Great Britain runner Richard Whitehead determined to grab Paralympic gold

Olympic Stadium
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Paralympic runner Richard Whitehead aims to grab a gold medal for Great Britain when he takes to the track for the 200m sprint tomorrow.

Great Britain's Paralympic runner Richard Whitehead believes that he can inspire others to achieve their goals as he prepares to contest for a gold medal at the Olympic Stadium in Stratford.

The 35-year-old, who was born without legs below the knee, holds the record in the marathon and half-marathon for double amputees as well as in the 200m.

"I am living proof that with enough desire and determination, any obstacle can be overcome," the BBC quotes Whitehead as saying.

"I wasn't given a silver spoon. I wasn't given everything on a plate. I have had to earn the respect I've got now."

Whitehead will line up for ParalympicsGB in the 200m sprint tomorrow.

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