Live Commentary: ICC Champions Trophy Final: England vs. India - as it happened

Live Commentary: England vs. India - as it happened
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Live text coverage of the Champions Trophy final between England and India at Edgbaston that is won by the Asian giants.

England and India met on Sunday to decide the winners of the Champions Trophy in the final at Edgbaston.

Regular showers put the match at threat at one stage but the contest finally started just after 4.00pm, with the match being reduced to 20 overs per side.

India were asked to bat first on a difficult pitch and were frustrated by England's accurate bowling, with Ravi Bopara taking three wickets to reduce the batting side to 129-7.

Despite losing a couple of wickets early in their reply, England looked to be cruising as Bopara (30) and Eoin Morgan (33) started to accumulate runs at a good rate in the middle of the innings.

However, India fought back thanks to some fantastic bowling and a couple of disappointing dismissals from England's point of view handed the control to MS Dhoni's side, who held their nerve to secure a five-run win.

Read below to find out how India were crowned Champions Trophy winners on a thrilling evening at Edgbaston.

10.00amGood morning. We've seen some fantastic innings, some world-class bowling displays and a few thrilling matches in the last couple of weeks. Today is what it has all been for, the ICC Champions Trophy final. England and India are the two teams left, who will hold their nerve?

10.01amBREAKING NEWS: England win the toss and Alastair Cook chooses to bowl. That's a very good start to the morning for the hosts, who will have been desperate to bowl on a gloomy day in Edgbaston.

10.02amINDIA: Dhawan, Rohit, Kohli, Karthik, Raina, Dhoni, Jadeja, Ashwin, Kumar, Sharma, Yadav

10.03amENGLAND: Cook, Bell, Trott, Root, Morgan, Buttler, Bopara, Bresnan, Broad, Tredwell, Anderson

10.04amJust the one change for England as Tim Bresnan returns to the side to replace Steven Finn following the birth of his son. James Tredwell keeps his place in the team as Graeme Swann misses out. India are unchanged.

10.08amCook will be delighted to be chasing today. There is some bad weather expected at some point today but hopefully any delays will be short so we can get a full game today.

10.12amEngland will be hoping the ball swings this morning. If it does, James Anderson and Stuart Broad will be able to put India under pressure. However, they will be tested by Rohit Sharma and the tournament's leading run scorer, Shikhar Dhawan.

10.19amIt's a simple prediction to make really but the first hour of this game will be crucial. India's top order have been in brilliant form in the tournament but they could struggle against the skill of Anderson. Karthik, Dhoni and Raina have barely been tested in the tournament, so England will want them in early on.

10.20amCook at the toss: "Everyone has really enjoyed the tournament and now we are one win away from winning it. Let's hope we enjoy the game. India have been unbeaten and are the form team, but hopefully we can out them under some pressure."

10.24amBoth sides are now heading out for the national anthems. Edgbaston is filling up nicely now. Plenty of Indian supporters in the ground.

10.28amJust as the Indian national anthem is played, it begins to rain again. The covers are back on but let's hope it's just a shower.

10.29amIt certainly won't be a 10.30am start. Both sides are heading back inside as the ground staff bring on all the covers. What a shame.

10.33amIt's pretty dark around Edgbaston at the moment. Plenty of umbrellas up in the crowd. The forecast suggested the rain wouldn't come this early, so it's unclear how long the delay will be.

10.38amIt hasn't been a heavy shower and, fortunately for us, it hasn't been a long one either. The ground staff are taking off the covers now.

10.43amI must offer you an apology for getting your hopes up there. The rain has returned and the covers are back on. It could be one of those days in Edgbaston.

10.48amThe umpires will not the start the game while rain, no matter how heavy, is falling. However, if we can start the match it's quite likely that they'll play in light drizzle.

10.55amWe won't lose any overs until 11.30am but it looks like we'll have regular showers throughout the day. A shortened game would surely suit India.

11.01amI'm sorry to say that the rain is starting to fall much more heavily now at Edgbaston. It's more than a light shower now, so we could be set for a reduced game.

11.04amThere is expected to be some gaps between showers today but if the game is a abandoned England and India will share the trophy. We don't what that to happen, obviously. However, there's a good chance of a shortened game.

11.11amIf you missed the team news earlier this morning, England have chosen to keep Tredwell in the side and Swann misses out. Tredwell's record in ODIs has been brilliant in the past 18 months and he fully deserves his place in the team.

