Live Commentary: Ireland vs. England - One-day international - as it happened

Live text coverage of the one-day international between Ireland and England at Malahide.

A much-changed England team visited Malahide on Tuesday for the One-Day International against Ireland.

The hosts elected to bat first and managed to set a challenging total of 269-7 from their 50 overs, thanks largely to 112 from captain William Porterfield.

England struggled in the early stages of their reply and a victory looked unlikely after they were reduced to 48-4, with Tim Murtagh (3-33) causing plenty of problems during his opening spell.

However, a record partnership of 226 between captain Eoin Morgan (124*) and Ravi Bopara (101*) guided England to their target with seven overs left to spare.

Read below to find out how the drama unfolded.

10.00amGood morning. Plenty of people may be thinking that this game is just a warm-up for the ODI series with Australia but can you remember what happened when England and Ireland met at the World Cup in 2011?

10.02amKevin O'Brien hit the fastest century in the tournament's history to guide Ireland to a three-wicket win over England. 10,000 people are expected to watch today. Could there be another upset? Details of the toss will follow shortly.


10.05amCaptain Eoin Morgan confirms that his side will bowl first on a pitch that looks quite dark in colour. There are also three debuts for England.

10.08amIRELAND: Porterfield, Stirling, Joyce, N. O'Brien, Wilson, K. O'Brien, Mooney, Johnston, Dockrell, Murtagh, Sorensen

ENGLAND: Carberry, Wright, Taylor, Ballance, Morgan, Bopara, Buttler, Stokes, Tredwell, Finn, Rankin

10.10amMichael Carberry, Gary Ballance and Boyd Rankin are the three players who will play in this format for England for the first time. It might not look like the England side we're used to seeing but it's certainly a very proud day for those three.

10.12amThe Carberry fan club finally get their wish. We were all expecting to see him in the T20 matches against Australia but the entertaining Hampshire opener finally gets the opportunity to impress.

10.14amEngland's batting lineup looks very, very strong. Ben Stokes is penciled in at number eight and he's certainly a better player than that position would suggest. There's not as much depth to their bowling attack though, so people like Luke Wright and Ravi Bopara will have to chip in.

10.18amIrish captain Will Porterfield tells Sky Sports: "I would probably have had a bowl too, to try and exploit something in the pitch. We've got to bring our 'A game' today - there are a lot of young exciting players in the England side who have done well in county cricket so they haven't disrespected us at all."

10.19amEngland might have an eye one Friday's first ODI with Australia but they could be punished if the relax too much. Ireland will be desperate to impress in front of what is expected to be a record crowd for cricket in the country.

10.22amSome of the England players should be looking at this match as an opportunity to impress. Rankin in particular will want to show the form that can cement him a place in the ODI side. Steven Finn is the senior bowler, so there's plenty of responsibility for him today.

10.25amSo, a man with an Irish accent who was born in Dublin captains England against... Ireland. It's an odd situation but we should be used to it by now. Rankin is another player to have represented Ireland at full international level.

10.27amWe're just a few moments away from play now. Can Ireland recreate the magic they produced in Bangalore in 2011? It's a tough ask. Their innings will begin in a couple of minutes.

10.31amFinn is opening the bowling for England. Porterfield and Paul Stirling begin proceedings with the bat. Play!

IRE 4-0Porterfield helps himself to an early boundary by nudging the second ball of the innings off his hip for four through fine-leg. Finn responds with a delivery that moves away from the batsman after hitting the pitch. A fuller delivery invites the drive and Porterfield is fortunate not to get a thin edge on the ball. Rankin will open the bowling with Finn.

IRE 14-0Rankin begins his over poorly, with four wides being conceded off the second ball when the giant seamer loses his line. Stirling pushes the ball into the off-side for a quick single. Porterfield reaches the rope again with another flick off the hip. Not a great start for Rankin.

IRE 17-0Stirling plays a cut close to his body but still picks up a single past point. Finn settles on a better length to Porterfield, who earns one run with a thick edge. Good defence one the front from Stirling. A leg-bye comes when the batsman completely misses the pull with his bat. Better over from Finn.

IRE 25-0Superb. It's not the worst two deliveries from Rankin but Stirling displays his class with a textbook cover drive for four before repeating the trick to reach the rope again. Morgan runs over to the bowler to give hims a few words of advice.


IRE 25-1Good comeback from Rankin. The seamer makes life uncomfortable for Stirling with a bit of extra bounce and the batsman can only offer a simple catch to Ballance at second slip.

IRE 25-1Ed Joyce is the new batsman. The left-handed batsman is greeted by a third slip but he leaves his first delivery alone. That wicket should calm down Rankin. Porterfield 9* Joyce 0*

IRE 33-1Finn is slightly too full to Porterfield, who drills the ball through a gap on the off-side for four. The pitch doesn't seem to be offering any great pace as Porterfield watches a couple of deliveries travel past his off-stump. Ireland's skipper hits another boundary by cutting a poor delivery from Finn past point for four. England's bowlers need to find a better line.

