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Live Commentary: Jerzy Janowicz vs. Andy Murray - as it happened

Read how Andy Murray reached his fourth Grand Slam final in a row by coming from behind to defeat Jerzy Janowicz and set up a meeting with Novak Djokovic on Sunday.
Live Commentary: Janowicz vs. Murray - as it happened
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The pressure on Andy Murray ahead of today's Wimbledon semi-final was maybe the biggest he'd ever felt.

The Scot was up against 24th-seeded Pole Jerzy Janowicz, in his first ever Grand Slam semi, and knew that he would set up a Sunday showdown with world number one Novak Djokovic with victory.

After a shaky start, the Scot won sets two, three and four to reach his fourth-straight Slam final.

Read how the drama unfolded, both without and with the Centre Court roof, in our minute-by-minute updates below.

After a quick breather here at Sports Mole, it's finally time for the second men's semi-final at Wimbledon.

If you somehow missed the first semi-final then it's essential that you recap. Read our summary of Novak Djokovic's epic win over Juan Martin del Potro here or relive it all in our previous commentary here.

That Djokovic-Del Potro battle was the longest semi-final in Wimbledon history. If Murray and Janowicz go for a similar time tonight then they won't finish the match!

H2H: The head-to-head record between these two reads one win apiece. Murray's victory was four years ago though and it's more significant that Janowicz beat the Scot last year in Paris.

Warm-ups done. The players have had ages to wait and they're eager to start. It'll be Murray to serve first. Who will be victorious and set up a final with Djokovic?

Murray sprints to a 40-0 lead in the opening game before Janowicz showcases his variety of talents with a booming forehand followed by a drop shot and volley winner.

An easy hold for Murray there. Janowicz is not afraid to go for his shots and the pace he puts on the ball is a good thing for Murray to use.

Now we'll see 6'8" Janowicz's humungous serve.

Or will we? It's a nervy start from the Pole as he has two second-serve lets before Murray races to his drop shot and flicks away a backhand winner.

Janowicz's opening first serve is 140mph. That equals his tournament high.

He is prone to a double fault though and does so to bring us back to 30-30.

It wasn't the convincing service game that we expected but Janowicz does come through to level up the set.

Early on in this game you feel that Janowicz has to calm down on his forehand. He's going for too much and keeps hitting the net.

A second hold to 15 for Muzza. It's unlikely that Janowicz will threaten much on his serve. The deciding factor is probably going to be whether Murray can trouble the colossal Janowicz service.

Janowicz opens up the fourth game with two HUGE serves but Murray reminds him to get more of those in with a flashing forehand pass. 30-15.

A second double fault of the match from Janowicz and it's BREAK POINT MURRAY...

The Pole saves it with a big second serve that Murray frames just past the baseline.

A chance for Murray there but he couldn't take it and we remain on serve as the Scot's pass down the line bounces just out at advantage.

Best rally of the match so far goes Murray's way at 30-0. The Scot defended brilliantly with Janowicz not holding back with his forehand before coming to net and watching Janowicz's lob drift out.

12-2. That's Murray's record on serve as he holds to love for the first time.

You have to say that on this early showing Janowicz isn't mature or tactically astute enough to blow away someone of Murray's calibre. If he can continue to serve so well he could take us to a tie-break or two and anything can happen once one of those starts.

Janowicz seals a hold to 30 with a second smash after Murray prodded back the first. The Pole swats it away angrily and it bounces so high that it almost joins the famous faces in the Royal Box.

A fourth simple hold of serve for Murray. He wraps it up with an ACE, his second. Can he now trouble Janowicz's mighty serve?

Janowicz gets his first love-hold. It shows how good Murray's reaction times are as he's only had one ace so far. However, he's won 12/13 points when he's got his first serve in so it does set up the point quite well!

One shot that Janowicz isn't afraid to use is the drop shot. He stands very close to the baseline during rallies and that proximity to the net allows him to surprise Murray on regular occasions.

Andy matches Jerzy in holding to love. The game is won as the Pole dumps a careless forehand into the net. He has to take a little bit of pace off that and get more shots into play.

Janowicz has now made 10 unforced errors to Murray's solitary one. He's now serving to stay in the set.

