Live Commentary: Australian Open day eight - as it happened

Live Commentary: Australian Open day eight - as it happened
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Sports Mole brings you live text commentary of day eight of the Australian Open.

The top seeds had another good day on the eighth day of the Australian Open.

In the men's draw, Andy Murray and Roger Federer both progress in straight sets, while Serena Williams and Victoria Azarenka had easy wins in the women's singles.

One of the biggest surprises of the day came in the women's competition, with the unseeded Svetlana Kuznetsova beating 10th seed Caroline Wozniacki.

Jeremy Chardy continued his impressive run, knocking out 21st seed Andreas Seppi to set up a quarter-final against Murray.

Read how all the action unfolded below:

12.01amGood morning! Welcome to Sports Mole for live coverage of the Australian Open.

12.02amAndy Murray is back in action today against the exhausted Gilles Simon, who went five sets and a couple minutes shy of four and three quarters of an hour against Gael Monfils in his previous encounter.

12.03amRoger Federer also continues his challenge for a fifth Australian Open title. He's got another tricky match against Milos Raonic, having dispatched Bernard Tomic in three sets in the third round.

12.05amThe Swiss is the final match of day eight. If it is anything like last night's match between Novak Djokovic and Stanislas Wawrinka then we are in for a treat. Those two guys served up an absolute cracker.

12.10amFirst up is Caroline Wozniacki, who is up against tough Russian Svetlana Kuznetsova. The Dane reached the quarter-finals here last year, but then went on the have a rather disappointing season. While she was having a rough time of it on the tennis court, her other half Rory McIlroy captured his second Major title on the golf course. He recently missed the cut in Abu Dhabi, so if the trend works in reversed then the omens are looking good. That's how it works, right?

12.12amSo it's Wozniacki to serve first. Here we go...

Wozniacki 1-0* KuznetsovaA quick, easy hold for the Dane.

12.17amKuznetsova wins her first point of the match, and it was a fantastic shot. She opened the angle brilliantly before dispatching a cross-court backhand.

Wozniacki *1-1 KuznetsovaThe Russian finishes with an ace to draw level. Confident start by both players.

12.20amWhat a superb backhand down the line from Kuznetsova. Left Wozniacki completely stranded. 30-15.

12.22amA first double fault from Wozniacki brings up break point, but Kuznetsova is over zealous with the forehand and bombs it far too long. Deuce.

12.24amWozniacki comes out on top in a super 21-shot rally as Kuznetsova goes wide with a forehand. Both players attacked and both were also forced to defend. Great tennis so far.

12.27amWe're into the ninth minute of this game and Kuznetsova has a break point.

Wozniacki 1-2* KuznetsovaBREAK! Well, Kuznetsova has made the early breakthrough. She has made life difficult for the Dane, who struggled to close out. There were five deuce points, but the Russian eventually got the job done with on her second break point of a marathon game.

12.30amWozniacki hasn't been deterred by that break, but got lucky with a net cord. Her forehand smash volley nearly veered out, but just dropped inside the baseline.

12.32amWozniacki gets up to 0-30, but she pushes at a backhand volley after taking her chance to come into the net. Chance missed. Kuznetsova then bats away a forehand to level at 30-30.

12.33amA late call on a Wozniacki forehand that she thought had earned her the break back. Close.

12.35amKuznetsova finds a big first serve to force Wozniacki into stretching. The Russian steps up court to duly dispatch another forehand winner and save another break point.

Wozniacki *1-3 KuznetsovaWozniacki puts her return into the net and Kuznetsova consolidates the break of serve. The early signs are pointing towards a good match.

12.38amKuznetsova stops the rally to challenge. She's wrong, the ball just clipped the baseline. She's now got just one challenge left at this early stage in the first set.

12.39amThe Russian is all over Wozniacki's second serve, whipping in a fantastic forehand return to bring up two more break points.

12.39amOne saved with a brilliant forehand down the line.

12.40amThe second wasted by Kuznetsova. She doesn't catch a forehand return and pulls it miles wide.

Wozniacki 2-3* KuznetsovaWozniacki holds serve.

Wozniacki *2-4 KuznetsovaKuznetsova holds comfortably. Wozniacki is struggling to cope with the powerful shots that are coming over the net. Most of her points coming by way of errors from the Russian.

12.46amApologies, the score on that last update is wrong. A manual refresh will do the trick.

12.47amKuznetsova treats a poor first serve from Wozniacki with absolute disdain. It was slow and begging to be hit. 30-30.

Wozniacki 2-5* KuznetsovaBREAK! Wozniacki goes into the net and the Russian gets the double break. She is now in compete control of this match and will serve for the first set. Wozniacki has no answer to Kuznetsova's power hitting.

12.53amWozniacki just isn't being allowed to implement any sort of gameplan. Kuznetsova has two set points.

Wozniacki 2-6 KuznetsovaSET! A big first serve has Wozniacki back pedalling, but she just about gets it back into play. However, she is then confronted by a massive forehand, which seals the deal. Kuznetsova takes the opener.

12.57amKuznetsova is bullying the Dane from the baseline, but has also won 9/9 points at the net.

12.58amBrilliant point! Wozniacki hung on for dear life, but was allowed back into the point with a lazy volley into the open court. The Russian eventually wins it with a better volley, this time from the backhand. It drops on the baseline.

Wozniacki 2-6 1-0* KuznetsovaWozniacki catches a lovely backhand down the line to get to 40-30. Kuznetsova then pushes long with a forehand and the Dane gets the first game on the board on the second set.

1.05amKuznetsova is just struggling slightly on serve. She's switched off at the start of this second set and Wozniacki can get herself back in this with a break of serve.

Wozniacki 2-6 *2-0 KuznetsovaBREAK! And there it is! Wozniacki makes things interesting. A quick hold would be very welcome. Or at least just a hold. I'm sure she's not too fussy.

Wozniacki 2-6 3-0* KuznetsovaIt is a quick hold for Wozniacki. She's taking full advantage of Kuznetsova's lapse in concentration. The Russian has not made many more unforced errors in this set, but the ones she has made have come on crucial points. Wozniacki will be looking for the 'insurance break' now.

1.11amWow! Brilliant defensive play by Kuznetsova. Wozniacki came into the net, narrowing the angle as she placed her volley out wide. The Russian then flicked a lovely pass across Wozniacki to win the point.

Wozniacki 2-6 *3-1 KuznetsovaA hold to love for Kuznetsova. Pressure on the Wozniacki serve now.

1.14amKuznetsova interrupts play once again to challenge... but this time she's spot on. Wozniacki's forehand was only fractionally long, but Kuznetsova wins the point.

1.16amThe Dane yells a big "come on!" as Kuznetsova fires long. She has the chance to close out her service game at 40-30.

Wozniacki 2-6 4-1* KuznetsovaWozniacki's first ace of the match sees over the line.

