Live Commentary: US Open day eight - as it happened

Live Commentary: US Open day eight - as it happened
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Sports Mole brings you live text commentary from day eight of the US Open at Flushing Meadows.

Hello and welcome to Sports Mole's live text commentary from day eight of the US Open.

An action-packed day at Flushing Meadows features Andy Murray, Serena Williams and Roger Federer on court as we move towards the business end of the tournament.

You can follow all the action right here, with play getting underway from 4pm.

2.54amThat's all from us tonight, join us tomorrow for more coverage on the final Grand Slam of the year. Goodnight everyone.

2.52amMurray will be confident that he can win his first Grand Slam if he continues to play like that. Bigger challenges are to come but if the third seed plays like that he can beat anyone.

2.51amRaonic has a big future in the game, no doubt about that, but he's been outclassed by Murray tonight.

2.49amIt's as close to a perfect performance that you're likely to see at this tournament. Murray served brilliantly and he nullified Raonic's own serve to dominate proceedings throughout.

2.48amMurray is through to the quarter-finals. A huge serve can't be returned by Raonic and Murray completes a comfortable victory to set up a clash with Marin Cilic.

2.47amRaonic goes for a big return but it's wide and Murray now has match point.

2.46amAnother cross-court backhand is too much for Raonic again and Murray's two points from victory.

2.45amMurray uses his slice shots perfectly at the start of a new game and Raonic has no answer.

2.44amMurray breaks again Raonic is dragged almost everywhere on court by Murray's variations and a desperate lob lands safely out to give the third seed the break. Murray will now serve for the match.

2.43amMurray is a joy to watch on nights like this. A cross-court forehand is out of reach for Raonic and it's break point to Murray.

2.41amRaonic serves well to build a 30-0 lead but Murray then teaches his opponent how to play at the net with a beautiful volley.

2.39amRaonic manages a wry smile as Murray clips the line with a forehand and then delivers two big aces to move ahead in the game. Another big serve gives Murray a 4-2 lead.

2.37amMurray challenges at the start of a new game but hawkeye shows the smallest of gaps between ball and line. It's a rare mistake from Murray when he double faults, 0-30.

2.35amYou get the feeling that Raonic's game is slightly one dimensional. Murray looked to have figured out the Canadian midway through the first set. Raonic needs variation if he is to fulfill his obvious potential.

2.34amHow do you follow a double fault? Easy, two aces delivered at over 130mph. Raonic holds but Murray leads 3-2.

2.34amAs soon as Raonic takes the lead in the game, he produces another double fault.

2.32amRaonic really struggling to retain his confidence as he double faults again, 15-15.

2.31amIt's another hold for Murray and he takes a 3-1 lead in the third set. Raonic doesn't look like breaking his opponent's serve tonight.

2.30amRaonic can do no more in the next point as he approaches the net only for Murray to somehow clip the line with a beautiful backhand.

2.29amGood from Raonic as he takes charge of the rally with a big forehand to take a 15-30 lead.

2.28amVintage Murray as the Scot moves forward to send a backhand past Raonic as the Canadian moved into the net.

2.27amMuch better from Raonic during the rally but he gets lucky with an ugly volley to win the point.

2.26amMurray breaks A big serve saves one break point for Raonic but a backhand doesn't clear the net and Murray breaks the Canadian's serve again. The end could be near for Raonic.

2.24amBrilliant tennis from Murray. He chases down what looks to be a lost cause before producing a superb forehand winner to earn two break points.

2.23amMurray's defence is his trademark and he's shown us why tonight. Raonic dominates a couple of rallies but two mistakes give Murray a 15-30 lead.

2.21amMurray quickly recovers with two big serves to hold. The Olympic champion has probably served as well as we've seen from him this season/

2.20amAn ace is followed by yet another backhand into the net and Raonic really needs to make a move here.

2.19amRaonic as a small chance when Murray sends his backhand into the net and a second mistake on the same side makes it deuce.

2.17amWe're seeing some brilliant tennis from Murray now. The Scot dictates the rally well before unleashing a perfect forehand winner.

2.16amThe rain could be arriving soon so Murray will not want to waste anytime out there tonight.

2.15amNo more mistakes in the game from Raonic and it's an important hold at the start of a new set.

2.14amIt's not often you see that at this level. Murray hangs on in the point but Raonic looks to have a simple smash until he fires the ball down on his side of the court.

2.13amRaonic begins a new set and he is 30-0 ahead within a blink of an eye after two big serves.

2.11amRaonic looks to have lost a bit of confidence in that set and who can blame him? Six unforced errors from Murray in the match tell you what the 21-year-old is up against.

2.09amMurray takes the second set Raonic challenges an ace and the replay shows the smallest of touches on the line. Murray is showcasing all his talents tonight and he leads 2-0.

2.09amSuperb from Murray as he drops a shot just short enough for it to bounce twice before Raonic reaches it. A big serve brings up three set points.

2.07amMurray starts a vital game well with a wide serve into Raonic's forehand, 15-0.

2.05amIt's a good hold by Raonic as two massive serves give him the game. Murray will have the chance to take a 2-0 lead when he serves next.

2.04amGreat tennis from Raonic and a volley is timed perfectly to force deuce.

2.04amRaonic drags one break point back when Murray slams a backhand into the net.

2.03amMurray has two set points. An ace from Raonic is followed by a forehand winner by Murray.

