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Live Commentary: New Zealand vs. England: Third Test, day four - as it happened

Live text commentary of the fourth day between New Zealand and England in Auckland as the hosts closed in on victory.

New Zealand very quickly got themselves into a commanding position in the match, with Peter Fulton (110) and Brendon McCullum (67*) guiding them to 241-6 midway through the afternoon session.

That left England requiring 481 to win and their response got off to the worst possible start with Nick Compton being caught behind with the visitors on just two.

Jonathan Trott went cheaply, edging behind to BJ Watling and just as it looked as though Alastair Cook and Ian Bell would see out the day the former was caught brilliantly by Dean Brownlie with just a few overs left.

England finished the day on 90-4, 391 runs behind. Read how the action unfolded below.

Hello everyone and thanks for joining me for what promises to be a very interesting day of Test cricket.

Yesterday's action saw a near-dominant New Zealand display, until England's seamers powered out of the blocks to take three quick wickets. Peter Fulton and Dean Brownlie crept to the end of the day with their wickets intact, but they should expect to face a barrage early on.

I suppose questions might be asked of McCullum's decision not to enforce the follow-on, but from his point of view another full day in bat would surely have seen his side put on enough runs to be safe. As it is, if England can topple his side before the lead is, say, 400, then this one isn't over.

This first session could be a crucial one in this Test. While a strong showing for England would still leave them with work to do, they will certainly want to prove themselves as they had to after a poor first innings in the first Test at Dunedin.

Even if the wickets don't fall straight away, keeping the runs down is currently key. New Zealand, although well ahead, will want to put this beyond England with some big scores. For England, time isn't against them yet, so they don't need to try to take wickets with every delivery. Aggressive bowling tends to lead to more runs conceded, so by keeping it tight they can build pressure and doubt on the Black Caps batsmen.

A little over 10 minutes until the start of play. You would have to think a 400+ lead would be enough for New Zealand so I'd expect a declaration around tea should they still be in bat. The pitch has deteriorated more than in previous Tests, with the bounce expected to get more uneven as the last two days go on. That'll be a large part of the reason McCullum decided not to bat last.

Should England lose this Test it would mean both they and Australia will not have had great preparation for the Ashes. England play their current hosts before they play their noisy neighbours in the summer, so they could recover then. Australia have been trounced 4-0 in India, and it's difficult to avoid the comparison with England, who triumphed there at the start of the winter.

The pitch is still good enough for runs, so New Zealand should get the 130 or so needed for a probably match-winning lead. The longer it goes on the harder England's task is, too, so good bowling this morning is vital to the visitors' chances.

The players are out there, we're almost ready to go.

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Stuart Broad will bowl first and Fulton faces. A good start with the ball, but Fulton drives one closer to his pads right back past Broad for four and the first runs of the day. A push to the cover region picks him up a single to end the over; good start for New Zealand.

Jimmy Anderson comes in from the other end. Fulton drives to cover but a good diving stop from Ian Bell stops any run that he was hoping to collect. Anderson too bowls a straighter ball and Fulton clips through the on side for a couple.

Broad offers up a wide half-volley to Brownlie but he cannot quite get hold of it. However he shows his ability on the leg side, flicking one late behind square for four. England aren't bowling with quite the same zip they had in yesterday's evening session; they'll need it back if they're to stand a chance of getting back into it.

Again a good stop from Bell stops Fulton's cut getting any runs. However, the very next ball the suddenly confident opener drives almost dead straight down the ground and it races for four. It's amazing what a first century can do. It's the only blemish on what was a decent over of bowling from Anderson.

Broad's line is quite straight at the moment; not the kind of bowling that will keep runs down, let alone take wickets. A really good shot from Brownlie cuts one that doesn't really bounce nicely behind point for four. A small flick behind square leg then gets him a single - they've not actually had to run a lot in these opening 25 minutes.

Anderson forces Brownlie to earn a single to third man with some good line bowling. There's nothing he can do to Fulton, however, as he smashes his third drive to long on for four, which has forced a fielder to be moved there. It's been an excellent start from him.

Brownlie tries a straight drive this time but it's stopped by a combination of fielders for just one run, which brings up the 300 lead. Fulton picks up two to deep midwicket as Broad slips too straight once more. England had hoped to come flying out of the blocks this morning, but instead they've been completely nullified.