Wozniacki 2-6 *5-1 KuznetsovaBREAK! It's a gift. Kuznetsova double faults and she really has taken her foot off the pedal in this set. She's allowed Wozniacki back in rather than the Dane playing her way back in. Wozniacki has taken her chances, though. All credit to her.

1.21amThe Russian is going out of this set swinging. She takes the first point of this game with a superb cross-court forehand.

1.22amIt's not dead yet! Kuznetsova hammers a return down the line to bring up three break points.

Wozniacki 2-6 5-2* KuznetsovaBREAK! The Russian breaks to love and breathes new life into this set. It's hard to say if Wozniacki choked a bit there. It was more down to Kuznetsova's hitting, although the Dane did take a bit of mustard off her serve.

Wozniacki 2-6 6-2 KuznetsovaSET! Well, Kuznetsova's revival didn't last long. It's a reverse of the first set and Wozniacki levels at one apiece. We're heading for a decider!

1.27amIt was another error from Kuznetsova, who put the ball into the net. She looked to be conserving energy for what she knew was about to come - a third and final set.

1.30amWhether she can pick her game up again remains to be seen. But we're about to find out.

1.31amWell, after Kuznetsova has been to the toilet. Wozniacki is hitting a few serves and staying limber as she waits.

1.33amWe're effectively seven minutes into the third set and Kuznetsova is only just coming back onto the court.

1.34amKuznetsova gets a time violation. It's about five minutes too late though.

1.34amA spot of gamesmanship, maybe?

Wozniacki 2-6 6-2 1-0* KuznetsovaWozniacki's backhand is coming into full effect now. She's putting it away with regularity. After losing the first point, the Dane went on to win four points in a row and get on the board first.

Wozniacki 2-6 6-2 *1-1 KuznetsovaA comfortable hold for the Russian. And an important one too.

1.42amKuznetsova can also work the backhand, and does so to great effect. Wozniacki dropped one mid-court and the Russian needed no second invitation.

Wozniacki 2-6 6-2 1-2* KuznetsovaBREAK! Kuznetsova draws first blood in the final set. She took control of that point from the word go with a deep return, before going to the other side of the court for the winner.

1.44amJeremy Chardy and Andreas Seppi are about to get underway on Hisense Arena, with the winner facing either Andy Murray or Gilles Simon in the quarter-finals.

1.48amSpectacular scrambling from Kuznetsova! Wozniacki had brought up three break points rapidly, but she wasted the first one. Kuznetsova saved the second with a delightful sliced drop shot, which looked so casual. The Russian topped it off with a stunning lob that completely out-manoeuvred her opponent. Deuce.

1.50amWozniacki is certainly being aggressive when given the opportunity. She has another break point.

Wozniacki 2-6 6-2 *2-2 KuznetsovaBREAK! Kuznetsova goes down the line and it looks like it will hit the line, but it's called out. The Russian challenges, and hawkeye confirms the call to be correct. Game on!

1.51amAlthough it was never really off, to be fair...

1.52amIt's Wozniacki's turn to interrupt play to challenge. It's a close one, but the ball got some of the line.

Wozniacki 2-6 6-2 3-2* KuznetsovaWozniacki holds. Kuznetsova calls for the trainer. She removes her trainer to reveal her heavily-strapped left foot.

1.56amShe looks to be suffering quite badly from blisters.

1.57amMeanwhile, over on Hisense Seppi already has a break of serve to lead 1-0 against Chardy. Although, the Frenchman has three points to break back.

1.59amKuznetsova is receiving some TLC on her foot. Wozniacki decides to hit some serves.

2amWe're back underway with the Russian serving.

2.02amWozniacki has two break points. Kuznetsova's body language looks a little off here...

2.03amTwo big serves just when she needed them most. Deuce.

2.06amKuznetsova challenges after her serve is called out. It's in by the slimmest of margins and the umpire awards the point to the Russian, despite Wozniacki getting her racquet on the ball. The Dane protests, but she's getting nowhere.

2.07amThe umpire's argument is that the call came after she made contact with the ball, therefore it did not impede her. Wozniacki planted the return into the net, by the way.

Wozniacki 2-6 6-2 *3-3 KuznetsovaKuznetsova eventually prevails.

2.09amThat call from the umpire has given Wozniacki a bit of an angry slant, which is helping her game it seems. She's played two brilliant points to get 30-0 up in this game.

Wozniacki 2-6 6-2 4-3 *KuznetsovaThe Dane holds to edge ahead in this final set. We're still on serve though. This really could go either way.

2.13amUPDATE! Chardy has the break back against Seppi on Hisense. That's 2-2 with the Frenchman currently on serve.

2.14amThe grunts are getting louder and more elongated from Kuznetsova. Wozniacki dispatches another backhand down the line. Beautiful.

2.17amOh my word - a rally to rival Simon and Monfils. It was 27 shots in the end, and both players were in control at one stage or another. It came to an end with Wozniacki going wide with a forehand. But she takes the next point to force deuce.

Wozniacki 2-6 6-2 *4-4 KuznetsovaThe Russian digs deep to hold. She's the one on the ropes at the moment. Most of the aggressive play is coming from Wozniacki, while Kuznetsova is breathing pretty hard. And grunting hard, too.

2.22amA shockingly mistimed backhand from Wozniacki, which is very unlike her. She stepped up the court and had Kuznetsova on the move, but caught the ball with the frame of her racquet.

2.25amKuznetsova loves the drop shot - and why not? She hits it pretty well! She threatening on Wozniacki's serve at the moment.

2.27amNot one step back from Wozniacki though. She's responding to Kuznetsova's power in kind.

Wozniacki 2-6 6-2 5-4* KuznetsovaWozniacki holds. She puts herself within a game of victory, with Kuznetsova serving to stay in the match.

2.32amThe Russian delivers a big second serve at 15-30 down. Gutsy play, and she is rewarded for it. 30-30.

Wozniacki 2-6 6-2 *5-5 KuznetsovaKuznetsova rises to the challenge and now the pressure is all on Wozniacki.

2.35amThere's been some fantastic defensive play today. Plenty of perfectly-weighted lobs. Kuznetsova has gained the upper hand somewhat in the last couple of points. Pretty much from when she was 15-30 down on her own serve. She's now 0-30 on Wozniacki's.

2.36amWow! Kuznetsova finds a brilliant forehand that hits the line! Wozniacki challenges, but it was always in. Three break points!

2.37amWozniacki now goes for a courageous second serve, and she too is rewarded. Still 30-40.

Wozniacki 2-6 6-2 5-6* KuznetsovaBREAK! But there's no mistake this time, as Kuznetsova puts everything into a return on the second serve. The Russian will now serve for a place in the last eight!

2.40amKuznetsova has started this game in business-like fashion. She's 30-0 and taking no prisoners.

2.41amWozniacki stays in it with a brilliant forehand return down the line. It was a weak serve, though. 30-15.

Wozniacki 2-6 6-2 5-7 KuznetsovaGAME, SET AND MATCH! Kuznetsova prevails! Brilliant match!

