Live Commentary: New Zealand vs. England - Second Test, day two - as it happened

Live Commentary: New Zealand vs. England - Second Test, day two - as it happened
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Sports Mole brings you live coverage of day two of the second Test match between New Zealand and England in Wellington.

England began day two of the second Test match with New Zealand with the intention of opening up a significant first innings lead.

Despite being clawed back by the hosts, half centuries from Kevin Pietersen and Matt Prior guided England to a total of 465.

New Zealand face a huge task if they are to win this game, but they moved a few steps closer to losing it after James Anderson and Stuart Broad struck to leave them on 66-3 at the close of play.

Read below to see how the action unfolded on day two in Wellington.

9.00pmHello, and welcome to Sports Mole's coverage of day two of the second Test match between New Zealand and England.

9.03pmThere was little doubt that the opening day belonged to England. Despite calling incorrectly at the toss, England captain Alastair Cook witnessed his side completely dominate against the New Zealand bowlers, posting a score of 267-2 at the close of play.

9.06pmThe stars of the show proved to be Nick Compton and Jonathan Trott. Compton displayed patience in grinding his way to his second successive century, while Trott never looked in trouble on his way to an unbeaten 121.

9.10pmTrott will begin day two at the crease alongside Kevin Pietersen, who after a slow start, looked at ease with himself in making 17 before stumps. England scored at a fairly slow rate yesterday, and you feel that the likes of Pietersen and, later in the day, Matt Prior, will be crucial in seeing England post a huge score.

9.14pmThe New Zealand bowlers hardly got a sniff of a chance yesterday. Apart from an lbw appeal against Kevin Pietersen just before the close, chances of wickets were few and far between, and the hosts were fortunate to pick up the two dismissals that they did.

9.18pmWhat became apparent during yesterday's morning session was that the pitch was extremely flat. There was a little bit of pace in it, but the bounce was true, and there was hardly any movement off the seam. It will be interesting to see whether the pitch breaks up a little throughout today.

9.22pmThe conditions in Wellington have also helped the England batsmen. There was hardly a cloud in the sky yesterday, and from the early pictures today, it looks like we are in for more of the same.

9.25pmWe are now just five minutes away from the start of play. You would think that the New Zealand players are less than enthusiastic about another day in the Basin Reserve field.

9.30pmHere come Jonathan Trott and Kevin Pietersen. Now that Pietersen is at the crease, Trott will most likely play more of a support role today. We shall wait and see though...

ENG 267-2Quiet start from Pietersen, who eases through Tim Southee's opening over. The England supporters are already in full voice. The New Zealand faithful, not so much.

ENG 267-3WICKET! Trott (121) c Watling b Boult

ENG 273-3Well, well, well. I don't think anyone was expecting that. Trott goes through his normal routine, but it was all in vain, as he has edged his first ball of the day straight to Watling! Ian Bell is the new man in, and he is off the mark with a single. Pietersen records England's first boundary of the morning with a nice shot through midwicket.

ENG 273-3Southee backs-up his opening maiden with another. Pietersen has failed to score off his opening 12 deliveries against the pace bowler. There looks a mighty breeze out in Wellington today.

ENG 274-3Boult's confidence is up after that early wicket, and he restricts Bell to just the one off this over. New Zealand look slightly more threatening than they did yesterday.

ENG 274-3It's now Bell's turn to see out an over without troubling the score off the bowling of Southee. That breeze is certainly getting up.

ENG 279-3Pietersen moves to 24 with a single, before Bell hits his first four of the innings with a delightful drive through the covers. Just 12 runs have come off the opening six overs.

ENG 280-3Wagner has surprisingly been brought into the attack to replace Southee. The left-arm seamer worked hard yesterday, and he may have to work even harder today if he is to continue bowling into the wind. Just a single for Pietersen off the over.

ENG 281-3Just another single for Pietersen from Boult's latest over. I wish I could bring you a bit more action, but the general trend is five defensive shots and a single. I'm sure it will improve...

ENG 282-3As you were...! Apparently, Wellington is the windiest city in the world. I think a couple of the New Zealand bowlers are finding that out.

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ENG 284-3Relatively ambitious by England in that over - they managed to double their scoring rate by scoring two runs. We are now at the hundred-over mark.

ENG 288-3A bit of aggression from Bell, who smashes the ball through the covers to move to 11 off 37 balls. Pietersen, meanwhile, has 28 from 76.