11.20amThe ground staff are busy in the middle but they're struggling against the conditions at the moment. There doesn't seem to be a break in the clouds coming any time soon.

11.26amThe heavy showers have started to disappear but the outfield does look very wet at the moment, so we could be delayed a bit longer yet.

11.36amThe umpires are out in the middle expecting the field of play. We're waiting for confirmation of a new start time.

11.40amIt's beginning to brighten up around Edgbaston. The umpires have headed back inside to allow the ground staff to prepare the field of play. Another inspection will take place at 12.00pm, so it's vital that no more rain falls in the next 20 minutes.

11.46amWe needed it to stay dry before the inspection but some rain has started to fall again. It's becoming an incredibly frustrating day at Edgbaston.

11.50amWe must have 20 overs per side for a game to be completed today. That means we need around three hours of play. We've still got plenty of time but these showers could be a nuisance all day.

11.57amEngland may have been happier to play a full game today. A shortened game could suit India, who have plenty of Twenty20 specialists in their side.

12.02pmIt's heavy rain. I'm sorry but it's the truth. This delay will surely go on for a bit longer yet. It will also take quite a while to clear the outfield, which is very wet.

12.09pmThe umpires have confirmed that an early lunch will be taken at 12.30pm and that the next inspection will take place when conditions permit. Judging by the grey clouds in Edgbaston, we could be made to wait for quite a while.

12.15pmAfter two weeks of brilliant cricket, we could be beaten by the weather on the final day of the tournament. There's no reserve day, which is madness in my opinion.

12.21pmWe've lost almost an hour of overs already today. That means this game will be shortened considerably and both sides will be forced to change their tactics.

12.25pmWe'll take a quick break from the coverage of the rain during the lunch break. I'll be back in around 30 minutes with better news regarding the chances of play, hopefully.

12.52pmWelcome back. Still no sign of the umpires yet as the rain continues to fall at Edgbaston. It's almost two and a half hours of play lost due to the bad weather.

12.57pmEngland will bowl first if we get finally get the match underway. The umpires won't appear again until the rain has stopped. It's not as heavy as it has been but the drizzle remains.

1.05pmIndia and England have been the two best sides in the tournament and deserve to be in this final. However, sharing the trophy will not be a great way for this competition to end.

1.08pmThe current tournament is expected to be the final Champions Trophy to be played, with the ICC choosing to promote the Test Championship instead. It will be a shame though. A short Champions Trophy seems to provide much more entertainment than the World Cup.

1.14pmWe need the game to start at around 4.15pm to have at least a 20 overs per side match. At the moment there is still some light rain falling. The ground staff have suggested that it would take between 45 minutes and an hour of dry weather for the field of play to be prepared.

1.22pmEven though it's not heavy rain, the dark clouds will be the main concern at the moment. I'm guessing we'd need to get started in the next couple of hours.

1.27pmIf this game does finally begin, India will be relying on their openers to start the innings well. Dhawan has been in scintillating form and has been well supported by Rohit Sharma. However, it will also be important for the likes of Karthik and Raina to fire too.

1.34pmWhen the host broadcaster begins showing highlights of the World Twenty20 from 2012, you know it's not good news. Still raining, still no play.

1.42pmI'd like to remind you that Sports Mole will be bringing you live text coverage of the two Twenty20 matches between England and New Zealand this week. Join me for the first match on Tuesday at 6pm.

1.49pmI've got some bad news. Well, worse news than before. The rain is heavier than ever at Edgbaston and chances of play are beginning to fade.

1.53pmThe target time will probably be 3.30pm. If the rain stops before then, we can still get a game on. Any longer and the trophy will be shared.

2.00pmThere's still plenty of supporters inside the ground eagerly anticipating some sort of game. The Indian supporters are still singing even as the rain continues to fall. Superb fans, let's hope they see a match.

2.07pmIf you've forgotten how these two sides qualified for the final, I'll give you a quick reminder. India cruised through to the semi-finals as winners of Group B following victories over South Africa, the West Indies and Pakistan. In the final four they dominated Sri Lanka to win by eight wickets in Cardiff.

2.10pmEngland started the competition with a victory over rivals Australia, before losing to a Kumar Sangakkara inspired Sri Lanka in their second group game. A win in a shortened match over New Zealand booked their spot in the semi-finals, where they obliterated South Africa's top order to secure a convincing triumph.

2.18pmThe official cut-off time is 4.17pm but the umpires have suggested that due to the heavy rain in Edgbaston it will now take an hour to prepare the pitch and outfield. That's an hour of dry weather, something we've yet to enjoy today.