2.42amThe Russian was brutal in that final game. There was no chance of her giving that one up!

2.45amShe will play the winner of the next match between Victoria Azarenka and Elena Vesnina. We'll be bringing you coverage of that, but let's go over to Hisense where Seppi has three set points in the first.

2.47amSET! Chardy 5-7 Seppi

2.48amThe Italian takes the first set. He got it done on the second match point and takes the lead in that one. Remember, the winner plays either Andy Murray or Gilles Simon, who are third up on Hisense.

2.52amRight folks, I'm off for a break to refuel. I'll be leaving you in the hands of Daniel Cross, who will be your eyes and ears in Melbourne for the next half hour.

Seppi 7-5 *1-2 ChardyAnd there is the game. A good serve out wide followed by a solid forehand means Seppi can only hit the ball into the net.

Seppi 7-5 2-2* ChardyThe Italian races through his service game. Two un-returnable serves and a powerful cross-court forehand help to draw Seppi level in the second set.

3.00amThe world number one Victoria Azarenka is about to get underway on Rod Laever against Elena Vesnina...

Azarenka *1-0 VesninaBREAK Azarenka takes a 0-30 lead on her opponent's serve but Vesnina finds a couple of first serves to draw level. It isn't enough though, as Vesnina tamely hits a backhand into the net on break point.

Azarenka 2-0* VesninaA big forehand followed by an ace put Azarenka firmly in control. She knocks a forehand long before taking the game when Vesnina hits a backhand wide. One-way traffic at the moment.

3.09amSeppi 7-5 2-4* Chardy A break for Chardy puts him 4-2 up against Seppi.

Azarenka *3-0 VesninaBREAK Another break for the world number one, and to love. She is hitting the ball with accuracy and power, forcing the errors out of Vesnina.

Azarenka 4-0* VesninaVesnina finally starts to engage in rallies, using Azarenka's pace to return well off the serve. She makes it to deuce before a big forehand and an un-returned serve make it 4-0.

Azarenka *4-1 VesninaVesnina again doing a little better, but a carelessly long forehand gives Azarekna break-point. Vesnina saves it with some good defensive work before a fantastic backhand gives her advantage. Another great point, finished with a backhand, and she's on the board.

3.21amI will hand you back to Michael now, who will have news from the Seppi v Chardy game, as well as updates from Rod Laver arena.

3.24amThanks Daniel. Chardy has taken the second set 6-3 to make it one set apiece on Hisense. That's one that has five sets written all over it. I've been wrong before though, I must warn you...

Azarenka 5-1* VesninaAzarenka has dominated this contest, but Vesnina is just starting to show signs that she can trouble the defending champion. But for the time being, the Russian is serving to stay in the first set.

3.31amA nice game by Vesnina has turned rather sour. 40-0 up to deuce. She was looking so good as well, but some sloppy errors have let the Belarusian back in the game.

Azarenka 6-1 VesninaSET! Well she capitulated in that game, losing five straight points to lose the first set. It'll be interesting to see if she can carry her form from the end of that set into this next one. If she can, the outlook of this game could change very quickly.

3.36amAzarenka serves up her fourth double fault. It's gone from 40-0 to 40-30 in the blink of an eye. It had been a comfortable hold up until then...

3.38amThe Belarusian is having another glut of double faults. She's prone to these spells where she just cannot find a serve. Her third one of the game brings up break point.

Azarenka 6-1 0-1* VesninaBREAK! Well, well, well... she broke herself in that one. The double fault count is creeping up. Vesnina takes the early break... or is given it, rather. From 0-40 down, as well.

3.42amVesnina fights back from 030 down to level in this game.

Azarenka 6-1 *1-1 VesninaBREAK! The Belarusian strikes straight back. She received the gift right back, still in it's wrapping paper.

3.44amAzarenka serves ANOTHER double fault. That's her seventh in total, and fourth in the last two games.

Azarenka 6-1 2-1* VesninaThe serve was there to be hit, but Vesnina slams the ball into the net! Azarenka has taken a bit off the serve in order to, well, get it in play. The defending champ goes on to close out the game.

3.47amThe Russian doesn't quite seem capable of taking advantage of Azarenka's average play. The Belarusian will be severely punished against a better player.

Azarenka 6-1 *3-1 VesninaAzarenka secures her fourth break of serve to take control of the second set. It's all going one way at the moment and Vesnina is looking a bit forlorn out on Rod Laver.

Azarenka 6-1 4-1* VesninaThe defending champion tightens her grip on this match and is squeezing tighter and tighter. Nice point from Vesnina to get to 40-30, skimming a ball over the net before following in with a volley. But it counts for little now.

3.55amVesnina is having some problems with her back, which could be the reason for her sudden (and drastic) drop in form. Azarenka had trouble with Jamie Hampton in the last round, who was also suffering from a back problem. Entirely different match today though.

Azarenka 6-1 *5-1 VesninaBREAK! A double fault gives Azarenka the double break and it's now just a matter of time. I don't care what you say though, there is absolutely no need for the length of her very annoying grunt. No need whatsoever. The decibels as well...

3.58amSET! Chardy 5-7 6-3 6-2 Seppi

Azarenka 6-1 6-1 VesninaGAME, SET AND MATCH! OOOOOOOOOOOH! OOOOOOOOOOOOH! And Azarenka is thr-OOOOOOO-ugh. An easy victory in the end, and she goes on to face Svetlana Kuznetsova. That should be a very intriguing quarter-final contest.

4.04amLet's go over to Hisense, where Chardy is 2-1 up on Seppi. It's on serve in the fourth, with the Italian one game to the good. He has come back from 2-1 down twice so far this tournament... it's tough to figure out of that's a good thing or a bad thing. It shows he knows how to do it, but it also means that he's been on court for longer.

4.05amWe'll be going back to Laver for Tsonga's match with Gasquet when that gets underway.

4.11amBREAKING NEWS! Novak Djokovic is playing in the night session tomorrow. He's up against Tomas Berdych and will need all the recovery time he can get following his match with Stanislas Wawrinka. Li Na and Agnieszka Radwanska kick the day off on Laver, followed by David Ferrer vs. Nicolas Almagro and Ekaterina Makarova vs. Maria Sharapova.

Chardy 5-7 6-3 6-2 *1-2 SeppiSeppi fights off a break point to hold serve.

4.17amSvetlana Kuznetsova says that she is still feeling fresh despite seeming to struggle with a foot problem during her win over Caroline Wozniacki. Read the full story here.

4.18amMeanwhile, her quarter-final opponent Victoria Azarenka believes that she is starting to display her best tennis. Click here for that one.

Chardy 5-7 6-3 6-2 2-2* SeppiThis time it's Chardy who saves a break point to hold. But we're off to Laver now for this Tsonga/Gasquet battle. This has all the ingredients for a humdinger. It's Gasquet to serve first...