The slow start from England has forced Alastair Cook into a bowling change, with Steven Finn coming in for Anderson. He starts with a terrible leg-side ball, but Brownlie doesn't capitalise. Apart from that he bowls quite well, with Brownlie pinching just a single off the last ball.

A normal length ball fails to bounce from Broad and Brownlie is close to chopping on to his stumps. He gets a single and Fulton then flicks one in the air to Anderson at shortish midwicket, but he cannot reel it in diving to his left. It was certainly catchable. Fulton gets one of his own and both batsmen survive a scare each in that over.

Finn continues at pace and this time a leg-side delivery is punished by Fulton, who flicks very fine to the rope. He drags a late pull for another single, and a total of five off the over.

Broad will continue with his straight line and Fulton clips delightfully over the leg side for the best four of the day so far. The Barmy Army are entertaining themselves with Postman Pat at the moment; someone has to deliver - it's certainly not Broad as Fulton heaves another one between mid-on and midwicket for another boundary.

Finn's radar still hasn't quite set itself for the day, as he pulls another one down the leg side. There's Finn's knocking over of the stumps, and the umpire warns him that the next time it'll be a dead ball. There's some aggression from Finn, as he bounces Brownlie and catches him on the glove as he tried to block his head. He tries another short one but doesn't get it quite right and the batsman cuts for three.

WICKET! Brownlie (28) c Bell b Panesar

Cook has had enough of Broad; Monty Panesar comes in for a bowl with a very aggressive field setting. It pays immediate dividends as Brownlie looks to clear the infield with a heave, but the one man he would want to avoid in the field is chasing it into the sun - Bell takes a terrific diving catch and England have their first wicket of the day.

McCullum is in, but the batsmen crossed to Fulton will face. He blocks the rest of the over and now England will be a bit more lively I'd expect. Especially if they can get McCullum's scalp.

Finn opens slightly too wide for him and McCullum cuts for four with his first delivery. Much better from Finn as a leave fizzes just past the odd stump. McCullum almost gets stuck with a leading edge but it goes safe and he picks up another two. His stall is set here.

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Panesar puns Fulton back on his crease with some good pitched-up bowling. Second maiden running for him, but no wicket this time. He's done exactly what Cook wanted.

The Black Caps skipper opens his shoulders and hammers a cut, but there's a man in the deep and so he gets just the one. Fulton takes a leaf out of McCullum's book and swivels a pull to the boundary off a ball short of a length from Finn.

FIFTY FOR FULTON: Monty continues and he concedes his first runs of the morning with Fulton driving superbly for four, which brings up his half-century. Later in the over he sweeps behind square for four more and New Zealand are accelerating here. They are indeed as Fulton steps into a huge six right back over Panesar's head! Fantastic stuff from the opener.

McCullum fends a short ball from Finn into the off side for a swift single. Fulton punches one through his favourite area down the ground, this time with one bounce to the boundary. McCullum must be delighted to have a partner playing as aggressively as him.

McCullum is being more watchful to Monty at the moment; the bowler is teasing him with some slower deliveries that he can't quite get hold of. He gets a single and it's Fulton again who smacks down the ground for six to end the over.

Anderson now replacing Finn and McCullum doesn't take long taking it to him with a pull to the boundary for six. He defends for a swift single to get Fulton a go at Anderson. He cuts but only for one run and McCullum gets another - New Zealand are almost 8 per over in the last five.

McCullum pinches one run to get himself off strike, and Panesar goes round the wicket to the on-form Fulton. He tries to sweep, but misses with attempt one and picks up a single later in the over. Just two from it, the lowest-scoring over for a while.

Anderson carries on and Fulton goes after him down the track, this time not quite getting it over the boundary without bouncing but it's still four. He clips another one to the leg side, but refuses the chance of a single. New Zealand now lead by 374, England surely don't have a chance now?

McCullum has seen enough of Fulton hitting sixes, so he too goes down the ground for an absolutely enormous hit! Panesar decides to come round the wicket to him as well. That doesn't deter McCullum, who reverse-sweeps superbly for four. A single brings Fulton back on strike and he, not to be outdone, takes a couple of strides and clears the rope too. Which of these sides is ranked number two in the world again?

A drive through the covers from McCullum brings him two runs and his 31 so far have come very easily indeed. He runs quickly for a single and the partnership is already into the 70s. We were dangerously close to an over without a six, but Fulton ends that but going - that's right - down the ground once more.