2.25pmIt's stopped raining at Edgbaston and the umpires have appeared in the middle. They're inspecting the outfield now. I'll inform you when they give us official word of the plan.

2.28pmYou may not believe me but the sun has made an appearance. The umpires have headed back inside and confirmed that a full inspection will take place at 3pm, weather permitting.

2.32pmThe covers are coming off! Huge cheers from the supporters in the stands as the ground staff remove the covers on the square. If the rain is finished, it looks like we will get a game.

2.38pmThere is some rain falling in the surrounding areas but if we miss those showers, we should be set for a game. It's pretty bright at Edgbaston at the moment, so all hope is not lost just yet.

2.44pmThe umpires will probably be aiming for a start at around 3.30pm, or just after. It's difficult to predict how many overs the match will be reduced to.

2.51pmIf you look at Edgbaston now you'd be wondering what all the fuss was about. It's dry and sunny at the moment. The inspection is coming in just under 10 minutes.

2.58pmThe umpires are coming out now. A few players from each side are out in the middle too. They want this game to start more than anyone.

3.02pmPlenty of prodding at the turf going on from the umpires. The ground staff are still looking busy. They've earned their money today.

3.09pmThe hover cover that covers the pitch has now been removed, which is encouraging. We're still waiting for official word from the umpires.

3.11pmBREAKING NEWS: Play will begin at 3.45pm and the game will be 24 overs per side.

3.13pmIt's an odd decision not to make it a Twenty20 game immediately but at least it looks like we'll see some cricket. Let's just hope those showers stay away now. One more downpour will probably see this final abandoned.

3.17pmBrilliant support from the Indian supporters as their team comes out to warm-up. The atmosphere will be electric if we can get a game finished in Edgbaston.

3.23pmOh dear. It's happening again. The umbrellas begin to go up and the players head back inside. That's right, it's raining. The match has to begin in the next hour or it will be abandoned.

3.25pmWe can only lose another eight overs from this match. It's not looking good at the moment. No players are left on the field and the square is completely covered.

3.35pmIt's very dark at Edgbaston and the rain is very heavy again. There doesn't seem to be much hope of a game left. I'd be surprised if an announcement isn't made soon.

3.43pmThe Cricketeers, who have been helping out across the three grounds throughout the tournament have just been presented to the crowd in the pouring rain. They get a good reception though. It'd be nice if they could stop this rain.

3.46pmThe situation continues to change. It's brighter again and the umpires have reappeared. There's no rain falling, do we have time for a Twenty20 game?

3.50pmWe're going to have one last try in Edgbaston. The new start time is 4.20pm and the game will now be a 20 overs per side contest.

3.52pmIt's been a brilliant effort from the ground staff to get this match started. We've got just under 30 minutes to wait before play begins. It's a completely different match now. Will the playing conditions suit India?

3.54pmOne more shower will send everyone home. There will be a break of just 10 minutes between innings. Remember, England won the toss and elected to bowl first. That looks even more important at this stage.

4.00pmIt's very bright at Edgbaston now. Amazing ho late we've left it but it looks like we should get a game now. There will be two new balls in both innings, so there should be movement throughout the contest. England have to take early wickets and put the middle order of India under pressure.

4.03pmEvery single member of the England squad is currently in a huddle on the outfield. Cook and Ashley Giles both say a few words. The atmosphere is building now.

4.06pmIt's probably worth reminding you of the teams considering it's been six hours since they were confirmed.

4.07pmENGLAND: Cook, Bell, Trott, Root, Morgan, Bopara, Buttler, Bresnan, Tredwell, Broad, Anderson

4.08pmINDIA: Rohit, Dhawan, Kohli, Karthik, Dhoni, Raina, Jadeja, Ashwin, Kumar, Sharma, Yadav

4.13pmEngland have never won a 50-over tournament but they can break that duck today by beating India in a 20-over game. I know, it's ridiculous. Cook has spoken of how important this tournament is to England. Well, it's time to deliver.

4.15pmIndia expect to win. That's how it is when you play for India. The new crop of Indian players have impressed so far and have given their supporters something to cheer about following the exclusion of some of the greats in this format. Can superstar Dhoni lead his side to another victory in a major tournament?

4.18pmHere we go then. Dhawan and Rohit are out in the middle. Cook is organising his field. At last, it's time for the Champions Trophy final to begin.

4.19pmIt's Anderson who will open the bowling. The first few overs will be crucial for both sides.

