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Live Commentary: WWE Elimination Chamber 2014 - as it happened

Read how Randy Orton ensured that he would be champion going into WrestleMania XXX, courtesy of Sports Mole's play-by-play coverage of WWE Elimination Chamber.

WWE made its last pit stop on the road to WrestleMania XXX in Minneapolis, Minnesota, tonight for the fifth annual Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.

Following interference from the Wyatt Family and Kane, Randy Orton defended his WWE World Heavyweight Championship inside Satan's structure to ensure that he will face Batista in the Mania main event this April.

'The Animal' had earlier secured a victory over Alberto del Rio in his first singles match since returning in January, while Bray Wyatt led his clan to a win over The Shield in a brutal six-man tag team classic.

The New Age Outlaws, Big E, and AJ Lee were also successful in holding onto their respective titles, while Titus O'Neill beat his fellow former Prime Time Player Darren Young. On the pre-show, Cody Rhodes and Goldust entertained in the process of overcoming ex-Paul Heyman guys, Ryback and Curtis Axel.

Below, you can read how the action unfolded at the Target Center, courtesy of SM's play-by-play.

12.34amMorning wrasslin' fans. If you have managed to stay awake until now, then persevere because the Elimination Chamber promises to be a fascinating last pit stop on the road to WrestleMania.

12.36amBy the end of the night, we will know who will main event Mania alongside Royal Rumble 2014 winner Batista. Can Randy Orton hiss and slither his way out of the Chamber still champion?

12.39pm'The Viper' puts his WWE World Heavyweight title on the line against John Cena, Cesaro, Christian, Sheamus and Daniel Bryan inside satan's structure. We also have a massive six-man tag-team match between two acts that are absolutely red hot right now - The Wyatt Family and The Shield.

12.41amWe also have the return of Batista to singles competition to 'look forward to'. He has underwhelmed since coming back to the business, but tonight he has the opportunity to show the WWE universe that he can still dish out a severe punishment inside the ring as he faces Alberto del Rio.

12.43amAlso, The Usos get a well-deserved shot at The New Age Outlaws' WWE Tag Team Championships. Former Prime Time Players Darren Young and Titus O'Neill go at it, and Big E defends his Intercontinental Championship against Jack Swagger. And before all that, we have the pre-show!

12.45amWe are 15 minutes away from the start of the main PPV, but only moments from the pre-show bout between former Tag Team champions Cody Rhodes and his brother Goldust, and ex-Paul Heyman guys Ryback and Curtis Axel. That match is about to start as The Brotherhood's music hits.

12.47am'Rybaxel', as the WWE has so originally dubbed them, quickly follow the Rhodes bros out to the ring, and they are not alone. We have a surprise guest appearance from Axel's Hall of Fame grandfather, Larry 'the Axe' Hennig. Warm applause greets his announcement. Cody and Curtis will start us off...

12.50amAxel quickly tags in Ryback and he takes Cody to the corner before and thrusting his shoulder into Rhodes' sternum. There are a few more shows of strength before Cody clears him and Curtis out of the ring, allowing the Rhodes brothers to hit a nice double springboard spot.

12.52amWhen they return to the ring, Axel and Ryback isolate Goldust in their corner. Curtis hits a great dropkick on 'The Bizarre One' before tagging in his partner. Ryback whips Axel back into Goldust for a reverse elbow and follows that up with a clothesline. A scoop slam brings Ryback two.

12.54amGoldust gets a two count with a backslide and him and Axel each hit the mat after a collision. Curtis makes the tag to Ryback but Goldust counters a powerbomb into a hurricanrana. Both men make tags before Rhodes hits a high knee off the rope. He then moonsaults onto Curtis from the top rope. Boy, Cody flies high these days. That's a great addition to his arsenal.

12.56amCody is pulled out of the ring by Ryback, but runs up the steps to hit the disaster kick. He slides in to attempt cross rhodes on Axel, but Ryback prevents him doing so. Goldust takes care of the big man, and when Cody turns into Axel's finisher, he counters into cross rhodes for the three!