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The fielders are being worked all over the place at the moment as this pair are running very well between the wicket. Broad does superbly on the boundary from a pull by Fulton and McCullum finds the spot that his teammate was looking for with the very next ball - four runs. It's one-day stuff and McCullum's portfolio is on display with a sweep fine for another boundary.

LUNCH: Fulton swings at a wide one and just misses the edge through to Matt Prior. Fulton moves into the 90s with a flick to the leg side for one. McCullum goes on to 44 from 33 balls with a single to the off side, with Fulton following suit the next ball. Anderson plays for time with his last couple of deliveries and it works - lunch.

Well, 141 runs have come from that session and it's total New Zealand dominance. They're already 415 ahead and will have plenty of time to bowl England out upon declaration.

Join me again in around half an hour for the second session, in which New Zealand will probably bat for half of it before beginning their onslaught on the England top order.

Hello folks and welcome back to our coverage. Not long now until play restarts and we should expect to quickly see a McCullum 50 and a Fulton 100.

For a reminder of what happened in the morning session, read our report. To summarise, however: New Zealand dominated.

We have another 154 overs left in this Test match. McCullum might well be looking to bat for another 15-20 of those, with the rest going towards getting England out. The danger, however, is scoring too many and taking up too much time. If England see it as unfeasible to score the runs they've been set, then they'll look to block out the final day and a bit. The players are coming back out, we'll restart soon.

Broad starts with the ball after lunch and Fulton takes a single to long off on the first ball. Monty stops a fine McCullum clip with the classic club cricketer stop with his foot. The batsmen trade singles and in total take five from the first over after lunch. The partnership is now 99. Most importantly, though, New Zealand are past the highest ever fourth innings chase total of 418 - they lead by 420.

Finn gets the ball from the other end. Fulton moves on to 95 with two runs, and with it the partnership reaches 100. Finn gets one to nip slightly in to McCullum, but he plays it well and runs a single. Another five from the over and it's a good start for the hosts after lunch.

CENTURY FOR FULTON: Fulton tries to pull a wide one down the ground but it catches Broad on the foot - that could have been quite a nasty blow. The batsmen scramble for a single but an overthrow gets them two, moving Fulton on to 99. His first attempt picks out Compton at extra cover, but he launches back over Broad's head for six! Fulton becomes only the fourth New Zealander to hit 100 in both innings of a Test match.

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WICKET! Fulton (110) c Root b Finn

Another booming shot from Fulton, crunching one through Anderson's hands at cover and to the boundary. However, he tries to pull one outside off stump on the next delivery, but picks out Joe Root at mid-on and his fantastic innings comes to an end. BJ Watling comes in, New Zealand carry on.

McCullum doesn't quite pick a short one from Finn and gets the ball in his ribs for punishment. A full toss is pushed to extra cover to bring up New Zealand's 200 and to put Watling in the firing line. He prods to midwicket to get off the mark at the first time of asking.

FIFTY FOR MCCULLUM: Brilliant shot from Watling, and it's that area down the ground again; timed impeccably for four. Broad pitches one leg side and it races past Prior's dive for four byes, before another very quick single gets the captain on to his 50. The discipline Broad bowled with last night has disappeared.

McCullum absolutely whacks one just wide of extra cover and a couple of seconds later it hits the rope. He then opts to go the other way, planting one high over midwicket for six. They run a rapid double with nothing more than a forward defensive shot from McCullum. A massively expensive Finn over that, with a final single from Watling making it 15 from it. The lead: 466. More than enough.

Broad has resorted to short balls. One goes way over Watling's head and he's lucky it wasn't called wide. England just cannot catch a break as Watling gets a leading edge trying to heave to leg side but it somehow bounces clear at around short third man. A very rare maiden, however.

Anderson replaces Finn after that last expensive over. Cook fields brilliantly on the rope to save a couple from a big hit by McCullum. The field is quite remarkable - almost everyone is on the boundary; they've given up taking wickets. As such, they can pinch singles, with several coming from the over. The field to Watling is less defensive, and he punishes it with a slap down the ground for four. He then gets a thick edge, but no slips are in place so it's another four. I'm surprised that McCullum still has his team batting - England are more than capable of hanging on for a day and a session.

