Live Commentary: Australia vs. England - Fourth ODI - as it happened

Live text coverage of the fourth ODI between Australia and England at the WACA in Perth.

Australia hosted England at the WACA in the fourth one-day international on Friday with a series victory already secured following wins in the first three games.

England performed impressively after being asked to bat first as Ian Bell (55), Ben Stokes (70) and Jos Buttler (71) all recorded half-centuries to contribute to a score of 316-8 from 50 overs.

Aaron Finch (108) starred for the hosts in reply by striking a fluent century but he lacked support from his teammates as regular wickets continued to fall.

Stokes finished with 4-39 as England eventually dismissed Australia for 259 to secure a 57-run triumph.

Read below to find out how the tourists ended a run of nine defeats in a row at the hands of their rivals.

2.50amHello everyone. It's the tour that never seems to end for the England team and their supporters. The Test series has been lost and the tourists have already been defeated in the ODI series after three defeats in a row. Game number four begins in 30 minutes. Can England finally claim a victory today?

2.52amAustralia have won nine games in a row against their fiercest rivals. They have the luxury of resting some of their key players but confidence will still be high in the home changing rooms. They'll be eager to claim another whitewash with victories in the final two games.

2.53amBREAKING NEWS: George Bailey, standing in as skipper for Michael Clarke, wins the toss and elects to field first.

2.54amClarke is able to sit back and watch his team under the guidance of Bailey, who will see this as a key opportunity to prove his leadership qualities. The pressure is on England to perform with the bat. Full team news to follow.

2.58amAUSTRALIA: Finch, Marsh, Maxwell, Bailey, Wade, Smith, Johnson, Coulter-Nile, Pattinson, Faulkner, Christian

ENGLAND: Cook, Bell, Stokes, Ballance, Morgan, Bopara, Buttler, Bresnan, Broad, Jordan, Tredwell

3.01amDespite the crushing defeat in Sydney, England are unchanged for today's game. Clarke, David Warner and Brad Haddin are all given the day off for Australia. Steve Smith, James Wade and Mitchell Johnson take their places.

3.04amAustralia will chase for the fourth time in this series. England haven't been able to do enough with the bat since they arrived on this tour and they've struggled to control proceedings with the ball during this series. It's something they have to change today.

3.06amThe bad news for England (yes, there is more) is that Johnson returns to the side to bowl on his favourite ground. Can you remember the destruction he caused at the WACA in the Test series? I'm sure some of the visiting players will.

3.09amIt will be interesting to see if Ben Stokes continues in his role at number three in the batting order. Cook has suggested that England need to be positive to avoid a 10th successive defeat. It's a good idea in theory, but is Stokes the right man for that plan?

3.11amThe series may already be won, but there's plenty of Australian players who have points to prove today. Some of the senior players have been rested. The likes of Aaron Finch, Shaun Marsh, Dan Christian and Matthew Wade need to take these opportunities ahead of next year's ICC World Cup.

3.13amCook had hinted that he could resign as captain of the ODI team following that loss in the third game but he's cleared up things at the toss today. The England skipper said the comments were "emotional" and that he's desperate to carry on in the job.

3.15amPlay is just five minutes away at the WACA. It's been the hardest of winters for English supporters and a glorious summer for the Australians. Can the tourists finally pick up a win today? A much-changed home team will be eager to continue their dominance.

3.19amHere we go then. Cook arrives in the middle alongside Ian Bell. One of these players need a big score on a very good pitch. Johnson will open the bowling. Play!

ENG 3-0Johnson is on target immediately with the new ball. There is some breeze around in Perth and the seamer nips one away early in the over. Cook shuffles across his crease to nudge a single behind square and a needless throw at the stumps gifts him a couple more. Bell watches a wider ball pass through to Wade before being forced to duck a sharp bouncer. Johnson ends the over by sneaking one past Bell's outside edge. Good start from the seamer.

ENG 7-0James Pattinson opens up from the other end. Two dot balls are followed by a wide down the leg-side. Cook is fooled by a beauty that nips away and bounces. The seamer gifts another two extras away when he delivers wides on either side of the wicket. Pattinson is left disappointed and his mood doesn't improve when he concedes a fourth wide in the over. Close! Cook mistimes his shot on the front foot and he comes close to chipping the ball straight to Bailey at mid-off. Four extras from the over.

ENG 9-0Bell gets off the mark with a nudged single into the leg-side. Johnson strays onto the pads, which allows Cook to flick a run through fine-leg. Australia had started poorly in the field but Smith's superb block at cover to deny Bell a run will help. Cook 4* Bell 1

ENG 15-0Pattinson is too straight to the left-handed Cook, who helps himself to another run off the pad. First sign of positive intent from England. Bell charges down the pitch and he's rewarded for his attitude when a thick edge reaches the rope at third-man to give him four runs. A push into the off-side allows the opening duo to rotate the strike. Pattinson produces a beauty to beat Cook's edge outside off-stump. Six off the over.

