behind anything directed at his stumps and watchful to anything wide. A maiden over, which I make the first one of the day.

ENG 356-7Swann completely loses track of a delivery from Pattinson - he didn't lift up his bat for the leave and it went between it and just over the stumps. Another one later in the over outside off just flies past the spinner's edge. A minor appeal ends the over, but Swann got a bit of bat on it.

ENG 364-7Siddle is swinging the ball more than any of the Australian bowlers at the moment. Bell bides his time before a wide one doesn't swing and he dispatches it through the covers for four off one knee. The next ball is guided beautifully past the diving gully for another four.

ENG 365-7Pattinson finds a bit of movement in and almost catches Swann out, but it had drifted too far down leg side for it to be a serious appeal. Swann gets off the mark at the 11th time of asking with a late shot outside his off stump for a single. Pattinson goes fuller to Bell and almost catches him with a yorker, but the batsman got a thick inside edge on to his pads. A really well bowled over, but no reward for Pattinson.

ENG 371-7Another fortunate shot for an England batsman there. This time it's Swann who gets a big edge on the ball. There's a first, second and fifth slip in play, but where does it go? That's right. Siddle goes short on his final ball and Swann has time to swipe at it, but doesn't catch it fully and must settle for two. That's the end of the 146th over.

ENG 371-8WICKET! Bell (109) c Haddin b Starc

ENG 371-8Bell's superb innings comes to an end and everyone in Trent Bridge is on their feet. He's undone by a fine swinging delivery from Starc and gets a faint edge through to Haddin behind.

ENG 372-8Steven Finn, on a King Pair, clips away his first delivery to the leg side and gets himself off the mark.

ENG 372-8England now lead by 307. They'll want 350 which would surely be enough to win, but they might not get another 43 now. Perhaps when Swann starts to open his shoulders a bit, but he hasn't at the moment.

ENG 374-8The run rate has gone right down since the wicket of Broad. Starc has now found his line and length, with Swann struggling to score from it. One or two deliveries cut in to his pads, but each time the ball does to much and is going down leg. Three shakes of the head in a row from the umpire and Starc is beginning to look frustrated as Swann gets a leading edge into space for two over mid-off.

ENG 375-9WICKET! Swann (9) c Clarke b Siddle

ENG 375-9Finally an edge goes to a fielder! This time it's Clarke - who is exactly the man the Aussies want - and he takes a nice catch. He wasn't dropping that, and they need just one more wicket. Either England's number 10 Finn, or 11 Jimmy Anderson.

ENG 375WICKET! Anderson (0) c Hughes b Siddle

12.22pmAUSTRALIA REQUIRE 311 TO WIN: Anderson plops it to short mid-wicket for a simple catch for Hughes. It means that Australia require 311 to win.

12.25pmThere will be a short turnaround and then a bit of play before lunch. It won't be ideal for the Aussies to come out so soon before a session break and if England can get a wicket in that time they would be well on their way. This target is by no means insurmountable, however.

12.30pmHere come the players. Shane Watson is walking to the middle with Chris Rogers. If Australia are to do this, it will be the highest successful run chase in a Test at Trent Bridge. It's a big ask, but England must be professional.

AUS 1-0What a first delivery from the Burnley Express! It swings away from the right-hander immediately and whistles past Watson's edge, who then defends to the off side to get himself off strike. Anderson shows that he can swing it both ways as he gets it to move across the left-handed Rogers, too. It's a baptism of fire here for the Aussie openers, who just want to get to lunch.

AUS 2-0It's Broad and not Finn to open alongside Anderson. Watson grabs his second run with a push to cover before Rogers gets somewhat stuck to his crease. He then gets a genuine edge but even with the new ball it does not carry to Cook at first slip - an early reprieve for the opener. The slips move up and that's a strong start for both England bowlers.

AUS 10-0That's the first boundary of the innings as Anderson's inswinger just isn't wide enough and Watson flicks off his pads for four. Anderson follows up with exactly the same delivery that gets equal treatment - he's racing here, Watson. That's much better bowling as Anderson teases the waft outside off but misses the edge somehow.

AUS 11-0A bit of dodgy running between the two but the result is that Rogers finally gets himself off the mark with a single. Then Broad forces Watson into another play and miss - his edge is leading a charmed life right now! It's another excellent over of disciplined bowling and Broad has conceded just two so far.