12.58amAn expected victory for The Brotherhood which Michael Cole suggests puts them back in the title picture. Speaking of which, Bryan Saxton interviews The Usos and they say they have two words for The New Age Outlaws regarding their sixth championship reign - "It's over."

1.02amHere we go then. After a slightly pointless, but ultimately reasonable pre-show match, the real thing is about to start. A promo is run previewing the Chamber match, teasing the tension between Orton and The Authority. Cole does the introductions. Intercontinental title match up first...

1.04amJack Swagger is first out, accompanied by Zeb Colter, but not by Cesaro. Colter takes the microphone, saying that he has realised the 'E' in Big E stands for 'enough of him being Intercontinental champion. He claims that America has got worse during Big E's reign, and says that Swagger is going to end that tonight. While, of course, ripping into illegal immigrants just about acceptably.

1.07amBig E's music hits and Cole hypes him holding onto the gold for 96 days thus far. He won it from Axel a few months ago of course. The title is lifted and the bell rung. This should be physical.

1.09amThey lock up in the corner before Langston breaks free and bounces off both ropes before knocking Swagger flat with a massive shoulder block. Swagger takes a breather on the outside.

1.11amThe Real American slips out of the ring again, and this time Langston follows him, banging Swagger's head against the steel steps. Big E lines up Colter but Swagger hits him from behind, only to end up being speared into a combination of the steps and the ring post.

1.13amJBL is, of course, alongside Cole and Jerry Lawler on commentary. He shows great appreciation for Swagger's powerful clothesline. He rolls Langston back into the ring for a swift one count. Swagger counters his opponent coming off the ropes with a huge boot to the face. "WE, THE PEOPLE."

1.15amBoth men lie in the middle of the ring. Swagger is first to his feet but Langston soon turns the tables. He bulldozers Swagger twice before hitting a belly-to-belly suplex. 'The Real American' counters another run off the ropes with a spinebuster which gives him time to regroup.

1.18pmThe challenger goes for the Swagger bomb but is caught on Big E's shoulder as he leaped off the turnbuckle. Langston is attempting big ending, but Jack clings onto the ropes, landing on the apron. The champion spears Swagger through the ropes and follows him onto the outside.

1.20pmBig E goes up top and Swagger climbs up to join him and hits a massive throw. He applies the patriot lock. Langston escapes and pulls down the strap. Swagger locks in the submission again, and after feigning to tap, Big E hits an enziguri, sending Swagger off the ropes. He hits the big ending for the three!


1.22amLangston's celebrations are cut short by Bad News Barrett, whose ridiculously high platform appears as if from nowhere. Is he going to tease a title match with Big E? No, he mocks America for finishing below European superpower Russia in the Winter Olympics medal table. That's right Barrett, you tell them how it is. When is he going to wrestle an actual match?

1.24amThe commentators hype Hulk Hogan's return to RAW tomorrow night for the launch of the WWE network, and his confirmation as WrestleMania XXX host. A video package is then shown reminding everyone of the punishment that Kane etc have inflicted on a "battered and bruised" Daniel Bryan.

1.26amBryan is interviewed, and admits that he is not 100% because of his injured shoulder, but he will still give his all inside the Chamber. He answers his own questions about possible match outcomes with "YES" and then gets the Minnesota crowd involved as we cut back to the ring.

1.28amOh you didn't know! Road Dogg rhymes himself breathless as he does the usual New Age Outlaws introduction. Their Tag Team title defence against the Usos is next up.

1.30amThe Usos' entrance is perhaps a bit more cultural. These guys have been really enjoyable to watch over the past six months. Can they carry the veterans in the ring tonight?

1.32amBilly Gunn starts things off with an Uso. It could be Jimmy, it could be Jey. I'm convinced Billy doesn't know which one it is either. Anyway, a couple of sly moves force Uso number one into a rethink and he tags in his brother. Gunn soon takes a breather as the Usos feint their double springboard somersault to the outside, only for the experienced Outlaws to sprint out of range.

