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Live Commentary: Novak Djokovic vs. Roger Federer - as it happened

Relive Sports Mole's coverage as Novak Djokovic retained his Wimbledon crown by beating Roger Federer in fourth sets on Centre Court in South London.

Reigning champion Novak Djokovic went up against world number two Roger Federer in the men's final at Wimbledon looking to retain his crown and make it three SW19 titles to his name.

Working strongly off his own serve and also on the front foot, Djokovic rose victorious from the first set after clinching a comfortable tiebreak.

Back came the 33-year-old Federer, however, and he took the second set with a tiebreak victory of his own having battled back from three points down at one point in the extra period.

Djokovic proved too strong in the end, though, as the Serbian completed two important breaks in the third and fourth sets to seal a 6(1) 6-7(10) 6-4 6-3 win on Centre Court.

Follow how all of the action developed by reading our game-by-game coverage below.

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to our live coverage of the men's final at Wimbledon as Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer prepare to do battle on Centre Court.

Current champion Djokovic will be trying to retain his title and take his number of Wimbledon wins to three in total. In a rematch of last year's final, Federer will have different designs given that he is attempting to be the oldest ever man to claim victory in SW19.

Should Federer win today he will break a number of records in the process. Other than becoming the oldest winner at the All England Club, Federer would also be named as the only person to hold eight Wimbledon crowns.

Despite losing the final last year, the 33-year-old has fond memories of Wimbledon given that the last of his 17 Grand Slam titles came here when he defeated Andy Murray in 2012.

This will be Federer's 10th Wimbledon final and he has perhaps played some of his best tennis in his history of competing in the tournament this year. As it stands, the Swiss veteran has conceded just one set and one service game during his time in South London in 2015.

Djokovic will be a tough nut to crack this afternoon, as the world number one looks to cling onto his title. The Serbian star has grown into the tournament having had to display some real grit in the early stages of the All England showpiece.

Looking at the statistics, Federer holds a slight advantage of his opponent. This is their 40th head-to-head meeting and Federer leads 20-19. However, since the start of last season Djokovic leads Federer 5-4 over their last nine meetings.

Today's contest will see the players face up against each other for only the third time on a grass court. The pair share one victory each in their previous meetings on the green stuff.

One thing in the back of Novak's mind may be the way in which Federer dismantled Andy Murray's challenge in the semi-finals. Federer played all sorts of shots across the court in that encounter and also appears to have mastered a new form of attack in the way of the drop-shot.

Conditions in South London are a little cloudy at the moment, but as it stands the roof is to remain off. There is a touch of wind in the air and things are quite far from the sunny conditions displayed in the earlier stages of the tournament.

Should Djokovic come up trumps this afternoon, he would equal coach Boris Becker's three Wimbledon titles. Novak was a little perturbed by the rain in the earlier rounds when he was given a close run by Kevin Anderson.

Novak has been full of praise for Federer in the buildup to this game. Here is what he told Sky Sports News recently: "This is where he loves to play. This is where he plays his best tennis. The Centre Court of Wimbledon, seven titles. It's his court. He loves it."

"He usually rises up to the occasion. He's always playing his toughest when it matters the most. That's why he's a big champion. We all know how good he is. He's the greatest ever. There are not enough compliments for what he does."

Meanwhile, Federer has insisted that he is keeping focused on maintaining his standout form for just one more match: "I need to keep it up for one more match to really make it the perfect couple of weeks."

One key thing to look out for today will be Federer working off his service. The 33-year-old's serve has been outstanding this tournament as he has look to push his openers all over the court and at varying paces and angles.

Here is a cross section of images just as Djokovic wrapped up his practice game earlier, conditions were a little overcast:

We are now just a few minutes away from the world number one facing the world number two in men's tennis. The ball boys and girls are on the court, as are the officials, and we now await the famed walkout from the players...

Here we go then, both players are welcomed onto Centre Court to the sound of resounding applause from a packed-out crowd. Both look ice-cool and feature expressions that are nothing short of total concentration.

If you're looking for a prediction, I'm going to say that Federer will clinch this in five sets. Djokovic has all the skills to push the Swiss veteran all the way, but the manner in which Federer has served and followed up this tournament suggests that he might prove just a touch too much for the Serb this afternoon.

