Live Commentary: Nick Kyrgios vs. Rafael Nadal - as it happened

Live coverage of the fourth-round Wimbledon match between world number one Rafael Nadal and Australia's Nick Kyrgios.

Australian teenager Nick Kyrgios has knocked world number one Rafael Nadal out in the fourth round at Wimbledon.

The world number 144 won the opening set in a tiebreak before the two-time champion edged him out in the second.

The 19-year-old got the better of the Spaniard in another tiebreak to claim the third before breaking his serve early in the fourth.

Read how all the action unfolded below:

3.58pmGood afternoon! World number one Rafael Nadal will be heading out to Centre Court to take on Australian teenager Nick Kyrgios for a place in the quarter-finals at Wimbledon.

4pmThe Spaniard has dropped a few sets on his way to the last 16, but has never really looked in too much trouble so far. Meanwhile, Kyrgios knocked out 13th seed Richard Gasquet on his run to the fourth round.

4.01pmThe players have just come onto the court. It's an unusually muted welcome for Nadal as the majority of the crowd are just taking a quick break following a lengthy women's match beforehand. You can be sure they'll all be back in their seats in time for the start of the match though.

4.04pmAs we mentioned in the introduction, Kyrgios is competing at Wimbledon for the first time. He's only actually played in four Grand Slams previously, and this is the first time that he has been beyond the second round. He has won the junior doubles at SW19 twice earlier in his career though, and is currently at a career-high 144th in the world.

4.06pmNadal has had a bit of a barren run at Wimbledon in the last couple of years, but still has an impressive record at this tournament. In his nine appearances at Wimbledon, Nadal has reached the final five times, and won the event twice, with his last title coming in 2010.

4.08pmHeading into the second week of the tournament, Kyrgios was actually the player that had made the most aces on the men's side of the draw. The 19-year-old hit 76 on his way to the fourth round, one more than Ukraine's Alexandr Dolgopolov. He's known for his powerful serve and impressive forehand so could cause a few problems for the second seed.

4.10pmThe players have completed their warmup and are ready to get the match underway with Kyrgios to serve first.

Kyrgios 1-0* NadalWhat a start from Kyrgios! The Australian hits two aces past the world number one, including one off a second serve, while Nadal returns a couple of long shots to allow his opponent to get the first game on the board without losing a point.

Kyrgios *1-1 NadalWhile Kyrgios relies on big, powerful serves, Nadal uses perfect placement to cause problems for the young Australian, who can only fire his first three returns long, before slicing a backhand into the net to allow Nadal to wrap up the game.

Kyrgios 2-1* NadalKyrgios quickly blasts another two aces past the world number one before making a double fault, but it doesn't appear to have fazed the teenager as he completes the game with another ace. Nadal just can't react quickly enough to his serve.

Kyrgios *2-2 NadalNadal opens the game with an ace, but Kyrgios gets his first point against the Spaniard's serve when the second seed makes a double fault. However, the world number one wins the game with a two-handed backhand down the line.

Kyrgios 3-2* NadalNadal gets into a couple of short rallies, but he can't get the better of Kyrgios, slicing his forehand wide before hitting another shot into the net to allow the Australian another comfortable hold of serve.

Kyrgios *3-3 NadalKyrgios makes a good start, picking up the first two points of the game when Nadal hits his forehands long, but he quickly levels the game. However, the Australian puts him under pressure by coming into the net, forcing Nadal to hit his forehand wide and present Kyrgios with a chance to break. The world number 144 tries to clinch it with a shot down the line, but it's fractionally wide, allowing Nadal to escape.

Kyrgios 4-3* NadalKyrgios notches up another two aces on his way to a comfortable hold. Nadal really hasn't come close to testing to testing the Australian's serve yet.

Kyrgios *4-4 NadalNadal leaves Kyrgios's first return, expecting it to go long, but he judges it wrong as the ball clips the line, but Nadal quickly levels with a volley close into the net. Kyrgios hits a fantastic forehand from the baseline to give himself another break point, but Nadal changes up hit shot selection with a couple of efforts from the net again to keep the set level.

Kyrgios 5-4* NadalKyrgios hits two more aces on his way to a 40-0 lead, but the Australian slices his backhand into the net before hitting a groundstroke long to give the Spaniard some hope, but another big serve sees him clinch the game. He's had chances to break against Nadal during the world number one's last two service games, and could wrap up the first set if he can put Nadal under pressure again in the next game.