AUS 12-0That's a better over from Anderson. Just the one run for Rogers, which might have been more but for a good piece of work at mid-on from Broad.

AUS 20-0Rogers is looking more settled now and brings up his first boundary with a late clip off his pads to the square leg rope. Broad then follows up with an absolute peach right through the gate but somehow wide of off. Rogers was beaten all ends up, but recovers to drive off the back foot through covers for four. Eight from the over is harsh on Broad.

AUS 28-0LUNCH: Good teamwork in the field between Joe Root and Jonny Bairstow saves a single from a Watson push. He isn't disheartened, however, and drives through covers - a shot right from the textbook for four. Then off the final ball of the session Watson edges, but it drops short of Swanna and bounces past him for another boundary.

1.02pmThat session could hardly have ended better for the Australian openers. They edged on a number of occasions, but have survived to shave 28 runs off their total. We're in for a very interesting second session. Be sure to join me for that at around 1.40pm.

1.37pmHello everyone and welcome back! If you don't want to read all my updates below (why not?) you can catch up on the first session by reading Jack Prescott's report.

1.38pmIt's Graeme Swann to bowl first after the interval. Interesting move from Cook.

AUS 33-0After a couple of dot balls Rogers steals a single following a push towards mid-wicket. Swann then drops one far too short and Watson takes the chance to cut for an easy four, breaking his bat in the process it seems. He chooses one from three replacements.

AUS 34-0Anderson comes in from the other end. Rogers flicks off his hips to pinch an early single but Watson cannot add to it; he's only able to defend and leave from some good line bowling.

AUS 35-0Rogers is definitely trading in singles at the moment as he takes an early one to around the mid-wicket area. In a similar story to the previous two overs, an early single is all that comes from it. A slow start after lunch, as is often the case.

AUS 39-0Rogers has looked solid at the start of his innings and times a really nice flick off his legs to the boundary for four. Anderson is doing his best to get some swing on the ball, but at the moment it's arrowing down the track.

AUS 43-0Swann is finding quite a bit of turn, which bodes well for when the ball has worn down a bit more. A single each then a two from Watson keeps the strike ticking over as Australia edge towards there 50. So far, so good.

AUS 43-0There's that swing that Anderson has been looking for, as he gets one to come back in to Rogers, but the batsman gets an inside edge on to his pads and away for safety. Maiden from Anderson, but England will be looking for wickets before long.

AUS 47-0Watson is playing alertly, and he had to be there as a ball from Swann does not bounce but he gets enough of his bat on it. The batsman takes a big chunk of the pressure off with a big four to long-on that just bounces before the rope.

AUS 51-0How much more luck do these Australian openers have left to ride? Rogers thick-edges on to the ground and the ball spins away from the stumps at the last minute! However, he survives and then gets away with another thick edge that again does not carry and instead bounces past Swann at first slip for four.

AUS 53-0Watson is pegged back trying to find runs on the leg side but he finally beats Bell at short leg to push into the space for a couple - the only two from the over.

AUS 59-0Rogers tucks off his pads to start Anderson's new over, then steps into a magnificent cover drive for four. He's really starting to ramp up the pressure on the England attack.

AUS 68-0Watson wants a go now as he steps outside his stumps to get down for a slog sweep to the rope. There's so little in this pitch at the moment that a win for Australia is very much on the cards right now. Rogers then swipes the ball through the legs of Bell close in for a four of his own and nine off Swann's next over. The alarm bells might start ringing soon for the hosts.

AUS 69-0Australia's easy scoring has brought Broad back into the attack for Anderson. He bowled well before the lunch break and he's finding a fair bit of pace after, but no swing whatsoever as yet. With the low bounce Watson turns the ball to square leg for a single, the only one from the over.

AUS 70-0Swann is not replaced just yet and is given another over. Watson almost falls over trying to lash a pull shot so doesn't make great contact and gets just a single. Then Swann finally gets a bit of turn to draw Rogers into a defensive shot, but it just goes past the outside edge. Better from Swann.

AUS 71-0Broad continues and, despite his best efforts, still cannot get much out of the pitch. His line is quite straight but Rogers is easily able to get bat on it with the modest bounce. Just one early single from Watson from the over. The rate has slowed down, but there's not a lot of sign of a wicket.

AUS 72-0With one and a half days left there is no need at all for Australia to force this. Watson flicks off his legs for a single early in the over with Rogers still batting patiently at the other end. For the fourth over in a row there is just one run.