Weather indicates that we should be clear up until around 330pm, before some rain is due to set in. We might see that glorious and much-fabled roof at some point today.

The pair have just got their warmups underway. A BBC poll indicates that 72% of watchers believe that Federer is going to win this. Djokovic will be looking to prove those people wrong.

Djokovic will see an early break of serve as an important thing to achieve in the opening gambit as that could throw Federer, who has so far advanced relatively unopposed off his owns service game - just look at what he did to Murray a few days ago.

Fist bumps all round in the Djokovic camp as Becker and company get themselves up for the start of the contest. We are ready to go, Federer to open service.

Federer opens with a strong arm that sees Novak throw his return beyond the baseline. His next point comes with a service winner before a destructive ace puts the Swiss in a commanding position. Federer kills the game off when Novak returns wide of the court.

More destruction from Federer now as he advances forward and pumps a telling forehand down the line, but then sends another forehand too long. Djokovic produces well on his serve and Federer can't keep his return within the lines. The Swiss man pumps long again to almost hand the game to Novak, before replying with a brutal backhand into the corner to make it 40-30. Federer gives up the game when his backhand finds the net.

Federer seeks to lay down his attentions with aggressive attacking play at the net, but Novak replies with a strong volley from the middle. The Serb tries to lob Federer, who returns with a brutal point on the smash. A stunning whip is then produced by Djokovic down into the corner as the scores move level. Novak produces a forehand error, leaving Federer to claim the game when his opponent's return finds the mesh.

Early power from Novak sees Federer unable to return, but the scores draw level when the Serb makes a forehand error up the line. Federer comes back into the game with a strong forehand at 30-30, but he can only follow up with a poor slice into the net. Djokovic wins out when Federer sends another wasteful attempt long.

The crowd are up after a strong smash from Federer for the first point, and he's soon 40-0 ahead thanks to two errors from Djokovic. Federer produces another strong serve to close out the game, with Novak only able to find the mesh with his backhand return from the baseline.

BREAK! Djokovic opens with a poor serve that Federer cuts deep, leaving the Serb's return to find the net. Novak comes up short again when he returns a bullet with a shot that flies long. It's soon 40-0 as Federer wrong-foots his opponent as they both look to press forward. The Swiss veteran then breaks with Novak can only fire into the middle. Here we go...

BREAK! Federer can't make use of some early space when his return at the net flies out, only to come back strongly via a service winner. Novak isn't done and he sends Federer scrambling into the corner at 30-15. Laughs all around the ground as Federer then sends a horrible one into the stands to offer break point. Federer is soon back by forcing a backhand, but concedes the break by finding the net at close range.

Back on serve, Djokovic produces a brilliant ace to open game eight, which is followed up by more strong service that Federer returns into the net. The 33-year-old loses sight and canes another long shot into outer space, leaving Novak to draw level on games with another standout ace. Brilliant work from the Serbian champion!

An ace opener comes from Federer who then moves 30-0 ahead when Novak comes up short with his backhand. Federer advances unchallenged to 40-0 thanks to a forehand smash and then seals the game when Djokovic bangs a heavy one beyond the court.

More aces, two in fact, as Djokovic goes out in front early. Federer moves back into the contest with a terrific forehand as he advances towards the net, but then he gets a little unlucky at the net. Djokovic wins when Federer chops another backhand into the mesh.

Federer opens with a strong serve that Novak can only splice into the stands, before the Swiss rushes the net and chops a smash over the middle to make it 30-0. Next up is a blatant missed chance from Djokovic who shoots into the net despite having the choice of either side of Federer. Roger is pulled back to 40-30 after an impressive rally, but finally claims it with the naughtiest of wide cuts.

Djokovic loses out with a rush that sees Federer cut him in two with a backhand pass down the line. Federer gives up the lead when trying to smash across the court, soon leaving Djokovic to move in front at 30-15 with a wonderful ace, but Federer is produced with break point after a couple of errors. He can't quite take the chance as Novak brings back deuce, before Roger goes back in front with a smart rush at the net. More resistance from Novak who lands an ace and Federer comes up short with a poor return. Djokovic holds his serve with a fantastic ace.

Djokovic moves in front with a strong return, before Federer gives another point away at 2-0. Federer battles back to 3-1, but a fantastic rally ends when Novak thumps a forehand to put him 4-1 ahead.