ENG 24-0Bell's confidence continues to grow as he chips Johnson over cover for three runs. Cook earns a couple with a flick through mid-wicket. The England skipper attempts a cut over the slips but he's fortunate not to see the ball catch the edge. An edge does follow moments later and the contact is firm enough to bring Cook four to third-man. Nine off the over. Cook 11 Bell 9*

ENG 30-0Wade appeals for a catch behind the stumps early in a new over but it looks like any noise came from bat hitting the ground. Another skip down the pitch ends with Bell striking an inside edge into his pad. Shot! Excellent timing from Bell to loft four runs to boundary just in front of point. Another lofted shot brings two down the ground.

ENG 41-0First change of the day from Bailey as James Faulkner comes on to replace Johnson. The all-rounder concedes an early wide down the leg-side as Cook targets the rope with the pull shot. England's captain makes contact a few moments later to collect a couple through mid-wicket. Shot! No stopping the next pull from Cook, who picks up four by drilling a short ball to the rope. Excellent batting. It gets even better as Cook shuffles across the crease to hit Faulkner over square-leg for four more. Good over for the tourists.

ENG 55-0Changes at both ends as Nathan Coulter-Nile comes into the attack. Bell is forced back by some decent pace but he does well to work the second ball of the over into the leg-side for one. Coulter-Nile fires in a sharp bouncer. However, it's too short and the umpire signals a wide. Shot! Cook punishes a wider delivery by smashing four runs past backward point. Snap! Cook repeats the trick to reach the rope with a similar effort. There's time in the over for one more boundary when Cook drives through cover for another four. England going well after eight overs. Cook 33 Bell 16*

ENG 65-0An optimistic lbw appeal is quickly dismissed at the start of a new over. Bell gets off strike with a pulled single. Faulkner catches the outside edge but Cook is able to cruise to the other end for a run. Shots! Bell continues to use his feet well as he dances down the pitch to loft four over the bowler's head on two occasions. Impressive batting from the openers. 10 off the over.

ENG 73-0Plenty of gasps from the crowd when Maxwell dives for the ball at square-leg but Cook finds the middle of the bat to pull four runs. The England captain makes it two boundaries from the over with a firm drive down the ground. England scored 73 runs off the first powerplay. Promising signs for the tourists. Cook 42 Bell 25*

ENG 76-0Bailey begins life after the powerplay by throwing the ball to Maxwell. England need to continue to be positive when facing the slower bowler. Bell flicks a single off his toes. Cook cuts a shorter ball straight to Bailey at short third-man before picking up a run on the leg-side. Bell drills a single to deep mid-wicket to make it three from the spinner's over.

ENG 87-0Close! Pattinson returns to the attack and he almost makes the breakthrough when an edge from Bell beats Christian, who has no company at first slip. Four runs the end result. Pattinson drifts the next ball down the leg-side to concede an extra. Shot! Brilliant from Bell to reach the boundary again with a flick through mid-wicket. A couple of singles makes it 11 from the over. Cook 44* Bell 36


ENG 87-1Another impressive start comes to a disappointing end for Cook. The England skipper targets mid-wicket with a slog-sweep but he only manages to drag the ball onto his own stumps. Australia are delighted to make the breakthrough. England need to remain positive. Cook departs for 44 from 43 balls.

ENG 91-1Stokes continues in his role at three as he comes out to replace Cook. The all-rounder gets off the mark by sweeping his third ball through square-leg for four runs. A boundary and a wicket from the 13th over.

ENG 102-1Bell miscues his shot but he still manages to earn four down the ground, despite aiming through mid-wicket. A push behind point brings Stokes on strike. The new batsman adds a couple more by nudging the ball to deep square-leg. Shot! Stokes reaches the rope again with a firm push past mid-on to take England into three figures.

ENG 106-1Bell picks up a single early in Maxwell's over. Stokes drops to one knee to sweep again for a couple of runs before pushing the ball to cover to rotate the strike. Bell attacks a wider ball but he fails to make contact with the bat. Four from the spinner's over.

ENG 107-1Stokes has good memories of this pitch following that stunning century in a losing cause during the Ashes. A returning Coulter-Nile sends down a gorgeous delivery to beat the outside edge. Stokes breathes a sigh of relief when a leading edge drops safely on the off-side to hand him a single. Very good over from Coulter-Nile. Bell 42 Stokes 14*

ENG 109-1Stokes is looking to be positive against the spinner but he struggles to find the middle of the bat early in the over. An attempted reverse sweep follows a few moments later and a miscued effort earns him a run. Bell adds another single. Time for a drinks break at the WACA.

ENG 109-1It's been a very good start for the tourists. They've been very positive and the openers have provided a good platform for the rest of the lineup to attack as the innings progresses. Australia need wickets. Will Bailey turn to Johnson again soon?

ENG 115-1Bell is forced to defend early in the over before picking the gap behind point to earn a single. Stokes chases a wider one and can only watch as the ball nips past the outside edge. Coulter-Nile is then cut through third-man for one. Shot! Stunning. Bell lofts four runs over extra cover to make it a good over for the tourists. Brilliant batting.

ENG 120-1I mentioned that Bailey may turn to Johnson again and he's decided he can't leave it any longer. The seamer starts with a very full length. Stokes is encouraged to play a false shot just outside his off-stump. Close! Johnson continues to cause problems when he catches the outside edge. Fortunately for Stokes, the ball drops short of the two slips. A flick through mid-wicket brings a couple of runs before Stokes ends the over by driving three past point.