1.34amJey and Road Dogg lock up and the latter counters with a vicious hip toss into the middle turnbuckle. That looked like a nasty landing, and Jey sells it like hell. Dogg sits the Uso on the second rope and hits a knee to the back of the head before continuing the punishment on the outside.

1.36amThe Outlaws isolate Jey before he makes a tag to his brother, who ups the pace. Road Dogg drags Billy out of the ring and as they huddle up, Jimmy hits a high-flying splash onto Road Dogg.

1.37amBilly goes for the Fame Asser, which Jimmy dodges. He goes up top and Billy runs underneath his cross body. Jimmy lands on his feet, notices Road Dogg on the apron and sends him flying with a kick to the face. However, Billy bounce him off the ropes, rolls him up and grabs the tights for three!


1.40amThe Usos indicate to the retreating Outlaws that they were inches away from claiming the gold. Actually, they weren't really. They were not made to look that serious a threat to the champions which is disappointing considering the run they have been on. They will have another shot soon, no doubt.

1.42amBarrett is back! In-fact, his podium is not quite as high tonight. He says he has some bad news for Daniel Bryan fans. His is NOT going to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tonight. The singles match between former Prime Time Players Titus O'Neill and Darren Young is up next.

1.44amYoung is first out and they play over most of his entrance with a reminder of how this match came about. Titus is next out, whistle around his neck, barking loud and proud. Wait, I thought we had a Dogg in the last match? Also, neither of these have hit the jackpot with their new entrance music. Plain.

1.46amAll the talk on commentary is about Titus having all the tools to be a big star in the WWE. A slow start to the match sees the big man display his strength and power advantage over Young.

1.48amYoung brings O'Neill to his knees with a dropkick. This is both of these guys first singles PPV match. O'Neill whips Young into the corner and he sells flying over to the outside well.

1.50amTitus tamely throws Young repeatedly into the ring post. Minutes later he catches him coming off the top and hits a rib-buster. O'Neill applies an abdominal stretch and accompanies it with some painful-sounding slaps to Young's bare chest. A "WE WANT ZIGGLER" whispers around the Target Center.

1.52amSome basic offence from Young, back body drop etc, is followed up by an impressive neckbreaker on the apron. It doesn't seem to do much damage to O'Neill though, and he is quickly back on his feet. Young comes back off the ropes and O'Neill hits clash of the Titus for the victory.


1.54amJBL says the result proves that Young was the deadweight in PTP. O'Neill stands tall above his former partner. That was a decent bout, but a bit slow paced at times. O'Neill is strong, but he's no sprinter. Wow, there is a lot of bad news flying about tonight. I sense a pattern emerging here. Barrett says that the bad news for those excited about Hogan's return is that he is more charismatic than he ever was.

1.57amBusiness is about to pick up, (Ross, 1997-2013). The Wyatt Family vs. The Shield is next up. A video package retells the story, which has been really well booked. In-fact, these two factions are one of the few things that WWE creative has got absolutely spot on over the past year or so.

1.59pmSierra, Hotel, Indigo, Echo, Lima, Delta, Shield. Boy I am looking forward to this one. The Hounds of Justice come through the crowd as per and they make it clear that they are pumped and ready.

2.01am"We're here." The chilling Wyatt music hits and Bray blows out the lamp, perched right on the edge of his armchair. The crowd are chanting "THIS IS AWESOME", and the match hasn't even started yet. JBL reckons we are in for something extraordinary. I'm right with you, Johnny.

2.04amThe two trios face off in the middle of the ring. The crowd are well into this already, with chants for both sets of men. The tension is broken by a quick brawl and The Shield, who have been booked with face tendencies in this rivalry, clear the ring. Bray screams insanities towards the crowd.