Anderson replaces Finn after that last expensive over. Cook fields brilliantly on the rope to save a couple from a big hit by McCullum. The field is quite remarkable - almost everyone is on the boundary; they've given up taking wickets. As such, they can pinch singles, with several coming from the over. The field to Watling is less defensive, and he punishes it with a slap down the ground for four. He then gets a thick edge, but no slips are in place so it's another four. I'm surprised that McCullum still has his team batting - England are more than capable of hanging on for a day and a session.

WICKET! Watling (18) c Compton b Panesar

NEW ZEALAND DECLARE! Watling slogs Panesar to the deep and Compton takes a good catch. McCullum initially looks like he's not planning to declare, but the lack of a batsman to come in forces his hand somewhat. They lead by 480.

It was a strange one, as McCullum did want to play on, but it looks as though the coach had told Southee to take his pads off. Either way, it's a very, very long way back for England here. We'll be back very soon with their response.

Trent Boult, the pick of the Kiwi bowlers in the last innings, is given the ball and will bowl to Cook. Compton, of course, at the other end. Here we go.

Some early swing for the left-armer with the new cherry, and he catches a thick edge from England's captain, but the ball falls safe. He then gets him with a peach on an excellent just outside off line. Fantastic start from Boult, but Cook survives. Maiden.

WICKET! Compton (2) c Watling b Southee

Southee comes in at the other end and Compton gets off the mark with a couple, but then disaster! The worst possible start for England as Southee gets the perfect line, Compton has to play and he nicks it behind to Watling. Jonathan Trott in and he'll have to be at his defensive best.

Trott flicks off his pads to get off the mark with two runs. Southee too is getting some swing, which won't help ease England's worries.

Cook is now off the mark, turning off his pads to fine leg for a single. These are the two England need to dig in to save this Test. Just the one from the over; it has to be one session at a time now for England. If these two can get to tea, there might be a chance.

It's been a worrying start by Cook, as he's beaten again dabbing at a great delivery from Southee just past his off stump. The three slips and gully are alert, but Cook learns his lesson and refuses to play for the rest of the over.

It's very slow progress, as it has to be now. Trott gets a single with a defensive shot to cover, which turns out to be the only run from Boult's next over.

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Four! The first one of the innings goes to Trott. It's not text-book, however, and it's more of an edge through the slips to the rope. A solid block goes to mid-on and the batsmen run a single. Then edge! Cook is a lucky boy! Watling dives to his left to get to it and I think it just carried. It was a very hard chance but it goes down.

Trott is alert to duck under a nippy bouncer but he drives back past Boult a couple of balls later for two runs. Just those two from it.

They are bowling superbly! Southee gets another one past Cook's edge with the perfect line and length ball. The captain is stuck one one run from 20 balls, but more than doubles his tally picking up two to the leg side. The Kiwi bowlers are getting a great deal more from this pitch than did England.

Trott is looking a bit more comfortable than his captain, flicking neatly off his pads for a single. Cook gets one of his own with a push past gully and Cook shows Boult a straight bat, guiding the ball through mid-off for four. Trott has started his innings with promise, can he keep it up?

Southee continues and Cook works a straight one off his pads just in front of square leg for two. Really good line and length from the bowler; there's not much width for any shots for either batsman.

Bruce Martin is in for Boult and he starts with a gimme to Trott, who slaps the full toss for four. The whole over is quite full from Martin until he finally drops one at a good length, which Trott gets behind well.

Cook finally finds his touch to Southee, playing a half-volley back past the bowler for a nice four. He then pulls to fine leg for a single and Trott sees out the rest of the over solidly. England have recovered quite well since the early wicket, but they are still 446 behind.

Martin starts with another full toss, this time to Cook, but it only goes for two runs this time to deep cover. Cook gets another pop, however, this time drives well through cover for four.

Boult wasn't out of the attack for long, as he's back in to replace Southee. Trott is at his defensive best in that over, however, and he sees it go by without much trouble at all.

Martin is still pitching it up a little too much, and Cook drives nicely for a couple of runs. There's a semi-appeal for LBW on the final ball, but Cook wasn't playing a shot and it hit him way outside the line anyway. A better delivery, though.

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TEA: Boult is still coming in at pace and he pitches in another decent bouncer that Trott gets well under. Another half-hearted appeal, this time for catch behind, but Trott didn't get anything on the leg-side delivery. Trott clips superbly off his pads off the last ball and takes us to tea with three runs.