IRE 35-1Rankin drifts one down the leg-side and is punished for a wide. The bowler targets the ribs with a couple of shorter deliveries but Joyce does well to get off strike when the ball deflects off his thigh pad. Porterfield swings wildly at a wider one but fails to make any contact with the ball.

IRE 36-1There's a brief delay before Finn's over when Joyce complains about something putting him off behind the bowler's arm. It looks like the glare from the covers were bothering him. Joyce is forced back by some good pace but he then gets off the mark with a single on the leg-side. Porterfield is beaten by a beauty when Finn hits the seam on a perfect length. The opener is left bemused when one nips back to hit him the arm. Much better from Finn in the seventh over.


IRE 36-2Well, that was a bit of an odd one. The crowd inside the ground aren't sure what's happened. Rankin asks the question when he notices that one of the bails has fallen to the ground. The umpires decide to send the decision upstairs and a replay shows that Joyce stood on his stumps when he was forced back by Rankin's pace. Strange few moments but Rankin has his second wicket.

IRE 36-2Niall O'Brien is the newest arrival to the crease. He survives the remainder of the eight over without being troubled. Joyce will be cursing his luck in the dressing room.

IRE 36-2Porterfield will know the importance of his own wicket at this stage. Ireland need a partnership. Finn follows a wicket-taking over with six very good deliveries. Porterfield is forced into playing outside off-stump and he's close to edging one to Buttler. The Irish skipper ducks when he thinks he's being targeted by the bouncer but he misjudges the length and his hit on the helmet. Good bowling, maiden over. Porterfield 17* O'Brien 0*

IRE 40-2Rankin fires in a short ball to O'Brien, who easily avoids the danger. Close! O'Brien pulls the next short delivery and just manages to beat a diving Taylor on the leg-side. It wasn't really a chance for the fielder and O'Brien collects four. Ireland a 40-2 at the end of the 10-over powerplay.

IRE 46-2Bopara is introduced to the attack for the first time and starts with a leg-side wide. Buttler stays back for the medium pacer but I'd definitely rather see him come up to the stumps. Bopara almost sneaks one onto the stumps when Portefield gets an inside on the ball. A wider delivery invites the cut shot, which earns Porterfield four past backward point. Another cut shot brings a single to Taylor in the deep on the off-side. Porterfield 22* O'Brien 4*

IRE 50-2Ben Stokes comes into the attack. The Durham ace begins with a front foot no-ball, meaning Porterfield has a free-hit to play with. You won't see many bigger swings but a miscued shot allows Stokes to get away with one. Taylor does very well at deep mid-wicket to restrict Porterfield to two runs. A drive into the off-side for one makes it four from the over. Steady start for Stokes.

IRE 60-2Porterfield flicks a run to fine-leg off his pads. O'Brien plays a similar shot to rotate the strike again. Great timing on show from Porterfield, who drives a half-volley through extra cover for four. Even better from Ireland's captain later in the over as he opens the face to pierce the gap at cover. Bopara has conceded 16 runs in his first two overs.

IRE 63-2O'Brien earns a single on the off-side early in the over. Porterfield drives again but he picks out the fielder at mid-off this time. Stokes drops his length slightly and Porterfield slices the ball over point for a couple of runs. Three from the over. Porterfield 36* O'Brien 6*

IRE 68-2Tredwell comes on to replace Bopara following those two poor overs from the Essex all-rounder. O'Brien pushes the spinner's first delivery into the off-side for one. Shot! Porterfield displays his confidence by executing a brilliant reverse sweep for four runs. Tredwell responds well to be the outside edge with a bit of spin. The slip has been removed but judging by that delivery, Tredwell might want it back. Good contest between Porterfield and the spinner.

IRE 73-2Stokes starts his over with a short ball, which O'Brien pulls behind square for one. Porterfield continues his confident innings by driving a single through cover. O'Brien gets off strike with another single. An attempted slower ball from Stokes goes wrong and Porterfield clips a full-toss into the leg-side. O'Brien adds one more to make it five from the over. Time for a drinks break at Malahide.

IRE 73-2Rankin made a couple of breakthroughs after a nervous start but it's pretty even at the moment. Porterfield has looked very impressive so far but he needs someone, preferably Niall O'Brien, to build a partnership with. Porterfield 42* O'Brien 10*

IRE 76-2O'Brien hurries a single after pushing the ball into the off-side. Tredwell gives the ball plenty of flight and beats Porterfield's bat again. A traditional sweep shot brings one run through square-leg. There's some definite turn out there for Tredwell, who is swept for one more run by O'Brien.

IRE 79-2We're treated to a bit of village cricket when O'Brien horribly miscues a shot down the ground. Morgan collects the ball and needlessly throws it at the stumps, allowing Ireland to sneak a single. Porterfield opens the face of his bat to earn a quick run behind point. O'Brien pulls for another run behind square on the leg-side.