2.07amRollins and the unmasked sheep Rowan start things off. Reigns is in quickly stomping on Rowan in the corner. Rollins is back in but Rowan turns him inside out before tagging in Wyatt.

2.08amScreams of excitement greet Reigns being tagged in. Wyatt and him face off before the 'Eater of Worlds' unleashes some wild punches. A massive reverse elbow from Reigns floors him.

2.09amHarper three times fails to lift Reigns up for a suplex which is countered in turn. Ambrose gets his first taste of the action and The Shield exchange quick tags, beating down Harper.

2.11amA dropkick, from Luke Harper? Ambrose hits the mat following a never-before-seen move. This time it's the Wyatt's turn to chop and change and Bray absolutely squashes Ambrose in the corner before throwing him away like he was dirty clothes. Rowan applies a claw grip to the head of The Shield's most Wyatt-like member, and then hits a sidewalk slam for a two count.

2.14amAmbrose escapes further punishment to tag in Rollins, who immediately ups the pace. He really likes doing forward rolls, but the kid has more moves than that. He somehow lands on his feet from a Harper top-rope throw, and he then hauls him out of the ring before hitting a suicide dive, and still landing on his feet. He screams macho sounds. Harper soon floors him though with a brilliant side slam.

2.16amBray gets a two count on Rollins. The crowd is genuinely split here with who they are supporting. Both factions are well over. In-fact, it might be a case of the same fans cheering for both.

2.17amWyatt shouts instructions from the apron as Harper reduces the pace to a slow torture of Rollins. He "nearly decapitates him" (Cole, 2014), by launching his neck into the second rope. Bray smells blood and fancies thirsting. He enters and locks Rollins in a ground headlock.

2.18amAmbrose breaks up a Wyatt cover on Rollins, but Harper makes him pay for his intervention with a thumping boot to the chest. We have not seen much of Rowan yet. Rollins the star thus far.

2.20amAn enziguri from Rollins allows him to tag Reigns. Rowan is also in, but then again, so is everybody else. Reigns clears house, very much a rewind to the Rumble. Bodies are outside the ring and the 300lbs Harper hits a suicide dive on Ambrose! Rollins outdoes him with a huge somersault onto him! Rowan bounces off the turnbuckle and Reigns tries a roll up which only gets him two.

2.22amRollins clears the Spanish announce table but it seems that he could be the man to feel wood before Ambrose makes the save. He and Wyatt go into the crowd, way into the crowd. They disappear from view completely, leaving Harper, Rollins, Reigns and Rowan to wow us some more.

2.24amWyatt returns, without Ambrose, and while Rowan takes care of Reigns inside the ring, Wyatt and Harper are planning something horrible for Rollins on the announce table. Rowan and Harper climb up onto one table, and double chokeslam Rollins through the other! Only Wyatts are standing...

2.25amThe Wyatts surround Reigns in Shield-esque fashion. It's a three-on-one assault as Harper whips Rowan into the one Hound of Justice standing, before following up with a big boot. They serve him up as a sacrifice to Wyatt, who arches his back to take up that creepy reverse crab position. No walk today though.

2.27amAmazing! Reigns counters sister abigail and hits a samoan drop on Wyatt and Rowan, while laying Harper out with the superman punch. He lines up the spear on Wyatt, but Harper gets in the way and takes the bullet. The distraction allows Bray to pounce, and he hits sister abigail for the win!


2.29amWow. The Wyatt Family are yet to even come close to disappointing. Another outstanding outing from Bray and his buzzards. The Shield played more than their part too, but what a push 'The Eater of Worlds' is on for post WrestleMania XXX - a clean win over Roman Reigns is a big deal, and so is Wyatt.

2.31amReplays of some of the match highlights allow me time to catch my breath back. What an incredible contest. Five star. I am so glad we got to see them face off before The Shield inevitably split in the upcoming months. On that note, where did Ambrose go? Not the last we've heard of that, I suspect.

2.32amChristian shouts down Renee Young as he is being interviewed and insists that he is more dangerous than ever, because he is desperate to win the WWE title in the Chamber match tonight.