A poor half-volley from Janowicz at the net and Murray sniffs the set at 15-30.

More iffy play at the net from the Pole and it's TWO SET POINTS FOR MUZZA...

Janowicz serves down the middle but it kicks up off the paint. One saved.

Both saved! The Pole misses his first serve but finds a second one down the middle that Murray hits into the net.

Huge hold for Janowicz there as Murray again fails to return a second serve at advantage. Gritty stuff from the 22-year-old.

Janowicz shows great athleticism to reach Murray's drop shot and carve a winner down the line to make it 15-15. Murray responds with an ACE on the next.

A naff slice from Murray at 40-15 but he ensures that he holds with a fifth ace of the match. Amazing that Janowicz has just one.

As Janowicz takes a 30-0 lead, both men have won 80% of points when they've got their first serve in.

Into a tie-break we go as Janowicz holds to love.

Janowicz *1-0 Murray. The Pole gets a mini-break straight away. Is it possible for Murray to get that back?

Janowicz *2-0 Murray

Janowicz 3-0* Murray. ACE!

Janowicz 4-0* Murray. Horrible drive-volley from Murray and he's now two mini-breaks down. That's the set gone you have to say.

Janowicz *4-1 Murray

Janowicz *4-2 Murray. That's one break back! Superb from Murray.

Janowicz 5-2* Murray. Murray does what he needs to by starting a rally but he can do nothing about Janowicz's forehand that puffs up paint as hits the line.

Janowicz 6-2* Murray. FOUR SET POINTS FOR JANOWICZ...

SET! Murray double faults and that's the first set for Janowicz.

Tie-breaks were expected but Murray's performance in the breaker there was not good. He had three break points in the set, two of which were set points, so perhaps he only has himself to blame for not closing it out sooner.

Janowicz will open the serving in this second set. Murray has to get more serves back and an early break would be just lovely.

Janowicz again with the drop shot and Murray decides to hit the reply straight at him and it pays off. 15-30.

DOUBLE FAULT from Jano and it's two break points straight away from Murray in this second set.

A 137mph serve up the middle saves the first.

BREAK! Another double from the Pole and that's the perfect way to respond to losing the first set by Murray.

Murray holds to love to consolidate the break. He ties up the game with an assured volley from the baseline with Janowicz going for the winner.

Much better from Janowicz on serve as he also holds to love. The Pole didn't look capable of breaking Murray in the first set. Can he do so to level up the second?

I wonder what the odds would have been on Murray serving more aces than Janowicz? He now has seven to the Pole's three after another love-hold.

Two unforced errors off the backhand wing of Janowicz and he's in trouble again on serve at 15-30.


They both go begging. First Murray hit the net before Janowicz aced his way out of trouble.

Four points in a row for the Pole sees him hold serve and not go a double break behind in the second set.

Encouraging start for Janowicz as he looks to break back. Murray is all over the Pole but one forehand pops up off the tape to allow the Pole to approach and he puts away a backhand volley.

Murray's in trouble at 0-30 and he goes for a drop shot that comes off as Janowicz hits it out.

Back to 30-30 now as Janowicz hits out after a tame second serve from Murray. Just 73mph.

BREAK-BACK POINT JANOWICZ as Murray casually hits long with a volley. Huge point, this.

Saved! It was Janowicz's first break point of the match and he returned well to get into the point. He then controlled the rally but spurned the chance with a forehand error.

Murray comes through his toughest examination so far on serve to remain a break ahead in the second set.

Murray looking to do what he couldn't in Janowicz's last service game and open up a double-break advantage. 30-30.

The Pole doesn't allow him the chance. Rifling a stunning forehand down the line at 40-30 to hold.

Janowicz again takes the first point on Murray's serve, getting lucky with a net cord with both men up at the net. Murray responds with an unreturnable serve up the T.

Uh oh! Murray goes long with a backhand and Janowicz has TWO BREAK-BACK POINTS...

Brave second serve from Murray saves the first.

ACE! Brilliant from Murray.

A third BREAK POINT for Janowicz...

And another big serve from Murray saves it!

Giant roar from Centre Court as Murray opens up game point with some accurate forehands to both wings. He holds on the next as Janowicz nets and that's a massive moment in this match.