ENG 291-3Southee is back into the attack in place of Boult, and the fast bowler is now bowling with the wind. Pietersen bags his first runs off Southee today with two runs towards mid-on, before he pulls the penultimate ball away for a single.

ENG 297-3We have our first citing of spin of day two, and Pietersen welcomes Bruce Martin with a powerful six straight down the ground. However, Martin responds with a ball that beats Pietersen all ends up. This should make for an interesting battle.

ENG 297-3All of a sudden, there is a bit happening for the bowlers. Firstly, Southee beats the outside edge of Bell, and two balls later, the batsman edges just short of the slip fielder. That should give Southee a bit more encouragement.

ENG 298-3That delivery that turned in the last over has definitely worried Pietersen, and he receives another one, before getting a single off the final ball. It's drinks.

ENG 302-3It has seemed a long time coming, but England have finally reached their 300, after Pietersen pulled the ball towards the boundary for two. But Pietersen is lucky here! He top-edges the ball, but it is just over the head of Watling. England are lucky to not be four down!

ENG 302-4WICKET! Bell (11) c Fulton b Martin

ENG 306-4Now they are four down! Bell tries to hit Martin down the ground, but he fails to make a proper connection, and Peter Fulton takes a fine diving catch. The onus will now be on Pietersen now that Root has come to the crease, and he obliges with a sweep for four.

ENG 308-4Root is off the mark with a single behind square. It is a relatively important innings for the Yorkshire player, after he was dismissed for 4 and 0 in the first Test. Pietersen moves to 47.

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ENG 309-4I think Martin is enjoying this battle with Pietersen, despite the threat of being hit for six. He has the batsman struggling on a couple of occasions, but he can't force the breakthrough.

ENG 312-4Pietersen moves to 49 with a flick to backward square leg, while Root thinks he has his first boundary, but it is cut short for two. Just over half an hour before the lunch break.

ENG 320-4That's fifty for Kevin Pietersen, and it has come off 112 balls. It hasn't been fluent, but he has done well to bring up his 29th Test match half-century. A single brings Root back on strike, and he cuts the ball through point for three.

ENG 324-4Root is slowly warming to the occasion and a wonderfully worked shot past the slip fielders brings him four runs. However, he is slightly lucky when an inside edge strikes him on the pads, rather than deflecting onto his own stumps.

ENG 325-5WICKET! Root (10) c Watling b Martin

ENG 325-5England aren't making the most of this pitch, and they have gifted another wicket away. This time, Root is the guilty party, after he goes after a wide delivery, only to edge straight to Watling.

ENG 326-5England have their two most aggressive batsmen at the crease, but you would imagine that they will remain cautious until the lunch break. It is important that England can get to at least 400, because this is still a fantastic pitch. Just a single for Pietersen from that over.

ENG 329-5So much for England being cautious. Prior has very nearly edged the ball to slip, but he survives and runs two. Three from the over. There is less than 15 minutes until lunch.

ENG 330-5I should have noted two overs ago that Wagner had returned to the attack. As you would expect from the bowler though - straight, but not troubling the batsmen. Pietersen is still maintaining a single an over. He has moved to 58.

ENG 335-5Famous last words once again. Pietersen records just his fifth four of the innings with a powerful shot off the back foot through the covers.

ENG 340-5Pietersen has generally been proactive in getting a single off the first few balls of the over, and it is no different from this over. Prior decides to go on the attack, and after running two as a result of a shot down the ground, he pulls the ball away for two more. This should be the last over before lunch.

ENG 344-5It looks as though we are going to get a quiet end to the session, but Pietersen takes advantage of a short ball from Martin to cut the ball to the boundary. It appears as though we are going to have time for one more over.

ENG 353-5Big shouts of "catch it" from the New Zealand fielders, but Prior gets the ball through point for four. The England wicket-keeper isn't being shy in taking on the fielders in this over, and he smashes the ball to the boundary for another four. More shouts of "catch it", but he again survives. The 350 is up for England and it's lunch.

11.36pmThat was a bit of a mixed session for England, but they will be happy to eventually get to lunch with the loss of just three more wickets. Pietersen has done well to move to 68, and he will have a century in mind when the players return in 40 minutes. See you then.

12.11amWelcome back for the afternoon session in Wellington. After an even opening couple of hours, it will be interesting to see if either side can gain some momentum before tea.

12.14amThe breeze doesn't looked to have eased up over the lunch break, but the sun is out and we are ready for play.