ENG 125-1Stokes begins a new over with a single to third-man. Bell is eager to open up the off-side but a tight line from Coulter-Nile makes it difficult for the batsman. HALF-CENTURY! Shouts of catch from the crowd but the cheers don't follow. Bell lofts the ball over Pattinson on the off-side to reach the rope and bring up his 50. Excellent knock so far from Bell, who has now faced 48 balls. Bell 52 Stokes 22*

ENG 134-1Stokes gets on top of a short ball to pull Johnson away for a single. Drop! Big chance missed for the hosts. Bell, who is targeting the third-man boundary, picks out Marsh at slip but the fielder can't hold on to his right. It should have been taken. That could be a vital moment in this innings. Stokes reaches the rope later in the over with a flick off the toes. Drop! He's done it again. It's a much tougher chance for Marsh, who puts down another catch diving to his left at first slip. He would have expected to take one of those catches. Bell and Stokes survive. Nine off the over.

ENG 138-1Christian comes into the attack for the first time and his spell begins with Stokes slicing a single to third-man. The medium pacer concedes a wide when he loses his line. Bell takes the aerial route again to bring up the 50 partnership with two over cover.


ENG 138-2Christian strikes in his first over! Bell flicks one off his pad but he only manages to pick out Faulkner, who takes a simple catch at short fine-leg. It's a tame end to an excellent innings. Gary Ballance in next.

ENG 139-2Ballance is able to get off the mark by driving his second ball away for a single. England in a good spot after 22 overs.

ENG 142-2Maxwell returns for a new spell. Ballance rocks back to cut a single past point. Stokes is agonisingly close to edging one through to an eager Wade behind the stumps. The all-rounder skips down the pitch but can only find the bowler with a firm push. Two runs through cover makes it three from the over.

ENG 146-2Wild swing from Ballance but it doesn't matter as the umpire signals a wide at the start of the over. The Yorkshire batsman sits deep in his crease to push a single into the off-side. Christian drifts too wide again and gifts another extra to the tourists. Stokes plays the latest of cut shots for a single through third-man. Four off the over.

ENG 148-2Stokes attempts a big slog but fails to even come close to finding the middle of the bat. A cut off the back foot brings a single through cover. Ballance makes it two from the over with a push to deep point. Maxwell has done a great job with the ball today. He has 1-18 from six overs.

ENG 154-2Ballance drills two to deep mid-wicket before rotating the strike with a quick single. Stokes frees his arms to slice a run to third-man. Ballance leans back to guide a single through a similar area and Stokes adds one more to mid-off. Six from Christian's over.

ENG 161-2Shot! Stokes punishes a rare bad ball from Maxwell by pulling four runs over mid-wicket. A dance down the pitch brings a single to long-off. Ballance quickly hands the strike back to his partner, who earns another run to long-off. Stokes 43* Ballance 9

ENG 163-2Faulkner comes back for a new spell to replace Christian. Stokes plays a firm cut and pull, but both shots are blocked by Australian fielders. Faulkner gets the ball to nip away and beat the outside edge of the bat. Stokes opens the face to guide a single through third-man. Ballance nudges the ball into the leg-side to make it two from the over. Good return from Faulkner.

ENG 172-2Ballance struggles to find the middle of the bat before firmly pushing a single to long-on. Maxwell is punished for a wide when he drifts down the leg-side. Six! Stokes reaches his 50 in style by skipping down the pitch to loft Maxwell over the rope. Brilliant effort. A single makes it nine from the over.

ENG 174-2Stokes is almost in trouble when he calls for a risky single but Coulter-Nile is off target with the throw. Ballance is happy to hand the strike back to his partner. Faulkner once again hits a great area to beat the bat on two occasions. Two runs from another good Faulkner over.

ENG 177-2Ballance steers Maxwell into the off-side for one. Stokes picks out Smith at cover on three occasions in the over, much to his obvious frustration. A wide and a single makes it three from the 31st over. Stokes 53* Ballance 13

ENG 182-2Close! Pattinson is back and he's inches away from making a breakthrough. Stokes chips one towards Marsh, who isn't sure whether the ball carried to him at mid-wicket. The decision is sent upstairs and the umpires decide it did bounce first. Good decision. Ballance gets the strike later in the over and he reaches the rope with a thick edge for four through third-man. Pattinson responds by beating the outside edge when the Yorkshire ace attempts the drive.

ENG 189-2Shot! A returning Johnson is greeted with a clip through mid-wicket for four from Stokes. The Durham all-rounder then sits back in his crease to cut a single past point. Johnson sends down a shorter ball to make life uncomfortable for Ballance. The batsman adds another run late in the over before Stokes pulls a single over mid-wicket. This partnership is now worth 51.

ENG 190-2Stokes begins Pattinson's over by nudging a single into the leg-side.


ENG 190-3Ballance departs when he miscues the ball straight into the air to offer Smith a simple catch on the off-side. It's an ugly way to get out but he perhaps knew that it was time to accelerate. Ballance goes for 18 from 30 balls. Eoin Morgan in next.

