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Live Commentary: Cincinnati Bengals 20-22 Miami Dolphins - as it happened

Check out Sports Mole to see how all the action from the NFL clash between the Miami Dolphins and the Cincinnati Bengals unfolded.

The Miami Dolphins and the Cincinnati Bengals met in their NFL clash on Thursday Night Football.

The teams were coming into this game with differing form as the Bengals were hot off a four-game win streak while the Dolphins were down following a four-game losing streak.

However, it was Joe Philbin's side who were victorious as they won the game in overtime as Cameron Wake brought Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton down for a safety to secure their first victory since week three.

Read how all the action unfolded in our commentary below.

12.05amGood morning and welcome to the live commentary of the NFL clash between the Miami Dolphins and the Cincinnati Bengals.

12.08amAfter starting the season 3-0 the Dolphins have fallen to 3-4 following a four-game losing streak. They are in desperate need of a win to get their season back on track in the AFC East.

12.10amJoe Philbin's side almost got their act back together on Sunday after taking a 17-3 lead at the break in their clash with the New England Patriots but they stumbled to a 27-17 defeat after failing to score in the second half.

12.11amTo turn their fortunes around they have to do a better job of protecting quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who was sacked six times by the Patriots on Sunday to move his total up to 32 for the season, the highest in the NFL. That task will be easier said than done against one of the best defensive fronts in the league.

12.15amThe Bengals defense has been the key to their success in the past few seasons and that has been no different this year with All-Pro defensive tackle Geno Atkins leading they way with five sacks, while defensive end Carlos Dunlap has four. They will put the Dolphins' offensive line to the test tonight as they attempt to get to Tannehill.

12.17amMarvin Lewis's side have gone on the complete opposite run of the Dolphins as they have gone on a four-game winning streak since beating the Patriots on October 6.

12.20amQuarterback Andy Dalton has found some form and has thrown 16 touchdown passes to seven interceptions this season, including five in his side's win over the New York Jets on Sunday.

12.22amThat performance from Dalton and his receiver Marvin Jones, who snagged four of those TD receptions has led to the belief that the Bengals could challenge for the Super Bowl this season.

12.24amIf Dalton can keep up his level of performance without having to rely on All-Pro wide receiver AJ Green, there's no reason why his side can't threaten the Kansas City Chiefs, the Denver Broncos and the Patriots in the AFC.

12.25amDOLPHINS INACTIVES: Devlin, Gillislee, Davis, Watkins, Thomas, Martin, Sims.

12.26amBENGALS INACTIVES: Maualuga, Burkhead, Lewis-Harris, Boley, Robinson, Still, Whitworth.

12.28amThe Dolphins are without offensive tackle Jonathan Martin, who is officially out with an illness. Tight end Dion Sims is out with an injury, however, there are no other surprises in their inactives.

12.30amThe Bengals are without a few starters, as linebacker Rey Maulaga is out along with starting tackle Andrew Whitworth. Backup linebacker Michael Boley is also out as is defensive lineman Devon Still.

Q1 15:00Nugent's kick goes out of the endzone and Tannehill will start at the 20.

Q1 14:15Miller gets two handoffs to start the game and gets 10 yards on his carries with a six-yard gain on first and then a four yarder on second to earn his side another set of downs. A good start for the Miami offense.

Q1 12:56SACK! Tannehill goes down on second down as Atkins drives him back for a eight-yard loss, which kills the drive as the Dolphins can't get the yardage back on third forcing Fields to punt the ball away.

Q1 12:25Tate returns Fields's punt to the 33, where Dalton will begin for the first time in the game.

Q1 10:43The Bengals go three and out as Dalton hands the ball three times to Green-Ellis on the ground. He gets nine yards on his first two carries but on third and one he can't get the yard he needs and forces his side to punt.

Q1 10:29Huber punts to the eight where Thigpen makes the call for the fair catch where Tannehill will takeover.

Q1 9:50Miami go to their ground game and Miller finds 10 yard on two carries as he gets the handoff from Tannehill on a draw and he powers through the middle of the line for a five-yard pickup, to give his side another set of downs.

Q1 7:27Miami's drive comes to an end as the Bengals defense makes a stop as Rey knocks Thomas back for a loss on third down and one, after he and Miller had found nine yards on first and second. Miller was getting the yardage there, so it was a surprise to see Thomas in the game. Fields punts to the Cincinnati 14 where his punt is downed by Carroll.