Tsonga *1-0 GasquetBREAK! A confident first game from the seventh seed, as he breaks his compatriot with ease in the first game of the match!

4.23amWow! A brilliant backhand from Tsonga. He looks right up for this one!

Tsonga 2-0* GasquetJust as Tsonga looks to be cruising to a comfortable hold, Gasquet produces a backhand volley worthy of distinction. Beautiful shot. But Tsonga still closes out the game for a 2-0 lead at the start of the first.

4.26amThere's plenty of people disappointed about how Gasquet's career has gone so far. He was billed as France's bright young hope when he burst onto the scene, but it's today's opponent who is the top dog.

4.27amOf course, there's still time for Gasquet... but he's never really threatened at a Slam. He's as good a shot-maker as anyone on the Tour, but maybe he just lacks the belief. He certainly does at the start of this match, as Tsonga has two points for a double break...

Tsonga *2-1 GasquetWell the ninth seed has battled back to hold his serve, finishing with an ace. Tsonga has the bit between his teeth though, and is looking in superfluous form.

4.32amGasquet challenges a call mid-point. He was right, it was a stinker. 40-15.

Tsonga 3-1* GasquetIt was nearly a yard out. He takes the next point to get to 40-30, but Tsonga digs out a quite superb backhand volley out from underneath the nets and drops it dead weight into Gasquet's court. He's in unbelievable touch.

4.34amGAME, SET AND MATCH! Chardy 5-7 6-3 6-2 6-2 Seppi

4.36amTwo more break points for Tsonga. I can't begin to describe the way he's playing, despite it being my job. How about stunning? Spectacular? Stupendous? It doesn't have to begin with the letter S, mind you...

Tsonga *3-2 GasquetGasquet manages to hold. To be fair, he's done well to stay within striking distance of his countryman so far. Surely Tsonga cannot keep up this form. There has to be a dip at some point down the line.

4.41amTsonga loves Melbourne. He made his one and only Grand Slam final here back in 2008, beating Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal en route to the final, where he lost to Novak Djokovic. He also beat Gasquet that year, as well.

Tsonga 4-2* GasquetTsonga holds, but Gasquet has began to settle now.

4.44amTsonga went for three drop shots in that last point. It was a bit cheeky, but he was punished for it. Gasquet is as good as anyone coming forward on his forehand, and whips it away with aplomb.

Tsonga *4-3 GasquetThat Gasquet forehand really is a thing of beauty. He finds another one, before going on to hold serve. He's definitely arrived in this game now, but it all comes down to what he can do on Tsonga's serve. Tough task ahead of him.

4.47amForehand return from Gasquet. Again, beautiful. A couple more of those and we'll be back on serve. Easier said...

4.49amGasquet has kept pace with Tsonga, who now seems to have settled down following his lightening-quick start. 30-30.

Tsonga 5-3* GasquetBut Tsonga holds, and he's now just one game from taking a one-set lead.

4.52amGasquet has just rattled another forehand winner from well behind the baseline. Brilliant shot.

4.53amGasquet should probably have point the game to bed, but Tsonga kept putting the ball back in play. In the end, Gasquet hits a volley into the net and we're now at deuce.

Tsonga *5-4 GasquetGasquet holds to force Tsonga to serve for the set.

4.55amClick here to read about how another Frenchman - Jeremy Chardy - reached the last eight with victory over Andreas Seppi.

4.55amOver on Hisense now is Sloane Stephens - conqueror of Laura Robson - and Bojana Jovanovski.

4.57amGasquet hanging in in this set. He puts away a terrific overhead smash to get to 0-30.

4.58amWhat a point! That was like one of those outrageous ones you only see in films like 'Wimbledon' - Gasquet fired in a couple of strong shots to Tsonga, who was at the net. He returned a couple of volleys before Gasquet eventually clipped the winner. Three break points!

4.59amGasquet has the chance with the first, but misses. Tsonga then produces two big serves to save the next two. That's quality. Deuce.

Tsonga 6-4 GasquetSET! Tsonga goes ahead! He ended with a massive forehand that looked like it went way over the baseline. Gasquet challenged, but hawkeye confirmed that it landed plum on the line. Still a long way to go!

Tsonga 6-4 *0-1 GasquetAn easy hold for Gasquet. Tsonga challenges the final point, but is again unsuccessful.

Tsonga 6-4 1-1* GasquetGasquet is standing a fair way behind the baseline. Tsonga opened up the angle before sending a backhand into the wings. Gasquet couldn't get anywhere near it. He looks like he's regained a degree of composure now, and eventually goes on to hold.

5.09amUPDATE! Sloane Stephens is putting Bojana Jovanovski to the sword in the first set. She's 4-0 up and coasting. Although, she was up by that much in the first set against Laura Robson and nearly lost it, so you never know. Andy Murray is next match on that, and we'll be heading over there for that.

Tsonga 6-4 *1-2 GasquetMeanwhile, Gasquet has just held once more. He's not encountering much trouble on serve at the moment. We've only had one break in the match so far, coming in the first game of the match.

5.12amGasquet sensing a break of serve at 15-30...

5.13amTsonga puts far too much into a forehand and it sails over the baseline. Two break points for Gasquet.

Tsonga 6-4 1-3* GasquetBREAK! And another careless forehand gifts Gasquet the break. I told you he had to have a dip somewhere, but I didn't expect it to be quite this dramatic. He's all over the place at the moment.

Tsonga 6-4 *1-4 GasquetGasquet saunters into a comfortable lead in this second set. Tsonga needs to gather himself, and quick. He can still do something in this one, but at the very least can't let this rot last for two sets.

Tsonga 6-4 2-4* GasquetTsonga loses the first point, but answers with four straight points to hold. That's more like it.

Tsonga 6-4 *2-5 GasquetGasquet goes within a game of levelling the score. If he does, we'll have a right old match on our hands.

5.23amSET! Jovanovski 1-6 Stephens

5.24amDelightful, delicate little drop shot from Gasquet. Just beautiful. Fine touch at the net.

Tsonga 6-4 3-5* GasquetTsonga hangs on to force Gasquet to serve out for the second set.

Tsonga 6-4 3-6 GasquetSET! And there it is, well deserved. He's on top at the moment and making some fantastic shots. Game well and truly on!

5.30amTsonga is a completely different player to the one that arrived on court at the start of the match. He seems to have lost a bit of belief and/or concentration. Let's see how the first couple of games in this set go...

5.33amWow... Tsonga showing glimpses of his first-set form. Super volley at the net and he's 40-30 up on serve.

Tsonga 6-4 3-6 1-0* GasquetIt's Tsonga who edges ahead in the third. He can't seem to find a consistent level at the moment - it's either really good or quite shocking!

5.36amGasquet also has a backhand as well, you know. It's right up there with Federer, Wawrinka and the likes. He just proved it too. He's 30-15 up at the moment.

5.36amTsonga gets a slice of good fortune with the net cord. 30-30.