IRE 81-2Tredwell comes agonisingly close to a wicket again when he beats O'Brien's outside edge. DROP! Carberry has nowhere to hide on his debut. O'Brien sweeps the ball straight to the Hampshire ace but he somehow manages to put down one of the easiest catches you're likely to see. I don't think anyone can believe that inside the ground. Two from Tredwell's over. Porterfield 45* O'Brien 15*

IRE 90-2Porterfield and O'Brien trade singles early in a new over. Stokes is probably a touch too wide. It's all going a bit wrong for Carberry as he fumbles the ball at third-man to allow Ireland to sneak a couple of runs. Stokes strays onto the pads and O'Brien takes advantage to flick four runs through fine-leg. Nine from the 20th over.

IRE 95-2Porterfield works Tredwell into the leg-side for a single. I mentioned that England probably should have kept a fielder at slip and they've been punished for not having one in place. Tredwell catches the edge but the ball races away to the rope for four runs. The Kent spinner produces another beauty to beat the outside edge again.


IRE 95-3Tredwell gets the wicket his bowling deserves when he beats O'Brien with a slightly quicker to ball to dislodge the bails. Excellent slow bowling. Gary Wilson is the new batsman but he's not on strike yet.

IRE 102-3HALF-CENTURY! It might not look that pretty but Porterfield's unorthodox pull shot off the returning Bopara brings four and takes Ireland's skipper to 52 from 65 balls. Excellent innings so far but he has to go on from here. A wider delivery is hammered into the off-side for one. Wilson clips his first delivery off his pads for a single. Porterfield cuts for one to keep the strike.

IRE 102-3Porterfield hasn't scored a County Championship half-century for Warwickshire this season.

IRE 103-3Tredwell is still troubling Porterfield, who plays and misses once gain outside off-stump. The Irish captain fancies punishing a shorter ball but he fails to make contact with the ball. A big turning delivery from the spinner encourages Morgan to move a fielder to slip. Porterfield responds by ruining a maiden over with a single from the final ball.

IRE 110-3Bopara is really struggling with his line today and he's punished for his inaccuracy again when he concedes four leg-byes at the start of a new over. Porterfield pushes the ball into the off-side for a couple of easy runs. A similar shot brings just a single to deep cover. Porterfield 58* Wilson 1*

IRE 115-3Porterfield is doing well just to survive against Tredwell at the moment. A play and miss is followed by a thick edge past slip for a couple of runs. Tredwell goes slightly fuller and Porterfield sweeps the spinner for a single. A leg-gully is in place for the right-handed Wilson, who nudges his second run into the leg-side. Porterfield picks up one more to long-off. Ireland are in a decent position halfway through their innings but they can't afford to lose a couple of quick wickets.

IRE 120-3It's not going Bopara's way today. Porterfield gets a thick edge on a wider delivery to pick up four through third-man. The bowler goes much straighter to force a couple of defensive shots. A sliced drive brings one more run at the end of the over.

IRE 121-3Porterfield starts Tredwell's over by collecting a single.


IRE 121-4Tredwell finds some turn from round the wicket to hit the right-handed Wilson on the front pad. The finger is raised when England appeal, despite a bemused look from the batsman. Tredwell bowling very impressively at the moment.

IRE 122-4Remember Kevin O'Brien, England fans? The centurion from that famous match in the 2011 World Cup is the new batsman. O'Brien begins by pushing a single into the off-side. I've lost count of how many times Tredwell has beaten Porterfield's outside edge but if you are keeping a tally, he's just done it again. Ireland have their two big players at the crease. Two singles and a wicket from the over.

IRE 123-4Finn returns to the attack for a new spell. A thick inside edge allows O'Brien to get off strike early in the over. Porterfield drives firmly to mid-off, where Morgan has to be alert due to a dodgy bounce. Finn ends the over with a beauty to beat the hosting captain's outside edge.

IRE 129-4O'Brien just manages to beat Taylor on the leg-side to collect a single. Porterfield advances down the pitch to push Tredwell down the ground for one. Shot! O'Brien drops to one knee to play the perfect sweep shot through square-leg for four. Much better play from the Irish against the spinner.

IRE 140-4Wright is the new bowler. The Sussex all-rounder starts with a poor short ball, which Porterfield clubs down the ground for four. A slower delivery is worked to fine-leg for a couple more runs. O'Brien is handed the strike midway through the over and he adds two with a nudge off the hip. Close! O'Brien chips the ball just wide of Tredwell at cover to leave Wright frustrated late on in a disappointing first over. 11 runs scored. Porterfield 76* O'Brien 11*

IRE 146-4Porterfield gets off strike early in Tredwell's ninth over. O'Brien is keen to get in position to play the sweep but he must settle for a leg-bye when he gets his timing wrong. Close! Ballance is at first slip but he can barely move before Porterfield's thick edge races past him. Four runs to the Irish skipper.

IRE 151-4The Irish crowd are beginning to enjoy themselves now. Morgan has two fielders in place behind square on the off-side but O'Brien still manages to cut a poor delivery through the gap for four. Morgan won't be pleased with Wright there. Six in total from the over.