AUS 81-0Broad opens his new over with a delivery too far outside the line and Watson is able to drive hard behind point for four runs. After a single, Rogers follows suit with a late cut behind square for four of his own. They're cruising at the moment.

AUS 84-0The batsmen run a quick single with a Watson push to the covers. Swann just cannot find a consistent length and is dropping it short too often, including on the last ball as Rogers pushes into a gap for two. Time for drinks and more importantly for England a tactical discussion.

AUS 84-1WICKET! Watson (46) LBW b Broad

AUS 84-1The drinks break came at just the right time for England Watson reviewed an LBW that, I must admit, looked plumb. It shows that the ball would actually only just have clipped leg and the on-field umpire's decision stands. England have a breakthrough and it's the very dangerous looking Watson. Now comes Ed Cowan.

AUS 85-1Cowan blocks his first ball, but then dabs at a wide one and just avoids getting an edge. He's still on a king pair as he turns one off his legs but to a fielder. Broad is really fired up and beats the edge with another one outside the line - great over from him.

AUS 85-1REVIEW! That's another bizarre decision from the umpire, who gives Rogers out, presumably for a nick to Prior, but possibly for LB. Either way, there was no edge and the ball flicked his pad outside the line so all is good for him.

AUS 85-1Broad continues to the increasingly nervy looking Cowan. He almost catches the lefty out with a fine yorker, but Cowan just about reads it and gets it away. After 12 deliveries Cowan is still yet to score.

AUS 87-1Rogers pinches two to square leg at the start of Swann's next over. The rest of it the spinner gets the ball up nicely and it's hard for Rogers to get any more runs.

AUS 92-1Interestingly, Broad is replaced with Steven Finn coming in for his first bowl of the day. Turns out that's just what Cowan needed as he smacks a poor short delivery past gully for his first runs - four of them. He picks up a single with a cut off the final ball of the over.

AUS 92-1A good over from Swann there, pinning Cowan into his crease for the entire over. He's still far from comfortable, the batsman, but there's just not enough in the pitch for Swann to really trouble him.

AUS 95-1The tactic to Cowan does seem to be to tempt him into using that cut. As yet he hasn't found the edge and there's one for him and two for Rogers from the over. The latter is now on 42.

AUS 104-1That's poor fielding from Broad to allow Cowan's drive through mid-on past him for four. Cowan then cuts another short one from Swann through the off side for another boundary. He's worked himself back in this and is now looking a lot more comfortable the batsman.

AUS 105-1Much better from Finn here, who is bowling more full and much tighter to Cowan. He finds an edge off the fifth ball, but there was never much danger of it carrying to the slips. Just one comes from the over as Australia edge towards the required runs dipping below 200.

AUS 106-1Again the run rate has taken a sudden drop. The batsmen have responded to the increasing expectations from the England fans after that wicket and have slowed the pace right down. Rogers clips to the leg side to move on to 45.

AUS 110-1As quick as Finn came into the attack he's back out of it as Joe Root is given the ball for his first over of the innings. His line is a little out and offers Rogers the opportunity to cut, which he does to the rope for four. He's one away from his 50 now.

AUS 110-1Cowan edges from Swann but it's wide of Prior and short of Cook in the slips. I've lost count of the edges that haven't carried in this match. Maiden for Swann, which is a good effort when things aren't quite going for him.

AUS 111-2WICKET! Cowan (14) c Trott b Root

AUS 111-2TEA: Before the wicket, Rogers reaches his first Test 50 and he's played well for it too. However, tea is called a few balls early because Root catches Cowan's edge on the dreaded 111-1 and it goes to Trott in the slips. The perfect time for a wicket and Australia have eight wickets left with 200 needed.

3.43pmWell, for much of the innings Australia have looked comfortable but all of a sudden England have a huge momentum swing going into the final session. There's still a lot of play in this most intriguing of Test matches! Join me again in about 20 minutes for the final session.

3.57pmHello all and welcome back. We're a few minutes away from the resumption of play. In about two and a half hours' time we could well know the likely destination of this first Test. The new man in is dangerman Michael Clarke - on a pair.

3.58pmSo Root will finish the final two balls of the over he started before lunch. Let's go.

AUS 112-2Clarke still has not got a pair in Test cricket as he flicks off his pads for a single to get off the mark.