2.02amRaonic has his movement questioned by Murray and a volley into the net frustrates the youngster. A double fault makes Raonic's mood far worse.

2.01amTwo more mistakes from Raonic give Murray the game and the Canadian will now serve to stay in the set.

2.00amThe defence of Murray is something to be amazed at, the Scot stays in two points long enough to somehow win them and he's 30-15 ahead.

1.56amDespite Murray somehow returning a big serve, much to Raonic's annoyance, the Canadian's smash cannot be returned and he holds to make it 4-3 to Murray.

1.55amMurray's had a lot of success with his backhand tonight but an attempted passing shot is just wide to give Raonic the lead in the game.

1.54amMore gasps, it's almost an exhibition point from these two. Raonic's weak forehand after a long rally is returned brilliantly by Murray with a backhand smash.

1.53amMurray's delicate drop shot at the start of the new game is greeted with gasps of approval from the crowd. Raonic shows good energy to level the scores in the game with a well placed forehand.

1.51amMeanwhile, Murray holds once again after a comfortable service game. The third seed leads 4-2.

1.50amThe Williams sisters are out of the doubles after a shock in the Louis Armstrong Stadium. Maria Kirilenko and Nadia Petrova win 6-1 6-4 against Serena and Venus to progress.

1.48amMurray breaks! Big moment in the match as Raonic is wide with his backhand again to give Murray a break of serve. The Canadian needs to tighten his game up quickly but it could be too late, 3-2.

1.46amRaonic saves one break point with a big serve but another journey into the net is unsuccessful and Murray has a third chance.

1.45amThe crowd are applauding and rightly so. Murray challenges Raonic to approach the net and the Canadian does with ease by delicately volleying a winner.

1.44amIncredible from Murray as he somehow manages to stay in the point long enough to catch the line with a passing backhand shot. Raonic challenges but it's two break points for Murray.

1.43amThere could be a chance for Murray now as Raonic's lob is comfortably long.

1.42amRaonic abandons an attempt to catch a Murray backhand at the start of the game, it's probably a wise decision. Great shot from Murray.

1.41amSloppy from Raonic and Murray holds after his opponent sends a routine backhand into the net. 2-2.

1.40amRaonic is applying the pressure here, the Canadian pushes Murray further back and his power is clear on his forehand.

1.39amRaonic is too aggressive on Murray's second serve and hits a big forehand far too long.

1.38amIt's a rare mistake from Murray as the Brit sends a forehand long after an 18-shot rally.

1.38amBeautiful from Murray, he won't be worried by Raonic keeping him on his forehand and he proves that with a powerful winner.

1.35amRaonic delivers an ace at 121mph to hold a difficult game. 2-1.

1.35amRaonic wins a big point at 30-30 with a forehand that sends Murray the wrong way.

1.34amMurray is frustrating Raonic with his ability to return most serves but the Canadian does force a lead with a wider delivery.

1.32amIt's a solid hold from Murray, an ace straight down the line gives him the game. 1-1.

1.31amAbsolutely superb from Murray! The Scot looks to have won the point with a volley but Raonic responds with a lob that Murray catches and sends a forehand past the despairing Raonic.

1.30amThe drop shot doesn't come off for Murray at the start of the game but a big serve brings him back level.

1.28amIt's another colossal serve from Raonic and he holds at the start of the second set.

1.28amRaonic responds superbly with two aces and an error from Murray giving him the lead in the game.

1.27amThe Canadian needs to improve quickly, a wild backhand is a couple of feet out and Murray leads 0-30.

1.25amRaonic gets himself in a spot of bother with a smash that is too long after an attempted lob from Murray.

1.24amMurray takes the first set Raonic takes one point off the Murray serve but the Scot responds well with the Canadian unable to return a wider serve. It's a good set from Murray and Raonic will be furious at those two double faults in his last service game.

1.22amGood serving on show from Murray. Two serves are hit into the net to hand Murray three set points.

1.21amMurray wins the first point of the new game as Raonic's insistence to look for a big winner causes him to go too long.

1.21amMurray wins the first point of the new game as Raonic's insistence to look for a big winner causes him to go too long.

1.19amMurray breaks. I mentioned the importance of the drop shot and that shot hands Murray the first break of serve. Raonic struggles to get near the ball despite a desperate sprint and Murray will serve for the first set.

1.18amMurray senses an opening in the next rally but an attempted backhand passing shot hits the net. Two break points saved.

1.17amBetter from Raonic as Murray barely gets racket on ball, one break point saved.

1.17amIt's another double fault! Three break points for Murray.

1.16amRaonic is off target with his second double fault of the match and a wild forehand hits the net to give Murray a 0-30 lead.

1.15amThe British number one is certainly no slouch on his own serve and Raonic can't get a point as Murray holds again. 4-4.

1.14amMurray begins a new game with an ace, the wind looks like it may be factor.

1.12amAmazing rally that is only finished by a superb forehand that leaves Murray swinging at thin air. It's a good hold in the end from Raonic and this looks like it will be a very tight contest throughout.

1.10amRaonic responds well with a forehand winner after yet another big serve to leave Murray frustrated.

1.10amNice variation on serve by Raonic but the big man hits the net when attempting a volley and Murray has a break point.

1.08amToo good from Raonic as a perfect serve is somehow returned but a 90mph forehand is too much for Murray to handle.