IND 2-0Anderson is full early in the over and Rohit gets off the mark from the second ball with a single on the leg-side. Dhawan isn't given any freedom by the bowler as he slices a drive to Morgan at point. Anderson finds the edge but there's only two slips in place and Dhawan collects a single to third-man. Good start for Anderson. Just two from the over.

IND 6-0Broad begins the second over with a short ball and he cramps Dhawan for room but the batsman still collects a run with the pull shot. Rohit nudges a single off his hip to Bresnan, who's inside the circle at fine-leg. There's a chance of a run out later in the over when Rohit prods the ball just in front of him. Broad attempts to beat Dhawan to the stumps but he can't gather the ball. Four singles from the over.

IND 16-0Anderson has his hands on his head when he finds Rohit's outside edge and the ball sails wide of Cook at first slip before reaching the rope at third-man. England's captain had just taken away the fielder at second slip. A singles is taken into the leg-side late on in the over but a poor throw from Bresnan evades Buttler and races to the rope for overthrows. Anderson's good over is ruined.

IND 19-0Dhawan and Rohit are looking to put Broad under pressure early in this over by taking quick singles.


IND 19-1England make the breakthrough in the fourth over. Rohit drives loosely and Broad manages to sneak the ball through the gate to hit the stumps.

IND 19-1Kohli is the new batsman and he's happy to defend the final ball of the over.

IND 25-1Anderson comes out of the attack to be replaced by Bresnan. The Yorkshire seamer is too wide at the start of the over and Dhawan cuts the ball away for two runs. Bresnan responds well as he beats the batsman on the outside edge. A thick inside edge squirms away into the leg-side for a single. Kohli gets off the mark with a nudge through mid-wicket and some good running allows the new arrival to pick up two. One more single from the over.

IND 25-1There will be a batting powerplay of two overs at some point. It will be interesting to see when India choose to take it.

IND 28-1A short ball doesn't threaten Kohli and he guides two runs through square-leg with ease. Broad nips one back slightly and the batsman is fortunate to see an inside edge deflect off his thigh pad before hitting the ground.

IND 28-1RAIN STOPS PLAY! It went from light rain to very heavy within a matter of seconds. We cannot afford for the players to be off for too long.

4.48pmWell, that didn't last long. The main cover comes on for a matter of seconds before the rain stops. England haven't even made it back into the dressing room. An extra hour has been built in tonight and it looks like the delay will only last a couple of minutes.

4.50pmEveryone is back out in the middle and Broad is ready to resume his over.

IND 35-1What a fantastic shot! Dhawan guides the first ball after the delay into the air over third-man for a six to give the Indian supporters something to cheer. A single from the final ball means Dhawan will keep the strike.

IND 38-1Dhawan advances down the pitch but Bresnan knows he's coming and fires in a good bouncer. The bowler then pushes one across the batsman but is punished for a wide. Morgan throws at the stumps when India take a quick single and the batting side are gifted another overthrow.

IND 38-1RAIN STOPS PLAY! It's amazing at the moment at Edgbaston. The rain comes again and the umpires send the players off the field. There's a brief wait before the covers come on but the rain is pretty steady and the square is eventually covered.

4.57pmWe might be struggling to see the funny side but the person in control of the music at Edgbaston clearly isn't suffering as much. Rihanna - Umbrella has just been put on.

5.00pmThat extra hour added could be crucial. It would probably be safe to say that if the players are off for over 30 minutes, the game could be abandoned.

5.05pmIt was crucial for Broad to pick up that early wicket but Dhawan was starting to look dangerous just before the rain arrived. India have plenty of batsmen who can punish you in this format and England can't afford to give any freebies.

5.06pmAs I typed that last update the covers were being removed, again. It's bright again, so hopefully the delay won't last for too much longer.

5.09pmBlame me, I spoke to soon. The covers have come back again. There's some sun coming but it looks like there could be a further shower on the way.

5.17pmThe game will restart at 5.30pm, if there's no more rain in the next 15 minutes. This is probably the last rain delay we can have at Edgbaston.

5.20pmWhat an incredibly frustrating day. Don't give up and leave me just yet. 10 minutes before the restart, let's just hope that's the last we see of the rain.

5.24pmUnfortunately, there are a few dark clouds hanging around. It's not raining at the moment but we could do with those clouds passing Edgbaston without making an impact.

5.29pmThe umpires have now confirmed that the restart will be at 5.40pm. It's still very gloomy and the ground staff are doing their best to get everything ready again.