Wild forehand from Janowicz at 30-0 after he should have challenged a first serve that was in. He's now at 40-15 though as Murray is lobbed and can't swipe the forehand back into play.

A double fault from Jerzy brings it back to 40-30 but he wins the next to force Murray to serve it out.

Good start to the game for Murray as he delivers his ninth ACE of the match at 129mph.

SET! Three unreturnable serves from Murray move him to 40-0 before a missed forehand prevents a love-hold. He gets the job done on the next though with another 129mph serve that Janowicz balloons up and out.

As the two men return to their chairs, Janowicz is understandably frustrated and is berating umpire Jake Garner for not telling him when the roof will be closed because of the dimming evening light. Surely under a clear sky like this we'll have at least another hour of play without needing the roof and artificial light.

Janowicz has the advantage of serving first in the third but doesn't get off to the most convincing start as Murray tracks down his drop shot and pokes a forehand winner onto the baseline.

Tweet from @BBCSport: "Murray v Janowicz semi-final will continue under the roof if needs be until 2300 BST, #Wimbledon organisers confirm."

Murray managed to lob 6'8" Janowicz to make it 30-30 and nervy for the Pole. However, the 24th seed comes through to not surrender his serve at the first time of asking like he did in the second.

Horrific volley miss from Murray to start his opening service game in the third.

Murray wins the next but it's Janowicz looking dangerous at 15-30 now.

HUGE slice of luck from Janowicz with a dead net cord and he has TWO BREAK POINTS...

Murray's now into double figures with ACES as he saves the first.

Make that 11! Fabulous serving from the Scot.

Three in a row for Murray brings up game point.

That's a big, big hold from Muzza. Janowicz has had six break points and not taken a single one!

That's in part down to Janowicz faltering but mainly because of Murray's impressive serving when he is break point down.

Murray got into a few rallies in that game but was overpowered by Janowicz, who held to 15.

Janowicz is getting very ratty about the roof issue. It's definitely not dark enough yet so just keep schtum laddie.

Both men have hit 26 winners but Janowicz is well ahead on the unforced-error count with 27 to Murray's 14.

Sublime slice from Janowicz and he's got ANOTHER BREAK POINT...

BREAK! Who saw this coming after the second set? Janowicz breaks as Murray chooses to drop shot and it's a poor one. Janowicz shows him how to do with the next to seal his first break of the match.

A missed forehand followed by a double fault and it's 15-30 Murray.

Murray with an excellent return but Janowicz wrongfoots the Scot with a forehand back behind him.

Janowicz's 100th ACE of the tournament takes him to game point but we're now at deuce.

Despite the pressure from Murray, Janowicz comes through that tough service game to consolidate the break with another ace. He had three in that game alone. One less than he'd had in the entire game before that.

A hold as easy as they come for Murray. Can he now snap the Janowicz serve to level the third back up?

The longest rally of the match at 23 strokes ends with Murray just getting to Janowicz's drop shot but the Pole is there and ready to put the volley away.

His drop shot at 30-15 isn't quite as good though and Murray is within two points of a break as he swipes away a backhand winner.

BREAK-BACK POINT MURRAY! His topspin forehand is underhit and it just creeps over the net via the tape.

BREAK BACK! Delight inside Centre Court as Janowicz goes to the drop shot again and Murray is equal to it, sprinting to the net before lashing the forehand winner away.

To be honest, I really didn't see that coming after Janowicz broke. It's now over to the Scot to hold serve and level up the set.

What a way to hold! After a drop volley to start, Murray delivers three ACES in a row to seal it.

Murray's now up to 17 aces, 10 more than Janowicz!

It's now 0-30 to Murray and seven points in a row for the Scot. Janowicz doesn't get his dink at the net over and slaps the tape angrily with his racket, turning the crowd against him even more.


BREAK! Janowicz saves the first with a drop shot but he hits out on the second and that's five games in a row for Murray.

Murray's up-the-line backhand just swerves out and Janowicz is threatening a break back at 15-30.

Two BIG serves from Murray and he's got SET POINT...

Drama! Murray gets to Janowicz's drop shot but pops it up for the Pole who just lashes a backhand straight at the Scot's body. Back to deuce.