IRE 152-4O'Brien nudges the first ball of Tredwell's final over down the ground for one. Porterfield manages to keep out the next five deliveries and his confidence will grow knowing that the spinner has finished his work with the ball. Tredwell ends with figures of 2-35 from his 10 overs.

IRE 157-4O'Brien wants to work the ball into the leg-side and is fortunate when a leading edge drops short of Tredwell at cover. Wright loses his length again but is pulled for just a single. Finn fields well at deep cover to restrict Porterfield to one when he drives a fuller ball. O'Brien adds another and Porterfield ends the over by pushing one more into the off-side.

IRE 161-4Ireland are yet to take the batting powerplay but the decision will be out of their hands in a couple of overs. The returning Bopara is too short to O'Brien, who lofts the ball over square-leg for four runs.


IRE 161-5England take a key wicket with the powerplay just around the corner. O'Brien backs himself to punish another short ball from Bopara but he's forced to depart when Morgan takes a wonderful diving catch at mid-wicket. Excellent fielding from England's captain. John Mooney in next.

IRE 163-5Bopara can't believe his luck when he misses Mooney's leg-stump by only a couple of inches but is still punished for a wide. The new batsman gets off the mark with a single on the leg-side.

IRE 164-5BATTING POWERPLAY: Finn returns to the attack for the first over of the batting powerplay. Mooney must stretch to edge a wider ball to third-man for a single. It's a very good over from Finn. Just a single scored.

IRE 167-5Morgan turns to Stokes for a new spell. Mooney clips the first delivery into the leg-side for one. Porterfield will have one eye on a century but he really needs to take advantage of this powerplay too. A single through cover allows the Irish skipper to rotate the strike. Mooney plays a risky shot across the line to earn one behind square on the leg-side. Just three runs from another good over for England. Porterfield 85* Mooney 4*

IRE 167-5Ireland can't afford to waste this powerplay. They look set to reach 250 but that looks like the minimum score needed on this pitch. Porterfield may need to accelerate soon.

IRE 171-5Porterfield picks up just a single at the start of Finn's new over when the umpires confirm that a second run was not legal due to one of the batsmen failing to make his ground. Finn is punished for a no-ball when he knocks the bails off with his knee. It's been very good from Finn so far in this powerplay. The seamer changes his pace impressively to restrict the amount of freedom on offer for Mooney. Two from the final ball makes it four from the over.

IRE 175-5DROP! Oh no, Mr Carberry. The Hampshire ace drops his second catch on debut when puts down Porterfield in the deep on the leg-side. I can't quite believe I've seen him drop two after seeing him field so well for his county over the years. Ireland's captain survives but the hosts score only five from the over. There hasn't been a boundary in this powerplay yet.

IRE 179-5Rankin is back into the attack for a new spell following his opening burst earlier. Mooney shuffles across the crease to flick the bowler through fine-leg for one. Porterfield nudges a single off his hip. Ireland respond well to sneak a leg-bye on two occasions when Rankin strikes each batsman. That's the end of the powerplay and it wasn't a very successful one for the hosts.

IRE 191-5Well, this is a bit of a surprise. Morgan turns to Carberry, presumably just for one over. The part-time spinner's first delivery is reverse-swept away for four by Porterfield. Carberry is slightly too short, allowing Porterfield to collect a single before Mooney earns two with a late cut. Shot! Mooney will take a lot of confidence from a perfectly timed drive through extra cover for four. One more makes it 12 from the over. Carberry's day gets a little bit worse. Porterfield 94* Mooney 17*

IRE 200-5Mooney clips a short delivery behind square on the leg-side for one. Rankin gets away with a poor ball when Porterfield picks out Stokes at cover with his cut shot. CENTURY FOR PORTERFIELD! What a way to reach 100. Porterfield launches a massive six over wide long-on to send the Malahide crowd wild. It's been an excellent innings from Ireland's skipper. Eight runs in total from the over.

IRE 200-5Porterfield is currently 101* from 133 deliveries but he'll be desperate to stay out there for the final eight overs of the innings. It's been a special day for the captain so far.

IRE 204-5Bopara returns to the attack to bowl the 43rd over. Mooney tucks a single into the leg-side. Porterfield sits deep in his crease to find a quick run just behind square on the off-side. Mooney advances down the pitch but fails to make contact with the ball. A drilled shot to deep cover brings one run before Porterfield adds another to fine-leg. Portefield 103* Mooney 21*

IRE 211-5Porterfield pushes Rankin into the off-side one. Mooney attempts the scoop shot over fine-leg but Ireland must settle for a leg-bye when the execution goes wrong. A mistake from Buttler behind the stumps gifts the hosts another extra. Mooney gives himself room to loft the ball over mid-off for four. The same batsman backs away later in the over but misses with an attempted heave into the leg-side.

