Oct 6, 2013 at 7.45pm UK at ​Stadio Olimpico

Perea (31'), Ciani (46'), Cana (60'), Hernanes (63')

Ambrosini (34'), Tomovic (42'), Rossi (53'), Pasqual (94')

Live Commentary: Lazio 0-0 Fiorentina - as it happened

Relive Sports Mole's minute-by-minute coverage of Lazio's clash with Fiorentina in Serie A.

Lazio have been held to a 0-0 draw at home by Fiorentina in Serie A this evening.

In a game that was short on chances, Brayan Perea had the home side's best chance when he dragged wide early in the first half.

Vicenzo Monetella's Viola never looked like threatening the Lazio goal and the hosts were unfortunate to walk away with just a draw for their efforts.

See how the action unfolded below.

9.43pmThat's all from me folks, bye for now.

9.42pmIt could have all been so different if Perea had kept his compousre in the first half. However, it wasn't to be. A bore-draw.

9.42pmVicenzo Montella can perhaps point to Mario Gomez's absence and Giuseppe Rossi's lack of fitness in mitigation, but his side really did fail to ever test Marchetti in the Lazio goal.

9.40pmWell, I've certainly seen better games. Not much in the way of quality from either side, but Lazio deserved to win for their efforts alone. Fiorentina did little to attack after the first five or 10 minutes.

90+5 minsFULL TIME: Lazio 0-0 Fiorentina

90+4 minsCHANCE! Another floated cross from Valero leading to Marchetti to punch once more. Third time this evening that passage of play has unfolded.

90+3 minsFiorentina have long given up the ghost with regards to a win but they are digging in to take a point. Hardly deserved but Lazio have had little in the way of good, clear chances. One minute left...

90+2 minsCandreva's cross to the back post is cleared easily by Pasqual. There was no one there for Lazio to attack it.

90 minsLulic's low, straight cross is easily cleared. Five minutes of added time here. Unlikely to see anything other than a bore-draw here...

89 minsFloccari dips inside and then out and back in again to curl a right-footed effort over the bar. Again it's high on endeavour, low on quality from the home side. But for the effort alone, they have deserved more from this game.

87 minsMiroslav Klose is currently recovering from a foot operation and the home side have missed the predatory instincts of the German striker, much like Fiorentina have missed Gomez.

86 minsSUBSTITUTION Edison is brought on for the Man of the Match Hernanes. Can he produce a winner?

85 minsCHANCE! Big chance for Lazio, Perea keeps in Gonzalez's crossfield with a great back-heel to release Hernanes and his driven cross is well defended by Savic. Put behind for a corner, but nothing comes from the set piece.

83 minsThe second half has never looked like producing a goal, we've entered the last 10 minutes, is there to be a final twist? The way football so often is, you'd wouldn't be surprised, but this has been a poor game.

82 minsSUBSTITUTION: Onazi is brought off for Gonzalez for the home side while Iakovenko replaces Cuadrado for Fiorentina.

80 minsA nice counter attack from Lazio ends with Onazi feeding Candreva, and he cuts inside and fires an effort into Neto's side netting at his near post. Better from the home side.

78 minsLulic escapes down the left and cuts back inside to float a cross to the back post, but it is cleared but Savic who then makes a second clearance from Candreva's attempted dribble on the edge of the box.

77 minsVargas runs down the left and gets the return pass from Pasqual but the winger eventually runs out with after Cavanda muscles him out of it.

75 minsMontella's side have really struggled in the absence of Mario Gomez. La Viola fans will desperately want their German international forward back as soon as possible. Rossi is also struggling for fitness which may explain his subdued showing tonight.

74 minsCandreva takes over freekick duties from Hernanes and his 25-yard effort is deflected and then well-held by Neto. The keeper has done well to keep his concentration this evening.

72 minsSUBSTITUTION: Ryder Matos is brought on for Pizarro. It is a positive change from Montella. The Brazilian will presumably go right up front. Can the youngster provide the missing spark upfront?