ENG 193-3Morgan remains off strike for now as Stokes pulls two runs to deep mid-wicket before ending the over with a single to long-on. One more over until the powerplay arrives.

ENG 199-3Stokes drags Johnson behind square for a single. Morgan allows his first ball to pass him at shoulder height. Johnson finds some extra bounce to nip one just past a retreating bat. A sliced drive past point brings the new batsman his first run. Shot! Stokes keeps out the slower ball before pushing firmly past Johnson for a boundary. Good batting. It's time for the powerplay.

ENG 206-3Faulkner is back for the start of the batting powerplay. Morgan pushes the seamer straight down the ground for a single. Stokes clips the ball through mid-wicket to rotate the strike again. Shot! Morgan is already comfortable enough to take the aerial route and reach the cover boundary. Faulkner responds by beating the outside edge. Morgan nudges another run to long-on.


ENG 206-4Stokes attempts to sweep the ball over fine-leg but he's tricked by a slower delivery and can only top edge the ball into the air. Wade steadies himself to take the easiest of catches. England lose a wicket in the first over of the powerplay. Excellent knock from the all-rounder.

ENG 207-4Ravi Bopara joins Morgan at the crease for the beginning of the 37th over. Coulter-Nile is back to replace Johnson. Bopara is forced to block his first four deliveries before getting off the mark with a thick inside edge. Morgan flirts with one outside off-stump and is agonisingly close to edging one to Wade. Good over from Coulter-Nile.

ENG 211-4Bopara opens the face of the bat and takes advantage of a fumble from Smith to sneak a single. Morgan rotates the strike again with a nudge to backward point. Bopara gets on top of the bounce well to work Faulkner behind square on the leg-side. Morgan fires a drive straight to Bailey at short cover. One more single makes it four from the over. Australia will be happy with this powerplay so far. England need these two to stick around.

ENG 216-4Coulter-Nile begins a new over by beating Morgan's outside edge. Shot! Morgan takes advantage of a slightly fuller delivery to drive four runs through extra cover. The England duo sneak a single when Morgan nudges the ball to mid-on. Bopara gives himself room to target the off-side but he fails to make contact with the shot.


ENG 216-5England will be getting concerned now. Bopara is the next man to depart when his heave across the line sends the ball straight up into the air. Xavier Doherty, on the field as a substitute, holds his nerve at mid-on to take the catch. 11 overs left. Jos Buttler in next.

ENG 223-5Buttler gets off the mark by clipping Faulkner behind square for one. Shot! The Australian seamer drops his length too short and Morgan reacts by pulling four runs over short fine-leg. Two easy singles makes it seven from the over. England scored 22 runs in the powerplay and lost two wickets.

ENG 226-5Buttler is forced to avoid a bouncer early in the over before getting off strike with a single through fine-leg. Coulter-Nile catches Morgan's outside edge but the contact is firm enough to bring the batsman a couple of runs. Just three off the over. Morgan 21 Buttler 2*

ENG 230-5England have lost their way a bit in recent overs but these are the two players they would want out there at this stage. Buttler begins a new over by rushing two to deep square-leg. Faulkner is disappointed to see a sharp bouncer given as a wide. A slightly miscued drive earns Buttler a quick run to mid-on. It's another very good over. Australia are wrestling back the control.

ENG 240-5Johnson returns to the attack for his eighth over. Buttler picks up a couple by working the ball behind square on the leg-side before flicking a single to fine-leg. Johnson drifts one down the leg-side and is punished with a wide. Morgan pulls the ball to fine-leg for a single. Shot! Buttler reaches the rope with a perfect cover drive. Another single makes it 10 from the over. Seven overs left. It might be time for fireworks.

ENG 247-5Wade appeals for a catch down the leg-side at the beginning of Coulter-Nile's new over but the umpire's only response is to signal a wide. Buttler remains on the back foot to push a single into the leg-side. Morgan flicks a run off his front pad. Coulter-Nile concedes another wide when he sends down a bouncer. Buttler adds a single to deep mid-wicket before Morgan rotates the strike again. England's wicketkeeper earns one more run to point.

ENG 258-5Buttler is fortunate not to edge the ball when he chases a wide one from Johnson. Shot! Excellent timing just moments later as Buttler drives four through the covers. A slower bouncer is worked to fine-leg for a couple. Buttler stands tall again to pull a quicker short ball to the square-leg boundary. Another pull shot brings a single. 11 from the 45th over.

ENG 270-5Shot! Buttler backs himself to beat Finch at mid-wicket and his confidence earns him four runs. Coulter-Nile, in his final over, follows the batsman when he backs away to give himself room. Six! No fancy foot movement needed as Buttler lofts the ball over long-on for six more. A flick to fine-leg hands the strike to Morgan, who fires a full-toss into the leg-side for a single. Morgan 25* Buttler 39

ENG 280-5Morgan cannons the ball onto his foot and reacts well to sneak a single. Six! Buttler is at his best again as he sends a Johnson slower ball over the rope at deep square-leg. A thick inside edge hands the strike back to Morgan, who lofts the ball into the air on the leg-side for one. Buttler hurries one more single to steal the strike. Three overs left.