Q1 6:22Green-Ellis gets the chains moving for his side as he drives over the left-hand side of the line to get nine yards on second down after Green found seven yards on a play-action pass on first.

Q1 4:23FUMBLE!

Q1 4:23Wake gets to Dalton around the left-hand side of the line as he tries to throw downfield and he knocks the ball out of his hand and is able to gather the ball. An excellent move from the lineman to get free of his blocker and to knock the ball out of his grasp.

Q1 3:31Miami get the ball inside the 30 but they can't punch the ball into the endzone as Tannehill throws the ball over Wallace on second down and his pass to Miller on third gets only nine yards. A field goal attempt from 34 yards awaits from Sturgis.


Q1 2:58Sturgis misses from 34 yards as he shanks his kick to the right missing the posts by a good distance. Not a good kick.

Q1 2:10Dalton gets his side rolling straight away following their mistake last time out as he finds Jones on a slant route for seven and then hands off to Bernard for a gain of seven yards to move the chains.

Q1 0:48Dalton keeps the chains moving with a good throw to Green for his second reception of the night on third down and 10, as he finds him on a curl route which goes for 17-yards. A crucial pickup for the Bengals.

Q1 0:00Dalton to green to move the chains again, and again on third down as the Dolphins bring the blitz the quarterback has time to sit in the pocket and fire to his receiver over the middle on a slant route for 18 yards to earn his side another set of downs.

Q1 0:00END OF FIRST QUARTER: Cincinnati Bengals 0-0 Miami Dolphins

Q2 14:21The Bengals keep moving ass Dalton fires a quick pass out to Sanu who beats his man with jink move to get a yard for the first down after Bernard had done extremely well on first to get nine yards on the ground.

Q2 12:28SACK! Dalton takes a sack on third down as he looks to endzone but finds all his receivers covered and Odrick gets to him for a five-yard loss as he tried to move around in the pocket. That will force Nugent into action with a 31-yard field goal attempt.


Q2 12:01The Bengals take the lead in the game as Nugent blasts his kick through he posts.

Q2 11:56Tannehill will start again at the 20.

Q2 11:33Miller get his side moving with a carry over the left-hand side as he finds room on a sweep and just does enough to find the edge and break a tackle to find 10 yards, to get his side the first down. A good run from the back.

Q2 11:02The Dolphins go play-action this time and Tannehill buys enough time to avoid the rush and gets the pass off to Egnew, who powers over a tackle to get the first down for his side.

Q2 9:38FUMBLE!

Q2 9:38Miller finds all sorts of room down the right and breaks a tackle to get into the open field, he bears down on the endzone but just as he was about to cross the goalline, Dunlap gets back at him to knock the ball loose, Jones gathers the all for the Bengal and runs it back to their 40. A massive play.

Q2 8:30The Bengals can't make the Dolphins pay as Green makes a crucial drop on third down as he can't corral the ball despite it hitting him right in the hands and being under no pressure. A rare mistake from the receiver.

Q2 8:30Huber kicks the ball to seven, where Tannehill will begin again.

Q2 7:02Clay gets the handoff on third and one and he gets the first down and a whole lot more as he powers over the safety before he's brought down at the Miami 29 for a 13-yard gain.

Q2 6:00Tannehill gets time in the pocket on play-action after faking to Thomas and he finds Wallace on a deep post route over the middle to move his side to the Bengals 28 on a 40-yard reception before Jones brings him down.

Q2 5:19The Dolphins have a third down and a yard coming after Thomas and Miller find nine yards on first and second but worryingly for the Bengals, Atkins is down and appears to be in pain. An injury to him could be huge for their hopes this season.

Q2 4:30The Dolphins move the chains again as Tannehill rolls out on play-action and fires to Thomas for four yards to move them to the Bengals 15.

Q2 3:22Thomas gets a handoff and shows a great burst of pace to get nine yards on second down to move his side to one after finding five on first down.


Q2 2:42The Dolphins punch the ball into the endzone as Tannehill goes over the top of the line to jump over the goalline with the ball to get the score. A good play from the quaterback as he puts his body on the line to get the six points.

Q2 2:39Dalton will start at the 20 as Fields's kick goes out of the endzone.

Q2 2:26The Bengals get a huge pickup on third down as Dalton fires down the left-hand sideline to Jones for a 26-yard gain to move his side to their own 46 with Taylor in good coverage but the receiver made the catch.