Well, after a very nervy opening in which England lost Nick Compton on just two runs, the ever-reliable pair of Trott and Cook take them to tea without further drama.

The New Zealand lead is still 435 so we're a very long way off talking about a potential England win, but should these two survive the next session as well then you never know. Or do you? Find out when we return at around half past.

Welcome back for the final session of the day. We have 37 overs to get through today and the day will be slightly extended because of it - play will end at 5am instead of 4.30am.

Martin has the first over after lunch and Trott starts well with two runs to deep square leg. The batsmen keep the score ticking over with a single each; a decent start to the session from the tourists.

Boult comes in from the other end and he gets one past Cook's edge straight away. Aside from that, Cook deals with the over well and it's the first maiden of the session. Well bowled, well batted.

Martin carries on with his spin and Trott glances to the leg side after quite a bit of turn. Cook is still far from comfortable, but he's making sure the ball stays down wherever it hits him. Just the one from the over as Cook misses the chance with a juicy half-volley from the last ball.

An easy two for Trott with a push to the off side, which also brings up the 50 partnership. A flick to backward short leg brings him a single and gets his captain on strike and only a very good stop at cover point stops him getting a four - just one instead. Trott, back on strike, takes a single clipping fine off his pads.

Trott nudges Martin fine off his pads, if slightly in the air, for a single. Cook is still not fluent as he struggles to find runs, but shows solid defence to see out the rest of the over.

Neil Wagner now comes into the attack for his first over of the innings. He has a very loose action, but his bowling is far from that and Trott is unable to notch a run. Good start from Wagner and after the early scoring promise right after tea the runs have dried right up.

McCullum is persisting with the spin of Martin, who has bowled much better since tea. Cook goes after one but can only pick out the fielder at cover and another maiden goes by; the third in a row.

WICKET! Trott (37) c Watling b Wagner

Trott rises off the back foot to turn one off his hip for two runs, before guiding a drive through cover point for two the other side. Then a couple of balls later he's gone, playing through a straightening delivery from out wide and edging behind to Watling. England are in trouble now, as Ian Bell comes to the crease.

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Wagner is coming in at pace now and Bell leaves the first two deliveries as he tries to get used to the bounce.

Martin is suddenly bowling quite full again and Cook squeezes one to third man for two runs. Martin finds a bit bit of spin in the footholes, it catches Cook's glove but bounces safe of short leg.

Wagner is persisting with the wide angle to the right-handers after taking the wicket of Trott. Bell goes after one too but manages to not find the edge. He does edge the next one but it bounces just short of slip. Bell is very nervy and has yet to get off the mark from his eight deliveries faced.

Martin now gets an over bowling at the rough outside Cook's off stump. The captain deals with it well as some turn and bounce and others don't. Second maiden in a row but Cook was solid in that over, which he'll need to be for the next 120 or so overs.

Bell is starting to look a little ore solid with a series of decent blocks and leaves to Wagner. No runs, however, and there have been just four from Wagner's four overs. Really good effort from the bowler.

It's Martin to Cook again. The England captain remains solid on defence, before getting a chance to swivel with a slightly shorter one and dispatches it square on the leg side. Cautious, sensible batting.

Wagner starts his next over bowling a little wide to Bell, who will be happy to leave those. It's the straighter ones he needs to play at and defends a couple in a row very well. Bell is finally off the mark at the 19th time of asking with a drive through covers for two.

Martin again pitches one up to Cook and it goes under the dive at cover point but just two runs. McCullum is so keen to return a flick off Cook's pads that he hits his wicketkeeper on the helmet - no harm done though. Until the next ball, when Cook pulls a short one to the rope.

Wagner continues to Bell, who remains patient with some good blocks and leaves. Again Wagner is very wide on the crease, but he's not tempting Bell into shots as he did Trott. Not yet, anyway.

McCullum sticking with this combination of left-armers for now. Cook steps on to the back foot and flicks one round the corner for a single. Bell now facing some spin with four catchers plus keeper in close proximity. He survives and that's another low-scoring over. Almost a maiden, but not quite.

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Cook facing Wagner now, with the bowler coming back over the wicket to the England captain. It's solid in defence form Cook and he even says no to a wide, full one, deciding instead to just dab it away. Maiden over, and Cook is happy to just fend off for a day and a bit.