ENG 353-5Martin continues with his spell that began early on in the day. This was his 10th over in a row, and he has just recorded his 10th maiden. He came close to nicking his fourth wicket with the final delivery of the over, but Prior just avoided making contact with the ball.

ENG 357-5Tim Southee is reportedly off the field after feeling unwell over lunch, so Trent Boult is back into the action. A solid over is ruined when Pietersen flicks the ball to the boundary after the ball drifted onto his pads.

ENG 357-5Another decent over for Martin,and another maiden. It's inevitable that New Zealand will bat at some stage today, so I wonder what total England will be happy with. I'd guess at anything around the 450-mark.

ENG 366-5That's a cracking shot from Prior, who leathers the ball through point. Boult decides that he hasn't received enough punishment in that area, and duly obliges to allow Prior to play the exact same shot, which brings up the exact same result.

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ENG 366-6WICKET! Pietersen (73) c Fulton b Martin

ENG 372-6That's a bit of a blow for the tourists, as Pietersen is forced back into the hut. The ball doesn't look ideal to be struck for six, but Pietersen attempts to, and fails. Stuart Broad is in, but he could very easily be out after a faint inside edge flies past Watling. He capitalises on that bit of luck with a fine drive for four.

ENG 374-7WICKET! Broad (6) c Watling b Boult

ENG 374-7This has the potential to be all over pretty quickly. Broad comes back on strike after Prior nicks a single, but the all-rounder gets a straight one from Boult, and he can only edge the ball behind. New Zealand have been excellent in the field today, restricting England to 107-5 off 36 overs on day two.

ENG 375-7There is definitely a bit more assistance from the pitch for Martin today. That isn't necessarily a bad thing for England, because Monty Panesar will have last use. Just a single for Prior from that over.

ENG 382-7Steven Finn, who is fresh from a half-century in Dunedin, is at the crease, but responsibility will now fall on the shoulders of Prior to advance England's total past 400. He smashes the ball through midwicket to move to 29, before adding a single. Finn gets away with a shot through the gully region.

ENG 385-7Prior is denied another boundary, but he picks up three more at the deep square leg boundary, before Finn defends the rest of the over. Maybe a sign of things to come?

ENG 387-7A wide ball keeps the England score ticking over, and Prior moves to 34 with a shot to the leg side. England's run-rate is nearing 3.00 for the first time in a long while.

ENG 392-7Monty Panesar will be pleased with the turn that Martin is continuing to find. He spoils a decent over with a short ball that is swotted away by Finn.

ENG 393-7Southee has returned to the field, and he has been brought back on in place of Boult. He lets out a huge shout after thinking that Prior has nicked the ball to Watling, but the wicket-keeper and umpire remained unmoved, and rightly so.

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ENG 394-7Prior remains comfortable in nudging the ball around for the odd single, and allow Finn the remainder of the strike. England are just six away from reaching 400.

ENG 403-7Third man is up, and that is a dangerous move when Prior is on strike. He picks up two boundaries to that area during the over, and he is just four runs away from his half-century.

ENG 405-7Martin thinks he has his first five-wicket haul in Test cricket when the umpire adjudges Prior to be lbw, but he instantly calls for a review claiming he hit the ball. He proves correct, and he survives. A single apiece for Prior and Finn, and it is drinks.

ENG 405-7Southee continues into his 31st over, and Finn comfortable sees him off. Southee has arguably been the most consistent out of the three seam bowlers, but he is the only one without a wicket.

ENG 410-7Prior gets a single off the first ball of Martin's 45th over, before Finn plays a powerful sweep that races to the boundary. A top-order batsman would have been proud of that shot.

ENG 417-7This has quickly turned into a very useful partnership. Finn has played his part at one end, but it has been Prior who has done the majority of the scoring, and he gets his reward when he brings up his half-century with two through backward point. He follows that up with a flashing cover drive and a single.

ENG 418-7Martin is given a breather by McCullum, and Wagner is back on. He concedes just a single to Prior off the over. It looks as though Martin is having a change of ends.

ENG 424-7Bringing Martin on at the other end is a bit of a strange decision. He had been having some success. Nevertheless, he starts well enough, before being dispatched to the boundary by Prior. Those runs also brought up the fifty partnership.

ENG 438-7Finn helps himself to three to get Prior back on strike, and his assault on the New Zealand batsman seems to start here. After hooking the ball away for another four, he leathers the ball back over Wagner's head for a massive six. Prior is up to 72, while Finn is on 15.