Q2 1:21The Bengals can't extend their drive as Dalton throws two incompletions down the right-hand sideline looking for Green then Sanzenbacher. But due to pressure from the Dolphins d-line he couldn't connect with either target. Huber's punt is collected at the 14.

Q2 1:01

Q2 0:55The Dolphins run on three consecutive downs in a defensive strategy to try and run down the clock but it will allow the Bengals another crack at a score just before the break.

Q2 0:45The Bengals will get the ball at their own 14 as a illegal block from Williams puts them back 14 yards from Fields's punt after it was collected by Tate.

Q2 0:33Dalton finds Green and then Hawkins for 10 yards each on his first two throws to move his side to the 35. A field goal could be possible here.


Q2 0:28Dalton throws to Green on attempted out route but he underthrows the ball and Patterson jumps the route and catches the ball under pressure from the receiver. He takes the ball to the 39 before he's grounded.

Q2 0:23Tannehill fires to Wallace down the right sideline and he makes the grab for 15 yards to move his team into field goal range. They do have time for a few shots at the endzone.

Q2 0:11Tannehill goes down on first down as Gilberry gets to him and brings him down for a sack. He manages to get all the yardage back on second as he fires to Hartline down the left but on third he can't find a target down the right leaving Sturgis with a 36 yarder.


Q2 0:06Sturgis knocks his kick through the posts to give his side a seven-point lead.

Q2 0:00Dalton takes a knee to end the half.

Q2 0:00HALF-TIME: Cincinnati Bengals 3-10 Miami Dolphins

1.58amThe Bengals will be disappointed by their display in the first half given their recent run of form but more concerning to them will be the injury picked up by All-Pro Geno Atkins, who is out for the game and left the field on a cart. That is never a good sign hopefully the injury isn't too serious.

1.59amThe Dolphins have played some excellent football in this game bar a couple of mistakes and they arguably should be ahead by a lot more. Miller and Thomas have looked very good in the running game and the offensive line is opening up a lot of holes for them. Defensively they've been brilliant in shutting down the Bengals passing game which was electric at the weekend.

2amFor all their good work there is still a lot for the Dolphins to do to close out this game, as they were 14 points up on the Patriots on Sunday and fell to defeat in that game. They will hope to avoid a repeat of that performance to end their four-game winless run.

Q3 15:00The Bengals will begin at the 17 as Tate returns the ball 23 yards from his endzone.

Q3 13:37Dalton gets his side moving on a crucial third down and eight as he fires to Green on the left-hand sideline over Patterson. A much better throw from the one that was picked off in the second quarter.

Q3 11:52The Bengals can't get the next set of down as Green-Ellis is stopped on third and one by Solai, after he found nine yards on first. They opt to go for it on fourth down.

Q3 11:29The Bengals get the first down as Dalton gets a yard as he jumps over the line before the Dolphins linebackers can drive him back.

Q3 10:27The Bengals get a first down but they should have a touchdown as Dalton fired to Jones over the middle and he ran 50 yards for the score but the officials brought it back for a holding call against Gresham, which looks generous on replays. Dalton will get the ball at the Dolphins' 34.

Q3 9:50Sanu keeps the chains moving for his side as Dalton hits him down the right-hand sideline and he makes a move on his man to get the first down for 14 yards, moving his side into the redzone.

Q3 7:52The Bengals have third and three on the Dolphins' 10 after Dalton rebounds after a sack from Shelby to find Bernard over the middle for a 10-yard gain as he beat Wheeler in coverage. They take a timeout to discuss strategy for this crucial play.


Q3 7:37Dalton makes an awful throw on third down as he looks to find Jones on an out route but Grimes jumps the route and makes the interception and runs the ball back 92 yards for the touchdown for the Dolphins. An incredible play by the cornerback but what was the quarterback doing there.

Q3 7:37Dalton will start at the 20 again. How will he bounce back?

Q3 6:50Dalton runs for the first down himself as he gets 10 yards on the ground as Vernon lost containment on the left side of the line, making a huge hole for the quarterback to run to.

Q3 5:58Green-Ellis finds a first down for his side as he gets six right through the middle of the line after Jones caught a hitch pass from Dalton on first for a four-yard gain.