AUS 114-2Broad comes back in at the other end to replace Swann. Clarke goes for a cut and gets a thick inside edge but it's safe from the stumps and away for a single. There's a big appeal against Rogers, but there was an edge off the toe end before it hit the pads - again, though, it hardly bounced. A decent stop in the field from Anderson saves anything more than a single as Rogers takes one.

AUS 115-2Just those two balls from Root then as Anderson comes back into the attack. Rogers uses the angle from Anderson's wide approach on one delivery to turn it for a single, and the bowler then almost catches Clarke's edge with a fine bit of reverse.

AUS 116-2What a fine delivery from Broad. He forces Clarke to play at one just outside the line and the batsman misreads the line as it swung in but straightened off the seam. Just a leg bye from the over as Broad continues to bowl well.

AUS 118-2A couple of good deliveries to start Jimmy's next over, with Rogers having to play. He then goes slightly straight allowing the batsman to clip off his legs for a single, with Clarke pushing to mid-off for his third run. He's still not finding a lot of swing, Anderson - at least not as much in that over compared to last.

AUS 124-2More good line bowling from Broad until one goes too far down leg side and races for four leg byes past the despairing dive of Prior. He then does the same but this time it's stopped short of the rope for just two. Clarke still stuck on three to begin his innings.

AUS 124-3WICKET! Rogers (52) c Bell b Anderson

AUS 124-3Big wicket! Rogers gets nowhere near enough on a full one and chips it straight to Bell in what looked like a training drill. A quite terrible shot for a player who looked untroubled for his 52. England now firmly in control as Steve Smith comes to the crease, fresh from his 50 in the first innings.

AUS 124-3Anderson finishes his wicket maiden with a couple of straight deliveries that Smith gets behind. Quite good pace except for the wicket, which was slightly slower and enough to deceive Rogers it seems.

AUS 128-3Clarke almost plays at Broad's first ball but does well to get his bat back over his head for a leave. He's really finding runs hard to come by as Broad remains disciplined, but then is gifted a leg-side delivery to dispatch for his first four - just what he needed. He then plays at an outswinger and just misses the edge.

AUS 132-3Smith is also gifted a four with Anderson too full and wide allowing the batsman to lean in and crash past point. After that there's some encouraging late swing from Anderson, but he can't tempt Smith to play the rest of the over.

AUS 135-3It's a phase of quick bowling changes now as Swann comes in again for Broad. It's much better from him to start, pitching it full and forcing Clarke back. The Aussie skipper does well to turn one outside off stump to fine leg for three.

AUS 138-3Clarke takes another three early in Anderson's over with a drive through point that's not quite timed perfectly. Just those three from the over to leave the Baggy Green needing 173 to win. It's pretty difficult to pick between the two at the moment.

AUS 138-3Swann gets one to do a great deal from outside off stump. There's an appeal for a catch on Clarke, but the skipper had got his bat well clear and it came off his pad. Lots of fielders in close for a good maiden from Swann.

AUS 138-3Now Finn back into the attack for Anderson for what is just his fourth over. It's good, length bowling from Finn but there's not quite enough to tempt Smith into any shots. A maiden, though, which will help the start of Finn's spell.

AUS 142-3Swann carries on and it's a single each for the two batsmen to start the over. Swann overcooks one but Clarke cannot capitalise on the opportunity of the full toss. He offers another one and this time they run two after a dreadful throw from Broad. A third full toss has Clarke on his knees but he only picks out mid-wicket. Four from the over but it could have been 12.

AUS 142-3There are thunderstorms in the area as Finn comes in for his new over - hopefully they'll pass by. Two maidens in a row from Finn, which is almost unheard of.

AUS 144-3First runs for a while as Clarke turns off his pads for a single and Smith follows suit with a push to mid-on. Nothing else from the over; not much turn either for the spinner, who has had a tough time. It's 167 now for the Aussies to win.

AUS 148-3Fantastic ball from Finn, who angles one in and gets it to swing just a shade away and it flies past Smith's edge. The next one swings the other way and catches the pad but it looks to just be outside the line - another fine delivery though and a good decision not to review. At the end of the over there's an edge but it doesn't carry - Finn has given Smith the runaround here, but the batsman escapes with four from it.

AUS 149-3A semi-appeal as Swann's delivery pops up off Smith's pads to short leg, but there was no contact with bat or glove. Australia move one run closer to their target.