1.07amVintage Murray as he places a forehand wide of Raonic as the Canadian approaches the net.

1.06amAnother shot at the net hands Murray the game. 3-3.

1.06amBoth players test the other's forehands but Raonic blinks first with a drive into the net.

1.05amIt's a good response from Murray as he follows a big serve with a forehand winner before delivering an ace to level the game.

1.04amMurray challenges a serve that is called out at the start of the new game and is unsuccessful. That's his second failure of the evening. Two mistakes from Murray gives Raonic a 0-30 lead.

1.01amMurray didn't get a look at that one. Raonic sends down an ace that kisses the line and repeats the trick again to hold.

1.00amA couple of big serves is followed by an error from Raonic, big point at 30-30.

12.59amSuperb from Murray as he delivers a perfect drop shot that Raonic doesn't even chase.

12.58amIt's another comfortable game from Murray as Raonic sends a forehand long. 2-2.

12.57amMurray starts a new game with a powerful serve that Raonic cannot return. The third seed attempts his first drop shot of the match and although Raonic returns the ball, Murray is left with a simple volley.

12.54amMurray can't become frustrated with Raonic's serving ability, a couple of brilliant combinations ensures that the Canadian holds. 2-1

12.52amRaonic starts a the new game with a double fault but recovers well to follow up a fierce serve with a forehand winner.

12.51amIt looks like the first break of serve could be vital.

12.51amA brilliant volley from Raonic gives him a point on Murray's serve but there's no drama on the Brit's first game. 1-1.

12.49amWe're treated to a couple of big forehands from Raonic but the second shot is wide at the start of Murray's service game.

12.48amAnother superb serve gives Raonic the first game, 1-0.

12.48amIt's a good reply from Raonic, a good second serve is followed by two aces to put him in charge.

12.47amWhat a start to this match! Murray is equal to a big Raonic serve and he covers a lot of ground to chase down another shot before driving a backhand straight past the Canadian.

12.46amBoth players have finished warming up and we're about to begin. Raonic will serve first.

12.45amExpect some big powerful rallies tonight, Murray's drop shot could be vital to the Scot.

12.43amRaonic is now ranked 16th in the world, he's got a bright future for sure and he looks like he could be a top five player in years to come but Murray is the obvious favourite tonight in New York.

12.40amThe longer the game lasts, the more chance of rain disrupting the contest I fear. No more negative thoughts though!

12.38amGood news! The players are on the court now and are beginning their preparations.

12.36amThis is the first time that Raonic has played under lights but Murray has prior experience, never losing in five matches under the lights.

12.33amThere is a slight delay due to a few spots of rain still hanging around. Reports are claiming that there are some heavy showers close by too.

12.31amSome critics have posed questions about Murray's fitness after a busy summer. I would be surprised if Murray suffered from fatigues, he's certainly improved as an athlete both physically and mentally in recent years.

12.24amMurray's variation of shots will be important in this match. Raonic is a big man and his movement has often been questioned.

12.20amFans of Murray will be claiming that he is one of the best returners in the game and there is no arguing with that but the Scot must be on top form.

12.17amRaonic will be a big test to Murray tonight, the 21-year-old has one of the biggest serves in the game and many have tipped him to have a big say in future major tournaments. However, Raonic will be hoping that the biggest win of his career will come sooner than expected.

12.13amPlay is due to begin at 12.30am UK time, so fingers crossed the rain stays away for the two players to get a start.

12.12amDespite the expectation that is surrounding this game, we begin on a disappointing note. Spectators inside the Arthur Ashe Stadium have their umbrellas up and the forecast suggests that there could be more rain on the way.

12.07amGood evening everyone, I'm here to take you through the final match on day eight of the US Open and it promises to be a great contest with British number one Andy Murray taking on rising star Milos Raonic of Canada.

10.45pmRight time to take a short break tennis fans, be sure to come back at 12.00am when we will follow Andy Murray's progress against Milos Raonic as we reach the business end of the US Open.

10.40pmShe will go up against Vinci after her compatriot stunned second seed Agnieszka Radwanksa 6-1 6-4 to send the Pole crashing out.

10.39pmErrani was victorious against sixth seed Angelique Kerber, producing a gutsy display to overcome the talented German.

10.38pmAn all Italian clash in the last eight was also created as Roberta Vinci and Sara Errani both upset the odds.

10.36pmAna Ivanovic looked impressive as she thrashed Tsvetana Pironkova in straight sets. She will face Serena Williams in the quarter-finals as she progressed with minimal fuss.

10.35pmWe will give you a round-up of today's winners and losers before we go.

10.32pmBe sure to keep updated with Sports Mole as Murray goes in search of a place in the last eight against Raonic.

10.26pmAndy Murray is out early on the Arthur Ashe Stadium to practice an hour earlier than expected. Unconfirmed reports are suggesting that his match with Raonic will be moved forward to 12am UK time.

10.25pmWe were due to have an exciting match tonight as Roger Federer took on Mardy Fish. Unfortunately the US veteran was forced to withdraw with health issues.

10.21pmMurray has altered his practice routine in preparation for late-night match under the lights, as he looks to deal with the big-serving Canadian.

10.19pmThe Croatian will meet Andy Murray in the next round if the Brit can overcome Milos Raonic later tonight in his fourth-round match.

10.16pmKlizan fought bravely and the world number 52 had chances to win the first two sets. Cilic played well when it mattered and advances to the last eight at the US Open for the second time.