Q3 4:47Bernard gets the handoff on a stretch play and speeds through a huge hole on the right-hand side of the line and gets 14 yards before he's hauled to the ground. However, he gets another 15 yards on top of that as Grimes brings him down by his collar.

Q3 3:21Green's turn to move the chains as Grimes pays the price for standing off him and Dalton fires a quick hitch to him and he finds six yards as he powers through the tackle after Bernard had found another nine yards on the ground.

Q3 2:55Bernard finds more space through the middle of the line this time as he gets behind the block of his guard Boling for 10 yards to move his side to the three-yard. They are so close now.


Q3 2:10Bernard gets the ball again and gets behind the block of Boling to power through the endzone over the right-hand side of the line to go in for the three-yard score. A good comeback by the Bengals. Miami's defense has been out there for 12:50 of the third quarter. Their offense has yet to see the field in the second half.

Q3 2:03Thigpen returns the ball to the 19 where Tannehill will start for the first time in the second half.

Q3 0:00A big penalty on Hartline forces them into a third and long situation, as he would have had enough for the first down but was adjudged to have pushed off against Jones. On third down Tannehill finds Miller but he's pushed out of bounds for a gain of just six yards. Fields will punt in the fourth quarter.

Q3 0:00END OF THIRD QUARTER: Cincinnati Bengals 10-17 Miami Dolphins

Q4 14:52Tate returns Fields's punt to the 30 where Dalton will begin again.

Q4 14:09Green-Ellis finds all sorts of space on a draw play from Dalton and he spins away from a tackle to find 14 yards and a first down for his side on the 50-yard. The Bengals offense is starting to click now.

Q4 13:20Dalton loops a pass over the middle of the field and it somehow evades the hands of three Dolphins player but lands in the grasp of Gresham at the Miami 35 for a 14-yard gain.


Q4 12:35The Bengals draw level and what an incredible play by Bernard to go in for a 35-yard score. He gets a handoff down the right and looks to have been dropped for a huge loss but he shakes off two tacklers and reverses the field, he sprints to the left-hand sideline behind blocks and cuts back into the middle of he field dodging two more tackles to go in for the score. Incredible. The play of the season so far, without a doubt.

Q4 12:30Thigpen returns the ball to the 23 where Tannehill will start.

Q4 12:23Tannehill gets his side moving straight away as he fires to Wallace off play-action and he loops the ball over Harrison to his receiver, who gets hit immediately but holds onto the ball for the 14-yard gain.

Q4 10:35Tannehill fires to Wallace on a slant route on third down and four but the receiver can't get the yardage as he falls just short of the marker as he is brought down. That was big, the Dolphins defense looks knackered and they needed a drive from their offense to catch their breath. Fields punts the ball away and Tate takes it back to the 20.

Q4 8:25Dalton gets another big pickup on third down as he finds Sanu on third and three in all sorts of room and he takes the ball to midfield on a 21-yard reception before he's brought down by Wheeler. It's all one-way traffic at the moment.

Q4 6:23Dalton gets sacked on second down by Soliai for a six-yard loss but he responds on third as he fires to Green down the left-hand sideline on a curl route and he spins out of a tackle to get the first down for his side.


Q4 4:56Dalton gets intercepted for the third time of the game as he throws down the middle for Sanu who can't come down with the ball and gets hit by Wilson forcing the ball up in the air and Ellerbe comes down with the catch. He takes it to the Dolphins' 20 before he gets run of bounds.

Q4 4:46Miller gets his side moving downfield immediately as he finds space over the left side of the line and runs right through a hole and out of bounds for 10 yards at the Miami 30. A score here is crucial for Philbin's side.

Q4 3:20The Dolphins can't get a score as their drive comes to an end as Tannehill fires to Hartline, who looks to be clipped by Jones early but no call comes from the officials as the pass falls incomplete on third and four. Fields is forced to punt and Tate collects and runs back to the Bengals' 29.

Q4 2:53Green gets the chains moving for the Bengals as Dalton fires the ball to him on the sideline and he gets behind a block and makes a move to get 10 yards on the play.

Q4 2:00Green-Ellis gets three yards on first down to get his side to their 43 with two minutes to play. A field goal could be enough to win the game at this late stage.

Q4 1:48Dalton make a crucial throw on third down to find Sanu on an out route and under good coverage the receiver comes down with the ball to get the first down for a 16-yard reception to move his side to the Miami 42.