5.35pmThere will be only 21 minutes leeway if it rains again. Play is due to resume in five minutes. Keep everything crossed.

5.38pmIndia are currently 38-1 after 6.2 overs. Dhawan is on 22 and Kohli has six runs to his name. Both sides are back out in the middle. Here we go, again.

IND 40-1Dhawan pushes Bresnan through the covers for a single. The bowler gets one to hold its line outside off-stump to beat Kohli's bat. Kohli adds another run from the final ball of the over to steal the strike.

IND 49-1Important moment in the game as Tredwell comes into the attack. Kohli pushes the first ball of the over straight down the ground for a single. Tredwell finds some turn to go past Dhawan's outside edge. The opener slog-sweeps poorly and is forced to remain on strike. Dhawan isn't deterred though as he sweeps again and earns four with a powerful strike. A reverse sweep forces Bresnan into a chase but the umpire gives four following a replay. That's harsh as Bresnan had disturbed the boundary after pulling the ball back.

IND 50-1Bopara comes on for his first spell and is immediately flicked into the leg-side for a single.


IND 50-2Bopara's introduction does the trick as he takes a wicket with his second ball of the over. Dhawan is fooled by a slower ball and drives straight to Tredwell at cover. Crucial wicket for England.

IND 52-2Karthik is the new batsman for India. Bopara follows a dot ball with a wide down the leg-side to force Buttler into some good work. Karthik sneaks a single from the final ball of a very impressive over.

IND 59-2Karthik sits deep in his crease to cut Tredwell through point for a single. The spinner gives the ball plenty of flight to Kohli, who pushes the ball to long-off for one. Karthik adds another behind square on the leg-side before Kohli shows his class with four over mid-wicket following a skip down the pitch.

IND 64-2Bopara begins his second over by conceding a single to Karthik through cover. Kohli advances down the pitch again but mistimes his shot this time and is fortunate to see the ball drop short of Bresnan at long-on. Four singles are scored from each of the first four balls of the over. It's good from Bopara, who concedes just one more run.

IND 64-2Rain is beginning to fall again at Edgbaston but it's not heavy enough to force the players off.


IND 64-3England are certainly on top now as Tredwell claims his first wicket of the final. Karthik attempts to sweep but sends a top edge high into the air. It takes an age but when the ball eventually drops, Morgan takes the catch. Raina in next.

IND 66-3Kohli steers the ball to Cook at short third-man but Raina is confident enough to rush the single. Tredwell finds a brilliant line to the new batsman, who is forced to play three dot balls before chipping his fourth delivery down the ground for one.


IND 66-4India just haven't got going since the most recent delay. Raina miscues his shot horribly and picks out Cook at mid-on. Bopara has started superbly and now has two wickets. It's time for Dhoni, cue massive cheers from the Indian supporters.

IND 66-4Bopara greets India's skipper with a beauty to beat the outside edge. Plenty of pressure on Dhoni but his plan for a quick single on the leg-side is quickly aborted.


IND 66-5Huge wicket! Dhoni cuts a shorter ball behind square but he can only pick out Tredwell, who runs in from the rope to take a good catch. Big celebrations from England. They know how important that wicket is in this innings.

IND 66-5That was a double-wicket maiden from Bopara. Brilliant bowling from the Essex ace. Jadeja is the new batsman.

IND 67-5Anderson returns to the attack with England in control. Kohli nudges a single into the off-side to hand the strike to Jadeja. The left-handed all-rounder attempts to pull but mistimes his shot and remains on zero. A fuller delivery encourages a wild drive and a smile from Anderson. Just one run from Anderson's over. 36 balls left in the innings.

IND 79-5Kohli relieves some pressure when he drives Bopara through extra cover for four at the start of a new over. The batsman blocks the next delivery before picking the slower ball to hammer four more runs over square-leg. A single brings Jadeja on strike and he geTs off the mark with two through third-man. One more single means that it's 12 from the over. Much better from India. Bopara ends with figures of 3-20 from his four overs.

IND 86-5Jadeja hurries a single at the start of a new over from the returning Tredwell. A flick behind square on the leg-side brings another run. Jadeja shows his attacking intent with a heave through mid-wicket for four. The same batsman then adds a quick single to point to steal the strike.

IND 86-5India take the batting powerplay. It will only be two overs long but these next 12 balls could be crucial.