IRE 224-5Stokes is back to replace Bopara. Porterfield pulls a couple of runs into the leg-side. A slightly fuller delivery is driven through the covers for one. Stokes completely fools Mooney with a good slower delivery but, unfortunately for the bowler, Buttler fails to read the bounce and Ireland are gifted four byes. An optimistic lbw appeal is rejected and Mooney takes the opportunity to find a leg-bye. Shot! Porterfield beats fine-leg inside the circle with a classy pull shot for four. One more makes it 13 from the over. Porterfield 112* Mooney 25*


IRE 224-6Rankin follows Porterfield when the batsman backs away and a deflection off the pad travels onto the stumps to bring a brilliant innings to an end. The Irish supporters show their appreciation as Porterfield walks off. Trent Johnston is the new batsman.

IRE 229-6Ireland refuse to sneak any extra runs when Buttler hit Johnston, who was hurrying a leg-bye. Rankin is punished for a leg-side wide when attempts a slower delivery. Mooney gets enough bat on ball to beat a backtracking Bopara at mid-wicket and pick up a couple of runs. Rankin drifts down the leg-side again and the umpire signals another wide.


IRE 230-7Rankin picks up his fourth wicket on debut when the umpire confirms his belief that Mooney has been trapped lbw by a fuller delivery. Excellent day for Rankin so far. Ireland will be desperate to pass 250. Max Sorensen is the new batsman and he begins his innings with a single on the off-side.

IRE 235-7Sorensen reacts well to sneaks a quick single at the start of a new over from Stokes. Johnston squeezes a miscued shot past the bowler for a couple. A cut through the off-side brings one more, with Finn fielding well to prevent another run from being taken. Sorensen's third run makes it five from the over.

IRE 247-7Six! Sorensen rocks back to launch the returning Finn into the stand over mid-wicket. An appeal for lbw a ball later is rejected because the ball would have probably missed leg-stump and Ireland sneak a leg-bye. A single for Johnston rotates the strike again. Sorensen picks up a run as Finn knocks over the bails with his knee once again, resulting in a no-ball. Rankin takes a painful blow to the arm at mid-off as Johnston hurries a single. One more extra makes it 12 from the 48th over.

IRE 256-7Stokes is trusted to bowl the 49th over but he starts disappointingly, allowing Sorensen to pull a short delivery through fine-leg for four. Another pull brings just one. Wright does very well at point to stop Johnston from adding more than a single with a late cut. Would you believe it? Carberry fumbles the ball at mid-on to allow Sorensen to ease through a single. A leg-bye is followed by a bye when Buttler makes another sloppy mistake behind the stumps. Just one over left in the innings. Johnston 7* Sorensen 16*

IRE 269-7Finn begins the final over by being pulled behind square on the leg-side for one. Johnson backs away to drag the ball to mid-wicket to rotate the strike again. Six! Sorensen adds six more crucial runs with a maximum over deep mid-wicket. The same batsman goes for another big shot but only earns a single on this occasion. Shot! Johnston ends the innings with a superb shot straight down the ground for four. Ireland have reached a very competitive score from their 50 overs.

2.02pmEngland will need to score 270 to win the match. It will be a test for Morgan's side. Porterfield will earn most of the praise for his brilliant 112 but Mooney (27), Johnston (12*) and Sorensen (24*) all added vital late runs for the hosts.

2.03pmRankin returned figures of 4-46 from nine overs, while Tredwell also chipped in with 2-35. Bopara was the only other bowler to take a wicket.

2.04pmIreland might fancy their chances of upsetting England today. 90 runs from the final 10 overs means the hosts have a very good opportunity to claim a victory. Join me in around 35 minutes when England will begin their run-chase.

2.37pmWelcome back everyone. We've got an intriguing game going on at Malahide today. England have been greeted with a tough test ahead of the series with Australia. Can the much-changed visiting side chase 270 to win the match?

2.38pmPorterfield's innings could be the difference but England should be confident about reaching their target. Stokes batting at eight shows the strength in depth England have in their lineup.

2.39pmIreland have plenty of medium pacers in their attack and they could make it difficult for the England batsmen to score on a pitch that looked to be getting slower late in the first innings. A good start is crucial for England.

2.43pmCarberry, who will be hoping his day improves following that awful display in the field, opens the batting with Wright for England. Both men are out in the middle and are ready to begin. Two aggressive openers playing for England, so we could see some exciting action early on. Tim Murtagh will bowl the first over for Ireland.

ENG 1-0The left-handed Carberry gets off the mark by guiding the ball through third-man for one. Remember, there's a new ball at each end in ODIs these days, so this will be a test for Wright. Just a single from the over.

ENG 5-0Johnston takes the other new ball but begins poorly, with Carberry flicking a leg-stump half-volley away for four. The seamer recovers well following the early boundary and nips one past the outside edge with a bit of seam movement. Decent start from the hosts.

ENG 11-0Wright gets off the mark by nudging the sixth ball of his innings into the leg-side for one. Ireland ask for lbw when Carberry gets stuck on the crease but a replay proves there was an inside edge. A couple of steps down the pitch allows the Hampshire opener to pull the ball over square-leg for four. Six from the over when Carberry takes the opportunity to sneak a leg-bye of Murtagh's final ball.