10.15pmCilic finshes the job to win in straight sets over Martin Klizan 7-5 6-4 6-0 in just over two hours.

10.14pmBack on Arthur Ashe and unforced error from Klizan has handed Cilic match point.

10.13pmRadwanska was a favourite for the title and her exit is easily the biggest shock of the day from Flushing Meadow.

10.12pmA big shock has unfolded over on the Louis Armstrong as Agnieszka Radwanska goes out of the US Open. The women's second seed lost in straight sets to Italian Roberta Vinci, who will play compatriot Sara Errani in the quarter-finals.

10.10pmCilic stays strong on serve to go 5-0 up in the third set. Klizan will now serve to stay in the match and delay the inevitable.

10.09pmKlizan has fallen away badly in the third set after competing brilliantly for the majority of the match. He continues to battle and gets to 40-30 on the 12th seed's serve.

10.07pmCilic challenges a call at break point and it goes the Croatians way. That gives him a double break in this third set and a seemingly unassailable lead.

10.05pmSuperb exchange at the net goes the Slovakian's way as he shares a series of volley's with Cilic. The crowd loved that point.

10.03pmKlizan needs to stop the rot on serve to keep alive any realistic chance of mounting a comeback here.

10.00pmCilic has been unspectacular but effective for much of this match. A strong second serve earns the 12th seed a hold and a 3-0 advantage.

9.58pmCilic produces a pair of big forehand winners to secure an early break in the third set. 2-0 to the Croatian in games and sets.

9.55pmThe Slovakian comes into the net twice in a row and is back at 30-30 as a result.

9.54pmKlizan makes a bad start to his first service game of the set and goes 0-30 down.

9.53pmCilic serves his way out of trouble to earn a testing hold.

9.52pmKlizan can't make it third time lucky, deuce number four in the third set.

9.51pmCilic comes into the net and wins a well constructed point. He is quickly break point down for the third time as Klizan makes another winner.

9.50pmSuperb forehand winner at the net from Klizan earns him another break point.

9.49pmCilic wins a long baseline rally and takes his service game to deuce.

9.48pmEarly chance for Klizan in the third set as he earns a break point.

9.46pmWe have a quick turnaround to get this third set going, with Cilic to serve first. Must-win territory now for Klizan.

9.45pmKlizan will be frustrated after leading in the early going of the first two sets but coming up short at the business end each time. A steep learning curve for the Slovakian.

9.44pmCilic was down a break for much of that set, but improved when it counted and forced a series of errors form his inexperienced opponent.

9.43pmThe Slovakian misses a volley at the net and Cilic takes the second set.

9.42pmKlizan lets a forehand wander long and he is up against it on serve, trailing 15-40. Two set points for Cilic.

9.40pmA quick update from the Louis Armstrong Stadium, where Roberta Vinci has taken the first set against second women's seed Agnieszka Radwanska by six games to one. Upset on the cards!

9.38pmCilic is in the groove now on serve after a shaky couple of holds to love to go 5-4 ahead. Huge pressure on Klizan as he serves to stay in this second set.

9.36pmKlizan avoids the first two chances but it's third time lucky for the Cilic as he sprays a forehand wide of the baseline. 4-4 now in the second set and all to play for.

9.35pm0-40 and three break points for Cilic. Big chance to level the second set.

9.34pmChance here for Cilic as he opens up a 0-30 lead from the baseline.

9.33pmKlizan is edging ever closer to taking the second set. The Slovakian is back on serve but ends up flat on his back in the first point after missing with a huge dive.

9.30pmA huge serve from Cilic gives him an important hold. He is up a set but down a break to trail 4-3 in the second set.

9.28pmThe Croatian is back on serve with mixed results. A couple of unforced errors from Klizan hand Cilic the initiative in this game.

9.26pmCilic challenges a call from the line judge but to no avail. Game Klizan to take a 4-2 lead.

9.24pmHave been impressed with the young Slovakian's temperament and shot selection in the biggest match of his career. Don't let me down now Martin.

9.23pmKlizan needs to maintain his composure and hold on serve to bag this crucial second set.

9.21pmCilic edges ahead 40-30 and mixes things up with a serve and volley to win the game.

9.19pmCilic continues to struggle on serve as he searches for his first hold in the second set.

9.17pmA determined game from Klizan to earn the first service hold for either player in the second set. That makes it 3-1 to the Slovakian.

9.16pmAdvantage Klizan as he rips a looping forehand out of the Croatian's grasp.

9.15pmCilic fights hard and launches a backhand across court to send the game back to deuce.

9.14pmSuperb shot by Klizan at deuce to gain the advantage. Chance to close this service game out for the Slovakian.

9.12pmDoes either player want a hold in this second set? Klizan is the latest to come under scrutiny but has a 40-30 advantage.

9.09pmCilic lets a forehand returns wonder long and we have another break of serve. 2-1 to Klizan after three successive breaks in the second set.

9.08pmDelightful drop shot from Klizan earns him two break points. Great imagination.

9.07pmCilic is back on serve and back under pressure. Klizan's forehand is a huge weapon and puts him 0-30 up on the Croatian's serve.

9.06pmKlizan smashes a forehand long and Cilic gets the break back. 1-1 early in the second set.

9.05pmA couple of unforced errors from the young Slovakian present Cilic with a chance to break back instantly at 30-40.