IND 97-5Bresnan returns to bowl the first over of the powerplay. Jadeja pulls the ball towards Cook and collects a quick single. Buttler and Bresnan appeal optimistically when Kohli misses a leg-side wide. An ugly shot from Kohli is very effective as he splits the fielders on the leg-side to reach the rope at mid-wicket. The number three then pulls through square-leg to pick up two more before missing when he advances down the pitch to hit over the fielders in the circle. Bresnan is punished again when his slower bouncer is ruled to be slightly too high. Kohli steers the final ball of the over behind point for two more. 11 from the over.

IND 106-5Broad comes back into the attack for the final six deliveries of the powerplay. The returning bowler begins with a good bouncer but a push into the off-side brings Jadeja a single. Big moment in the innings when Kohli sends a thick edge towards Trott, who is on the edge of the circle behind square on the off-side. Trott gets two hands on the ball but he can't hold on. Broad's over looks like it will be a good one but Kohli takes advantage of being given an extra life by pulling the sixth ball into the stands for a huge six.

IND 113-5India are starting to look good out there now as Jadeja launches Anderson's first ball over cover for six runs. Another lofted shot looks like it might be caught but Cook lets the ball drop short at long-off.


IND 113-6Anderson removes India's key player with just nine balls left in the innings. Kohli eyes a six over long-off but he skies the ball into the air and Bopara does well to steady himself before taking the catch. Ashwin comes to the crease but it's Jadeja on strike.

IND 117-6Jadeja backs away to give himself room but Anderson cleverly follows the batsman with a shorter ball. Another ball is delivered short but Jadeja does well to beat the man in the circle at third-man to reach the rope. One over left.

IND 119-6Bresnan is given the duty of bowling the final over. Ashwin works a bouncer into the leg-side to pick up a single.


IND 119-7Jadeja lofts the ball down the ground but is eager to keep the strike and, in the process, Ashwin is left struggling at the non-striker's end when Bell hits the stumps from long-off.

IND 129-7Jadeja trades singles with Kumar, the new batsman. Bresnan pitches one up to Jadeja, who brilliantly lofts the ball over long-on for six. The final delivery of the innings is pulled into the leg-side for two runs. India make 129-7 from their 20 overs.

6.47pmENGLAND NEED 130 RUNS TO WIN THE CHAMPIONS TROPHY: England will be very happy with that effort in the field. Bopara was superb in his four overs and the hosts are definitely favourites at the halfway point. India found some crucial late runs though and it doesn't look easy to score out there.

6.49pmWill England finally end the wait for a victory in a 50-over tournament? Well, due to the weather we have 20 overs to find out. A good start to the innings will make that run-chase much easier. If India pick up a couple of early wickets they will grow in confidence.

6.52pmA quick word about Kohli, who played very well for 43 when wickets were tumbling in the middle of the innings. Jadeja's 33 could be crucial in about 90 minutes.

6.54pmDhoni gets his team in a huddle out in the middle. Cook and Bell follow closely behind. It's time for the final innings of this tournament. England need 130 runs to lift the trophy.

6.55pmIt's Kumar to open the bowling. Fascinating 20 overs ahead of us.

ENG 3-0Cook gets off the mark from the third ball with a thick edge to third-man for one. Bell trades singles with his captain later in the over. Just three runs scored.

ENG 3-0Yadav's pace is immediately high, forcing Cook to defend on the back foot. The skipper drives at a wider ball and is fortunate not to send an edge to Dhoni behind the stumps. Cook then gets a bottom edge on a pull shot to force Dhoni into some good work.


ENG 6-1England lose their captain in the second over when Cook edges the ball to Ashwin, who takes a fine catch at first slip. He didn't look comfortable during his short stay at the crease. Trott is the new batsman and he clips his first ball through the leg-side for three runs.

ENG 17-1Trott pushes Kumar through the off-side for a couple at the start of the over. The Warwickshire batsman improves on his confident start when he whips the ball through mid-wicket for his first boundary. Dhoni comes up to the stumps to prevent Trott from batting out of his crease. A wider deliver is cut through a vacant area on the off-side by Trott for four more. One more single makes it 11 from the over.

ENG 24-1Trott flicks the ball behind square on the leg-side before Bell, facing only his third delivery, picks up a run to third-man. A chipped shot looks to have Trott in trouble but he clears the fielder on the leg-side to collect two more runs. Trott adds another run and Bell ends the over by clipping two more through square-leg.