Q4 1:29Dalton airs the ball out down the right-hand sideline looking for Sanu on third down but his pass falls incomplete after Green-Ellis could only find six yards on first and second. That will force Nugent into a 54-yard field goal attempt.


Q4 1:24Nugent kicks the 54 yarder through the middle of the posts with enough power to clear the crossbar. A great kick under pressure.

Q4 1:18Thigpen returns the ball to the 24 where Tannehill will begin. A score is needed to tie the game or win for the Dolphins.

Q4 1:03Tannehill throws deep down the left for Matthews who goes up to go and get the ball above Jones to make the snag for 16 yards to move his side to the 40.

Q4 0:27Tannehill fires to Clay and then Hartline to move his side to the 32-yard line with Harline make a great move to get behind Jones to go up and get the ball and bring his feet down in bounds to complete the catch for a 20-yard gain.

Q4 0:20Hartline gets six more crucial yards on third down to move his side to the Bengals' 26. Third down to come.

Q4 0:16Tannehill almost throws an interception on third down as he throws to nowhere. Sturgis will have a 44-yard attempt to tie the game.


Q4 0:11Sturgies stays calm under pressure and nails his 44 yarder through the middle of the posts to tie the game.

Q4 0:00Tate returns the kick to the 21 and Dalton will kneel it out as we go to overtime.

Q4 0:00END OF FOURTH QUARTER: Cincinnati Bengals 20-20 Miami Dolphins

3.35amCOIN TOSS RESULT: The Dolphins will get the ball first in overtime after winning the coin toss.

3.36amThe rules for overtime are as follows. If the Dolphins score a touchdown on their first possession, they win the game. If they score a field goal, the Bengals have a chance to match it or win the game with a touchdown. If they fail to score a field goal for the Bengals wins it for them.

OT 15:00Tannehill will start at the 20 as Nugent kicks the ball out of the endzone.

OT 13:36The Dolphins go three and out as he looks to find Hartline on a slant over the middle of the field but Jones breaks up the pass. Fields punts the ball to the 20 where Tate collects. A field goal will be enough to win the game for the Bengals.

OT 12:38Dalton fires to Gresham on second down and 12 on a hitch route and he catches the ball and turns through two tackles before crossing the marker for a 12-yard gain, to earn his side another set of downs.

OT 10:48Green makes an incredible grab on third down for his side to move them into Miami territory with a 14-yard reception. A great throw and catch from the tandem there.

OT 9:12Wake makes a crucial play on third down and eight as he gets just enough of Dalton to make him underthrow is pass to Green to make it fall incomplete. Huber is called out to punt and he pins the Dolphins at their own 12.

OT 8:58A huge moment in the game as Newman commits a pass interference penalty on Wallace as Tannehill threw the ball deep and the receiver would have been in for a touchdown if he was allowed to have caught that. That penalty moved the Dolphins from their 12 to the Cincinnati 48, for 38 yards.

OT 7:40A huge stand by the Bengals defense on third and inches on their own 40 as they stop Miller for a loss surging through the offensive line. Fields punts the Bengals eight where Wilson downs the ball.


F/OTWake comes up with the play of the game as he beats Zeitler and brings down Dalton inside his endzone for the safety to win the game for his side. What a way to win and lose the game. That is incredible.

4amThe Dolphins will be on cloud nine to win the game in that situation. Dalton cost his side in this game with costly turnovers but that has to be the worst of the lot as he held the ball for far too long on his one-yard line and was duly sacked and conceded the safety to lose the game.

4.02amIt was looking all too a familiar situation for Philbin's side but they battled away and after being beaten back in the third quarter and got what seemed an unlikely victory thanks to their defense. That ends their four-game winless run and snaps the Bengals' four-game winning streak.

4.04amThe Bengals won't believe they've lost that game and it could have far worse consequences for them as they fall to 6-3 in the AFC North. Even worse news for them is that reports are emerging that All-Pro Geno Atkins has torn his ACL. That could be lights out for their season!

4.05amThe Dolphins win for the first time since week three and move back to tie for second place in the AFC East with a 4-4 record two games behind the Patriots.

4.07amThanks for joining our commentary this evening. We'll be back on Sunday with all the action from the NFL. Until then, goodbye.

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Defensive end Cameron Wake #91 of the Miami Dolphins celebrates after sacking quarterback Brandon Weeden #3 of the Cleveland Browns at Cleveland Browns Stadium on September 8, 2013
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