70 minsSHOT! Good effort by Hernanes and Neto is equal to it with a strong hand. Hernanes has looked the most likely to make something happen.

68 minsValero flights over a freekick that is palmed away by Marchetti. They have not threatened once La Viola.

67 minsCounter attack by Fiorentina breaks down when Ambrosini puts it too far ahead of Vargas and Cavanda clears up again. That break should have been better from the visitors. They had men forward.

66 minsCHANCE!: Floccari dances down the left and strikes it across Neto's goal but the keeper tips it away at his left-hand post. Good play by the sub. Positive run and shot; more like it.

65 minsCavanda gets in ahead of Vargas to sweep the ball away. There is little creativity in Montella's side and it is resulting in the Lazio defence have a fairly easy night so far.

65 minsBiglia is dispossessed by Ambrosini and the defensive midfielder gives it Valero, positive attack by La Viola this, they have it in the final third for a sustained period...

63 minsBOOKING: Hernanes goes in the book for a foul on Ambrosini. He came down across the ankle there. Correct decision by the referee.

62 minsSUBSTITUTION: Juan Manuel Vargas comes on for Rossi. That's Fiorentina's only striker taken off. Strange move by Vicenzo Montella.

61 minsPasqual's cross is easily gathered by Marchetti and the keeper gets his team on their way with a quick release. However the move breaks down high up the pitch.

59 minsSUBSTITUTION: Sergio Floccari replaces Felipe Anderson for Lazio

59 minsBOOKING: Cana booked for the foul on Cuadrado.

59 minsCuadrado with a good positive run and Cana is booked with for the foul just outside the box.

57 minsPetkovic has perhaps tired of the stagnant attacking play. He has signalled for a substitute. I'll have more on that change if and when it happens.

56 minsCavanda with a straight punt down the right, but Candreva had strayed offside. It's all coming from the right side for Lazio.

54 minsA low cross is easily cleared by Savic and Candreva's second cross goes straight into Marchetti's hands. Terrible play in the final third from the home side. So bereft of quality.

53 minsCandreva is put through wide right but it is overhit slightly. The winger does well to keep in and is applauded by the very few fans inside the stadium.

51 minsJuan Cuadrado is in some pain out there, he's gone down under a heavy challenge. Cana has got the ball though. Strange one, I think it is an ankle injury.

50 minsShocking backpass from Tomovic who concedes a corner after Neto failed to keep it in. It was needlessly given away but it has been cleared by Valero. Tomovic will be relieved.

49 minsPerea picks out Felipe Anderson out wide on the left, but the playmaker loses possession and La Viola come away with it. It was a good pass by Perea to find his teammate initially.

48 minsHernanes dances through two but his stabbed through ball is cut out. He's been on the edge of good things tonight the Brazilian, just not quite coming off for him at the final pass.

47 minsPasqual curls it over the crossbar, not a bad effort from the full back but it was never troubling the goalkeeper.

46 minsBOOKING: Ciani goes in the book for a crdue challenge on Rossi. Good chance here, from 25 yards, quite central.

46 minsKICKOFF: And there it is, the second half is underway.

8.48pmWe're just about ready to get the second half up and running.

8.46pmBack to this game, and there is certainly some work to do for both sides here, if they are to get a win. Fiorentina would perhaps take a draw after the first half, but Lazio will be confident that they can at least carve out one chance good enough to grab a goal.

8.44pmYou can of course, read all these respective match reports on the Sports Mole homepage.

8.43pmTurning our attentions back to home shores for a moment, there has been several games in the Premier League this afternoon. Spurs were beaten 3-0 at home to West Ham, while Arsenal were held to a 1-1 draw at West Bromwich Albion. Swansea City were beaten 2-0 away to Southampton, as Chelsea beat Norwich 3-1.