4.42pmUPDATE: The winner of this match will face Milos Raonic in the quarter-finals following his 4-6 6-1 7-6 6-3 win over Kei Nishikori.

Kyrgios *5-5 NadalKyrgios shows some impressive shot placement to get the better of the world number one in a lengthy rally, but Nadal ultimately has a comfortable hold to keep himself in the first set.

Kyrgios 6-5* NadalKyrgios hits three more aces past the second seed to wrap up another game, and guarantee at least a tiebreak from the first set.

Kyrgios 6-6 NadalNadal appears to be in trouble as Kyrgios claims the first two points of the game with superb returns. However, the world number one produces a couple of good serves to level. Kyrgios fights hard in a rally, but sends his forehand just long to allow Nadal to take the lead, but a slice into the net from the Spaniard brings up deuce. Kyrgios has a set point but Nadal saves it before raising his game to force the set to a tiebreak.

TIEBREAK!Kyrgios 1-0* Nadal

TIEBREAK!Kyrgios 2-0* Nadal. Kyrgios gets the minibreak following a 16-stroke rally.

TIEBREAK!Kyrgios *3-0 Nadal

TIEBREAK!Kyrgios *4-0 Nadal

TIEBREAK!Kyrgios 4-1* Nadal. Nadal finally gets on the board when Kyrgios mis-hits his backhand.

TIEBREAK!Kyrgios 4-2* Nadal

TIEBREAK!Kyrgios *4-3 Nadal

TIEBREAK!Kyrgios *5-3 Nadal

TIEBREAK!Kyrgios *6-3 Nadal. An ace brings up set point for the Australian.

TIEBREAK!Kyrgios 6-4* Nadal

TIEBREAK!Kyrgios *6-5 Nadal. Kyrgios has one more set point, but this time it's on his own serve.

4.59pmSET! Nick Kyrgios 7-6 [5] Rafael Nadal

5.01pmWhat a performance from Nick Kyrgios to wrap up the first set in a tiebreak against world number one Rafael Nadal. The Aussie's big serve has caused problems for the Spaniard throughout the set, so it's fitting that the teenager wraps the set up with an ace, his 13th of the match so far.

5.03pmNadal is yet to win a first set at Wimbledon this year. In his previous matches he's managed to come back strongly, and he'll need to do the same this afternoon if he's to remain in the competition.

Kyrgios 7-6[5] *0-1 NadalNadal starts the second set with a solid hold of serve, opening the set with an ace before a couple of long returns from Kyrgios hand him the game.

Kyrgios 7-6[5] 1-1* NadalNadal seems to be returning the Kyrgios serve better at the start of the second set than he managed in the opener, but the Australian still gets the better of him with some fantastic groundstrokes to clinch the game.

Kyrgios 7-6[5] *1-2 NadalKyrgios pulls off a couple of brilliant returns to take the game with 30-30, but he fires long on the net point before Nadal picked out the sideline to seal the game.

Kyrgios 7-6[5] 2-2* NadalNadal really seems to have upped his game against Kyrgios's serve now as he makes a couple of powerful returns to take the lead against the Australian's serve for the first time in the match, but the teenager is quickly back on form, delivering a quick serve down the line before following it up with back-to-back aces.

Kyrgios 7-6[5] *2-3 NadalKyrgios pulls off a stunning return to take the game to 30-30, but blasts the ball wide on the next point before Nadal forces another error from the young Australian as he holds serve.

Kyrgios 7-6[5] 3-3* NadalNadal gets an early lead when Kyrgios serves a double fault, before Nadal gets the better of him at the net. However, Kyrgios is able to level with a big serve, before edging in front with a superb cross-court volley, which he celebrates as if he's won the match! At deuce, Kyrgios picks up the sideline with a forehand to bring up advantage, but Nadal keeps the game alive with a winner down the sideline. However, an ace, followed by a serve into Nadal's body sees out the game. That's probably the best game the world number one has had against his opponent's serve in this match, but he's still yet to have a break point against him.

Kyrgios 7-6[5] *3-4 NadalNadal quickly takes a 40-0 lead, but Kyrgios keeps himself in the game with a cheeky shot between the legs. However, he fires his forehand into the net on the next point to keep the set on serve.