5.37amThe net cord once again comes to the aid of Tsonga, but this time it was Gasquet who hit it. Deuce.

5.39amSuperb double-handed backhand down the line from Tsonga! He got everything behind that and brings up break point!

5.41amThe chance was there! Gasquet came into the net but his approach was a tough half volley that he put deep onto the baseline. Tsonga hits it, but then immediately challenges. The ball goes into the net and there's just a moment of confusion before the umpire calls for hawkeye to do its thing. Turns out it was in all along.

Tsonga 6-4 3-6 *2-0 GasquetBREAK! Tsonga breaks! He seizes the initiative in this third set, but there's still plenty of tennis to be played!

Tsonga 6-4 3-6 3-0* GasquetTsonga consolidates the break.

Tsonga 6-4 3-6 *3-1 GasquetGasquet replies with a hold to love. He's on the board finally, and will be looking to at least test Tsonga's serve now. He needs to really, or else this set could get away from him.

5.51amAmazing cross-court forehand from Gasquet. With technique like that, it's a wonder that he's never really challenged at a Slam. Very easy on the eyes.

5.52amGasquet was standing miles behind the baseline then, inviting Tsonga to attack. He did, and it was very effective. Gasquet could not get any racquet underneath the ball.

Tsonga 6-4 3-6 4-1* GasquetTsonga moves further clear, but Gasquet did push it to deuce. That's something, at least. A hold is absolutely vital now, becuase if he can end up taking the set from this point then that could just knock the stuffing out of Tsonga.

Tsonga 6-4 3-6 *4-2 GasquetA hold to love. And in double-quick time too. Just what was needed. This set is far from over.

Tsonga 6-4 3-6 5-2* GasquetTsonga is doing an excellent job of keeping his nose in front, without playing sparkling tennis. More solid. It's quite unlike him, but he'll be serving for the set, providing he doesn't break Gasquet in the next game to take it regardless.

Tsonga 6-4 3-6 *5-3 GasquetAnother unbelievable point! Tsonga is the man playing the more dazzling shots in this one, flicking a volley with panache. But it's a simply marvelous lob from Gasquet that wins the point. He then goes on to hold, forcing Tsonga to serve it out.

6.04amSET! Jovanovski 1-6 6-3 Stephens

6.04amGasquet has Tsonga at 15-30. Threatening a break...

Tsonga 6-4 3-6 6-3 GasquetSET! Tsonga goes back ahead! He's dug that one out. Gasquet is continually asking questions of the Tsonga serve though. All the play for in the fourth...

6.08amApologies, that was not a break. It was supposed to say SET! - but it's past 6am and I haven't had a coffee in over an hour.

6.10amTsonga has just returned from a toilet break, so we're ready to get back into the action. It's Gasquet on serve at the start of the fourth.

6.12amTsonga mistimes a backhand rather horrendously. He gets a bit down on himself after that, but there's no need for that just yet. 15-15.

6.13amGasquet rips another forehand that forced Tsonga into the net. Again he yells at himself. Calm down, Monsieur Tsonga.

Tsonga 6-4 3-6 6-3 *1-0 GasquetAnd now he stops play to challenge on break point, but it's an unsuccessful one. It looked like he was beginning to lose his head, but some massive hitting finally earns him the BREAK! of serve. He goes 1-0 up!

Tsonga 6-4 3-6 6-3 2-0* GasquetAmazing point! Gasquet flicked his wrist on a low backhand as he approached the net, and I don't think that Tsonga was quite expecting it! Tsonga replies with some heavy hitting to go 40-15, before closing it out with a chunky serve.

6.19amGasquet is 0-40 down and without any challenges left in this set. We're only in the third game! It's now he who has lost composure.

Tsonga 6-4 3-6 6-3 *3-0 GasquetBREAK! Gasquet smashes his racquet after missing with a backhand volley. Tsonga with the double break and well in control. Gasquet is rattling through his games now without taking a second to compose himself. He had this match at his mercy after the second set.

6.22amWell, Tsonga is being given a walkover now. Gasquet doesn't seem to be trying any more. It's sad to see of such a talented player.

6.23amNothing is dropping in for him when he's trying, either. It's tough to know if it's because of luck or a lack of conviction. Probably a bit of both.

6.24amTsonga rips a forehand that sails past his opponent.

Tsonga 6-4 3-6 6-3 4-0* GasquetThat's an easy hold for Tsonga. Someone in the crowd yells at Gasquet: "Come on! Fight!" - it's only what we're all thinking.

Tsonga 6-4 3-6 6-3 *4-1 GasquetHe holds serve to get on the board, but I can't see this match lasting *too* much longer.

Tsonga 6-4 3-6 6-3 5-1* GasquetA hold to love, and Tsonga is just one game from his fourth quarter-final at the Australian Open.

Tsonga 6-4 3-6 6-3 *5-2 GasquetWell Tsonga will have to serve it out. He didn't really challenge in that game, perhaps waiting for his chance with ball in hand. Is he about to make it to the last eight in Melbourne yet again?

6.35amTsonga goes long with a backhand volley and has a wry smile etched on his face. I think he knows he's going through here, but it must nowbe confirmed. 30-30.

6.36amWell, well, well. Break point Gasquet. There's life in this yet.

6.36amBig serve ties Gasquet up. Deuce.

6.37amSomeone in the crowd chants: "Put him away, put him away, put him away now" to the tune of 'Give It Away' by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

6.38amI'm not sure who the crowd are supporting here... ahem

Tsonga 6-4 3-6 6-3 6-2 GasquetGAME, SET AND MATCH! Gasquet had a few opportunities to break, but ultimately it's Tsonga who marches through. And deservedly so. Gasquet was beaten long before sealing it with a booming serve. He'll now play the winner of Federer and Raonic.

6.41amMats Wilander: "A really good fourth-round match doesn't really live up to the hype."

6.43amBoy, you said it Mats. For the first two sets it looked like it was going going to be a cracker - a potential five-setter. But Gasquet went away mentally from the third set onwards. It was quite a drastic decline, and he should be very worried about that if he has any hope of winning one of these things one day. Plenty for him to ponder.

6.44amOver on Hisense, Sloane Stephens (or 'Sloane Ranger' as she has been affectionately dubbed by Brad Gilbert) is serving for the match against Bojana Jovanovski.

6.47amGAME, SET AND MATCH! Jovanovski 1-6 6-3 5-7 Stephens

6.50amThe American advances to her first-ever Grand Slam quarter-final at the tender age of 19. She faces a potential clash with Serena Williams now. A few people on Twitter were a bit disGRUNTled with the sounds emanating from the Serbian, which sounded more like a shriek.

6.52amClick here to read more about how Tsonga overcame Gasquet in four sets.

6.52amSo we're not long from Andy Murray and Gilles Simon now. What kind of condition is the Frenchman going to be in?

6.58amJeremy Chardy has been speaking following his four-set win over Andreas Seppi. Click here to see what he has to say for himself.

