Live Commentary: Cincinnati Bengals 13-19 Houston Texans - as it happened

Live Commentary: Cincinnati Bengals 13-19 Houston Texans - as it happened
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Sports Mole brings you live coverage of the AFC wildcard match between the Houston Texans and Cincinnati Bengals.

The Houston Texans progressed into the next round of the NFL playoffs courtesy of a 19-13 win over the Cincinnati Bengals today.

The Texans dominated the first half, but only came away with nine points as they were forced to exit the redzone with just a field goal on three occasions.

They finally got the crucial touchdown in the second half, however, sealing a vital six-point lead that secured their progression.

Houston will now face the New England Patriots in the next round of the playoffs.

You can read how it all unfolded with Sports Mole below.

9.54pmApologies about the late start here, we ran into some technical difficulties! Here's a quick recap of what has happened so far...

9.55pmThe Texans have showed some of their early season form in attack, eventually ending in a field goal to take a 3-0 lead.

9.59pmThe Texans are now on the attack as we meet a stoppage in play. They won this fixture in last season's wildcard weekend, can they make it two years in a row today?

Q1 3:50Walters grabs the ball just inside the first down line and Schaub will reset again.

Q1 3:06Another first down for the Texans as Schaub rockets the ball down for a 19 yard gain.

Q1 2:20Foster gets a couple of yards with a rush. The Texans are showing why they raced to 11-1 earlier this season.

Q1 1:51Just as I say that, a Schaub pass goes incomplete, although the play is called back for an automatic first down due to a foul. More gain for the Texans.

Q1 1:05A couple of rushes follow, with Foster ultimately making it to the first down line once again.

Q1 0:30He didn't actually get that first down in the end, he was about an inch short. Schaub rushes for his first first down of the season, the final quarterback to do so this campaign!

Q1 0:00END OF FIRST QUARTER: Bengals 0-3 Texans

10.10pmAnd with that mini-milestone for Schaub, the first quarter comes to an end! The Texans lead 3-0 in a low-scoring quarter, and it is the hosts who have looked more threatening going forward.

Q2 14:55The Texans get us underway for the second quarter with a rush and they make a small gain. They are just edging their way up the field at the moment.

Q2 14:15Schaub then sends a throw out to Graham who completes it. They are on third and eight now.

Q2 13:48FIELD GOAL! Schaub stays cool under pressure, but there isn't much on for him and they can only make a five-yard gain. Out comes the the kicker and sends it over from 29 yards to make it 6-0.

10.15pmThere was a hint of annoyance on the Texan coach's face at having to go for a second field goal there. Touchdowns are obvioulsy the preferred method of scoring, but keeping the board ticking over is better than not scoring at all.

Q2 13:01The restart kick goes long and is met with a decent return, making about 27 yards. Another chance for the Bengals to mount an attack now, they have been poor so far.

Q2 12:53The ball is handed to Green-Ellis, and he makes a quick dart for a good gain and a first down. Gresham takes a catch straight after for a one yard gain.

Q2 12:14The Texans defence has been formidable so far, forcing the Bengals backwards on the pitch.

Q2 11:45INTERCEPTION! Dalton tries to make a lot of yardage with a huge throw downfield, but Jackson is there to make the interception!

Q2 10:50Oh, but the umpires have called it back! Not a valid interception and the Bengals punt it upfield. The Texans have the ball in a similar position to where that interception took place anyway.


Q2 9:31Wow, that's how quickly things can change! Schaub, who has not made a mistake all day, throws a pass that is intercepted by Leon Hall, who has a clear run of less than 20 yards to get the TD! The Bengals take the lead!

22.27pmHow costly will that prove? It was a risky throw from Schaub so close to his own line, and it has not paid off.

Q2 9:24Texans' return from the kickoff makes it up to the 20-yard line.

Q2 9:17Schaub takes no risk with that one, though. He throws it short and the Bengals are up on the man fast. They have their tails up at the moment!