ENG 287-5Faulkner doesn't get the slower ball right, which allows Buttler to drag a single through fine-leg. Six! Wow, special stuff from Morgan. The left-hander drops to one knee to loft the ball over the fine-leg rope for a maximum.


ENG 287-6Morgan departs just one ball after clearing the rope when he drills a full-toss straight to Christian at mid-on to give Faulkner another wicket. Tim Bresnan in next.

ENG 290-6Bresnan gets off the mark by pulling his second ball to deep mid-wicket for a single. HALF-CENTURY! Buttler reaches 50 from just 34 deliveries with two to fine-leg. Brilliant knock.

ENG 306-6Pattinson is back into the attack for the 49th over. Bresnan is struck on the glove by a slower ball but he responds well to pick up a run. Wade decides it's time to have a few words with Buttler. How does the England ace responds? By playing the ramp over his fellow wicketkeeper for four runs, of course. Buttler reaches a wider ball to slice four more runs to the rope at third-man. Six! Superb from Buttler, who smashes six more down the ground. Another attempted ramp shot fails to bring a run, before a club past the bowler produces a single. One more over left.

ENG 312-6Faulkner begins the final over with a dot ball. Buttler hits a full-toss into the leg-side but fails to collect the run. Six! Buttler makes up for two deliveries without a run by launching six more runs over square-leg.


ENG 312-7A fantastic innings comes to an end when Buttler skies his shot to third-man, where Johnson steadies himself to take the catch. Buttler departs for 71 from just 43 balls. Superb batting. Two balls left. Broad in next. Bresnan on strike.


ENG 312-8Bresnan attempts the big slog over mid-wicket but his leading edge reaches Johnson, who takes another very good catch at third-man. Great fielding. Faulkner on a hat-trick. One ball remaining.

ENG 316-8Shot! Broad ends the innings by smashing Faulkner through the covers for four runs. It's a great effort from the tourists. Will they finally record a win over their rivals?

7.03amAUSTRALIA REQUIRE 317 RUNS TO WIN: After the match at the GABBA, not many England fans will be celebrating yet but the tourists have an excellent chance of ending the losing streak at nine games today. Australia will have to play very well to win the fourth ODI.

7.04amWe'll join the players by taking a break. Make sure you return in around 30 minutes as Australia go in search of 317 runs.

7.34amWelcome back everyone. There may finally be some good news for England over the next few hours. After being asked to bat first, the tourists managed to post 316-8 from their 50 overs. Bell hit 55, Stokes made 70 and Buttler struck a fantastic 71. It's not over yet, but the run of losses could soon be coming to an end.

7.35amAustralia need 317 runs to win the match. Marsh and Finch will open the batting. Chris Jordan to bowl the first over. Can England hold their nerve? Play!

AUS 5-0Marsh thinks about chasing a wide one before pulling his bat away. A leg-bye allows Marsh to get off strike. Australia's batting lineup is certainly not as strong as it usually is in this format, but there are still enough players to cause damage. Shot! Finch proves that point by getting off the mark with four through the covers. England appeal for everything when Finch is caused problems on the back foot but neither the lbw or caught behind calls are considered. Five off the over.

AUS 17-0Broad opens the bowling from the other end. Marsh nudges two into the leg-side before reaching the rope by clipping the ball through mid-wicket for four. A sliced shot past point brings two more. Broad finally hits the right length to beat the outside edge. Shot! Clever batting from Marsh to cut four runs past the slips. Impressive start from the hosts. 12 from the over.

AUS 27-0England will not get away with bowling this poorly. Finch is offered a gift wide of off-stump and he cashes in to drive four runs to the rope. Shot! Jordan goes slightly straighter but Finch still manages to drill four more to the rope. An open-faced shot off the back foot allows Australia to rotate the strike. Marsh flicks a single off his pads. Cook needs to slow down the scoring.

AUS 33-0Marsh gets off strike with a thick outside edge. Broad launches an appeal for lbw when Finch plays across his pads but the ball would have missed leg-stump. Shot! Too short from the seamer and Finch rocks back to cut the ball to the boundary. An inside edge makes it six from the over. Marsh 14 Finch 18*

AUS 40-0Finch takes a risk by pulling the ball just over Stokes on the leg-side for a couple of runs. Oh, dear. Finch's firm straight drive is fumbled by Tredwell, who gifts the opener four runs. Jordan is furious with his teammate. The umpires aren't happy with the ball and decide to call for a replacement. Jordan has a few problems with his approach to the crease in the over. He doesn't look comfortable. Finch sneaks a single at the end of the over.

AUS 46-0Shot! Perfect drive from Finch to reach the extra cover boundary rope. Broad shout be hit for four more but Morgan reacts superbly to stop a powerful cut from Finch. The right-handed opener gets on top of the bounce to work a single into the leg-side. Marsh sneaks a run following a defensive push. Marsh 15* Finch 30

AUS 46-0First change of the innings from Cook as Bresnan replaces Jordan. The seamer immediately settles on a good length and beats the outside edge midway through the over.


AUS 46-1Important breakthrough for the tourists! Marsh attempts to run the ball through third-man but he cuts it too fine and Bell dives to his left at second slip to take a brilliant catch. England needed that wicket. Wade will come in next.