2.34amAJ is next on the microphone, and she joins us in the ring. She is not pleased to be defending her Divas title, which she has held for 252 days, tonight. She mocks Naomi's eye injury, which is currently ruling her out of action. Her fellow Funkadactyl Cameron will get a shot at the gold right now.

2.36amCameron throws her pom poms at AJ. Is this a hardcore Divas title match? That could be a DQ right there? In all seriousness, though, Cameron hits a leg drop, while doing the splits on AJ, for a two count. She continues on the offence before the champ throws her ringside as Tamina Snuka looks on.

2.38amAJ dances around with the pom poms on the outside before Cameron attacks. Tamina accidentally floor AJ with a big superkick, and Cameron rolls the champion back into the ring. 1,2...Tamina drags her boss' foot on the rope. Cameron slides out and Tamina hits a clothesline, prompting the DQ.


2.41amAJ snatches the title from Tamina as she gives her muscle a scathing glance. They leave the ring as Barrett's music hits once more! I'm so glad that they didn't tarnish The Shield vs. Wyatt match with his appearance. Although, this delivering of bad news was the pick of the night, with Barrett warning people that the WWE network will be so addictive that adults will lose their jobs and kids not attend school.

2.43amSantino, Emma, Great Khali, Los Matadores and El Torrito promote the WWE ring merchandise. The less said about that the better. The less said by Khali the better. It's all inaudible anyway.

2.45amBatista's music hits and he arrives to a slightly mixed reception inside the Target Center. Many of the fans that liked him in his full-time run are still cheering for him, but there are undoubtedly sections that are unimpressed with his return thus far giving its high-profile billing.

2.47amDel Rio emerges on crutches and with a neck brace on. Hmm, is this match going to go ahead? I sense yes. This is a con, but quite a clever one. He might get a shot or two in before Batista destroys him.

2.48amMexico's greatest export says because of Batista's brutal attack on him two weeks ago that he isn't going to be able to compete tonight. Wait for it. Wait...and there is the shot with the crutch. Del Rio rips off his suit to reveal he is wearing his wrestling gear. Del Rio calls for the bell.

2.50amThe referee checks on Batista before starting the match. 'The Animal' gets some early punches in, which are greeted with boos from the Minnesota crowd. Perhaps his reception is worse than mixed.

2.52amDel Rio works on the arm of Batista, who misses a shoulder charge and connects with the ring post. The Mexican applies the cross armbreaker over the rope and Batista sells it like the true Hollywood star that he is. "CM PUNK" and "Y2J" chants ring out. That should go down well backstage.

2.54amFormer World Heavyweight champion Del Rio hits the running kick to the back of Batista's head for a two which is ended by 'The Animal' grabbing the ropes. Hometown favourite Brock Lesnar is the latest to be called for by the crowd. Wishful thinking, unless there is a big surprise in store.

2.56amBatista counters Del Rio with a spear. However, 'Mexico's greatest export' hits back with a backstabber. It's back and forth as Batista hits a spinebuster and calls for his finisher.

2.58amDel Rio is lifted up for the Batista bomb, but escapes and chops the former Evolution man down to his knees. He attempts the cross armbreaker but Batista reverses it, pushing him against an exposed turnbuckle before hitting the Batista bomb for a rather unpopular one, two, three.


3.00amCole hypes that Batista is rolling going into WrestleMania. Quite clearly, he isn't. The Animal will be face against Orton in April I am sure, but if this crowd reaction continues, the creative team will have little choice but to turn him heel. The WWE network is hyped again. Less than 24 hours to go now.

3.02amThe pre-show panel of The Miz, Rey Mysterio and Mark Henry are asked for their Chamber match predictions. Henry opts for Sheamus while Miz and Mysterio fancy Bryan and Cesaro respectively. It'll be Orton I'm sure, but it's cute that they pretended to think it could be anyone else.