Q2 8:44But Foster swings the momentum back into the Texans' favour! A 13-yard gain, slipping the field with phenomenal pace and stepping ability. He follows that up with another first down.

Q2 6:50Another first down as Schaub finds Graham down the left with a 19-yard gain. They're beginning to make serious headway down the field now!

Q2 6:50The Texans have responded well to that touchdown. They dominated the start of the match and have dominated after, it's just that one mistake that has made the difference so far.

Q2 6:28Clemence rushes past a number of defenders to make yet another first down for the Texans.

Q2 5:05For once they don't make the required gain on the first play, but they're not far off! Foster makes it on the 3rd and 1, however, and the Texans are within sight of the Bengals' endzone.

Q2 3:45Just a gain of one this time, and the Texans know that another field goal from this position may not be enough.

Q2 3:01Schaub sends it to Daniels, and the Texans will reset and 3rd and 2. If they make this they'll be 1st and goal.

Q2 2:23INCOMPLETE! Schaub's throw to Johnson is not perfect, but he will be disappointed by dropping it in the endzone, and they will now have to settle for another field goal! How they haven't got a TD yet I don't know!

Q2 2:21FIELD GOAL! The field goal is converted, but they should have come away with more there! Still, the Texans find themselves back in the lead in this AFC wildcard match!

Q2 2:13Jones returns the kick up to the 30 yard line. Can the Bengals take advantage of the Texans' inability to get a touchdown?

Q2 2:00There's the two-minute warning in a half that should have given so much more for Houston! It could get worse as the Bengals still have the ball.

Q2 1:57An incomplete throw makes it 2nd and 10 for the Bengals.

Q2 1:51Dalton makes up for it straight after with an 11-yard gain, and it's now 1st and 10 once more.

Q2 1:22Another incomplete throw, that one never looked to be on from Dalton! 3rd and 8, and the pressure is starting to mount!

Q2 1:12Gresham just can't take in the next throw and it's another incomplete throw, which means that the Bengals will go for a punt. They have been poor going forward so far today, they must be begging for another gift of an interception, it's the only way they look like scoring!

Q2 0:59Daniels holds on to a Schaub throw in, and it just reaches the first down line, so the Texans will reset again.

Q2 0:47Johnson takes another first down and Schaub calls for a time out. Their lack of a touchdown will worry them the longer it goes on, but they may have to settle for just a two-point lead going into half-time.

Q2 0:40Burfict puts in a big hit to halt another Texans attack at 3rd and 9. Schaub sends a big pass forward for a gain of 19. Not a textbook move, but Daniels held on well to a poor throw!

Q2 0:11Newman puts in a fine tackle to leave the Texans at 3rd and 6. They they go to 4th and 4 and their next move is incomplete. Good defending from the Bengals there!


10.59pmThere will be bittersweet feelings in both changing rooms at the break. For the Texans, they lead the match but should be further ahead than their two-point lead. They have dominated the ball, but failed to make it into the endzone, settling for three field goals to make up their points so far.

11pmThe Bengals, meanwhile, will be fully aware that the Texans should be further ahead and, although they have played poorly and have only got on the scoreboard through a Houston mistake, a two-point deficit will give them hope that this game is not over.

11.03pmStill, the Texans will take heart from aspects of their first half performance. They have defended solidly but have been lacking the final, killer pass.

11.05pmThe Bengals will need to improve a lot to prevent the Texans taking this AFC wildcard match for the second consecutive season. They have barely made it into the opposition half today!

11.07pmIn fact, the only thing keeping them in this match is a mistake from Schaub, who threw an interception less than 20 yards from his own endzone.

11.10pmArian Foster is the man who looks most dangerous for the Texans. He has established himself as one of the top running backs around, and tonight is only enhancing his reputation. The speed at which he can change direction is phenomenal!

Q3 15:00We're underway in the second half here, and a flag is thrown for an offside!

Q3 14:51The re-kick is taken from the 30-yard line as a penalty, and Jones is brought down just short of the 20.