AUS 47-1Wade comes to the crease and immediately flicks a single off his pad. Bresnan enjoys success in his first over. England need to keep the pressure on.

AUS 49-1Wade picks up a second single when Broad drifts down the leg-side. Finch plays a late cut to earn a run through third-man. It's a much better over from England's seamer.

AUS 52-1Finch sits deep in his crease to nudge Bresnan into the leg-side. Wade steers the ball past point to pick up a couple of runs late on in another tight over.

AUS 56-1Finch cuts a wider ball to the rope for four runs when Broad loses his line slightly. England have done superbly well to pull the hosts back. The powerplay comes to an end. Finch 36 Wade 4*

AUS 58-1An optimistic appeal for caught behind is quickly dismissed by the umpire when Wade misses out with the pull shot. A push into the off-side allows the Australian wicketkeeper to get off strike. Finch adds another with a nudge off the pad. Bresnan has conceded just six runs from his three overs.

AUS 59-1Broad comes out of the attack to make way for Tredwell. Both of these players will fancy attacking the spinner at some stage. Tredwell beats the bat with a quicker ball when Finch attempts the cut. It's a very good over from around the wicket, with just one run being scored to long-on.

AUS 67-1Six! Bresnan is a fraction too full and Finch takes full advantage to launch the ball over the long-off boundary. Bopara is quick to react at mid-on a few moments later but he can't prevent the opener from sneaking a single. Wade, who is still finding his feet at the crease, shuffles across to nudge a single to square-leg. Finch 45 Wade 6*

AUS 72-1Wade lunges forward to push a single into the off-side. Finch rocks back to guide a run to point. Nice timing from Wade to nudge two to deep mid-wicket after skipping down the pitch. One more makes it five off the over. Australia need 245 more runs from 36 overs.

AUS 74-1The Australian duo exchange singles early in the over. It's excellent bowling from Bresnan, who refuses to offer Wade the freedom he craves at the crease. England are applying good pressure. The tourists were 106-1 at this stage. Finch 47* Wade 11

AUS 77-1Finch edges closer to his half-century with a miscued shot to deep square-leg for one. Wade skips down the pitch to push a single to deep extra cover. Finch gives himself room but has to settle for one run to cover. Great work from Tredwell.

AUS 87-1HALF-CENTURY! Finch reaches his 50 from 54 balls by cutting a single to third-man. It's been a great start but he'll know he needs to go on to make a bigger score. Wade splits the fielders on the off-side to earn a couple of runs before adding an easy single to mid-wicket. Six! Finch makes it an expensive over by launching six more runs down the ground.

AUS 90-1Tredwell has been keeping the batsmen quiet so far, as Wade takes a single to mid-on. Finch settles for one after a flick off the pads. A wider delivery to Wade is cut straight to Stokes at backward point. Wade pushes the ball firmly down the ground for one more single.

AUS 96-1This could be a crucial period in the match. Australia are behind the rate and they must attack the likes of Bopara, who comes into the attack to replace Bresnan. Wade immediately attempts a slog over mid-wicket but he fails to find the middle of the bat. Bopara drifts one down the leg-side to gift the batsman four runs through fine-leg. Wade steers another run through third-man before Finch picks up a single to long-on. This partnership is worth 50.

AUS 110-1The required run-rate has now crept above seven runs an over. Will Australia be concerned yet? A couple of wickets would pile on the pressure. Sixes! Finch will keep hopes alive with his big hitting. The opener launches a massive six onto the roof of the stands on the leg-side. We're going to need a new ball. A replacement ball does arrive, but it's given the same treatment as Finch hits the spinner for another six. Superb batting.


AUS 110-2Wade hasn't looked at his best today and his innings comes to an end when he miscues a drive straight to Cook at mid-off. Bopara takes the wicket. Captain Bailey in next. He'll enjoy this situation.

AUS 110-2Bailey comes to the crease to block his first two balls. It's an excellent wicket maiden from Bopara.

AUS 113-2It's no surprised to see Tredwell removed from the attack following that expensive over, with Stokes coming on as his replacement. Finch's role is so important in this run chase. He'll need to be out there for a lot longer, you would guess. A push to cover should just bring a single, but Cook's fumble gifts Finch a second run. No room offered to Bailey, who is yet to score. Australia need 204 runs from 28 overs. Finch 74* Bailey 0

AUS 118-2Finch plays a late cut through third-man for one. Bailey gets off the mark with a pushed single to cover. Finch picks the gap on the off-side to rotate the strike again. Bopara is slightly too straight, which allows Bailey to collect a couple more.

AUS 121-2Stokes is alert enough off his own bowling to prevent Finch from sneaking a run early in the over. A slightly shorter delivery is cut to third-man for one. An lbw appeal is quickly abandoned when Stokes notices how high he hit the pad. The Durham all-rounder is then punished for a wide when he delivers a sharp bouncer. Bailey sneaks a single at the end of the over to steal the strike.

AUS 129-2Bailey starts Bopara's over with a single to third-man. Finch plays a similar shot for the same result. Shot! Bailey displays his power when he drills a full delivery straight down the ground for four runs. A couple of easy singles makes it eight from the over.