AUS 149-3More good work from Finn and he manages his third maiden over. Clarke goes for the final delivery with a drive, but it was too tight to the stumps and he didn't have enough room to swing his shoulders.

AUS 151-3The runs are being kept down, but it's wickets that are the target for England. Australia still have oodles of time to get the runs they need and are starting to look comfortable against Swann. It might be time for a change, despite his economy improving in recent overs. Just nine runs have come from the last 30 balls.

AUS 155-3Clarke hits the first boundary for some time, but it wasn't textbook. He gets a big edge and it races to the third man boundary. Still good discipline from Finn, though.

AUS 156-3A quick single from the start of the over as Smith rotates the strike to his captain. Clarke, somewhat in frustration, goes after one but mishits it straight to mid-wicket, via the floor.

AUS 161-4WICKET! Clarke (23) c Prior b Broad

AUS 161-4Big wicket! First up there's a much-needed boundary from Smith, who steps into a drive on the very first ball of Broad's new spell. He then edges towards third man for another and the following ball sees Clarke clip to Prior - on review there's enough for the third umpire to uphold Dar's decision. That could be the wicket that puts this in England's favour.

AUS 161-5WICKET! Smith (17) LBW b Swann

AUS 161-5Fantastic delivery from Swann. He gets it to spin back in to the right-hander and miss the stumps. No reviews, but HawkEye tells us it was hitting leg and the impact was in line. Big swing of momentum here.

AUS 162-5The new (new) man in Brad Haddin gets himself off the mark with a single before Hughes blocks out the final deliveries. At this rate it should be over early tomorrow.

AUS 163-5Broad comes in at pace, fresh from his wicket in the last over. He looks for the yorker on Haddin, but the batsman gets his bat down in time to fend it away. He tries again and this time the inswing sees it catch the pad and go away for a leg bye. Good over.

AUS 164-6WICKET! Hughes (0) LBW b Swann

AUS 164-6Swann is starting to wrap this up now. Initially Dharmasena gives it not out, suggesting that the ball hit Hughes outside the line of leg. However, on review it was in line and plumb on middle stump - it's overturned and Hughes walks. Here comes Ashton Agar - up three in the order.

AUS 164-6Agar survives his first ball but there can't be much life in Australia now. Will England get it done in the final nine overs of the day?

AUS 165-6Another fine over from Broad, who has really got it right so far today. Do Australia now just try to hang on or go for the 146 they need to win?

AUS 166-6Just one from Swann's over too. Seven left for the day, unless England can get another one or two wickets to force the extra half-hour.

AUS 166-6It has been a very watchful start from Haddin. He leaves a few so Broad attempts a yorker - it's on target but the bat is down to firmly see the ball away. A maiden over - we're six from the end of the day and 15 from the new ball.

AUS 171-6Agar gets off the mark but it's thanks to a thick edge that manages to avoid Cook in the slips. Haddin smashes a near full toss through the covers for four, to relieve some of the pressure that had been building on him.

AUS 171-6"Oh, Jimmy, Jimmy" chant the crowd. That can only mean one thing - Cook is going for these final wickets with the Burnley Express. Agar tries to pull him, but swings way too early as the ball sticks to the surface. No runs come from Anderson's return to the attack.

AUS 172-6Haddin nicks an early single from Swann but Agar is happy to stay until tomorrow, blocking out the rest of the over.

AUS 174-6Haddin gets two with a neat shot off the back foot into space on the leg side. Haddin watchfully negotiates the rest of the over and it's looking increasingly likely that England will have to return tomorrow to complete the job. Two overs remain. Swann with the penultimate.

AUS 174-6"Catch it!" yells Prior as Agar blocks the ball along the ground. He still thinks he can get a day off tomorrow. Just one from 24 now for Agar - his plan since coming in has been made very clear.

AUS 174-6STUMPS: Anderson starts his next over with a pearler of an inswinger that Haddin leaves only to see it graze his off stump. There's no attempt from him to score runs and indeed he blocks out the final over to take us into another day.

6.32pmThere we are then. It's a sell-out tomorrow, even though there's the chance that we might only see an hour of play. England still have to get the job done. Australia have four wickets left and require 137 to win what has already been a fine Test match.

6.33pmThat's all from me today. We'll be back in the morning for the final day - or so - of play. Thanks for being here and be sure not to miss tomorrow! Goodbye.

Ian Bell
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