9.03pmKlizan looks fired up and starts his service game with a massive forehand winner.

9.02pmA furious baseline exchange forces a mistake from Cilic and Klizan gets the break in the first game of the second set. Great response from the Slovakian.

9.01pmKlizan returns well and earns himself two early break points on the Croatians serve.

8.59pmCilic is first to serve in the second set and in instantly caught napping. He trails 0-30.

8.56pmKlizan makes an unforced error at the baseline and Cilic takes the opening set 7-5. Klizan will be seriously frustrated at blowing chances to break and then falling under pressure from the Croatian at the end of the set.

8.54pmCilic chases down a drop shot but can't keep the volley in court. 30-40 and still on set point.

8.53pmAn untimely double fault from the Slovakian and he trails 15-40. Chance here for Cilic, who has two set points.

8.49pmCilic chases down a drop shot to go 6-5 up. Klizan will serve to try and take us into a tie-break to decide the opening set.

8.48pmCilic is also showing no signs of averting a tie-break in this first set. He leads 40-15.

8.46pmKlizan holds with minimal fuss to make it 5-5. The world number 52 is coping well with the pressure playing on a Grand Slam stadium court.

8.43pmThe Croatian recovers well to get the important hold. Cilic leads 5-4 and now forces Klizan to serve to stay in this first set.

8.41pmCilic produces a strong second serve to bring his service game back to deuce.

8.40pmAnd as we join Arthur Ashe Klizan has two break points to edge ahead in this first set. Huge pressure on Cilic here.

8.39pmCilic and Klizan are locked at 4-4 in the first set, with the winner facing a potential quarter-final clash with Andy Murray.

8.37pmThe matches have come thick and fast today, let's continue that trend by heading over to the Arthur Ashe to catch up with a men's singles match between Marin Cilic and Martin Klizan.

8.35pmErrani will now progress to play either Agnieszka Radwanska or Roberta Vinci in the last eight at Flushing Meadow.

8.34pmKerber showed flashes of quality but could not match Errani's superb work rate. The German never recovered from losing a titanic first set tie-break.

8.33pmGame, set and match to Errani. The Italian prevails 7-6 6-3 after a dogged, tenacious performance.

8.32pmKerber makes two unforced errors from the back of court to give Errani two match points.

8.31pmAnother battle at the net, but this time Errani comes out on top as a lob hits the line to make it 15-15.

8.30pmGreat play from Kerber at the net on Errani's serve, beating the Italian at her own game. 0-15

8.29pmKerber thumps the ball but it goes wide after taking a nick of the net. Errani will now serve for the match at 5-3 in the second set.

8.28pmBreak point to the Italian as she pushes Kerber back to the baseline and forces an error.

8.27pmPressure on serve once again in this second set as Kerber is forced to 30-30.

8.24pmThe tenth uses that momentum to secure a crucial hold. She leads the second set 4-3.

8.22pmErrani wins a terrific point with a drop and smash combination. Kerber nods in acknowledgement of a super point.

8.21pmKerber is hitting winners all over the court now and has Errani under pressure on serve in search of a second successive break. The Italian trails 15-30.

8.19pmBack to the Louis Armstrong to see Kerber win her third successive game and level the third set at 3-3.

8.17pmFederer has been handed a walkover into the next round and will face Thomas Berdych in the last eight later this week.

8.17pmJust a quick reminded if you joined us late that Mardy Fish has been forced to withdraw from his match against Roger Federer with undisclosed health issues.

8.16pmAnother massive baseline winner from Kerber, when she hits the ball it stays hit. Crucial break for the German, who is back in this second set.

8.13pmEarly pressure on Errani after Kerber launches another ferocious shot, this time on the volley. Two break points for the sixth seed.

8.11pmA couple of powerful forehand winners earn Kerber her first hame of the second set. She is a set and a break down and trails 3-1.

8.09pmKerber needs to get a service game on the board quickly if she wants to give herself a fighting chance of a comeback. Pressure on for the talented German.

8.06pmThe tenth seed looks full of confidence since winning that first set tie-break and holds to love to make it 3-0.

8.04pmErrani makes the breakthrough with a strong return and takes a 2-0 lead early in the second set.

8.03pmEvery point is the match has been earned, a pleasure to watch.

8.02pmErrani mixes things up at the baseline to earn a fourth break point. Kerber slams a forehand down the line and we head to deuce.

8.01pmKerber is fighting for her life early in this second set and swats aside all three break points.

8.00pmErrani is now gunning for a crucial break and quickly takes advantage of poor serving from Kerber. Three break points appear quickly.

7.58pmErrani continues to press hard and forces a couple of sloppy points from the German. An important early hold for the Italian.

7.56pmKerber sticks to her guns on the baseline and turns things round. Advantage to the sixth seed.

7.55pmThe German is under pressure in her first service game of the second set and goes break-point down.

7.53pmKerber will kick things off on serve in this second as she looks to make an instant recovery.

7.51pmErrani's determination to charge everything down and keep her game varied just about got her over the line in that first set. This match is far from over though.

7.48pmAnd as I say that, Kerber undoes all her hard work with a double fault to hand Errani the first set. That was a titanic 7-6 battle that lasted 71 minutes.

7.48pmGreat fight from Kerber to make it 5-6 as the German moves back on serve.

7.48pmErrani fails with a backhand to let the first set point slip. Two more to come.