AUS 132-2Stokes keeps it tight throughout the over, with just three singles being available from the first five deliveries. REVIEW! Stokes thinks he might have Bailey caught down the leg-side. The umpire isn't convinced and shakes his head. Cook trusts his bowler and uses a review. Is this the end of Bailey?


AUS 132-3Big wicket for the tourists! Hotspot shows there was an edge involved. It takes the umpires a long time to decide if the ball carried to Buttler, who took a very good catch. The decision is overturned and Bailey is sent on his way. Smith in next.

AUS 139-3Smith is off strike as Jordan returns to the attack for a new spell. Shot! Finch is still going about his business as he drives the returning seamer through extra cover for four. A late cut hands the strike to his new partner. Smith keeps out his first ball before getting off the mark with an inside edge. Finch makes it seven from the over with a nudge to mid-wicket. Finch 87* Smith 1

AUS 145-3Stokes attempts to cram Finch for room but the opener does well to find a single to square-leg. Smith gets on the front foot to push a quick run to mid-on. Finch rotates the strike again before Smith risks his wicket with a sneaky single on the off-side. A leg-side wide is followed by an easy single to mid-wicket.

AUS 148-3Excellent from Finch to earn a couple from a nudge just wide of Bopara at mid-wicket. A push to point brings a quick single. Close! Cook is almost rewarded for keeping himself at slip but an outside edge drops short of the skipper, much to Smith's relief. Just three off the over. Finch 93* Smith 3

AUS 160-3Finch edges closer to a century with a single early in the over. Smith works the ball into the leg-side to rotate the strike again. Stokes drifts down the leg-side to gift an extra to the hosts. Finch drives the ball just wide of Bell at cover for a couple of runs before adding another run to deep backward square-leg. Six! Stokes drops one short and Smith beats the man in the deep to pull six runs over the rope. England's all-rounder looks like he's picked up some sort of injury. He heads off the field to be replaced by Root.

AUS 169-3Finch moves to within two of a century with a pushed single. Smith hands the strike back to his partner with a run to long-on. CENTURY! Superb from Finch. He reaches three figures for the second time in the series. A couple through mid-wicket brings up the milestone from just 97 deliveries. Excellent batting. Bopara's over ends up costing nine runs when Smith flicks the final ball through fine-leg for four.

AUS 174-3Broad returns to the attack to replace Stokes. Finch drives a full delivery to mid-on for one. Poor from Broad. He drops one short to Smith, who happily clubs him wide of mid-on for four runs.


AUS 174-4That's how you bowl to Smith! Broad responds in the perfect away by catching the edge with one that just holds its line. Buttler does the rest behind the stumps. Smith's departure is a big blow to the hosts.

AUS 174-4Maxwell walks out to the crease. He only knows how to play one way and this situation could be perfect for him. Maxwell is forced to remain on the defensive at the end of Broad's over. Australia need 143 runs to win from 18 overs.

AUS 178-4Finch cannot afford to get out at this stage. The opener nudges a single into the leg-side. Bopara angles the ball in towards Maxwell, who gets off the mark with a cut through third-man. Finch pushes another run through cover. Maxwell adds a single through the same area. Close! Bopara almost sneaks through with a yorker but Finch does enough to keep the ball out.

AUS 185-4Maxwell sits deep in his crease to prod a single into the off-side. Finch picks the gap on the leg-side to collect two before adding another run to cover. Maxwell beats Cook at mid-wicket with the pull and picks up two more. A late cut into the air drops well short of Jordan on the third-man rope. Australia have decided to take the batting powerplay at the start of the next over. This could be the turning point.

AUS 189-4Jordan is back into the attack. Maxwell begins the powerplay with two runs behind square on the leg-side. A leg-bye allows the hosts to rotate the strike. Finch adds a sharp single with a push to mid-wicket. Maxwell skips down the pitch but his attempted slog fails to produce any runs. Good over from Jordan.


AUS 189-5Big, big wicket! Finch's superb innings comes to an end when he guides the returning Bresnan straight to Broad, who takes a smart catch on the third-man boundary. The opener departs for 108 from 111 balls. He's been brilliant but has he gone too soon?

AUS 193-5Christian is the new batsman but he's off strike as Maxwell and Finch did cross. Maxwell attacks Bresnan and lofts the ball short of the fielder at long-off for a single. Christian gets off the mark with an inside edge into the pads. Maxwell then pulls to deep backward square-leg for two. Successful over for Bresnan.

AUS 199-5Christian drives outside off-stump to collect a run through third-man. Shot! Maxwell takes advantage of a straighter delivery to pull Jordan behind square for four runs. An ugly heave across the line fails to produce any contact between bat and ball. Another single makes it six runs from the over. Australia need 118 from 78 balls.

AUS 211-5Maxwell gets off strike at the start of a new Bresnan over. The seamer drifts down the leg-side to concede a wide. Christian rushes a couple of runs following a push past point, before rotating the strike with an easy single on the leg-side. Too straight from Bresnan. Maxwell cashes in to flick four through fine-leg. Bresnan responds with a bouncer but he's punished for a wide. Cook is left even more frustrated when yet another wide is sent down. A single makes it 12 from an extended over.