7.01amSo... Murray is looking to reach his ninth-straight Grand Slam quarter-final. If he does, he'll play Chardy. The stats are in his favour also, as he has a winning 9-1 record over Simon, with his last defeat to him coming at the ATP Rome in 2007. Since then, Murray has lost just one set to the Frenchman.

7.03amOn the other hand, if Simon wins then that will mean there will have been an all-French match in each of the last three rounds in Melbourne (Simon/Monfils, Tsonga/Gasquet, potentially Simon/Chardy). But the major incentive for Simon will just simply be reaching the next round.

7.06amSimon may still be suffering the ill-effects of his five-round bruiser with Gael Monfils. Both players were quite defensive in that match, meaning that it was a war of attrition. That's going to take it out of you a lot more than any other match, naturally. Let's not forget, he was taken to hospital for a check-up afterwards.

7.08amMurray is as fit as anyone on tour; his physical stature is quite impressive. Lots of hard work has gone into that. Remeber the infamous bicep flex following his five-set win over Richard Gasquet at Wimbledon in 2008? That was a cheeky bite back at certain people suggesting he wasn't quite the physical specimen he ought to be. Funny, because no one would argue anything different nowadays.

Simon 0-1* MurrayBREAK! Simon goes long with a forehand as he approaches the net, giving Murray break point. The Scot takes full advantage to go ahead after the first game.

Simon *1-1 MurrayBREAK! Simon breaks back to love. Rather, Murray surrendered the break to love. I don't think he or Ivan Lendl will be pleased with that.

7.17amA beautiful drop shot for Murray sets up a break point for him now. First three games could go against serve.

Simon 1-2* MurrayBREAK! And they do, with Murray putting away a forehand to edge back in front. Surely he won't drop his serve again. Simon didn't do anything to earn it last time, it was given to him.

7.20amMurray gets lucky with not one but two net cords before dumping into the net to fall 0-15 behind. Curious...

7.22amMurray is either feeling his way into this game or he isn't fully concentrated yet. Or both. Either way, it's not exactly been a comfortable start. Deuce.

Simon *1-3 MurraySimon dumps a volley into the net and Murray eventually gets the hold. Still needs to wake up though. Simon doesn't seem to be suffering to much physically, but he could well deteriorate as the match wears on. The court is in shade though, which should help a tad.

Simon 2-3* MurrayThe Frenchman holds his serve for the first time as Murray shanks a forehand high and long.

7.31amSimon is tempted into the net by a Murray drop shot but fails it put away a backhand that he really should have done better with. Murray now moves 30-0 in front.

Simon *2-4 MurraySimon goes into the net with his return to give Murray the chance for a clean service game, and the Scot finishes with an ace to complete his easiest hold yet.

7.34amSimon serve up the first double fault of the match. He then comes into the net on the next point but cuts a backhand into the tramlines.

7.37amMurray comes off second best in a rally in which he was the aggressor, but a successful challenge sees the point overruled. Some great work from Simon saves the break. The Frenchman changed up the pace at just the right time to win the point.

7.38amSimon serves a second double fault to set up another break point, but Murray wastes it by firing into the net.

Simon 3-4* MurrayThe Frenchman finishes with an ace to stay within touching distance of Murray, who still leads by a break.

Simon *3-5 MurrayAnother easy hold for Murray. Now it's clear to see Simon is drained of energy. It was bound to happen.

Simon 3-6 MurraySET! I wouldn't characterise it as lazy play from Simon - more tired. Murray wraps up the set courtesy of some a few errors from the 14th seed. Simon will no doubt fight until the end, but it's a losing battle one would think.

7.47amIt was by far from a fluent set of tennis from either player. Murray muddling through.

7.49amSimon drops a looper mid-court and Murray winds up. You have a feeling of what's to come, but the way the Scot has started you're note quite sure. However, he strikes it cleanly. That's more like it.

Simon 3-6 *0-1 MurrayThe Scot holds serve from 0-30 down.

7.52amWOW! A fine backhand volley from Simon. He digs it out from just under the net. The spin on it just takes it that extra inch from the onrushing Murray. Nice touch.

7.54amAnother delicate volley from Simon, this time off his forehand. He just casually flicked it over, as if it was nothing.

7.55amMurray is starting to find the lines and brings up his third break point.He's starting to execute a clear gameplan now by dragging Simon across the court. The Frenchman is struggling slightly with the lateral movement.

Simon 3-6 0-2* MurrayBREAK! The longer these rallies go on, the sooner Murray will win. He took control of that point early on, working the angle before whipping away a cross-court forehand.

7.59amWhoa, whoa, whoa Andy... he comes into the net for a routtine smash volley, but totally misjudges the flight and sends it onto the Rod Laver Arena. An exaggeration, yes, but you get what I mean.

Simon 3-6 *1-2 MurrayHe gets the job done on the next point to consolidate the early break in this second set.

8.02amIt's 8am, which means that my time on here has come to an end. Sian Cowper is here to guide you through the rest of this match, as well as all the action from the evening session in Melbourne. Goodbye for now!

Simon 3-6 1-3* MurrayThanks Michael. Good morning all, if you're just joining us we're currently following Andy Murray in his fourth-round match against Gilles Simon. It's going well for the Brit so far, he's already a set and a break up.

Simon 3-6 *1-4 MurrayMurray holds to take a commanding position in the second set. Both players have had a few problems winning their service games, but that was a solid game from Murray, sealing it with an ace.

Simon 3-6 1-5* MurrayBREAK! Simon is getting frustrated. Murray takes a 30-0 lead against the Frenchman's serve, resulting in some slightly colourful language from Simon. Murray goes on to take the game, forcing mistakes from his opponent, who is yet to hold his serve during this set.

8.14amSET! Simon 3-6 1-6 Murray

8.16amIt's a comfortable service game for Murray, with Simon not moving around the court all that well at the moment. The Scot finishes the set by smashing an ace down the centre. It's looking good for the US Open Champion at the minute.

Simon 3-6 1-6 1-0* MurraySimon holds his serve for just the third time this match. He gets the better of Murray in a lengthy rally, before Murray misses a return against a big serve from the Frenchman.

8.22amWe'll be sticking with this match until it's finished, but action is due to resume on the Rod Laver Arena shortly. Serena Williams will play Maria Kirilenko first up, before Roger Federer is up against Milos Raonic.

Simon 3-6 1-6 *1-1 MurraySimon makes Murray work a little but he gets the job done. Simon is finding success when coming to the net at the moment, rather than engaging with the Scot from the baseline.

Simon 3-6 1-6 1-2* MurrayBREAK! Simon is making some tired sounds, it's obvious he's paying the price for his five-set epic against Gael Monfils on Saturday. Murray exploits this, placing shots all around the court, forcing the Frenchman to make mistakes by sending shots long and catching the net.

Simon 3-6 1-6 *1-3 MurraySimon has hit the desperation stage, trying a series of ill-planned shots to try to catch Murray out. The third seed is equal to it though, and powers to a hold of serve. It's not pretty stuff from the Brit, but it's working.