ENG 439-7Prior is content with a single off this over, and Finn is unable to get Martin away. There is a decent crowd inside the Basin Reserve now.

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ENG 446-7That's another huge shot from Prior, who records another maximum off Wagner. He has moved onto 80 in next to no time. Finn remains patient at the other end, defending the final three balls of the over.

ENG 455-7So much for Finn's patience. He has just connected fully with a sweep shot that takes him to 19, and brings England's 450 up in the process. Finn is at it again, timing a shot off the back foot that flies through the covers.

ENG 457-7Kane Williamson has been brought on to presumably bowl a couple of overs before the tea interval, and he concedes just a couple.

ENG 457-8WICKET! Finn (24) c McCullum b Wagner

ENG 465-8That's the end of a very beneficial 83-run partnership, after Finn drives the ball straight to McCullum. James Anderson is in at number 10, and he is off the mark from his first ball after a superb cover drive, before carving the ball over cover for a second boundary.

ENG 465-9WICKET! Prior (82) c Wagner b Williamson

ENG 465-9England are going for their shots off pretty much every ball now, and that method does for Prior, whose reverse-sweep is superbly taken by Wagner.

ENG 465 all outWICKET! Panesar (0) c Taylor b Williamson

ENG 465 all outYou would of thought that Panesar would have taken the opportunity to play a few shots, but a third defensive prod goes straight to Ross Taylor at slip.

2.12amEngland will be very happy with that total. It has been a bit more difficult out in the middle today, and they will be chomping at the bit to have a couple of hours at New Zealand before the close of play. See you in 15 mins for the start of The Black Caps reply.

2.29amWelcome back for the final session of day two. Given that England's attack are stronger than New Zealand's, this should make for an intriguing two hours as it will be interesting to see whether England can make the early breakthroughs that New Zealand didn't. James Anderson will bowl the first over.

NZ 0-0Marvelous start from Anderson. He finds a bit of swing with his third delivery, before beating the outside of Peter Fulton's bat with the fifth. A maiden over.

NZ 1-0This has a much different feel to when England bowled at New Zealand in the first Test. Finn is charging in with the assistance of the wind, and he allows Hamish Rutherford just a single from the over.

NZ 2-0Rutherford gets off strike with the first ball, to allow Anderson to bowl to Fulton. The fast bowler is finding plenty of shape away from the right-hander, but despite a genuine edge towards Root, he survives after the ball falls just short.

NZ 3-0England let out an ambitious appeal when they hear a noise as the ball goes past Rutherford, but the ball brushed his body rather than his bat. Just a no ball from the over.

NZ 4-0Anderson is allowing Fulton nothing, and the opener only gets off the mark thanks to a mistake by Joe Root. Anderson didn't look best pleased...

NZ 4-0Super over from Finn, keeping Fulton firmly on the back foot. Fulton has just one from 23 deliveries.

NZ 6-1WICKET! Fulton (1) c Cook b Anderson

NZ 10-1The pressure finally told on Fulton, as he edges the ball straight to the grateful hands of Alastair Cook. England have been really aggressive in this opening half hour. Anderson is desperately unlucky not to have another after new batsman Kane Williamson almost edges the ball straight onto his stumps.

NZ 11-1Rutherford gets another single to move onto four. The pressure was off the Test match rookie in the last match, but it is firmly on in this match, and he will answer a lot of questions about his temperament if he can remain at the crease for the remainder of the day.

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NZ 15-1The first boundary of the innings comes from Rutherford, who clips the ball wide of fine leg. To follow up my last comment about the left-hander, it has to be said that he is already showing a different side to him that wasn't required in Dunedin.

NZ 21-1Finn over-pitches the penultimate ball of his over to allow Williamson to drive the ball straight back past him. The England seamer responds with a much shorter delivery, but it is nudged for two.

NZ 22-1Anderson continues into his sixth over, and the ball appears to be doing a little less than it was doing a few overs ago. Rutherford takes a single off the final delivery to move onto nine.

NZ 24-1Cook brings Stuart Broad into the attack in place of Finn. It isn't that threatening, but he might create some extra bounce that could trouble Rutherford and Williamson.

NZ 24-1Monty Panesar is on for England. He would have been encouraged by the performance of Bruce Martin earlier on in the day, and he begins with a maiden.