ENG 11-1A massive appeal for lbw is followed by a raise of the finger from the umpire when Johnston nips one back to hit Carberry's pad. It's not been a great debut for the opener, who heads back inside early in the third over. James Taylor is in next.

ENG 12-1Taylor defends his first three deliveries before clipping Johnston to mid-wicket for one. Wright is more than happy to keep the final ball out. Excellent over from Johnston.

ENG 17-1Taylor shuffles across his crease to prod Murtagh into the leg-side and collects a single for his trouble. Wright stays deep in his crease to loft a half-tracker over square-leg for four. Taylor wisely rejects a call for a single when Wright pushes the ball into the off-side. Ireland were 33-1 for one after five overs of their innings. Wright 5* Taylor 2*

ENG 19-1The 39-year-old drifts one down the leg-side early in a new over and he's punished for a wide. Despite two extras being gifted to England, it's a very good over once again. Taylor, feeling the pressure of the slow run-rate, advances down the pitch and is beaten by a beauty. Johnston is worrying England at the moment.

ENG 19-1There's an optimistic appeal from behind the stumps but an inside edge saves Wright from being trapped lbw. An even bigger appeal follows, however, Wright survives again. Hawkeye suggests that England's opener should have been given out. He's got to take advantage of that slice of luck. Maiden over. England going nowhere at the moment.

ENG 25-1Johnston starts the over with a stunning delivery to beat a driving Taylor's outside edge. England's newest number three in ODI cricket clips a couple of runs to fine-leg. Taylor lunges forward to push a fuller ball through extra cover for a welcome boundary. Six from the over.


ENG 25-2Murtagh gets his man! Wright plays a risky shot on a slow pitch as he attempts to cut the ball fine, only to chop it onto his own stumps. Murtagh has fully deserved that wicket. England in trouble at the moment.

ENG 25-2Ballance, on debut, comes to the crease under plenty of pressure.


ENG 25-3Ballance is caught in two minds outside off-stump and he delivers a thin edge to Wilson behind the stumps. It's an awful way to go but he must depart. Morgan has to play a big role for his side now.

ENG 25-3Morgan stays on his back foot to keep two deliveries out at the end of a double-wicket maiden from Murtagh. Ireland are on fire at Malahide.

ENG 27-3Johnston is so accurate with his line and length. The 39-year-old is retiring at the end of the season, so I'd imagine a few Sunday teams might be giving him a ring. Just two singles from the over, the first of which was a very risky one.

ENG 27-3England score just 27 runs in the first powerplay. They're currently going at 2.7 runs an over but need over six to reach their target. Tough times for the visitors.

ENG 29-3Close! Morgan walks down the pitch and gets a thick outside edge on Murtagh's delivery, with Kevin O'Brien doing his best in a losing cause to dive towards the ball at gully. The single taken brings Taylor on strike. A powerful cut is stopped at point, before a later one brings a run through third-man. Two singles from another very good Murtagh over. Taylor 10* Morgan 2*

ENG 34-3Sorensen comes into the attack to replace Johnston. It's important that Ireland's attack back up the two opening bowlers. Taylor flicks the first ball of the over off his hip for one. Morgan quickly hands the strike back to his partner with a single of his own. Sorensen is a touch too full to Taylor, who flicks another run through fine-leg. Morgan nudges one to deep square-leg and Taylor makes it five from the over with a run through to the same area.

ENG 38-3Shot! Taylor is forced to defend early in the over but he takes advantage of a fuller fourth delivery to play a classic extra cover drive for four. Just the boundary from the over. Taylor 17* Morgan 4*

ENG 44-3Morgan uses some extra bounce from Sorensen to work the ball through square-leg for one. Taylor hammers a cut shot past backward point but some good fielding in the deep restricts the Nottinghamshire batsman to a single. Morgan pulls a shorter delivery away to rotate the strike again. England collect a total of six from the Sorensen over. England really need this partnership to fire.

ENG 48-3Murtagh finds the edge but Taylor earns four through third-man with a bit of luck.


ENG 48-4I was thinking about writing that if England lose Taylor, they're in trouble. Well, they're definitely in trouble. The fantastic Murtagh gets the ball to do just enough to beat the batsman's defence and crash into the stumps. Ireland are all over England.

ENG 48-4England have plenty of batting, with Bopara walking to the crease as their number six, but this is a difficult task from here. The Essex ace keeps out the first delivery. England need 222 from 35 overs.

ENG 55-4Bopara gets off the mark by pushing three runs through the covers. Sorensen isn't quite enjoying the same success as his fellow bowlers. It looks like England are enjoying his extra pace. Seven in total from the over.

ENG 64-4It's a much better over for England. Bopara drills a short delivery past point before punishing Murtagh again later in the over to collect four more in front of point. Two boundaries and a single from the over. It's time for George Dockrell, the off-spinner, to begin his first spell. Important period of play coming up.