Q3 14:41JJ Watt gets past his blocker and tap-tackles the runner to ensure that the Bengals make a loss. From the next scrimmage Dalton is forced to throw it away.

Q3 14:00Dalton takes an age to throw it, just dodging the sack before getting it away. It's incomplete, however and the Bengals will be forced punt.

Q3 13:51An early tackle gifts the Texans a 15-yard penalty as the receiver was prevented from fairly catching the ball.

Q3 13:04Foster shows another electric turn of pace to evade a tackle, but he's eventually brought down. From the restart Schaub goes for a long one which goes incomplete, but Lawson is penalised for the Bengals.

Q3 12:15Schaub sends the fake to Foster before actually throwing it to him, and he dives over the first down line. More gain from the running back.

Q3 11:57Big gain for the Texans! Johnson makes it to within 10 yards of the endzone by collecting Schaub's throw. 1st and goal, surely they have to get a touchdown now?


Q3 10:32The Texans finally get into the endzone, and it's Foster who rushes through to dive over the line. They should have got a TD long before now, but they'll be delighted to get one on the board. The kick is also good, so the Texans now have a 16-7 lead!

Q3 10:32That was a big moment in this match. The Bengals will need to pull something from up their sleeve that we have not seen so far tonight. They have been poor so far, but we know they can play better. Nine points is not an unassailable lead, but things will have to change.

Q3 10:20That's the first pass of the game to AJ Green. Amazing how it's so far into the match and that's the first time he has received the ball. The Bengals reset at 1st and 10.

Q3 9:06This is more like it from the Bengals! A huge 45-yard gain courtesy of Dalton's throw to Green puts them in Texans territory. Green is starting to get his hands on the ball more now!

Q3 7:58Dalton now seems to be looking solely for Green, but this latest one is incomplete as the throw is overzealous with Green in the endzone.

Q3 7:53Dalton has it knocked out of his arms, great defending! The field goal unit will come out for the Bengals, but Houston are challenging the ruling that Dalton's arm was going forward at the time of the tackle.

Q3 7:53Dalton did very well to hold onto the ball until his arm was in a forward motion, which makes it an incomplete pass. The ruling stands!

Q3 7:48FIELD GOAL! The Bengals move to within one score of the Texans with Brown's field goal, but Houston will be happy that they have come away from there having conceded just three points!

Q3 7:38RECORD! A nice little record for Foster here, he becomes the first player in NFL history to make 100+ yards in all of his first three play-off games.

Q3 6:28Foster gets his hands on the ball again as he makes it up to the 40-yard line for a first down.

Q3 5:56Schaub is forced to throw it out of bounds on the first down, so they will reset at 2nd and 10.

Q3 5:20Foster is given the ball yet again, this time getting just short of the first down line. Houston will punt it back to the Bengals...and Tate fumbles it! He just recovers in time to keep possession, however.

Q3 4:22The Bengals have been looking for Green more often in this second half, and you feel that he would be key to any comeback they might mount here.

Q3 4:18Watt intercepts an attempted throw with a trademark block. No-one does that better, and he seems to be telling Dalton exactly that!

Q3 3:49Big penalty against the Texans there as the Bengals are given five yards, which takes them into first down territory.

Q3 3:06INTERCEPTION! Joseph steps in front of Green to make a massive interception for the Texans! Not a great throw by Dalton, and not great play by Green either.

Q3 2:10The Texans now reset at 3rd and 4, but Daniel picks it up to send them over the first down line! Houston are now 1st and goal and have a real chance to move out of sight here!

Q3 1:04Brooks is penalised for holding, and the Texans are sent back ten yards for a first down. They are no 18-yards away, but still first and goal.

Q3 0:34Foster is given the ball and he makes a decent gain at the end of quarter number three, which ends with Houston 3rd and goal.

Q3 0:00END OF THIRD QUARTER: Bengals 10-16 Texans

11.58pmThe Texans end the quarter in a good position. A field goal would not be a bad thing to take from this attack as it would put them two scores clear, but a touchdown could well put the game beyond the Bengals.