7.47pmKerber makes the first mistake with two unforced errors at the baseline. 6-3 Errani and two vital set points.

7.46pmAnother dart to the net pays off for Errani. A 4-3 lead for the Italian as the tie-break stays on serve.

7.45pmErrani's lead doesn't last for long as Kerber launches an awesome forehand winner down the line. 3-3 at the change of ends.

7.44pmThese two are trading top-draw points for fun. This time it's Errani who edges ahead with a well-timed volley.

7.43pmKerber responds with a thumping forehand and makes it 2-2.

7.42pmTremendous effort from Errani to edge a 15-shot rally and go 2-1 up. Such an enjoyable first set.

7.41pmThe first two points go with serve and still there is nothing to choose between the pair. 1-1 early in the tie-break.

7.40pmErrani sticks to her strategy of netplay and it pays dividends. She forces a first set tie-break.

7.38pmKerber wins a baseline slugfest with some important shot selection. Back to deuce.

7.37pmErrani gets aggresive and the net and gets her reward. Advantage to the tenth seed.

7.35pmKerber wins a superb rally after forcing Errani to do laps of the court with a series of exciting shots. Deuce in a crucial game.

7.34pmLovely disguise on a forehand from the Italian to get things going. A tie-break beckons with shots like that.

7.33pmKerber has just rattled off a comfortable hold under considerable pressure to go 6-5 up. Errani will serve to try and take this first set into a tie-break.

7.29pmErrani earns the crucial hold as Kerber fails to charge down a drop shot. This first set is finely poised at 5-5 apiece.

7.27pmKerber has a chance to earn break point but lets a forehand drift wide. She opts not to challenge and its advantage Errani.

7.26pmWe join a cracking match with Kerber 5-4 up in the opening set, with Errani serving to stay in the set at deuce.

7.24pmTime to head over to the Louis Armstrong to join a far more competitive fourth-round tussle in the women's singles as Angelique Kerber takes on Sara Errani.

7.23pmWilliams will now face Ana Ivanovic in the quarter-finals in what promises to be a much sterner test for the fourth seed.

7.21pmIn stark contrast Williams smashes over an ace with her next two points to win 6-0 6-0 in 57 minutes. An exemplary performance from the pre-tournament favourite.

7.20pmSerena surprises everyone with a double fault to take us back to deuce and delay the inevitable.

7.19pmThe chance goes begging as Hlavackova lets a backhand go long in successive points. Match point Williams.

7.17pmThe Czech is still trying bravely and plays her best point of the match to earn a break point.

7.16pmSerena has shown a sharp touch at the net today, a sign of her good form. A deft volley followed by a timely ace makes it 30-15.

7.14pmThe fourth seed will now serve to complete a whitewash in straight sets. Feel for Hlavackova here, she is just completely overmatched.

7.13pmWilliams throws down from the back of the court and earns one of the only close games of the match in powerful style.

7.12pmSerena forces an error on the baseline and we head back to deuce.

7.11pmAdvantage to the Czech with a rare ace!

7.10pmHlavackova continues to fight to avoid a humiliating whitewash as she fights back to 30-30 on serve with a tidy volley.

7.07pmSerena recovers to rattle off the next three points and nail another game to a bleak looking scoreboard for Hlavackova.

7.06pmWilliams slaps a serve down the line for her fifth ace of the match, but makes two unforced errors to go 15-30 down on serve.

7.03pmHlavackova is denied her first game of the match after a valiant effort. Williams mixes things up with a charge to the net and takes a 3-0 lead in the second set.

7.01pmWilliams goes back to her reliable forehand winner and we are at deuce for third time in this service game.

7.00pmThe world number gets a slice of good fortune when a forehand falls on Serena's side of the net. Advantage to the Czech.

6.58pmSerena produces two forehand winners and we head back to deuce. Cruel luck on Hlavackova.

6.57pmFinally the Czech has the chance to win her first game at 40-15 on serve.

6.55pmHlavackova applies some pressure to the Williams serve to get to 30-30, but its all in vain. An eight successive game for the fourth seed tells the story.

6.52pmSome players would let up in this dominant position and make things a little easier. Serena is not in that category.

6.49pmRight a quick turnaround for the second set but the same story for Hlavackova. 0-40 quickly turns into another break and this is getting ugly.

6.46pmSerena makes it triple set point and smashes down an ace to make it 6-0 in just over 20 minutes. The great players make things look so simple.

6.43pmAh Serena you cruel woman. She produces two faultless returns and gets her third successive break. 5-0 now in the opening set.

6.42pmHlavackova is back on serve trying to avoid a whitewash in the first set and has a chance at 30-30.

6.40pmSerena holds to love and makes it 4-0 with ruthless efficiency.

6.38pmWilliams is in no mood to pander to the crowd and wants this first set wrapped up quickly.

6.36pmSerena ends hopes of a hold for the game Czech with a pair of stunning forehands. That makes it 3-0 to the American in the first set.

6.34pmHlavackova is ultra aggresive and makes it to deuce, much to the delight of the crowd who are willing her to make a match of it.

6.32pmThe world number 82 draws Serena to the net and chips her with a lovely lob. Williams is first to acknowledge the quality of the shot.

6.30pmHlavackova is back on serve and she looks to win her first game of the match. Easier said than done but she makes a strong start to lead 30-15.