ENG 65-4Morgan pushes Dockrell to long-on for a single early in the over. Bopara thinks about the sweep-shot but a bit of extra bounce prevents him from making meaningful contact with the ball. Dockrell reacts well off his bowling to stop Bopara from sneaking a single late in the over. Good start for the spinner.

ENG 67-4Murtagh is going to complete his 10 overs without taking a break. Morgan breathes a sigh of relief when his chipped shot just manages to beat the bowler's outstretched hand. A thick inside edge brings a single to deep square-leg. Bopara opens the face of his bat to guide the ball through third-man for one. Murtagh ends with figures of 3-33 from his 10 overs. Superb bowling.

ENG 71-4Bopara drives Dockrell to long-off for one. The spinner goes slightly wider to Morgan, who still manages to shuffle across his crease to work the ball through mid-wicket. Bopara adds another through the same area. Morgan drops to one knee to sweep behind square for one to keep the strike. Good over from Dockrell.

ENG 77-4Kevin O'Brien comes into the attack for the first time. The seamer's first ball is driven firmly by Morgan for a single. Dockrell dives to his left at cover to keep Bopara on strike. The batsman is then surprised by some extra bounce but he still manages to find a run to third-man. Shot! Morgan executes the perfect cover drive to reach the rope. That's the batsman at his best there. Morgan 19 Bopara 15

ENG 84-4Bopara steers a single through the covers. Morgan is beginning to show signs that he's finding his form as he fires an excellent sweep shot through square-leg for four. A nudge off the hip allows the England skipper to rotate the strike. Bopara adds a quick run with a prod into the off-side. Seven from Dockrell's over. England need 186 from 28 overs.

ENG 91-4Bopara pulls O'Brien to mid-wicket for one. Morgan drills the ball straight to Stirling when he's offered some width outside off-stump. A full-toss is sliced to the same fielder. Morgan does collect a run thanks to a thick outside edge. The latest of cuts for a single hands the strike back to Morgan, who pulls the final ball of the over for four. Much better from England.

ENG 97-4Dockrell's short spell comes to an end as Stirling comes into the attack. Ireland's second spinner is too full to Bopara and Morgan, with the former adding a single before the latter helps himself to two to long-on. Morgan fails to beat the fielder inside the circle at fine-leg with a sweep. Some superb fielding from Sorensen in the deep prevents Morgan from reaching the rope with his trademark reverse sweep. Six runs come in Stirling's over.

ENG 102-4A change of ends sees Dockrell quickly return to the attack. Morgan sweeps with the softest of hands to collect three through fine-leg. Bopara skips down the pitch to push a single through the covers and the strike back to his captain as this partnership passes 50. Morgan sweeps again, this time just for one behind square. England are halfway through their innings and they need 168 to win.

ENG 112-4Superb from Niall O'Brien, who sprints from long-off to stop Morgan from scoring what looked like a certain boundary. The left-handed batsman nudges the next delivery into the leg-side for one. Bopara takes advantage of a full ball to crunch four past the fielder at mid-off. A full-toss is steered to deep cover for a couple more. Bopara picks up one more run to keep the strike. Poor over from Stirling. Morgan 41* Bopara 28*

ENG 121-4Bopara is beginning to back himself against the spinner as he lofts Dockrell over mid-on for four early in a new over. A chip through cover earns the same batsman a single. Stunning shot from Morgan to sweep powerfully over square-leg for four more. England recovering well but a couple of quick wickets could change everything.

ENG 124-4Should England take the batting powerplay soon? If they do, the visitors shouldn't force the issue but a few extra gaps in the field could get the required run-rate down. For now, it hasn't been taken and Stirling delivers a much better over to concede just three runs.

ENG 126-4Bopara picks up a single early in Dockrell's over. Morgan plays an ugly shot across the line but still manages to earn a run to long-on. Bopara whips the ball into the leg-side but excellent fielding from Joyce keeps him on strike. Just two runs from a very good over.

ENG 129-4Morgan, after missing out with a mistimed pull shot, only picks up a single when he sweeps a full-toss. A mistake at long-on makes Bopara think he could earn two but he's sent back by his skipper. Stirling delivers a beauty to beat Morgan's outside edge by an inch. HALF-CENTURY! Morgan reaches 50 from 61 balls with a pushed single through point. Good innings so far but there's a long way to go. Morgan 50 Bopara 35

ENG 140-4Six! Morgan slogs Dockrell over mid-wicket for a welcome maximum. England's skipper follows that shot with a delicate sweep for two to fine-leg. A couple of singles are traded in the middle of the over. Morgan finds another run from the final ball to keep the strike.

ENG 155-4Ireland need to find a way of keeping England from cruising the singles in the way they are at the moment. Six! Three singles are followed by a massive six over mid-wicket by Bopara. That one went a long, long way. Six! Bopara does it again, hitting a second six with a gorgeous shot over long-on. Excellent batting. Morgan 54 Bopara 48

ENG 167-4Porterfield turns to Mooney as Ireland search desperately for the breakthrough that could change this game. A mistake by Dockrell allows Morgan to sneak a couple of runs. Mooney delivers a juicy half-tracker and Morgan accepts the gift by pulling for four. Some excellent running brings England's skipper two more before a pull to Sorensen in the deep ends with the same result. Morgan runs twice again after pushing the ball straight back past the bowler. England are looking good at the moment. 103 runs needed from 102 balls.