That is so good from Murray. He was 4-1 down earlier in the set but managed to reel off five in a row.

The tournament referee has just told Murray that the roof is now closing. The Scot is absolutely furious and says that the only reason they're doing so is because of Janowicz's whinging there in the third set.

If the crowd weren't on Janowicz's back enough already, this is sure to turn them completely against him.

Murray correctly argues that there is still at least 45 minutes of light left today and all three sets have taken around that long.

Here's Eurosport man Tom Adams on Twitter: "Crazy. I'm in my flat in SW and it's lovely outside."

Surely the players should keep playing until they're forced to stop. They've made a point throughout the Championships that this is an outdoor tournament so why stop now? Especially with the momentum that the home favourite has after winning five games in a row.

In the past they've played until about 9.30pm so they could have possibly got another set in. Strange call from the officials.

Janowicz was gunning for the match to be stopped throughout the set and perhaps that is because when the roof is on the ball is said to travel a tad faster, which will help his mighty serves.

However, the roof being on will increase the decibel count and atmosphere inside Centre Court even more. Murray has to imagine that it's rained and that this stoppage was forced.

We're just nipping off for a quick glass of water ahead of the restart. We'll be back in five minutes or so. Don't fret.

WE'RE BACK! And so are Murray and Janowicz. They now have a five-minute warm-up for the change of conditions.

It's good to see that there is still plenty of people on 'Henman Hill' even though we're now past 9pm. Hopefully almost everyone will return who had a ticket for Centre Court as well.

"Time," calls umpire Garner. Both men return to their chairs before the resumption.

Good start to the fourth set for Murray as he races to Janowicz's drop shot and curls away a winner. 15-30.

Murray's in the rally on the next point as well but he can do little about Janowicz's heavy hitting.

Janowicz ends the run of five games against him by holding to 30.

Three missed forehands in a row from Janowicz sees Murray hold to love. Great way to get over the whole roof debacle.

Incredible passing shot from Murray! Janowicz attacks the Scot's forehand and somehow the number two seed curls a pass around the Pole's giant wingspan. 0-15.

DOUBLE FAULT from Janowicz at 15-30 and Murray has a pair of early break points in the set...

He saves the first by getting an overhead just inside the baseline. So close to messing that up.

BREAK! There it is! Murray blocks back Janowicz's serve and the Pole nets a forehand to gift his opponent the advantage.

Perfect way to back up the break from Murray. He holds to love and wraps it up with an ace for good measure.

Janowicz asserts some authority by streaking to 40-0 but then duffs a double fault.

And now the Pole slaps a backhand wide. If Murray breaks again here then that's that.

We are back to deuce after a brilliantly low slice from Murray is followed by a forehand pass.

Janowicz holds firm though with two serves that aren't returned after that wobble.

Murray rockets down his 20th ACE to move 30-15 ahead. As if Janowicz has under half of that with eight.

Murray loses the first point on serve but rattles off the next four to move within a couple of games of a final against Novak Djokovic.

Janowicz produces the coolest of drop shots at 40-0 to wrap up the game and put the pressure back on Muzza.

Murray pulls off a stupendous forehand to the corner to move 30-0 ahead.

WHAT A SHOT! Janowicz attacks the Murray second serve but the Scot's backhand is low and forces Janowicz into a tough volley. Murray show have an easy forehand pass but Janowicz guesses right and they have a mini duel at the net before Murray curls an overhead winner from the back of the court after the ball had bounced over his head. Incredible.

"One more, one more!" screams Murray's girlfriend Kim as he holds to love. She's right Andy, you're almost there.

Murray is all over another Janowicz drop shot but this time the Pole anticipates where he's going with his pass and sticks away the volley. 30-15.

Janowicz with his 10th double fault on the next though and Murray is two points away.



The Scot steps into a forehand return and swats it away for a clean winner. Cue wild celebrations inside Centre.

Murray's achievement is his fourth straight Grand Slam final. That's a phenomenal effort.

That's all we've got time for here on Sports Mole. Thanks for joining us for what has been one of the great days of tennis. Ever. Recap it all on our hub of Wimbledon stories here. We'll be back tomorrow for the ladies' final here on SM from 1.30pm. See you then.

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