NZ 28-1Was that a chance? Stuart Broad thinks so. Rutherford attempts a cut, but the ball is too close to his body. However, he is fortunate as the ball flies through the slip cordon.

NZ 30-1Panesar has flown through his opening two overs, but while he is right on the money, he is comfortably defended by Rutherford. It has gone overcast in Wellington.

NZ 31-1A quiet over bursts into life when the ball clatters into Williamson's pads, but Broad's appeal is turned down. The umpire says that the batsman got a thick inside edge, and replays prove that he is correct.

NZ 33-1Panesar sweeps through another over, conceding just the two runs from it. It has got a little gloomier in Wellington, but there doesn't seem to be any issue with the light just yet. The players are having drinks.

NZ 36-1Broad continues after the drinks break. He is struggling a bit with his length, bowling a tad too short to force the batsmen into a shot or a mistake. A couple of runs from Rutherford take him to 19.

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NZ 40-1I'm not too sure how that has beaten both Panesar and Pietersen, but it has. Williamson moves to 18 with a fine shot down the ground. There are 14 more overs scheduled for the rest of the day.

NZ 41-1Broad continues the assault on the batsmen's body by bowling short, but they look accustomed to what he is throwing at them right now. Maybe time for a change?

NZ 46-1That's far too short from Panesar, and he is deservedly sent to the boundary by Williamson, which is just New Zealand's sixth of the innings. Broad looks set to continue.

NZ 48-2WICKET! Rutherford (23) c Cook b Broad

NZ 48-2Massive breakthrough for England, as they take the wicket of Rutherford. The left-hander had began to look comfortable against Broad, but he went after a wide one that he could only edge to Cook.

NZ 48-3WICKET! Taylor (0) b Broad

NZ 50-3First ball duck for Ross Taylor! Broad bowls the ball at a full length to the new batsmen and the ball knocks down his off stump. Broad is on a hat-trick. Brownlie survives, but England are on the up.

NZ 51-3From a New Zealand perspective, it is important that they don't lose any more wickets before the close. They need to reach 265 to avoid the follow-on, and they are quite a distance away from that at the moment.

NZ 54-3Broad looks a different player after those two wickets. He must have been an over away from being withdrawn from the attack, but you would think he will bowl until the close of play now. Brownlie manages to get him away for two through square leg, but Cook will be delighted with the all-rounder's contribution.

NZ 54-3Anderson is back into the attack in place of Panesar, and he records his second maiden over. Forget all that talk of Broad bowling until the close because Finn is warming up.

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NZ 55-3There are just seven overs to go in the day's play, and it looks as though this New Zealand duo are content to defend their way to stumps. Finn is still bowling at a decent pace, but he will have to improve his line if he wants to open up his account for the game.

NZ 55-3Looks like Anderson tried to find a bit of reverse swing during that over, but the batsmen were equal to it. Six overs to go.

NZ 56-3Oooh, so close to a fourth wicket. A good length from Finn brings an edge from Brownlie, but it falls short of third slip. Bit of a let-off.

NZ 62-3Panesar is back, but it has been a poor start from 'Monty'. After being hit through midwicket for two, he is pulled through the same area by Williamson, who has moved to 31.

NZ 65-3More changes from Cook, and this time, it is Anderson for Finn. He pitches the ball up, but he doesn't look like taking a wicket. Brownlie has been quiet since he joined Williamson at the crease, but he moves to eight with three to mid-on.

NZ 65-3There is plenty of encouragement from around the bat for Panesar, but Brownlie deals with the pressure well. Just two overs to go. Probably one each for Anderson and Panesar.

NZ 66-3A big effort from Anderson in his last over of the day, but he can't force Williamson or Brownlie into a mistake. The following over will be the last of the day.

NZ 66-3A solid over from Panesar, keeping the ball straight to Williamson, but the New Zealand batsman had no intention of doing anything but defending in that over. That's your lot for today.

4.51amA quite compelling day of Test cricket. The second half of England's innings saw both teams claim the ascendancy at certain points, but it was England who would have been the happier in posting 465.

4.52amNew Zealand would have hoped to have got to the close of play with just the one wicket down, but a scintillating over from Stuart Broad changed the momentum of their innings, and they close on 66-3, a huge 399 runs short of England's total.

4.53amThank you for joining us for today's play. We hope to see you again tomorrow as New Zealand look to remain competitive in this match. Goodnight.

New Zealand players celebrate after Tim Southee takes the wicket of England's Nick Compton on March 6, 2013
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