ENG 172-4HALF-CENTURY! Bopara records his 11th ODI half-century with a push to long-off. It's been a very good over from a man who is beginning to find his best form in an England shirt once again. Five runs scored in Dockrell's over.

ENG 176-4The powerplay will be taken after this over. England need around a run a ball, so they'll fancy their chances from here. A mixture of good bowling and even better fielding allows Mooney to complete an over for the loss of just four runs. Will England attack in the powerplay? Time for a drinks break.

ENG 176-4England have 15 overs to score 94 more runs. They're firm favourites at the moment. Ireland need something special from someone soon. Morgan 81 Bopara 51

ENG 181-4The batting powerplay begins with only three fielders allowed outside the inner circle. Porterfield responds by bringing back Johnston for a new spell. Morgan skips down the pitch to cut towards point, where some good fielding restricts him to a single. Bopara opens the face of the bat to guide a run through third-man. A sliced drive from Morgan brings two past backward point. One more single makes it five from the over.

ENG 192-4Morgan takes advantage of the fielding restrictions to slice Mooney over the fielder in close at third-man for four runs. A push past point earns the stand-in skipper another run. Six! Bopara makes it an excellent over for England by smashing six over wide long-on. It's all a bit quiet at Malahide now. Morgan 90 Bopara 58

ENG 206-4Superb. Morgan lunges forward to loft the ball over the fielders on the off-side for four runs. Johnston, from round the wicket, drifts onto the pads and allows Morgan to sneak a single to short fine-leg. Bopara pushes a run straight past the bowler. Dockrell does very well close to the rope at third-man to restrict Morgan to two. CENTURY FOR MORGAN! Was there ever any doubt? Morgan passes 100 off his 94th ball with six over extra cover on the ground where he played most of his youth cricket. What shot to do it with. It's been a brilliant innings and the England captain is doing a good job of taking his side to the brink of victory. England need 64 from 72 balls.

ENG 216-4Kevin O'Brien is back into the attack to bowl the penultimate over of the powerplay. Bopara scoops the ball into the air on the leg-side but manages to collect two runs. Shot! Bopara latches onto a fuller delivery to drill four through extra cover. The Essex batsman then takes advantage of fine-leg being inside the circly by pulling a shorter delivery to the rope for four more. England are cruising now.

ENG 223-4Porterfield turns to Dockrell. Morgan punishes the spinner for a short delivery with a convincing pull shot for four. A reverse-sweep and a more conventional version of the same shot don't have the desired result for England's captain. Morgan does pick up a single with a nudge to long-on. Dockrell is disappointed to be punished for a wide, but there's no room for mistakes in this format. Seven from the over.

ENG 245-4Six! Bopara launches a big six over mid-wicket at the start of Kevin O'Brien's over. The right-handed all-rounder then fires one of the straightest shots you'll past the bowler for four more. O'Brien delivers a good slower delivery but the luck continues to go England's way when Wilson fails to prevent four byes behind the stumps. Six! England are determined to finish this match in style as Morgan follows his partner with a maximum over mid-wicket. A single makes it 22 from the over. England need 25 runs to win from nine overs. Morgan 115 Bopara 81

ENG 252-4Sorensen is back into the attack for the hosts. Morgan and Bopara trade singles early in the over. This is now the highest fifth wicket partnership in ODIs for England. An ugly heave across the line for one brings up the 200 partnership from 162 balls. Brilliant cricket from this pair. Sorensen ends a decent over with a full-toss and Bopara helps himself to four through square-leg.

ENG 268-4DROP! Morgan's fantastic innings nearly comes to an end when he smashes the ball to Niall O'Brien in the deep. However, the fielder complains that his sunglasses didn't do their job after putting down a simple chance. Bopara piles on the misery by moving into the nineties with a pull for four. Six! The Essex ace moves onto 96 with a stunning shot over long-on. Seven needed for the victory. CENTURY FOR BOPARA! Great moment for Bopara, who lofts four over extra cover to bring up his hundred off just 74 balls. What a special innings from Bopara. A sweep for one hands the strike to Morgan, with England needing just two to win.

ENG 274-4ENGLAND WIN BY SIX WICKETS! Morgan launches another huge six over mid-wicket to secure the victory for his side. That is truly a brilliant display from Morgan and Bopara, with England claiming the victory with seven overs to spare. Great cricket.

5.56pmIreland were favourites after reducing the visitors to 48-4 but that partnership of 226, a new record for the fifth wicket in ODI cricket, has given England a boost ahead of the series with Australia.

5.57pmThanks for joining me for a thoroughly entertaining day of ODI cricket. Make sure you return to Sports Mole for the first ODI between England and Australia on Friday at 10am. Goodbye.

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