Novak produces more clever work to push Federer into a poor backhand that goes long to set up a a dominant lead at 5-1. Set point is reached when Roger can only find the net, before he produces a poor double fault to lose the first gambit.

SET! Djokovic takes the first set after a dominant display in the tiebreak. Federer lost his nerve a little as he spooned a number of errors in that extra game. That double fault was pretty shocking from the 33-year-old too...

Federer can't quite find his sight early on with a poorly forced forehand that finds the net, before another ace does for the veteran. No real problem for Djokovic as his opponent hands over the game with a costly long shot that flies out on the return.

Federer looks to steady the ship with some strong early service at 30-0, and he follows up with a perfect forehand that leaves Novak stranded in the middle of the court. Federer takes the game with a forehand volley winner.

Powerful play for the Serbian sees Novak move 30-0 ahead as Federer makes his fifth unforced error of the game. Smart service then allows Djokovic to go further in front when Federer chops a return wide. Federer sets up a clever point with a lob and rush, but the game vanishes not long after as he cannons into the net on the backhand.

Masterful from Federer who pulls out a clever chip down the line, which is followed by a commanding ace. He soon pulls out another that zips past Novak for a 40-0 lead, but Djokovic nibbles his way back into it when Federer clips the mesh. The veteran closes it out with a serve that sees Novak pop deep.

A tense exchange early on allows Federer to pull level when he charges forward and forces Novak to clip wide. A tame backhand finds the net for Federer and Djokovic follows it up by forcing another error from the Swiss player. The current champion falters with an error of his own, allowing Federer to claim deuce as Novak seemingly slips and sends an attack long. Federer moves onto break point with a strong foray that forces a mistake, but concedes deuce as the ball gets stuck under his feet. More advancing play from Federer forces another slip from Novak and break point is reached again. Federer drops once more when Djokovic pulls out a memorable forehand and the Serb this time takes a lead when Roger pings beyond the baseline. Djokovic holds his serve with a standout forehand winner down the line.

Federer moves back to his own service game and registers an ace that is followed by a volley winner on the forehand. Both players rush the net and Novak comes out on top by going long into the corner past his opponent. Federer goes back into the driving seat with a smash for the cameras across the face of the court. Roger takes the game eventually when Djokovic is unable to return a powerful serve.

More strong service, this time from Novak, who opens another account with an ace. He then goes 40-0 with a backhand winner and a serve that Federer sends high and wide of the lines. Federer registers a point when Djokovic can't find a way over the net, but the Serb closes the game with a serve that Roger returns past the baseline.

Some back-and-forth on the service now with Federer dominating his own show. He goes 30-0 when Novak produces two errors, which are furthered by Federer's next forehand winner. Roger responds to Novak's backhand winner with an ace to win game eight.

Adroit attacking play allows Djokovic to open up and score on the forehand, which he pursues with an ace after winning his challenge on the line. Djokovic eases out the contest when Federer shoots wide and then later throws one long on the return.

Errors from both men see the scores at 15-15 after two serves from Federer, who comes up short at the net with Djokovic going 30-15 in front. Federer pulls level with a huge first serve that sets up a whopping forehand deep into the corner. Poor work from the Swiss server sees him double fault to put Novak on set point, but the Serb sends a poor shot deep for deuce. Federer is next up at the net and he chops over to take advantage, and finally holds serve with an important shot that sees Novak pull wide.

An error followed by an ace give the Serbian server daylight at 30-15, but Federer responds with a destructive swipe after the game's best rally to make it 30-30. The Swiss follows up the effort with another wonderful shot, this time on the forehand to establish break point. Federer falls short after clipping the net for deuce, and hands the game back to his opponent with a terrible backhand on the rise. However, Roger thumps another standout shot on the pass to go back to level scores. Djokovic fails on a challenge to bring deuce once more, although a further mistake from Federer gives him advantage again. More deuce when Novak fires deep, before Federer powers into middle. Novak eventually holds after eight minutes when Roger clips wide during a rally.

Novak sends Federer scrambling on the return to open the scores, but the current champion concedes parity with a scuff into the net. Federer inspires himself to produce a powerful ace, before shooting long to make it 30-30. Novak seeks out the chip, but Federer wins out with a huge smash at the middle. Federer takes it to another tiebreak by profiting from Novak's slip.