6.29pmWilliams steps up the pace to complete a comfortable opening hold. She leads 2-0 in the first set.

6.27pmNice forehand from the Czech underdog catches Serena out at the net to make a good start to her first effort at returning the Serena monster serve.

6.26pmHlavackova fight back to 30-40 but smashes a forehand into the net to hand Williams the early break.

6.25pmSerena shows no mercy from the outset and quickly goes 0-40 ahead. Three break points in the first game for the American.

6.24pmHlavackova has her leg heavily strapped as she serves to get us underway on Arthur Ashe. A daunting proposition for the Czech today.

6.21pmWilliams is up against Czech world number 82 Hlavackova, who is in the fourth round of a Grand Slam singles draw for the first time.

6.18pmA Serena win here would set up an enticing quarter-final clash with Ana Ivanovic, who went through in straight sets earlier today.

6.17pmWilliams was in superb form in the opening week and looks like finding her best form once again.

6.12pmNext up for us on the Arthur Ashe court will be the clash between Serena Williams and Andrea Hlavackova.

6.11pmThat means Berdych against Federer is the first men's quarter-final to be confirmed at Flushing Meadow. That looks an exciting clash and is sure to be Federer's first true test of the tournament.

6.09pmJust a reminded that Mardy Fish has been forced to withdraw from his last 16 clash against Roger Federer with health issues. Get well soon Mardy.

6.06pmBerdych takes match point at the third time of asking to win in straight sets. The sixth seed came through two difficult opening sets to earn a hard-fought victory.

6.04pmAlmagro picks a great time to find an ace. Bit of resistance from the Spaniard.

6.03pmBerdych drives a forehand into space across court to earn match point.

6.02pmThe Spaniard swaps unforced errors with Berdych to make the score 15-30.

6.01pmAlmagro gets aggresive at the net but misses a simple volley to ruin his good work. 0-15.

6.00pmThe sixth seed looks imposing on his forehand side and launches two huge serves down the line to force a hold. Almagro must now serve to stay in the match.

5.58pmBerdych is back on serve at 4-1 up in the third set.

5.55pmAlmagro gets on the board with a narrow hold. It's a starting point I guess, but Berdych looks in imperious form.

5.53pmThe Spaniard is serving and needs to find something special now to keep his slim chances alive.

5.52pmAlmagro is sinking quickly here and is 4-0 down in the third and likely final set.

5.50pmJust hard word from the tournament organisers that Mardy Fish has been forced to pull out of his fourth round match against Roger Federer due to injury. What a shame for the US veteran at his home Grand Slam.

5.48pmThe Czech powerhouse is in total control and looks confident of wrapping the match up quickly in this third set.

5.46pmBerdych takes a huge stride towards the last eight with a simple passing forehand. He is 3-0 up now in the third set.

5.45pmBreak point Berdych at 30-40 after a poor second serve.

5.44pmAlmagro needs to recover quickly now to stay in this match, and his body language doesn't look. 15-30 down on again in this service game.

5.43pmNice variety from the sixth seed in that game, making winners on his forehand and backhand to go 2-0 up in games and sets.

5.41pmBerdych is in total control of this match, the sixth seed making a marked improvement on earlier rounds, in particular his first-round struggles against David Goffin.

5.40pmThe Spaniard makes a horrible start on serve and hands Berdych a break to love with some wayward serving.

5.38pmAlmagro faces a long way back in this match and begins that journey by serving to open the third set.

5.37pmBerdych has been impressive and leads Almagro 7-6 6-4 after a close battle in the opening two sets.

5.36pmLet's head over to the Louis Armstrong Stadium and catch up with the men's fourth round clash between Thomas Berdych and Nicolas Almagro.

5.35pmIvanovic always looks strong from the baseline but will need to improve her serving to compete with Serena Williams in a potential quarter-final clash.

5.34pmA big win for the Serb, who was dominant in the first set before struggling on serve in the second.

5.33pmIvanovic produces a wonderful cross-court forehand to wrap up the match 6-0 6-4 to reach the last eight of the US Open for the first time.

5.30pmYet again Pironkova is punished on serve. Three match points for Ivanovic.

5.29pmSuperb hitting from Pironkova to earn a match-saving break of serve. We are back on serve now after a second set full of drama. Ivanovic leads 5-4 with the Bulgarian about to serve to stay alive at Flushing Meadow.

5.27pmIvanovic launches a wide serve to avoid trouble with break-point number one.

5.26pmLovely lob from Pironkova for her best point of the match. She continues to fight and leads 40-15 on the Ivanovic serve. Two big break points, must take this chance.

5.25pmPironkova just cannot match the 12th seed's power on either side of the court.

5.24pmIvanovic works hard to chase down a drop shot and earns three break points in the process. She smacks down a trademark forehand and will now serve for the match.

5.22pmPressure on Pironkova now on the Arthur Ashe to keep alive in the second set. Must find some consistency on serve quickly.

5.21pmOver on Louis Armstrong Thomas Berdych has taken a hard fought first set against Nicolas Almagro on a tie-break.

5.20pmFinally Ivanovic makes a service game count in this second set. The 12th seed holds to love to move 4-3 ahead in the second set.

5.19pmAnd The Serb crushes another winner down the line to force another break. That's two breaks apiece in this second set to level things at 3-3.

5.18pmIvanovic gets aggresive on that huge forehand and is in contention for another break. She leads 15-30 on the Bulgarian's serve.