Simon 3-6 1-6 2-3* MurrayIt looks like Simon takes the game after Murray sends a pacy forehand long, but a challenge shows that it clipped the line, but Murray sends the ball long again with the next point to give Simon the game. It's the first time he's held serve twice during a set in this match.

8.33amSimon is seizing up, and has called for the trainer. He was bent over double massaging his legs towards the end of the last game. The umpire asked him if he was ok, the Frenchman said no but continued anyway, asking for assistance at the end of the game. Hopefully he's able to continue, it's never nice to a player forced to retire a game through injury.

Simon 3-6 1-6 *2-4 MurraySimon is carrying on but he is moving poorly, making for an easy game for Murray.

8.36amSerena Williams' match against Maria Kirilenko has just got underway on the Rod Laver Arena. We'll be heading there once this match is finished, which you suspect won't be long now given Simon's condition.

Simon 3-6 1-6 3-4* MurraySimon turns to power to hold his serve. He's still moving awkwardly, so uses a series of pacy serves to force mistakes from Murray on the return. It keeps the Frenchman in the set.

Simon 3-6 1-6 *3-5 MurrayMurray gets his 11th and 12th aces of the match, with Simon struggling to move around the court to make the returns. Murray is just one game from the quarter-finals now.

8.41amMatch point for Murray!

8.42amGAME, SET AND MATCH! Simon 3-6 1-6 3-6 Murray

8.43amHe needed two match points to get the job done, but Murray has cruised through to the last eight with a straight sets wins over a pained Gilles Simon.

8.44amMurray will face another Frenchman in the quarters. Unseeded Jeremy Chardy knocked out Andreas Seppi earlier today, and will be the Scot's next opponent.

8.45amMurray is asked about Simon's fitness on court after the match. He said: "I just had to try to focus on my side of the court. It was clear he was struggling with his movement today."

8.47amWith Murray safely through, we move to the Rod Laver Arena, where Serena Williams is 2-1 up in the first set against Maria Kirilenko, with now breaks of serve for either player. The third seed has survived an early scare, after finding herself 40-0 down in her first service game.

Williams *3-1 KirilenkoBREAK! Williams' powerful returns are too much for Kirilenko, as the American takes the first break in this match.

Williams 4-1* KirilenkoAfter a shaky start, Williams has really found a good rhythm with her serve, and it's an easy hold for her.

Williams *4-2 KirilenkoA strong response from the Russian sees her comfortably take her service game. A series of fast serves from Kirilenko causes problems for Williams, who didn't seem prepared for so much power from her opponent.

Williams 5-2* KirilenkoKirilenko tries to catch Williams out with a slow, low volley, but it's too low and doesn't clear the net, allowing Williams an easy hold, and the American is just one game from taking the first set.

9.03amSET! Williams 6-2 Kirilenko

9.04amKirilenko serves well but Williams is an excellent returner of the ball, and powers her way to another break to take the set.

9.05amIt's the first set the 14th seed has dropped in the tournament so far, with both women making the last 16 with straight sets wins in their first three matches.

9.06amDespite reaching a career-high ranking in recent months, Kirilenko is without a title in over four years, while Williams is going for her third Grand Slam title in a row, following success at Wimbledon and the US Open last year.

Williams 6-2 1-0* KirilenkoA comfortable start to the second set for Williams. Kirilenko is going to have to find another level is she's to get something out of this match.

Williams 6-2 *2-0 KirilenkoBREAK! Brilliant stuff from the American. A stunning forehand lands just on the line to give her a 30-0 lead. Two big serves from Kirilenko level the game before a long forehand hands Williams a break point, and she converts it when the Russian sends the ball long again.

9.13amKirilenko isn't playing badly at the moment, but Williams is just in unbeatable form, having missed just the one first serve so far this match.

Williams 6-2 3-0* KirilenkoUnforced errors cost Kirilenko, as she struggled to manage Williams' serve. The Russian takes just one point from the game after a volley catches her opponent out, but the chance for a break back never looked on for Kirilenko.

Williams 6-2 *4-0 KirilenkoBREAK! At 30-30, Kirilenko goes for a drop shot, but it drops too early and fails to make it over the net to give Williams a break point. A fierce return from Williams allows her to convert, and it feels like it's just a formality for the 15-time Grand Slam winner now.

Williams 6-2 5-0* KirilenkoMaybe a few nerves creeping in for Williams. Kirilenko takes the game to deuce, before Williams finds a big serve to get advantage, but then has her first double fault of the match. She responds well with her first ace of the set.

9.28amWilliams is just one game from a quarter-final against fellow American Sloane Stephens, who cites Williams and her sister Venus amongst her inspirations while playing tennis as a child.

9.31amIt's match point for Williams

9.32amGAME, SET AND MATCH! Williams 6-2 6-0 Kirilenko

9.33amIt's a harsh scoreline for Maria Kirilenko, who played well throughout the match, but Serena Williams was just devastatingly good. In this form, you wouldn't bet against her taking the title.

9.36amSpeaking on court after the match, Williams said: "I though I played really well. I was, like, wow. I saw I had 95% serves in the first set, I thought who is this girl, it's not me!"

When asked about her next opponent, Sloane Stephens, she added: "We played just two weeks ago in Brisbane and she played really unbelieveable, I think she has incredible talent."

9.39amTurning back to the stats from this match, Kirilenko will take heart from the fact that she really didn't make that many mistakes. She had 15 unforced errors throughout the match and just the one double fault.

9.42amWilliams got 87% of her first serves in, winning 82% of the pointt from her first serve. If she keeps playing like this, there's little anyone in the draw will be able to do to beat her.

9.43amNext up is Roger Federer's fourth round match against Milos Raonic of Canada.

9.44amThe 22-year-old has never made the quarter-finals of a Grand Slam. This will be his third time playing in the fourth round, have previously made the last 16 of the Australian Open in 2011, and the same stage of the US last year.

9.45amThe winner of this match will face Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, after he beat Richard Gasquet in four sets earlier today.

9.46amBoth players are out on court ready for their warm up. Federer has won the toss and decides to serve first.

9.49amRoger Federer needs little introduction, but lets remind ourselves of his achievements anyway. The 31 year old is currently ranked second in the world, and has spent 302 weeks during his career at the top of the rankings.

9.50amFederer has won 17 Grand Slam titles, including four at the Australian Open, his most recent in 2010.

9.51amIf the draw continues to go to seeding, Federer will meet Andy Murray in the semi-final, with the Brit having won 10 of their 19 meetings.

Federer 1-0* RaonicIt's a perfect start for Federer, keeping Raonic off the score board against his serve, and he manages to find an ace as well.

Federer *1-1 RaonicRaonic has a big serve, opening with a 238kph smash. Breaks will be at a premium in this match, with both players being renowned for their serving, Federer for his action and accuracy, and Raonic for pace. It's a good start by the Canadian, holding despite a couple of errors, including a double fault.