8.40pmElsewhere in Europe this evening...Le Classqiue is 0-0 with neither Paris Saint-Germain nor Marseille able to make the breakthrough in Ligue 1.

8.38pmThe other game in Serie A is currently 1-1 between Juventus and AC Milan. Sulley Muntari scored for the visiting Milan after just one minute before Andrea Pirlo equalised against his former side on 14 minutes.

8.36pmLazio somehow managed eight shots on goal in that first half, but I can only think of three that caused any sort of problem for the visitors. Hernanes's two freekick and Perea's shot. La Viola have had zero attempts and they must do better in the final third in the second half.

8.34pmWell, not much to write home about in all honesty. Perea had the game's best chance and perhaps should have scored but other than that, there's been precious little goalmouth activity.

45 minsHALF TIME: Lazio 0-0 Fiorentina

44 minsLulic tries to play in Felipe Anderson in the inside left but Tomovic reads it well and cuts it out. Good defending.

43 minsThe game is getting a bit ragged at the moment. There is unlikely to be a goal before half time. Both teams are slugging it out and not holding on to possession.

41 minsBOOKING: Tomovic goes in the book for a foul. He was clearly wound up by that challenge from Hernanes. He has got even, but he will have to tread carefully now.

40 minsTomovic and Hernanes collide, with the Fiorentina man going over holding his head. It was an innocuous one, I think he'll be fine.

40 minsOne thing that has certainly been evident in this first half is how hard the players work when not in possession to get back and snuffs attacks out. Almost like both teams have three holding midfielders.

39 minsHernanes tries a nutmeg, but Gonzalo Rodrgiuez is back to snuff the danger out. Fiorentina did well to close ranks there

37 minsBiglia skips down the right and swings a cross over and it is put behind by Stevan Savic. Corner to the home side comes to nothing but the ball is still in Fiorentina's final third...

35 minsBiglia gets it from 25-30 yards and hit an effort that goes harmlessly over. A waste again from Lazio.

33 minsBOOKING: Ambrosini blocks off an attack and is duly booked for the offence. Cynical from the former Milan player.

31 minsThat freekick was even worse than first thought, not only did Hernanes roll it to nobody, he did it with an extravagant flick. He would be advised not to try that again.

29 minsMy word what a waste! Hernanes attempts to roll it to a teammate I suspect, but no one is alert and a Fiorentina player jogs on to it and comes away with the ball. Disasterous attempt that!

28 minsAnother freekick which will certainly be within Hernanes's range...

27 minsWasted by Cavanda. The full back bursts forward in a good position and his cross is overhit and comfortably cleaned up by Fiorentina.

26 minsRossi weaves through two challenges and gives to Cuadrado out wide and the winger cuts inside before going down under a challenge from Lulic. He wants a foul for a raised arm but nothing doing.

24 minsLazio have shurgged off their start to become the stronger team here. They have had one real chance and Hernanes's second freekick.

23 minsCHANCE!: Hernanes flashes another freekick in which goes just wide from a more central area. He's getting closer the Brazilian. That is an area Fiorentina will want to cut down on.

22 minsSAVE!: Hernanes swings a cross-come-shot freekick into the box and Neto beats it away at his near post. Lazio have another freekick...

20 minsAnother deep freekick from Valero has Marchetti flapping at it and the keeper gets very little on it. It is eventually cleared. Could have been an embarrassing moment for the keeper then.

19 minsStrong run by Tomovic, who evades one challenge before eventually being hassled out of it. Lazio come away with it but concede a throw in while trying to counter attack.

18 minsCandreva and Cavanda work it well down the right side and win a throw in high up the pitch. The hosts have come into more the last three or four minutes.

16 minsSAVE!: Great bewitching run and shot from Hernanes and Neto does well to save the left-footed effort. It comes back to Candreva who heads harmlessly over. Another decent chance for Lazio.