5.17pmWe've had three breaks in five games so far in a topsy-turvy second set. Pinronkova has a chance to turn this into a genuine contest now after taking that crucial break.

5.14pmThe Bulgarian earns a second break-point as Ivanovic starts to struggle on serve. Pironkova makes no mistake this time and takes the lead 3-2 in the second set.

5.11pmPironkova misses an easy return and with that the chance is gone. Back to deuce.

5.10pmAnd a break point goes to the Bulgarian after a lovely forehand return. Big chance here in the second set.

5.09pmPironkova shows some aggression on return and makes a dash to the net, but her volley ruins some nice approach play and we head to deuce on the Serb's serve.

5.07pmIvanovic takes the chance and earns an important break. We are now back on serve at 2-2 in this second set.

5.06pmBreak point Ivanovic after some great defensive baseline play.

5.04pmIvanovic goes on the attack and wins another point with a forehand winner. Can Pironkova make this break stick. 15-30

5.02pmBreak point Pirnokova and she makes it count, Game On. Great effort from the Bulgarian, who is still clearly troubled by a neck problem.

4.58pmIvanovic is controlling her serve well today, a part of her game she has struggled with of late. Match that with a bruising forehand and you have a dark horse in this year's competition.

4.56pmA superb backhand gets the Bulgarian on the board. 1-1 in the early stages of the second set.

4.55pmPironkova has a chance to win her first game, she leads 40-30 after some nice movement round the court.

4.53pmTime for Pironkova to find some form on serve if she wants to make this match competitive.

4.52pmPironkova makes a couple of unforced errors and Ivanovic has another comfortable hold. She is a set and a game up now.

4.51pmHere we go with the second set, Ivanovic will get us underway on serve.

4.50pmJust a reminder that the winner of this fourth-round clash looks likely to face Serena Williams in the last eight. She is next up on Arthur Ashe against Andrea Hlavackova.

4.47pmPironkova is seeking treatment from the physio, which may explain the first-set whitewash.

4.45pmOver on the Louis Armstrong Nicolas Almagro is serving to stay in the first set. He trails Thomas Berdych 6-5 and they looked destined for a tie-break.

4.44pmIvanovic looks in imperious form on Arthur Ashe and will wrap this up in some style if she continues this level of performance.

4.43pmThe Serb smashes a 13th winner to earn the first set 6-0 in just 23 minutes.

4.42pmIvanovic is playing some lovely stuff right now, unleashing a baseline winner to earn triple set-point.

4.41pmPironkova is serving to stay in this set, but in truth its a lost cause. The main objective in this game for the Bulgarian is to try and find her rhythm to mount a second-set comeback.

4.39pmIvanovic swats aside the Bulgarian's efforts to earn a break with a couple of well-timed first serves. 5-0 now to the 12th seed in this opening set.

4.38pmPironkova shows some fight on the Ivanovic serve and finally some signs of life. 30-30 in this game.

4.36pmA delightful drop shot earns Ivanovic the break after the best baseline exchange of the match. She leads 4-0 in the first set.

4.35pmBreak point to the Serb as Pironkova misses a forehand winner.

4.34pmA terrific volley from Ivanovic at the net and she has an early chance to earn consecutive breaks. 30-30

4.33pmBack at the Arthur Ashe Pirnkova needs to earn her first hold to make this first set a contest.

4.32pmOver at the Louis Armstrong Thomas Berdych and Nicolas Almagro are locked at 4-4 in the opening set of their fourth-round clash.

4.31pmIvanovic earns a difficult hold to consolidate the early break. She leads 3-0 on the Arthur Ashe.

4.30pmAnother break-point chance goes begging for Pironkova as Ivanovic gets aggresive at the net.

4.29pmIvanovic tried to nail a forehand winner early in the rally and curls it wide. Second break point of the game for the Bulgarian.

4.28pmPironkova fails to take advantage as she misses a forehand winner. Back to deuce.

4.27pmAnd my first jinx of the day comes in less than half an hour. Double fault for the 12th seed hands Pironkova break point.

4.26pmIvanovic has made a bright start to match her bold yellow dress. She narrowly misses a forehand and her second service game stands at 30-30.

4.24pmThe Bulgarian makes it a hat-trick of double faults and Ivanovic has the early break. A nightmare start for Pironkova.

4.23pmPironkova starts her opening service game with two double faults and is immediately under pressure.

4.22pmThe Serb earns a comfortable hold to get things off to an assertive start.

4.20pmIvanovic is underway on Arthur Ashe and we will join the match in the opening game.

4.16pmWe will also be keeping an eye on the fourth-round clash on the Louis Armstrong as Thomas Berdych goes up against Nicolas Almagro.

4.13pmFirst up on the Arthur Ashe is Ana Ivanovic. The 12th seed takes on Tsvetana Pironkova, in search of her first quarter-final at the US Open.

4.10pmA number of the top seeds are also in action, with Serena Williams, Roger Federer and Ana Ivanovic all looking to make the last eight.

4.09pmLater tonight Andy Murray will take on Milos Raonic under the lights of the Arthur Ashe stadium in what looks to be an enticing encounter.

4.07pmWe are down to the last 16 in the men's and women's singles as we enter the business end of the last Grand Slam of 2012.

4.06pmGood afternoon, hope you are ready for another feast of top-class tennis on day eight of the US Open.

Roger Federer
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