ENG 27-1Jadeja is into the attack to bowl the fifth over. Trott pushes the first ball through cover for a run before Bell opens the face to steer another single to point. Jadeja finds some turn and bounce to beat Trott's outside edge. Just one more single in the over. Good start for Jadeja.

ENG 27-1Ashwin appeals for lbw at the start of his spell when Trott sweeps but the ball looks like it pitched outside leg-stump.


ENG 28-2Stunning work from Dhoni! Trott advances down the pitch but is beaten by a leg-side wide from Ashwin. Dhoni does superbly to gather the deliver and whip the bails off. Huge moment in this match. Joe Root in next.

ENG 30-2Root gets off the mark with a pull behind square for a single. Ashwin causes problems for Bell, who reaches the non-striker's end with a push down the ground. Three runs and a wicket from the over.

ENG 38-2Ishant Sharma is into the attack. Good work from Root to call Bell through a single when the latter lost sight of the ball on the off-side. Root cuts the ball past Dhawan at point for a couple. A shorter delivery is pulled through mid-wicket for two more, before a push to third-man gives the strike to Bell. Superb running throughout the over and Bell continues the good work with two to deep point.

ENG 40-2Karthik can't prevent Root from sneaking a single to cover at the start of Ashwin's over. Bell chips the ball over the bowler's head for a run.


ENG 40-3India are back in this game now! Root attempts to pull the ball over square-leg but can only top edge one to Sharma, who takes a good catch running in from the deep. Ashwin has his second wicket, Morgan in next for England.

ENG 41-3Ashwin is punished when a big turner strays past the pads for a wide. It's another good over from the spinner. England need a partnership for a few overs.

ENG 46-3Dhoni brings back Jadeja, who is clipped into the leg-side by Morgan for a single. Bell drops to his knee to play the reverse-sweep and find a crucial boundary.


ENG 46-4We just couldn't get through this final without a bit of controversy. Dhoni claims another stumping when he whips the bails off. It's very close but after a few replays it looks like Bell managed to get his foot back in time. However, the third umpire gives it out. Bell is furious and I have to say, that looks a poor decision to me. Bopara in next.

ENG 46-4Bopara survives the remainder of the over. Dhoni had made contact with the stump but the bails were not dislodged until Bell had grounded his foot. It's a horrible way to be dismissed. England are in trouble now.

ENG 46-4It's very tense at Edgbaston as Ashwin catches Morgan's edge, with the ball dropping short of Kohli at slip. Morgan pulls away from a cut shot when the spinner finds some extra bounce. England still need 84 more runs as Morgan plays out a maiden.

ENG 55-4Sharma is back into the attack at the start of the 11th over, England might have to target the seamer. Bopara cuts through the off-side for a single. Sharma wants to bowl wide to Morgan but he doesn't find the right length and the batsman crunches four runs over cover. A push through point brings two more and a flick off the thigh pad earns Morgan another couple. Much better from England.

ENG 63-4Dhoni keeps with spin as he brings Raina into the attack. Bopara nudges a single into the leg-side. Morgan wants two when he drills the ball to deep mid-wicket but Kumar fields well to keep Bopara on strike. Bopara quickly hands the strike back to his partner, who stays deep in his crease to cut brilliantly in front of square for four. One more single makes it eight from the over.

ENG 68-4The changes continue to come as Kumar returns for a new spell. Morgan plays the latest of cuts to third-man for one run. Bopara steers a wider one into the gap for another single. India are slow in the field, allowing England to hurry three more singles.

ENG 68-4England need 62 more from the final seven overs.

ENG 71-4Bopara gets off strike at the start of the 14th over. Bopara is fooled by two spinning deliveries from Raina but manages to rotate the strike with a single behind square on the off-side. Morgan is beaten by an absolute beauty that turns sharply to go past the outside edge. Just one more from the over. India need to keep the spinners on.

ENG 82-4Sharma delivers a sharp bouncer to force Morgan to defend at the beginning of a new spell. Another shorter ball follows and England collect just one on the off-side. Bopara pulls through square-leg for a single before Morgan guides the ball to third-man for another run. A short ball is delivered again and Bopara targets a boundary down the ground. The ball stops dead though and England pick up just two runs. Huge shot at a crucial time from Bopara as he launches the last ball of the over into the stands on the leg-side for a big six.

ENG 90-4A thick edge from Morgan brings a single at the start of the over from Raina. Bopara slog-sweeps to force Dhawan into some good work in the deep to restrict England to two runs. Another sweep brings a single to Sharma at deep square-leg. Morgan's class is there for everyone to see as he switches hands to reverse sweep for four.