3.04amThe steel structure is lowered into position as a promo showing the history of the Chamber match is shown. Remember, the first four men out go inside the pods. Whose music will hit first?

3.06amUnsurprisingly, John Cena won't be starting the match. He tells the camera that this is his last chance to book his ticket to WrestleMania XXX. The referees usher him into a pod.

3.08am"GO!". Christian is safe from the steel for now as he follows Cena into a pod. He talks trash to the three-time Chamber winner. For 'Captain Charisma' though, it is his first appearance inside satan's structure. "Here comes the underdog", says JBL. Well, here comes the champion.

3.10amOrton won't go from the start either. Did any of you mathematicians out there figure out that 'The Apex Predator' only has a one in six chance of defending his title tonight? Thanks for that, Cole. Numbers that perhaps have more substance: Orton - five chamber matches - 0 wins.

3.12amWith Orton out third, it could only have been Bryan that was the final man to be spared immediate pain. 'The American Dragon' gets a big pop as Minnesota's branch of the YES movement lends its voice to Bryan's entrance. The submission specialist is strapped up on his shoulder.

3.14amThat leaves two men. Cesaro, growing in popularity, also gets a good reception. Colter is by his side. ."WE. THE PEOPLE." Cesaro seems undaunted by the structure as he surveys it. Sheamus is the last of the six participants to enter. Right then, the main event of WrestleMania XXX is about to be set...

3.16amChristian taps on his glass to distract Sheamus and allow Cesaro to attack from behind. The Swiss hits an uppercut, and Sheamus is then the first to taste the steel as he is thrown over the top rope. Remember, every five minutes a new entrant will join the action.

3.18amVintage Sheamus, (Cole, every single match, ever.) The Irishman throws Cesaro over to the steel floor and then, at the second attempt, wraps his arms up in the ropes and proceeds to thrash his arm against the increasingly red chest of his opponent up to the count of 10.

3.19amIt's a slow pace to begin this match. Cesaro has Sheamus in the corner closest to Cena's pod, and he teases the 15-time champion with a 'you can't see me'. The clock is winding down...

3.21amDaniel Bryan is the new man in and immediately the pace quickens! The crowd is going wild as he comes off the top with a front dropkick, hitting each opponent with one leg. He repeatedly kicks the chest of Sheamus before turning his attention to Cesaro, who takes one to the head.

3.22amBrilliant! Bryan has Sheamus in a boston crab, and while maintaining the hold, he performs a belly-to-back suplex pin on Cesaro. Everything Bryan does right now is absolute gold.

3.23amThere it is, the annual crashing through of the pod. It is Bryan who takes the hit this year as Cesaro chucks him through the glass while Cole sells how much that will hurt the injured shoulder.

3.24amThe big spots are coming thick and fast now. Sheamus performs a fireman's carry on Cesaro, on the steel. The clock reaches zero again, and Christian joins the fray.

3.25amChristian goes straight after Bryan, stomping on the shoulder injury he first inflicted a few weeks ago. A tornado DDT off the top rope has Bryan down, but an enziguri earns him some respite. Only temporary, though. The strapping comes off Bryan's shoulder as he misses with a dropkick in the corner.

3.27amSheamus throws Christian against the chains and then prepares to dart him into the empty pod from whence he came. The Canadian counters into a nice reverse DDT onto the metal.

3.28amCesaro chucks Christian upwards in preparation for the uppercut, but 'Captain Charisma' clings onto the chain on his way down. He jumps onto the Swiss powerhouse, who catches him, chucks him into a pod and then does hit the uppercut. He rolls him in the ring for a near fall.

3.30amThe light switches from Orton to Cena and lands on the latter. He is the next man in. Bryan and him go at it before Christian hits the killswitch on the bearded one. He only gets two, though. Cesaro sets up Christian for the swing but interference from Cena sees it become a mere caterpault.

