Jon Stoddart

A Liverpool football club supporter looks at floral tributes and memorabilia ahead of a memorial service to mark the twentieth anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster at Anfield in Liverpool, north-west England on April 15, 2009
CPS, IPCC respond to jury conclusion Hillsborough victims unlawfully killed
The CPS and IPCC release statements after a jury concluded that the 96 Liverpool fans who died in 1989 were unlawfully killed.
Apr 26, 11:59
A general view of The Kop stand at Anfield home of Liverpool FC taken October 20, 2012
FA probed for criminal culpability over Hillsborough?
The Football Association, Sheffield Wednesday, South Yorkshire Police and Sheffield City Council are reportedly being investigated for possible criminal culpability over the Hillsborough disaster.
Sep 12, 14:30