Novak leaves poorly and Federer takes a 1-0 advantage. His second serve comes up a little short and Novak rushes forward to force the issue and make it 1-1. Federer falters next up with a wild chop into the middle to give Novak a 2-1 lead.

The scores are soon 3-1 in Novak's favour when Roger fires into the mesh from a deep position, but Federer uses the baseline to open up on the backhand and pass beyond an advancing Djokovic to make it 4-2. More power from Novak leaves Roger scrambling at 4-2.

Federer forces the issue by forcing Novak deep, which produces a return that comes up short for 4-3. Djokovic shows resilience to stand his ground and for an error for 5-3 and he soon makes it 6-3 with a rasping thump deep that catches Federer cold.

Helping himself out on his own serve Federer makes it 6-4, and saves another set point when Djokovic gets called wide on the tightest of returns down the line.

Back on his own serve, Novak falters when Roger plays him deep to set up an error into the net as the scores move to 6-6. Djokovic goes back ahead when Federer's return finds the net, only for Roger to deliver on the second serve to make it 7-7.

Roger goes in front at 8-7 with a pummelling forehand down the line, but we're back level as Federer concedes another error at 8-8. Poor shot selection this time from Federer who chops a backhand long, only to come back yet again with a powerful shot at 102mph that sees Djokovic slip to tie the scores. Novak makes a great return on Federer's serve to make it 10-9, but falters on the rally with a long shot.

Federer is back in front off line ball at 11-10 following a remarkable return shot when it seemed beyond him, perhaps Novak is tightening up a touch? Federer closes the set with an adroit rush at the net.

SET! Federer hangs in tight to win the second set after a thrilling tiebreak. He came back from the brink a few times in that extra period. Novak might have let him off once or twice, and that could be viewed as a huge opportunity missed by the current champion.

Novak returns well early on despite the disappointment with a bullet down the line. Federer fumbles at the net, though, and Djokovic takes a 30-15 lead. Roger spoons long once more and gives his opponent break point straight away. Novak concedes the first point with a shot into the net, and deuce is reached when Federer comes up with the ace! More great service gives Roger the advantage, which he takes when Djokovic is unable to return.

Pure magic from Federer early in the second game with a booming forehand pass down the line at 30-0 on Novak's serve. He doesn't look happy. Federer splices not for the first time to make it 30-15, and it's soon level when the Swiss hits the net when going for a wide pass. It is Novak's turn for some poor tennis when a simple return error sets up the break, but he battles back to deuce. Djokovic manages to hold with a forehand winner.

BREAK! Unchallenged progress for Roger back on his serve at 30-0, before Djokovic responds by forcing the error. Another mistake on the backhand sets up the game in Federer's favour, but he concedes two points for deuce. Novak moves ahead with the cheekiest of chips on the drop and he then breaks after Federer scoops long.

Novak pushes further in front when Federer concedes the error, with an ace then applying extra pressure at 30-0. Roger comes back into things when Djokovic finds the net, before pulling out a strong forehand to regain control. A poor return into the net allows Djokovic to take the fourth game. Rain drops coming...

Federer makes quick work of the next game as he rushes to 40-0 on his serve, and he takes it when Novak can only fire wide and into the mesh on his final return. That will be the last game for a bit as the ground staff rush on to cater for the oncoming downpour. Novak currently leads 3-2 in the third set with the sets drawn at 1-1.

We'll keep you posted on the weather as we get any news. This game is poised perfectly as we head into the business end of the third set. At times both of these players are seeing the ball like a football, but Federer has arguably made far too many costly errors despite cruising through the rest of the tournament.

Federer has shown he has as much fighting spirit as he does class out here today. He hasn't been at his best, but he has battled back to remain in the contest. Novak holds the slight advantage now having broken in the first game of the third set, but this game has a long way to go before we reach a conclusion.

The rain has started to ease a little in South London, but we are expecting a few more showers later in the day. At the moment the covers remain on...

Covers are off and there will be three minutes of warmups. The players emerge back out from the dressing rooms and we're almost ready to go again!

Getting us back into the action, Federer stomps towards the net to set up an opening point on the rush. Federer almost comes up good again with a crash across the court, only to be called out with Novak looking well short at the net. The Serbian is undone again at the middle when Roger scoops a delightful chip over his head. Novak comes back level with a vital ace, and soon takes the advantage with a strong passing shot. Djokovic takes the game with Federer conceding the error on the forehand.