Q4 14:50It looks like they will have to go for a field goal as they go 4th and goal...

Q4 14:17FIELD GOAL! ...and sure enough Graham comes on to kick a 24-yard field goal! They are now two scores clear, so have a bit of breathing space going into the final quarter, but it's another visit to the endzone without a touchdown for the Texans.

Q4 14:09The restart finds Tate, and he responds with a solid return of 37 yards.

Q4 13:28Green-Ellis burrows his way into Texan territory with a first down. They're 48 yards from the endzone now, and it looks like Dalton is having trouble letting everyone know what play they will be performing is due to the noise in the stadium!

Q4 11:26The Bengals are 4th and 1 and are going for it! They're just out of field goal range, will it backfire?

Q4 11:24No! Green-Ellis just makes it over the first down line by the skin of his teeth!

Q4 10:28CLOSE! Dalton sends a bomb downfield towards Green in the endzone, but Jackson just gets up in time to knock it out of Green's hands. Great defending to prevent the TD!

Q4 9:16FIELD GOAL! The Bengals are 4th and 2 so opt for the field goal from 46 yards. Brown jogs on a sends it straight down the middle! Great kick, and it brings Cincinnati back to within a score of the Texans.

Q4 9:03Manning takes a knee from the kick to take the Texans up to the 20-yard line.

Q4 8:53Casey gets good yardage - a gain of 21 - down the right and the Texans now sit on their own 40 yard line at first and down.

Q4 7:37Foster is just short of the first down line, and Houston will reset at 3rd and 2.

Q4 6:30The Texans remain cautious, choosing to punt at 4th and 1. The crowd aren't happy that they haven't been awarded a first down, and they're also unhappy that their team aren't going for the first down line!

Q4 6:11The punt is returned to the 20-yard line. A touchdown and kick would put them in the lead, could this spell of possession provide it?

Q4 6:06They make a good start to it! Dalton finds Green down the right and he spins away from his man before being hauled down for a 16-yard gain.

Q4 4:55Dalton is taken down by Reed from behind, the Bengals are at 3rd and 6!

Q4 4:16A false start for the Bengals means they are penalised by five yards. They are now 3rd and 11, that could prove to be a big penalty!

Q4 4:12But this one could be an even bigger one! An incomplete pass is ruled as pass interference and the Bengals have it at 1st and 10 fomr the 50.

Q4 2:57Dalton's throw to Gresham is incomplete! The Bengals are back at 3rd and 11, what can they do?

Q4 2:51Nothing! A long pass into the endzone is just too long and the Bengals are 4th and 11 with less than 3 minutes left, they have to go for it!

Q4 2:44The ball goes to Jones, but he is hounded down by two defenders some five yards short of the first down line, and the Texans have a turnover! That could be it for this one, folks!

Q4 2:33Foster has been a carrying machine today, and he makes another just short of the first down!

Q4 2:23Big penalty against the Bengals for unneccesary force in the tackle gifts the Texans a 15-yard penalty and first down. Surely they will be able to see it out from here?

Q4 1:47Foster makes yet another carry to reach the first and down. They are 30 yards from the endzone, and the celebrations are beginning on the touchline already.

Q4 0:00FULL-TIME: Cincinnati Bengals 13-19 Houston Texans

12.40amThere we have it! The Texans have beaten the Bengals in the AFC wildcard playoff match for the second season in a row!

12.41amThe first half was a lot closer than it should have been given Houston's dominance, but they finally got into the endzone in the second half and that, ultimately was the difference.

12.42amThe Texans will now go to New England to face the Patriots in the next round of the playoffs. They will have to play better there than they did today, but with the likes of Foster in full flow, they are capable of a win!

12.45amRight, that's it from me for tonight's action! Thank you for joining Sports Mole on a good night for the Houston Texans as they move one step closer to their Superbowl dream! Good night!

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