3.32amNo eliminations yet. Five guys and the pace is increasing yet again. Cesaro tries the neutralizer on Sheamus, but the Irishman counters, only to then receive a kick to the face from Christian, who is thrown into the chains by Cena. Cesaro hits a massive uppercut on Cena for a two count which has Cole excited. That really is a fantastic move to watch. Nobody is escaping big spots right now.

3.34amLawler sells how big an advantage Orton has entering last. Cesaro suplexes Sheamus inside the ring while Sheamus was standing outside the ropes. Incredible strength. Here comes Orton...

3.36amOrton tries a punt on Bryan, who dodges out of the way. Cena, Bryan and slowly the rest of the participants, back the champion into a corner. He retreats back to the safety of his pod.

3.37amSheamus brogue kicks Orton through the glass! He throws him against the steel and then clotheslines him into the ring for the famous Cena sequence of moves. Cesaro cuts Cena short and swings Orton around! The crowd are well into it, as the count reaches 30 rotations! How does he do that?!

3.40amA german suplex from Bryan clears Cesaro out of the ring. Sheamus tries a brogue kick on Christian but hits Cena. Christian rolls Sheamus up for two and when that fails, he covers Cena for two more. Sheamus turns his attention to 'Captain Charisma', who scales the chamber to get out of trouble.

3.41amOrton chases Sheamus down and hits him with a massive supperplex. Christian, who had climbed to the top of the pod, comes down with a 15ft splash on the Irishman to send him packing!


3.42amThat proved to be Christian's big spot of the evening as he follows the Irishman in being eliminated moments later, courtesy of Bryan's running knee to the face. We are down to four.


3.44amThe remaining four take a corner each. Cesaro is in some elite company here. He appears to be in line for a major push. Orton and Cesaro are cleared out, allowing Cena and Bryan to go face to face. Bryan tries to apply the YES lock. Cesaro interrupts and throws both men over his shoulder!


3.46amCena hits the attitude adjustment on Cesaro, over the rope and onto the steel. He drags him inside the ring to apply the STF and make Cesaro submit to reduce the numbers to three.

3.48amWait a minute! The Wyatt Family's music hits! They are inside the chamber! Orton slithers away to the back of the cage as they beat down Cena and Bryan. Bray hits Sister Abigail on Cena, and as they make their exit, 'The Viper' comes back into the ring to cover Cena and eliminate him.


3.50amThe Authority's Director of Operations Kane comes down to usher the Wyatt Family to the back. He goes into the chamber to check up on Cena, and is greeted with a flying front dropkick by Bryan, who delivers three of the same to Orton as he hangs him up in the tree of woe.

3.52amKane is still inside the structure and that doesn't spell good news for Bryan. Orton is coping okay by himself at the moment, though, as he hits his signature DDT from the second rope. Bryan soon rallies and hits the flying knee on Orton. Could we have a new champion?! 1,2... No, Kane drags the referee out of the ring. Bryan kicks the corporate machine in the head, but Orton is lurking and he hits the RKO! Bryan kicks out at the last second, and then tries rolling up the 'Apex Predator'. The champion powers out as Kane makes his presence felt again with a cheap shot to Bryan. Orton hits another RKO and this time it is enough. 'The Viper' retains. Bryan is screwed, and Orton will be main-eventing Mania against Batista.


3.55amA predictable finish to the show, but a pretty darn good chamber match it must be said. Cesaro was again very impressive. What Mania has in store for him, we shall see, but many of the storylines heading into New Orelans now seem crystal clear. Orton vs. Batista, Cena vs. Wyatt, Bryan vs. HHH.

3.58amOther superstars' path to Louisiana will probably become clearer on tomorrow's RAW, which is of course the historic launch of the WWE network. When this PPV is available to view on there, it will be one worth watching. There were some fairly weak matches on the undercard, but then The Wyatt Family versus The Shield was a truly outstanding spectacle, with Bray pinning Reigns for the win in the end.

4.00amThat's it from me. Thanks for joining Sports Mole this morning/tonight. Until WrestleMania XXX...

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