Federer's seventh smash winner puts him in front at 30-0, before a Djokovic mistake makes it 40-0. Federer takes the game when Novak drills wide of the court on his backhand.

Clever chip work sees Federer try to pass Novak, but the Swiss fires long. Novak then comes on strong by firing hard towards the baseline to catch Federer deep at 30-0. Things are left at 40-0 when some humorous play at net allows Djokovic to chip past the reach of his opponent. Novak takes the game when Roger sends a return into orbit.

With renewed resilience, Federer continues to play hard on his serve to make it 30-0. Novak is drawn into a rally and then comes up short with a shot that flies deep to make it 40-0. Federer takes the 10th when Djokovic fails on the forehand.

SET! Novak opens up positively when serving for the match with a shot that sees a long return from Federer. The Serbian champion makes it 30-0 with a fierce shot that leaves Roger nowhere to be seen. Federer falters off his backhand with another unforced error, leaving Djokovic to take the third with a commanding smash winner.

Federer opens up the fourth set with a smash winner to take the lead in game one. More standout work on the forehand sees a 30-0 lead when Novak is unable to return down the line, but he does soon counter with a great forehand winner. Federer goes further ahead with an ace and kills off the game when Djokovic spoons out.

The chip fails for Novak as Federer responds with a huge smash. The Serbian then draws level with a serve that sees Roger fend off beyond the remit of the court. A wonderful point is then won by Novak as he scrambles at the net to return and send a long past Federer, who is caught short at the middle. The scores move 40-30 in favour of the current champion after a few errors and he eventually wins out when Federer goes long.

After being drawn at 15-15, Federer serves wonderfully to set up a rush and leave Novak stranded for 30-15. An ace at 115mph leaves things at 40-15 and Federer finishes the game off with more great work at the net.

Roger goes long early on to give Djokovic a lead. The Serb then sends a bullet down that Federer skews into the crowd. Another long one from the Swiss veteran leaves Novak in control at 40-0. The current champ wins out with an ace at 113mph.

BREAK! Novak holds the fort with a strong return to take an early lead on Roger's service, but he can't keep it up as he throws into the net. Federer goes for the passing shot, but tiredness sees him find the net himself this time. Things move back level at 30-30 with Novak cutting too wide. More poor work from the Swiss produces a shot into the middle, giving Novak break point. The break is achieved when Federer comes up short with an awful return.

Wow! Wonderful backhand up the line from Novak leaves everyone speechless. Federer's forehand fails at 30-0, before the Swiss send a long shoot past the baseline. Djokovic can't quite get his return over the net at close range for 40-15, and concedes further with another net shot to make it 40-30. Djokovic steals it with a resounding ace.

Djokovic opens up by forcing Federer into an error off his own serve, but things go to 15-15 when a Novak chip flies wide. Further errors from Federer enable his opponent to go 30-15 in front, before a nice drop shot brings parity for Roger. The Swiss then concedes break point with a terrible double fault, only to wrestle it back when Djokovic drills into the middle. Federer moves ahead when Novak's backhand goes missing, but we're back at deuce when the Serbian volleys home. An ace gives Federer daylight again and he wraps it up with a booming forehand that goes right into the corner.

Federer moves out 30-0 in front on Novak's serve following two errors from the Serbian, who responds with a booming serve that undercuts Federer. Parity is reached with a service winner and then goes in front when Federer crashes his return into the net. Novak holds when Federer booms long.

GAME, SET AND MATCH! Novak senses the win and throws a wonderful shot across the court to take an early advantage on Federer's first serve. Great sportsmanship from Federer as he hands the point to Novak having called a late challenge after striking the ball. The scores move to 30-15 when Djokovic finds the net. Novak moves towards the set with a backhand winner. Djokovic retains his crown with a neat forehand winner.


So, the world number one retains his Wimbledon title in South London with a victory across four sets. The Serbian was evidently the better player this afternoon and proved to have far too much resilience when required. Federer's game failed him a touch this afternoon and he will be disappointed at not being able to put in a decent challenge for his eighth crown at the All England Club.

That'll be all from us this evening. Congratulations goes out to Djokovic for claiming his third championship in South London!

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