ENG 90-4It's going to be very close. England still need 40 runs from 24 balls.

ENG 102-4Jadeja is back into the attack. Bopara nudges the ball through mid-wicket and runs well to collect two. Brilliant batting from Bopara to slog-sweep India's spinner for six at a crucial time. A similar shot follows but he makes no contact with the ball this time. Sharma makes a mistake at mid-wicket to allow England to sneak two more. Dhoni responds by moving Sharma to another position. Superb from Bopara to find the gap at square-leg and rush two more runs. Great running as England earn 12 from the over.

ENG 102-428 needed from 18 balls and Dhoni surprises a few by giving Sharma another over.

ENG 110-4Morgan misses the slower ball outside off-stump at the beginning of the over. The left-handed batsman composes himself and stands tall to pull the next delivery behind square for six. That's a fantastic shot from Morgan. Sharma responds by pushing the ball across Morgan and he's punished for a wide. Awful from the seamer, who delivers an even wider delivery to gift another extra to England.


ENG 110-5A poor start to the over is suddenly forgotten as Sharma removes the dangerous Morgan, who lofts a slower ball into Ashwin's hands inside the circle on the leg-side. Time for Buttler. Plenty of pressure on both teams.


ENG 110-6It's so tense at Edgbaston now. Bopara is the next to head back to the dressing room when he pulls a bouncer to Ashwin, who is now placed at mid-wicket. The batsman was questioning the height of the delivery but he's sent away by the umpires. Sharma on a hat-trick.

ENG 111-6It's a beauty from Sharma but Bresnan, the new batsman, pulls his bat away to make sure he doesn't edge the ball. A thick edge to third-man brings a single from the final ball of the over. Time for the batting powerplay. Two overs left.

ENG 112-6Bresnan gets off strike with a single to deep mid-wicket.


ENG 112-7India are in control now! Buttler swings wildly at a straight ball and is bowled for a golden duck. Incredible scenes at Edgbaston as broad marches out to the middle.

ENG 113-7Broad drills the first ball to cover and hurries a single, with Jadeja failing to react quickly enough to whip the bails off.


ENG 113-8England fans, look away. Bresnan survives an lbw appeal but attempts a crazy single and is run out by a combination of Dhoni and Rohit. It's a mad panic out there at the moment.

ENG 115-8England continue to look nervy between the wickets as Tredwell and Broad both collect a single. England need 15 runs from the final over of this thrilling match.

ENG 115-8It's no surprise to see Ashwin return for the final six balls. India in charge.

ENG 119-8Broad attempts an ugly heave across the line and Dhoni appeals for another stumping. England finally enjoy a bit of luck. Broad did lift his foot but he got it back just in time to survive. The left-handed batsman reacts by sweeping a full toss through square-leg for four. 11 needed from four.

ENG 120-8Broad doesn't make great contact and only finds a single to cover. England need 10 from three balls.

ENG 122-8Raina does superbly to stop the ball racing to the rope at cover. The duo in the middle do well to run twice as they survive a run out appeal. Eight needed from two balls.

ENG 124-8Tredwell lofts the ball straight down the ground but he's restricted to two runs. England need six off the final ball.


8.34pmAstonishing match at Edgbaston! Tredwell can't connect with the final ball of the over. India looked dead and buried at one stage but an excellent performance has given them the trophy. Huge celebrations in the stand and out in the middle.

8.35pmEngland were favourites. They were under pressure but Morgan and Bopara looked like they would guide their team home. However, a couple of awful batting decisions and some great bowling ended their bid for glory.

8.36pmIt's been a fantastic couple of weeks and that was a fitting end to a very good tournament. At one point it looked like we wouldn't see a game but we ended up enjoying a classic at Edgbaston.

8.38pmDhoni has his critics but his display as captain was very impressive today. He managed his bowlers brilliantly and his decision to bring back Sharma proved to be a masterstroke.

8.40pmIt's difficult to argue that India haven't been the best side in this tournament. They've won every single game and produced a fantastic bowling performance at the crucial time. They fully deserve the title.

8.41pmIf that's the last Champions Trophy to be played, what a way to end the competition. There's plenty of heroes out there for India but it was a real team display.

8.44pmThank you for joining me today and for following the Champions Trophy on Sports Mole over the past couple of weeks. England are left feeling sick following a fantastic final. India will continue to celebrate. Congratulations to the Champions Trophy winners. Goodbye.

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Alastair Cook on October 24, 2012
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