Kyrgios 7-6[5] 4-4* NadalWell Nadal had been starting to look a little more threatening against the Kyrgios serve, but the Australian comfortably holds this time around, firing yet another ace past the second seed on his way, before sealing the game with a winner to the sideline.


Kyrgios 7-6[5] *4-5 NadalNadal serves up a double fault early in the game, but recovers with an ace before Kyrgios hits his forehand to the net and the world number one wraps up up with a forehand winner. The second seed can level the match if he can break the Australian in the next game, although he hasn't had a break point yet today.

Kyrgios 7-6[5] 5-5* NadalWell there's no chance of a break point for Nadal in that game as Kyrgios continues to place his serves superbly, including notching up another ace in a comfortable service game.

Kyrgios 7-6[5] *5-6 NadalNadal keeps the pressure on his opponent as his ensures that he will get at least a tiebreak out of this set. The world number one races to a 40-0 lead before Kyrgios gets a point back with a stunning return, but Nadal seals it with a big serve to leave his opponent serving to stay in the set again.

5.46pmSET! Nick Kyrgios 7-6[5] 5-7 Rafael Nadal

5.48pmNadal finally manages to break the Kyrgios serve, and it gets him back on level terms in this match. The Australian saved a set point when Nadal hit his backhand into the net, but a couple of forehand errors allowed the world number one to secure the game.

Kyrgios 7-6[5] 5-7 *0-1 NadalNadal makes a solid start to the set as he looks to take the lead in the match for the first time. It looks like the pressure is just starting to get to the young Australian a little as he makes a string of errors to give Nadal the game.

Kyrgios 7-6[5] 5-7 1-1* NadalWell there were no signs of pressure there from Kyrgios as all four of the Australian's serves are returned long from the world number one to give the 19-year-old a comfortable hold.

Kyrgios 7-6[5] 5-7 *1-2 NadalKyrgios returns well early on to force a mistake from Nadal, but the Spaniard responds with an ace before Kyrgios hits his forehand into the net.

Kyrgios 7-6[5] 5-7 2-2* NadalTwo aces help Kyrgios to a 40-15 lead, but a long backhand followed by a wide backhand take the game to deuce. However, the teenager responds with an ace before Nadal slices his backhand into the net to keep the set on serve.

Kyrgios 7-6[5] 5-7 *2-3 NadalNadal quickly gets another hold of serve on the board as he hits a couple of superb forehand winners past his opponents before wrapping the game up with an ace.

Kyrgios 7-6[5] 5-7 3-3* NadalKyrgios cruises to a quick hold as Nadal returns his first two serves to the net before the Australian picks up another ace and seals the game when Nadal fires long.

Kyrgios 7-6[5] 5-7 *3-4 NadalAt 30-30, Kyrgios tries too hard to bring up a break point, firing his forehand well long, but he does force the game to deuce when he slices his backhand down the sideline, but Nadal gets advantage with an ace before a long forehand from Kyrgios hands the world number one the game.

Kyrgios 7-6[5] 5-7 4-4* NadalKyrgios mis-hits a forehand volley close into the net to keep Nadal in the game, but he fires on ace past his opponent before Nadal blasts a forehand long. The Australian is still proving a tricky customer for the second seed.

Kyrgios 7-6[5] 5-7 *4-5 NadalNadal quickly wraps up the game without dropping a point, hitting a solid volley at the net before wrapping it up with a forehand winner to leave him just one game from a 2-1 lead.

Kyrgios 7-6[5] 5-7 5-5* NadalNadal fights hard to try and get the set wrapped up, taking the game to deuce, but Kyrgios fires back-to-back aces past his opponent to keep the set level.

Kyrgios 7-6[5] 5-7 *5-6 NadalKyrgios will have to serve to keep himself in the set again as Nadal hits a series of solid forehand winners past the Australian.

Kyrgios 7-6[5] 5-7 6-6 NadalKygios recovers from set point down with an ace before serving out the game to take the set to a tiebreak. He's already won one tiebreak this afternoon.