AUS 222-5Ballance does well at third-man to restrict Maxwell to one when he slices an attempted slog into the leg-side. A leg-bye allows Christian to hand the strike back to his partner. Root, on the field as a substitute, dives just in front of the rope at fine-leg to prevent a boundary. Maxwell earns just one for a drive through the covers. Six! Priceless runs from Christian, who launches Jordan over the long-on rope. 95 needed from 66 balls.

AUS 222-5Stokes, who has been off the field for a while, is back into the attack and he doesn't seem to be feeling any injury now as he prepares for the first over after the powerplay.


AUS 222-6Stokes strikes on his return! It's an ugly slog from Maxwell and he can only edge the ball through to Buttler. England on top now, but it's Mr Faulkner in next. Can he repeat his Gabba heroics?

AUS 222-6Faulkner isn't given an inch on his arrival at the crease. Stokes goes very full to the all-rounder, who fails to get off the mark. It's a vital wicket maiden. Brilliant from Stokes.

AUS 225-6Broad returns to the attack for the 41st over. Christian drives the seamer through the covers for one. There's some good bounce for Broad, who has settled on a nice line. Faulkner opens the blade slightly to earn a single behind point. A thick outside edge makes it three from the over. Australia need 92 from nine overs. Can England finally get over the line?

AUS 230-6Christian misses out on his pads and must settle for a leg-bye. Faulkner steers a run past Morgan at point. Christian chips the ball just wide of Cook at mid-wicket and takes the opportunity to pick up two runs, before pulling for a single.


AUS 230-7Are you paying attention England supporters? A win could be on the way in the very near future. Faulkner is the next man to depart when he delivers an edge to Buttler while trying to attack Stokes, who is delighted with that wicket. Johnson in next. Australia need 87 from 49 balls.

AUS 231-7Johnson steps away to give himself room and collects a single to keep the strike. Stokes now has figures of 3-32 from his seven overs.

AUS 237-7The umpires stepped in after that wicket to have a word with Stokes, who had a few words for Faulkner after the two clashed earlier in the day. Broad keeps it tight early in the over but a full-toss allows Johnson to smash the ball through the covers for four. A miscued pull shot brings a single and Christian ends the over with a run to long-off.

AUS 239-7Christian flicks Stokes away for one to fine-leg. England's all-rounder drifts down the leg-side to concede a wide.


AUS 239-8England are on the brink now. Johnson goes for the big shot but he's forced to depart when he sees Stokes knock back middle stump. Brilliant bowling from the Durham ace.

AUS 242-8Coulter-Nile comes to the crease and immediately pulls the ball away for a single. A thick inside edge hands Christian a run. Coulter-Nile keeps the strike thanks to a leg-bye.

AUS 247-8Coulter-Nile almost knocks himself over as he attempts to slog Broad out of the ground. No contact made with the ball. A leading edge threatens to send Coulter-Nile on his way but the ball drops short of Ballance at third-man. Shot! Christian moves into the twenties with a loft over mid-wicket for four runs.


AUS 247-9Broad picks up his second wicket when Christian slices the ball to third-man, where Ballance takes a very good catch running in from the rope. Just one more wicket away from a victory. England need 70 runs from five overs.

AUS 249-9Pattinson, the final batsman for the hosts, gets off the mark early in a new over. Coulter-Nile sneaks a run when Tredwell gets a hand on the ball at mid-wicket. Stokes goes very full to Pattinson, who digs the ball out, before nipping one past the outside edge.

AUS 256-9Jordan begins a new over by delivering a wide. Drop! Oh my word, Mr Stokes. Jordan thinks he's finished the game off when Coulter-Nile miscues one into the air. Stokes jogs in from the rope but somehow manages to drop the easiest of chances. The wait goes on. Jordan is punished for another wide when his bouncer passes Pattinson above head height. A chip into the off-side brings a single. Coulter-Nile rotates the strike again with a single to long-on. Close! No luck for Jordan. Pattinson skies the ball into the leg-side. Ballance has a lot of ground to make up and he can't pick the ball well enough to take the catch. Calm down, captain Cook. It's coming. Three overs remaining. Australia need 61.

AUS 259-9There's half an appeal for caught behind at the start of the new over. Buttler seems to think there was an edge. Cook resists the call for a review. Hotspot suggests there was contact with the bat. England may have missed a chance.


AUS 259ENGLAND WIN BY 57 RUNS! Finally. They've been here since October. Disappointment after disappointment, loss after loss, but England have finally won a game on this miserable tour. Pattinson sends a wild shot straight into the air and Buttler finishes the job with an easy catch. Cook is a very relieved man to break the streak of nine losses to Australia.

11.17amPlenty of big performances today. Bell and Cook started the match impressively. Stokes was fantastic with both bat and ball, while Buttler showed his best form in the middle and behind the stumps. Finch was superb for the hosts but he didn't get enough support.

11.18amEngland's fortunes haven't suddenly changed overnight, but this win means a lot to Cook and his team. Can they end the ODI series with a win on Sunday? Join me at 2.50am (UK time) to find out. The score is 3-1 heading to Adelaide. Thanks for joining me today. Goodbye.

England's Kevin Pietersen raise his bat moments after reaching 50 runs during the third day of the third Ashes Test on August 3, 2013
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