Martin to Bell again, with the number four following his captain's lead by building himself a wall. A maiden over flies by, with Bell unconcerned by the presence of all the men around the bat.

Spin comes in from the other end now with Kane Williamson replacing Wagner. As Cook is in blocking mode it means he's just a fraction late reacting to a Williamson full toss and misses the chance of a boundary. Two runs are taken with a push to off to end the over, with drinks called.

It's Martin to bowl again after the particularly long drinks break. Bell latches on to a shorter pitched delivery and finds the gap in the off side to hit his first boundary of the innings. There are 106 overs remaining, with England needing exactly 400 - that's surely irrelevant though, it's draw or defeat for the visitors.

Williamson's spell lasted just one over as Wagner comes straight back. He starts with a near yorker that Cook digs out nicely before a very high full toss is deflected to safety. Yet another maiden, then, as England knock one more over off this match.

The fielders get a bit excited with an appeal, but they can't work out if it's for LB or a catch, but probably mainly because Martin had got one right through Bell's defences. After that slight drama Bell defends solidly to bring up the second maiden running.

Wagner was only back in the attack for one over as he's now replaced by Southee. The bowler is following through right down the middle of the pitch, presumably to disrupt the surface some. Cook leaves most of the over and, that's right, it's a maiden.

Martin carries on and I think he'll have to get through a shed load of overs before the end of tomorrow. He gets through this one particularly quickly, with once again no more runs from it. I'd be surprised if England got to 100 by stumps, which is just over 50 minutes away.

Runs! Two of them! Cook pushes almost dead straight down the ground to Southee and gets a couple for his efforts. No further excitement, however, as Cook ever so slowly creeps towards his 50.

Williamson replaces fellow spinner Martin; I can't help but think they've given him a size or two too big on his trousers. He speeds through it with his unusual action and Bell is reluctant to play shots still, so a new chain of maidens begins. It was four last time, can we beat that here?

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The chain is broken by Cook again, as he gets an easy two with a turn off his pads, which he follows up with a pull to fine leg for one. Southee attempts a yorker to Bell, but it's well played to the leg side for a single.

Bell picks up only his eighth run with a push through cover from off the back foot. Cook comes to the crease and guides through extra cover, picking up two runs in the process.

Bell, batting out of his crease to Southee to eliminate the bounce, gets forward well to defend a couple before having to dig out an inswinging yorker. Southee is starting to get a small hint of swing, but not very much at all really. About half an hour left now and England are currently doing what is required.

Williamson continues and this time he does find the edge of Cook's bat, but it dropped well short of second slip. Fulton fields well from Cook trying to latch on to a loose ball, but he stops any runs and that's two maidens running.

Boult has returned to the attack following Southee's short spell. He fizzes one across the line to Bell, but the batsman just pulls his bat away in time to avoid the edge. Southee follows it up a couple of balls later with a perfectly placed bouncer. Bell cannot score and it's another maiden. There should be five overs left for the day.

WICKET! Cook (43) c Brownlie b Williamson

That could be the wicket that wins the game for New Zealand! Cook swings at one that's turning away from him that he should be able to leave alone. It catches the edge and flies towards Brownlie, who hangs on really well. The Watford Wall Finn comes out to the middle.

Catchers are all around Finn's bat but he survives the rest of the over.

It's Boult carrying on and now Bell has a big few overs ahead of him. He'll clam up, blocking everything straight and leaving everything wide, but he now also has to think about retaining the strike. He can't in that over and now Finn will face an over.

It's still the part-timer Williamson, and why not after he claimed the scalp of Cook? As well as Watling there are three slips, a short leg, a silly point and short mid-on waiting for the edge, but Finn survives. I can't remember the last run.

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Martin comes back in with two overs left in the day's play. Bell has faced almost 90 balls and has scored just eight. However, that he's still there is the vital thing as he blocks out the seventh-straight maiden over.

WICKET! Finn (0) c Southee b Williamson

STUMPS: Still just the eight catchers around the bat and it pays off. Finn's edge goes to Southee at around the gully area and he does superbly to cling on with barely any time to react! Joe Root will join him in the morning.

Well, New Zealand will surely wrap this up tomorrow after a phenomenal day for them. Two brilliant pieces of close catching finish the day on a high for them. Join us tomorrow to see if England can somehow cling in. Goodbye.

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New Zealand players celebrate after Tim Southee takes the wicket of England's Nick Compton on March 6, 2013
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