TIEBREAK!Kyrgios *1-0 Nadal

TIEBREAK!Kyrgios *1-1 Nadal

TIEBREAK!Kyrgios 2-1* Nadal

TIEBREAK!Kyrgios 2-2* Nadal

TIEBREAK!Kyrgios *3-2 Nadal

TIEBREAK!Kyrgios *3-3 Nadal

TIEBREAK!Kyrgios 4-3* Nadal

TIEBREAK!Kyrgios 4-4* Nadal

TIEBREAK!Kyrgios *4-5 Nadal

TIEBREAK!Kyrgios *5-5 Nadal.

TIEBREAK!Kyrgios 6-5* Nadal. A backhand errors from Nadal gives the Australian set point.

TIEBREAK!SET! Nick Kyrgios 7-6[5] 5-7 7-6[5] Rafael Nadal

6.40pmNadal misses his first serve, allowing Kyrgios to attack his second, which forcing the world number one to slice his forehand wide, giving the Australian teenager the set. The 19-year-old has looked pretty composed throughout the match, and is showing no signs of crumbling in his first appearance on Centre Court.

Kyrgios 7-6[5] 5-7 7-6[5] 1-0* NadalKyrgios loses the first couple of points with forehand errors, but quickly recovers with a couple of aces, before a forehand mistake from the world number one gives the Aussie the lead, and he seals it with another ace. It seems nothing fazes this guy!

Kyrgios 7-6[5] 5-7 7-6[5] *1-1 NadalKyrgios seems to be growing in confidence as he tries some ambitious returns in a bid to create a break point opportunity at 30-30, but his forehand goes just long, before Nadal seals the game with an ace.

Kyrgios 7-6[5] 5-7 7-6[5] 2-1* NadalKyrgios fires another two aces past his opponent on his way to another comfortable hold of serve, as he doesn't appear to be losing any intensity during his own service games. Incidentally, the players have now been on court for 2 hours 40 minutes!

Kyrgios 7-6[5] 5-7 7-6[5] *3-1 NadalBREAK! Oh my word, Kyrgios is 2-1 and a break up against world number one Rafael Nadal. This was not in the script! Nadal appears to have the game under control as he hits a superb forehand winner, but an error on the next point brings up deuce. The Australian gets the break point with a stunning backhand winner before Nadal launches the ball well long. That's the first time that the Spaniard has been broken, and he's only broken his opponent once, he's in trouble here.

Kyrgios 7-6[5] 5-7 7-6[5] 4-1* NadalThe Australian quickly consolidates the break with another solid service game. Nadal keeps the game level, but a backhand mistake from the two-time Wimbledon champion allows the teenager to edge ahead before sealing the game with a powerful forehand.

Kyrgios 7-6[5] 5-7 7-6[5] *4-2 NadalNadal is back on form on serve, as he eases his way to a hold without the Australian picking up a point, but now he faces the prospect of trying to get the break back.

Kyrgios 7-6[5] 5-7 7-6[5] 5-2* NadalKyrgios survives a couple of errors, including a shocking mis-hits at the net, to hold his serve, and he's now just one game from a place in the quarter-finals. On his way to the hold, he hit his 36th ace of the match! Big game coming up for Nadal now.

Kyrgios 7-6[5] 5-7 7-6[5] *5-3 NadalNadal is going to make Kyrgios try to serve it out as the world number one fires a couple of aces past the youngster before wrapping it up with a delicate shot at the net. It's probably not exaggerating to say that this is biggest game of the Aussie's career coming up.

7.09pmKyrgios races to a 40-0 lead to bring up three match points

7.09pmGAME, SET & MATCH! 7-6[5] 5-7 7-6[5] 6-3 Rafael Nadal

7.11pmWhat a performance from Nick Kyrgios. He's knocked the world number one out of Wimbledon in four sets to secure a place in the quarter-finals at his first appearance at the tournament. Fittingly, the winning point came off an ace.

7.13pmMuch as he'll want to celebrate that victory, Kyrgios will quickly have to focus on his last-eight clash, as he'll face Canada's Milos Raonic tomorrow.

7.14pmWell that's all from this match, but stick around to read reports and reaction to today's results, including Nadal's shock exit, and join us again tomorrow as the men's quarter-finals get underway and the women's last-eight round continues. Until then, thanks for joining me this evening, goodbye.

Spain's Rafael Nadal celebrates beating Slovakia's Martin Klizan during their men's singles first round match on day two of the 2014 Wimbledon Championships at The All England Tennis Club in Wimbledon, southwest London, on June 24, 2014
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