Federer 2-1* RaonicAnother easy game for Federer. Raonic still looks like his gauging how hard he can hit his returns against the Swiss player, with a couple of balls going long during that game.

Federer *2-2 RaonicRaonic is looking good so far. When his serve is accurate it is deadly, and Federer struggles to make good returns. If both players can keep it up, this could be a close one.

Federer 3-2* RaonicFederer may not have the pace of Raonic on the serve, but he's just as effective. The second seed has three aces on his way to another easy service game.

Federer *3-3 RaonicFederer brings up the first break points of the match. Raonic saves the first with an ace before Federer returns the ball to the net to bring up deuce. An ace gives the Canadian advantage before he smashes the ball past Federer to end a rally and take the game.

Federer 4-3* RaonicRaonic is handling Federer's serve better, taking his first point against the Swiss' serve and engaging in longer rallies, but it's still a comfortable game for Federer.

Federer *4-4 RaonicSome more big serves from the Canadian keep the first set on serve. The 13th seed closes the game with an ace. He thought he had one earlier in the game too, but a challenge from Federer revealed it was a shade wide.

Federer 5-4* RaonicIt's another hold from Federer. Both players seem to be in quite a hurry. The match has been underway for less than half an hour, and we're already nine games in.

10.26amSET! Federer 6-4 Raonic

10.27amAt 30-30, Raonic serves a double fault to give Federer a set point. The Swiss keeps his cool to take the first set after just 32 minutes of play.

10.29amRaonic had looked competitive up until the set point. How he responds to going a set behind will be key.

Federer 6-4 1-0* RaonicRaonic makes a positive start, making Federer work hard to hold his serve. A few more games like that will put pressure on the world number two.

Federer 6-4 *1-1 RaonicRaonic is looking pretty aggressive at the minute. He beats Federer is a lengthy rally before adding some fast serves to easy hold his service game.

Federer 6-4 2-1* RaonicA few mistakes creep back in the Raonic's game, allowing Federer to dominate the game. The Swiss player is starting to increase the variety of shots he uses, coming in to the net for a volley on the last point.

Federer 6-4 *2-2 RaonicA couple of missed forehands gets Raonic in to trouble, but he saves himself with a couple of big serves. So far this set is going almost identically to the first.

Federer 6-4 3-2* RaonicThe set remains on serve with another easy hold from Federer. Neither player is yet to take charge of this set. It's still pretty early in the set, but I wouldn't be surprised if we're heading to a tie break.

Federer 6-4 *3-3 RaonicRaonic continues his strong serving display. The Canadian has 67% of his first serves in, and 11 aces, averaging 209kph.

Federer 6-4 4-3* RaonicNeither player looks like breaking serve at the moment. It's good that the two men are so well matched, but it would be nice to see a bit more of a competition within the individual games.

Federer 6-4 *4-4 RaonicYet another easy hold, this is starting to get a bit repetitive. This match needs a break point, the crowd aren't that in to it either at the moment, they need something to cheer.

Federer 6-4 5-4* RaonicFederer cruises to another game win to take the set to 5-4. This is where he broke Raonic in the first set to take the set, the Canadian will be keen not to let him do the same this time.

Federer 6-4 *5-5 RaonicNo such problems for Raonic in this set, he races to a 40-0 lead before smashing and ace past the second seed.

Federer 6-4 6-5* RaonicA lucky collision with the net chord and a stunning ace help Federer to another easy hold. Raonic will now be serving to take the second set to a tiebreak.

Federer 6-4 6-6 RaonicRaonic holds, and after 12 games with no breaks we're heading in to a tiebreak.

TIEBREAKFederer 1-0* Raonic

TIEBREAKFederer 1-1* Raonic

TIEBREAKFederer *1-2 Raonic

TIEBREAKFederer *2-2 Raonic

TIEBREAKFederer 3-2* Raonic

TIEBREAKFederer 3-3* Raonic

TIEBREAKFederer *4-3 Raonic - mini break for Federer

TIEBREAKFederer *5-3 Raonic

TIEBREAKFederer 6-3* Raonic - set point for Federer

TIEBREAKFederer 6-4* Raonic

TIEBREAKFederer 7-4 Raonic

11.11amSET! Federer 6-4 7-6[4] Raonic

11.12amJust two points against the Raonic serve was enough for Federer to win the tiebreak. A two-set lead seems harsh on Raonic, and has matched Federer for much of the match, but Federer hasn't won 17 Grand Slam without learning how to tough it out from time to time.

Federer 6-4 7-6[4] *1-0 RaonicBREAK! Only the second break of the match, as Federer starts the third set strongly. The security of the two-set lead allows the second seed to take on some more risky shots, but it pays off.

Federer 6-4 7-6[4] 2-0* RaonicAs Federer allows himself to play some looser tennis he serves up his first double fault of the match. Despite that, Federer easily holds the game. These last two games have certainly been the most crowd pleasing.

Federer 6-4 7-6[4] *3-0 RaonicBREAK! It looks like Federer has all be sealed his place in the last eight as he goes two breaks up in the final set. It looks like the disappointment of losing the last set has hit Raonic hard, as his error-count is rising.

Federer 6-4 7-6[4] 4-0* RaonicRaonic has one of his best games against the Federer serve, taking it to deuce before being beaten. Federer has completely switched to cruising mode, he's knows Raonic will really have to fight to get back in this set.

Federer 6-4 7-6[4] *4-1 RaonicRaonic gets his first game of the set, but Federer made him work for it. The Canadian raced to a 40-0 lead, but the world number two fought back to deuce, aided by two double faults by the 22-year-old. However, Raonic dug deep to serve out the game.

Federer 6-4 7-6[4] 5-1* RaonicRaonic finds some superb returns to take a couple of points against the Federer serve, but it's not enough to stop the second seed holding serve. He's just one game away from the quarter-finals now.

Federer 6-4 7-6[4] *5-2 RaonicIt's a close game but Raonic edges it after being taken to deuce, but now he's got to face Federer serving for the match.

11.46amGAME, SET AND MATCH! Federer 6-4 7-6[4] 6-2 Raonic

11.47amA fairly straight-forward final game for Federer, sending in to the quarter-final of a Grand Slam for the 35th consecutive time.

11.48amWe didn't see Roger Federer at his creative best, but his serve never came under threat from Milos Raonic.

11.49amSpeaking on court after the match, Federer has nothing but praise for his opponent: "He's a great talent, big future for him, it's been a pleasure playing here again tonight."

11.52amThat's all the action from day eight of the Australian Open. Thanks for joining Sports Mole today. Join us again from midnight when we'll have coverage from the ninth day of the tournament, with Novak Djokovic, Maria Sharapova and David Ferrer all in action. Until then, good bye.

Britain's Andy Murray serves to Ricardas Berankis during their third round match at the Australian Open tennis championship on January 19, 2013
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