14 minsBorja Valero floats in a free kick from deep but it is easily cleared. The home side have had the only chance so far, but they have hardly had the ball.

13 minsLa Viola are trying to engineer their attracks from deep but Lazio are holding firm in their own half. Fiorentina pop it about looking for a route through, but it is all blocked up. Interesting approach from Petkovic's men at home.

11 minsCHANCE!: Perea breaks through and escapes two challenges, but he drags his shot wide after some lovely dribbling to set up the chance. Big chance, big miss. Should be 1-0.

10 minsPizarro has dropped deep to escape the midfield congestion but there is plenty still going in in the engine room. Cuadrado tries a back heel to play Tomovic in, but it is eaily cleared up.

9 minsLazio are harrying their opponents all over the pitch. It is admirable but it will take some doing to keep up for 90 minutes. Surely that cannot press so hard for the full game. We shall see.

8 minsNot a lot happening at the minute, there's a battle on in midfield, with both teams wrestling for possession. Canreva tried a long ball over the top but it runs out for a goalkick.

4 minsAquilani makes a decent run beyond the forward but Cuadrado can't pick him out over the top and the ball is too heavy.

3 minsLazio are just as sloppy when in possession with goalkeeper Marchetti punting it long to no one in particular.

2 minFiorentina worked it well into midfield, but Aquilani concedes a throw in with a strange up-and-under trying to switch play to the near side.

1 minKICKOFF: We're off and running in the Olimpico.

7.45pmThey also have talented Italian striker Giuseppe Rossi, and much will depend on the former Manchester United man this evening if Fiorentina are to achieve a positive result.

7.44pmFiorentina of course rely heavily on experience in midfield, with David Pizarro and Massimo Ambrosini dictating the play in the engine room alongside Alberto Aquilani.

7.42pmBoth teams are in the tunnel, we're nearing the kick off at Stadio Olimpico.

7.40pmOthers results in Serie A today have gone like this:
Parma 3-1 Sassuolo,
Bologna 1-4 Hellas Verona,
Catania 1-1 Genoa,
Napoli 4-0 Livorno,
Sampdoria 2-2 Torino,
Udinese 2-0 Cagliari.

7.35pmElsewhere in Italy tonight, there is the outstanding fixture in Serie A, AC Milan vs. Juventus. That should be an interesting game. Always one of the biggest games in the European footballing calendar.

7.33pmOf course, these two teams are separated by just a point in Serie A, so there is a chance for both sides to put some daylight between themselves and their opponent's tonight.

7.31pmOf course, there are some strong teams in Italy and perhaps Europa League qualification is more realistic, we will see.

7.28pmTonight’s game promises to be an entertaining affair, with both sides perhaps cautiously optimistic of making a fist of trying to qualify for the Champions League at the end of the season.

7.25pmFiorentina have also had a similar pattern of results in their last three league games, although they did enjoy a victory in the Europa League on Thursday – beating Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk 2-1 in Ukraine.

7.22pmVladimir Petkovic’s side played out a 3-3 draw with Turkish side Trabzonspor in the Europa League on Thursday. The neutrals would settle for that this evening!

7.20pmLazio have enjoyed mixed fortunes of late, with a win, a loss and a draw from their last three league games. Their defeat in the Rome derby will no doubt still rankle, but their fierce city rivals have made a perfect start to their campaign and currently top the division.

7.17pmLet’s get straight to the teams for tonight’s game.

LAZIO XI: Marchetti; Cavanda, Ciani, Cana, Lulic; Biglia, Hernanes; Candreva, Felipe Anderson, Onazi; Perea

FIORENTINA XI: Neto; Tomovic, Gonzalo, Savic, Pasqual; Ambrosini, Pizarro, Aquilani; Borja Valero, Cuadrado; Rossi

7.15pmGood evening and welcome to Sports Mole’s coverage of tonight’s Serie A clash at the Stadio Olympico pitting Lazio against Fiorentina.

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